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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page Y3 - yell of the tribe to Yes youll play

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Tune nameSessions
yell of the tribe1
Yell your story1
Yellam aliparre1
Yellen Ager1
Yeller Grace1
Yellin blue2
Yelling for you1
Yelling in jelling1
Yelling plan1
Yellow & blue1
Yellow 11
Yellow 21
Yellow add green2
Yellow alert2
Yellow alley1
Yellow and green1
Yellow and grey2
Yellow and red1
Yellow and red jackets1
Yellow and some dark green1
Yellow and violet1
Yellow are crowds of flowers1
Yellow are crowds of flowers I1
Yellow are crowds of flowers II1
Yellow atmosphere1
yellow ball2
Yellow balloon1
Yellow balls1
Yellow barn road1
Yellow basket blues1
Yellow bass & silver cornet II part 11
Yellow bass & silver cornet II part 21
Yellow bass & silver cornet II part 31
Yellow bass & silver cornet II part 41
Yellow bass & silver cornet III part 11
Yellow bass & silver cornet III part 21
Yellow bass & silver cornet III part 31
Yellow bass & silver cornet III part 41
Yellow bass and silver cornet1
Yellow bear1
Yellow beat 41
Yellow bee1
Yellow bell4
Yellow bird28
Yellow blue and white1
Yellow blues2
Yellow book1
Yellow boots and a birthday suit1
Yellow bottoms1
Yellow box1
Yellow brain1
Yellow brick road3
Yellow bunny dance1
Yellow bus1
Yellow butterfly1
Yellow cab7
yellow cab experience1
Yellow cab nite blues1
Yellow cabs1
Yellow camel1
yellow canary1
yellow canary juke box1
Yellow car3
Yellow car for the first time1
Yellow car III1
Yellow carcass in the blue3
Yellow carousel1
yellow cars1
Yellow cat4
Yellow cello1
Yellow cherry1
Yellow circle2
Yellow cloud1
Yellow coat1
Yellow container2
yellow corner of your eye in a slanted street1
Yellow crayon1
Yellow dance1
Yellow dawn1
Yellow days32
Yellow dead1
Yellow dog4
Yellow dog blues326
Yellow dog gal blues1
Yellow dog rag3
Yellow Dolphin Street2
Yellow dragon blues1
Yellow dream1
Yellow drums1
Yellow duck2
Yellow earth1
yellow elephant1
Yellow fellow6
Yellow Ferrari1
Yellow fever5
Yellow fewer1
Yellow fields4
Yellow fields up north1
Yellow fields yellow hills1
Yellow fig leaf1
Yellow fire6
Yellow five1
Yellow flag1
Yellow flower2
Yellow flowers after2
Yellow fog1
yellow front1
Yellow gal4
Yellow gal blues1
Yellow garden1
Yellow girl1
Yellow girl blues1
Yellow glasses1
Yellow graphite1
Yellow Greenwich1
Yellow grey1
yellow hair man1
Yellow hammer3
Yellow hand magic man1
Yellow he1
Yellow Hill3
Yellow hornet1
Yellow house2
Yellow house stomp2
Yellow hymn1
Yellow in green1
Yellow interlude1
Yellow is mellow1
Yellow is the colour1
Yellow jack1
Yellow jacket1
Yellow jelly roll2
Yellow key1
Yellow label silence1
Yellow lake trail1
Yellow landscape2
Yellow leaves1
yellow leaves love to the earth4
Yellow light surrounding the shadow outline of a large man1
Yellow magic1
Yellow man2
Yellow mellow1
Yellow monk3
Yellow moon14
Yellow moon lullaby1
Yellow moon tune2
Yellow mornings1
Yellow mountain2
Yellow night2
Yellow nightingale1
yellow nimbus5
yellow of the sun in you1
Yellow oil toast1
Yellow on red1
Yellow orange red on orange1
Yellow paint1
Yellow paint End of time1
Yellow pants1
Yellow paste1
Yellow petals1
Yellow piano1
Yellow plum1
Yellow power yellow soul suite1
Yellow purple1
Yellow queen1
Yellow rain1
Yellow red & orange1
Yellow red blue2
Yellow ribbon3
Yellow river blues1
Yellow robot1
Yellow room2
Yellow rose1
yellow rose of Brooklyn1
Yellow rose of Texas17
Yellow rose of Texas rag1
Yellow rose rag3
Yellow roses6
Yellow roses for Mr GWB1
Yellow roses of Texas1
Yellow saffron1
Yellow sand1
Yellow sands1
Yellow sanguine dark bark & violet1
Yellow seed1
Yellow shadow1
Yellow sky3
Yellow smile1
yellow snake1
Yellow socks1
Yellow soled1
Yellow song1
yellow sound1
Yellow sparse1
Yellow spot into the sun3
Yellow stainer1
Yellow stars in heaven1
Yellow story2
Yellow submarine12
Yellow suite1
Yellow summer1
Yellow sun1
Yellow sweetclover1
Yellow tango6
Yellow taxicab1
yellow theme1
Yellow thunder1
Yellow tracery1
Yellow train1
Yellow trick1
Yellow tulips1
Yellow violet5
Yellow waiting1
Yellow Wednesday1
Yellow wings1
Yellow woman1
Yellow woods1
Yellow Wurlitzer blues1
Yellow yak1
Yellow yam blues1
Yellow yellow moon1
Yellowjackets get together1
Yellows and blues1
