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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page W29 - Whew what a dream to Whispering of the stars

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Tune nameSessions
Whew what a dream2
Whew What a night1
Whey did I choose you1
Whey did you leave me alone1
Whey hey1
Whey my journey is ended1
Whey Sunny gets blue1
Whey this1
Whey was I born2
Which are you1
Which bag1
Which ball may fall1
Which bit would you like again1
Which brother1
Which came first2
Which Colman1
Which congo way1
Which could be habitforming1
Which craft4
Which direction1
Which dreamt which1
Which earth are we on1
Which end1
Which goose1
Which I believe I am1
Which I believe it will1
Which is broom1
Which is secret1
Which is this thing called what1
Which is where1
Which is which1
Which is witch1
Which kind of a republic1
Which no amount of funk can excuse1
Which of the great fortyeight1
Which one1
Which one is Sali1
Which one is the real Dr Otto1
Which one of your lovers1
Which ones Moe1
Which path to choose1
Which persons1
Which Ralph are you1
Which reminds me1
Which road1
Which shews that there are more ways to kill a dog than hanging1
Which side are you on4
Which sounds bring which spirit1
Which switch witch1
Which thousand words1
Which waltz1
Which way7
Which way did he go1
Which way did my heart go1
Which way do we go1
Which way is down1
Which way is home2
Which way is it going1
Which way is love1
Which way is that1
Which way is the bathroom1
Which way is up1
Which way is uptown1
Which way now2
Which way out3
Which way out of Rome1
Which way to Dominos1
Which way to jazz town1
Which way to Rome1
Which way up3
Which way what3
Which well1
Which who what1
Which will1
Which witch1
Which you choose1
Whichever way the wind blues1
whichness of the whatness1
whiff of spring1
Whiff of wood1
whiffenpoof song55
whiffenproof song2
Whiffle ball1
Whiffle bowls1
Whiffle diffle bird1
Whiffle shiffle bird1
Whig lord1
Whig rag1
While a cigaret was burning1
While a cigarette was burning1
While ages roll1
while ago2
While all are away1
While Bangkok sleeps1
While blueberries1
While by my sheep2
While children sleep1
While dancing with the dolphins I remember1
While dreaming1
While he was at supper1
While hearts are singing1
While I am still young2
While I close my eyes1
While I cried1
While I have a chance1
While I sleep3
While I wait1
While Im gone1
While Im rollin my last cigarette1
While Im still here1
While Im thinking of you1
While Im waiting1
While Im waiting for the operator to connect me1
While Im waiting here1
While in Pass Manchac1
While in Rome1
While in the subterrain1
While it lasted1
While its good1
While its raining1
While its time to go1
While Lamine sleeps1
While looking up1
While love lasts1
While meanwhile1
While Miami dreams2
While morning waits for us1
While my baby sleeps2
While my guitar gently bops1
While my guitar gently sleeps1
While my guitar gently weeps25
While my horns gently weep1
While my lady sleeps35
While my lover sleeps1
While my time is running through1
While nature sleeps1
While no one was looking1
While on earth1
While others are building castles1
While painting1
While passing down turn1
While resting my hands1
While she sleeps5
While she slept1
While shepherds watch their flocks1
While shepherds watched2
While shepherds watched their flocks by night2
While shepherds waved1
While shes dreaming1
While softly sounds1
While strolling through the park1
While the angelus1
While the angelus was ringing1
While the blood is running warm1
While the cats away2
While the city sleeps6
While the getting is good1
While the gettins good blues1
While the leaves are changing1
While the moon1
While the music played on1
While the music plays on7
While the night lingers1
While the others are dancing1
While the pulse still beats1
While the summer twinkle1
While the sun is sinking1
While the tape recorder in the mind1
While the trees waltz1
While the wind mixes the playing cards of polite faces1
While the world is sleeping1
While the world lies waiting1
While the years go drifting by5
While theres time1
while they still make those beautiful girls1
While they were dancing around2
While theyre still here1
While time is running out1
While troops moved in1
While u wait1
While Uma looks1
While waiting3
While waiting for the clarinetist1
While wandering1
While we are here2
While we can1
While we dance at the Mardi Gras3
While we danced at Mardi Gras2
While we danced at the Mardi Gras54
While we danced at the Mardis Gras1
While we danced till dawn2
While we dream3
While we slept1
While we wait2
While we were young3
While were dancing1
While were on the subject1
While were young119
While weve still got feet1
