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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page S115 - Sweet Emmalina to Sweet repose threat

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Tune nameSessions
Sweet Emmalina32
Sweet Emmaline10
Sweet Emmaline my gal1
Sweet Emmanuelle1
Sweet Emmas blues1
Sweet end1
Sweet enough1
Sweet Ethell1
Sweet Eva Brown1
Sweet Eve1
Sweet evenings on Ob river1
Sweet evil2
Sweet evil Miss Kisianga1
Sweet evil mist1
sweet eye of hurricane Sally1
Sweet eyes2
Sweet eyes of blue1
Sweet FA2
Sweet Fannie Louise1
Sweet fantasy1
Sweet fat and that3
Sweet feeling4
Sweet feet4
Sweet fever1
Sweet fields57
Sweet fifteen2
Sweet fire7
Sweet flat1
Sweet flutes1
Sweet foolishness1
Sweet for Evie1
Sweet for the eternal spring1
Sweet forecast1
Sweet forever1
Sweet fourteen1
Sweet Francesca1
Sweet freedom1
Sweet Freedom Terry Day December 20151
Sweet fruit1
Sweet fulfillment1
Sweet G2
Sweet Ganesh1
Sweet gardenia2
Sweet Genevieve2
Sweet gentle love2
Sweet gentle lover1
Sweet gentle lullaby1
Sweet Geogia Brown3
Sweet Geom1
Sweet George Brown1
Sweet George Fame1
Sweet Georgia1
Sweet Georgia blues1
Sweet Georgia Bop2
Sweet Georgia bound1
Sweet Georgia Bright27
Sweet Georgia Brown1906
Sweet Georgia Brown 29 in book1
Sweet Georgia fame4
Sweet Georgia Gillespie2
Sweet Georgia peach3
Sweet Georgia Schwartz1
Sweet Georgia upside down7
Sweet Georgie Fame38
Sweet Georgies lady is a tramp1
Sweet Georgina2
Sweet Gerogia Brown1
Sweet gets bitter1
Sweet Ginger Green5
Sweet gingerbread man6
Sweet girl4
Sweet girl Mary1
Sweet Glenda1
Sweet goody1
Sweet gorgeous George1
Sweet grass1
Sweet Grorgia Bright1
Sweet gypsy rose4
Sweet hand Roy1
Sweet happy life11
Sweet harmony4
Sweet Hawaiian kisses2
Sweet Hawaiian moonlight1
Sweet heart of all my dreams1
Sweet heartache3
Sweet Helena1
Sweet Henry6
Sweet heritage1
Sweet hip gnosis1
Sweet holy rag1
Sweet home6
Sweet home blues1
Sweet home Chicago24
Sweet home cookin man1
Sweet home snake city1
Sweet home suite1
Sweet honey1
Sweet honey babe1
Sweet honey bee6
Sweet honey will be gone1
Sweet honey wine1
Sweet Honolulu1
sweet hopeless days1
Sweet horn1
Sweet hour1
Sweet hour of prayer16
Sweet hour of prayer medley1
Sweet hours of prayer1
Sweet house ritual1
Sweet hunk of junk1
Sweet hunk otrash1
Sweet hustler3
Sweet Ida Joy2
Sweet illumination Chile woman1
Sweet illusion1
Sweet illusions1
Sweet illusions of song1
Sweet imp1
Sweet in the mornin1
Sweet Indiana home7
Sweet innocence2
Sweet insignificance1
Sweet insomnia1
Sweet inspiration5
Sweet intentions2
Sweet intermezzo2
Sweet Irene3
Sweet is in the air1
Sweet is the night1
Sweet is the wind2
Sweet is the word for you6
Sweet Isabella1
Sweet Ive gotten on you2
Sweet jail1
Sweet jam jam1
Sweet Jane Thyme1
Sweet jazz music2
Sweet jazz o mine1
Sweet jazz of mine1
Sweet jazz omine1
Sweet Jeannie Lee1
Sweet Jeannine1
Sweet jelly donut1
Sweet Jelly rollin1
Sweet Jennie Lee21
Sweet Jennie Lou1
Sweet Jenny Lee3
Sweet Jenny Lou4
Sweet Jesus1
Sweet Jesus holy child1
Sweet Jimmie1
Sweet Joan1
Sweet Joe Pye weed1
Sweet joker1
Sweet jole blon1
