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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page S29 - Seven card stud to Severin

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Tune nameSessions
Seven card stud1
Seven cats1
Seven changes1
Seven cherries1
Seven children1
Seven chords1
Seven claps1
Seven coins I had1
Seven colours3
Seven come eleven176
Seven come elevn1
Seven come five1
Seven comes eleven2
Seven comma eightthree1
Seven corners country1
Seven corners wind1
Seven cows and a fountain1
Seven cranes1
Seven crotales1
Seven crowns1
Seven crows1
Seven daily sins2
Seven dance1
Seven dances of Salome1
Seven day blues1
Seven day fool2
Seven day itch1
Seven days27
Seven days a week man blues2
Seven days blues2
Seven days in Barcelona1
Seven days in NYC1
Seven days later1
Seven days leave1
Seven days of falling5
Seven days only1
Seven days seven nights1
Seven days til spring1
Seven days till spring1
Seven days until news1
Seven days without you2
Seven deadlies1
Seven deadly sins3
Seven devils1
Seven dials1
Seven dollars1
Seven door no 31
Seven down1
Seven dreams1
Seven dreams about time1
Seven drones2
Seven drums in seven four1
Seven dwarfs2
Seven dwergen1
Seven effects of highly habitual people1
Seven eight1
Seven eight nine2
Seven eights1
Seven elderly men1
Seven eleven21
Seven eleven jump1
Seven enchiladas2
Seven events1
Seven F1
Seven faces of a garden1
seven faces of Dr Lao1
Seven fields1
Seven fizzles1
Seven for eight on the sun dial1
Seven for eleven1
Seven for Evans1
Seven for five2
Seven for Krmenka1
Seven for Lee8
Seven for Mantilla1
Seven for me1
Seven for nothing1
Seven for samba1
seven for six mambo1
Seven for Tchicai1
Seven for twelve2
Seven for Yao1
Seven formerly2
Seven four1
Seven four five1
Seven four Rico1
Seven four seven1
Seven Frankensteins1
Seven friends1
Seven from Heaven1
seven game1
Seven gates4
Seven generations1
Seven giant steps for Coltrane1
Seven giant steps to heaven1
Seven golden daffodils5
Seven golden men1
Seven good wishes1
Seven groove interlude1
Seven guitarsimprovisation1
Seven guys with a reason1
Seven Haiku for Piano1
Seven hands for contemporary quartet1
Seven heartbreaks1
Seven heaven3
Seven heavens1
Seven hills4
Seven Hollywood elegies1
Seven hundred street signs1
Seven imprints of one1
Seven impromptus1
Seven improvisations1
Seven in heaven1
Seven in six1
Seven in the woods1
Seven inch six1
Seven is a lucky number1
Seven is heaven1
Seven is your friend1
Seven jungle ladies1
Seven keys1
Seven keys for seven doors1
Seven kinds of jewels1
Seven knives1
Seven lakes1
Seven lakes way1
seven last words of Christ1
Seven layers1
Seven league boots1
Seven leagues beauty1
Seven leaves1
Seven little buffaloes1
Seven little steps to heaven1
Seven lives1
Seven lonely days4
Seven long days3
Seven loops1
Seven magpies1
Seven meditations1
Seven men a week1
Seven men and a piano1
Seven mile bridge1
Seven mile sound1
Seven miles1
Seven miles away1
Seven miles from the moon1
Seven miles to heaven1
Seven miles within1
Seven minds17
Seven miniatures for a mad parrot1
Seven miniatures for Mark Feldman1
Seven minute mind1
Seven minutes1
Seven minutes in heaven1
Seven minutes pause1
Seven monsters1
Seven moods2
Seven moons1
Seven more1
Seven more days1
Seven motives to play1
Seven movements2
Seven nation army3
Seven nights at the Bastille1
Seven nights in Rome1
Seven nights to rock1
Seven nine1
Seven nordic tales1
Seven not out2
Seven oaks2
Seven oceans1
Seven oclock1
seven oclock shadow1
Seven oclock train1
Seven oclock tune1
seven odyssey1
Seven of Harts1
Seven of hearts1
Seven of mine1
Seven of nine2
Seven of strong1
Seven of swords2
Seven on Charlie3
Seven on the Rigter scale1
Seven or eleven3
Seven out2
Seven pages1
Seven pages of loneliness1
Seven pairs of eagles1
Seven past midnight1
Seven pearls1
Seven phrases1
Seven pieces for trombone quartet1
Seven pieces for twelve strings1
Seven pillars1
Seven plus five1
Seven points4
Seven points of reference1
Seven pools1
Seven pounds fifty2
seven powers1
Seven prayers1
Seven preludes1
seven principles1
Seven questions1
Seven Rest1
Seven rests for woodwind ensemble1
Seven riffs in seven1
Seven riffs with the right woman1
Seven rings1
Seven rings of light in the hola trinity1
Seven rivers2
Seven rocks1
Seven rooms1
Seven sacred pools1
Seven samba1
Seven scenes from the painting Exhuming the first American Mastodon by CW Peale1
Seven scenes of Imyra1
Seven seals1
Seven seas6
Seven seas blues1
Seven seas rock1
Seven seasick seamen1
Seven second scam1
Seven seconds1
seven secret pools1
Seven secrets2
Seven seeds1
Seven servants1
Seven seven1
Seven shades of blue2
