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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Page H35 - How high the mood to Howdja like to love me

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Tune nameSessions
How high the mood2
How high the moon982
How high the moonOrnithology1
How high the noon1
How high the sky1
How high the stars1
How high the sun1
How high we used to go1
How highs the moon1
How his heart sang1
How how1
How I created jazz1
How I depend on you1
How I dont believe that anymore1
How I feel about you1
How I feel at this given moment1
How I feel my love1
How I got over7
How I got overrelaxing on the riverside1
How I hate to see Xmas come around1
How I hear beautiful1
How I hoped for your love1
How I know2
How I learned to stop worrying and love giant steps1
How I long to look into your third I1
How I lost my love1
How I love his name1
How I love Jesus1
How I love my teacher1
How I love offbeats1
How I love that girl5
How I love the blues1
How I love them old songs1
How I love you3
How I loved her1
How I loved you1
How I miss1
How I miss Rio1
How I miss the rain1
How I miss you4
How I miss you tonight6
How I need you1
How I remember you3
How I spent my summer vacation1
How I spent the night2
How I think of you1
How I wanted you1
How I will say I love you1
How I wish10
How I wish I knew1
How I wish I was around1
How I wishAsk me now1
How Id like to be with you in Bermuda2
How Id love to1
How Ill miss you2
How Ill miss you tonight1
How Im doin1
How important can it be8
How incredible1
How innocent we are1
How insensible1
How insensible you1
How insensitive430
How involved I am1
How is it possible1
How is life at 4 AM1
How is the sunsetrise up there1
How is the weather1
How is the weather up there1
How is your Mama1
How is your wife2
How it always vanishes1
How it changes name when it changes hands1
How it could be1
How it echoes the beat of my Heart1
How it goes2
How it is1
How it lies5
How it lies how it lies how it lies3
How it rains1
How it seemed at the time1
How it started1
How it was1
How it was then1
How its done1
How Ive got dem twilight blues1
How jazz was born2
How land learnt to be still1
How late1
How late is it in your life1
How late it is1
How Lenin been in the city of Lviv1
How life can be1
How life fools me1
How light dances1
How like a meal1
How little1
How little we do1
How little we know84
How lonely can you get1
How lonely is this midnight1
How long44
How long are our nights1
How long as this been going on2
How long baby2
How long baby how long1
How long blues167
How long brother1
How long can this go on1
How long can you survive1
How long can you take it1
How long daddy how long1
How long darling1
How long did I dream3
How long did you wait for me1
How long do you hold on1
How long has it been3
How long has that evening train been gone1
How long has this been goin on6
How long has this been going on509
How long has this being going on1
How long has Trane been gone1
How long has what been going on1
How long have I been waiting for you1
How long how long5
How long how long blues55
How long is a kiss2
How long is a moment1
How long is forever3
How long is jazz1
How long is now1
How long is that train been gone1
How long is the coast of Britanny1
How long is this truck1
How long it will last1
How Long John1
How long must a man go on1
How long must I be true1
How long must I wait1
How long must I wait for you7
How long must I wander1
How long must I wonder1
How long pt 11
How long pt 21
How long since youve been gone1
How long since youve gone1
How long sweet daddy how long1
How long the wait1
How long this has been going on1
How long this must go on1
How long til the sun2
How long time1
How long to finish1
How long will it be3
How long will it last8
How long will it take to be a man1
How long will you hold me1
How long you gonna be gone1
How love should be1
How lovely1
How lovely is Christmas1
How lovely on the mountains1
How lovely to be a woman2
How lovely you are2
How low1
How low can u go1
How low can you go2
How low can you limbo1
How low the earth2
How low the moon1
How low the sun1
How low the tune1
How lucky you are3
How m I doin1
How m I gonna get em1
How m Im gonna do it1
How make you do me like you do1
How many2
How many broken wings3
How many chickens are you missing today1
How many clouds can you see1
How many days1
How many happy ends do you know1
How many hearts have been broken1
How many hearts have you broken10
How many hours must I travel alone2
How many in your party please1
How many kisses1
How many lives in a day goes by1
How many miles1
How many miles to Korea1
How many more1
How many more miles1
How many more times1
How many more years3
How many of these things do we need anyway1
How many stars1
How many stars have to shine1
How many sunsets1
How many tears must fall4
How many texts1
How many thunders do you need3
How many times25
How many times a day1
How many times do I have to tell you1
How many timesBaby face1
How many words there are1
How Mario Tut Tut got super wow wow1
How may we understand1
How may your parents and your employer help you in your cricket career1
How money changes hands1
How much4
How much better if Plymouth rock had landed on the pilgrims section V1
How much can I stand1
How much can you take in one evening1
How much do you love me1
How much do you mean to me2
How much does matter really matter1
How much does Zimbabwe2
How much I care2
How much I feel2
How much I love you1
How much in a lake1
How much in love1
How much is that doggie in the window1
How much is that doggy in the window2
How much is too much1
How much land1
How much longer2
How much love1
How much money does it really take1
How much more1
How much times lies between today and tomorrow1
How much truth3
How much truth can a man stand1
How much would you cost1
How much you mean to me1
How my alphorn sing1
How my ever gonna get over you1
How my heart beats1
How my heart sings79
How my heart sobs1
How my mothers embroidered apron unfolds in my life 1944 oil on canvas1
