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Page P29 - Please Daddy to Plonger

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Tune nameSessions
Please Daddy1
Please dance2
Please dear1
Please disturb2
Please do it again3
Please do not disturb1
Please do not open Dr Fischer1
Please do something4
Please dont4
Please dont ask1
Please dont ask about Barbara1
Please dont ask me to stay1
Please dont be long1
Please dont be sad1
Please dont be scared1
Please dont box me in1
Please dont break em down1
Please dont break my heart1
Please dont bug me3
Please dont bundle me1
Please dont burn our outhouse down1
Please dont come back from the moon4
Please dont cry2
Please dont cry anymore1
Please dont cry cry and say no1
Please dont cut out my sauerkraut2
Please dont do it again1
Please dont do it in here2
Please dont dog me1
Please dont drive me away2
Please dont eat macrobiotic1
Please dont eat the daisies1
Please dont ever leave me6
Please dont ever let me go1
Please dont feed the model1
Please dont feel bad1
Please dont forget1
Please dont forget about La Paz1
Please dont freeze1
Please dont give it away1
Please dont go12
Please dont go now1
Please dont holler mama1
Please dont hurt me1
Please dont imagine1
Please dont kiss me2
Please dont leave3
Please dont leave me12
Please dont leave me baby1
Please dont leave me here to cry1
Please dont leave me now2
Please dont leave please dont go1
Please dont let me be misunderstood2
Please dont let me know1
Please dont lie1
Please dont maybe me1
Please dont mention your sign1
Please dont monkey with Broadway3
Please dont pass me by1
Please dont play number 6 tonight1
Please dont play number six tonight1
Please dont put me down1
Please dont put water on the seashell1
Please dont refurbish this space1
Please dont rush me2
Please dont say1
Please dont say bonsoir1
Please dont say goodnight1
Please dont say no9
Please dont say youre sorry again1
Please dont send me1
Please dont shoot1
Please dont shoot again1
Please dont squabble1
Please dont stay1
Please dont stop him1
Please dont take me out1
Please dont take my baby grand1
Please dont take your love away from me1
Please dont talk1
Please dont talk about me18
Please dont talk about me when Im gone407
Please dont talk about me with Im gone1
Please dont talk about my man1
Please dont talk when Im gone1
Please dont tell me3
Please dont tell me love2
Please dont tell me were through1
Please dont think Im nosy1
Please dont think its funny2
Please dont tickle me babe2
Please dont touch my bowl1
Please dont turn me down2
Please dont wake me1
Please dont walk about me when Im gone1
Please dont walk away1
Please don’t talk about me when I’m gone1
Please Dr Jive1
Please Eloise1
please fasten your seatbelt sign2
Please fix it1
Please fool around with me1
Please forgive and forget1
Please forgive me8
Please free bop1
Please get him off my mind1
Please get us out1
Please girls please1
Please give me a chance2
Please give my heart a break1
Please give your love to me1
Please go away1
Please go way and let me sleep1
Please handle with care3
Please have mercy1
Please help1
Please help me1
Please help me baby3
Please help me get him off my mind1
Please help me Im falling2
Please help please give1
Please help us1
Please hold on2
Please honey1
Please honey dont go1
Please hum1
Please hurry home4
Please I am released1
Please I like to be gentle1
Please Johnny dont you take my life1
Please just get rid of me1
Please keep me in your dreams5
Please keep my dream1
Please keep that train away from my door1
Please leave me alone1
Please leave me love1
Please let go2
Please let me be your message1
Please let me do1
Please let me dream in your arms3
Please let me forget6
Please let me go2
Please let me go home1
Please let me in1
Please let me play the blues2
Please let me sleep1
Please let me stay a little longer1
Please let the sun come out again1
Please lets go1
Please listen1
Please little angel1
Please Louise1
Please love and light1
Please love me3
Please love me forever1
Please love me tonight1
Please love openly1
Please mama2
Please Marie1
Please me1
Please mercy1
Please milk and candy for Eddie1
Please Mister McShann1
Please mister sun2
Please Monsieur Soleil1
Please Mr blues1
Please Mr Brown1
Please Mr Conductor1
Please Mr Jackson1
Please Mr Johnson4
Please Mr Lofton1
Please Mr Miller1
Please Mr Nixon3
Please Mr Ogilvy1
Please Mr Organ player1
Please Mr Person1
Please Mr Policeman1
Please Mr Postman2
Please Mr Right Man1
Please Mr Sun6
Please Mr Webster1
Please Mrs Henry1
Please never go1
Please no more smoking1
Please no saxting1
Please no squeeza da banana2
Please no squeeze da banana2
Please no world music1
Please note1
Please note after image1
Please open your heart1
Please pardon us were in love1
Please pardon us we’re in love1
Please pass the beano1
Please pity my heart1
Please play for me the sweet melody doodleeedoo1
Please please me5
Please please please13
