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Page I53 - It could have been very beautiful to It sounds right

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Tune nameSessions
It could have been very beautiful1
It could have been very very beautiful1
It could have been you3
It could only be with you1
It could only be you2
It could only happen to you1
It could only happen with you2
It couldnt be1
It couldnt be better1
It couldnt be true11
It couldnt happen here1
It couldnt happen without you1
It couldnt have been1
It couldve been1
It couldve happened to you1
It counts a lot1
It creeps up on you1
It dawned on me1
It dawned upon me1
It depends1
It depends for whom1
It depends on that1
It depends on you1
It did1
It didnt all come true2
It didnt end1
It didnt happen3
It didnt know what time it was1
It didnt turn out that way2
It didnt work out that way1
It do me good2
It do me so good2
It does make a difference1
It does not matter if you get a hint on the quiz1
It does not really matter who you are1
It doesnt bother me1
It doesnt cost a dime to dream1
It doesnt end here1
It doesnt hurt1
It doesnt hurt to say youre sorry1
It doesnt matter3
It doesnt matter anymore1
It doesnt matter now1
It doesnt matter to me1
It doesnt matter when1
It doesnt matter whos to blame1
It doesnt stop1
It doesnt take much1
It doesnt wait1
It doesnt work like that1
It doesnt worry me1
It doesn’t matter1
It dont bother me Wheres Mike1
It dont burn1
It dont come easy2
It dont cost very much9
It dont count1
It dont do nothin but rain2
It dont get no better1
It dont get no better than this1
It dont hurt anymore2
It dont hurt no more1
It dont make sense2
It dont matter to me1
It dont mean1
It dont mean a beep if it aint got the bop1
It dont mean a thing994
It dont mean a thing he aint got rhythm1
It dont mean a thing if it aint got that swing50
It dont mean a thing sing sing sing1
It dont mean a thing unless its got that swing1
It dont mix1
It dont pay to worry like that1
It dont wear1
It don’t mean a thing5
It don�t mean a thing1
It escapes me1
It feels good2
It feels like rain1
It feels nice 11
It feels nice 21
It feels so fine1
It feels so good41
It feels so nice2
It felt as if time had stopped1
It felt so good to be so bad1
It figures3
It finds you1
It gets better7
It gets better every time1
It gets better everytime1
It gets stormy1
It goes1
It goes in out round about1
It goes like it goes3
It goes like this10
It goes on2
It goes to your feet2
It gonna come1
It got bad1
It got it bad1
It gotta be this or that1
It had better be tonight24
It had to be1
It had to be Bird1
It had to be me1
It had to be only with you1
It had to be with you2
It had to be you554
It had to to be1
It Hadda be Brooks1
It hails2
It happend in sun valley1
It happened3
It happened a year ago today1
It happened again3
It happened at dawn1
It happened at midnight1
It happened down in Dixieland4
It happened in Bali Bali1
It happened in February1
It happened in Hawaii3
It happened in Kaloha2
It happened in Monterey69
It happened in Monterey In a little Spanish town Ramona1
It happened in Sun Valley14
It happened in the future1
It happened like that1
It happened on the beach of Bali Bali1
It happened once before7
It happened one night3
It happened one Saturday night1
It happened this way1
It happened to happen to me1
It happened to me6
It happened to us2
It happened to us naturally1
It happened today1
It happened tomorrow1
It happens9
It happens all over the world1
It happens all the time1
It happens at 481
It happens but once in a lifetime1
It happens every day8
It happens every spring7
It happens everytime1
It happens just once1
It happens just once in a lifetime1
It happens more and more1
It happens once in a lifetime1
It happens quietly4
It happens to be me4
It happens to me1
It happens to the best of friends1
It has a chance to1
It has always been her eyes2
It has always been you1
It has been ages1
It has been noted1
It has come to pass1
It has happened5
It has happened before1
It has happened to me3
It has no name1
It has to be1
It has to have love1
It hasnt moved1
It heals itself1
It hurt on the other side1
It hurts1
It hurts me2
It hurts me so3
It hurts me so much1
It hurts me to my heart1
It hurts me too4
It hurts so bad2
It hurts so good4
It hurts so much2
It hurts so much to see1
It hurts to be in love7
It hurts to say goodbye3
It hurts to tell you1
It hurts to want it so bad1
It hurts too much to cry1
It is4
It is a day1
It is affirmed that the evening and night are the seasons of most violence with incipient lunatics1
It is all of value1
It is almost sacred1
It is always like this1
It is always spring1
It is always you1
It is as if1
It is better1
It is better to be by yourself2
It is better to be yourself2
It is but it isnt1
It is cold1
It is curiously hot1
It is deeper than is wide1
It is done1
It is eternal1
It is evident that Greek was just now incipient at Cambridge1
It is fine in spring1
It is finished1
It is finnished1
It is floating on1
It is for you1
It is forbidden1
It is gas Inspector Palmu1
It is gonna be long2
It is growing dark1
It is He1
It is his love1
It is in the brewing luminous1
It is is it1
It is it1
It is love that were missin1
It is my life1
It is my time1
It is never safe to be1
It is never too late1
It is no secret19
It is no secret what God can do6
It is not2
It is not disconcerted1
It is not I who seek the young fool2
It is not other peoples good wishes which make one rich but ones own destiny1
It is not the first time you left me but its the last time youll come back1
It is not true simply because I cannot believe it1
It is now1
It is now officially a big rock show1
It is one of those things missing1
It is pain flowing down slowly on a white wall1
It is peculiar1
It is political1
It is possible1
It is raining outside1
It is Remember to Lars Gullin1
It is so good to be a drunkard1
It is solved by walking2
It is than that you love most1
It is the year of the rabbit1
It is to know1
It is true what they say about dixie2