How Nehemiah got free1
How nice ist is to be a pig1
How not to anaesthetize desire1
How now3
How now blues1
How now brown cow2
How odd of love1
How oft1
How oft when thou my music playst1
How often1
How old are you1
How old do I look1
How old is your shadow1
How old may he be1
How part four1
How part one1
How part three1
How part two1
How play blues1
How poets live1
How postmodern of me1
How precious it is1
How quickly time flies1
How red the head1
How Ruth felt1
How Santa got thin1
How say you1
How scientific theories are verified1
How sensitive2
How she loves me is nobodys business1
How she makes me feel1
How she sleeps1
How she was then1
How should I know1
How should I my true love know1
How should I tell her1
How should I your true love know1
How should you pick up the ball and throw it1
How should you throw it on other occasions1
How small birds flit1
How so2
How song was born1
How soon11
How spacemen lose weight1
How spider sits and waits1
How spiders spin their web across a great distance1
How strange12
How strange my love1
How strange the moon seems1
How strange you are1
How strong is a woman2
How strong is our love1
How strong love can be1
How strong we believe2
How stupid can you act1
How suite it is1
How sure of yourself can you1
How Swede it is1
How sweet3
How sweet I roamed from field to field1
How sweet is the ozone1
How sweet it is35
How sweet it is to be in love1
How sweet it is to be loved by you2
How sweet she was1
How sweet the breeze1
How sweet the moonlight1
How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank1
How sweet you are19
How tasteful of you1
How that shark sets me aglow alchemy in this cemetry1
How the cow see cirrus1
How the day begins1
How the garden grows1
How the heart approaches what it yearns1
How the mighty fall1
How the other half live1
How the story ends1
How the time can fly4
How the violin was born1
How the West was left1
How the West was won2
How the wind blows1
How they dance1
How they shine1
How they spoke to the deaf1
How things are at home1
How things change1
How tight knit was England then1
How time can fly1
How time flies2
How time passes1
How time turns in on itself that thought I had next Thursday was a good one1
How to1
How to bake1
How to be1
How to be an artist1
How to be nice1
How to be one year old1
How to be tool1
How to blow anything up in ten easy lessons1
How to break a fever1
How to build a band1
How to build a wall with your head1
How to catch a cloud1
How to clean a sewer1
How to cook1
How to cross when bridges are out1
How to deal with it1
How to dice an onion1
How to die1
How to die and where to fly1
How to disappear completely3
How to dismantle a life1
How to do it1
How to do the bacon fat1
How to do things with tears2
How to earn money1
How to eat a rose1
How to fall in love1
How to frame pigeons1
How to get acquainted1
How to get to paradise1
How to get you out of my heart1
How to go into a room you are already in3
How to greet the big cheese1
How to handle a woman5
How to keep moving how to stay1
How to kill the mind2
How to kiss1
How to lose1
How to make a pearl1
How to make a record1
How to marry a millionaire1
How to murder your life1
How to open at will the most beautiful window1
How to pack a suitcase1
How to play1
How to play the 5string banjo1
How to raise an ox1
How to reach every corner1
How to really love a child1
How to say goodbye2
How to say it1
How to shoot a medevial longbow1
How to spot a tourist1
How to start a day1
How to stop the bus1
How to stuff a wild bhairavi1
How to succeed in business without really trying2
How to survive3
How to survive in paradise1
How to talk to your children about not looking at the eclipse1
How to think like a millionaire1
How to transport weight in three movements lift carry drop1
How to treat my man1
How to walk around a house blindfolded1
How to walk away1
How to win a gun fight1
How to win friends and influence people3
How true are you1
How unfortunate1
How vain I am1
How very Kerouac1
How vicious1
How warm it is the weather1
How was I to know5
How was it1
How was it for you2
How was the night1
How we claim to know1
How we danced at the Mardi Gras1
How we do2
How we live1
How we love1
How we see1
How we see things2
How we were1
How well did you know Ann1
How well I know her1
How where when1
How wild can a woman be1
How will he know1
How will I forget1
How will I know3
How will I remember you6
How will I say I love you1
How will you know1
How will you learn more successfully from your coach than by just looking and listening1
How will you live1
How wonderful it will be when we get up there1
How wonderful to know2
How wonderful you are 20191
How would you know2
How would you like to be me1
How would you like to have a head like that1
How wrong can a good man be1
How ya baby4
How ya doin3
How ya doin baby1
How ya feelin1
How ya going1
How ya gonna keep em down on the farm21
How ya gonna keep them down on the farm1
How ya like that1
How ya like to love me1
How ya livin1
How yee gaw siu sin fah1
How yellow can this be1
How you do that1
How you existed1
How you gonna keep em down on the farm1
How you gonna keep kool1
How you gonna keep them down on the farm1
How you gonna keepem down on the farm1
How you gonna see me now1
How you held it1
How you lied to me1
How you like that1
How you love1
How you loved me on Mars1
How you say it1
How you sound9
How you want your lovin done1
How you win1
How your sunflowers shine1
How youve changed1
Howard asylum1
Howard Beach1
Howard Beach memoirs1
Howard Hughes1
Howard Riley1
Howard talks1
Howard University alma mater1
Howards blues2
Howards F blues1
Howards hymn5
Howards idea2
Howards line1
Howards samba1
Howards solo1
Howards steakhouse1
Howd ja like to love me1
Howd my day go1
Howd ya like to love me2
Howd you do on Sunday1
Howd you know that1
Howd you like to be my daddy1
Howd you like to love me1
Howd you like to spoon with me2
Howdiz songo1
Howdja like to love me12

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