This index refers to the 222,446 individual jazz musicians (1,389,301 total entries) included in over 241,375 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of June, 2019.

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  • Album title
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  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Gemma Abrie
Page A2 Joan Abril to Nicke Addante
Page A3 Frank Addata to Jesus Aguirre
Page A4 Jorge Aguirre to A. Alarcon
Page A5 Alberto Alarcon to Hank Alexander
Page A6 Harold Alexander to Dorothy Allen
Page A7 Doug Allen to Christopher Alpiar
Page A8 Chris Alpier to Ben Amerino
Page A9 Gianfranco Amerio to Elliott Anderson
Page A10 Elton Anderson to Per Inge Andresen
Page A11 Roald Andresen to Marja Antila
Page A12 Emilien Antile to Harry Archer
Page A13 Harry Firth Archer to Ulf Arnesen
Page A14 Branko Arnesk to Marvin Ash
Page A15 Paul Ash to Ameen Atrash
Page A16 Roosevelt Atrim to Erich Avinger
Page A17 Ed Avis to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Ole Baekhoj
Page B2 Kjell Baekklelund to James Baker
Page B3 Jason Baker to Patrizia Ballardini
Page B4 Bianca Sans Ballart to Nedia Baptiste
Page B5 Rick Baptiste to Dan Barker
Page B6 Danny Barker to Angela Barra
Page B7 Tony Barra to Hank Barto
Page B8 Lin Barto to John Bates
Page B9 Jon Bates to Harumi Baxter
Page B10 Helen Baxter to Dave Becherer
Page B11 Daniel-Sidney Bechet to Detlev Beier
Page B12 Ludovic Beier to Suzana Bello
Page B13 Telma Bello to Eugenio Bennato
Page B14 Miriam Bennaweis to Samuel Berfect
Page B15 Jerzy Berfel to Richard Berkeley
Page B16 Winston Berkeley to Stefano Bersan
Page B17 Ingeborg Berscheid to Thomas Beyer
Page B18 Tom Beyer to Vince Bilardo
Page B19 Virce Bilardo to Wanda Bishop
Page B20 Wendy Bishop to Plamen Blagoev
Page B21 V. Blagoev to Timothy Blevins
Page B22 William Blevins to Brad Bobcik
Page B23 Eddie Bobe to Christopher Bohm
Page B24 Dagobert Bohm to Joergen Bondorff
Page B25 Fiona Bonds to Meredith Borden
Page B26 Meredith "Babe" Borden to Daryl Bosteels
Page B27 B. Bostic to Tricia Boutte
Page B28 Tricia "Sista Teedy" Boutte to Ian Boyter
Page B29 Laura Boytz to Kelly Brand
Page B30 Monika Brand to Steve Bredice
Page B31 Otto Bredl to Walter Briese
Page B32 Klaus Briest to Paul Brodmax
Page B33 Daniel Brodo to Paul Brousseau
Page B34 Robert Brousseau to Michael Brown
Page B35 Michael Brown to Ansco Bruinier
Page B36 Chris van Bruinisse to Janeen Cornell Bryson
Page B37 Jeanie Bryson to Emilie Bugnion
Page B38 Alex Bugnon to Klaus Burger
Page B39 Markus Burger to Robert Burren
Page B40 Todd Burrer to Lee Butler
Page B41 Leslie Butler to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Bobby Caldwell
Page C2 Bobby Caldwell to Holly Camorata
Page C3 Jean-Claude Camors to Jon Cannon
Page C4 Jonathan Cannon to Harry Cardillo
Page C5 Mike Cardillo to Josimar Carneiro
Page C6 Lurdes Carneiro to Tommy Carruth
Page C7 Arnie Carruthers to Elly-Marina Casdas
Page C8 Case to Jacky Cataldo
Page C9 Joe Cataldo to Bob Celusak
Page C10 Haci Rustem Cembeli to Ron Chamblee
Page C11 Jessica Chambliss to Bill Charlton
Page C12 Eddie Charlton to Francois Chesnel
Page C13 Abe Chesney to Bruno Choupaut
Page C14 Ahmed Chouraqui to Dominic Cicchetti
Page C15 Mike Cicchetti to Gary Clark, Jr.
