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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page W24 - When I meander in the meadow to When Pluto was a certainty

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Tune nameSessions
When I meander in the meadow1
When I meet you1
When I met Chet1
When I met Connie in the cornfield4
When I met my wondergirl1
When I met Sally1
When I met the moon1
When I met you2
When I met you in town1
When I miss you1
When I most needed you1
When I move to the sky33
When I need to smile1
When I need you4
When I part1
When I pass on1
When I play my harp1
When I put on my long white rob1
When I put on my long white robe2
When I reach there1
When I realized1
When I remember3
When I return2
When I ring your front door bell1
When I run2
When I said1
When I said goodbye1
When I sat down to play piano1
When I saw her standing there1
When I saw you3
When I saw you dance1
When I say1
When I say good bye forever1
When I say goodbye1
When I see all the lovin1
When I see all the lovin they waste on babies1
When I see an elephant fly11
When I see her again1
When I see mommy I feel like a mummy1
When I see that look in your eyes1
When I see the moon1
When I see the water1
When I see you6
When I see you again2
When I see you dancing2
When I see you smile again1
When I see your face2
When I sing3
When I sing alone2
When I sleep1
When I smile1
When I start to thinking1
When I started kissing you1
When I steps out1
When I stop crying1
When I stop dreamin2
When I stopped runnin I was at home1
When I survey1
When I survey that wondrous cross1
When I survey the wondrous cross1
When I swim I think of nothing1
When I take my leave1
When I take my sugar to tea107
When I take my vacation in heaven1
When I think about home1
When I think about loving you1
When I think about you2
When I think back1
When I think of all the times1
When I think of Christmas1
When I think of her name1
When I think of Miles1
When I Think of One1
When I think of Tom1
When I think of us1
When I think of you18
When I tip tip toe1
When I told the village belle1
When I trilly with my filly1
When I wage battle next1
When I wait1
When I wake2
When I wake up in glory1
When I walk down the street1
When I walk with Billy1
When I walk with you3
When I walked1
When I was1
When I was 171
When I was 181
When I was a boy I love When I was a youth My studies1
When I was a child6
When I was a cowboy2
When I was a freeport and you were the main drag1
When I was a girl1
When I was a kid1
When I was a lad1
When I was a little child3
When I was a little one1
When I was a river1
When I was a young girl6
When I was a young man1
When I was at AsoMountain1
When I was blue with my baby1
When I was drunk was he handsome1
When I was in Heaven1
When I was in my prime3
When I was king of Boethia1
When I was loved1
When I was lovin changed my mind blues1
When I was one and twenty2
When I was one year old1
When I was seven2
When I was seventeen1
When I was shiny1
When I was the dandy and you were the belle1
When I was there1
When I was what1
When I was with you2
When I was you1
When I was young11
When I was your age1
When I went back home1
When I will hear from you1
When I woke up this morning2
When I wore a tulip1
When I wore my daddys brown derby1
When I write my song3
When icicles hang by the wall1
When Icky Morgan plays his organ1
When Icky Morgan plays the organ1
When if not now1
When Ill be gone1
When Ill fall in love1
When Ill find you1
When Im 6411
When Im 64Octopus garden1
When Im all alone1
When Im alone6
When Im alone chicks go wild1
When Im alone with you3
When Im away from you1
When Im blue5
When Im called home4
When Im cleaning windows3
When Im close to you1
When Im cooking breakfast2
When Im dead and buried1
When Im drinkin1
When Im feelin kinda blue5
When Im fellin kinda blue1
When Im gone8
When Im happy1
When Im here with you2
When Im holding your hand1
When Im housekeeping for you5
When Im in love2
When Im in my sin1
When Im in my tea1
When Im in the sky1
When Im in your arms3
When Im laid to rest in earth1
When Im looking at you2
When Im near you1
When Im not near the girl I love6
When Im not with you2
When Im on my journey1
When Im released Im smoking a straight line to you got me1
When Im singing1
