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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page S73 - Song of the Dogon to Songworld

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Tune nameSessions
Song of the Dogon1
Song of the double bass player1
Song of the dove2
Song of the drum1
Song of the earth1
Song of the elder brother after he had created the spirits of men1
Song of the elder brother after he had created the wind and the clouds1
Song of the elms1
Song of the eternal waiting of Canute1
Song of the fading flowers1
Song of the fairies1
Song of the farm1
Song of the fiddlers1
Song of the fir tree1
Song of the first love1
Song of the flame5
Song of the flower you gave me1
Song of the fly Day by day1
Song of the flying fish1
Song of the force1
Song of the forgotten1
Song of the forrest1
Song of the free will1
Song of the full moon1
Song of the gladiolus1
Song of the gold diggers1
Song of the golden trumpet1
Song of the gondolier2
Song of the gong and drum1
song of the goose & the common1
Song of the green river1
Song of the griot1
Song of the guitar1
Song of the gypsies1
song of the happy shepherd1
Song of the harp2
Song of the heart2
Song of the hidden path1
Song of the high country1
song of the high seas1
Song of the hills1
Song of the holy warrior1
Song of the humanity1
Song of the innocents1
Song of the Inuit1
Song of the Iris1
Song of the island7
Song of the islands125
Song of the jet22
Song of the jewelled mirror1
Song of the jumbies1
Song of the jungle stream1
Song of the Khemti nobles1
Song of the land1
song of the lark1
Song of the last act1
Song of the leveness1
Song of the little duck1
Song of the little prince1
Song of the lonely3
Song of the lonely one3
Song of the lower classes1
song of the lucky charm1
Song of the Lusitanian bully II1
Song of the lyre1
song of the Maasai1
song of the mad faun1
Song of the mad fire1
song of the mammoth1
Song of the maroons1
song of the martyrs1
Song of the master of the household1
Song of the meadow1
Song of the Medina3
song of the metronome1
Song of the miracle lives3
Song of the modern world1
Song of the moldau1
song of the monopolists1
Song of the moon3
Song of the moonbeams2
Song of the moor3
Song of the morning after1
Song of the morrow2
Song of the Moulin Rouge1
song of the mourning dove1
Song of the Nairobi trio1
song of the Navy1
Song of the Negev1
Song of the new moon2
Song of the new world3
Song of the night4
Song of the night before1
Song of the night wind1
Song of the Nile1
Song of the ofay1
Song of the one1
song of the onearmed man1
Song of the open air1
Song of the open road3
Song of the Ostiak1
Song of the outcasts1
Song of the owl1
Song of the parallel powder plants1
Song of the past1
song of the pearl that might be1
Song of the phoenix1
Song of the piano1
Song of the plains1
Song of the plow3
Song of the possible1
Song of the prisoner in the tower1
song of the pterodactyl1
Song of the pylons1
Song of the rain4
Song of the rainbow people1
Song of the redwood tree1
Song of the Rio Grande1
Song of the robber1
Song of the rolling earth1
Song of the rose1
song of the roses1
Song of the sabia2
Song of the sad eyes1
Song of the sands2
Song of the sea6
Song of the SeaBees1
Song of the seagull2
Song of the seashore1
Song of the seeker1
Song of the setting sun1
Song of the sewers1
Song of the shadows1
Song of the shaky croone1
Song of the shepherd1
Song of the shiants1
Song of the ship1
song of the shirt1
Song of the shore5
Song of the signs1
Song of the siren1
song of the sirens1
Song of the slender moa1
Song of the socialist motherland1
Song of the soil1
Song of the soul4
Song of the south3
Song of the southland1
Song of the space people1
Song of the sparer1
Song of the spheres1
Song of the Sphinx1
Song of the spirit farmer1
Song of the stars1
song of the streets1
Song of the sun4
Song of the sunbird1
Song of the sunken town2
Song of the sunset1
Song of the swamp117
Song of the swan3
Song of the Swanee8
Song of the Swannee1
Song of the tenor1
Song of the tree5
Song of the trees2
Song of the trickster1
Song of the two suns1
Song of the underground railroad3
Song of the united front3
Song of the universal2
Song of the universe1
Song of the unsung1
Song of the vagabond4
Song of the vagabonds17
Song of the Valdez Diamonds1
Song of the valley1
Song of the veil nebula1
Song of the Viking1
Song of the vineyard1
Song of the viper2
Song of the vipers2
Song of the Volga boatman6
Song of the Volga boatmen60
Song of the wanderer118
Song of the wanderers4
Song of the wandering Aengus1
song of the war correspondent1
Song of the war wagons Refusing to shop1
Song of the washing machine1
Song of the waves2
Song of the wedding day2
Song of the whales1
Song of the whispering banshee2
Song of the whistfull ones1
Song of the whistle wing1
Song of the wind12
Song of the wind and the leaf1
song of the wine the wind and the roses1
Song of the winter sun1
Song of the witch doctors1
Song of the woods1
Song of the world1
Song of the yellow river1
Song of the young goose herd1
Song of then1
Song of those who seek2
Song of thunders1
Song of time3
Song of today1
Song of Touya1
Song of tree and forest1
song of truth and semblance1
Song of unity1
