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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page L9 - Ladies on board to Laerke

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Tune nameSessions
Ladies on board1
Ladies surprise1
Ladies tap1
Ladies vanity1
Ladies waders2
Ladies waters1
ladies who lunch15
ladies who sing with a band1
ladies who sing with the band4
Ladina Randulina1
Ladino Passacaglia2
Ladino song1
Ladmirable amas cellulaire orange1
Ladna celadna1
Lado B1
Lado leste1
Lado norte1
Lado sur1
Ladran os ineptos1
Ladrang for Pacifica1
Ladron de corazon1
Lads dance1
lads in their hundreds3
Lads song1
lady & E1
Lady 941
Lady A2
Lady Admirer1
Lady Alice1
Lady amber1
Lady and friend2
lady and gentleman in black1
lady and her music1
lady and the dragoon1
lady and the queen1
lady and the sea1
lady and the tramp1
lady and the unicorn1
Lady Ann1
Lady Arleen1
Lady Ash1
Lady B1
Lady B Good1
Lady baby2
Lady Babylass1
Lady Bach1
Lady ballad1
Lady Baltimore1
Lady Barbara3
Lady be bad1
Lady be good1303
Lady be good boogie2
Lady be good boogie woogie1
Lady be love1
Lady bears lullaby1
Lady bebop1
Lady Bee1
Lady Belinda1
Lady Bert1
Lady Bertrand1
lady besides me1
Lady betto1
Lady big boy1
Lady bird198
Lady bird Heres lookin at you Penelope1
Lady blacksmith1
Lady blue8
Lady blues3
Lady Bob3
Lady boogie1
Lady bop1
Lady bossa nova1
Lady bountiful3
Lady Brown2
Lady bug9
Lady Bug dance1
Lady Bugg1
Lady butter1
Lady Butterfly2
Lady Byrd1
Lady C good1
Lady came from Baltimore1
lady can tell2
Lady Careys fantasy1
Lady Carolyn5
Lady Cat1
Lady CB2
Lady Celia1
Lady Champagne1
Lady Charisse1
Lady Charlotte2
Lady Chatterleys mother2
Lady Chatterlys mother1
Lady choral1
Lady chow1
Lady Coryell2
Lady D3
Lady Day34
Lady Day and John Coltrane2
Lady Day and nobodys business1
Lady Days lament1
Lady de Nantes1
Lady death1
Lady Dee1
Lady Delay3
Lady Di2
lady didnt say1
Lady Dingbat10
Lady Dis waltz1
Lady divine1
Lady Djian1
Lady doc1
lady doesnt lie1
Lady dont cry1
lady drinks champagne1
Lady dynamite1
Lady E3
Lady E returns1
Lady Elisabeth1
Lady Emma1
Lady Es gone1
Lady Estelles dream3
Lady Estrelles dream1
Lady Euphoria1
Lady Eva1
Lady Eve1
Lady Evelyn1
Lady face2
Lady face mountain1
Lady fair1
Lady fantasia1
Lady fashion1
Lady feelgood1
Lady fingers2
Lady first1
Lady Fitz1
Lady fox2
Lady friend2
Lady friends1
Lady Frigia1
lady from 29 Palmo1
lady from 29 Palms8
lady from 300 Central Park West2
lady from Ancona1
lady from Arago1
lady from Brazil1
lady from Calcutta1
Lady from Caracas1
lady from Castile1
lady from Fifth Avenue4
lady from girl talk1
lady from Johannesburg3
lady from Mars1
Lady from Mayfair2
lady from nine flags1
Lady from Oregan1
lady from Portola1
Lady from Rio1
lady from St Paul1
lady from St Pauls1
Lady from the Bayou1
Lady from the valley1
Lady from Toulouse1
lady from Trinidad1
lady from twentynine Palms1
Lady from Vienna2
Lady G1
Lady Ga1
Lady Gabor9
Lady Gail1
Lady gay1
Lady Geri1
Lady Gestione2
Lady ginger snap1
Lady gipsy1
Lady Go2
Lady Godiva4
Lady Godiva in Brazil1
Lady Groove1
Lady Gs delight1
Lady Gunjira1
Lady H5
lady has a bomb1
Lady Hawthorne please1
Lady heavy bottom waltz1
Lady heavy bottoms waltz1
Lady hinoon1
Lady Howard Calypso1
Lady Howerd1
Lady Hudsons puffe1
lady I love1
lady in bed3
Lady in black5
Lady in blue8
Lady in cement1
lady in debt1
Lady in distress1
Lady in doubt3
Lady in green1
Lady in jazz1
Lady in lace4
Lady in langour1
lady in my life13
Lady in pink1
lady in rad1
lady in red54
Lady in red drinking wine1
lady in red shoes1
Lady in satin1
Lady in the box1
lady in the case1
lady in the castle1
lady in the corner3
Lady in the gown1
Lady in the harbor1
Lady in the lake6
Lady in the mist1
Lady in the moon2
lady in the north1
Lady in the sky1
Lady in the white print dress1
lady in waiting3
lady in white1
Lady in wimple headdress1
Lady insane1
Lady Iris B3
lady is a tramp444
lady is a trans1
lady is a vamp2
lady is blue1
lady is in love1
lady is in love with you5
Lady J6
Lady J blues2
Lady Jade1
Lady Jane10
Lady Jazz is back in town1
Lady Jean3
Lady Jekyll and Mistress Hyde2
Lady June1
Lady Kennedy1
Lady L5
