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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page T4 - Take yo finger off it to Tales of the old grandmother

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Tune nameSessions
Take yo finger off it3
Take you out1
Take you there3
Take you tomorrows1
Take your best shot1
Take your big hands off1
Take your big leg off me2
Take your black bottom1
Take your black bottom dance outside2
Take your black bottom outside5
Take your breath and sing1
Take your burden to the Lord15
Take your burdens to the Lord1
Take your cake back1
Take your clothes1
Take your clothes off when you dance3
Take your ears as the bones of their queen1
Take your finger off it1
Take your finger out of your mouth4
Take your fingers off it1
Take your funky mind to the disco1
Take your girlie to the movies4
Take your hand off it2
Take your hit kit1
Take your love2
Take your meat out meh rice1
Take your partners for the blues2
Take your pick40
Take your pick and swing1
Take your pillow as a soundingboard1
Take your shoes off3
Take your shoes off baby10
Take your shot1
Take your ticket in your hand1
Take your time37
Take your time blues1
Take your time but hurry up1
Take your time son1
Take your tomorrow19
Take your tomorrows4
Take your troubles away1
Take your whisky home1
Take your wings1
Takeabow blues1
Takeda lullaby1
Takeda no Komoriuta3
Takedano komoriuta3
Takeer down a tone1
Takemitsus garden1
Taken at a leisurely pace1
Taken back1
Taken by force2
Taken by Lisbon1
Taken by surprise2
Taken for granted2
Taken hearts1
Taken higher1
Taken over by the hounds of reason1
Taken to heart2
Taken to the cleaners1
Takenabak part 11
Takenabak part 21
Takenabak part 31
Takeoff rag1
Takeoff road1
Takeout karma1
Taker her the longest way around1
Takes a better man1
Takes a lot of knowhow1
Takes courage to be happy1
Takes my breath away5
Takes one to know one1
Takes three to samba1
Takes two to make a bargain4
Takes two to tango9
Takes you2
Taki pejzaz1
Taki rari1
Taki sobie1
Taki sobie walczyk1
Takin a break1
Takin a chance1
Takin a chance on love30
Takin a chance on you1
Takin a swing1
Takin a walk1
Takin care1
Takin care o business1
Takin care of business10
Takin chances1
Takin it back2
Takin it easy9
Takin it home1
Takin it to the streets7
Takin it with me2
Takin Miss Mary to the ball2
Takin my time8
Takin my time blues1
Takin names1
Takin no chances1
Takin no risk1
Takin no risks3
Takin off9
Takin off blues1
Takin off from body and soul1
Takin out1
Takin the 881
Takin the backroads1
Takin the blues for a walk1
Takin the Count1
Takin the fifth1
Takin time1
Takin up where I left off1
Taking a beating1
Taking a chance4
Taking a chance of love1
Taking a chance on chances1
Taking a chance on Chancey 21
Taking a chance on love420
Taking a change on love1
Taking a dip in TVdust1
Taking a good long look2
Taking a line for a walk1
Taking a nap1
Taking a note for a walk1
Taking a pause1
Taking a plange1
Taking a string for a walk1
Taking a walk5
Taking a walk in the park1
Taking back the sea is no easy task1
Taking care of business2
Taking care of you1
Taking Chopin in stride1
Taking control1
Taking fire1
Taking flight3
Taking forever1
Taking her sweet time1
Taking her time1
Taking hold1
Taking it all too hard2
Taking it and make my get away1
Taking it as it comes1
Taking it easy now1
Taking it in stride1
Taking it in strides1
Taking it nice and easy1
Taking it out of the ground1
Taking it slow2
Taking it to the streets1
Taking it with me1
Taking Jude out for breakfast1
Taking leave1
Taking life easy1
Taking lots of vitamins1
Taking my baby up town1
Taking my chance1
Taking my chances1
Taking my life in your hands1
Taking my time2
Taking notes1
taking of Pelham 1 2 31
Taking off5
Taking our time1
Taking over me1
Taking roads1
Taking root1
Taking shape1
Taking sides1
Taking some time1
Taking steps2
Taking the blues back home1
Taking the bullet1
Taking the case1
Taking the chances1
Taking the Coltrane1
Taking the cure1
Taking the dust1
Taking the easy way out1
Taking the fifth1
Taking the long road1
Taking the long way home2
Taking the mick1
Taking the night train1
Taking the plunge1
Taking the soul for a walk1
Taking time5
Taking twos1
Taking up the slack1
Taking us home1
Taking wing2
Taking you back1
Taking you on1
Taking your place1
Taking your time1
Takin’ it there1
Takita taka takita takita taka1
Takita takadimi1
Takiya Tokaya1
Takk for sist1
Takk miles1
Takk og farvel1
Tako obicno1
Tako treba1
Takons r good1
Taksim by night2
Taksim clouds1
Taksim olaganustu hal1
Taksim Square1
Takte fur S1
Taktlos 11
Taktlos 21
Taktlos 31
Taktlos encore1
