This index refers to the 216,382 individual jazz musicians (1,349,342 total entries) included in over 234,733 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2017.

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  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Irvin Luichel Acao
Page A2 Irving Acao to Carol Adee
Page A3 Zephyr Adee to John-Erik Ahlqvist
Page A4 Nils Ahlqvist to Kimson "Kism" Albert
Page A5 Laurent Albert to Alexander Alexandrov
Page A6 Alexander "Sasha" Alexandrov to Pete Allen
Page A7 Pete Allen to Harry Alto
Page A8 Luzio Altobelli to Andrew Amstutz
Page A9 Emanuel Amtmann to Robin Anderson
Page A10 Roger Anderson to Angel Face
Page A11 June Angela to Vic Apicella
Page A12 Victor Apicella to Nicola Arigliano
Page A13 Ernesto Arignac to Martin Arroyo
Page A14 Mike Arroyo to Jose Asponte
Page A15 Stian Asreskjold to Bo Aurehl
Page A16 Aurelia to Marcel Azzola
Page A17 Jay Azzolina to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Dimitri Baevsky
Page B2 Dmitry Baevsky to Laurie Baker
Page B3 Laurie Scott Baker to Freddie Ballinger
Page B4 Emanuele Ballini to Markus Barandun
Page B5 Pawel Baranek to William "Buddy" Barksdale
Page B6 Bernard Barkson to Kevin Barret
Page B7 Philippe Barret to Ben Bartram
Page B8 Ian Bartram to Mabel Batson
Page B9 Mark Batson to Mira Baylson
Page B10 Gwen Bayly to Joachim Becker
Page B11 Joe Becker to Michael Belfer
Page B12 Dennis Belfield to Andrew Benac
Page B13 Benny Benack to Marc Benois
Page B14 Arnaud Benoist to Harald Berger
Page B15 Harry Berger to Vincenzo Bernardis
Page B16 Joao Bernardo to Jonathan Besser
Page B17 Claus Besser-Ferrari to Vera van der Bie
Page B18 Thomas Bieber to Elliot Birch
Page B19 Gaylord Birch to Della Black
Page B20 Don Black to Pete Blannin
Page B21 Mike Blanos to Blue Moods
Page B22 The Blue Moods to Angela Bofill's backup singers
Page B23 Moss Bofolo to Kevin Bolton
Page B24 Larry Bolton to Peter Booras
Page B25 Buddy Boore to Jeremy Bosch
Page B26 Jimmy Bosch to Michael Boure
Page B27 Carl Bourelly to Raymond Boyd
Page B28 Reggie Boyd to Elmar Braitsch
Page B29 Boguslawa Brajczewska to Tony Bray
Page B30 Bob Braye to Max Bridevaux
Page B31 Rufus Bridey to Lieven Brockhurst
Page B32 Ged Brockie to Reiner "Semmel" Brothuhn
Page B33 Charles Michael Brotman to Lindsey Brown
Page B34 Lisa Brown to Martin Brugger
Page B35 Othmar Brugger to Per Olav Bryhn
Page B36 Jonathon Bryk to Allen Bugby
Page B37 Willy Van Buggenhout to Miklos Burger
Page B38 Phil Burger to Joe Burriesce
Page B39 Chester Burrill to Ryan Butler
Page B40 Sam Butler to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Max Caldwell
Page C2 Mike Caldwell to Gianfranco Campagnoli
Page C3 Sergio Campagnolo to Edward Cansino
Page C4 Larry Cansler to Tender Loving Care
Page C5 Nelson Carega to Oscar Caro
Page C6 Vincent Caro to Bill Carstenson
Page C7 Jeff Carswell to Mitchell Cashion
Page C8 Tim Cashion to Dave Catney
Page C9 Adam Cato to Amelia Cerdan
Page C10 Giorgio Cereghetti to Charles Chandler
Page C11 Dave Chandler to Chet Chastain
Page C12 Neil Chastain to Vito Chiavuzzo
Page C13 Warren Chiazon to Hans Christian
Page C14 Helen Christian to Marc Ciprut
Page C15 Pavel Ciprys to George Clarke
Page C16 George Clarke to Larry Clinton
Page C17 Jacques Clippe to Ellen Cohen
Page C18 Emmet Cohen to Victor Coletta
Page C19 Daniel Colette to Lou Columbo
Page C20 Luca Columbo to Bob Conselman
Page C21 Mario Consentino to Dolly Cooper
Page C22 Don Cooper to Paul Cornelius
Page C23 Sharon Cornelius to Carolin Costin
Page C24 Catalina Costin to Gary Cox
