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This index refers to the 549,471 individual tune titles (1,635,895 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A27 - Ampurdan to An impression of Summertime by George Gershwin

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Tune nameSessions
Amr i bismiki1
Amran gisher1
AMs waltz1
Ams znisa ku hana1
Amsden 361
Amstel Amsterdam1
Amstel crossing2
Amstel delight1
Amstelveens stryktrio1
Amsterdam 831
Amsterdam affairs2
Amsterdam after dark18
Amsterdam Avenue3
Amsterdam BIM huis A B1
Amsterdam blues5
Amsterdam brakke grond 271219731
Amsterdam CS1
Amsterdam Frascati A B 30519751
Amsterdam jam1
Amsterdam parade1
Amsterdam party time1
Amsterdam polka3
Amsterdam rhapsody overture1
Amsterdam shuffle1
Amsterdam strut1
Amsterdam sunshine1
Amsterdam the first day1
Amsterdam trickster1
Amsterdamned thoroughfare1
Amsterdams magic1
Amstettenst valentin st valentin1
Amt mit schwal ben1
Amtrak blues1
Amtrak I1
Amu Darya1
Amu lu silenziu1
Amulet and dagger1
Amulet of Bes1
Amund joy waltz1
Amundsens ship Frame1
Amusante Clementine1
Amuse bouche1
Amuse feuille1
Amuse me1
Amusement park1
Amusette 21
Amusi fi1
Amusing paramour1
Amusing paramours1
Amy and Joseph2
Amy Beach1
Amy Camus1
Amy in May1
Amy Marie1
Amy music1
Amy Pookie1
Amy Yvonne1
Amygdala appendix1
Amygdala intro1
Amys blues1
Amys bounce1
Amys day1
Amys eyes1
Amys lament2
Amys presence1
Amys solo1
Amys song2
Amys theme4
Amys time1
Amys waltz3
An & Vas1
An A piece of music1
An abode1
An aborted Eddie Harris tune1
An absence of heart1
An absence of windows1
An abstract door1
An account of my hut1
An accumulation of subtleties1
An ace in the hole1
An acre of time1
An act of love1
An act without class1
An activity of elimination1
An activity of extraction1
An activity of selection1
An actor on TV1
An actors life3
An added touch2
An addition to the family1
An addition to tradition1
An adventure in modern Spain1
An adverse drawing might mean mutilation1
An advertisement for civilation1
An aesthete on Clarke Street1
An affair to remember42
An Afrasian occasion1
An African American in Rio Frio Costa Rica2
An African beauty1
An African elegy1
An african fantasy1
An after hours lament2
An aftermath1
An afternoon affair1
An afternoon at home3
An afternoon break1
An afternoon by the meadow1
An afternoon downtown1
An afternoon in Berkeley1
An afternoon in BudapestHungarian rhapsody no 21
An afternoon in Cameroon1
An afternoon in Chatanooga1
An afternoon in Harlem1
An afternoon in Paris3
An afternoon walk1
An afternoon with Anron at the cafe1
An afternoon with April1
An afternoon with Ella1
An afternoon with Kiefer1
An afternoon with Mr Bowie1
An afterthought3
An age is a sunlight coming through the age of the woods1
An age of hunger1
An aging dream1
An air for the heir1
An air of gathering pipers1
An air on a theme to dance1
An aire for Claire1
An airplane told me so1
An Akwapim theme1
An alchemists trip1
An algae generator1
An all such stuff as dat1
An alle1
An alligator in your wallet2
An almost perfect man1
An alternate Aberdeen Angus1
An alternate eggshell summer1
An alternate low circus ballad1
An alternate mackerel sky1
An alternate new conditions and some out blues1
An alternate Ryoanji1
An alternate take of a life1
An alternate third simple piece1
An alternative to oregnum1
An Amazon goes awooing1
An Amazon waterfall1
An amber shade of blue1
An ambiguous sign of life1
An ambiguous state of mind1
An Americaine in Paris1
An American concerto1
An American concerto for jazz quartet and Orchestra1
An American encore1
An American garden1
An American in Paris20
An American in Russia1