Page C16 Gene Clark to Andreas Clement
Page C17 Benny Clement to Joe Cocker
Page C18 Pete Cocker to Phil Cole
Page C19 Quincy Cole to Nick Collins
Page C20 Nicolas Collins to Mariano Conget
Page C21 Dean Congin to Gerald Cook
Page C22 Gill Cook to Coggie Coppola
Page C23 Elio Coppola to Marco Cortesi
Page C24 Silverio Cortesi to Geoffrey Countryman
Page C25 Jason Countryman to Gary Craigwell
Page C26 Bill Crain to Jay Crocker
Page C27 John Crocker to Balazs Cserta
Page C28 Andrew Csibi to Simon Currie
Page C29 Andrew Currier to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Jeff Dahlseng
Page D2 Ulf Dahlsgaard to Marc Danel
Page D3 Carol Danell to Jean-Philippe Dary
Page D4 Nicolas Dary to Alan Davis
Page D5 Albert Davis to Keith Davy
Page D6 Kevin Davy to Robert DeBlaey
Page D7 Johnny DeBlase to David DeFusco
Page D8 Robert de Gaille to Ramon del Buey
Page D9 Robert Delcamp to Carlo de Martini
Page D10 Frank De Martino to Eumir Deodato
Page D11 Scott deOgburn to Gianni Desidery
Page D12 Pete DeSiena to Clement De Waleyne
Page D13 Jeanine de Waleyne to Erin Dickins
Page D14 Barnaby Dickinson to Charlie DiMaggio
Page D15 Chuck Di Maggio to Eric Dixon
Page D16 Floyd Dixon to Cynthia Dolliole
Page D17 Milford S. Dolliole to Guruvaydor Doral
Page D18 Mando Dorame to Ollie Dover
Page D19 Renee Dover to Rudi Dreyer
Page D20 Karen Dreyfus to Jock Duff
Page D21 Kendall Duff to Darryl Dunn
Page D22 Daryl Dunn to Bill Dutton
Page D23 Brent Dutton to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Vincent Ector
Page E2 Jeopardy Ed to Anne Egendal
Page E3 Anton Eger to Anna-My Ekstrom
Page E4 Emil Ekstrom to Bill Ellis
Page E5 Bill Ellis to The Enchanters
Page E6 Rolf Enchelmaier to Karsten Erdman
Page E7 Daniel Erdmann to Dave Eskridge
Page E8 George Eskridge to Jared Evans
Page E9 Jean Evans to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Craig Faltin
Page F2 Michael Faltin to Darryn Farrugia
Page F3 Fred Farrugia to Ricardo Feijao
Page F4 Lauryan Feijen to Stephen Ferguson
Page F5 Steve Ferguson to Rene Fetterle
Page F6 Brahm Fetterman to Mathias Findalen
Page F7 Jeanne Findberg to Reverdy Fishel
Page F8 Steve Fishel to Bob Fleming
Page F9 Brian Fleming to Leo Fogel
Page F10 Marty Fogel to Heinz Forke
Page F11 Adam Forkelid to The Four Armory Brothers
Page F12 The Four Bachelors to Ricky Franco
Page F13 William Franco to Louis Frazier
Page F14 Maggie Frazier to Stefan Freund
Page F15 Steve Freund to Dom Frontiere
Page F16 Florentino Frontola to Hideo Funamoto
Page F17 Wild Bill Funaro to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Chris Gale
Page G2 Cousin Gale to Fred Ganter
Page G3 Ingo Ganter to Eric Garland
Page G4 Fred Garland to Sammy Gates
Page G5 Stan Gates to Maria Geiger
Page G6 Mathias Geiger to John Gerber
Page G7 Josh Gerber to Rhonda Gianelli
Page G8 Tony Gianelli to Sarah Ann Gilbertson
Page G9 Larry Gilbo to Ari Giorgi
Page G10 Daniele Giorgi to Joanne Gleason
Page G11 Ken Gleason to Gerry Goff
Page G12 Harper Goff to Oleg Golyunov
Page G13 Khaled Goma to Aaron Goodman
Page G14 Al Goodman to Arjen Gorter