Yellowstone The First National Park and the Spirit of America The Mountains SuperVolcano Caldera and Its Ecosystem 18721
Yellsker bellsker1
Yelpin the blues1
Yelping blues1
Yelping friends1
Yelping hound blues6
Yelwa club1
Yem tuf1
Yemanja queen of the sea1
Yemaya a Montréal1
Yemaya asesu1
Yemaya en agua larga1
Yemaya la sirene1
Yemaya Olodo for Olla1
Yemaya one1
Yemaya por luz de la luna1
Yemaya sister of the fishes1
Yemayas changes1
Yemayha prayer1
Yemen elleri1
Yemen I1
Yemen II1
Yemen suite1
Yemen turkusu2
Yemeni merchant and the three different colored women1
Yemin HaShem1
Yeminjar lii1
Yen a qui baillent1
Yen a yen a pas1
Yen Goku1
Yen meepar1
Yen ya achi nya1
Yene hasab gwadegna1
Yenge hizi1
Yenge kizi1
Yeni bir funk1
Yeni yedi1
Yenom on1
Yenshu tsubame gaeshi2
Yenyere yumael1
Yeong Gam1
Yep 3211
Yep long about June1
Yep roc heresay5
Yep roc heresi1
Yep roc heresy1
Yer a fuckin jerk2
Yer basic blues1
Yer fast1
Yer flys wide open1
Yer Mali gakoyoya1
Yer sir Thats my baby1
Yera of the sun1
Yerba buena3
Yerba buena blues4
Yerba buena bounce1
Yerba buena stomp1
Yerba buena strut27
Yere me soro1
Yerevan mama1
Yermas song1
Yerra Buena strut1
Yerushala im shel zahav1
Yes again1
Yes Alabama1
Yes and no32
Yes and two is eight1
Yes andor no1
Yes at the bank1
Yes baby5
Yes baby no baby2
Yes bishop yes yes1
Yes Bob1
Yes bossa1
Yes boy1
Yes but1
Yes but Brahms1
Yes Chicago is1
yes club1
Yes day1
Yes dear7
Yes dove1
Yes earth1
Yes Et autres yes1
Yes Fanny1
Yes Flo1
Yes for you1
Yes God is real2
yes habit1
Yes happy chew1
Yes hes gone2
Yes I am2
Yes I am in love1
Yes I can5
Yes I can no you cant3
Yes I do6
Yes I dont1
Yes I dont know1
Yes I have4
Yes I know9
Yes I know what it means to miss New Orleans2
Yes I know when Ive had it7
Yes I love her1
Yes I love U 21
Yes I love you1
yes I never heard2
Yes I remember Clifford1
Yes I said yes I will yes2
Yes I think Im going out of my mind1
Yes I want you1
Yes I will3
Yes Id love it very much1
Yes Ill be ready1
Yes Ill dare1
Yes Ill love you for the rest of my life1
Yes Im country1
Yes Im gonna love love1
Yes Im in the barrel18
Yes Im in the doghouse now1
Yes Im ready3
Yes Im the one1
Yes Im your friend1
Yes in deedy1
Yes indeed71
Yes indeed he do2
Yes indeedy1
Yes is a pleasant country2
Yes is the way to go1
Yes it do1
Yes it hurts1
Yes it is7
Yes its real1
Yes Ive been cheatin1
Yes Ive been crying1
Yes Ive been to Gove1
Yes Ive heard1
Yes Ive met Miss Jones2
Yes Jesus loves me6
Yes Kloose1
Yes lawd2
Yes Lord5
Yes Lord I am crippled1
Yes Lord Im crippled16
Yes Lord Im crippled and cannot walk1
Yes love2
Yes love me now1
Yes maam2
Yes me too1
Yes means no1
Yes means yes no means no whatever she wears wherever she goes suit1
Yes mother1
Yes Mr Brown2
Yes my darling daughter26
Yes my dear1
Yes my friend1
Yes my goodness yes1
Yes my guy1
Yes my heart1
Yes my name is1
Yes no maybe so2
Yes no or maybe so1
Yes no yes no1
Yes oh yes you wonderous sun kissed maiden1
Yes or no58
Yes or no does it make a1
Yes or no stay or go1
Yes or yes1
Yes please4
Yes please both1
YES send me the next issue FREE1
Yes she do1
Yes she do no she dont7
Yes shes gone1
Yes sir11
Yes sir and how1
Yes Sir boss1
Yes sir I prefer brunettes1
Yes Sir shes my baby1
Yes sir thats my baby300
Yes sir that’s my baby1
Yes skkem1
Yes suh13
Yes thank you1
Yes thank you I know1
Yes the cigal sings again1
Yes the creature machine1
Yes then yes1
Yes there aint no moonlight3
Yes there is a COTA3
Yes they tell me1
Yes this2
Yes this is it1
Yes to life1
Yes to this1
Yes to you1
Yes utterly1
Yes we all have our cross to bear1
Yes we can8
Yes we can a victory dance1
Yes we can can7
Yes we can victory dance1
Yes we didnt1
Yes we do1
Yes we do remember1
Yes we do too1
Yes we have no bananas58
Yes we have no bananas The California Ramblers1
Yes we have no vibrato1
Yes we know1
Yes well no1
Yes weve met2
Yes world Ive got it all1
Yes yes15
Yes yes girl1
Yes yes honey4
Yes yes I do1
Yes yes in your eyes15
Yes yes Ivette1
Yes yes my honey said yes yes1
Yes Yes My My1
Yes yes oh yes3
Yes yes the anarchy1
Yes yes yes6
Yes yes yes yes1
Yes yes youve got everything1
Yes you4
Yes you are2
Yes you broke1
Yes you have1
Yes you have a friend1
Yes you know I love you1
Yes you may2
Yes youll play1

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