This index refers to the 227,280 individual jazz musicians (1,418,364 total entries) included in over 246,320 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2020.

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  • Album title
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  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Ernesto Abreu
Page A2 Jesus Lam Abreu to P.J. Adamson
Page A3 Paul Adamson to Beatriz Aguiar
Page A4 Clovis Aguiar to Noura Al-Salem
Page A5 Farid Al-Shami to Liz Alessi
Page A6 Ralph Alessi to Al Alledore
Page A7 John Allee to Owe Almgren
Page A8 Mikkel Almholt to Sergio Amato
Page A9 Silvio Amato to Ole Richard Andersen
Page A10 Patricia Mia Andersen to Shunsuke Andoh
Page A11 Susumu Andoh to Amina Annabi
Page A12 Russell Annaken to Mario Aquilina
Page A13 Mario "Cocker" Aquilina to Emilio Armengol
Page A14 Louis Armengol to Tom Arthur
Page A15 Toni Arthur to Gustavo Assis-Brasil
Page A16 Assoa to Paul Austerlitz
Page A17 Alex Austin to Azziz
Page A18 Marcel Azzola to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Susy Baechler
Page B2 Larry Baeder to E.T. Baker
Page B3 Earl Baker to Alessandro Balladore
Page B4 Iain Ballamy to Martine Banoun
Page B5 Bill Banovertz to Phil Barger
Page B6 Dave Bargeron to Andrea Baronchelli
Page B7 Angelo Baroncini to Harry Barth
Page B8 Kim Barth to Pierluigi Bastioli
Page B9 Marcio Bastista to Thomas Baumgartel
Page B10 Willi Baumgartel to Richard Beaudet
Page B11 Andy Beaudoin to Kevin Beernink
Page B12 Bob W. Beers to Walter Bell
Page B13 Warren Bell to Alberto Bengolea
Page B14 Margareta Bengston to Terry Benton
Page B15 Tommy Benton to Macce Berglund
Page B16 Mats Berglund to Gernot Bernroider
Page B17 Bert Berns to Tom Bethke
Page B18 Gijs Beths to Thierry Bienayme
Page B19 Dominik Bienczycki to Ernest Birchill
Page B20 Max Birchler to Bill Black
Page B21 Bill Black to Geoff Bland
Page B22 Jack Bland to Ryan Blotnik
Page B23 Charlie Blott to David Boedinghaus
Page B24 Peter Boegan to The Boleros
Page B25 Brian Boles to Don Bonnie
Page B26 Earl Bonnie to Michael Born
Page B27 Born True to Heddy Boubaker
Page B28 Eddie Boubay to Alf Bowes
Page B29 Don Bowes to Tommy Bradford
Page B30 Alex Bradford Singers to Les Brannan
Page B31 Mick Brannan to Dave Brennan
Page B32 Dick Brennan to Alan Brind
Page B33 Michel Medrano Brindis to Staffan Broms
Page B34 Vladimir Bromsky to Bill Brown
Page B35 Bill Brown to Roy Brown
Page B36 Rudy Brown to Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner
Page B37 Stuart Bruner to Kendall Buchanan
Page B38 Kenny Buchanan to Sebastien Bujon
Page B39 Pere Bujosa to Lothar Burghaus
Page B40 David Burgher to Leslie Burrs
Page B41 Morgan Burrs to Jackie Butler-Hariston
Page B42 Igor Butman to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Ignazio Calderone
Page C2 Francisco Caldes to Sergio Caminita
Page C3 Yuri Camino to Chantae Cann
Page C4 Claus Cann to Yves Carbonne
Page C5 David Carbonneau to Onias Carmadelli
Page C6 Marcel Carmago to Bob Carroll
Page C7 Charlie Carroll to Carl Carwell
Page C8 Ed Carwell to Bob Castley
Page C9 Marco Castliglioni to Bill Cebula
Page C10 Alessandra Cecala to Henri Chaix