Please please please dont put the pigfoot in the kreplach soup1
Please read me3
Please recall1
Please relax1
Please release me7
Please remain on earth1
Please remain on the positive side of the solar panel1
Please remember3
Please remember me4
Please rest my soul1
Please return your love to me2
Please save your love for me1
Please say the word2
Please say yes3
Please say you do1
Please say you will2
Please say youre fooling1
Please say youre mine1
Please send her back to me1
Please send me someone to love191
Please send me someone to lvoe2
Please send me sweet Chariot1
Please send someone to love3
Please senora1
Please set me at ease1
Please set me free1
Please show me the way1
Please silently walk go1
Please sing for me1
Please Sir1
Please Sir I want some more1
Please smile1
Please so long T__1
Please somebody help me1
Please speak quietly1
Please stand by1
Please stay2
Please stay a little while1
Please stay around1
Please stay away1
Please stay the night1
Please stay together1
Please stay with me1
Please stop1
Please stop breaking down1
Please stop me now3
Please stop playing those blues1
Please stop playing those blues boy1
Please sunrise1
Please surprise me1
Please surrender1
Please take a letter2
Please take a letter Miss Brown4
Please take me out of jail1
Please take me to Brasil1
Please take that train from my door1
Please talk after the beep1
Please tell her2
Please tell me4
Please tell me baby2
Please tell me it aint so1
Please tell me now2
Please tell me so1
Please tell me the truth2
Please tell me the way1
Please tell me why4
Please think of me1
Please throw this poor dog a bone1
Please treat her well1
Please treat him nicer2
Please try to love me1
Please try to see it my way1
Please try to understand1
Please wait for me2
Please wont you give us more1
Please wont you give us some more2
Please write me1
Please your mind1
Pleased by you1
Pleased to meet you1
Pleasin man blues1
Pleasin Paul2
Pleasing thought1
Pleasing you2
Pleasing you as long as I live1
Pleasingly plump11
Pleasure & cruelty1
Pleasure alley1
Pleasure and pain2
Pleasure bay1
Pleasure before business1
Pleasure bent3
Pleasure boogie1
Pleasure centre1
Pleasure City2
Pleasure control1
Pleasure cruise1
pleasure dance1
pleasure dome1
Pleasure ground1
Pleasure in progress1
pleasure is all mine1
Pleasure is an attitude1
pleasure is mine3
pleasure is mine Im sure2
Pleasure island1
Pleasure mad19
pleasure of being1
pleasure of everyday activity1
Pleasure of hope1
pleasure of love1
Pleasure of your company2
Pleasure over pain1
Pleasure pain & me1
Pleasure planet1
Pleasure point1
Pleasure principle1
Pleasure pulse1
Pleasure seeker1
Pleasure seekers1
Pleasure with fear1
pleasures all mine1
Pleasures and palaces1
Pleasures and regrets1
pleasures of motion1
pleasures of the ball2
Pleasures of the golden beetle1
Pleated skirts1
Plebe on plebe1
Pleccys blues1
Plects bounce1
Pledge for peace1
Pledge to Micha1
Pledgets and rime1
Pledging my love7
Plegaria a un labrador1
Plegaria andina1
Pleiades skirt1
Pleiadian call1
Pleiadian soundscape1
Plein air1
Plein chant du premier kyrie en taille1
Plein coeur2
Plein feu1
Plein jazz3
Plein jeu1
Plein soleil3
Plein sud3
Pleine lune5
Pleine lune pour le inquet somnambule1
Pleistozaen mit wasser1
Plena con sabor1
Plena de arcata1
Plena drumline1
Plena hisar1
Plena Julia1
Plena organization1
Plena quicksand monument1
Plena seguiro1
Plenas en cadenas1
Plenipentiary panache1
Plenitudes lyric1
Plenty for Kenny1
Plenty good room1
Plenty more1
Plenty of happiness1
Plenty of it1
Plenty of money2
Plenty of money and you1
Plenty of nothin1
Plenty of nothing1
Plenty of reasons1
Plenty of seats1
Plenty of soul1
Plenty of sunshine4
Plenty of twenty1
Plenty off center2
Plenty plenty blues1
Plenty plenty soul3
Plenty strayheart1
Plenty swing plenty soul1
Plenty to be thankful for1
Plenty to do1
Plenty trouble on your hand1
Ples drevorubcu1
Ples upiru1
Plesac iz ulice1
plethora of flowering wigs unusual for this time of year1
Plettede plusfours1
Pleure pas Nelly3
Pleure petit enfant1
Pleurer comme une folle1
Pleurer des rivieres2
Pleurez mes yeux1
Pleurs pas Julie1
Plex multi1
Plexus for saxes1
Pleyel bis1
Pleyel blues1
Pleyel Djaime1
Pleyel rhythm1
Pleyels hymn11
Pleyers hymm1
Plezure point1
Pliant giant1
Pliant plaint2
Plic ploc1
Plick plick1
Plie fur Inge1
Plier ou se courber1
Pliers from Heaven1
Plight of the matador1
Plight of the newborn1
Plight of the nomad1
Plikies dilemma1
Plim plam1
Plim plom1
Plinc plonc1
Pling pling1
Pling plong1
Plink plank1
Plink plank plonk1
Plink plank plunk4
Plink plant and plunk1
Plink plink1
Plink plonk1
Plink plonksqueeky bonk1
Plinke plonke1
Pliny come kiss your baby1
Plitsch platsch1
Plivan z plev pyru1
PLK special1
PLO camp1
PLO march2
PLO Mars1
Ploaie de vara1
Plocka vill jag skogsviol1
Plod power1
Ploddin along1
Plom plom la vielha1
Plomb file1
Plommen i egget1
Plongee de nuit1

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