Page C25 Geoff Cox to Emanuel Cremer
Page C26 Emmanuel Cremer to Al Crowne
Page C27 Green Crownover to Jeff Cunliff
Page C28 Ben Cunliffe to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Etienne Daho
Page D2 Angela Dahr to Anthony G. Daniel
Page D3 Arthur Daniel to James DaSilva
Page D4 Jetro Da Silva to Charlie Davis
Page D5 Charlie Davis to Horsley Dawson
Page D6 Joe Dawson to Philippe Decae
Page D7 Pierre De Caillaux to Clayton Dehalt
Page D8 Don DeHart to Donato Deliano
Page D9 Djordje Delibasic to Mariana de Moraes
Page D10 Ana Luisa DeMoraes Azenha to Afuavi Derby
Page D11 Akwasiba Derby to Andy Detra
Page D12 De Tre to Diamondmark
Page D13 J.C. Dian to Paul Dietrich
Page D14 Peter Dietrich to Emilio DiPetri
Page D15 Dominique Di Piazza to Valerie Doby
Page D16 Doc to Virgil Donati
Page D17 William Donati to Salvatore Dottore
Page D18 Raquel Dottori to Nick Drakides
Page D19 Kaja Draksler to Rob Du Bois
Page D20 Scott DuBois to Jay Dunbar
Page D21 K.C. Dunbar to Morgens Durholm
Page D22 Tobias Durholm to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Clifton "Foo-Foo" Eddie
Page E2 Jerry Eddie to Darren Eggelston
Page E3 Christian Eggen to Mohammed Elakkad
Page E4 Jallal el Allouuli to Linda Ellis
Page E5 Lisle Ellis to Lennart Engblom
Page E6 Percy Engborn to Ron Erickson
Page E7 Ronald Erickson to Joe Esposito
Page E8 John Esposito to Vicky Evans
Page E9 Vince Evans to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Chuck Falzone
Page F2 Don Falzone to Enzo Fassi
Page F3 Moreno Fassi to Kornel Fekete-Kovacs
Page F4 Daniel Felber to Christophe Fernandez
Page F5 Daniel Fernandez to Danny Fichelscher
Page F6 Toby Fichelscher to Katherine Fink
Page F7 Lucie Fink to Shelley Fisher
Page F8 Stephen Fisher to Owen Big Fletchit
Page F9 Bruce Flett to Daniel Fone
Page F10 Michael Fone to Gabriel Forss
Page F11 Peter Forss to Becky Fox
Page F12 Bernie Fox to Carl Franklin
Page F13 Charlie Franklin to Arcady Freeman
Page F14 Archie Freeman to Naolmi Friedman
Page F15 Pablo Friedman to Linn Andrea Fuglseth
Page F16 Vince Fuh to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Jackie Gale
Page G2 Jane Gale to Carlo Garagnani
Page G3 Gyorgy Garai to Wally Garner
Page G4 Hall Garnes to Joe Gaudio
Page G5 Ashley Gaudion to Gideon Van Gelder
Page G6 Peter de Gelder to Manolo Germain
Page G7 Nora Germain to Dr. Leonard Gibbs
Page G8 Eddie Gibbs to Reid Gille
Page G9 Sebastian Gille to Adolf Gisler
Page G10 Barbara Gisler to Cliff Glover
Page G11 Corey Glover to Harry Goldberg
Page G12 Ivor Goldberg to Carlos Gonzalbez
Page G13 Rafael Gonzalea to ... Gordon
Page G14 Alison Gordon to B. Gould
Page G15 Bill Gould to Nicolas Grammosenis
Page G16 Mathieu Gramoli to Johnnie Gray
Page G17 Johnny Gray to Casey Greene
Page G18 Charles Greene to Earl Grice
Page G19 G. Earl Grice to Jeff Grodzinski
Page G20 Andre Groen to Helmut "Jazzy" Grussmann
Page G21 Johanna Grussner to Vera Guimaraes
Page G22 Lionel Guimarez to Thomas Guthoff
Page G23 Kathie Guthorn to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Angela Hagenbach
Page H2 Jurgen Hagenlocher to Edward Hall
Page H3 Ellis Hall to Ian Hamer
Page H4 Jeff Hamer to Greg Handy
Page H5 John Handy to Felix Hanusik
Page H6 Ally Hany to Rich Harney
Page H7 Elisabeth Harnick to Sid Harris
Page H8 Sid Harris to Kai Hartvigsen
Page H9 Iris Hartweger to Svein Dag Hauge
Page H10 Tor Hauge to Pippa Hayes
Page H11 Primrose Hayes to Leo Heckmann
Page H12 Ernie Heckscher to Jaromir Helesic
Page H13 Mikko Heleva to Darrell Hendricks
Page H14 Francois Hendricks to Tom Herbert
