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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page T69 - Two of swords to Twos

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Tune nameSessions
Two of swords1
two of them1
Two of three3
Two of two2
two of us12
Two old cats like us1
Two old maids in a folding bed2
Two old ships1
Two old women1
Two on a train1
Two on quatre1
Two on the planet1
Two one1
Two onederful1
Two ones2
Two or three3
Two or three birds with one bird1
Two or three things2
Two oranges1
Two other people2
Two out of three3
Two over easy1
Two over one3
Two pages to tell a story1
Two pair1
Two pair OShus1
Two pairs of aces1
Two pals1
Two pan man1
Two paperclip contrabasses1
Two Paris1
Two parrots1
Two part1
Two part contention9
Two part intention2
Two part intervention1
Two part invention5
Two part invention 4 in D minor1
Two part invention in B flat minor1
Two part invention in C major1
Two part invention in F minor1
Two part invention no 11
Two part invention no 1 Allegro1
Two part invention No 131
Two part invention no 13 Allegro tranquillo1
Two part invention no 41
Two part pier1
Two part problem1
Two part solution1
Two part song1
Two parts2
Two party campaign1
Two paths3
two Pauls1
Two peafowl tails folded in close pause for a moment in the front yard dusk1
Two peas1
Two peas in a pod1
Two pedals1
Two people2
Two people in Boston1
Two people in love1
Two people one oxen1
Two people who met1
Two per cent1
Two petals a flower and a young girl1
Two piano boogie2
Two piano Louisiana1
Two piano preludes1
Two piano solos1
Two Picketts to Tittsburg1
Two pictures1
Two pictures of love1
Two pieces of one1
Two pieces with Beatrice1
Two piers1
Two places1
Two planets1
Two play1
Two plumbers1
Two plums1
Two plus one1
Two plus three1
Two plus two1
Two pm2
Two poems3
Two poems about trucks1
Two poems by Dylan Thomas1
Two poems for dance1
Two poets1
Two point eight1
Two points made1
Two points of view1
Two portraits of capital punishment if you dont have the capital then you get punished1
Two positives1
Two preludes1
Two preludes for tales1
Two pretty blonde1
Two price hit1
Two psalms2
Two pump chump1
Two quart blues1
Two quarters of a mile1
Two questions1
Two questions one answer1
Two quiet and cold1
Two quotations in dialogue1
Two rabbits1
Two rainbows daily1
Two RBs7
Two red lips2
Two red red lips1
Two reeds1
Two reeds blues1
Two reflections1
Two reflects as one1
Two remember one forgets1
Two return1
Two rhythms1
Two rights will always make a wrong1
Two rings1
Two rivers4
Two rivers flow through Harlem2
Two rivers rag1
Two roads3
Two rocks by the shore1
Two Romanian dances from Codex caioni1
Two ronin1
Two rooms1
Two roses3
Two sails1
Two sapphires1
Two saxophone number1
Two Scandinavian folk songs1
Two seasons2
Two seats in the balcony1
Two seconds1
Two seconds of love1
Two seconds to fall in love1
Two seconds to midnight4
Two secrets1
Two selection from five pieces for paino1
Two Selmer contraaltos1
Two sense1
Two sentiments1
Two sessions 11
Two seventyeight1
Two shades of autumn2
Two shades of blue3
Two shades of blues1
Two shades of green2
Two shades of man1
Two shades of nude1
Two shadows2
Two shadows in the mist1
Two Sheridan Square1
Two ships passing in the night1
Two short but sweet tunes1
Two short moments3
Two short ones1
Two short sound effects inspired by Tooo Kundgrens a wizard a trus etra1
Two shoulders1
Two shpeens1
Two side1
Two side of gemini1
Two side of one1
Two sided fist1
Two sides6
Two sides of a coin1
Two sides of a goodbye1
Two sides of a penny1
Two sides of autumn1
Two sides of Gemini1
Two sides of her1
Two sides of Jenny1
Two sides of love1
Two sides of something1
Two sides of the same coin2
Two sides one story1
Two sides to every story8
Two sides to the story1
Two sighs a reply1
Two silhouettes2
Two silhouettes cha cha1
Two singers1
Two sisters9
Two sixteen west seven1
Two skakey knees each1
Two sleepy cats1
Two sleepy people187
Two sleigh horse1
Two slightly different Indian scales1
Two small boys go shopping1
Two small pieces announced by cigar box1
Two snakes dark river1
Two snaps up in a circle1
Two socks1
Two soldiers1
Two solitudes1
Two solo improvisations1
Two songbirds of a feather1
Two songs4
Two songs for a boy named Mark1
Two songs from the Merry hunting songs cycle1
Two sons3
Two souls3
Two souls blended1
Two souls coalesce1
Two souls touch1
Two soundings1
Two sounds1
Two sounds blue sounds2
Two Spanish flies1
Two sparkling eyes1
Two sparrows1
Two special ladies1
Two special people1
Two spirituals1
Two spoon of tears1
Two spoons in an igloo1
Two spoos in an igloo5
Two spring tonics1
Two squares and three circles1
Two stars2
Two stars in the sky1