When Im sixty four2
When Im sixtyfour27
When Im through1
When Im too old to dream1
When Im walkin with my sweetness2
When Im walking3
When Im walking with my sweetness1
When Im with my baby1
When Im with Stu1
When Im with you34
When Im without you1
When in disgrace with fortune2
When in disgrace with fortune sonnet 291
When in doubt4
When in doubt Vamp1
When in front get off my back1
When in North Dakota1
When in Oregon do like the Indians1
When in Paris shadows fall1
When in Rome49
When in the chronicle of wasted time1
When Inga falls1
When inspiration starts rational thinking stops1
When Iris eyes are smiling1
When Irish eyes are smilin1
When Irish eyes are smiling41
When is a kiss not a kiss3
When is it real1
When is now1
When is real deal1
When is real real1
When is sometime3
When it all comes down3
When it all comes together1
When it be remorning1
When it blows its stacks2
When it comes3
When it comes around1
When it comes I dont fight it1
When it comes time to hang the Capitalists they shall be found bidding on the rope1
When it comes to love1
When it comes to pass1
When it counts1
When it doesnt matter1
When it drips its ready1
When it feels nice1
When it goes away1
When it hits you1
When it is1
When it is when1
When it matters1
When it matters most2
When it peaks1
When it rains7
When it rains in a city1
When it rains it pours6
When it reins1
When it sings1
When it sleepy time down south1
When it started to snow1
When it swings1
When it was4
When it was done2
When it was now2
When it would fall velvet rain1
When its a good thing1
When its a Thursday night in Egypt1
When its all goin out1
When its all goin out and nothin comin in2
When its all said and done1
When its apple blossom time in East Orange New Jersey1
When its apple blossom time in Normandy1
When its cherry time in Tokio1
When its coming round to me2
When its crying time1
When its darkness on the delta4
When its daylightsaving time in Oshkosh1
When its fine1
When its getting dark1
When its hot in Brisbane1
When its lamplightin time in the valley1
When its moonlight in Brooklyn1
When its night1
When its night time in Dixie Land1
When its night time in Italy3
When its night time in Italy its Wednesday over here1
When its night time in little Italy1
When its over7
When its sleepy time down south606
When its sleepy time down south + coda ett glatt humor1
When its springtime in the Rockies3
When its Thursday night in Egypt5
When its Thursday night in Egypt its half past three in Spain2
When its time13
When its time again2
When its time its time1
When its time to go2
When its time to strut1
When its time to tell2
When its too late1
When it’s sleepy time down south1
When it�s darkness on the delta1
When Ive been drinkin2
When Ive been drinking9
When Ive done my best2
When Ive got you1
When Ive passed on1
When Ive sung my last song1
When I’m called home1
When Jack Ruby met Joe Glaser1
When Jackie talks people listen1
When Jani comes late1
When Janie takes the stand1
When Jasper grows up3
When jazz came up the Volga1
When Jen1
When Jen came in2
When Jennie does that low down dance1
When Jennie does that lowdown dance6
When Jesus comes6
When Jesus wept2
When Jimmy comes marching home1
When Jimmy Yancey was a young man1
When Joanna loved me18
When Jobim smiles1
When John boy comes swingin home1
When Johnnie comes marchin home1
When Johnny comes marchin home1
When Johnny comes marching home81
When Johnny comes marching home again4
When Johnny does that lowdown dance1
When Johnny went off to the wars1
When joy hits town1
When Julie smiles1
When June comes along with a song1
When Kabuya dances3
When Kafka was the rage1
When Katie came to visit1
When Kentucky bids the world Good morning5
When Kingdom comes1
When last I saw you1
When last we met1
When last we spoke1
When life begins1
When life is easy1
When life seems so blue3
When life was in black and white1
When light breaks1
When light falls1
When lights are dark1
When lights are high2
When lights are lit on Christmas Eve1
When lights are low289
When lights are slow1
When lights began1
When Linda smiles1
When Lindy comes home1
When lions roar1
When little girls play1
When lonely people meet1
When looking1
When love appears1
When love beckoned4
When love begins1
