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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page M67 - My cousin James to My garbage guitar

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Tune nameSessions
My cousin James1
My covertible Cadillac1
My cozy little corner of the Ritz1
My cradle melody1
My crazy bedtime tale1
My crazy head1
My crazy love1
My crazy valentine1
My crazy valley1
My credit didnt go through1
My creole babe1
My Creole belle3
My crime1
My crime blues1
My cross eyed cutie1
My crosseyed cutie1
My cruel heart1
My cryin eyes1
My crying hour1
My cuban sombrero1
My cucuzza1
My cup2
My cup of tea1
My cup runneth over1
My curley headed baby2
My curly headed baby10
My curlyheaded baby1
My customers rhythm1
My cuteys due at 2221
My cuteys due at two to two today1
My cuteys due at two today1
My cuteys due at twototwo today16
My cuteys due at twototwotonight2
My cuties due at 2 to 2 today1
My cuties due at 2to2 today1
My cuties due at two to two8
My cuties due on the 2221
My daddy cant do nothin bad1
My daddy Gianantonio2
My daddy is home1
My daddy just cares for me1
My daddy rocks1
My daddy rocks me46
My daddy rocks me with a good old steady roll1
My Daddy was a horn playa1
My daddy was a lovin man1
My daddys calling me1
My daddys dreamtime lullaby1
My daddys got the mojo but I got the sayso1
My daddys growin old1
My Daddys jazz2
My dads a bodhisattva1
My dads a really nice fella1
My daily wish1
My daises are dazed1
My dali1
My dance8
My dancing day1
My dancing lady6
My dark heart1
My dark hours1
My darkest hour2
My darkest night1
My darlin Nellie Gray1
My darlin New Orleans1
My darling31
My darling Clementine1
My darling daughter1
My darling dear1
My darling Monique1
My darling my darling10
My darling Nellie Gray9
My darling Nellie Grey2
My daughter1
My day4
My day has started with you1
My day is complete1
My day my jazz1
My day off1
My day will come2
My days1
My days are numbered1
My days of melancholy1
My dead cleaning lady1
My deal1
My dear11
My dear acquaintance1
My dear country1
My dear family1
My dear fears1
My dear friend1
My dear friends3
My dear groovin1
My dear hometown1
My dear life2
My dear Lil1
My dear little mother1
My dear little sweetheart2
My dear Mary Anne1
My dear mother1
My dear Mr Shane1
My dear one1
My dear Paco1
My dear Ron1
My dear rose1
My dear Ruby1
My dear sweet flower1
My dear sweet little world1
My dear US of A1
My dearest darling3
My dearest dear1
My deary my sweetheart1
My death1
My debts1
My deep blue dream1
my deepest hope and my only belief2
My deepest ocean1
My defenses are down1
My delight12
My delightful muse2
My deluxe1
My deposit1
My desert fantasy1
My desert home1
My desert love1
My desire8
My Desiree3
My desperate heart2
My destination2
My destiny5
My destinys agenda1
My devotion23
My Diane1
My diaper has more life to it1
My different kind of man1
My different world1
My difrent kind o man2
My ding1
My ding a ling1
My dingaling1
My dinner with Jon Jim and George1
My discarded men1
My Dixie1
My dixie darling3
My dixie hideehideaway1
My dixie pair odice1
My dixie rose1
My Dixieland1
My dobro had been modified to spurt holy water1
My doctor told me so1
My dog4
My dog Beefy2
My dog Elie1
My dog Friday1
My dog has fleas2
My dog is dead1
My dog is mean1
My dog loves your dog2
My dog Spot1
My dog wont stay home1
My dog Zorro1
My doggone lazy man2
My dogs tail is longer than yours1
My Dominique1
My doo1
My door is always open1
My door is open1
My dove my beautiful oneBe not sad1
My downfall1
My drag2
My dream12
My dream boogaloo1
My dream Christmas1
My dream come true1
My dream come true to EJ1
My dream is1
My dream is you2
My dream is yours7
My dream just passed1
My dream man1
My dream memory3
My dream my home1
My dream of Jeanie1
My dream of love1
My dream of Persia1
My dream of yesterday1
My dream rose1
My dream ship1
My dreamboat comes home1
My dreaming1
My dreams5
My dreams are getting better2
My dreams are getting better all the time16
My dreams are gone with the wind1
My dreams come true1
My dreams end at dawn1
My dreams of you2
My dreamy China lady1
My dripping blood blues1
My duchess3
My dull eyes weep1
My dungeon shook2
My ears are bent1
My ears cant hear your voice1
My ears were ringing1
My eastern heart1
My easy blues1
My echo my shadow and me2
My education1
My egotism is hurting me1
My Eileen1
My electrical invention blues1
My elegy3
My elusive dreams1
My emotion1
My empty bed blues1
My empty heart1
My enemies have sweet voices1
My enemy is a bad man1
My English brother1
My epitaph1
My error1
My eternal green plant1
My etude1
My ev a lovin baby1
My evergreen1
My everlasting love1
My everloving southern gal1
My everyday1
My everything4
My evidence1
My explanation2
My extraordinary gal10
My extraordinary girl2
My eyes adored you2
My eyes are blind1
My eyes are full of tears1
My eyes dont cry1
My eyes of yesterday1
My eyes on San Francisco1
My eyes that cried1
My face2
My fair lady6
My Fair Lady medley2
My fair laine1
My fair share1
My fair waltz1
My fairytale1
My faith3
My faith in you1
