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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

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Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page D8 - dapper king to Dark sparkle

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Tune nameSessions
dapper king1
dapper one for Dudley1
Dapper winters best1
Dapple fan1
Dappled pleasure dress1
Dapps group1
Dapres a la claire fontaine1
Dapres Anne de Bretagne1
Dapres la mere Michel1
Dapres le furet1
Dapres le petit navire1
Dapres le pont dAvignon1
Dapres le vieux chalet1
Dapres une petite cerise1
Daps groove1
Daquele jeito1
Daqui algum tempo1
Daqui vesa a ilha da graca1
Daquilo que eu sei2
Daquilo ques eu sei1
Dar ar polisen1
Dar bor en konung1
Dar da ba dah1
Dar du gatt forbi1
Dar El Sudan1
Dar es salaam2
Dar gar de vackra skeppen1
Dar moods1
Dar musiken bor1
Dar nackrosen blommar1
dar parte de mi ser1
Dar ser du att jag kan1
Dar that dream1
Dara endavant1
Dara factor one1
Dara factor two1
Darabsha road1
Darauf der schnee danach1
Darb AlArbaeen1
Darb elmahashas1
Darbari bridge1
Darbari Extension I1
Darbari Extension II1
Darben the Redd Fox10
Darbouck doudouck1
Darby and Joan1
Darby Hicks finale1
Darby Hicks overture1
Darcies dance1
Darco Joe1
Darcys first one1
Darcys waltz1
Dardanella blues1
Darde un cri1
Dare devil4
Dare devil dance1
Dare devils1
Dare I1
Dare I ask1
Dare the moon1
Dare to be different1
Dare to dream7
Dare to know1
Dare you1
Daremo inai1
Daren faller lett for Smiger1
Dares affair1
Darf ich bitten3
Darfor dricker jag1
Darfor laser du detta1
Dari gamal el ein dari1
Darias gem1
Darias regard1
Darien mode1
Darijeva igra1
Darin rae2
Daring to find meaning in flight1
daring young Swedes in the flying trapeze1
Daringly poised1
Dario and Bario1
Darius dance3
Darius the bold1
Darius walk1
Darjeeling light1
Darjis groove2
Dark & bright2
Dark & lovely1
Dark abyss1
dark age1
Dark alley3
Dark alley 21
Dark alley blues1
Dark alleys3
Dark alliance1
Dark and1
Dark and cloudy blues1
Dark and curious1
Dark and gloomy1
Dark and grey1
Dark and handsome1
Dark and light1
Dark and lonely1
Dark and lonely room1
Dark and loose1
Dark and mellow1
Dark and mysterious1
Dark and slow1
Dark and stormy1
Dark and stormy blues1
dark and stormy night1
Dark and weird tales of modern social decadence1
Dark angel4
Dark angles1
Dark apple1
Dark as a dungeon3
Dark as a match1
Dark as midnight1
dark at the top of the stairs2
Dark attitude1
Dark August1
Dark autumn movement I1
Dark autumn movement XI1
Dark autumn – movement I1
Dark autumn – movement XI1
Dark avenue2
Dark Avenue petite1
Dark awakening1
dark backwards1
Dark bakelite1
Dark ballad1
Dark bark1
Dark bayou1
Dark beach1
Dark beauty7
Dark before dawn3
dark before the dawn5
Dark bird1
Dark black1
Dark blanket1
Dark blend1
Dark blooming1
Dark blue18
Dark blue blues1
Dark blue bright red1
Dark blue circumstance1
Dark blue man1
Dark blue sky1
Dark blue trip1
Dark blue world2
Dark blues9
Dark boat1
Dark boats1
Dark Bob1
Dark bones1
Dark bossa1
Dark boy1
Dark bright1
Dark brown boogie1
dark brown lady in the bright yellow dress1
Dark brows1
Dark but lovely1
Dark butterflies1
Dark butterfly1
Dark canyon2
Dark castle1
Dark castle Monk1
dark cave1
Dark celestial maidens1
Dark center1
Dark centre1
Dark chambers1
Dark chant1
Dark chocolate3
Dark christians1
Dark circle blues1
Dark city4
Dark city streets1
dark cloud5
Dark cloud blues1
Dark clouds10
Dark clouds gathering1
Dark clouds go away1
Dark clouds roll1
Dark clouds with silver linings3
Dark colours1
Dark comfort2
Dark composition1
Dark comprehensions1
Dark continent1
Dark continent dialogues1
Dark contrast1
Dark corner3
Dark corners6
Dark correspondence1
Dark countenance1
Dark creatures of the underground1
Dark crimson1
Dark curved eyebrows1
Dark cyan1
Dark dance1
Dark dark1
Dark dark reading1
Dark dawn1
Dark dawn in Aurora1
Dark day7
Dark days7
Dark days and the moon1
Dark deja vu1
Dark delishious dreams1
Dark desert1
Dark desert moon1
dark diamond of Donezk1
Dark doings1
Dark doors1
dark double1