When love breaks down2
When love calls2
When love comes2
When love comes again1
When love comes around2
When love comes back1
When love comes back to haunt you1
When love comes in1
When love comes knockin1
When love comes my way1
When love comes out to play1
When love comes over you1
When love comes stealing1
When love comes swingin along1
When love comes to the human race1
When love comes to town3
When love comes your way4
When love cries2
When love fails1
When love gets deeper1
When love goes wrong7
When love grows old1
When love has2
When love has gone3
When love has grown2
When love is far away3
When love is gone4
When love is in the air1
When love is king1
When love is looking your way1
When love is lost1
When love is new18
When love is new daily1
when love is no longer1
When love is over2
When love is uneven1
When love is young1
When love knocks at your heart1
When love lingers on1
when love prevails part 11
when love prevails part 21
when love prevails part 31
when love prevails part 41
When love reveals the way1
When love slips away1
When love speaks1
When love was all we had3
When love was king1
When love was new2
When love was you1
When love was you and me6
When love whispers your name1
When lovers dream they dance1
When lovers they lose2
When loves as good as loving gets1
When loves comes over you1
When Lucy smiles at me1
When Malika sleeps1
When Malindy sings12
When mama cries I cry1
When man enters woman1
When manatees attack1
When Marica speaks1
When Marissa stands her ground1
When Marlon meets Bird1
When May is in blossom1
When may is in flower1
When memories of you2
When miles split1
When Miss Jessye sings1
When Monday rolls around1
When Monk met Picasso1
When morning comes6
When morning rolls around again1
When mother nature sings her lullaby5
When mother played the organ1
When Mother talks1
When mother was a child1
When music calls1
When music is a song of love1
When my anger starts to cry2
When my baby comes1
When my baby gets mad everybody split1
When my baby gets mad watch out1
When my baby is the first lady1
When my baby left me5
When my baby smiles1
When my baby smiles at me55
When my baby smiles at you1
When my baby starts to shake that thing2
When my band goes with me on the road1
When my day comes1
When my day is over1
When my dream boat come home1
When my dream boat comes home7
When my dreamboat2
When my dreamboat comes along1
When my dreamboat comes home198
When my dreamboat comes homeWhen the saints go marching in1
When my dreamboat comes in1
When my dreams come true5
When my dreams comes true1
When my gal comes home1
When my hand is on the wheel1
When my head is cold1
When my heart beats like a hammer2
When my heart finds Christmas1
When my heart sings1
When my little girl is smiling1
When my love comes back to me1
When my love comes down1
When my love comes tumblin down1
When my love has come down1
When my love has gone2
When my love swears sonnet 1381
When my man comes home2
When my man shimmies2
When my ship comes in8
When my sugar1
When my sugar walks down the street142
When my sugar walks down the street all the little birdies go tweet tweet tweet1
When my sweetheart�1
When my time1
When my wants run out1
When New York meets Barcelona in Vienna1
When next we meet1
When night birds sing1
When night falls1
When night is almost done1
When night turns into day1
When night turns into day to Metheny1
When nightbirds sing1
When nights shadows fall1
When no one cares1
When no saints go marching in1
When nobody else is around2
When nobody needs me4
When not night1
When not then1
When not thinking of you1
When nothing happens1
When nothing matters1
When October goes42
When oh when2
When on earth1
When once you’ve said goodbye1
When one1
When one has peace1
When only the full moon rages1
When or never1
When or when1
When Ornette meets the ghost1
When ornithology met sugarhill1
When our dreams collide1
When our grammophone plays black bottom1
When our pug was a puggy1
When our story has been told1
When Paris cries2
When paw was courtin maw2
When peace comes1
When peace like a river1
When people talk1
When photogen met nycteris1
When Pietje smiles1
When pigs fly3
When planets collide1
When Pluto was a certainty1

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