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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page I5 - I dug a ditch in Wichita to I got good potatoes

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Tune nameSessions
I dug a ditch in Wichita1
I dukkeland1
I dunno bossa si1
I dunno why I love you like I do1
I dunno yunno1
I dWiiti1
I dypet finns stjerner1
i e1
i e la1
I eat my meat bit by bit1
I eit landskap1
I El sueno1
I elder och lagor1
I Elegy after midnight1
I embrace the River Koros1
I en dromvarld1
I en eventuell digtsamling1
I en gronmalad bat1
I en kaelder1
I en kaelder sort som kul2
I en park bortom varat hus1
I en robad til kina1
I en rod liten stuga3
I en rodmalet hytte1
I en skomagerbutik1
I en skov en hytte la2
I enjoy being a girl11
I enjoy loving you1
I enjoyed myself in Pau1
I ensomme stunde1
I entered once a magnetic field1
I Entrance1
I envy2
I est lheure pour la virgule terrorisee1
I ever I should leave you1
I exist1
I expressed my opinion1
I eye my self2
I faaram gami i faram1
I fall apart1
I fall asleep not easily1
I fall asleep too easily1
I fall down1
I fall in love2
I fall in love again1
I fall in love everyday1
I fall in love to easily3
I fall in love too easely1
I fall in love too easily537
I fall in love too fast2
I fall in love with you every day14
I fall to pieces6
I familiaku siha1
I fancy it when they go a bit free1
I fang so gern1
I fantasmi di Milano1
I Farsa Italia1
I faw down an go boom8
I fear this war1
I feed a flame within1
I feel5
I feel a draft9
I feel a draught1
I feel a night coming on1
I feel a sin coming on1
I feel a song3
I feel a song comin on1
I feel a song coming on20
I feel a whole lot better now1
I feel alchemy1
I feel all alone1
I feel all right2
I feel alright3
I feel alright again1
I feel at home with you3
I feel breeze1
I feel brown1
I feel fine13
I feel for you3
I feel free6
I feel funny1
I feel good34
I feel good today2
I feel great1
I feel green1
I feel it3
I feel it in my bones1
I feel like a feather in the breeze12
I feel like a million1
I feel like a millionaire1
I feel like a mummy1
I feel like a new man3
I feel like a stranger1
I feel like being a1
I feel like breaking up somebodys home2
I feel like crying3
I feel like funkin it up1
I feel like going home2
I feel like going to town1
I feel like Im fixin to die rag1
I feel like Im home1
I feel like laying in another womans husbands arms1
I feel like loving you today1
I feel like lying in another womans husbands arms1
I feel like making love1
I feel like my time aint long1
I feel like shouting1
I feel like some jazz today1
I feel like we have met before1
I feel lonely1
I feel love for you1
I feel lucky2
I feel lucky baby1
I feel merely marvelous1
I feel more like I do now than I did when I got Here1
I feel nothing1
I feel pretty68
I feel pretty good1
I feel romantic2
I feel sexy1
I feel so alone1
I feel so bad4
I feel so blue1
I feel so fine1
I feel so fine today1
I feel so good20
I feel so good today1
I feel so right tonight1
I feel so smoochie13
I feel so sorry1
I feel sorry for the girl1
I feel sorry for you2
I feel sure1
I feel that old age comin on1
I feel that old feeling coming on1
I feel the blues1
I feel the clouds1
I feel the earth more1
I feel the earth move21
I feel the guilt1
I feel the heat1
I feel the ocean but shes on the other side1
I feel the same2
I feel the thunder in my heart1
I feel very queer1
I feel you7
I feel your love1
I feel your pain1
I feel your vibes1
I fell1
I fell and broke my heart1
I fell asleep a child and woke up a man1
I fell for you1
I fell head over heels in love2
I fell in love3
I fell in love with a dream1
I fell in love with the leader of a band1
I fell in love with the leader of the band2
I fell in love with you4
I fell in love with you Lord1
