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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page L43 - Little hearts to Little Pee blues

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Tune nameSessions
Little hearts1
Little heaven on the seven seas1
little help from above1
little help from my friends2
Little help solo1
Little Henry2
Little Herbert1
Little high chairman4
Little high people1
Little him Lo Main1
little history for 5 clarinets1
little home2
Little honest eyes1
Little honey1
little honey on the toast1
Little honky tonky1
Little hop1
little hope3
Little horse1
Little horse ho1
little horses3
Little hotel room1
little house7
little house I used to live in2
Little house in flowers1
little house where I love was born1
Little Hughie1
Little hula heaven1
Little humans1
Little hummingbird1
Little hunka love1
Little Hunnigen1
Little hurricane2
Little hurts1
Little hut1
Little hymn2
Little i1
Little Idas flowers1
Little Idas summer song1
little in love1
Little India2
Little Indian2
little individual2
Little infinity1
Little ingenue2
Little Inger1
Little inversions1
Little ironies1
Little Irv1
Little island7
little island of calm1
Little Italy5
Little Italy 19301
Little J2
Little Jack Frost2
Little Jack Frost get lost3
Little Jack Horner1
Little Jack Russell1
Little Jacks rag1
Little Jake1
little jam1
Little Jamie2
Little Jane1
Little Jazz27
Little jazz bird24
Little jazz boogie2
Little jazz boogie witchcraft1
little jazz concert1
little jazz exercise3
Little jazz parade2
little jazzy in Tazzie1
little jazzy tune for Toots2
Little Jeff1
Little Jenny Dow1
Little Jesus sweetly sleep1
little jig1
Little Jim2
Little Jimmy1
Little Jimmy Fiddler2
Little Jimmy from Texas1
Little Jimmy K1
little jive is good for you6
Little JJ1
Little Joan walks1
Little Joe14
Little Joe from Chicago17
Little Joes blues1
Little Joes boogie5
Little Joes waltz2
Little Joey1
Little John12
Little John blues1
Little John John1
Little John little John1
Little John ordinary4
Little John special3
Little Johnnies blues1
Little Johnny1
Little Johnny at the honkytonk dance1
Little Johnny C2
Little Johnny C blues1
Little Johnnys lament1
Little Johns rag6
Little Johns shoes1
Little Johns special1
Little Johns tune1
Little Jon1
Little Jon special1
Little Jonny Stinkypants1
Little Jons rag1
Little Joseph1
little journey1
Little Joy2
little joy a little sadness1
Little joys1
Little Jr Detroit1
Little judge1
Little juicy2
little jump4
Little jumping Joan1
Little K1
Little Karen1
Little Karin4
Little Keke1
Little Kevins embrace3
Little key1
Little kids and dogs1
little kind treatment1
little kindness1
little king2
Little kir1
Little kiss3
little kiss at twilight3
little kiss each morning4
Little klumpedump1
Little Klunk1
Little knerink1
Little Knox1
Little lady7
Little lady little man1
Little lady make believe3
Little ladys letter1
little lake with a bottom of sand1
Little lamb8
Little lamb jam1
Little lamb lost2
Little lamb stomp1
Little lamb vision1
Little lambs1
Little lamp1
Little lamplight1
Little landslide1
Little Langley1
Little Laras sleepless night1
Little lassie1
little late1
little later2
Little latin chat1
Little Latin steps1
Little Latin thing1
little laugh at lunchtime1
Little Laura2
Little Lawrence22
Little lazy1
little learnin is a dangerous thing1
Little Lees1
Little left on the left1
little lefthanded groin music1
Little leg woman1
Little Leo3
Little Leona1
Little Leslie1
little less2
little less of Lous blues1
little less of me1
little less of moonlight1
little lieutenant of the loving God1
Little light3
little light in great darkness1
little light music1
Little light of mine1
Little light psalm1
Little lightning1
little like you1
Little Lilli1
Little lily1
Little Lilys shoes1
Little Linda4
little Linda Debra Omita Barry & Maria1
Little Lindy1
little lion1
Little Lisa1
Little litotes blues1
Little lively one1
little lives1
Little Liza Jane39
Little Liza June1
Little locket of long ago1
Little log cabin of dreams1
Little Lolo2
Little lonely girl2
Little loose ends1
little looser1
Little Loraine1
Little lost bear1
Little lost Mr Bear1
Little lost soul1
Little lost sound1
Little Lou5
Little Louis and the King1
Little lousy Jane3
little love2
little love a little kiss8
Little love Dedicated to Joey Socci1
little love for you1
Little love gods1
Little love little kiss1
little love should rub off on us1
little love song4
little lovegod1
Little lovely one1
Little lover2
Little lovers1
little lovin for me1
Little low mama1
Little low mama blues1
Little Lu6
Little Luca ridin camel1
Little Lucas5
little luck1
Little Lucy2
Little Luke Early1
Little lullaby2
Little Lulu8
Little M4
Little m and big M1
Little machine1
Little machines2
Little Mack2
Little Madimba1
Little Mae Im coming home1
Little Maggie2
Little Malcolm1
Little mama11
Little man27
Little man boogie3
Little man from islands1
Little man from the island1
Little man in a jar1
little man in his nightshirt1
Little man in the boot1
Little man on the boat1
