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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page B41 - Blue and dues to Blue elevator

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Tune nameSessions
Blue and dues1
Blue and esoteric1
Blue and evil blues1
Blue and gentle3
Blue and gold1
Blue and golden1
Blue and gray1
Blue and green26
Blue and grey1
Blue and grey suite1
Blue and grey waltz1
Blue and hill alone1
Blue and lonely1
Blue and lonely town1
Blue and lonesome7
blue and me1
Blue and misty2
Blue and Moody1
Blue and naughty1
Blue and orange1
Blue and orange birds and silver bells2
Blue and other notes1
Blue and red1
Blue and sentimental251
Blue and silver1
Blue and violet1
Blue and white5
Blue and white lights1
Blue and yellow4
Blue angel10
Blue angel blues2
Blue anthem1
Blue Aranjuez1
Blue Arctic1
Blue area1
Blue aria1
Blue arsed fly1
Blue art3
Blue art too1
Blue as a fool can be1
Blue as a whistle1
Blue as an autumn mist1
Blue as I can be2
Blue as in Bley1
Blue as we can be1
Blue ash1
Blue at midnight1
Blue at the roots1
Blue at twilight1
Blue Atlantic1
Blue attitude1
Blue attraction1
Blue aura1
Blue autumn9
Blue azure1
Blue azzara1
Blue B1
Blue baboon2
blue baboon and the fish1
Blue baby7
Blue baby do1
Blue baby why are you blue1
Blue Bach1
Blue bag4
Blue Baghdad1
Blue Baiao1
Blue Baio1
Blue balance1
Blue Balkan2
Blue ball3
Blue ball blues1
Blue ballad8
blue ballad in a bittersweet mood1
Blue ballade1
Blue ballet1
Blue balloon1
Blue balls4
Blue baloo polka1
Blue baloons1
Blue bamboo3
Blue bamboo blue1
Blue bambu blue1
blue banana1
Blue bank1
Blue bar1
Blue Barbarowska1
Blue bard2
Blue Bari1
Blue barracudas1
Blue barrier1
Blue Barron1
Blue basement shuffle1
Blue bash3
Blue basie1
Blue basque1
Blue bass4
Blue basso2
Blue battle1
Blue Bayou10
Blue beach2
Blue beach samba1
Blue beard2
Blue beats1
Blue Beau1
Blue beauty1
Blue bec1
Blue because of you14
Blue bed pan1
Blue bee1
Blue beetle1
Blue Beijing1
Blue bell3
Blue bell and crown1
Blue bell blues1
Blue bell song1
Blue belle of Harlem1
Blue Belles goodbye2
Blue belles of Harlem9
Blue bells6
Blue bells good bye1
Blue bells goodbye44
Blue bells of Scotland4
Blue Benedetto2
Blue berceuse1
Blue Berlin tango1
Blue Berry1
Blue Bessie2
Blue BettieMaes blues1
Blue bicycle dream1
Blue bird16
Blue bird of Delhi5
blue bird of happiness1
Blue bird prologue1
Blue Birdland15
Blue birds2
Blue birds in the moonlight1
blue bison2
Blue Bix4
Blue black5
Blue black and silver1
Blue black and white1
Blue black bottom1
Blue black bottom blues1
Blue black bottom stomp1
Blue blade raga rag1
Blue blanc1
Blue blazes6
Blue blend1
Blue blocks1
Blue blood3
Blue blood blues52
Blue blood ritual1
blue blouse1
Blue blow blew1
Blue blowers blues8
Blue blue4
Blue blue blue2
Blue blue blues1
Blue blue day1
Blue blue days1
Blue blue heartache1
Blue blues10
Blue boar blues1
Blue boat3
Blue bohemia suite2
Blue bolero6
Blue bolivar blues5
Blue bombablue1
Blue bombabomba1
Blue bone2
Blue bones3
Blue bones talking1
Blue bonfim1
Blue bongo2
Blue bonnet4
Blue bonnet you make me feel blue1
Blue Bonnie1
Blue boogaloo a la russe1
Blue boogie4
Blue boogie boogie1
Blue Booj1
blue book3
Blue book 19201
Blue book boogie1
Blue book della1
blue book of Storyville1
Blue booze1
Blue bop2
Blue boppa1
Blue boppin at the Saint1
Blue boss1
Blue bossa264
Blue bossa in de Amsterdamse grachten1
Blue bossa samba1
Blue bossa suite1
Blue bottle1
Blue bottles1
Blue bottom3
Blue bounce1
Blue bouree1
Blue box4
Blue boy18
Blue boyes blues1
Blue boys brigade2
Blue bozza1
Blue brains1
Blue Brasil1
Blue brass groove2
Blue Brazil1
Blue brazza1
Blue breeze2
Blue Brew3
Blue brews1
Blue bridge2
blue bridges1
Blue broke and evil1
Blue Bros1
Blue brothers1
Blue brown and beige1
Blue brown or green1
Blue Browne1
Blue bru1
Blue bubbles4
Blue Bud blues1
Blue Bud note1
Blue Buddy1
Blue Buell1
blue bugle march1
Blue Buick2
Blue bundles1
Blue bungalow2
Blue bungalow boogie1
Blue Bunny1
blue bus1