Page C11 JEan Chaize to Matthew Charboneau
Page C12 Jean-Michel Charbonel to Audrey Chen
Page C13 Bubi Chen to Chisa
Page C14 David Chisea to Brian Christopherson
Page C15 Janice Christopherson to Tony Claes
Page C16 Jan Claesel to Edwin "Popo" Claudio
Page C17 Javier Claudio to George Clover
Page C18 Steve Clover to Shlomo Cohen
Page C19 Sonny Cohen to Jim Collard
Page C20 Melissa Collard to Frances Colwell
Page C21 Julianne Colwell to Marco Consales
Page C22 Bob Conselman to Claire Cooper
Page C23 Clare Cooper to Sinead Cormican
Page C24 John Cormick to John Costalupes
Page C25 C. Costantini to Patrick Cowan
Page C26 Paul Cowan to Colin Crawley
Page C27 Father John Crawley to Theon Cross
Page C28 Tony Cross to George Culley
Page C29 James Culley to Taylor Cutcomb
Page C30 Jorge Cutello to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Beverly Dahlke-Smith
Page D2 Anna "Bruno" Dahlman to G. Reat Dane
Page D3 Jean Dane to Tom Darter
Page D4 Gary Dartnell to Sian Davies
Page D5 Spadge Davies to Willie J. Davis
Page D6 Wilmer Davis to Willis De Barge
Page D7 Sabino de Bari to De fem Syncoper
Page D8 Al Defemio to Brian Delaney
Page D9 Dan Delaney to Cesio De Luisi
Page D10 Pete DeLuke to Jean Dennis
Page D11 Jeannie Dennis to Xavier Desandre
Page D12 Xavier Desandre-Navarre to John Devine
Page D13 Loretta Devine to Simone Di Benedetto
Page D14 Doc Dibert to Bert van Dijk
Page D15 Bill van Dijk to Lisa Dispigno
Page D16 Davide Di Spirito to Jan Doedel
Page D17 Terran Doehrer to Vicki Doney
Page D18 Charles Dong to Jerry Doucette
Page D19 Rich Doucette to Guus Dral
Page D20 Armand Dralandts to Carol Duboc
Page D21 Jane Duboc to Armand Dumont
Page D22 Axel Dumont to Bernie Durant, Jr.
Page D23 Bob Durant to DK Dyson
Page D24 Elizabeth Dyson to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Gyongyi Ecsi
Page E2 Carl Ector to Marcel Ege
Page E3 Meltem Ege to Bertil Ekman
Page E4 Bjorn Ekman to Kirk Elliott
Page E5 Larry Elliott to Lyle Emmons
Page E6 Tim Emmons to Christophe Erard
Page E7 Clive Erard to Carmina Escobar
Page E8 John Escobar to Arnold Evans
Page E9 Basil Evans to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Ron Falson
Page F2 John Falstrom to Dionne Farris
Page F3 Hollie Farris to Jerk Fehling
Page F4 Thomas Fehling to Harold Ferguson
Page F5 Harry Ferguson to Hagai Abu Fershtman
Page F6 Haggai Fershtman to Franck Filosa
Page F7 Lou Filosa to Nadia Maria Fischer
Page F8 Neil Fischer to Robert Flavelle
Page F9 Scott Flavin to Steve Flygare
Page F10 Bill Joseph Flynn to Wayne Ford
Page F11 Winston Ford to Pops Foster
Page F12 Ray Foster to Don Francis
Page F13 Drew Francis to Pierre Frasque
Page F14 Eleuterio Frasquera to Harry Freldman
Page F15 Maurice Freleaux to Marco Fritz
Page F16 Oz Fritz to Joel Fulgham
Page F17 Sue Fulghum to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to David Galbraith
Page G2 Frank Galbraith to Chick Ganimian
Page G3 Alan Ganley to Ross Garen
Page G4 Caral Garett to Unsere Gaste
Page G5 Sylvie Gasteau to Robby Geerken
Page G6 Romana Geermans to Dan Georgescu
Page G7 Marian Georgescu to Oxana Gheorghies
Page G8 Alexander Gheorghiu to G. Gihoul
Page G9 Tony Gijselinck to Sole Giminez
