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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page L52 - Lookie lookie here comes Cookie to Looters

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Tune nameSessions
Lookie lookie here comes Cookie1
Lookie lookie lookie here comes Cookie17
Lookie luck1
Lookie pookie1
Lookin aint gettin1
Lookin around corners for you1
Lookin around the bay1
Lookin at the downside1
Lookin at the world through rosecolored glasses1
Lookin back1
Lookin East2
Lookin fine1
Lookin for a change1
Lookin for a lovin1
Lookin for a man1
Lookin for a place to park1
Lookin for another pure love5
Lookin for another sweetie1
Lookin for ladies1
Lookin for my exit1
Lookin for my honey1
Lookin for my Mary Ann1
Lookin for Ninny1
Lookin for someone to love1
Lookin for that groove1
Lookin for the back door3
Lookin for the blues1
Lookin for trouble1
Lookin for work1
Lookin good6
Lookin good but feelin bad12
Lookin in from the outside1
Lookin out for number seven1
Lookin out today1
Lookin the world over1
Lookin through the horns hole1
Lookin through the window1
Lookin to the outside1
Lookin up5
Lookin up from down below1
Looking 41
Looking above1
Looking across1
Looking ahead11
Looking ahead at life1
Looking ahead seeing nothing1
Looking and seeing1
Looking around6
Looking around I1
Looking around you1
Looking at1
Looking at a liquid sky1
Looking at a rainbow1
Looking at air1
Looking at Bird1
Looking at Caper1
Looking at does1
Looking at Dutch stairs1
Looking at Dutch stars1
Looking at each other1
Looking at flees with Henry Geldzahler1
Looking at life1
Looking at me1
Looking at numbers1
Looking at sounds1
Looking at the crossroads1
Looking at the despair calendar1
Looking at the hills1
Looking at the light1
Looking at the moon2
Looking at the positive side1
Looking at the world3
Looking at the world thro rose colored glasses1
Looking at the world thro rosecoloured glasses1
Looking at the world through rose colored glasses2
Looking at the world through rose coloured glasses2
Looking at the world through rosecolored glasses13
Looking at the world thru rose colored glasses1
Looking at things passing by1
Looking at wind1
Looking at wood1
Looking at you50
Looking at you across the breakfast table2
Looking atcha1
Looking away1
Looking back78
Looking back at the amber lit house1
Looking back Monks mood1
Looking back on tomorrow1
Looking back remembering little1
Looking back to the future1
Looking beyond1
Looking both ways1
Looking busy1
Looking deep1
Looking deeper1
Looking deeply1
Looking directly into the camera1
Looking down1
Looking down at the stars2
Looking east2
Looking eastward to the blues1
Looking everywhere1
Looking for4
Looking for a boy36
Looking for a flat1
Looking for a fool1
Looking for a friend1
Looking for a genie1
Looking for a girl1
Looking for a grain of truth1
Looking for a home1
Looking for a job in the city1
Looking for a little bit of blue1
Looking for a love1
Looking for a new year1
Looking for a sign of new life1
Looking for Alex1
Looking for all1
Looking for an exit1
Looking for another pure love1
Looking for another sweetie1
Looking for another theme1
Looking for Atlantis1
Looking for Bill1
Looking for clues1
Looking for Dad1
Looking for Duke2
Looking for Dumbo1
Looking for Elba1
Looking for Eve1
Looking for fun1
Looking for Herbert1
Looking for home1
Looking for Johnny2
Looking for Jon1
Looking for Laura1
Looking for light1
Looking for Lou1
Looking for love10
Looking for love in an empty room1
Looking for love on Broadway1
Looking for luck1
Looking for Maquah1
Looking for Michel1
Looking for money1
Looking for Mr Goodbar1
Looking for Mr Ulysses1
Looking for my baby9
Looking for my butterflies1
Looking for my man1
Looking for my man blues1
Looking for Nessie1
Looking for new ways1
Looking for old grand dad1
Looking for Ornette2
Looking for Paula1
Looking for Pelagia1
Looking for rest1
Looking for seventh heaven1
Looking for someplace to be1
Looking for space1
Looking for the answer1
Looking for the back door1
Looking for the blues4
Looking for the boy1
Looking for the climax1
Looking for the funniest way1
Looking for the juice1
Looking for the lake2
Looking for the light7
Looking for the next one1
Looking for the one1
Looking for the roots1
Looking for the silver line1
Looking for the silver lining3
Looking for the starlight1
Looking for the sunshine Walking around in the rain2
Looking for the third man1
Looking for the waterfalls1
Looking for the way1
Looking for treble1
Looking for trouble3
Looking for Turner5
Looking for Vernon1
Looking for yesterday6
Looking for you6
Looking for you baby1
Looking for Zaphoid1
Looking forward18
Looking forward looking back2
Looking forward to looking back1
