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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page T20 - Thats rhythm to Theme 101

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Tune nameSessions
Thats rhythm1
Thats Rich4
Thats Rich man2
Thats right27
Thats right Im wrong2
Thats right it was you1
Thats right whats wrong1
Thats rightIm wrong1
Thats rock n roll2
Thats sabotage5
Thats shuffle2
Thats simple1
Thats so nice1
Thats something1
Thats southern hospitality2
Thats sumpin else1
Thats Thad2
Thats that6
Thats that messy boogie1
Thats the begining of the end1
Thats the beginning of the end5
Thats the blues2
Thats the blues dad1
Thats the blues Lorraine1
Thats the blues old man6
Thats the boogie2
Thats the boulevard1
Thats the breaks1
Thats the chance you take1
Thats the curfew1
Thats the deal1
Thats the evening of Santa Claus3
Thats the formula for love1
Thats the gal for me2
Thats the girl1
Thats the good old sunny south5
Thats the groovy thing5
Thats the guy for me1
Thats the heat you gotta beat1
Thats the idea Homage to Kidd Jordan2
Thats the joint2
Thats the kind of baby for me1
Thats the kind of gal I dream of1
Thats the kind of girl I dream of1
Thats the kind of girl Im looking for1
Thats the kind of guy I dream of1
Thats the kind of love Im talking about1
Thats the kind of man for me1
Thats the kinda girl1
Thats the lady1
Thats the last time I saw him1
Thats the law1
Thats the least you can do2
Thats the lick7
Thats the Monk I see now1
Thats the moon my son3
Thats the music for me1
Thats the news1
Thats the old pepper1
Thats the one4
Thats the one for me2
Thats the only way to live1
Thats the question2
Thats the spirit1
Thats the spot1
Thats the stuff I like1
Thats the stuff you gotta watch8
Thats the stuff youre gotta watch1
Thats the thing1
Thats the thing to do1
Thats the ticket3
Thats the time1
Thats the time a fellow needs a girl friend1
Thats the trouble with us1
Thats the truth1
Thats the truth baby1
Thats the version1
Thats the way9
Thats the way God planned it2
Thats the way he does it2
Thats the way I always heard it should be1
Thats the way I do1
Thats the way I feel5
Thats the way I feel about cha1
Thats the way I feel about it1
Thats the way I feel today2
Thats the way I like it1
Thats the way I like to hear you talk1
Thats the way it goes15
Thats the way it is22
Thats the way Ive always heard it should be5
Thats the way love goes4
Thats the way love is1
Thats the way love should feel1
Thats the way my baby closes her eyes1
Thats the way of love1
Thats the way of the world27
Thats the way she feels1
Thats the way she likes it1
Thats the way she loves1
Thats the way she wants it1
Thats the way that you make me feel1
Thats the way the ball bounces1
Thats the way the cookie crumbles2
Thats the way the owls hoot1
Thats the way to be1
Thats the way to do it1
Thats the way to get along1
Thats the way to treat your woman3
Thats the way you do1
Thats the way you fall in love1
Thats the what1
Thats the whole point1
Thats time enough1
Thats tough2
Thats true2
Thats true thats true4
Thats unacceptable1
Thats us1
Thats wassup1
Thats we thought of love1
Thats were it is1
Thats were you come in1
Thats what11
Thats what a song can do1
Thats what a woman can do1
Thats what a woman is for3
Thats what a womans for1
Thats what dreams are made of1
Thats what friends are for24
Thats what God looks like to me1
Thats what happened5
Thats what happened to me1
Thats what happens1
Thats what Harlem means to me1
Thats what heaven means to me1
Thats what I always say1
Thats what I call a dream1
Thats what I call Heaven2
Thats what I call keen4
Thats what I call love2
Thats what I call sweet music3
Thats what I do1
Thats what I get1
Thats what I hate about love4
Thats what I like3
Thats what I like about Jesus1
Thats what I like about Texas1
Thats what I like about the north1
Thats what I like about the South4
Thats what I like about the west1
Thats what I like about you9
Thats what I mean1
Thats what I meant2
Thats what I needed1
Thats what I said2
Thats what I say1
Thats what I think of you3
Thats what I thought you said9
Thats what I want for Christmas6
Thats what I want for you baby1
Thats what I want to do1
Thats what Ill do1
Thats what Im gonna do2
Thats what Im talking about4
Thats what Im talking about mama1
Thats what it is1
Thats what it is to be young1
Thats what it takes1
Thats what its all about1
Thats what Ive been thru1
Thats what life is made of2
Thats what livings about1
Thats what love can do1
Thats what love did to me3
Thats what love is all about1
Thats what loves all about1
Thats what makes a house a home1
Thats what makes me love you so1
Thats what makes my baby fat1
Thats what makes the world go round1
Thats what mama say1
Thats what miracles are all about1
Thats what my baby does for me1
Thats what my baby says1
Thats what my heart needs1
Thats what people say1
Thats what puts the Sweet in Home sweet home2
Thats what reminds me of you4
Thats what she gets1
Thats what she said4
Thats what she says3
Thats what that is1
Thats what that note said1
Thats what the bird said to me1
Thats what the bird sang to me1
Thats what the mailman had to say1
Thats what the man said2
Thats what the welldressed man in Harlem will wear1
Thats what they always say1
Thats what they say2
Thats what they want1
Thats what true love can do1
Thats what were here for1
Thats what you are1
Thats what you call romance2
