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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page F33 - foundlings to Four way stretch

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Tune nameSessions
Foundry blues1
fountain and the mirror2
Fountain Bleu forest1
Fountain blue1
Fountain blues1
Fountain city bounce1
Fountain fairy1
Fountain head1
Fountain II1
Fountain in the circle1
Fountain in the rain1
Fountain jewel1
Fountain of dreams1
Fountain of existence1
Fountain of green1
Fountain of pain1
Fountain of tears1
Fountain of temptation1
Fountain of the innocents1
Fountain of you2
Fountain of youth3
fountain pen1
Fountain reverie1
Fountain rhythms1
Fountain scene1
Fountain Square1
Fountain V1
Fountain valley1
Fountainhead at the Lighthouse1
Fountainhead blues1
Fountains of life1
Fountains part 1 & 21
Four & como fue1
Four 11
Four 21
Four 2 tango1
Four acres and a joker1
Four am4
Four am blues1
Four am shout1
Four and five2
Four and more2
Four and no more2
Four and no one more1
Four and one3
Four and one half street1
Four and one Moore2
Four and one more1
Four and onehalf street1
Four and six4
Four and three1
Four and twelve1
Four are one1
Four at Liberty1
Four axemen1
Four banana1
Four bar intro with tag1
Four bars short2
Four beat1
Four beat cha cha1
Four beat shuffle2
Four beats in a row1
Four blow fours1
Four blue horns1
Four bluesers1
Four bothers1
Four bowls of soup1
Four broken plates1
Four brothers225
Four brothers in Sofia1
Four brothersinlaw1
Four brothes1
Four Butch two1
Four by five12
Four by four3
Four by IX1
Four by three1
Four camellias1
Four cats1
Four chord1
Four chords4
Four city seven beat1
Four city views1
Four clefs boogie1
Four clouds drumming1
Four comets1
Four compositions1
Four coners1
Four cords1
Four corners9
four corners of the earth1
four corners suite East1
four corners suite North1
four corners suite South1
four corners suite West1
Four day bounce1
Four day creep3
Four day honory scat1
Four day rider2
Four days3
Four days grace1
Four deadly sins1
Four dees1
Four detectives1
Four deuces2
Four dimensions of Greta1
Four directions1
Four dollar cover1
Four doors1
Four duets in odd meter1
Four duos1
Four ears1
four edges1
Four elements3
four elements little suite1
Four eleven boogie1
Four eleven West2
Four Elisa1
four essential prayers of Guinea1
Four eyes1
Four eyes pt 11
Four eyes pt 21
four faces of Johnny1
Four fathers2
Four feet of slush1
Four fifteen jump1
four Findleys1
Four finger Joe1
Four fingers and a thumb1
Four five1
Four five six4
Four five times1
Four flags1
Four flat blues1
Four flats in search of a theme1
Four flats unfurnished1
Four flights up8
Four flowers1
Four flushin papa4
Four fofo1
Four folk songs2
Four folks1
Four for 42
Four for Basie1
Four for five1
Four for four1
Four for four players1
Four for Miles1
Four for Monk1
Four for nothing1
Four for one2
Four for Slavia1
Four for tango1
Four for three6
Four for Tommy1
Four Formation1
four forty1
Four four4
Four four five eight1
Four four four1
Four fours1
Four Frederick1
Four free1
Four free minds1
Four free to one1
Four freedoms2
Four freedoms plus1
Four French apparitions1
Four French pieces1
Four fun1
Four funky folk1
Four funky people1
Four gamblers1
four generals1
Four George Hill1
Four giants1
Four girls1
Four gongs two drums1
Four guys named Lou1
Four guys one door1
Four haiku1
Four hammond floors1
Four hand job1
Four hands3
Four hands are better than two1
Four hands double bass1
Four happy vows1
Four harmonizations of the blues1
Four head food1
Four heads are louder than two boogie1
four horsemen3
four horsemen of the Apocalypse1
Four hours with Crazy Horse1
Four hundred years1
Four impersonations1
Four impressions1
Four improvisations1
Four in a bar3
Four in hand1
Four in one99
Four in six1
Four in the evening2
Four in the middle1
Four in the morning1
Four indian love lyrics1
Four inlaws1
Four interviews with Duke Ellington1
Four introductions1
Four is a company1
Four is a sufficient condition for amendment1
Four iterations1
Four je reste 21
four just men1
Four keys2
four kids1
Four kinds of freedom1
Four kisses2
Four lane clover1
Four lane refuge1
Four leaf clover32
Four leaf clover man2
Four leafed clover1
Four leaved clover1
Four lessons from the third world1
four letter word2
Four levels of joy1
Four life skills missing1
Four little words1
Four love1
four loves1
Four mad men1
four Marys1
Four men on a horn1
Four men on a horse2
Four miles2
Four million little Russians1
Four Mills brothers1
Four miniatures2
Four miniatures after Booker Little1
Four miniatures from Brazil1
Four minor love songs suite1
Four minute Marvin1
Four minute slow drag at the Fern2
Four minutes of fun1
Four mirrored butterfly1
Four modes1
Four monologues1
Four months three weeks two days one hour blues1
Four moods for Carol1