Page G10 Jim Gimino to Peter Glaser
Page G11 Richard Glaser to Sean Peter Godfrey
Page G12 Sir John Godfrey to George Goldsmith
Page G13 Gregg Goldsmith to Nelson "Mateo" Gonzalez
Page G14 Nelson Gonzalez, III to Tom Gordon
Page G15 Tony Gordon to Jaak Govaere
Page G16 Al Govaert to Philip Granell
Page G17 Cedric Granelle to Helen Grayco
Page G18 Jay Graydon to Kellie Greene
Page G19 Larry Greene to Kundar Grieg
Page G20 Rod Grieg to Max Groen
Page G21 Vera Groen to George Gruntz
Page G22 Alex Grunwald to Marley Guiliana
Page G23 Marcello Guiliani to Allan Gustafsson
Page G24 Anders Gustafsson to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Henry Hagemann
Page H2 Per Hagemann to Arsenio Hall
Page H3 Arthur Hall to Steve Ham
Page H4 Warren Ham to Utah Hamrick
Page H5 Olof Hamrin to Rolf Hansen
Page H6 Ross Hansen to Jack Harkavy
Page H7 Brenden Harkein to Jamie Harris
Page H8 Jarrard Harris to Neil Hart
Page H9 Nick Hart to Bud Hassler
Page H10 Claudio Hassler to Marshall Hawkins
Page H11 Matthew Hawkins to Norm Headley
Page H12 The Headliners to Uli Heier
Page H13 Her Heierman to John Helstone
Page H14 Bruno Helstroffer to Richard Henrickson
Page H15 Olle Henricson to Heinz Hermann
Page H16 Jesper Hermann to Carmen Hess
Page H17 Chad Hess to Nils Higdon
Page H18 Arthur Higelin to Rene de Hilster
Page H19 Felix Hiltbrunner to Janos "Johnny" Hittner
Page H20 Esa Hitunen to Biff Hoffman
Page H21 Bill Hoffman to Peter Holl
Page H22 Marvin Holladay to Stephan Holstein
Page H23 Glenn Holstrom to Rob Hope
Page H24 Ron Hope to Peter Horvath
Page H25 Ramona Horvath to Charlie Howell
Page H26 Clarisa Howell to Ross Huff
Page H27 Wallace Huff to Hank Huncharoff
Page H28 Peter Hunck to Drago Husman
Page H29 Dragutin Husman to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Vitali Imereli
Page I2 Olav Imerlund to U. Irrlicht
Page I3 Otto Irsic to Lisbeth Iversen
Page I4 Patrick Shaw Iversen to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Ayal Jacob
Page J2 Billy Jacob to Francois Jalbert
Page J3 Stephane Jalbert to Dana Janssen
Page J4 Guus Janssen to Jim Jedeiken
Page J5 Jim Jedeikin to Hans Jorgen "Hanse" Jensen
Page J6 Hans Ulrik Jensen to Lionel Job
Page J7 Dawda Jobarteh to Carlyle Johnson
Page J8 Caroline Johnson to Patricia Johnson
Page J9 Patrick Johnson to Broadway Jones
Page J10 Bruce Jones to Tamiko Jones
Page J11 Ted Jones to Jim Joseph
Page J12 Joel Joseph to Dave Junor
Page J13 Yamagishi Junshi to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Lars Kallfelt
Page K2 Lars "Lade" Kallfelt to Nickos Kapilidis
Page K3 Nikos Kapilidis to Tetsuro Kashibuchi
Page K4 Kashif to Nathan Kawaller
Page K5 Walt "Kaye" Kawalski to Marc Keijzer
Page K6 Remco Keijzer to Anita Kelsey
Page K7 Barry Kelsey to Jim Kerl
Page K8 Aletra Kerley to V. Khotin
Page K9 Roman Khotyachuk to Mark Kimbrell
Page K10 Matt Kimbrell to Arnie Kinsella
Page K11 Brian Kinsella to Esben Kjaer
Page K12 Jorgen Kjaer to Frans Klink
Page K13 Grant Klink to Thomas Knuchel
Page K14 Mae Knuckey to Kunihiro Kohno
Page K15 Masahiko Kohno to Brian Kooken
Page K16 Ine Kool to Imre Koszegi
Page K17 Peter Koszegi to Chris Kramer
Page K18 Christian Kramer to Issam Krimi
