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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page W26 - When theres only me to When youre smiling

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Tune nameSessions
When theres only me1
When theres time1
When there’s a breeze on Lake Louise1
When they ask about you20
When they ask you1
When they changed my name to a number1
When they drink they drink1
When they get a little money1
When they get lovin theys gone1
When they play them blues1
When they played the polka1
When they ring the golden bells2
When they ring them golden bells2
When they rock and roll down yonder1
When they said that I cried over you1
When they took the sky1
When things dream1
When things fall apart1
When things get real1
When things go wrong11
When things go wrong with you1
When things like these go wrong1
When things were different1
When things will change2
When this love affair is over1
When this night is over1
When this song starts playing1
When time approaches1
When time is all1
When time is over1
When time is vanishing1
When time passes by1
When time sleeps1
When time stands still1
When time stood still1
When time stops1
When time takes its share1
When time was1
When times are hard1
When times comes1
When to love1
When to move1
When to the sessions of sweet silent thought1
When Tokyo1
When Tom Brokaw says lozenge1
When tomorrow comes5
When tonight is just a memory1
When truth fades1
When tulips were gold1
When twilight comes3
When twilight speaks1
When two are one1
When two hearts meet1
When two lovers touch1
When two trees fall in love1
When two worlds collide1
When u left1
When uncle Joe plays a rag on hs old banjo1
When uncle Joe plays rag on his old banjo1
When Vienna doesnt waltz3
When villains ramble far and near1
When villains wander far and near1
When Vince meets Monk1
When Wacos1
When was Jesus born1
When was that1
When was the day1
When was the last time1
When was the time1
When water burns air1
When waves sing1
When we all get to Heaven2
When we are a part1
When we are all alone1
When we are dancing I get ideas1
When we are lost1
When we are together1
When we begin drinking1
When we cry1
When we dance7
When we dance at the Mardi Gras1
When we dance at the Mardis Gras1
When we danced at the Mardi Gras19
When we dream at the old cocktail bar1
When we eat this bread1
When we feather our nest1
When we feel the wind1
When we fell in love1
When we find ourselves alone1
When we first left the oceans1
When we first met6
When we get back1
When we get rich1
When we go5
When we go away1
When we go down1
When we go to San Francisco1
When we grow up1
When we jammed with El Rushbo1
When we kiss2
When we kiss another angel gets her wing1
When we kissed at night2
When we last meet1
When we last spoke1
When we leave the riverbank1
When we live on the stars1
When we make a home1
When we make love1
When we meet again9
When we met5
When we need it bad1
When we next meet1
When we next say hello1
When we passed1
When we return2
When we say goodbye2
When we say hello1
When we shall go away from here let there be a pile of rose petals between us as a symbol of our gratitude1
When we share1
When we touch2
When we two love each other1
When we two parted2
When we two walked1
When we wake up well be somewhere else1
When we walk1
When we walk through the streets of the city1
When we walked in the sun1
When we were2
When we were alone1
When we were free3
When we were happy1
When we were kings1
When we were lovers2
When we were one27
When we were paying attention1
When we were schoolmates1
When we were sixteen1
When we were small1
When we were there1
When we were trees1
When we were young2
When we were young and we were freaks1
When Wellman Braud plays that bass violin1
When were alone13
When were gone1
When were old1
When were talking1
When were together3
When were you born1
When weve had enough1
When what could1
When what it is aint1
When where how and why1
When will I be free of loves taboo1
When will I be loved1
When will I ever learn1
When will I ever learn to live in God2
When will I forget1
When will I get over you1
When will I know6
When will I know you1
When will I loose my memory1
When will I see you1
When will I see you again7
When will I stop1
When will I write you a song1
When will it be1
When will it be Christmas1
When will it end1
When will it ever end1
When will it happen1
When will love find me1
When will the blues leave59
When will the rain gods answer1
When will the snow start falling1
When will the sun shine for me3
When will there be1
When will they learn1
When will we dance1
When will we ever be1
When will we have peace1
When will we learn1
When will you be angelic1
When will you be mine1
When will you call1
When will you ever learn1
When will you know1
When will you return1
When wine flowed like wine1
When winter comes9
When winter lilacs bloom1
When winter turns into spring1
When words are gone1
When words are not enough2
When words fail2
When work is done1
When work is through1
When worlds fail1
When would I be1
When ya gotta go ya gotta go2
When yesterday I loved you1
When yin goes yang1
When you & I were young Maggie2
When you aint got no money well you neednt come round1
When you and I were dancing1
When you and I were pals1
When you and I were seventeen2
When you and I were young2
When you and I were young Billy1
When you and I were young Maggie202
When you and I were young Maggie blues8
When you and I were young Maggine1
When you appear on your doorstep1
When you are away dear1
When you are gone2
When you are here1
When you are in your light1
When you are mine1
When you are near5
When you are not there1
When you are old1
When you are one1
When you are smiling1
When you are weeping1
When you are who you are1
When you are with us1
When you arent1
When you ask why1
When you awake8
When you awake me1
When you believe2
When you believe in love1
When you believe in you1
When you beside1
When you breathe2
When you call me sweetheart1
When you came2
When you came thru that door1
When you click you clack1
When you climb the golden stairs1
When you climb those golden stairs2
When you come around again1
When you come back to me1
When you come home1
When you come to the end of a perfect day1
When you cry1
When you dance that way1
When you danced by2
When you did you come1
When you do what you do2
When you done went2
When you dream5
When you dream about Hawaii1
When you fall1
When you fall for some one thats not your own1
When you fall in love2
When you feel it grunt if you can1
When you feel like moaning1
When you feel low down1
When you feel the love1
When you fell from Heaven1