Four moons4
Four moons of Pluto1
Four more2
Four more blues1
Four more long years1
Four more years1
Four mothers3
Four mountains1
Four move1
Four n a half1
Four nights1
four ninety1
Four no more1
Four nocturnes1
Four Nordic songs1
Four North American ballads1
Four notes3
Four notes ending1
Four notes flight1
Four notes given1
Four notes large intervals1
Four oclock4
Four oclock blues26
Four oclock blues Original Memphis Five1
Four oclock boogie2
Four oclock drag2
Four oclock FM1
Four oclock groove2
Four oclock in the morning2
Four oclock jump4
Four oclock train1
Four oclock vout1
Four odd2
Four of a kind6
Four of six1
Four of them1
four of us1
Four old tunes1
Four on one3
Four on six58
Four on six for Wes1
Four on the floor8
Four on the outside1
Four on the road1
Four on three2
Four on twelve1
Four once1
Four once more1
Four openers1
Four or five2
Four or five time1
Four or five times180
Four or less3
Four others6
Four over forties1
Four over six1
Four pages of robots1
Four paraphrases for Charles1
Four part improvisation1
Four paths of light1
Four pence1
Four pests1
Four phases1
Four piano blues2
Four piano solos1
Four pianos1
Four pictures for jazz orchestra2
Four pieces2
Four pieces dedicated to children A B C D1
Four pieces for barrel organ1
Four pieces for brass quintet1
Four pieces for clarinet and piano Opus 51
Four pieces for Neophonic Orchestra1
Four pieces for Orchestra 11
Four pieces for Orchestra 21
Four pieces for Orchestra 31
Four pieces for Orchestra 41
Four pigs and a birds nest1
Four play9
Four plus1
Four plus four1
Four plus more1
Four plus one5
Four plus two1
Four poems1
Four point blues2
Four point landing1
Four point twoblues1
Four points1
four points are thus beheld1
Four points of view1
Four portraits1
Four poster lament1
Four principles on Ireland1
Four quartets1
Four queasy pieces1
Four queens and a king1
four questions2
four reasons3
Four reasons & sitting on my knees1
Four reds1
Four Rich brothers1
Four roads1
Four romantic miniatures1
Four roses8
Four roses in an iceblock1
Four rum bottles2
Four ruminations1
Four Russian songs1
Four saints2
Four salsa brothers1
Four saxophones blues1
four scars1
Four score2
Four score and seven2
Four score in seven1
Four seasons6
Four seasons and a five1
Four seasons in one day3
Four seasons medley1
four seasons of love1
four seasons through1
Four seater1
Four seven nine one1
Four shades2
Four shades of a Tartarian lifeline1
Four shades of darkness movement IV1
Four shades of darkness – movement IV1
Four shades of light blue1
Four shades of light movement V1
Four shades of light – movement V1
Four shapes on yellow paper1
Four sheets to the wind1
Four short stories1
Four shots of gin1
Four shows nightly1
Four sisters1
Four situations1
four sleepers4
Four small rooms1
Four small steps1
Four smiling cats1
Four snakes1
Four solemn thoughts1
Four solemn thoughts For everything theres a season1
Four soliloquies1
Four some1
Four songs1
Four sons1
Four sounds in the cage1
Four spirits1
Four spirits flag1
Four square3
Four squared2
Four squares only1
Four staples1
Four stars1
Four stars from heaven2
Four stations1
Four step1
Four step shuffle1
Four steps5
Four steps into the dark1
Four steps to1
Four steps towards Parnassus1
Four sticks2
Four strikes1
Four string1
Four string bitch1
Four string blues1
Four string drive1
Four string Joe2
Four strings3
Four strings inside a tree1
Four strings suite1
Four strong winds1
Four studies1
Four studies for single instruments1
Four sweet words1
Four symbols1
Four Taiwanese folk melodies1
Four talkers1
Four tempi match1
four ten special1
Four the hard way2
Four the moment1
Four thirty blues1
Four thirty in the morning1
Four thoughts1
Four three1
Four threehorns1
Four times1
Four times round2
Four times twenty1
Four to1
Four to four1
Four to go3
Four to tea1
Four together2
Four tomatoes out on a double date1
Four tomtoms1
Four tone tune1
Four tones tune2
Four tongues1
Four towns in an unknown country parts IIV1
Four track1
Four track mind1
Four traveling musicians sit on the platform waiting for their train as evening approaches1
Four trees1
Four trumpets1
Four tunes for a waltz1
Four two K1
Four under stormy clouds1
four unidentified tracks1
Four unites1
Four units1
Four unknown titles3
four untitled tracks1
Four us three1
Four versesContinuation1
Four VI 19981
Four views of a secret1
Four views of metropolis1
Four voice canon 61
Four voices1
Four voices in a trill1
Four voices left unheard2
Four wall blues1
Four walls12
Four walls and me1
Four walls and me dirty window blues1
Four walls and one dirty window blues1
Four walls bending1
Four walls blues2
Four walls two windows and one broken heart1
Four waves1
Four way boogie1
Four way four1
Four way multiplug1
Four way stretch1

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