Page K19 Dan Krimm to Vytautas Kubilius
Page K20 Dave Kubin to Kathy Kuntz
Page K21 Rob Kuntz to Johan Kylen
Page K22 Owania Kyles to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Bob La Girardia
Page L2 Juan Carlos Laglere to Luc Lambrechts
Page L3 Wies Lambrechts to Tom Laney
Page L4 Harold Lanford, III to Doug Largent
Page L5 Jaco Largent to Gwen Laster
Page L6 Marty Laster to Yuri Lavrushin
Page L7 Jeppe Lavsen to Art Learner
Page L8 Bill Learoyd to Joan Lee
Page L9 Joe Lee to John Lehmkuhl
Page L10 Alexandra Lehmler to Lenni
Page L11 Calvin Lennig to Vilincia Leslie
Page L12 Jay Leslye to Allegra Levy
Page L13 Alyse Levy to Constantin Li
Page L14 Don Li to Matthew Lima
Page L15 Mayra Lima to Henrik Lindstrand
Page L16 Josefine Lindstrand to Jeff Little
Page L17 Jerry Little to Paul Lockwood
Page L18 Robert Lockwood, Jr. to Norman Long
Page L19 Page C. Long to Mario Loschi
Page L20 Stefan Loschner to John Lowery
Page L21 John "Raddy" Lowery to Anna Luif
Page L22 Giancarlo Luiggi to Niles Luther
Page L23 Ricky Luther to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Red Mack
Page M2 Ronnie Mack to Dick Maffei
Page M3 Vince Maffei to Laura Maione
Page M4 Luigi Maione to Bernd Mallasch
Page M5 Bruce Mallatratt to Anthony Mangan
Page M6 Jack Mangan to Freddy Manzo, Jr.
Page M7 Ludovica Manzo to Gillian Margot
Page M8 Res Margot to Klemens Marktl
Page M9 The Marktones to Thomas C. Marshall
Page M10 Todd Marshall to Leo Martina
Page M11 Maria Luisa Martina to Yoichi Masakana
Page M12 Hugh Masakela to Mandla Masuku
Page M13 Hiroaki Masumoto to Don Matteson
Page M14 Rich Matteson to Daniel May
Page M15 Danny May to Tom McAfee
Page M16 Wes McAfee to Tim McCord
Page M17 Susannah McCorkle to Keith "Spike" McEndry
Page M18 Edwin J. McEnelly to Steve McIntyre
Page M19 Tim McIntyre to Mickey McMahan
Page M20 Walter McMahan to Jason Mears
Page M21 Martha Mears to Paoli Mejia
Page M22 Francisco Mejias to John Menegon
Page M23 Lucio Menegon to Hans Mertl
Page M24 Peter Mertmans to Christopher Meyers
Page M25 Clark Meyers to Manny Mieles
Page M26 Bob Mielke to Bobby Miller
Page M27 Brady Miller to Johnnie Mills
Page M28 Joseph Clayton Mills to Marcos Miranda
Page M29 Marisol Berrios Miranda to Ilona Mitze
Page M30 Ulrich Mitzlaff to Maike Mohr
Page M31 Michael Mohr to Scott Monetti
Page M32 A.B. Money to Charlotte Moon
Page M33 Eileen Moon to Dick Moran
Page M34 Ed Moran to Sunny Morgan
Page M35 Thomas Morgan to Lee Morrison
Page M36 Leni Morrison to Teddy Moss
Page M37 Vernita Moss to Johannes Mueller
Page M38 Johnny Mueller to Glenn Mulvogue
Page M39 Belinda Mulzac to Dee Murray
Page M40 Dick Murray to Jo Berger Myrhure
Page M41 Myriam to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Diane Nalini
Page N2 Tony Nalker to Louis Navarro
Page N3 Maria Navarro to Chris Nelson
Page N4 Chris Nelson to Werner Neumann
Page N5 Wolfgang Neumann to Ann Nichols
Page N6 Ben Nichols to Manuel Nieto
Page N7 Miguel Angel Pozo Nieto to Battista Nizza
Page N8 Pat Nizza to Mikhael Nordso
Page N9 Mikkel Nordso to Bill Novick
Page N10 Billy Novick to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Nigel Oaklands
Page O2 Ben Oakley to Carlton Ogilvie