Page G15 Don Gorter to Don Grady
Page G16 Don Grady to Suzanne Graslund
Page G17 Beppo Grasman to Emanuel Green
Page G18 Emanuel Green to Mac Gregor
Page G19 Martin Gregor to Bernie Griggs
Page G20 Dave Griggs to William Gross
Page G21 Willie Gross to Freddy Guera
Page G22 Bernd von Guerard to Henrik Gunde
Page G23 Saffet Gundeger to Cesar Guzman
Page G24 Edward Guzman to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Isabel Hagen
Page H2 Ivar Hagen to Caroline Hall
Page H3 Charlie Hall to Eva Hambach
Page H4 Jairos Hambahamba to Bruce Hancock
Page H5 Chuck Hancock to Chris Hanson
Page H6 Christine Hanson to Fred Harley
Page H7 Harlem Harley to Leroy Harris
Page H8 LeRoy Harris to Matt Hartland
Page H9 Jessica Hartleib to Bobby Hatfield
Page H10 Boots Hatfield to Patrick Hay
Page H11 Phil Hay to Calum Heath
Page H12 Charles Heath to Holger Heines
Page H13 Elin Heinesen to Jhon Hendelsman
Page H14 Klaus Hendenreich to Pamela Henry
Page H15 Pat Henry to Miguel Hernandez
Page H16 Naty Hernandez to Lukas Heuss
Page H17 Jean-Pierre Heusser to Gerando Hilera
Page H18 Gerard Hilera to Robert Hinrix
Page H19 Ludvig Hinrochs to Leon K. Hobson
Page H20 Matt Hobson to Soren Hog
Page H21 Alison Hogan to Stanley Holloway
Page H22 Steve Holloway to Mitsuru Honda
Page H23 Takehiro Honda to Bunta Horn
Page H24 Candy Horn to Clint Houston
Page H25 Cyprien Houston to Tommy Hubbard
Page H26 Walt Hubbard to Alain Huguet
Page H27 Michel Huguet to Mary Huntimer
Page H28 Roefie Hunting to John Hyde
Page H29 Jon Hyde to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Karl Immel
Page I2 Jorg Immendorf to Carole Irving
Page I3 David Irving to D. Ivory
Page I4 Hank Ivory to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brother J to Jules Jacob
Page J2 Julius Jacob to Michael Jamanis
Page J3 Lord Jamar to Harri Jansson
Page J4 Harry Jansson to Hilton Jefferson
Page J5 Isaac Jefferson to Mogens Moller Jensen
Page J6 Niels Jensen to Sarah Joehl
Page J7 Billy Joel to Dave Johnson
Page J8 Dave Johnson to Sam Johnson
Page J9 Sam Johnson to Davy Jones
Page J10 Davy Jones to Tineke de Jong
Page J11 W. de Jong to Jim Joubert
Page J12 Joseph Joubert to Peter Jutzi
Page J13 Kjeld Juul to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Leif Kallman
Page K2 Sten Kallman to Jerry Kaplan
Page K3 Larry Kaplan to Matt Kaspar
Page K4 Olivier Kaspar to Bob Kay
Page K5 Brad Kay to Michael Keith
Page K6 Ommas Keith to Good Rockin' Kempas
Page K7 Ingegerd Kempe to The Anita Kerr Singers
Page K8 Laurent Kerremans to Mutsuki Kido
Page K9 Natsuki Kido to Albert King
Page K10 Alex King to Aysin Kiremitci
Page K11 Oleg Kireyev to Bruce Klauber
Page K12 Dr. Bruce Klauber to AJ Kluth
Page K13 Elmar Kluth to Dick Koch
Page K14 Dietrich Koch to Karl Koller
Page K15 Kristina Koller to Raimo Korkalainen
Page K16 Katinka Korkeala to J. Kovar
Page K17 Jiri Kovar to Joey Kraut
Page K18 Peter Kraut to Johannes Kronfeld
Page K19 Morris Kronick to Vincent Kuiper
Page K20 Wim Kuiper to Oytun Kusku
Page K21 Sam Kuslan to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Rino Lagona
Page L2 Charlie Lagond to Elizabeth Lamers