Sweet journeys end1
Sweet juice2
Sweet Juke1
Sweet Juvenia1
Sweet Kentucky ham7
Sweet Kentucky Lou1
Sweet kind of love2
Sweet King Kong1
Sweet kisses1
Sweet kon lakay1
Sweet Lacy1
Sweet lady9
Sweet Lady Day1
Sweet lady jazz1
Sweet lady Zelda1
Sweet lake city blues1
Sweet lament1
Sweet Lana1
Sweet land1
Sweet Laura3
Sweet Lee2
Sweet Leilani23
Sweet Lena1
Sweet lessons1
Sweet Li1
Sweet liberation1
sweet life10
Sweet light1
Sweet light of wisdom1
Sweet like this59
Sweet like you3
Sweet lil baby of mine1
Sweet lilacs1
Sweet Lilly1
Sweet Lily of mine1
Sweet lime1
Sweet line1
Sweet lingering1
Sweet lion1
Sweet lips12
Sweet Lisa1
Sweet little angel10
Sweet little baby1
Sweet little baby boy2
Sweet little ballerina1
sweet little bullet from a pretty blue gun1
Sweet little buttercup1
Sweet little buttercup et my mothers eyes1
Sweet little chicken1
Sweet little chocolate child1
Sweet little girl3
Sweet little Jesus2
Sweet little Jesus born in a manger1
Sweet little Jesus boy12
Sweet little love1
Sweet little Maia4
Sweet little mama2
Sweet little Maya1
Sweet little papa16
Sweet little pussycat1
Sweet little samba1
Sweet little sis1
Sweet little sister2
Sweet little sixteen5
Sweet little sixties1
Sweet little swan1
Sweet little swayin arms1
Sweet little things1
Sweet little you14
Sweet Liza8
Sweet lodge1
Sweet London bridge1
Sweet longing2
Sweet Loraine3
Sweet Lord sweet chariot1
Sweet Lorraaine1
Sweet Lorraine823
Sweet lotus blossom33
Sweet lotus blossum1
Sweet lotus lips3
Sweet lotus suite1
Sweet Louis1
Sweet Louis blossom1
Sweet Louise2
Sweet Louisiana2
Sweet Louisiana Louise2
Sweet lovable you1
Sweet love23
Sweet love and devotion1
Sweet love child1
Sweet love of mine24
Sweet love serenade1
Sweet love song1
Sweet love to keep1
Sweet lovely5
Sweet loveness1
Sweet lover3
Sweet lover no more4
Sweet lovers no more1
Sweet lovin baby5
Sweet lovin daddy2
Sweet lovin gal2
Sweet lovin mama6
Sweet lovin man42
Sweet lovin old soul1
Sweet lovin woman1
Sweet lovin’ man2
Sweet lovliness1
Sweet low rain1
Sweet low sweet chariot1
Sweet Lucindy1
Sweet Lucy8
Sweet Lucy Brown3
Sweet lullaby4
Sweet lump1
Sweet Lynda1
Sweet Mabel2
Sweet machine1
Sweet Madison1
Sweet madness8
Sweet magic moments1
Sweet Magnolia2
Sweet magnolia blues1
Sweet magnolia rose1
sweet magnolia tree1
Sweet Malabar1
Sweet maladie1
Sweet malady1
Sweet mama36
Sweet mama Goodie1
Sweet Mama hurry home1
Sweet mama hurry home or Ill be gone1
Sweet mama papas gettin mad1
Sweet mama papa’s gettin’ mad1
Sweet mama please come back to me1
Sweet mama ring ding ding1
Sweet mama ringdingding2
Sweet mamma3
Sweet mammas blues2
Sweet mammoth waltz1
Sweet man51
Sweet man blues3
Sweet man Joe4
Sweet man o mine3
Sweet man of mine2
Sweet man was the cause of it all1
Sweet Mandy1
Sweet mango1
Sweet Mao1
Sweet Maria1
Sweet Marian1
Sweet Marie3
Sweet Marie Luana Brown1
Sweet marijuana1
Sweet Marijuana Brown3
Sweet Marina1
Sweet Marta2
Sweet Martina1
Sweet Martine1
Sweet Mary2
Sweet Mary Jane1
Sweet Mary sunshine1
Sweet MauMau1
Sweet Maya1
Sweet meal1
Sweet meat6
Sweet melancholy1
Sweet Melanie1
Sweet Melissa1
Sweet melody4
