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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page S79 - South 3rd saudade to Souvenirs dun instant

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Tune nameSessions
South 3rd saudade1
South 81
South Africa7
South Africa 761
South Africa February dance1
South Africa goddamn2
South African blues8
South African clipper1
South African connection1
South African jazz curry2
South African national anthem1
South African party1
South African stomp1
South African tour1
South African weed1
South Afrika is free OK1
South Afrikan1
South Amboy highball1
South America1
South America take it away12
South American blues1
South American getaway2
South American idyll1
South American Indian1
South American Joe4
South American morning1
South American sojourn2
South American way8
South Avenue1
South Balkan express1
South Bank4
South bank boogie1
South Bank scramble1
South Bayou shuffle1
South beach3
South Beach banjo1
South Beach mambo2
South Beach strut1
South beat1
South Bixel1
South bound2
South bound backwater1
South bound blues2
South bound breeze1
South bound express1
South bound rag1
South bound traveler1
South bound water1
South breeze2
South Bronx3
South Bronx cheer1
South Bronx scuffle1
South Brooklyn Bulgars1
South by southwest1
South by west1
South Carolina1
South Carolina squall1
South Carolina US railway1
South central2
South central LA1
South Central LA Kulture2
South centrals fire1
South Chelan1
South Chicago1
South city strut1
South coast1
south coast route1
South coasting1
South Corea1
south cross girl1
South Dakota3
South Dakota strut1
South division blues1
South down parts1
South drive1
South east2
South east of Sheffield1
South east quarter1
South easter2
South End blues1
South etude1
South express1
South facing2
South ferry3
South filthy1
South Florida odyssey suite1
South Florida summer odyssey1
South for north1
South for the winter3
South for winter2
South for winterdeep in1
South Frisco blues2
South from east1
South from Toulouse1
South Georgia blues1
South ghost1
South goes1
South Gonzales Street parade1
South heading1
South Hempstead1
South Indian festival rhythm1
South indian line3
South Indian marriage rhythm1
South Innocence Mouse Green1
South island1
South lake1
South Leo St stomp1
South main1
South market1
South Michigan Avenue1
South Mississippi glide1
South node of the moon in Pisces1
South north meeting1
South of 41
South of 63rd1
South of Ashleys song1
South of Brazil2
South of Capricorn1
South of Crete1
South of Croydon1
South of Dallas1
south of everywhere1
South of France1
South of Greenwich Village1
South of Haiti1
South of Imperial1
South of Karpathos1
South of Las Vegas1
South of market1
South of Mason1
South of midnight1
South of Monterey1
South of no north2
South of nowhere2
South of some border1
South of someplace1
South of south1
South of the blues2
South of the boarder1
South of the border126
South of the border blues1
South of the border serenade2
South of the border suite1
South of the boulevard2
South of the lake1
South of the north1
South of the Orient1
South of the river1
South of the slot1
South of the south1
South of the sun1
South of the tropic breeze1
South of the waltz1
South Okanagan1
South on squirrel1
South orange sunset1
South Pacific2
South Pacific medley3
South Pacific stars1
South Park1
South Parkway hop1
South paw2
South paw special3
South Philly daze1
South Philly groove2
South Philly samba1
South Philly Willy1
South pole1
South pole side1
South print1
South ragtime1
South Rampart St parade8
South Rampart Street1
South Rampart Street blues4
South Rampart Street parade438
South Rampart swing parade1
South Ramparts Street parade1
South rim1
south sandwich1
South saturn delta1
South sea1
South sea bubble1
South sea eyes1
South sea island magic5
South sea isles1
South sea rose1
South sea samba1
South sea strut1
South seas3
South Seas sambaSamba de Bora Bora1
South shore2
South shore drive2
South shore reform experience1
South shout mouth1
South side1
South side blues3
South side boogie2
South side boogy2
South Side breakdown1
South Side digging3
South side Eddie1
South side habit1
South side memories1
South side mess around1
South side mix1
South side morning1
South Side people1
South Side rules1
South side samba12
South side shake2
South side shuffle2
South side soul2
South side stomp2
South side story2
South side strut12
South Side stuff1
South slope1
south song1
South St exit1
South Station blues1
South steam road1
South stories1
South Street3
South Street blues5
South Street exit4
South Street jam1
South Street shuffle1
South Street special1
South Street stroll1
South Sudan1
South swing1
South Texas blues1
South Texas strut1
South to a warmer place7
South to the dust1
South to warm a place1
South town1
South way1
South Wes1
South west3
South Westerly1
South western view1
South wezzed1