Lady lady1
Lady lady Daisy1
Lady lady lady1
Lady lady lay1
Lady lady Luke1
lady laughs1
Lady Laurie1
Lady Lazarus1
Lady Lee1
Lady Liberty6
Lady Lidia1
lady lies1
Lady Light1
Lady like5
Lady like yours1
lady likes Chopin1
Lady Linda6
Lady lonely1
Lady loop1
Lady Lords audacious space1
Lady Lou1
Lady Louisa1
Lady love39
Lady love be mine1
Lady love me1
Lady lover1
lady loves the blues1
Lady luck30
Lady luck blues7
Lady Luck strikes again1
Lady LuckIf youve got the money Ive got the time1
Lady Luna1
Lady Lynda1
Lady M7
Lady Mac7
Lady MacBeth4
Lady Mack1
Lady Madonna48
Lady Madonna psMichelle1
Lady make believe1
Lady Mako2
Lady mama1
Lady Margarets air1
Lady Marie drum suite1
Lady Mariko1
Lady Marion1
Lady marmalade8
Lady Mary1
Lady Masai1
Lady Mauds dream1
Lady McGowans dream3
Lady Medea1
Lady Meg1
Lady mine1
Lady Mirondas fugue1
Lady Misty1
Lady moon1
Lady moonlight2
Lady more1
Lady Morley1
Lady Ms girl shine1
Lady mulata1
Lady Musika1
lady must live7
lady needs romance1
Lady Nelson1
lady never cries1
lady never forgets1
Lady Nia1
Lady night2
Lady Nova1
Lady nynner blues1
lady of Bruntal1
Lady of Carlisle2
Lady of Chet1
Lady of colours1
Lady of delite1
lady of Duck Island1
Lady of fashion1
Lady of Ghent1
Lady of Havana1
Lady of Heaven1
Lady of hope blues1
lady of Khartoum1
Lady of lavender1
Lady of light1
Lady of love1
Lady of Madrid1
Lady of my cigarette1
lady of my life1
Lady of mystery2
Lady of Rome sister of Brazil1
Lady of silence1
Lady of Spain33
Lady of the Aurian wood2
lady of the black lake1
lady of the dark sonnets1
Lady of the day1
Lady of the evening18
lady of the house1
Lady of the island2
Lady of the lake4
Lady of the lavender mist27
Lady of the light1
Lady of the mirrors1
Lady of the morning1
Lady of the night4
Lady of the Nile6
Lady of the prunes1
Lady of the sands1
Lady Ollala1
Lady on earth1
Lady on the radio1
Lady on the Riviera1
Lady on the run1
lady on the twocent stamp1
lady or the tiger1
Lady orlando3
Lady Orsina1
Lady peacock1
Lady Penople1
Lady play your mandolin1
Lady play your mandoline1
Lady Pooh1
Lady put the light out2
Lady puttering1
Lady queen1
Lady quit her husband onexpectinly1
Lady quit her husband unexpectedly1
lady Rachel1
Lady rainbow2
Lady raucht Gras1
Lady red2
Lady reign1
Lady Roger1
Lady Roo1
Lady Rose1
Lady Rosebud1
Lady Rowena1
Lady S1
lady said it1
lady said Yes1
Lady September2
Lady silence1
Lady sings the blues74
lady Sirro1
Lady smooth1
Lady solitude1
Lady song1
Lady Sophie1
Lady soul5
Lady speed stick1
Lady Stinta1
Lady street1
Lady Sue1
Lady Suzy1
Lady T4
Lady take two1
Lady tango1
Lady three1
Lady Toad1
Lady TT1
Lady V2
lady vanishes1
Lady Vengeance1
Lady Vermeer1
Lady want rent1
Lady want your ashes hauled today1
lady wants a party1
lady wants some jazz1
lady wants to know16
Lady was made to be loved1
lady was moody1
lady weeps1
Lady whirlwind1
Lady whistle bait2
lady who couldnt be kissed3
lady who didnt believe in love1
lady who sang the blues1
lady who swings the band1
lady who walks alone1
Lady wick s1
Lady widow2
Lady will power1
Lady with a hat1
Lady with a keen nose1
Lady with a painted smile1
lady with a song1
Lady with child1
lady with the black dress on2
Lady with the braid1
lady with the fan3
Lady with the golden stockings1
lady with the pretty legs3
lady with the silver horn1
Lady X1
Lady Xoc and shield jaguar1
Lady you look good to me1
Lady you please me1
Lady Z1
Lady Zab1
ladybird song1
Ladyboys night at the cultural relativism saloon1
Ladybug bounce1
ladybug in my notebook1
Ladybugs attack1
Ladybugs picnic1
Ladyless and Lachrymose3
ladys a tramp1
Ladys back in town2
Ladys bicycle seat smaller1
Ladys birthday1
Ladys blues9
Ladys choice3
Ladys day1
Ladys in love6
ladys in love with love1
ladys in love with me3
ladys in love with you119
Ladys lament1
Ladys love song1
ladys love with you1
ladys mistake1
Ladys song1
Ladys tune1
ladys vanity5
Ladysmith parade1
Ladysmith sing of joy1
lady’s in love with you1
Laehtetaeaenc kulkemaan1
Laenge nok har jeg Bondepige vaeret3
Laenge nok har jeg en bondepige vaeret1
Laer meg a kjenne dine veie1

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