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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page T68 - Two dances to Two of six

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Tune nameSessions
Two dances2
Two dances of love1
Two dancing feet1
Two dark eyes1
Two dawg blues1
Two day jag1
Two days ago from now1
Two days ahead1
Two days at once1
Two days in Amsterdam1
Two days in June1
Two days in love1
Two days in New York1
Two days in summer1
Two days later1
Two days old2
Two days til tomorrow1
Two days with Charlie1
Two days without you October 12th1
Two days without you October 13th1
Two deaf lice4
Two degrees1
Two degrees east three degrees west42
Two depths1
Two desperate women in their late 30s1
Two destiny1
Two deuces49
Two different days1
Two different languages1
Two different moods1
Two different ways to play the blues1
Two different worlds29
Two disagreeable pigeons1
Two distinguished lovers1
Two doctors special1
Two dogs at Pigeonhouse1
Two dolphins go dancing1
Two door1
Two doors1
Two doors down3
Two doorways1
Two dormant one active1
Two down6
Two down one to go1
Two dozen blues1
Two drams of Soma1
Two dreamers1
Two dreams1
Two dreams got together3
Two dreams met6
Two dreams part 11
Two dreams part 21
Two Dresden dolls1
Two drums1
Two dry bones1
Two Ds from Shinjyuku dig & dug1
Two dub thuds1
Two ducks crossing1
Two dueces1
Two duets1
Two dukes on a pier4
Two Ecuadoran flutes tenor ukelele 1 & 21
Two eels waltzing on an icecake1
Two eighteen1
Two elements1
Two elephants are always right2
two Elvins1
Two epilogues1
Two esoteric1
Two Ewe songs1
Two excuses1
two eyed clock like an owl1
Two eyes of blue from Kalamazoo1
Two face1
Two faced1
Two faced lover1
Two faced man1
Two faces8
Two faces in the dark3
Two faces O deusmartelo1
Two faces of a nation1
two faces of Emily1
two faces of Everett Sloane1
two faces of Janus1
Two faces of love1
Two faces of Nasheet3
two faces of Steve1
Two faces stare1
Two far1
Two fascinations3
Two fathers1
Two feathers1
Two feel1
Two feet fall1
Two feet in Cedar Crest1
Two feet in the gutter2
Two fellas1
Two fer1
Two fifths1
Two finger blues1
Two finger boogie1
Two finger snap1
Two finger snaps1
Two fingers1
Two fingers please1
two first the third and a few others1
Two fish1
Two fish in a bucket1
Two fish in a strange town1
Two fishes in a foreign city1
Two five city1
Two five for RG1
Two five jive1
Two five one5
Two fives1
Two fives for a dime1
Two flights up2
Two flowers2
Two flowers behind a mist1
Two flowers on a stem3
Two flutes2
Two fold1
Two folk songs3
Two folksongs1
Two fools in love1
Two fools tears1
Two foot ticket1
Two foot two1
Two for a nickel three for a dime1
Two for Benedetto1
Two for Billy C1
Two for bleu1
Two for blues suite1
Two for Eeva1
Two for funk1
Two for Gerry1
Two for his heels1
Two for John1
Two for joy1
Two for Joyce1
Two for Juan2
Two for Mr Bradford1
Two for one13
Two for one blues1
Two for Otis1
Two for Pancho1
Two for Prez1
Two for sake1
Two for Sandi1
Two for T5
Two for tango1
Two for tea3
Two for the blues15
Two for the blueseveryday1
Two for the doctor1
Two for the festival1
Two for the price of one1
Two for the road160
Two for the roads1
Two for the seesaw3
Two for the show3
Two for the twist1
Two for the Woofer1
Two for three1
Two for three and three for me1
Two for Timbucktu2
Two for Timbuktu1
Two for tonight1
Two for Tumbuktoo1
Two for two5
Two for you1
Two forgive1
Two forgotten tunes1
Two four1
Two four and eight1
Two four blues1
Two fours1
Two fragments from the suite Full stop full stop coma1
Two Franks8
Two Freds are free1
Two free jazz men speak1
Two french fries2
two Fridas1
Two friends9
Two friends true friends1
Two funky basses1
Two funky people12
Two gallants1
Two gamblers1
Two geese in the sky1
Two generations2
Two generations A duet for drums & timbales2
Two generations blues1
Two gentlemen of Peru1
two Georges1
Two getting together1
Two ghosts2
Two ghosts at the table1
Two girls3
Two girls in love1
Two great bass fishermen up the creek without an ostinato1
Two grey rooms4
Two grooves1
Two guitar blues1
Two guitar boogie2
Two guitars20
Two guitars blues1
Two guitars one soul1
Two gun Dan2
Two gun V1
Two guyes and beer1
Two guys and a gal1
Two guys from the coast1
Two halves1
Two halves of the moon1
Two handed blues1
Two hander1
Two handfuls of peace1
Two handfuls of strings1
Two hands4
Two hands fighting1
Two hands for eternity1
Two hands made of sun1
Two hands only1
Two happy people1
Two harbors1
Two harmonica boogie1
Two hats1
Two headed alarm clock1
two headed freap1
Two heads2
Two heads against the moon1
Two heads are better than one1
Two heads in the moonlight2
Two heads one pillow1
Two heart beats1
Two heart tango1
Two heartbeats3
Two heartedly1
Two hearts9
Two hearts are better than one2
Two hearts are dancing1
Two hearts are greater than one1
Two hearts carved on a lonesome pine2
Two hearts dancingNocturne no 1 in B flat minor op 911
Two hearts in 34 time1
Two hearts in one1