I fell up to heaven1
I felt a cleaving in my mind1
I felt like peeping Tom1
I felt like singing1
I felt love2
I felt obliged1
I felt sad when I looked at you & thought one day well both be dead1
I felt spring1
I felt that1
I felt the love3
I felt you glancin1
I felt you were coming1
I finally found someone1
I finally got a break1
I finally gotcha1
I find nothing1
i First1
I Five on six1
I fixed the blues1
I fixed the moon1
I fjarska1
I fjol gick jag med herrarna1
I fjol sa gick jad med herrarna i hagen2
I fjol sa gick jag med herrarna i hagen1
I flauti1
I flip my rhythms1
I flipped my wig in San Francisco1
I fly away1
I fold my hands1
I folkviseton4
I follow1
I follow the sun2
I follow you1
I fooled little Sally Who1
I fooled you1
I forgave you1
I forget how beautiful you are1
I forget you every day1
I forgive you1
I forgot3
I forgot about you1
I forgot April1
I forgot August1
I forgot rhythm2
I forgot Santa Monica1
I forgot that love existed1
I forgot the date1
I forgot the little things1
I forgot the plot1
I forgot the words1
I forgot to be your lover2
I forgot to buy the license1
I forgot to forget1
I forgot to have children1
I forgot to laugh1
I forgot to remember5
I forgot to say thank you1
I forgot to tell you1
I fought1
I fought every step of the way1
I found1
I found a dream8
I found a dream one day1
I found a four leaf clover1
I found a good man after all1
I found a horseshoe1
I found a love2
I found a million dollar baby62
I found a new baby95
I found a new boogie1
I found a new chapeau3
I found a new hat1
I found a new home1
I found a new kind of love1
I found a new love2
I found a new set of drums1
I found a new way to go in town1
I found a new way to go to town2
I found a new world1
I found a peso in El Paso1
I found a roundabout way to heaven5
I found a shirt in my yard1
I found a sound in the underground1
I found a way1
I found an angel2
I found gold1
I found Heaven1
I found love6
I found love again2
I found my baby3
I found my baby gone1
I found my baby there1
I found my love and its you1
I found my lucky star1
I found my soul last night1
I found my sunshine in the rain1
I found my thrill1
I found my way1
I found my way to wine1
I found my yellow badket1
I found my yellow basket2
I found myself a guy1
I found myself in you1
I found out7
I found out my troubles1
I found out too late1
I found out when I found you in somebody elses arms2
I found see hee hee hee oohwee oohwah1
I found someone2
I found sunshine1
I found sunshine in your smile2
I found the answer2
I found the girl of my dreams1
I found the key1
I found the kinda love1
I found the Klugh1
I found the one I love4
I found the turnaround2
I found what I wanted1
I found you23
I found you I want you1
I found you in the jam1
I found you in the rain5
I found you out4
I found you out when I found you in somebody elses arms3
I framtiden1
I gamle dage det var engang1
I gar1
I gar ja1
I garden hvor jeg bor1
I gave all my love to you1
I gave her that2
I gave my love a cherry4
I gave you the sunshine1
I Gavotte1
I gaze in your eyes1
I gemelli1
I get a feeling1
I get a groove1
I get a kick out of champagne1
I get a kick out of you382
I get a kick outa corn1
I get a longing2
I get a thrill1
I get a warm feeling1
I get all my lovin on a Saturday night1
I get along2
I get along fine without me1
I get along with you very well10
I get along without you10
I get along without you very well186
I get around1
I get around much any more1
I get crazy2
I get distressed1
I get evil1
I get high2
I get high on you2
I get ideas22
I get it 4 U1
I get it from you2
I get jealous1
I get lonely1
I get lonely for a plaything1
I get out1
I get sentimental over nothing4
I get so happy1
I get so happy when the sun shines1
I get so weary1
I get that lonesome feeling1