Page L3 Samal Lamhauge to Irv Lang
Page L4 Irving Lang to The Larks
Page L5 Joachim Larley to Lydia Latham
Page L6 Paul Latham to Brian Lawrance
Page L7 Lawrence to Vadim Lebedev
Page L8 Vladimir Lebedev to Pan Hon Lee
Page L9 Parker Lee to Art Leiby
Page L10 Neil Leichsenring to Carl Leoguer
Page L11 Luca Leombruni to Bill Letters
Page L12 Joe Lettieri to Branden Lewis
Page L13 Brandon Lewis to Stuart Lidell
Page L14 Bosse Liden to Blake Lindberg
Page L15 Calle Lindberg to Kevin Linscott
Page L16 Tom Linsday to Etly Lizette
Page L17 Bob Lizik to Roger Logan
Page L18 Steve Logan to Jorge Lopez
Page L19 Jose Lopez to Albert Love
Page L20 Alex Love to Reggie Lucas
Page L21 Romel Lucas to Ann Elisabeth Lunde
Page L22 Kjetil Lunde to Al Lynn
Page L23 Arcady Lynn to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Carol Mackay
Page M2 Dave Mackay to Eduardo Magallanes
Page M3 Phil Magallanes to John Maitland
Page M4 John Maitland Smythe to Denny Malmberg
Page M5 Heikki Malmberg to Jose Enrique Plata Manjarres
Page M6 Victor Manjon to Stefano Marazzi
Page M7 Francis Marbais to Michelle Marie
Page M8 Moise Marie to Lucky Marony
Page M9 Hillary Maroon to Johnny Martensson
Page M10 Katarina Martensson to Jose "Junito" Martinez
Page M11 Jose "Tono" Martinez to Dan Mason
Page M12 Dave Mason to Arne Mathiesen
Page M13 Dorthe Mathiesen to Birger Mattson
Page M14 Daniel Mattson to Ernest Mayhand
Page M15 ... Mayhew to Val McCallum
Page M16 Charles McCamish to Gordon McCullough
Page M17 James McCullough to Mike McGinnis
Page M18 Ray McGinnis to James McKillop
Page M19 Wilson McKindra to Brian McNeill
Page M20 Charles McNeill to Frenk van Meeteren
Page M21 Georges Meeus to Matty Melneck
Page M22 Emil Melnic to Pat Mercury
Page M23 Merdaler to Walter Metz
Page M24 Jochen Metze to Rene Michel
Page M25 Stine Michel to Buddy Miles
Page M26 Buddy Miles to Scott Miller
Page M27 Scotty Miller to Jerome Miniere
Page M28 Pasquale Minieri to Larry Mitchell
Page M29 Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell to Thomas Moeckel
Page M30 Ed Moed to Mick Moloney
Page M31 Paddy Moloney to Erick Montgomery
Page M32 Eugene Montgomery to Margaret Moores
Page M33 Bill Moorhead to Chris Morgan
Page M34 Chuck Morgan to Moffit Morris
Page M35 Nat Morris, Jr. to Roli Mosimann
Page M36 Bob Moskal to David Mtimkhulu
Page M37 Meike MTS to Kevin Mulligan
Page M38 Mary Mulligan to Red Murphy
Page M39 Richard Murphy to Wayne Myers
Page M40 Wilson Myers to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Philip Namanworth
Page N2 Jimmy Namaro to Helmut Nawratil
Page N3 Tommy Nawratil to Henry Nelson
Page N4 Herbert Nelson to Eduardo Neves
Page N5 John Neves to Rusty Nichols
Page N6 Scott Nichols to Mamoru Nihon-Yanagi
Page N7 Yoshifumi Nihonmatsu to Alan Noble
Page N8 Andrew Noble to Gunter Noris
Page N9 Sona Norisova to Jon Noyce
Page N10 Helene Noyer to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Ben Oakley
Page O2 Dewayne Oakley to Jonas Oglesbee
Page O3 Andre Oglesby to Ruth Oley
Page O4 Gary Oleyar to Diane Olverton
Page O5 Roberto Olzer to Even Ormestad