Little man theme2
little man wasnt there1
Little man what now1
little man who wasnt there12
Little man with a candy cigar5
Little man with the candy cigar1
Little man with the hammer2
Little man you had a busy day2
Little man youve had a busy day49
Little man you’ve had a busy day1
Little mans world2
Little march1
Little Marie and the wolf1
Little marimba1
Little marionette1
Little Marty2
Little Mary6
Little Mary Brown4
Little Mary sunshine1
Little match girl1
Little mathletes1
Little Matthew1
little Max8
Little Maximus1
Little Maya1
Little Mayu1
Little me3
Little Melanie1
little melody3
Little melody in F1
Little Melonae52
Little melonae again1
Little Melonee1
little men2
Little men of war2
little mermaid1
Little mess1
little message for Bu1
Little messenger2
Little Michael1
Little Miles1
Little military march1
Little Millies hat1
Little minor booze24
little minor groove1
Little minor love song2
Little Minu1
Little miracle2
Little miracles1
Little miss2
Little miss B1
Little miss big kiss1
Little Miss Blue1
Little Miss blues2
Little Miss Dee2
Little Miss Echo1
Little miss fidget1
Little Miss Freckles1
Little Miss Gail1
Little Miss Grace1
Little Miss Gravity Center1
Little miss half steps1
Little Miss Irish1
Little Miss Jump Up1
Little miss know it all1
Little miss lady3
Little Miss Laurie8
Little Miss Leffler1
Little miss love1
Little miss lover2
Little Miss Match1
Little Miss Maudlin4
Little miss missy1
Little Miss Muffet1
Little Miss Muffett1
Little miss Muffit1
Little miss no nose1
Little Miss Olivia Ray1
Little Miss P1
Little Miss Piggy1
Little Miss Reenie1
Little Miss Sadly1
Little miss sweetness1
Little Miss Tigerfish1
Little Miss Valley3
Little missy1
Little Mo1
Little mom1
Little momma1
Little Monica1
Little monkey2
Little monkey smokes a pipe1
little Monkish music please1
Little monster3
Little monster boogie1
Little monsters1
Little moon4
Little mooncrow1
Little more1
little more each day2
little more jazz for Ivan1
little more love1
little more of you1
little more oil in your lamp1
little more tenderness2
little more than music1
little more than the blues1
little more to love1
Little mortise1
Little Moscow garden1
Little motet1
Little mother1
Little mother of my dreams1
Little motif1
Little motor people1
Little mountain1
Little mouse jumps1
little mouse music1
little movement1
Little movements2
Little moves1
Little Ms1
Little Ms lady1
Little mummy1
Little murders1
Little muse1
little music box1
Little music for old lovers1
little music in the moonlight1
Little mysteries1
Little mystery1
Little N1
Little nabils march1
little naive2
little nap1
little nap in between1
Little Natalie1
Little naughty1
Little Neeley1
little negro2
Little Nell6
Little Nemo5
Little neon kid1
little nest1
little new old school1
little New York midtown music1
little New Yorker1
Little Nezumi blues1
Little Nick3
Little Nicole1
Little Nicols1
little night jazz music1
little night music5
little night waltz1
Little Niles86
Little ninja groove1
Little nita chacha1
Little Noah1
little noir sil vous plait1
Little Norma2
little north wind2
little nostalgic1
Little nova1
Little O in the sky1
Little oasis1
little odd1
Little Odessa3
little of what you fancy1
little of you1
little off beat1
Little ol lady1
Little ol tune4
Little ol wine drinker me1
Little old acoustic guitar 11
Little old acoustic guitar 21
Little old band of gold1
Little old car1
little old church in England1
Little old church in the valley2
little old clock on the mantel4
Little old fashioned karmaBlame it on the timesNobody slides my friend1
Little old groove maker1
Little old lady41
Little old lady from Baltimore1
Little old man2
little old mill2
Little old mongoose1
Little old New York2
Little old wine drinker me3
Little ole daddy blues1
Little ole softy1
Little ole wine drinker me1
little on the lonely side13
little on the side1
Little one64
little one for young guys1
Little one groove1
Little one Ill miss you2
Little one no 21
little ones8
little orange man1
Little orchads1
Little organpraludium and fugue nr 6 gmoll1
Little Orgg1
Little Orphan Annie17
Little orphunk Annie1
Little Os2
Little ostrich1
little out of control2
Little outsider1
Little overture1
Little owl2
Little own1
little pain8
Little pal10
little paler1
Little paper ball1
little parade2
Little paradise1
Little Paris melody2
little part of me1
Little passionate man1
Little passions1
Little past midnight1
Little Patricks tale1
little peace7
little peace and quiet1
Little peace in C for U6
Little peace in C for you2
Little peace lullaby no 101
Little peace lullaby no 121
Little peace lullaby no 21
Little peace lullaby no 31
Little peace lullaby no 41
Little peace lullaby no 61
Little peace lullaby no 71
Little peace of mind1
Little peace song1
Little peace waltz1
Little peach3
Little peach from East Orange2
Little peach from East Orange New Jersey1
Little peanut3
Little pear1
Little pearl1
Little Pearls tune2
Little Peas blues1
Little Pee blues1

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