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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page L16 - Late hour boogie to Latino souvenir

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Tune nameSessions
Late hour boogie1
Late hour rock1
Late hours4
Late hours at the polyball1
Late hours rag1
Late impromptu1
Late in december1
Late in fall1
Late in life1
Late in Lisbon1
Late in love1
Late in September1
Late in the century1
Late in the evenin2
Late in the evening5
Late in the eveningTarde en la hoche1
Late into the night1
Late joy early sadness1
Late junction1
Late June1
Late lament12
Late last night7
Late last night blues1
Late last summer2
Late late1
Late late blues6
Late late game1
late late scene1
Late late serenade1
late late show59
Late leader1
Late Lee1
Late life rag1
Late light1
Late loop1
Late lullaby1
Late lunch1
Late man of this planet1
Late mate1
Late metal1
Late moon1
Late morning3
Late morning lingers1
Late morning snow1
Late musing1
Late Nat King Cole1
Late news1
Late night21
late night affair2
Late night at Camelot1
Late night blue1
Late night blues12
Late night cafe1
Late night call2
Late night ceremony1
Late night communique in five1
Late night drive1
Late night duet 11
Late night duet 21
Late night duet 41
Late night duet 51
Late night duet 61
Late night express1
Late night extra1
Late night final5
Late night Foni1
Late night gospel2
Late night in New York City1
Late night joke1
Late night journey1
Late night jump1
Late night line up1
Late night living1
Late night long drive1
Late night lullaby1
Late night lullabye1
Late night mood1
Late night movie1
Late night nonsense1
Late night observations1
Late night out of town1
Late night parlour1
Late night passenger1
Late night photo session1
Late night scoop1
Late night shuffle1
Late night stomp1
Late night storm1
Late night sunrise2
Late night talk with you2
Late night thoughts2
Late night Trane1
Late night TV1
Late night visitor1
Late night wait around1
Late night walk1
Late night waltz2
Late night Willie3
Late night with the David Boykin Trio theme1
Late night with you1
late night wizard1
Late nightearly morning1
Late nights2
Late nights in Sus1
Late nights playing the blues1
Late nite6
Late nite blues2
Late nite rap1
Late November2
Late November farm fields1
Late October changing leaves1
Late on night1
Late on Saturday1
late one4
Late one evening1
Late one night2
Late poets1
late pope1
Late preamble1
late premonition1
Late rehearsal1
Late report1
Late romantic1
Late scratch1
Late September1
Late September dusk walk1
Late session swing1
Late shift blues1
Late ship wandering1
Late show9
late spot1
Late spring7
Late start1
Late story1
Late summer10
Late summer rose1
Late summer variations1
Late summer waltz1
Late summernight1
Late summers song1
Late sun1
Late Sunday1
Late Sunday afternoon1
Late Sunday flight home1
Late sweet light1
Late that night1
late Tiny Kahn1
Late to the gig2
Late tooth1
Late train3
Late viewing1
Late walk1
Late winter2
Late winter light1
late winters chill1
Late woman blues1
Lateef minor 7th2
Lateef minor seventh1
Lateef suite1
Latelier a Lamario1
Latelier au pimentier jaune1
Lately he waited1
Lately it has rained1
Lately little man1
Latelys lightgreen blues1
Latelys solo3
lateness of the hour1
Latenight America1
Latenight guitar1
Latent monk1
Later afternoon1
Later at Mintons1
Later baby2
Later baby later1
Later Bird1
Later blues1
Later by last sight1
Later circle1
Later circles1
Later day1
Later daze1
Later during a flaming Riviera sunset1
Later even1
Later for love4
Later for now1
Later for the Gator1
Later for the happenin1
Later for the happenings1
Later for the rock1
Later for you2
Later for you blues1
Later George1
Later gonzo1
Later is too late1
Later Joe1
Later likings1
Later much1
Later news1
Later on5
Later on that day1
Later on theyll know1
Later or sooner1
Later still1
Later team1
Later than you think5
Later that day2
Later that evening2
Later that morning1
Later that night2
Later that night that knight laid her1
Later that same day3
Later the same day1
Later tonight7
Later Wally Gator1