Seven shades of snow1
Seven shadows1
Seven sharp1
Seven shooting stars1
Seven short pieces2
Seven sides to the story1
Seven signs ark1
Seven sisters8
Seven sisters down1
Seven sixty1
Seven sketches for saxophone & orchestra1
Seven skies1
Seven solar colours1
Seven solar colours remix1
Seven somewhere I have never travelled gladly beyond1
Seven sons of Bjorn1
Seven souls2
Seven Spanish angels1
Seven special1
Seven spheres1
Seven spirits1
Seven stains from Christmas Eve1
Seven stairs to hell1
Seven star motel1
Seven stars2
Seven stars in still water1
Seven stars made divine1
Seven stepped1
Seven steppes2
Seven steps12
Seven steps from heaven1
Seven steps of heaven1
Seven steps to heaven182
Seven steps to my yard1
Seven steps to Rio1
Seven steps to Stephanie2
Seven steps to your soul1
Seven stockings2
Seven stoned woogie1
Seven stones1
Seven stops to Heaven1
Seven storey mountain VI1
Seven strikes1
Seven string boogie1
Seven strings2
Seven studies for prepared piano1
Seven summer nights1
Seven suns and only one moon1
Seven superfluous serenades1
Seven tails for seven tales1
Seven tall cats1
Seven tambourines1
Seven teas1
Seven teens1
seven terraces1
seven things1
Seven things I always wanted to say1
Seven thirty2
Seven thoughts1
Seven through the divination horn1
Seven Ties Corp1
Seven to1
Seven to eight at nine1
seven to my son1
Seven to twelve3
Seven towers1
Seven traps1
Seven trees out east1
Seven trumpets1
Seven tune1
Seven types of ambiguity1
Seven unfinished dreams1
seven unknown titles1
Seven untitled tracks1
Seven up18
Seven ut1
Seven valleys1
Seven variations of a Christmas song1
Seven veils1
Seven vials1
Seven vice2
Seven ways4
Seven ways to a kiss2
Seven ways to Fez1
Seven weeks2
Seven whites1
Seven winds2
Seven wings1
Seven words1
Seven year blues1
Seven year glitch1
Seven year hop1
Seven years4
Seven years ago1
Seven years in1
Seven years later1
Seven years of good luck1
Seven years with the wrong woman2
Seven zed heaven1
Sevenating rhythm1
Sevenay pocky way1
Sevenfour bars1
Sevenleague boots1
Sevens and eights1
Sevens first edition1
Sevens second edition1
Seventeen cents1
Seventeen mile drive2
Seventeen minutes1
Seventeen small Chinese guys1
seventeen special2
Seventeen step1
Seventeen to1
Seventeen west2
Seventeen years of silence1
Seventeenth and eighteenth1
Seventh aka Seventh period1
Seventh arrow3
Seventh Ave scene1
Seventh Avenue13
Seventh Avenue Bill1
Seventh Avenue express2
Seventh Avenue romp1
Seventh Avenue second1
Seventh Avenue South2
Seventh Avenue strut1
Seventh Avenue style1
Seventh Avenue sunrise1
Seventh Avenue sunset1
Seventh best1
Seventh blank1
Seventh blues1
Seventh candle1
seventh child1
seventh circle1
seventh circuit1
Seventh cyle1
Seventh D2
Seventh D 1st movement1
Seventh D 2nd movement1
Seventh dance Mock eroic1
Seventh dance to relativities1
seventh dawn2
seventh day12
Seventh day rain1
Seventh dream1
Seventh Evan1
Seventh excursion1
Seventh fold1
Seventh greenbelt1
Seventh heaven24
Seventh Heaven suite1
Seventh high1
Seventh hour2
Seventh inning stretch3
seventh insight1
Seventh jar1
seventh lament Forward1
seventh layer1
Seventh moon1
Seventh mountain1
Seventh movement Fantasia1
seventh mute1
seventh nerve1
seventh nose1
Seventh one1
Seventh period1
seventh place1
Seventh quadrant1
seventh quarter1
seventh queen1
Seventh ray2
Seventh ray overture1
Seventh ring1
Seventh seal3
seventh secret1
Seventh sense4
Seventh sense Watermans1
Seventh sign6
Seventh son21
Seventh song1
seventh soul1
Seventh stage1
seventh star1
Seventh story1
Seventh Street boogie1
seventh strikes back1
seventh string3
Seventh sun3
Seventh thread1
Seventh time key1
Seventh trine1
Seventh truth1
seventh tune1
seventh veil2
Seventh wave4
seventh way1
Seventh wheel1
seventh word1
Seventhfour walkup1
Seventies road1
Seventies sub1
Seventy eight2
Seventy five3
Seventy Ninth Street1
Seventy six1
Seventy six Fahrenheit1
Seventy six trombones10
Seventy sixers1
Seventy three falling1
Seventy times seven1
Seventy to eleven1
Seventy tons of snow1
SeventyFourth Ave1
Seventysix echoes1
Seventysix trombones4
Sever so slightly1
Several calls and a perfect pair of opinions1
Several moments1
Several odd moments prior to lunch1
Several points1
Several possibilities of the use of quasicitations1
Several rainbows1
Several rats & mice1
Several shades of dawn1
Several times in the past week1
Several you1
Severance and permitude1
Severe clear2
Severe confection1
Severe destructive vibrations1
Severe moderation1
Severe moderation suite1
Severe steps1
Severe test2
Severeal and various1
severed arm1
Severed senses1
Severes Babylones1

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