While we’re young1
while with the Nile1
While you are gone8
While you are mine1
While you danced danced danced1
While you decide1
While you sleep2
While you think1
While you think keep an eye on your thoughts are1
While you wait2
While you were art II1
While you were away2
While you were gone8
While you were out9
While you were sleeping4
While you were steppin out1
While your ear was leaning1
While youre away9
While youre away from me1
While youre down there1
While youre gone1
While youre here1
While youre sleeping2
While youre sneakin out1
While youre up1
While youre up there1
While youre waiting1
While youre young1
Whilst deciding whether he should kiss her or not1
Whim creek wobble1
Whim wham2
Whim within1
Whims of a waltz1
whims of Bal1
Whims of Chamberland1
Whims of Chambers32
Whims of the bluebird1
Whin bush1
Whine model1
Whiney bitches1
Whinin boy1
Whinin boy blues5
whining Babylonians1
Whinny hills of Leitrim1
Whip and spur1
whip and the body1
Whip appeal3
Whip it1
Whip it there1
Whip it to a jelly6
Whip it up2
Whip me harder1
Whip me with plenty of love28
Whip snap1
Whip the mule1
Whip Whop2
Whipped cream14
Whipped cream rag1
whippenpoof song2
Whipper snapper3
Whippin post1
Whippin that jelly2
Whippin that old TB1
Whippin the ivories1
Whipping boy1
whipping or string of lava1
Whipping post6
Whipping the keys4
Whipples mode1
Whipples retaliation1
Whippoorwill hollow1
Whippoorwill rag1
whippoorwill song2
Whips and midgets1
Whips and spurs1
Whips n jingles1
Whirl keeps turning1
Whirl of leaves1
Whirl on a whirl1
Whirled and whirled above1
Whirled bands1
Whirled weary1
Whirley bird1
Whirling away1
Whirling birds ceremony1
whirling dervish6
whirling Herbert1
Whirling leaves1
Whirling mantis1
whirling mind1
Whirling rhythms1
Whirling statue1
Whirling wheel1
Whirlpool and reef1
Whirlpool centrifuge1
Whirlpool fantasia1
whirlwind boogie1
Whirlwind rag1
Whirlwind reading1
Whirlwind romance1
Whirlwind soldier2
Whirlwind woogie1
Whirly bird26
Whirly birly1
Whirly breeze1
Whirly swirly2
Whirly twirly1
Whiskey & wry1
Whiskey and duck1
Whiskey and gin2
Whiskey and gin blues1
Whiskey and jelly roll blues1
Whiskey and soda1
Whiskey before breakfast3
Whiskey blues6
Whiskey do your stuff1
Whiskey drinkin woman9
Whiskey drinking blues1
Whiskey drinking man1
Whiskey fool1
Whiskey for flowers1
Whiskey ga1
Whiskey gin & wine1
Whiskey head man1
Whiskey head woman1
Whiskey idol1
Whiskey Jack waltz1
Whiskey on the rock1
Whiskey on the rocks1
Whiskey Richard1
Whiskey river2
Whiskey sour1
Whiskey store blues1
Whiskey talk1
Whiskey time1
Whiskey warm1
Whiskey women & loaded dice1
Whiskey women and1
Whiskey women and loaded dice1
Whiskey youre the devil1
Whisky and gin1
Whisky and soda2
Whisky and women1
Whisky blues1
Whisky Bob1
Whisky drinking woman3
Whisky facile1
Whisky jam1
Whisky kisses1
Whisky oh whisky1
Whisky sour2
Whisky time2
Whisper a prayer2
Whisper a secret1
whisper a smile1
Whisper alley1
Whisper amore1
Whisper and tears1
Whisper and tiptoe1
whisper away1
Whisper daddy1
Whisper dont cry1
Whisper fly1
Whisper from eternity3
Whisper from the mirror1
Whisper from Theresas1
Whisper I love you1
whisper in my ear3
Whisper in my eye1
Whisper in the dark1
whisper in the midnight1
whisper in the shell1
Whisper in the wind1
Whisper it slow1
Whisper low1
Whisper M & I1
Whisper me1
Whisper me why1
Whisper muse1
Whisper my name1
Whisper never shout1
Whisper not341
Whisper of angels1
Whisper of dharma1
whisper of flower1
whisper of God1
Whisper of love1
whisper of maple wood1
Whisper of stars1
Whisper of the isolated ones1
Whisper of the rain1
whisper of your heart1
Whisper scream1
Whisper skin1
Whisper softly1
whisper song5
Whisper stream reflexivities1
Whisper sweet12
Whisper sweet and whisper low1
Whisper that you love me1
Whisper to me1
Whisper to one2
Whisper to the wind1
whisper unknown1
Whisper waltz1
Whisper when I speak2
Whisper while we dance2
Whisper with your body1
Whisper yes3
Whisper your love1
Whisper your name1
Whisper yours1
Whisper zone1
Whispered fade1
Whispered love1
Whispered moments1
Whispered tear1
Whispered thoughts1
Whispered tradition1
whispered warning1
whispered word1
whispering and hammering ritual1
Whispering Badewasser1
Whispering blue1
Whispering bossa nova1
Whispering breeze1
Whispering came violets1
whispering campaign1
Whispering chambers1
whispering dome1
Whispering elephants2
Whispering eyes1
whispering forest1
Whispering galleries1
Whispering glades1
Whispering grass21
Whispering high1
Whispering hope7
whispering knight1
Whispering lane1
Whispering loud1
Whispering moods1
Whispering moon1
Whispering moonbeams1
whispering of nagual1
Whispering of the stars1

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