Page O6 Tony Ormisher to Per Olof Ostergren
Page O7 Thomas Ostergren to Bert Owen
Page O8 Bill Owen to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Arnon Paity
Page P2 Gabriel Paiuk to George Pancras
Page P3 Billy Panda to Charlie Paris
Page P4 Eddie Boh Paris to Ricky Parrell
Page P5 Chris Parren to Bon Patillo
Page P6 David Patillo to Josefes Pauwels
Page P7 Rob Pauwels to Ahmed Pechoe
Page P8 Richard Pechota to Al Pelligrini
Page P9 Darryl Pelligrini to George Perelli
Page P10 John Perelli to Jon Perrotti
Page P11 Florrie Perroud to Flemming Petersen
Page P12 Frans Petersen to Andreas Pettersson
Page P13 Arne Pettersson to Nathaniel Phillips
Page P14 Nick Phillips to Yves-Aime Pierre
Page P15 Pierre "Lumumba" to Ricardo Pinto
Page P16 Jonathan Pintoff to John Platania
Page P17 Enrique Platas to Joe Polanco
Page P18 Johnny Polanco to Mavis "Swan" Poole
Page P19 Mavis Swan Poole to Ferdi Posthuma de Boer
Page P20 Jelle Posthumus to Sammy Praeger
Page P21 HH Praestbro to Rachel Price
Page P22 Ray Price to Fred Pruim
Page P23 Kees Pruis to Norbert Putman
Page P24 Ray Putman to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Ike Ragon
Page R2 Larry Ragon to Michel Ramos
Page R3 Miguel Ramos to Miron Raskatow
Page R4 Stefan Raske to Abraha Rayford
Page R5 Jabarai Rayford to Howard Reed
Page R6 Irene Reed to Tomeka Reid
Page R7 Tony "T-Bird" Reid to Victor Rendon
Page R8 Althea Rene to Roger Reynolds
Page R9 Ron "Snake" Reynolds to Bonnie Richards
Page R10 Boomy Richards to John Rider
Page R11 Paul Rider to Per Ringkjobing
Page R12 Bjorn Ringkobing to Carlo Rizzo
Page R13 Claudio Rizzo to Rick Robertson
Page R14 Robbie Robertson to Ronnie Rochat
Page R15 Claudio Rochat-Felix to Abraham Rodriguez Mansfarroll
Page R16 Mario F. Rodriguez Pedroso to Jack Rollan
Page R17 Juan Carlos Rollan to Lukas Roos
Page R18 Marc Roos to Ulf Rosenstrale
Page R19 Norm Rosensweig to Gabriel Rotello
Page R20 Daniel Rotem to Greg Royal
Page R21 Gregory Royal to Gary Ruggiero
Page R22 Greg Ruggiero to Jack Russo
Page R23 Jerry Russo to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Jesse Sailes
Page S2 Mike Sailors to Manuel Salsamendi
Page S3 Amy Salsgiver to Jeff Sandberg
Page S4 Larry Sandberg to Richard Santanella
Page S5 M. Santangeli to Beau Sasser
Page S6 Bernardo Sassetti to Lee Savory
Page S7 Pete Savory to Frank Schafer
Page S8 Gigi Schafer to Silvio Schiavone
Page S9 Silvia Schiavoni to Kevin Schmidt
Page S10 Klaus Schmidt to Rena Scholtens
Page S11 Dennis Scholtes to Anthony Schultz
Page S12 Ban Schultz to MC Schwinn
Page S13 Jan Schwinning to Tammy Se
Page S14 Corby Sea to Jill Seifers
Page S15 Joe Seifers to Mark Sepic
Page S16 Kathy Seplow to Sean Shackelford
Page S17 Louise Shackelton to Ellen Shashoyan
Page S18 Ellen May Shashoyan to Johnny Shepp
Page S19 Sharon Shepp to Masao Shirako
Page S20 Shrikant Shiram to Jean-Francois Sicard
Page S21 Jef Sicard to Joao Silva
Page S22 Joao Pedor Silva to Emmanuelle Simoncini
Page S23 Luciano Simoncini to Gautam Siram
Page S24 Charlie Sirard to Arkadiusz Skolik
Page S25 Eddie Skoller to Jack Small
