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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page M10 - man for me to Mandara

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Tune nameSessions
man for me2
Man fou1
man frae Leith1
man from a far country1
man from another place1
Man from bad1
man from cereal1
Man from Champaign1
man from Delmonte1
man from East1
Man from Glad1
man from Gladden1
man from Harlem8
man from Hyde Park3
Man from Interpol1
Man from Ipanema1
Man from Jamaica2
man from Krakow1
man from Lamarie1
man from Laramie1
man from Lima1
man from lonely woods1
Man from Lovejoy1
Man from Mars12
man from Memphis1
man from Mintons1
Man from Moldavia1
Man from Monterey1
Man from Morocco1
man from mumbojumbo1
man from Muskogee2
man from Nagpur1
man from Nazareth1
Man from North1
man from ORGAN1
man from Picador Court1
man from Plato 3000 whose resource efficiently eararounded the antiquity pixel1
man from Potters Crossing15
man from rain1
man from SLAPPY1
Man from South2
Man from South Africa3
man from Sung1
Man from Tanganyika7
man from the bomb1
man from the island1
Man from the moon2
Man from the never never1
man from the south27
Man from the threelegged race1
man from the valley1
man from Thrush1
Man from Toledo3
Man from Tollund2
man from two planets1
Man from two worlds1
man from UNCLE2
man from Waikiki1
Man from Wareika1
Man geht eine ewigkeit1
Man geht zum Tanz Man geht zum Tee1
man gets many kinds of blues1
man goin crazy1
Man going round taking names1
man got away1
man has lost his life1
man has to go back to the crossroads2
Man have I got troubles1
Man have you ever heard1
man he killed for raping his1
Man here plays fine piano2
man I got aint the man I want1
man I love1177
man I love Enschede 1219751
man I love is gone1
man I love is oh so good1
man I love is oh so good to me1
man I love most of all1
man I lvoe2
man I remember1
Man in a balloon1
Man in a bottle1
Man in a free space1
Man in a Mini1
Man in a raincoat3
Man in a shed1
Man in a state of nature1
Man in a vacuum1
Man in Astrakhan1
Man in his boat desperately crushing the ice1
man in love1
man in Manhattan1
man in my dreams1
man in my life2
man in my pocket1
Man in the air1
Man in the arena1
Man in the black hat1
man in the blue mask1
man in the blue slip1
Man in the boat1
Man in the bottle1
man in the brown hat2
man in the brown hat revisited1
Man in the brown suit1
Man in the dark1
man in the empty suit1
Man in the fog2
man in the glass2
Man in the green shirt6
man in the ivory tower1
Man in the long black coat1
man in the middle2
Man in the mirror11
man in the moon20
Man in the oven2
Man in the rain1
man in the raincoat2
man in the red suit1
man in the skinpainted suit1
Man in the station1
Man in the street3
man inside a knight1
man is a brother to a mule2
man is a necessary evil1
Man is a strange animal1
Man is an island1
Man is ancient history1
man is good1
man is like a tree3
Man is no damn good1
Man is to man a beast1
Man its a long long lonesome road1
Man Ive got troubles1
Man ja saz1
Man kan vel ikke goere for at man har charme1
Man kan vel ikke gore for at man har chame1
Man kan vel ikke gore for at man har charme1
Man kann sein Herz nur einmal verschenken2
Man killing broad1
Man konnte klavierspielen mussen1
man left his house1
Man like1
Man like GP1
Man lilir sa glad nar solen skinnier1
man looks at the artist1
Man lover1
Man machine1
Man made lakes1
Man made laws1
man may be happy1
Man medley1
Man met muts1
Man mind lost1
man named Peters1
man needs a woman1
Man nennt mich Seiergesicht1
man never knows when a womans gonna change her mind1
man next door1
Man no longer me1
Man o mine2
Man O to1
Man o war2
man of a big heart1
man of action1
Man of bronze1
man of considerable girth1
Man of constant sorrow4
man of few herds1
Man of few words4
man of flesh and bone1
Man of fury1
Man of God1
man of heart and mind1
Man of La Mancha4
Man of Lamantra1
Man of Leo1
Man of many colors2
Man of mine1
Man of moods2
Man of music1
Man of my dreams2
man of my own1
Man of mystery2
man of oustanding quality is preeminent among his comrades1
Man of song1
Man of sorrow son of redemption1
man of sorrows2
Man of stone1
man of the crowd1
Man of the desert1
Man of the forest1
Man of the light2
man of the sea1
Man of the shadows1
man of the sun1
Man of the universe1
man of the world1
Man of Tra1
Man of wool1
Man of words2
Man of your dreams1
Man oh man1
Man on a turquoise cloud1
Man on a wire Gynmopedie no 11
Man on fire1
Man on Mars2
Man on Mercury2
man on the beat4
man on the carousel1
Man on the corner1
Man on the couch1
man on the flying trapeze11
man on the little white keys2
Man on the money1
Man on the moon7
Man on the mountain2
man on the other side of the street1
Man on the outside1
Man on the run1
Man on the street1
Man on the train1
Man on the wall1
Man on water1
Man on wire2
man once lived in Manami1
man only does3
Man or monkey2
Man or mouse1
Man or ray1
Man overboard4
Man overboard man1
Man owar2
Man owar the end1
man pets it and throws it some scraps1
Man play the thing1