Page O3 Don Ogilvie to Tom Olen
Page O4 Weston Olencki to Staffan Olsson
Page O5 Staffan William Olsson to Harvey Orkin
Page O6 Milt Orkin to Harm van Oss
Page O7 Roset van Oss to Frank Overlund
Page O8 Bill Overman to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Francisco Pais
Page P2 Afonso Pais de Sousa to Sergey Panasenka
Page P3 Dan Panasenko to Fred Parham
Page P4 Herbert "Duke" Parham to Barry Parr
Page P5 Bob Parr to Vivek Patel
Page P6 Sally Patella to Glenn Paulson
Page P7 Jamie Paulson to Justin Pearson
Page P8 Ken Pearson to Dan Pell
Page P9 Dave Pell to Pierre Perchaud
Page P10 Jack Perciful to Marc Perrenoud
Page P11 Felix Perrera to Bill Peters
Page P12 Binnie Peters to Aldo Petrioli
Page P13 Danko Petrisic to Gene Philips
Page P14 H. Philips to Olivia Pidi
Page P15 John Pidoux to Leopoldo Pineda
Page P16 Raul Pineda to Raymond Pitts
Page P17 Reggie Pitts to Aaron Podorson
Page P18 Aleks Podraza to James Pomerantz
Page P19 Mark Pomerantz to Dick Porter
Page P20 Dick Porter to Frank Powell
Page P21 Frank Powell to Jennie Press
Page P22 Joel Press to James E. Pritchett, Jr.
Page P23 Robin Pritchett to Chris Puleston
Page P24 Thomas Pulfer to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Fabio Ragnelli
Page R2 Frank Rago to Guillermo Ramos
Page R3 Hesiquio Ramos to L. Rasch
Page R4 Manfred Rasch to Mindy Ray
Page R5 Monty Ray to Dizzy Reece
Page R6 Ken Reece to Dotty Reid
Page R7 Edmund Reid to Maria Renaldo
Page R8 Marie Renaldo to Ben "Bam Bam" Reynolds
Page R9 Bert Reynolds to Ken Rich
Page R10 Lisa Rich to Boris Rickov
Page R11 "Big Chief" Smiley Ricks to Tim Riley
Page R12 Tom Riley to Waldemar P. Rivera
Page R13 Wanda Sharpe Rivera to Sarah Roberts
Page R14 Scott Roberts to Yolanda Robinson
Page R15 Bill Robinson & The Quails to Joe Rodriguez
Page R16 Joe "Papo" Rodriguez to Johnny Rohrberg
Page R17 Jurgen Rohrberg to Ruben van Rompaey
Page R18 Mikkel Romstad to Ken Rosen
Page R19 Larry Rosen to Andre Rossi
Page R20 Angelo Rossi to Oscar Rouzan
Page R21 Wanda Rouzan to Wiff Rudd
Page R22 Kevin Ruddell to Patrice Rushen
Page R23 Harald Rushenbaum to Monty Ryan
Page R24 Myke Ryan to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Dawoud Said
Page S2 Dianna Said to Amy Salo
Page S3 Caspar Salo to Rodolfo Sanchez
Page S4 Serafin Sanchez to Ron Sant
Page S5 Antonio Sant'Anna to Loek 't Sas
Page S6 Louck't Sas to Allen Savedoff
Page S7 Carmen Saveiros to Efim Schachmeister
Page S8 Uwe Schachner to Christoph Scherer
Page S9 Claudia Scherer to Kevin Schmid
Page S10 Kubno Schmid to Daniel Schnyder
Page S11 Emanuel Schnyder to Philippe Schroeter
Page S12 Klaas Schroevers to Mishla Schwartz
Page S13 Nan Schwartz to Nafloyd Scott
Page S14 Nathaniel Scott to Ellen Seeling
Page S15 Ambros Seelos to Melquisedek Seme
Page S16 Joan Semelhack to Stefan Seva
Page S17 Stephane Seva to Mark "Breeze" Shapiro
Page S18 Michael Shapiro to Mr. Sheiks
Page S19 Craig Sheilds to Okuda Shigeo
Page S20 Mukai Shigeruharu to David Shrake
Page S21 James Shrake to Michalis Siganidis
Page S22 Chris Sigerson to Jack Simmonds
Page S23 Jimmy Simmonds to Bill Sinclair
Page S24 Bill Sinclair to Jo Skaansar
Page S25 Jo Fougner Skaansar to Al Slavik