Looking forward to the past1
Looking further1
looking glass33
Looking glass blues1
Looking glass falls1
looking glass I2
Looking glass river1
Looking glass woman1
Looking good but feeling bad2
Looking good tonight1
Looking in4
Looking in a cage1
Looking in again1
Looking in again and again1
Looking in retrospective1
Looking in the eyes of the world1
Looking in the mirror1
Looking in your eyes2
Looking into the sea1
Looking into the universe1
Looking inward1
Looking north1
Looking on3
Looking on the bridge side1
Looking on the bright side2
Looking out9
Looking out again1
Looking out again and again1
Looking out for Nr One1
Looking out for number 71
Looking out for number one1
Looking out for you1
Looking out looking in1
Looking out looking out1
Looking out of the window4
Looking out our window1
Looking out the window2
Looking out windows1
Looking outward4
Looking over Eastlake1
Looking over my shoulder2
Looking seeking searching1
Looking the world over1
Looking the wrong way1
Looking this way2
Looking though a window1
Looking through3
Looking through a magnifying glass1
Looking through a tear1
Looking through the eyes of love6
Looking through the window of time1
Looking through the windows1
Looking through you1
Looking thru2
Looking thru the eyes of love1
Looking to the world through rosecoloured glasses1
Looking up38
Looking up birds1
Looking up from Heaven1
Looking up old friends2
Looking up to the sky1
Looking up to the sky with a smile1
Looking west2
Looking west from west1
Looking with my eyes1
Looking with new eyes3
Looking within2
Lookingglass man1
Lookingglass river1
LookingHigh and low1
Lookka py py1
Lookout farm5
Lookout for hope2
Lookout street1
Looks back to Bach1
Looks bad feels good5
Looks dangerous1
Looks good on paper1
Looks like a big time tonight1
Looks like December5
Looks like hell1
Looks like its going to rain1
Looks like its going to snow1
Looks like Merengue1
Looks like meringue1
Looks like not1
Looks like rain3
Looks like sand1
Looks like snow2
Looks like theyre in love1
Looks like this1
Looks like were swingin still1
Looky hear1
Looky here beat 51
Looky looky yonder2
Looky plot1
Loom large1
Loom song1
Looming out of the fog1
Loomis Gibson blues2
Looms dreamer1
Looms in the mist1
Loon alone1
Loon call1
Loon lake1
Loon ranger1
loon tune1
Looney blues2
Looney little tooney1
Looney tune3
Looney tunes1
Looney tunes theme1
Looni tooni1
Loonly solitaire1
Loony tunes1
Loop 121
Loop 21
Loop 3 screwy1
Loop D1
Loop de loo1
Loop de loop5
Loop de loop de loop1
Loop de loop mambo1
Loop eleven1
Loop for Susan1
Loop for Susan R1
Loop hole1
Loop in the space1
Loop it roon1
Loop level pool1
Loop mind1
Loop of a hip joints noise1
Loop of Chicago3
Loop of distinction1
Loop of light1
loop of love1
Loop of magic1
Loop road1
Loop space1
Loop the cool1
Loop the loop1
Loop tool1
Loop trance1
Looped suite1
Looper says what1
Loopers gold1
Loopin de loop1
Loopin lobo1
Loopin the loop6
Loopin with Lea1
Looping blues1
Looping glass1
Looping journeys1
Loops bells and consequence1
Loops holes and angels1
Loops in June1
Loopy blues1
Loopy girls1
Loopy loop1
Loopy Snoopy1
Loose abberations1
Loose all1
Loose and baggy monsters1
Loose and easy2
Loose and juicy1
Loose and open1
Loose ankles4
Loose as a goose4
Loose B1
Loose Banff blues1
Loose bloose8
Loose blues12
Loose blues booze1
Loose bow boogie1
Loose boy1
Loose caboose3
Loose calypso1
Loose cannon3
Loose canon1
Loose change22
Loose changes1
Loose choice1
Loose connection3
Loose connections1
Loose contact1
Loose duck2
Loose elbows4
Loose encounters1
Loose end2
Loose ends10
Loose feet12
Loose fingers1
Loose fit2
Loose foot1
Loose goose blues1
Loose gore1
Loose hips1
Loose interpretation1
Loose joints2
Loose juice3
loose kite1
loose kite in a gentle wind floating with only my will for an anchor1
Loose Latin1
Loose leaf2
Loose leaves1
Loose lid special2
Loose life1
Loose like4
Loose like a goose2
Loose like that2
Loose lips2
Loose livin stomp1
Loose loose1
Loose lousy blues1
Loose moose blues1
Loose motion1
Loose nut1
Loose nuts1
Loose pajamas1
Loose piece1
Loose pocket1
Loose pork chops1
Loose psalm1
Loose riff1
Loose samba1
Loose screws1
Loose shippings1
Loose slots1
Loose snooze1
Loose snus1
Loose socks blues1
Loose suite2
Loose surface I1
Loose surface II1
Loose surface III1
Loose talk1
Loose teeth2
Loose threads1
Loose trade1
Loose tune1
Loose upon the unsuspecting1
Loose walk29
Loose weave1
Loose wig11
Loosely with feeling1
Loosen up1
Loosen your grip1
Loosening up the queen1
Loosers blues1
Loosers weepers1
Loosey goosey2
Loosing ground control1
Loosing the train1
Loosing you1
Loost waltz1
Loosy goosy2
Loot 5The cloud divers1
Loot to boot8

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