Two hearts in threequarter time1
Two hearts in tune2
Two hearts met1
Two hearts of mine1
Two hearts on fire1
Two hearts that pass in the night8
Two hearts two kisses2
Two hearts wonder1
Two heavens3
Two Henny Youngman poems1
Two hill town1
Two hits on the NJTP1
Two hoots1
Two horizons1
Two horn bingo1
Two horn tango1
Two hornd reasoning cloven fiction1
Two hornpipes1
Two horns and a bass1
Two hot dogs and a strawberry soda1
Two hour tune1
Two hour weekend1
Two hours1
Two hours early ten minutes late1
Two hours long1
Two hours past midnight1
Two hours playing time1
Two hump ride1
Two hundred squabble1
Two hundred stars1
Two hymns2
Two hymns to darkness1
Two ideas1
Two if by sea2
Two images of technologies1
Two immortals1
Two improvisations2
Two improvisations B & B S & S1
Two improvised childrens pieces1
Two in a box1
Two in a dream1
Two in a hole1
Two in a row1
Two in common1
Two in love9
Two in one15
Two in one blues1
Two in one hundred1
Two in one part I1
Two in one part II1
Two in silence1
Two in the afternoon1
Two in the dew1
Two in the morning2
Two inside1
Two instances of libel one memory lapse1
Two instead of three1
Two interiors1
Two is a crowd1
Two is company2
Two is one2
Two islands I1
Two islands II1
Two islands III1
Two jaguars in Warsaw1
Two Jim blues2
Two Jimmys1
Two Joe sopranos1
two Johns1
two Js1
Two keys bounce1
Two kids in the candy store1
Two Kims1
Two kinds of blue1
Two kinds of blues5
Two kinds of people1
Two kinds of woman1
Two kings2
Two kitchens1
Two kites13
Two Knights defense1
Two kooks1
Two ladies2
Two ladies in de shade of de banana tree5
Two ladies in de shade of the banana tree2
Two ladies in the shade1
Two ladies in the shade of the banana tree2
Two lakes1
Two lambs1
Two lane blacktop1
Two large stones1
two Larrys1
Two left feet9
Two left hands1
Two legs one leg1
Two Leons in New Orleans1
Two less1
Two letters Ill keep1
two lies1
Two lights2
Two like a song1
Two lines14
Two lines for Barney2
Two lines for Nick1
Two lines for Nik1
Two lines forming1
Two lines from nowhere1
Two lion shake step jump1
Two lips2
Two lips are roses1
Two little animals2
Two little babes in the wood2
Two little babes in the woods1
Two little blue little eyes3
Two little boys1
Two little brothers1
Two little cats2
Two little dogs2
Two little fishes6
Two little fishes & five loaves of bread1
Two little fishes five loaves of bread1
Two little flies on a lump of sugar1
Two little friends1
Two little girls2
Two little girls from Little Rock1
Two little girls in blue1
Two little humas1
Two little kooks1
Two little men in a flying saucer1
Two little pearls14
Two little pigeons1
Two little pretty birds1
Two little slippers and two big shoes1
two little squirrels1
Two little Twains1
Two little wooden shoes1
Two little words2
Two lives3
Two living rooms1
Two lonely hearts1
Two lonely people70
Two lonesome people1
Two lost churches1
Two lost souls6
Two love1
Two love birds from La Campanella1
Two lovely people1
Two lovers3
Two loves15
Two loves have I12
Two loves I have2
Two loves wuz one too many for me1
Two loving hearts1
Two low1
Two lucks1
Two lullabies1
Two Lydias1
Two ma Sophies1
Two magpies1
Two main rooms1
Two Maries1
Two marmots2
Two marvelous for words1
Two mass chain1
Two mazurkas1
Two me1
Two meditations on Raymond Matthews Brown1
Two meetings1
Two men1
Two men and a wardrobe3
Two men for saxs1
Two men in straw hats1
Two men only1
Two men talk through a window1
Two metalled tendrilsTen years stretching before1
Two Mexicans on the wall1
Two mile run1
Two miles1
Two miles a day1
Two miles away1
Two miles wide1
Two Miller Light Beer commercials1
Two million little Russians1
Two minds3
Two minds fest1
Two minds one sound1
Two miniatures1
Two minors1
Two minute classical1
Two minute march1
Two minute takedown1
Two minute warning1
Two minutes of dubious origin1
Two minutes of peace2
Two minutes silence1
Two mirrors1
Two monks1
Two months pass1
Two moods6
Two moods for bari1
Two moods for Freddie1
Two moons3
Two moons on Sunday1
Two moose in a caboose1
Two more1
Two more beer1
Two more bottles of wine1
Two more for the blues2
Two more Henny Youngman poems1
Two more in a row1
Two more times1
two mothers1
Two mouth1
Two movements from jazz sinfonietta1
Two moves1
Two much2
Two much fun1
Two much themo1
Two mushrooms1
Two new brothers1
Two new stars in heaven1
Two nexters1
Two night stand1
Two nights blues3
Two nights in Malakal1
Two nineteen blues2
Two nocturnes1
Two not one20
Two not three1
Two note head1
Two note samba6
Two notes1
Two notes fast blues1
Two notes four chords1
Two notes waltz for Mona1
Two numbers1
Two o clock boogie1
Two o nine1
Two oceans1
Two oclock blues4
Two oclock in the morning2
Two oclock in the morning blues1
Two oclock jump90
Two oclock mood1
Two oclock The life bone1
Two of a kind31
Two of a mind1
Two of cups2
Two of everything1
Two of mine1
Two of one2
Two of one and another kind1
Two of six1

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