Dark down1
Dark dream1
Dark dreams1
Dark drone1
Dark drops1
Dark Easter1
Dark end of the street5
Dark ends1
Dark energy5
Dark engine1
Dark evil2
Dark eye tango2
Dark eyebrows1
Dark eyed drums1
Dark eyes335
Dark eyes fantasy1
Dark eyes intro1
Dark eyes of Floria Tosca1
dark eyes of Martha Hirsch1
Dark eyes of Texas1
Dark eyes of tomorrow1
Dark eys1
Dark factory1
Dark fairy1
Dark feelings1
Dark field1
Dark fields1
Dark fire1
Dark fireworks1
Dark flame1
Dark flat ride1
Dark flow1
Dark flower2
Dark forces1
Dark forest3
dark forest suite1
dark frontier1
Dark gal blues1
Dark glare1
dark glass1
Dark glasses8
Dark glow2
Dark goeree2
Dark green3
Dark green glass1
Dark grey2
Dark groove runner1
Dark groove runner II1
Dark halo1
Dark harvest1
Dark havens1
Dark hawks hear us1
Dark heart3
Dark heart beat1
Dark heartbeat1
Dark heaven1
Dark heavens1
Dark hero1
Dark highway1
Dark honey1
Dark honey dance1
Dark horizon1
Dark horse6
Dark horses2
dark hour1
Dark hour blues1
Dark hours3
Dark house1
Dark imprints1
Dark in mind1
Dark in the morning1
Dark inside1
Dark intangibles1
Dark interior1
dark is shining1
Dark is the ground1
Dark is the light1
Dark is the night3
Dark island2
Dark ivory tower1
Dark journey1
dark keys2
Dark kiss1
dark knight1
Dark knight dummo1
Dark knowledge1
Dark lady6
Dark lady of the sonnets1
Dark lake1
Dark land1
Dark leaves linger1
Dark light10
Dark lightning1
Dark lights2
Dark lights in a white forest1
Dark like my heart1
Dark machine2
Dark Magus Moja1
Dark Magus Nne1
Dark Magus Taku1
Dark Magus Wili1
Dark man2
Dark man sneaking round the corner the stalker2
Dark marine1
Dark materials1
Dark matrix1
Dark matter23
Dark matters3
Dark meat1
Dark memory 41
Dark memoryshreds1
Dark metals1
Dark metals II1
Dark metals III1
Dark Mingus1
Dark Mingus II1
Dark mirror3
dark mister light1
Dark moisture1
Dark moment1
Dark moments2
Dark money1
Dark mood6
Dark moods1
Dark moon4
Dark moon mood2
Dark morning2
Dark mountain1
Dark moves1
dark Mr Light3
Dark n stormy1
Dark navy1
Dark nebula1
Dark net4
Dark news2
Dark night15
Dark night and luminous1
Dark night blues2
dark night of the soul3
Dark nights4
Dark nights darker days1
Dark nines1
Dark noises1
Dark noon1
dark nurse1
Dark ocean1
Dark of day2
Dark of light2
dark of the light1
Dark of the moon1
Dark ominous clouds1
Dark on light1
Dark one6
Dark orchid7
Dark pageant1
Dark parade2
Dark passage5
Dark passenger1
Dark passengers1
Dark pastures1
Dark paths1
Dark pipe1
dark place1
dark place within1
Dark places3
Dark pleasures1
Dark pool1
Dark pools1
Dark powers1
Dark prelude1
Dark prince5
Dark princess1
Dark purple1
Dark purple night on Crater Lake with a clear view of Saturns rings and moons1
Dark rag 11
Dark rag 21
Dark rain1
Dark rainbow1
Dark rapture3
Dark red2
Dark reeds1
Dark reflection1
Dark reflections1
Dark rememberance1
Dark remembrance1
Dark resolve1
Dark rhapsody1
Dark rhythm1
Dark ride1
Dark rider1
Dark riders1
Dark river1
Dark road silent moon1
Dark roads1
Dark romance1
Dark romance or the short life of Mister Gimli Hope1
Dark room5
Dark rooms1
Dark rose1
Dark ruby1
Dark runs cold1
Dark sacred night1
Dark scented air1
Dark science1
Dark sea2
Dark sea negative charge1
dark season1
Dark secret2
Dark secrets2
Dark secrets of three blind mice1
Dark sestina2
Dark shadow3
Dark shadows12
Dark sheen1
Dark shimmers1
Dark shine1
dark side10
Dark side light side8
dark side of a love affair1
dark side of country music1
dark side of democracy1
dark side of Dewey1
Dark side of sum pt 31
dark side of the Dewey1
dark side of the Jupiter1
Dark side of the moon3
dark side of the street1
dark side of twilight1
Dark side of volcano1
Dark side of white1
dark side The bright side1
Dark silhouette3
Dark sketch1
Dark skies3
Dark skies at noon1
Dark skin1
Dark skin babies1
Dark skin babies New vibe1
Dark sky3
Dark sky day1
Dark slate blue1
Dark snow1
Dark song3
Dark song for a clear day1
Dark soul4
Dark sound1
Dark space1
Dark space in E diminish op 4 first movement largo from The Crab Nebula Suite1
Dark spaces1
Dark sparkle1

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