Page S26 Karel Slavik to Alice Smith
Page S27 Allan Smith to Joshua Douglas Smith
Page S28 Jubu Smith to Tamara Smyslova
Page S29 Gilli Smyth to Bruce Sokolovic
Page S30 Jasmin Sokolovic to Jaak Sooaar
Page S31 Akelier Soogrim to David Soyer
Page S32 Janet Soyer to Dave Speranza
Page S33 Gracie Speranza to Ravi Srinivasan
Page S34 Shri Sriram to Erich Stangl
Page S35 Audrey Stangland to Christian Steele
Page S36 Christopher Steele to Norman Stenfalt
Page S37 Tor Stenfelt-Nilsen to Jan Stevenstern
Page S38 Michael Stever to Ann Mason Stockton
Page S39 Gerald Stockton to Branco Stoysin
Page S40 M. Stozen to Davis Strollo
Page S41 Stach Strollo to Lance Su'a
Page S42 James T. Suard to Rich Sumstad
Page S43 Sunny Sumter to Jun Suzuki
Page S44 Katsuhito Suzuki to Jude Swift
Page S45 Kay Swift to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Nicolas Talbot
Page T2 Gordon Talbott to Jesse Tarrant
Page T3 Rabon Tarrant to Jug Taylor
Page T4 Jumaane Taylor to Brannen Temple
Page T5 Carl Temple to Fedor Teunisse
Page T6 Johnny Teupen to Charles Thomas
Page T7 Charles L. Thomas to Don Thompson
Page T8 Don Thompson to Pat Thrall
Page T9 Roy Thrall to Vladimir Timofeyev
Page T10 Vsevolod Timofeyev to Jack Toker
Page T11 Eiji Toki to Yuri Torchinski
Page T12 Yves Torchinsky to Jill Townsend
Page T13 Joe Townsend to Vladimir Trhisjkin
Page T14 Giuseppe Tria to William Trujillo
Page T15 Teresa Trull to Earl Turbinton
Page T16 Willy Tee Turbinton to Dr. Mary Ann Lancaster Tyler
Page T17 Fred Tyler to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Andreas Unterreiner
Page U2 Neil Unterseher to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Dag Vallberg
Page V2 Oistein Valldal to Alma Vane
Page V3 Jimmy Van Eaton to Pedro Vargas
Page V4 Reginaldo Vargas to Alexandre Velasco
Page V5 Art Velasco to Hilda Vermeulen
Page V6 Hugo Vermeulen to Cyssa Vieira
Page V7 Davi Vieira to Peter Vink
Page V8 Siebe Vink to Gustav Vogelhut
Page V9 Adrian Vogeli to Dago Votter
Page V10 Voud to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Dino Walcott
Page W2 Fred Walcott to Eskil Wallberg
Page W3 Gunnar Wallberg to Richard Wanek
Page W4 Ivar Waneland to Marvin Warwick
Page W5 Mike Warwick to William Russell Watrous
Page W6 Jeff Watsford to Speed Webb
Page W7 Spider Webb to Jimmy Weiner
Page W8 Josh Weiner to Frank Wells
Page W9 Fred Wells to Larry West
Page W10 Lee West to Toby Whiffin
Page W11 Stew Whigfield to Kerrin Whiting
Page W12 Margaret Whiting to J.J. Wiggins
Page W13 James Wiggins to Katie Wilkinsson
Page W14 Steve Wilks to Jimmy Williams
Page W15 Jo Jo Williams to Allee Willis
Page W16 Ben Willis to Shadow Wilson
Page W17 Shirley Wilson to Klaus Winters
Page W18 Liz Winters to Ron Wold
Page W19 Tony Wold to Lucy Woodard
Page W20 Luther Woodard, Sr. to Willow Wray
Page W21 Heinrich Wrbva to Jerry Z. Reese Wynans
Page W22 Reese Wynans to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Steve Yeager
Page Y2 Steve Yeager to Debra Siler Young
Page Y3 Dee Dee Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Zarifah
Page Z2 Jennifer Zarine to Jurgen Zick
Page Z3 Kim Zick to Stephen Zombory
Page Z4 Henk Zomer to Doc Zywan