Later with them woes1
later zone1
Lateral climb1
Lateral line1
Lateral mass1
Lateral swinger1
Lateral thinking2
Laterna interfuit1
Laterna magica2
Laternchen Laternchen1
latest beginning1
latest drops1
latest fad1
latest light of love1
latest news2
Latest outlook1
latest piece1
Latest riverboat rag1
latest thing in hot jazz1
Latex au logis1
Latex ceilidhLittle rubber reel1
Latex thumbs up1
Lathatatlan szemek1
Lathe of God1
Lathe of heaven1
Latican space mambo1
Laticanda laticanda1
Latidos del alma1
Latin 21
Latin 561
latin affair2
Latin alley7
Latin America4
Latin America no 21
Latin American medley2
Latin American poem for Anani Dzidzienyo1
Latin American suite1
Latin American sunshine1
Latin animation1
Latin armando1
Latin artistry1
Latin baroque1
Latin beat1
Latin bit3
Latin bizarre1
Latin black adagio1
Latin black funk1
Latin blue2
Latin blues4
Latin bondage1
Latin boogie1
Latin boys go to hell1
Latin breakfast1
Latin brothers1
Latin bruno1
Latin bump1
Latin burial1
Latin cha cha1
Latin chant1
Latin circus1
Latin colours1
Latin currents1
Latin dance8
Latin dance band no 11
Latin day1
Latin daydream1
Latin delay1
Latin department3
Latin digs1
Latin dimensions1
Latin doll2
latin dollar1
Latin dream1
Latin dreaming1
Latin dreams1
Latin drinking song1
Latin dynamics1
Latin expresso1
Latin eyes1
Latin feel1
Latin feel blues1
Latin feeling1
Latin festival1
Latin fever2
Latin fiesta in Mexico marketplace with Irene and Michael1
Latin flavour1
Latin flight1
Latin flower1
Latin for JP1
Latin for Kathleen1
Latin for Leandro1
Latin for lovers1
Latin for Luca1
Latin for travelers1
Latin for two1
Latin from Manhattan2
Latin funk1
Latin fusion1
Latin fusion blues1
Latin genetic1
Latin genetics16
Latin go lightly2
Latin Grazius1
Latin Gretchen1
Latin groove4
Latin groove 11
Latin groove 21
Latin groove duce1
Latin hangover1
Latin happn1
Latin haze3
Latin heart1
Latin hustle1
latin I love1
Latin ideas1
Latin implosion1
Latin in A1
Latin in deed1
Latin injection1
Latin jacks1
Latin jam1
Latin Jane1
Latin jazz1
Latin jazz dance1
Latin jazz fantasy1
Latin jazzdance1
Latin job1
Latin joy1
Latin jump1
Latin Kaleidoscope1
Latin lady4
Latin lament1
Latin Larry1
Latin leprechaun1
Latin letter2
Latin like1
latin line2
Latin liver1
Latin love1
Latin love affair1
Latin lover9
Latin lover come back to me1
Latin lovers4
Latin lullaby1
Latin march1
Latin medley2
Latin medley toccata1
Latin memoire but which1
Latin minor blues1
Latin mood1
Latin moods1
Latin moon1
Latin morning1
Latin movin1
Latin night2
Latin nights2
Latin nocturne2
Latin note1
Latin on lawndale1
latin one2
Latin passion1
Latin pendulum1
Latin percussion people1
Latin percussion suite1
Latin percussion summit1
Latin perspective3
Latin power1
Latin profile1
Latin quarter14
Latin quarters1
Latin quartet no41
Latin reaction2
Latin recovery1
Latin rhythms1
Latin riff1
Latin roots1
Latin sandwiches1
Latin satin2
Latin schizophrenia4
Latin shadows1
Latin shuffle1
Latin side of your Mama1
Latin silk1
Latin sing1
Latin sketch2
Latin sketches1
Latin slam1
Latin snowfall2
Latin someyiri1
Latin soul3
Latin soul brothers1
Latin soul theme1
Latin speech1
Latin spirit2
Latin spirits1
Latin spring1
Latin steps2
Latin storm1
Latin strain1
Latin streets1
Latin stroll on them1
Latin stuff1
Latin sunrise1
Latin sunset1
Latin swing2
Latin swingin2
Latin tala1
Latin tap1
Latin thing2
Latin time1
Latin tinge first movement1
Latin tinge II1
Latin toms1
Latin too1
Latin touch1
Latin Trane1
Latin trip2
Latin trumpets1
latin tune a Manhattan moon and you1
Latin turkey1
Latin twist1
Latin up1
Latin vamp 11
Latin vibes1
latin way of freedom1
Latin what3
Latin wind2
Latin woman1
Latina bonita1
Latina la cap1
Latina lee1
Latina una1
LatinAmerican suite2
LatinAmerican sunshine2
Latined fractured1
Latinesque suite1
Latini u Carigradu1
Latino america3
Latino bambino1
Latino blue2
Latino blues1
Latino canino1
Latino Flo1
Latino funk1
Latino heaven1
Latino jazz1
Latino love walk1
Latino lover1
Latino lovewalk1
Latino mio2
Latino shuffle1
Latino souvenir1

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