An American in Urbana1
An American lullaby1
An American prayer1
An American sound1
An American tale1
An amorphic balloon1
An amusing misunderstanding1
An analysis of the forces required to drag sheep over various surfaces1
An ancestor1
An ancient Chinese gu1
An ancient civilization1
An ancient formula1
An ancient scar on the terrestrial globe1
An ancient sport1
An Andalusian dog1
An anecdote regarding Anthony Braxton1
An angel1
An angel child1
An angel fell1
An angel has gone1
An angel in a furnished room1
An angel in disguise1
An angel like that1
An angel on earth1
An angel on the bridge1
An angel on the corner1
An angel passes1
An angel passes by1
An angel touched me1
An angel touched my Christmas1
An angels caress1
An angels whisper1
An angels wish1
An angels work is never done1
An angel’s disquiet1
An angry young man1
An anguish departed1
An announcement DBWG 11
An anonymous soul1
An answer2
An answer arrives unheeded Jobs lament1
An answer to Charles2
An answer to my prayer1
An answer to your silence1
An answered prayer1
An ant as we know1
An ant steps on an elephants toe1
An anthem for Amy1
An anthem for the generation that died1
An anticipation of only catastrophe1
An aperitif2
An apertif1
An appeal1
An appeal to reason1
An apple a day2
An apple an orange and a little stick doll1
An apple blossom wedding4
An apple for Christa2
An apple for the teacher22
An apple from the tree1
An apple in the country hill1
An apple in the freezer1
An April night1
An April piece1
An April to be remembered1
An aries evening1
An armful of you2
An arms length1
An army mutters no evil stars1
An arrow in flight1
An artic waltz1
An Asian gospel1
An asian small village1
An aspen leaf1
An Atlantean returned knows the value of the stars1
An attempt at jealousy1
An attempt at serenity1
An atypical affair1
An audacious adventure1
An August remembered1
An Aussie in LA1
An autumn memory1
An autumn tale1
An avalanche in slow motion1
An average daze1
An awakening thought1
An awful lot my gal aint got1
An awful moanin blues1
An awfully romantic duet for possibly blackbird and definitely saxophone1
An awkward dream1
An axe to grind2
An ba mango la1
An bayan ko1
An Berliner kinder1
An deiner Wascheleine1
An dem tag als du gingst1
An dem vollmond III1
An den Deutschen mond1
An den Fluss will ich gehen1
An den Gestaden1
An den kleinen radio apparat1
An den kleinen radioapparat4
An den mond1
An der Donau steht Marika1
An der hand oder nicht oder1
An der nase herumfuhren1
An der schonen blauen Donau5
An der Spree1
An der vulgaren kante1
An derez1
An diaoul hag an aour1
An die fliegenden fische1
An die freude1
An die muden menschen des abendlandes1
An die music D547 op 88 no 41
An die musik1
An die nachgeborenen1
An die prinzessin die aus dem maulbeerbaum geboren warde1
An dlo1
An eagle came1
An ear on Buddhas belly1
An earful of music4
An early glimpse of planet Ruth1
An early machine sky1
An early morning river stroll1
An early mutation1
An early train south1
An easier hymn1
An eastern ballad1
An eccentric introvert in a study filled with broken mirrors1
An echo in anothers mind1
An echoed smile1
An economy of scale1
An educated rag1
An education to begin with1
An egg sack and a sharp hook1
An eggnog some mistletoe and you1
An eight piece band1
An Eilen Dhu1
An einem grauen Vormittag kam Gott1
An einem Sonntagnachmittag1
An elbow in Bjarnes pizza1
An elegant elephant2
An elegy in blue1
An elegy of waves1
An elegy to any war1
An element of logic1
An elephant in Igors yard1
An elephants dream1
An elevated cry1
An eleven months walk1
An elusive encounter1
An elusive ghost1
An elusive man1
An embrace to bonfa2