It is well4
It is well with my soul3
It is well with your soul1
It is what it aint1
It is what it is14
It is what it is but it is1
It is written4
It is written in the stars1
It is you5
It isnt1
It isnt a dream any more1
It isnt a dream anymore1
It isnt a secret1
It isnt always easy1
It isnt always hard to leave1
It isnt anything1
It isnt easy being green1
It isnt enough2
It isnt fair14
It isnt good poetry til you mention sex1
It isnt hard to follow a man who carries a bird cage with him wherever he goes1
It isnt important how old someone is1
It isnt magic1
It isnt so bad1
It isnt so good6
It isnt so good it couldnt get better7
It isnt that easy to do1
It isnt to wash Gregory1
It it1
It it true what they say about dixie1
It itches its in1
It jumps like mad2
It just aint fair1
It just aint for me1
It just cant be this way1
It just dont matter1
It just got to be me1
It just happened2
It just happened to happen to me1
It just happens1
It just is2
It just isnt home without you1
It just so happens2
It just wont go away1
It just wont sell1
It just wont write1
It keep you running1
It keeps on raining tears1
It keeps rainin1
It keeps you runnin1
It keeps you young1
It kinda makes yuh wonder1
It leads you to another1
It looks like a big time tonight15
It looks like a cold winter1
It looks like its gonna be me1
It looks like love5
It looks like rain10
It looks like rain in cherry blossom lane9
It looks like reindeer1
It looks like Susie2
It made me cry1
It made you happy9
It made you happy when you made me cry3
It makes me glad1
It makes me smile1
It makes me so mad1
It makes my love come down12
It makes no difference5
It makes no difference now20
It makes no difference to me1
It makes no diffrence to me1
It makes no never mind1
It makes sense1
It makes sense Maxence1
It makes you empty1
It makes you feel good1
It makes you want to cry1
It matters1
It matters JR1
It matters not1
It matters not at all1
It may be2
It may be my last night1
It may be spring1
It may be the last time1
It may be true1
It may have been broccoli1
It may not always be so3
It may not be true2
It may sound silly2
It maybe known1
It means nothingit means everything1
It means something1
It might as well1
It might as well be1
It might as well be ciputraf1
It might as well be now1
It might as well be spring612
It might as well be swing1
It might as well rain1
It might as well rain until September2
It might be better1
It might be time to say goodbye1
It might be you15
It might be your onceinawhile1
It might have been1
It might have been a different story2
It might have been she1
It might just be1
It might storm later1
It might was well be spring1
It mostly bees that way Sigmund Floyd6
It mostly bes that way Sigmund Floyd1
It moves1
It moves me1
It must be1
It must be a barracuda1
It must be a camel2
It must be a holiday so why do I have the blues1
It must be a sign1
It must be Bob1
It must be cabbage1
It must be Christmas2
It must be ESP1
It must be forty1
It must be fun to be you3
It must be hard2
It must be him4
It must be jazz1
It must be jelly28
It must be jelly That1
It must be lobe1
It must be loose1
It must be love18
It must be me1
It must be raining somewhere1
It must be real1
It must be religion1
It must be right1
It must be so5
It must be so easy1
It must be Sunday1
It must be swell to be laying out dead1
It must be the blues1
It must be true35
It must be wonderful1
It must be you3
It must be your love1
It must have been2
It must have been a devil in the moon1
It must have been a dream4
It must have been easy for you1
It must have been ol Santa Claus1
It must have been two other people2
It must swing1
It nears1
It neednt end in tears3
It needs it1
It never can be1
It never changed my mind1
It never comes1
It never dawned on me3
It never ends3
It never entered1
It never entered my mind410
It never entered mymind1
It never fails1
It never gets old1
It never goes away2
It never happened before1
It never happened to me2
It never happens to me1
It never moved1
It never occurred to me2
It never rains2
It never rains but it pours1
It never rains in Southern California3
It never should have been this way3
It never stopped in my home town1
It never stopped rising1
It never was you26
it on out1
It once was1
It once was a waltz1
It once was my life1
It only goes to show2
It only happened once before1
It only happens every time13
It only happens once9
It only happens when I dance with you28
It only has to happen once1
It only hurts a little while1
It only hurts when I smile1
It only takes a moment11
It only takes one1
It only takes one man3
It only took2
It pays to advertise2
It pays to buy the best1
It pays to serve Jesus1
It plays from far1
It plays itself1
It rained all day in Rio1
It rained and the tent fell down1
It rained tears1
It rains on Sunday too1
It really doesnt matter1
It remains to be seen2
It rocks It rolls It swings1
It rolls1
It s a new day1
It s the talk of the town2
It saw you1
It seemed like a good idea at the time1
it seemed that life was so wonderful1
It seemed your friend1
It seems3
It seems easy1
It seems Ive done something wrong again1
It seems like a month of Sundays since I saw you Saturday night1
It seems like old times5
It seems like yesterday3
It seems like youre ready1
It seems to be in the vicinity of1
It seems to be spring5
It seems to hang on1
It seems to me2
It seems to me Im just a woman in love1
It sends me2
It serves me right1
It sho do feel good did ya here me1
It should1
It should be a song1
It should be obvious1
It should be you3
It should have been a normal day3
It should have been me8
It should have been very simple1
It should have happened a long time ago7
It shoulda been me2
It shouldnt happen to a dream36
It shouldn’t happen to a dream1
It shouldve been1
It shouldve been me2
It shouldve happened a long time ago6
It simply cant be done1
It sings2
It sit1
It smells good1
It so happened1
It sort of does1
It sounds like you1
It sounds right1

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