Man plays a horn2
Man riding bicyle down the streets meet fair lady1
Man running1
man say something1
Man schmiedet doch anders herum1
man sees a snake a woman kills it no matter as long as it is dead1
man sees a snake a woman kills it no matter so long as it is dead1
Man shortage blues1
man shouldnt be lonely1
man size job1
Man size safe1
Man skal altid vaere bange for en mand1
Man skal bare blive ved1
Man sku ha det som diogenes1
Man smart woman smarter2
Man thanks for coming1
man that broke the dragons heart1
man that comes to my house1
man that cried fire1
man that dont want me1
man that go away1
man that got away77
Man that was a dream5
man that went away1
Man thats choice1
Man thats crazy1
Man thats groovy6
Man the destroyer1
Man the dreamer1
man the man1
Man to man4
Man to Mann1
Man to ra dust daram1
Man trouble1
Man tuna1
man upstairs3
Man versus nature1
Man vs robot1
Man walking from A to B1
Man wanted3
man wants to go the man wants to stay1
Man were beat1
man whi is more like the murder on his way1
man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo1
man who came to dinner1
man who comes around5
man who comes around to our house1
man who could fly1
man who couldnt stand the dust1
man who couldnt walk around2
man who cried I am1
man who dares to waste1
man who died twice1
man who has everything3
man who has to roam1
man who invented 20th century1
Man who is not there1
man who lost all his friends1
man who loves1
man who loves his job makes a poem1
man who might have been screaming1
man who never sleeps15
man who never turned back1
man who paints the rainbow1
man who plays the upright bass1
man who pushes the buttons1
man who sailed around his soul1
man who sees the world1
man who shook the Earth1
man who sings1
man who sold the world5
man who stared at Coats1
man who stole the golden plate from which the dog had eaten1
man who thought hes James Bond1
man who used to be1
man who walks1
man who was impervious to temperature1
man who wasnt there1
man who waved at trains7
man who writes the lyrics2
man with 2 left feet1
man with 20 faces1
man with a golden arm3
Man with a horn58
Man with a horn goes berserk1
man with a million dollars3
Man with a mission2
Man with a plan2
Man with a stammer1
Man with a yellow case1
man with diava1
man with foggy fingers1
Man with gun1
Man with hat and tan1
Man with horn1
Man with just a handle blues1
Man with little flag1
man with no arms1
man with no face1
man with one million dollars1
Man with orange1
Man with scythe1
Man with spider in mouth1
man with the alarm clock1
man with the bag10
man with the banjo2
man with the big cigar2
Man with the blues2
man with the broken tooth1
man with the child in his eyes4
Man with the copper fingers1
man with the cucumber2
man with the dove1
Man with the flashlight1
man with the funny little horn1
man with the glasses1
man with the golden arm20
man with the golden embouchure2
man with the golden gun2
man with the green horn1
man with the harmonica1
man with the hat5
man with the horn41
man with the jive1
man with the lolipop song1
man with the lollipop song1
man with the long beard1
man with the magic1
man with the magic touch1
man with the mandolin4
man with the mandoline3
Man with the money2
man with the Panama hat1
man with the raincolored legs1
man with the rubber head1
man with the sad face1
Man with the snakeskin soul1
man with the umbrellas1
man with the wierd beard1
man with two left feet1
Man with yellow eyes1
man within the land without1
man without a country1
man without a face1
Man without a girl1
man without a home1
man without a woman1
man without love2
man without shame1
Man Wo1
Man woman and child1
Man woman child1
man wrote a song3
Man you must1
man you used to be1
man you were1
man youre gonna fall in love with1
Mana a journey1
Mana birjar1
Mana Inez1
Mana mohan ko laaj na aaye1
Mana nos ember vagy boldog1
Mana of the sea1
Manadens erbjudande1
Manadick dance1
Managers shirt1
Manago & Cortes tribute1
Managua children1
Managua Nicaragua4
Managua Nicuragua1
Managua tormenta1
Manana amor1
Manana banana1
Manana de carnaval1
Manana de reyes1
Manana del carnaval1
Manana es mejor1
Manana iguana1
Manana la vida juntos1
Manana pasada manana2
Manana pasado manana2
Manana sera tarde1
Manana sol y buen tiempo1
Manana son Manana1
Manana te llevo Nina1
Manana time1
Mananita pampera1
Manarola song1
Manas II1
Manassa mauler1
Manassas Festival blues finale1
Manassas molasses blues1
Manatee blues1
Manatee synchronized swimming1
Manatee woman2
Mancanza in Settembre1
Mances dance2
Manche de fouet3
Manchester angel1
Manchester bus station1
Manchester England2
Manchester fog2
Manchester rag1
Manchild hustle1
Manchild wild1
Manchmal glaube ich schon dab es uberhaupt keine liebe mehr gibt1
Manchmal manchmal lieber nicht1
Manchmal scheints als ob2
Mancini gruppen1
Mancini sunset1
Mancuso FBI1
Manda essa pra mim1
Mandag kvall2
Mandala for Mandela1
Mandala interlude1
mandala to liberation1
Mandalay Bay1
Mandalay express1
Mandalay song2
Mandandirun dirun dan1

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