An emotion1
An emotional dance3
An empty garage1
An empty glass4
An empty space1
An encounter2
An encounter in Tbilisi1
An encounter with a street troll1
An encounter with Charless country band1
An end of the matter1
An ending I love you1
An ending in its right place1
An endless now1
An endless story of sorrow1
An Englishman in love in LA1
An Englishman in New York1
An Englishman needs time1
An enigma1
An eonig1
An eres1
An escape nonetheless2
An especially goodhearted nurse1
An espontaneo1
An essay on studies of the SpaceTime continuum1
An essence of its own1
An essential dream1
An esthete on Clark St1
An esthete on Clark Street1
An esthete on Clarke Street2
An eternity1
An Ethiopian Mardi Gras5
An even break1
An even deeper blue1
An even three1
An evening and a night at the Annex Bar parts 151
An evening at Papa Joes3
An evening at Pops1
An evening hymn1
An evening in Budapest1
An evening in Caroline5
An evening in Casablanca2
An evening in Dallas1
An evening in Gibraltar2
An evening in Hamburg part one1
An evening in Hamburg part two1
An evening in June1
An evening in New York1
An evening in paradise2
An evening in Park Lane1
An evening in Roma1
An evening in Sao Paulo1
An evening in Soho1
An evening in the country1
An evening in Thessaloniki at the Oriental Gate1
An evening like this1
An evening nap in the afternoon sun1
An evening of spaceships and UFOs1
An evening of Viennese cupboardry1
An evening on Marvin Street1
An evening on the veranda1
An evening party of adults on a lawn illuminated by fancy lanterns1
An evening prayer11
An evening sonata1
An evening thought4
An evening tonight1
An evening with friends1
An evening with HG1
An evening with Jerry1
An evening with Mam1
An evening with Marion1
An evening with the vampire1
An evening with Vincent van Ritz2
An evening with you1
An ever fixed mark1
An Evergreen story with a little taste of French accent1
An everyday tune1
An everywhere of silver1
An evning in Caroline6
An example of what I meant1
an excerpt from a rose is a rose1
an excerpt from In like paradiseout like the blues1
An excerpt of egghead1
An exchange of prisoners1
An excursion1
An exercise1
An exercise in quantum gravity1
An exhilaration of larks and their discovery of fire1
An existential prelude1
An explication1
An exploratory introduction1
An extended bridge between two traditions1
An extra dollar1
An extract1
An extravagant love song3
An eye for an eye1
An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth1
An eye for Awilda1
An eye for beauty and another for cash1
An eye for you1
An eye on the future1
An eye over autumn1
An eye with Steve1
An eyeball for Dan1
An eyeful of you1
An FF bass solo1
An Franz Liszt1
An friedn dafrogn1
An ha1
An happy child1
An HE1
An hellen Tagen1
An heol teuzet1
An herberts breiter brust1
An hiks1
An HK guitar solo1
An homage for Luiz Gonzaga1
An horolaj1
An hour a week1
An hour ago1
An hour away1
An hour back1
An hour blessed1
An hour from your heart1
An hour never passes8
An Hungaryan play1
An I do just what I want1
An idea4
An idle person in love1
An if but to and when1
An illness with a countdown1
An illusion2
An illusive shadow1
An image1
An image of man1
An image of you1
An imaginary girl1
An imbalance in our times1
An immense song of the people1
An immovable feast1
An imogai for Shimako1
An important event1
An important return1
An impossible test1
An impression of Brazil1
An impression of Brown rice by Don Cherry1
An impression of Come Sunday by Duke Ellington1
An impression of Ol man river by Jerome Kern1
An impression of Summertime by George Gershwin1

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