My faith is in your hands1
My faith looks up to thee2
My faith my life4
My faithful walking staff1
My fake Persian carpet1
MY falken1
My family2
My fantasy3
My fascinating one2
My fate2
My fate is in your hand1
My fate is in your hands42
My father5
My father in Nagasaki1
My father knows1
My father left us for the moon1
My father sky1
My father tried to buy1
My Fathers business1
My fathers dream1
My fathers eyes1
My fathers hope1
My fathers house5
My fathers island3
My fathers jazz1
My fathers memory1
My fathers song3
My fathers song II1
My fathers world1
My fault1
My favorite1
My favorite and romantic waltz1
My favorite band1
My favorite blues2
My favorite cereal bowl1
My favorite distraction1
My favorite dream2
My favorite eyes1
My favorite fantasy1
My favorite feet1
My favorite foe1
My favorite girl1
My favorite Heaven1
My favorite kings2
My favorite Ladida1
My favorite memories1
My favorite pearl1
My favorite playthangs1
My favorite plum1
My favorite samba1
My favorite song3
My favorite songs1
My favorite stranger1
My favorite thing3
My favorite things495
My favorite things and Afro blue1
My favorite tune1
My favorite way1
My favorite year3
My favourite band2
My favourite colour is blue1
My favourite cousins1
My favourite dance1
My favourite disease1
My favourite dreams1
My favourite little sailboat1
My favourite modes1
My favourite rhythms1
My favourite songs1
My favourite stew1
My favourite things30
My favourite Trane1
My favourite year2
My feeling1
My feeling for the blues1
My feeling of love1
My feelins are hurt1
My feet cant fail me now6
My feet is like a concrete stone1
My feet is tired but my soul is rested3
My feets too big1
My female family1
My fickle heart1
My fightin gal1
My fighting Irish girl1
My fine feathered friend4
My fine featured finks1
My finest hour1
My fingers are long and beautiful1
My fingers blues1
My fingers were glue1
My fingers will be your tears1
My first 20012
My first and last love1
My first and my last love1
My first ballad1
My first band1
My first baton1
My first best friend1
My first blues1
My first date with you1
My first day1
My first edition1
My first goose1
My first impression of you6
My first indulgence and entree to jazz1
My first lady1
My first last and only girl2
My first love10
My first love affair1
My first love song3
My first mine1
My first night1
My first night alone without you1
My first nightmares1
My first phone1
My first piece1
My first recorded solo1
My first scooter1
My first solo1
My first song1
My first song will always be for you1
My first taste of Jack1
My first thought1
My first thrill1
My first waltz1
My first winter1
My first wish1
My five wives1
My flame2
My flame burns blue3
My flame went out last night2
My flaming heart4
My flexible friend1
My flower5
My flower your power1
My flowers1
My fly1
My folk form1
My folk song1
My folks song2
My foolish heart863
My foolish heart and I2
My foolishheart1
My fortune is thrown1
My four reasons4
My fox trot girl1
My fox trot wedding day1
My fragile heart1
My french heart1
My French roots1
My Frenz blues1
My friend24
My friend and I1
My friend and I took a walk2
My friend Andamo2
My friend Andano1
My friend Big Ben1
My friend Bill2
My friend blood shaking my heart1
My friend Bob2
My friend Buddy1
My friend cello1
My friend Dave1
My friend Eddie1
My friend Elizabeth1
My friend Ethel1
My friend Freddie1
My friend from Rio2
My friend Holmes1
My friend Irma1
My friend is gone1
My friend Jim2
My friend Joe1
My friend Johann1
My friend John6
My friend Louis1
My friend Marko1
My friend Menescal1
My friend Metatron1
My friend moon1
My friend Mr Blues1
My friend my shade my guard1
My friend old river1
My friend Picasso1
My friend Rae1
My friend Ray1
My friend Sam1
My friend Stan1
My friend Steve1
My friend Tarzan1
My friend the doctor2
My friend the Florida photographer1
My friend the ghost2
My friend the yogi1
My friend Tiny1
My friend told me1
My friend Tom1
My friend who looks like a ghost1
My friend Willie4
My friends6
My friends and I1
My friends and neighbors1
My fucking thesis1
My full house2
My fun in Tiny Valley1
My funk1
My funk my jazz1
My funky lady1
My funky valentine1
My funny Ballantine2
My funny Ballantines2
My funny Ballantines bb out2)1
My funny brown pinay1
My funny country1
My funny glove compartment1
My funny head1
My funny Jaylins time1
My funny little lover1
My funny lookin baby1
My funny valentine1658
My funny Zibeyda2
My future just began1
My future just passed40
My future just passes1
My futures in the air1
My gal15
My gal dont love me anymore2
My gal is a high born lady2
My gal is a highborn lady1
My gal is gone2
My gal is good for nothing but love2
My gal is mine once more1
My gal keeps me crying1
My gal likes me like I am1
My gal Lil1
My gal Mezzanine3
My gal my pal1
My gal Sal187
My gal Stella1
My gals a high born lady1
My gals a jockey2
My gals back in town1
My gals been foolin me1
My gals come back1
My gals gone1
My gals gone now2
My Galveston gal4
My game is strong1
My garbage guitar1

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