Page H15 Gabriel Herbertson to Kyme S. Hersi
Page H16 Madeleine Hersiger to George Hicks
Page H17 Greg Hicks to Boel Hillerud-Nyman
Page H18 Art Hillery to Matti Hirvikangas
Page H19 David Hirvonen to Cliff Hoff
Page H20 Devin Hoff to Steen Holkenov
Page H21 Steen Holkenow to Klaas ten Holt
Page H22 Lance Holt to Kaleb Alexander Hopkins
Page H23 Katie Hopkins to Egil Hostad
Page H24 Pete Hostage to Maureen Hoy
Page H25 Steve Hoy to Geoff Hughes
Page H26 George Hughes to Weyman Hunt
Page H27 William Hunt to Ina Ray Hutton
Page H28 Jack Hutton to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Gabriel Improta
Page I2 Tomas Improta to Vic Irwin
Page I3 Aaron Irwinsky to Allan Iwohara
Page I4 Emil Iwring to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brother J to Sylvain Jacob
Page J2 Ole Jacob-Hansen to Andre St. James
Page J3 Aneida James to Bryan Lee Janszen
Page J4 Sven Janthe to Sam Jeffery
Page J5 Cevera Jefferys to Tom Jensen
Page J6 Tom H. Jensen to Egil Johansen
Page J7 Einar Johansen to Eric T. Johnson
Page J8 Eric W. Johnson to Vinnie Johnson
Page J9 Vins Johnson to Gregg Jones
Page J10 Gregory Jones to Oscar Joost
Page J11 Tizian Joost to David Joyce
Page J12 Dorothea Joyce to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Tanya Kalmanovitch
Page K2 Pal Kalmar to David Kaplin
Page K3 Fats Kaplin to Sylvain Kassap
Page K4 Vlado Kassay to Feryin Kaya
Page K5 Kayah to Butch Kellem
Page K6 Clif Kellem to Noel Kendrick
Page K7 Robin Kendrick to Amos Keshet
Page K8 Jouko Keskimaki to Kurt Kieterle
Page K9 Brian Kieth to Jeff King
Page K10 Jeff King to Doug Kirschner
Page K11 Erik W. Kirschner to Norbert Kleinen
Page K12 Wim Kleinen to Jim Knight
Page K13 Jimmy Knight to Dave Koether
Page K14 Alain Koetsier to Regina Konigslehner
Page K15 Michael Konik to Tracy Kosloski
Page K16 Boris Koslov to Roman Kraic
Page K17 Bob Kraichy to Robby Krieger
Page K18 Sara Krieger to Ivan Kubias
Page K19 F. Kubik to Patricia Kunz
Page K20 Pete Kunz to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Rino Lagona
Page L2 Charlie Lagond to Felipe Lamoglia
Page L3 Luis Felipe Lamoglia to Christer Langborn
Page L4 Torbjorn Langborn to Juan Larrosa
Page L5 Mal Larry to Mikko Latvala
Page L6 Patrik Latvala to Alistair Lawrie
Page L7 Jo Lawry to Bernd Lechtenfeld
Page L8 Alan Lechusza to Susan Lees
Page L9 Ted Lees to Georg Lejeune-Jung
Page L10 Frederic Le Junter to L. Lepalaan
Page L11 Anne Le Pape to Kevin LaMont Levi
Page L12 Nitai Levi to Othniel Lewis
Page L13 Pat Lewis to Arie Ligthart
Page L14 Andrea Liguori to Robert Lindner
Page L15 Stephanie Lindner to Bill Liston
Page L16 Cassandra Liston to James Lockhart
Page L17 Jeff Lockhart to Jeremy Long
Page L18 Jerry Long to Pierre Losego
Page L19 Chris Loser to Ed Lowry
Page L20 Elmer Lowry to Charles M. Luke
Page L21 Jeff Luke to Michel Lux
Page L22 Stefan Lux to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Don MacKay
Page M2 Duncan Mackay to Jeff Magby
Page M3 Elda Magda to Zdenek Majer
Page M4 Piotr Majerczyk to Soro Maloko
Page M5 Bahula Malombo to Eugene Mann
Page M6 Fred Mann to Alex J. Marcelo
Page M7 Alexis Marcelo to Lorenzo Marinelli
Page M8 Mario Marinelli to Antonio Marra
Page M9 Steve Marra to Chink Martin
Page M10 Chris Martin to Alfred Martins
Page M11 Aria Martins to Stephane Masse
Page M12 Yannick Masse to Hajime Matsuda
Page M13 Junichi Matsuda to Jerry Maurio
Page M14 Lasse Mauritzen to Michelangelo Mazzari
Page M15 Julian Mazzariello to Barney McClure
Page M16 Bobby McClure to Theresa McDonnell
Page M17 Tommy McDonnell to Lori McIntire