South wind20
South winds2
South with the boarder2
Southampton slow drag1
Southampton swing1
Southbank rag1
Southbound and blue1
Southbound bump2
Southbound CTA1
Southbound express1
Southbound jump1
Southbound rag1
Southbound special1
Southbound through freight1
Southbound train3
Southbridge queen1
Southeast passage1
Southeast winds at 121
Southeastern Baja1
Southeastern drive1
Southend Pierre1
Southend stomp2
Southerlands muse1
Southerly buster1
Southerly busters polarising the sky with coal Dust1
Southern adventure1
Southern African sunrise1
Southern American way1
Southern anger1
Southern avenue2
Southern beauties2
Southern beauties rag1
southern belle4
Southern belles1
Southern bells1
Southern Bimbos ball1
Southern blue2
Southern blues3
Southern boogie1
Southern boy1
Southern breeze1
Southern Cali summer1
Southern Casey Jones1
Southern charm1
Southern charms1
Southern comfort24
Southern comfort theme 11
Southern comfort theme 21
Southern comfort theme 31
Southern comforts like a dixieland band1
Southern course1
Southern crab1
Southern cross14
Southern crossing1
Southern damsels1
Southern dance1
Southern dawn2
Southern dreams1
Southern echoes2
Southern ends of the earth1
Southern exit1
Southern exposure16
Southern extreme1
southern extremity1
Southern flowers1
Southern fried30
Southern friend2
Southern funk2
Southern gentleman1
Southern girl1
Southern girl blues1
Southern high waters blues1
Southern holiday1
Southern horizons6
Southern hospitality2
Southern hospitality cakewalk1
southern island1
Southern jazz1
Southern lights2
southern love song1
Southern lullaby2
Southern march3
Southern medley1
Southern medley pt 11
Southern medley pt 2 Old black Joe Swanee river1
Southern melodies1
Southern memories2
Southern memory1
Southern monologue1
southern moon and sky1
Southern nights6
Southern nightsMany rivers to cross1
Southern owl1
Southern Pacific1
Southern Pacific boogie2
Southern passage1
Southern pearl1
Southern people1
Southern perspective1
Southern railroad blues1
Southern rain1
Southern rebellion1
Southern rendezvous1
Southern rider1
Southern roads1
Southern roots1
Southern roots and celebration1
Southern rose5
Southern routes1
Southern samba agogo1
Southern sands1
Southern scale1
Southern scandal20
Southern scene6
Southern school of complete reality1
Southern sea blues1
Southern sea moon1
Southern shadows1
Southern shout1
southern side of Rose1
Southern skies2
Southern smile1
Southern smiles3
Southern soul1
Southern special1
Southern star1
Southern starlight1
Southern stomp5
Southern stomps25
Southern style1
Southern suite Chase and capture1
Southern suite Penitentiary breakout1
Southern summer1
Southern summer rain1
Southern sun1
Southern sunrise1
Southern sunset36
Southern sunsets2
southern symphony1
southern tale1
Southern to the bone1
Southern tour1
Southern train1
Southern woman1
Southern woman blues1
Southern womans blues1
Southernhay stomp1
Southie is my home town1
Southland banjo medley1
Southland blue1
Southland blues2
Southland is all right with me1
Southland ramble2
Southland shuffle4
Southland summer1
Southpark and Richard1
Southpaw rag1
Southpaw serenade6
souths been a mother to me1
Southside 601
Southside blues2
Southside dues1
Southside groovin1
Southside loop1
Southside of the blues1
Southside pocket1
Southside rambler1
Southside samba3
Southside Saturday night1
Southside shuffle1
Southside steps1
Southside Street dance1
Southside strut1
Southside waltz1
Southtown strut1
Southtown USA2
Southward bound1
Southwards westwards1
Southwest 721
Southwest blues3
Southwest drag1
Southwest friend1
Southwest loner1
Southwest passage2
Southwest twilight1
southwest wind1
Southwestern approaches1
Southwestern Avenue shuffle1
Southwestern silence1
Southwestern skies1
Souvenir davril1
Souvenir de docteur1
Souvenir de la Nouvelle Orleans1
Souvenir de loiseau2
Souvenir de mon ile1
Souvenir de Porto Rico2
Souvenir de Puerto Rico2
Souvenir de Varsovie1
Souvenir de Villingen5
Souvenir de Villingen la plus que lente1
Souvenir de Willingen + Rolls1
Souvenir des Balkans1
Souvenir dhier1
Souvenir dItalie2
Souvenir divorie1
Souvenir du boeuf sur le toit2
Souvenir du Che1
Souvenir dun amour1
Souvenir dun vieillard1
Souvenir dune nuite perdue1
Souvenir efface1
Souvenir for Guy and Marcelle1
Souvenir for M1
Souvenir for Marcelle1
Souvenir from San Sebastian1
Souvenir from UDSSR1
Souvenir imaginaire de lAfrique mythique1
Souvenir imagine1
Souvenir of Duke Ellingtons first visit to England 331
Souvenir of Puerto Rico1
Souvenir of the ancient world1
Souvenir of you1
Souvenir oublie1
Souvenir que me veuxtu1
Souvenir souvenir1
Souvenirs dAlmati1
Souvenirs de Broadway1
Souvenirs de la Nouvelle Orleans1
Souvenirs de mon ile1
Souvenirs de Villingen3
Souvenirs denfance1
Souvenirs dHenri1
Souvenirs dHenriJulien1
Souvenirs du lendemain1
Souvenirs dun instant1

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