Blue business suit1
Blue but not too blue1
Blue but tricky1
Blue but true1
Blue butterflies2
Blue butterfly5
Blue by 201
Blue by the river3
Blue Byrd1
Blue C1
Blue cab express1
Blue cabaret1
Blue caboose3
Blue cactus1
Blue Caesar1
Blue cage1
Blue Cairo1
Blue caller1
Blue calm4
Blue calypso3
Blue camel2
Blue canary2
Blue candy1
Blue canvas1
Blue caper3
Blue capers6
Blue capricorn1
Blue car2
Blue caribe1
Blue caribou1
Blue carnival2
Blue carousel1
Blue carpet1
Blue carriage1
Blue casa1
Blue cashews1
Blue castle2
Blue cat3
Blue catch1
Blue catherderal1
Blue cave2
Blue Cee2
Blue cell phone1
Blue cello blues1
Blue cellophane8
Blue cembalet1
Blue cha1
Blue cha cha1
Blue chacha1
Blue chain1
Blue chameleon1
Blue champagne42
Blue change1
blue Charles1
Blue Charlie Brown1
Blue charm1
Blue chenille1
Blue chick1
Blue chicken1
Blue chili out1
Blue chill1
Blue chilli1
Blue chilli out1
Blue chime stomp1
Blue China1
Blue ching2
Blue chip5
blue chip bop1
Blue chips2
Blue chopsticks9
Blue Christmas51
Blue Chu1
Blue church blues1
Blue ciel1
Blue cigars1
Blue circle3
Blue circles1
Blue circumstances1
Blue circus1
Blue City8
Blue clarinet4
Blue clarinet stomp6
Blue clay3
Blue clef1
Blue cloud5
Blue clouds5
Blue clover1
Blue clover man1
Blue clown1
Blue coal1
Blue coat blue collar1
Blue Cobea1
Blue cocktail1
Blue Coco1
Blue code1
Blue coffee1
Blue collage Dont put off salvation1
Blue collar3
Blue collar trombone1
blue collection1
Blue collie1
Blue colours1
Blue comedy7
Blue comet bankruptcy1
Blue concept9
Blue conclusion1
Blue concrete1
Blue confluence1
Blue Congo1
Blue continent1
Blue cool1
Blue coolade1
blue coral2
Blue corazon1
Blue corius1
Blue corn1
Blue corn bop1
Blue corn tortillas1
Blue corner1
Blue corners1
Blue coronet1
Blue cortina1
Blue corvis1
Blue couch1
Blue couch boogie1
blue countess1
Blue country1
Blue country blues3
blue cow walked down the lane1
Blue crack1
Blue creek8
Blue creek hop1
Blue crescent1
blue cross3
Blue cry2
Blue crystal2
Blue crystal fire1
Blue cube2
Blue Cucciolino1
Blue cuchifrito1
Blue cup1
Blue cups blues1
Blue current1
Blue curry1
Blue curtis1
Blue curve1
Blue cycle3
Blue cycles1
Blue cylinder1
Blue D1
blue dabs of vericose veins1
Blue Dado1
Blue Dales1
Blue dali2
blue dance2
Blue dance for Al Berg1
Blue Daniel94
Blue Danube21
Blue Danube blues4
Blue danube bounce1
blue Danube goes dixieland1
Blue Danube in dixieland1
blue Danube swing4
Blue danube waltz1
Blue Danzon1
Blue dark1
Blue Dashki1
Blue daughter1
Blue dawn6
Blue day9
Blue day light1
Blue days2
Blue days blue dreams2
Blue daze1
Blue de loin1
Blue de Memphis1
Blue decco1
Blue December1
Blue deco1
Blue deep sea blues1
Blue deer1
Blue degrees1
Blue deja vu1
Blue Delhi2
Blue delight2
Blue demon1
Blue demon II1
Blue Denham1
Blue depth1
Blue dervish1
Blue desert3
blue desert of silence1
Blue devil blues4
Blue devil jazz2
Blue Devil jump1
Blue devil rag1
Blue Devils and the holy ghost1
blue devils laughing song1
Blue Di1
Blue diamond1
Blue difference1
Blue differencia1
Blue differentials1
Blue dilemma5
Blue diner1
blue dinosaurs love scene1
Blue dip1
Blue dirge2
Blue disclosure1
Blue divine1
Blue Dizzy1
Blue Django2
Blue dog2
blue dog blues for Earl Cross1
Blue dog return1
Blue dogs pedestrian sequester1
Blue doll1
Blue dolphin5
Blue domain1
Blue dome1
Blue Don1
Blue Donau charleston1
Blue donkey rag1
Blue doom1
Blue door1
Blue dop1
Blue doppler effect1
blue dot3
Blue dots1
blue dove8
Blue down to my shoes1
Blue drag47
Blue drag nr 21
blue dragon1
Blue dream9
Blue dreaming2
Blue dreams6
Blue drew1
Blue drift1
Blue drones1
Blue drum1
Blue drummin2
Blue du papa Noel1
Blue duck suit1
Blue duende1
Blue dues1
Blue duiker1
blue Duke6
Blue dumplings1
Blue dun1
Blue dunes1
Blue dusk2
Blue dusk girl1
Blue dynamo in a starry night1
Blue E1
Blue early Bird2
Blue east1
Blue ebony1
Blue echo4
Blue echoes7
Blue echos1
Blue ecstasy1
Blue eight1
Blue elbow1
Blue elephant1
Blue elevator1

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