Thats what you do1
Thats what you do to me2
Thats what you gotta do1
Thats what you mean to me2
Thats what you need to succeed1
Thats what you said1
Thats what you think17
Thats what you want1
Thats what youre doing to me2
Thats what youre soing to me1
Thats what Zoot said1
Thats whats knockin me out1
Thats when all will see1
Thats when I cry1
Thats when I fell in love1
Thats when I lost my heart1
Thats when I miss you the most1
Thats when I think of you1
Thats when I want you near1
Thats when Ill come back to you20
Thats when Ill come bakc to you1
Thats when Ill stop loving you1
Thats when it really hurts1
Thats when my time will come1
Thats when rhythm was born1
Thats when the music takes me1
Thats when we thought of love2
Thats where I came in6
Thats where I come in2
Thats where I left my heart1
Thats where Im coming from1
Thats where it is9
Thats where it started1
Thats where its at5
Thats where love begins1
Thats where my money goes1
Thats where the south begins7
Thats where you come in1
Thats where youre wrong2
Thats why6
Thats why a woman loves a heel1
Thats why darkies are born1
Thats why darkies were born1
Thats why I burn for you1
Thats why I cried1
Thats why I cried over you1
Thats why I cry2
Thats why I die a little1
Thats why I dream2
Thats why I keep drinkin1
Thats why I like New Orleans2
Thats why I like you2
Thats why I love1
Thats why I love New Orleans1
Thats why I love you8
Thats why I love you most1
Thats why I love you so1
Thats why Im crying1
Thats why Im crying for you1
Thats why Im feeling blue1
Thats why Im glad to be sad1
Thats why Im leavin you1
Thats why Im leaving1
Thats why Im loving you1
Thats why the lady is a tramp1
Thats why the undertakers are busy today1
Thats why they call me shine2
Thats why they called her queen1
Thats why we cant agree1
Thats why we live2
Thats why you go away1
Thats worryin me2
Thats you2
Thats you and me1
Thats you baby20
Thats you sweetheart1
Thats you thats me thats love1
Thats your business now1
Thats your daddy yaddy yo1
Thats your head1
Thats your last1
Thats your last boogie1
Thats your lovin baby1
Thats your mistake1
Thats your plot1
Thats your red wagon2
Thats your story1
Thats your thing2
Thats your yass yass yass1
Thatsum rag1
Thatubea good idea1
That’s a plenty6
That’s how it is1
That’s my desire1
That’s my home1
That’s the way of the world1
That’s what I want for Christmas1
That’s what she says1
That�s life I guess1
thaw of frozen oscillations1
Thaw tune1
Thawing out1
THawkins the bean1
THC gaps1
The answer is1
THE blues1
The days we were smiling1
The recognition of rhythm in the life of worldly things1
The story I want to tell you1
The the cheat1
Thea smiles1
Thea tells a bedtime story1
Theapatras walk1
Theas laughter1
Theas lullaby1
Theater alley swing1
theater evening1
Theater is empty1
Theater piece2
Theatre by the sea1
Theatre dombre1
Theatre of magic1
theatre of our life1
Theatre of the mind1
theatre of the world photic diversions1
Theatre of varieties1
Theatre on the double1
Theatre piece1
Theatre waltz1
Thebes blues1
Thecla walk1
Theda bara ersatz1
Theda rides again1
Thee and me1
Thee fasting reflections1
Theempire strikes back1
Their blood is black and yellow2
Their cheeks glowed1
Their eyes their smiles1
Their hands are blue1
Their hearts were full of spring10
Their last end1
Their May wings1
Their mood1
Their revised head1
their stipends awhoring1
Their stories have never been told1
Theirs tears1
Thelinious harmonious1
Thelma and Louise1
Thelma Lee blues2
Thelma Lou2
Thelmas heart1
Thelmas revenge1
Thelonious assault1
Thelonious dance1
Thelonious encounters the underdog1
Thelonious funk2
Thelonious hat1
Thelonious Im sorry1
Thelonious in Vladivostock1
Thelonious in Woodstock1
Thelonious Melodius3
Thelonious Mike1
Thelonious Mink1
Thelonious Monk1
Thelonious Monk arranged by Maurice Ravel1
Thelonious Monk is my grandmother1
Thelonious Monk medley2
Thelonious Monk returns1
Thelonious mood1
Thelonious nutty dance1
Thelonious the onliest1
Thelonious Theonlyus1
Theloniously speaking1
Them belly full2
Them blues1
Them bones1
Them bums ride again1
Them buried standing1
Them career colored ladies1
Them changes16
Them dirty blues1
Them dirty old blues1
Them five1
Them from Picnic1
Them funky changes1
Them green pastures1
Them Has been blues4
Them HillBillies are mountain Williams now1
Them hitting1
Them nasty hurtin blues1
Them new blues2
Them old blues1
Them phoney New York people1
Them piano blues2
Them ramblin blues3
Them sang so_song birds1
Them shoes hit me in the face1
Them that got10
Them that has gets1
Them that swingeth1
Them thats got6
Them their eyes6
Them there eyes471
Them there eyes + encore1
Them there eys1
Them things got me2
Them three waiting2
Them were shocked a tall1
Them who has gets3
Them women1
Thema adagio cantabile aus pathetique1
Thema aus dem 2 Satz1
Thema aus der Kleinen Symphonie1
Thema aus Rhapsody in blue1
Thema con variazioni1
Thema de Maella1
Thema eins1
Thema in B1
Thema in moll2
Thema Lowengrube1
Thema mal 31
Thema mal drei1
Thema of Tenchuugumi1
Thema prima1
Thema uber praludium1
Thematic collisions1
Thematic womb1
Thembis tune1
Theme & announcement1
theme & announcements1
Theme & Deviations1
Theme & farewell1
Theme & Intro1
Theme & introduction1
Theme & signoff1
Theme & variations3
Theme 0011
Theme 0021
Theme 15
Theme 1 chrysalis1
Theme 1001
Theme 1011

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