When you finally get back on your feet again1
When you find a love1
When you find out1
When you find your lover1
When you finished talkin1
When you first ate an olive1
When you get around to me1
When you get in over your head1
When you get it tuned up play us something1
When you get right down to it1
When you get there3
When you get there you gotta be on Main Street1
When you get through1
When you get tired of your new sweetie1
When you get to Frisco1
When you get what you wanted1
When you go10
When you go huntin Im goin fishin1
When you go to Italy1
When you go to town tomorrow1
When you go up and down on the ferrys wheel2
When you got a good friend2
When you got love1
When you got to go you got to go1
When you gotta1
When you gotta go1
When you grow old1
When you grow too old to dream1
When you hair has turned to silver1
When you hear music1
When you hear the time signal1
When you hear this music1
When you help a friend out1
When you hide from me1
When you hold her1
When you kiss1
When you know4
When you know why youre happy1
When you know you know1
When you know youre getting old1
When you least expect it2
When you leave2
When you leave me alone to pine13
When you left me3
When you let love rule1
When you listen2
When you live on an island1
When you look at me3
When you look at me I get hungry1
When you look at me I want to vomit1
When you look in my eyes1
When you look in the mirror1
When you look into your eyes1
When you lose your daddy1
When you lose your money1
When you love2
When you love a fella1
When you love a woman but she dont love you back blues1
When you love comes down1
When you love somebody1
When you love someone1
When you lover has gone3
When you lover is gone1
When you make a home1
When you make love to me1
When you make me smile1
When you meet Buddha on the road dont kill him1
When you meet her2
When you move you lose1
When you need it1
When you need them1
When you played with Roy1
When you press your lips to mine1
When you push a sliding door1
When you put on that old blue suit1
When you put on that old blue suit again3
When you reach 65 or die1
When you remember me1
When you return4
When you said goodby1
When you said goodbye1
When you said goodnight2
When you said you loved me2
When you say go leave1
When you say goodbye1
When you say nothing at all2
When you say the word1
When you say you love me1
When you say you love someone1
When you say you will1
When you see a smile1
When you see another star1
When you see my baby1
When you see that aunt of mine1
When you see the light1
When you see through me1
When you sleep alone1
When you sleep do you speak1
When you smile15
When you smile at me3
When you smile you break a you face1
When you smiled at me1
When you snore1
When you speak do you sleep1
When you speak with your eyes2
When you stop seeing1
When you surrender3
When you take a tripStars fell on Alabama1
When you think of it1
When you think of love1
When you think of lovin baby think of me3
When you touch me1
When you trim your Christmas tree2
When you walk through the streets1
When you walked by1
When you walked in the room1
When you walked into the room1
When you walked out13
When you walked out someone else walked right in2
When you walked out with shoes on1
When you waltz with the one you love1
When you want1
When you want chili1
When you want it1
When you want me1
When you went away2
When you were a gal of seven1
When you were a girl of seven1
When you were a tulip4
When you were here2
When you were in Europe1
When you were mine2
When you were sent from heaven1
When you were sweet sixteen5
When you were the blossom of Buttercup Lane3
When you were the girl on the scooter1
When you were there2
When you were young3
When you wish upon a star312
When you wore a tulip129
When you wore a tulip and I wore a big red rose5
When young1
When your are crying1
When your chops are shot1
When your computer crashes1
When your door is a jar1
When your dough roller is gone1
When your dreams come true2
When your face came rising1
when your good mans gone away1
When your guy is gone1
When your hair has turned into silver2
When your hair has turned silver1
When your hair has turned to silver62
When your hair is like the snow2
When your hair is turned to silver1
When your hair turns to silver2
When your hair was turned to silver1
When your heart breaks through1
When your hearts on fire1
When your life was low3
When your lips meet mine1
When your lips met mine1
When your liver has gone1
When your love has gone2
When your love is all I know1
When your lover has gone395
When your lover his gone1
When your lover is gone4
When your man is going to put you down you never can tell1
When your mommie is a commie and your dad is a rad1
When your mother comes in the door1
When your mothers gone1
When your old wedding ring was new5
When your own heart asks1
When your smiling2
When your tears hit the ground1
when your troubles are just1
When your troubles are just like mine1
When your troubles are like mine1
When your wedding ring was new1
When your well runs dry1
When your work speaks for itself dont interrupt1
When youre1
When youre a fighter youre different1
When youre a long long way from home4
When youre a long way from home1
When youre all alone1
When youre all dressed up and no place to go2
When youre alone2
When youre alone blues1
When youre around7
When youre at sea1
When youre awake1
When youre away6
When youre away from New York town1
When youre counting the stars alone4
When youre crazy over daddy1
When youre dancing1
When youre down the only way is up1
When youre dreaming loves a lonely thing1
When youre far away3
When youre far away from NY town1
When youre far away youre near me when youre near me Im happy1
When youre feelin blue1
When youre feeling blue2
When youre feeling like expressing your affection1
When youre feeling low down1
When youre finished1
When youre flying by1
When youre getting along with your gal2
When youre gone8
When youre gone from me1
When youre gonna get drunk again1
When youre good to Mama2
When youre good youre lonesome1
When youre in front1
When youre in front get off my back2
When youre in love10
When youre in mind1
When youre in my arms1
When youre in the arms of the one you love1
When youre in town1
When youre lonesome1
When youre lonesome telephone me1
When youre looking back1
When youre lover has gone1
When youre near9
When youre near me1
When youre not around3
When youre not here4
When youre not there2
When youre on your last go round2
When youre out with me1
When youre over 321
When youre ready3
When youre sleeping1
When youre smilin14
When youre smiling609

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