song of Uranus1
song of us1
Song of victory1
song of wandering Aengus1
Song of we1
Song of weakness1
Song of welcome1
song of wifely loathing1
Song of will1
Song of wind1
Song of wind and earth1
Song of wonderful things3
Song of words1
Song of Wyoming1
Song of yearning1
song of you4
song of you and me1
song of young1
song of Yurikago1
Song on1
Song on animals1
Song on the sand3
Song on the shore1
Song one4
Song out Freaky Friday1
Song out of my trees1
Song parade1
Song Pati1
Song patrol1
Song Persia1
Song played backwards1
Song plum1
song post1
Song praising the hero Kabba1
Song praising the hero Kelefa1
Song praising the hero Samba Djeladjo1
Song praising the noble Samori1
Song praising the trader Djekere Bayo1
Song Revolution from Atlantic coast of Nicaragua1
song S494 + 11
Song service1
Song sex part 11
Song sex part 21
Song shir1
song shook the world1
Song sing sung1
Song singing to you1
Song singular Owl Canon1
Song somewhere near Roma1
Song song3
Song song song1
Song spirit1
Song suite2
Song sung blue6
Song sung long4
Song ten1
song that haunts my hearts1
song that I heard somewhere1
song that I sing1
song that is always there1
song that lives inside1
song that sings you here1
song that the wind sings1
song the robin sings1
Song theme1
Song thirteen1
Song three2
Song thrush1
Song time1
Song tine1
Song to a free spirit1
Song to a rose2
Song to a seagull4
Song to a siren1
Song to a sleeping child1
Song to a star1
Song to a torch1
Song to anything that moves1
song to be played1
Song to Bilbao1
Song to break the spell1
Song to Elitha3
song to everyone in the world1
song to exale to1
Song to Fred Hersch2
Song to Gayle3
Song to Jacouna1
Song to John4
Song to Keki1
Song to lift sadness1
Song to make the sun come up1
Song to mother1
Song to my ancestors1
Song to my lady1
Song to my love1
Song to my mother2
Song to my son5
Song to my soon1
Song to myself2
Song to Niniko1
Song to pie II1
Song to praise general Fakole Suso1
Song to remember1
Song to seagull1
song to separate1
Song to Seth2
song to sing1
song to sing by1
song to tell a tale to sing1
Song to the Avon1
Song to the citadel1
Song to the east3
Song to the evening star3
Song to the land1
Song to the moon2
Song to the Pharoah kings3
Song to the siren3
Song to the stars1
Song to thee1
Song to Thielemans1
Song tong1
Song tread lightly1
Song tree2
Song trieste1
Song tune1
Song twelve1
Song two2
song u gave me this morning1
Song unknown1
Song unsung1
Song V1
Song Wait and see1
song was born23
Song with a bridge1
Song with a view1
Song with no name4
song with no name as Falls Wichita so falls Wichita Falls1
Song with no words1
Song with orange8
Song with Owen1
Song with wind1
song within1
Song within a song1
Song without a gong1
Song without a lyric1
song without a name4
Song without a voice1
Song without an end1
Song without singing1
Song without words30
Song without words 21
Song without words 3 Tango1
Song without words 41
Song without words 4 Duet2
Song without words in Cm1
Song without words in D minor2
Song world1
Song X5
Song X duo1
Song Y1
Song yet untitled1
song you heard when you fell in love1
song you left unsung1
song you sang1
song you sing1
song youll never sing6
song youve heard before1
Song Yue Rao1
Songbird chapel1
Songbird suite1
songbirds temple1
Songe dautomme1
Songe dautomne23
Songe dautumne1
Songe dune ile dete1
Songe for Tom1
Songe koulikouro1
Songe pastel1
Songe pour GrandMaman1
Songe vert1
Songes de nuits exotiques1
Songitty song1
Songo baiao1
Songo blue1
Songo Colorado1
Songo festividad1
Songo for Jo1
Songo Mnara1
Songo mongo1
Songo pa Monk1
Songo song1
Songoro cosongoLa rebelion1
Songs & lullabies1
Songs about you1
Songs across the border1
Songs and moments1
Songs and stories and poems1
Songs and views from the magnetic garden1
Songs dautomne1
songs drift1
Songs each night2
Songs for a child1
Songs for bassoon and orchestra1
Songs for Jane1
Songs for Monica1
Songs for my father1
Songs for my mother1
Songs for Newfoundland1
Songs for RE1
Songs for Sandy1
Songs for this decade1
Songs for Winnie Mandela1
Songs from a Greyhound Bus1
Songs from afar1
Songs from behind the door1
Songs from Black Orpheus1
Songs from Boston1
Songs from my childhood1
Songs from my past1
Songs from the Black Sea1
Songs from the ground1
Songs from the heart of a boy1
Songs from the sunken planet1
Songs from the underground1
Songs in the wind2
Songs my mother taught me6
Songs my mother taught to me2
Songs my parents sing1
Songs of a road1
Songs of Earth Wind and Fire1
Songs of experience2
Songs of freedom1
Songs of innocence2
Songs of July1
Songs of love1
Songs of love and longing1
Songs of march1
Songs of my life2
Songs of myself1
Songs of no regret1
Songs of our fathers1
Songs of praise1
Songs of sorrow1
Songs of struggle and songs of love1
Songs of the Ainur1
Songs of the dolphins1
Songs of the forgotten1
Songs of the sea1
Songs of the South1
Songs of the spirit1
Songs of the three angels1
Songs of the unsung1
Songs our mother taught us1
Songs that lost the war1
Songs to aging children1
Songs unsung1
Songs we love1
Songs without words2
songs you sing1
Songsong overture1
Songtread lightly1
Songur saelkerans1

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