Sweet melting1
Sweet melting afterglow1
Sweet memories9
Sweet memory5
Sweet mercy4
Sweet Merri Dee1
Sweet Minn1
sweet minute2
Sweet mirage1
Sweet Miriam1
Sweet misery2
Sweet misery of love )pl vcl)1
Sweet miss8
Sweet miss Emaline1
Sweet miss theme1
Sweet Missus1
Sweet missy1
Sweet mist1
Sweet mistreater1
Sweet moans1
Sweet model2
Sweet Mohena1
Sweet Molly Malone1
sweet moment of goodbye1
Sweet momma1
Sweet momma your daddys done gone mad1
Sweet moon1
Sweet moon song2
Sweet morning2
Sweet morpheus1
Sweet mother1
Sweet motion1
Sweet mountain1
Sweet mouth2
Sweet movie1
Sweet Ms1
Sweet muchacha3
Sweet Mumtaz27
Sweet muntaz1
Sweet muscatel5
Sweet music6
Sweet music man1
Sweet my honey sweet1
Sweet my sweet1
Sweet mystery2
Sweet n easy blues1
Sweet n gritty1
Sweet n low blues2
Sweet n pretty mama blues1
Sweet n savvy1
Sweet n sour6
Sweet NA blues1
Sweet Nancy2
Sweet Nardis1
Sweet nasty1
Sweet Natalie1
sweet nectar of cacophony1
Sweet Nelle1
Sweet Nellie1
Sweet Nick1
Sweet night4
Sweet night of love1
Sweet nightmare2
Sweet nights1
Sweet no regrets1
Sweet no regrets now1
Sweet north1
Sweet not salty1
Sweet not sour1
Sweet nothing6
Sweet nothings4
Sweet nothings of love3
Sweet nothins1
Sweet nowhere1
Sweet nut stomp1
Sweet nuthins1
Sweet ochun1
Sweet of you1
Sweet old Chicago1
Sweet old fashioned girl1
Sweet old me1
Sweet olive suite1
Sweet Olivia1
Sweet one10
Sweet orange1
Sweet oranges2
Sweet P1
Sweet pain3
Sweet painted lady1
Sweet papa3
Sweet Papa Butterbeans and Sweet Mama Susie1
Sweet papa Joe2
Sweet Papa Lou1
Sweet papa low down2
Sweet Papa Mommas getting mad1
Sweet papa will be gone2
Sweet Papa Willie4
Sweet pappa willie1
Sweet paradise1
Sweet paradox1
Sweet paradox Isorhythm 11
Sweet Patootie25
Sweet patootie blues6
Sweet patootie boogie2
Sweet patootie waltz1
Sweet patudie1
Sweet Patunia2
Sweet Pea30
Sweet pea & collard greens1
Sweet Pea dreams1
Sweet Pea Pea1
Sweet peach tree2
Sweet peanuts1
Sweet peas1
Sweet Peas dilemma1
Sweet Peas revenge1
Sweet pease1
Sweet people1
Sweet Pepper2
Sweet pepper punch1
Sweet perfecton1
Sweet Pete1
Sweet Peter16
Sweet Peter Charleston1
Sweet petite chanson1
Sweet petunia2
Sweet Phontastic1
Sweet pickles2
Sweet pie1
sweet piece of candy2
Sweet plum1
Sweet poison2
Sweet Polish lady1
Sweet Polly Oliver1
Sweet poppa1
Sweet potato8
Sweet potato blues2
Sweet potato crazy1
Sweet potato eyebrows1
sweet potato festival at Fudomae1
Sweet potato fries1
Sweet potato pie1
Sweet potato pie and koolaid1
Sweet potato piper12
Sweet potatoe pie1
Sweet potatoes1
Sweet power1
Sweet power your embrace1
Sweet prayer1
Sweet Pree1
Sweet presence1
Sweet pretty thing1
Sweet primroses1
Sweet princess1
Sweet progression1
Sweet protection1
Sweet pumpkin32
Sweet pumpkins1
Sweet putrid blues1
Sweet Racquet Club blues1
Sweet rain27
Sweet Ramona1
Sweet raws and Mrs Wars are in a boat1
Sweet raws and song final1
Sweet raws song1
Sweet reet1
Sweet Regine1
Sweet Release1
Sweet relief1
Sweet remembrance3
Sweet reminders1
Sweet reminiscence2
Sweet Renee1
Sweet repose2
Sweet repose threat1

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