Page S26 Janet Small to Eric Smith
Page S27 Erik Smith to Ryan Ross Smith
Page S28 Sal Smith to Maxim Sobolewsky
Page S29 Mark Sobolik to Karl Somerang
Page S30 Andre Somereyn to Pierre Sottas
Page S31 Fabrizio Sotti to Sam Speed
Page S32 Stuart Speed to Bill Sprague
Page S33 Bob Sprague to Lil Stalheim
Page S34 Nikko Stalheim to Wilfried Staufenbiel
Page S35 Dick Stauff to Joe Steinger
Page S36 Gudmundur Steingrimsson to Gordon Stevens
Page S37 Gwenn Stevens to Rob van Stiphout
Page S38 Lloyd Stipling to Steve Story
Page S39 Steven Story to Fabiana Striffler
Page S40 Zhenya Strigalev to Carl Sturken
Page S41 Elaine Sturkey to Fara Sumbureru
Page S42 Sekayi Sumbureru to Pfelton Sutton
Page S43 Ralph Sutton to Papa Too Sweet
Page S44 Tony Sweet to Jan Szumant
Page S45 Michal Szumlas to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to The Talich String Quartet
Page T2 Marie Talichova to Miguel Fernandez Tarzia
Page T3 Finis Tasby to Matthew Taylor
Page T4 Mel Taylor to Bobby Tench
Page T5 Luigi Tenco to Ron Thaler
Page T6 Stefan Thaler to Geoff Thomas
Page T7 Geoff Thomas to Laurie Thompson
Page T8 Lawrie Thompson to Heiko Thurm
Page T9 Walter Thurm to Lorenzo Tio, Jr.
Page T10 Mario Tio to Julius Tollentino
Page T11 Billy Tolles to Marian Toroimac
Page T12 Adam Torok to Mike Tracy
Page T13 Patrick St. Clair Tracy to Chris Trinidad
Page T14 Joaquin Trinidad to Chuco Tsiboe
Page T15 Nana Tsiboe to Bill Turner
Page T16 Bill Turner to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Philip Upchurch
Page U2 William Upchurch to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Marcos Valle
Page V2 Miran Valle to Bobby Van Eps
Page V3 Dick Van Eps to Peter Varnado
Page V4 Tibor Varnai to Eric Velez
Page V5 Fernando Velez to Gilbert Vernon
Page V6 Hal Vernon to Denis Vigay
Page V7 Dennis Vigay to Al Viola
Page V8 Alfred Viola to Aurore Voilque
Page V9 Roosa Voima to Wytze de Vries
Page V10 Jon Vriesacker to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Michal Walczak
Page W2 Marek Walczewski to Sven-Olof Walldoff
Page W3 Benno Walldorf to Simon Wang
Page W4 Wendy Wang to Stub Washburn
Page W5 Chris Washburne to Dave Watson
Page W6 David Watson to Bill Weber
Page W7 Bob Weber to Mark Weinstein
Page W8 Mark Weinstein to Chauncey Welsh
Page W9 Chris Welsh to Bart Westerbeke
Page W10 Coby Westerbeke to Bishop J.C. White
Page W11 Bishop Jeffrey White to Ray Whittam
Page W12 Ben Whitted to Fred Wilbo
Page W13 Anders Wilborg to Andre Williams
Page W14 Andrew Williams to Marion Williams
Page W15 Mark Williams to Andre Willy
Page W16 Daniel Willy to Jamie Winchester
Page W17 Lem Winchester to Herb Wise
Page W18 Herbert Wise to Simon Wolff
Page W19 Soren Wolff to Tony Woods
Page W20 Travis Woods to Leo Wright
Page W21 Lewis Wright to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Yitzhak Yedid
Page Y2 Otto Yedla to George Young
Page Y3 George Young, Jr. to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Hanno Zaster
Page Z2 Piotr Zastrozny to Ramon Ziegler
Page Z3 Reiner Ziegler to Zied Zouari
Page Z4 Philip Zoubek to Doc Zywan