I get the blues9
I get the blues every morning1
I get the blues tryin to reach the green1
I get the blues when it rains90
I get the feeling1
I get the message1
I get the neck of a chicken1
I get the neck of the chicken4
I get the sweetest feeling1
I get to feel like you do1
I get up1
I get up evry morning1
I get up to get down1
I giardini dei sentieri che si biforcano1
I giardini di dioniso1
I giardini di marzo3
I giardini pensili hanno fatto il loro tempo1
I gigli di Babele1
I giocatori di carte1
I giorni di Fred1
I giorni di Kira1
I giovedi della signora Giulia1
I girasoli1
I giusti1
I give a flower to you1
I give it all to you1
I give my heart to you1
I give my love to you1
I give thanks1
I give to you1
I give up1
I give up Im in love1
I give you2
I give you a sound1
I give you mine1
I give you my love1
I give you my word7
I give you the world for a present1
I give you to the birthday a belt rose1
I glass1
I glaub i geh jetzt1
I go5
I go anywhere for my coffee1
I go blue1
I go Congo1
I go crazy1
I go for samba1
I go for that16
I go for you3
I go humble1
I go into orbit1
I go my way1
I go siesta1
I go to1
I go to extremes1
I go to Rio7
I go to sleep2
I go to the rock1
I go Tobago1
I go you go1
I goes like this this funny melody1
I goofed1
I goopie1
I got a bag of my own2
I got a big fat mama1
I got a big fat woman1
I got a brain1
I got a bran new suit2
I got a brand new baby1
I got a brand new love1
I got a break baby1
I got a code in my doze1
I got a country gal1
I got a crush on you2
I got a date with an angel1
I got a date with Kate1
I got a date with rhythm1
I got a father1
I got a feelin3
I got a feelin Im fallin1
I got a feelin youre foolin1
I got a feeling1
I got a feeling for you1
I got a feeling Im falling2
I got a gal4
I got a gal 65 and Im just 231
I got a gal for every day1
I got a gal for every day in the week1
I got a gal I love in north and south Dakota1
I got a gal named Nettie3
I got a gal who lives on upon a hill1
I got a girl6
I got a girl who lives up on a hill1
I got a good one for you1
I got a good thing2
I got a great idea1
I got a gun1
I got a guy3
I got a hard way to go1
I got a head like a rock1
I got a heartache1
I got a hoodoo woman1
I got a ittle oboe1
I got a letter3
I got a little burned1
I got a longing for my baby1
I got a lot of living to do2
I got a lot of love1
I got a lot of lovin1
I got a man3
I got a man crazy for me hes funny that way1
I got a man in the Bama mines1
I got a mind to ramble4
I got a mind to travel1
I got a misery2
I got a mule1
I got a mule to ride1
I got a nagging feeling1
I got a name6
I got a need for you1
I got a new daddy1
I got a new deal in love2
I got a notion2
I got a papa down in New Orleans another papa up in Maine1
I got a problem1
I got a real fine baby1
I got a rich mans woman1
I got a right to be wrong1
I got a right to cry3
I got a right to play the blues1
I got a right to sing the blues1
I got a right to swing1
I got a rite1
I got a robe2
I got a rock n roll gal1
I got a secret3
I got a sneaky feeling1
I got a song2
I got a spell on you1
I got a thing for you1
I got a treme woman1
I got a walkie talkie1
I got a watch dog1
I got a whole heap to tell you1
I got a woman47
I got a woman crazy for me1
I got a woman in Kansas city1
I got a worried man1
I got an idea part 1 Winding1
I got an idea part 2 Release1
I got an itch1
I got an uncle in Harlem3
I got another lovin daddy1
I got ants in my pants4
I got arrythmia1
I got big eyes2
I got blues1
I got cable too much TV1
I got caught1
I got changes1
I got DZZZs1
I got em again1
I got em for you1
I got everything a woman needs1
I got evil1
I got eyes2
I got eyes for you1
I got framed1
I got friends1
I got good potatoes1

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