Two states1
Two step10
Two step de lacassine1
Two step for Yumi1
Two step snake3
Two step takedown1
Two stepped1
Two steppin with dawn2
Two steps2
Two steps ahead2
Two steps away1
Two steps back1
Two steps down1
Two steps forward one step back1
Two steps from the blues2
Two steps out2
Two steps to the left1
Two sticks1
Two stones1
Two stores high1
Two stories4
Two storms1
Two streams1
Two streets1
Two strings will do it1
Two sugars please1
Two suites for love1
Two summers2
Two surrounded squares1
Two swans1
Two sweet1
Two sweet lips1
Two sweethearts1
Two talkshow hosts1
Two tangents1
Two tasteless Italians1
two taverns1
Two tea ceremonies1
Two teachers1
Two tees3
Two tenor boogie1
Two tenor winner1
Two tenors1
Two tenors in town1
Two tents2
Two that seem to go together1
Two themes for the movies Isabel and blues1
Two thieves1
Two things I love1
Two things together1
Two thirds radial2
Two thirty three1
Two thoughts1
Two thoughts of evergreen1
Two three 4 one1
Two three four1
Two three four jump1
Two three one oh1
Two three two three1
Two tickets2
Two tickets please2
Two tickets to Georgia5
Two tickets to Tucson1
Two tickets west1
Two ticks1
Two time loser1
Two time losers1
Two time lover1
Two time mama2
Two time man1
Two timer7
Two times2
Two times again1
Two times alone eventually1
Two times blues1
Two times eighteen1
two times I loved you most in a car1
two times I loved you the most in a car1
Two times pie1
Two times three1
Two times two1
Two times two equals love1
Two timin baby2
Two timin gal1
Two timin mamma1
Two timin man1
Two timing1
Two timing girl1
Two tired eyes2
Two tired souls1
Two to1
Two to go1
Two to tangle1
Two to tango10
Two to ten1
Two to the bar1
Two to three to tango1
Two to Tutu too1
Two to two1
Two toes1
Two together2
Two tomatoes go out on a date1
Two Toms Foolin1
Two ton1
Two ton Tessie4
Two tone1
Two tone fantasy1
Two tone shoes1
Two tone stomp2
Two tone Tuva1
Two tone Tuva II1
Two tones2
Two towers1
Two towns1
Two track trip1
Two train blues1
Two train sleepers1
Two trains1
Two trains runnin3
Two trees3
Two tribes1
Two triggers1
Two tropes1
Two trumpet blues1
Two trumpet toot1
Two trumpets1
Two Ts1
Two tune verse1
Two twenty1
Two twentythree1
Two two three step1
two Ulis1
two unidentified tracks1
two unidentified tunes1
two unknown titles2
Two unknowns the one being1
Two untitled tracks2
Two up2
Two up one down2
Two up two down2
Two us1
Two Venezuelan waltzes1
Two views4
Two views no secrets1
Two views of the Amazon1
Two views of the blues1
Two views of the city1
Two views of the mountain1
Two visitors1
Two voice talk1
Two voices3
Two voices for the queen1
Two vultures3
Two walk1
Two walls of a circle1
Two waltzes in C major1
Two waltzing one square and then1
Two waves1
Two way conversation1
Two way favourite1
Two way pak a way1
Two way pockey way1
Two way street2
Two way stretch3
Two ways5
Two ways about it1
Two ways of running1
Two ways to no answers1
Two ways to waltz alone1
Two we go1
Two weeks4
Two weeks before1
Two weeks in another town2
Two weeks in LA1
Two weeks in September1
Two weeks notice2
Two weeks that changed ones life1
Two weeks with pay1
Two weighs out1
Two wheeler1
Two wheelin nation1
Two whees1
Two whips1
Two whistlers1
Two white boys watching James Brown at the Apollo1
Two white heads1
Two windows2
Two wing temple in the sky1
Two winter days1
Two winters1
Two witnesses1
Two wives1
Two wolf nightmare1
Two wombats wobbling1
Two women2
Two women from Padua1
Two women one heart1
Two words3
Two worlds15
Two worlds apart1
Two worlds one soul1
Two wrongs2
Two wrongs dont make a right1
Two wrongs dont make it right1
two year polska1
Two year trial2
Two years2
Two years from Easter1
Two years later1
Two years of the lotus blossom1
Two years of torture5
Two yodels slow & fast1
Two young lovers1
Two zebra from the lake1
Twobeat beatniks1
Twobeat Johnson1
Twobeat numba1
Twobit venture1
TwoBuck Tim from Timbucktoo1
Twobuck Tim from Timbuctoo2
Twoclarinet 11
Twoclarinet 21
Twoday till tomorrow1
twoedged sword1
Twoelf town1
Twoface flash1
Twofaced clock1
Twofaced man1
Twofaced woman2
Twofaced woman blues1
Twofinger boogie shuffle1
Twofisted doublejointed rough and ready man1
Twofold covering1
Twofold twice1
Twohump ride1
Twoim jest serce me Kraina usmiechu1
Twokey rag1
Twoline pass1
Twolip salve1
Twoman orchestra1
Twombly infinites3
Twomblying I1
Twomblying II1
Twon special1
Twoo boe1
Twoonetwo vibrations1
Twopart chorale1
Twopart contention3
Twopart intention1
Twopart invention2
Twopart invention in A minor1
Twopart sketch1
twoper hill1
twoper to fill2
Twopiece flower1
Twoplay freeplay1
Tworibbon flare1

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