Tal como eres1
Tal it to George1
Tal nu ikke ondt om mig min ven1
Tal tales1
Tal vez1
Tala allt1
Tala rasa ranga1
Tala vadyam1
Talaash makon1
Talabacco tautologico1
Taladh Chriosta1
Talahani Tom1
Talalkozas egy regi szerelemmel1
Talam mishra1
Talan majd holnap1
Talaps theme1
Talatabla turang1
tale begun1
Tale but true1
Tale by two1
tale continued1
tale continues1
Tale for a princess1
tale for Alyovushka1
tale for Johny1
Tale for loffen1
tale for the few1
tale for those who were there1
Tale for two1
tale from history1
tale from the forest1
tale from the marvellous city1
Tale from the reefs1
Tale from the waltz1
Tale I1
Tale II1
Tale in 641
Tale IV1
Tale no 11
Tale no 21
Tale no 31
Tale no 41
Tale no 51
Tale of a child1
Tale of a man1
Tale of a Silent Karl1
Tale of a sufis beauty1
tale of an African lobster2
tale of an arc1
tale of Antti Sarpila1
tale of Bari Red1
tale of Bernd Lhotsky1
Tale of bricks1
tale of Chris Hopkins1
tale of Christmas1
tale of coincidence1
tale of Colin Dawson1
tale of colours1
Tale of cotton1
Tale of Dale1
tale of Dan Barrett1
tale of dances1
Tale of daring1
tale of debauchery1
tale of Engelbert Wrobel1
tale of fairies1
tale of fall1
tale of five demons1
Tale of Genji1
tale of Henning Gailing1
tale of horses1
tale of Howard Alden1
Tale of India1
Tale of Jordan1
Tale of Krishna1
tale of Martin Breinschmid1
tale of Monk Ask me now1
tale of Mr Giggles1
Tale of my land1
tale of Oliver Mewes1
tale of rituals1
tale of Rolf Mars1
tale of Romulus and Remus1
tale of Rossano Sportiello1
Tale of Saverio1
tale of shadows1
tale of Shaunette Hildabrand1
tale of small things1
tale of souls1
tale of Spanky McCurly1
tale of Stephen Lawrence1
Tale of tales1
tale of Taliesin4
tale of the ancient1
Tale of the bewildered bee1
Tale of the fingers8
tale of the four Ts1
Tale of the fox1
Tale of the great wall1
Tale of the gypsies1
tale of the lotus eaters1
Tale of the mountain lakes1
Tale of the old tree1
Tale of the open road1
tale of the oyster4
tale of the reversed elk1
Tale of the Samovar1
Tale of the sands1
Tale of the small1
tale of the sorrowful clown1
Tale of the tuna1
Tale of the whale1
tale of the youth behind whom Indian and Chinese music was played1
tale of three ducks1
tale of tomorrow1
tale of two cities6
tale of two decades1
Tale of two heads1
tale of two horns1
Tale of two in one1
tale of two lovers1
Tale of two monk keys2
tale of two rhythms1
Tale of two souls1
tale of two times1
Tale of two worlds1
tale of whales1
tale of William Mariner1
Tale of woe5
Tale of youths adventures1
tale thrice told1
tale twice told1
Tale weaver1
tale winds on1
Talea 491
Talega de pan2
Talent for surrender1
talent to a mews1
Talented at the wheel1
talented tenth1
talentless judging the overreaching1
Tales & legends1
Tales and prophecies1
Tales for a girl 122
Tales for Alexandra1
Tales from Blackwood Forest1
Tales from da Bronx1
Tales from Hanoi1
Tales from Hoffman1
Tales from home1
Tales from nowhere1
Tales from Prahova Valley1
Tales from the bottom1
Tales from the bright side1
Tales from the city1
Tales from the far side3
Tales from the head1
Tales from the hindu tush1
Tales from the lawn1
Tales from the Maidan1
Tales from the sea1
Tales from the skeleton coast1
Tales from the time loop1
Tales from the unexpected3
Tales from the Vienna forest1
Tales from the Vienna Woods3
Tales of 5 peasants1
Tales of a 39man1
Tales of a century1
Tales of a courtesan1
Tales of a Damson knight1
Tales of a gypsy1
Tales of a Jedi knight1
Tales of an African lobster1
Tales of ancient Kemet1
Tales of Arthur1
Tales of Barcelona1
Tales of beelzebub1
Tales of Brooklyn1
Tales of Chang Sha1
Tales of conquest1
Tales of Dr Faustus1
Tales of enchantment1
Tales of enchantment for violin and bass1
Tales of entropy 21
Tales of Hackney1
Tales of Hoffman2
Tales of Hoffmann1
Tales of imaginary beings1
Tales of India2
Tales of Kilimanjaro1
Tales of Lhassa1
Tales of Malone1
Tales of old1
Tales of pan and eyes of Argus1
Tales of paradise1
Tales of Rhoda Rat4
Tales of Rumi3
Tales of sadness1
Tales of secret1
Tales of seven lizards1
Tales of something1
Tales of sorrow1
Tales of Tamasha1
Tales of Tekezze1
Tales of the Algonquin1
Tales of the ancient east1
Tales of the big drum1
Tales of the black experience1
Tales of the blackwinged bird1
Tales of the cave1
Tales of the East1
Tales of the exonerated flea1
Tales of the fingers1
Tales of the frog1
Tales of the lighthouse1
Tales of the Montgomery bus boycott1
Tales of the mountain1
Tales of the near future1
Tales of the new frontier1
Tales of the old country1
Tales of the old grandmother1

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