Page M18 "Gentleman" Jim McIntosh to Paul McLeod
Page M19 Phil McLeod to Gilda Meaken
Page M20 Matt Mealey to Marlos Mejia
Page M21 Paoli Mejia to Jan Mengerink
Page M22 Mark Menges to Lou Messana
Page M23 Ftouki Messaoud to Jimmy Mgwandi
Page M24 Michael Mhagama to Bertil Mikaelsson
Page M25 Jamielah Mikal to Josh Miller
Page M26 Joy Miller to Horishi Minami
Page M27 Takeshi Minami to Bernie Mitchell
Page M28 Bill Mitchell to A. Jermaine Mobley
Page M29 Adrian Mobley to Henrik Bay Moller
Page M30 Herbert Moller to Derel Monteith
Page M31 Bob Monteleone to Robert Moore
Page M32 Robert Moore to Martin Moretto
Page M33 Brad Morey to Karen Morris
Page M34 Kathy Morris to Jimmy Mosher
Page M35 Jimmy Mosher to Enoch Mthalane
Page M36 Enoch Mthalani to Bob Mullinex
Page M37 Willie Mullings to Atu Harold Murray
Page M38 Bert Murray to Teemu Myohanen
Page M39 Gary Myose to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Dave Namovicz
Page N2 Ravi Nampally to Ze Eduardo Nazario
Page N3 Vladimir Nazarov to Michael Nelson
Page N4 Michael B. Nelson to Frank Newall
Page N5 George Newall to Nico Nicodeem
Page N6 Walter Nicodemi to Lillebjorn Nilsen
Page N7 Line Nilsen to Akane Noguchi
Page N8 Michio Noguchi to Chuck Norris
Page N9 Dahrell Norris to Andrea Nunzi
Page N10 Massimo Nunzi to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Scott Oakley
Page O2 David Oaks to Linda May Han Oh
Page O3 P.J. Oh to Rene Oliva
Page O4 Stephan Oliva to Morihiro Omura
Page O5 Tomoko Omura to Ray Orr
Page O6 Raymond Orr to Larry Ostrowski
Page O7 Mark Ostrowski to Ulysses Owens, Jr.
Page O8 Vic Owens to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Pertti Paivinen
Page P2 Pertti "Pepa" Paivinen to Charles Panely
Page P3 Alejandro Panetta to Alistair Parisond
Page P4 Chloe Parisot to Richard Parrott
Page P5 Riccardo Parrucci to Stan Patrick
Page P6 Steve Patrick to Michael Pawlowitsch
Page P7 Bernd Pawlowski to Henrik Bolberg Pedersen
Page P8 Henrik Gunde Pedersen to David Penalosa
Page P9 Charles Penalver to Pablo Perez
Page P10 Pat Perez to Hans Leonardo Persen
Page P11 Bobby Pershey to Kirt Peterson
Page P12 Kurt Peterson to Karl Pfander
Page P13 Adam Pfannenstiel to Daniel Piazzolla
Page P14 Daniel "Pipi" Piazzolla to Kaoruko Pilkington
Page P15 Karaoko Pilkington to Richard Pite
Page P16 Kazi Pitelka to Jan Pluta
Page P17 Sam Pluta to Dave Polson
Page P18 Kenney Polson to Albert Porter
Page P19 Amy K. Porter to Gerald Powell
Page P20 Ginnie Powell to Francis "Rocco" Prestia
Page P21 Jackie Prestie to Procopio
Page P22 Francesco Procopio to Puma
Page P23 Joe Puma to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Veronique Ragu
Page R2 Victor Ragulin to Poul Erik Ramsby
Page R3 Alec Ramsdell to Helmuth "Mutte" Rasmussen
Page R4 Henning Rasmussen to Essex Rayner
Page R5 Gordon Rayner to Rufus Reed
Page R6 Russell Reed to J.D. Reilly
Page R7 Jack Reilly to Elizabeth Rennie
Page R8 Michael Rennie to Dr. Cecil Rhiney
Page R9 David Rhis to Arzinia Richardson
Page R10 Ashley Richardson to Dave Riekenburg
Page R11 Dave Rieker to Ray Ripperton
Page R12 Tom Rippeth to Jessie Robbins
Page R13 Joyce Robbins to Damian Robinson
Page R14 Danny Robinson to Jim Rodford
Page R15 Carlos Rodgarman to David Rogers
Page R16 Dick Rogers to Ivajlo Romanov-Peleto
Page R17 Elena Romanova to Dou Dou Coumba Rose
Page R18 Doudo N'Diaye Rose to Melinda Ross
Page R19 Michael Ross to Victor Rounds
Page R20 Roundtowners to Mike Ruby
Page R21 Sam Ruby to Frank Rusco
Page R22 Alan Rusconi to Jimmy Ryan
Page R23 Jo Ann Ryan to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Marie-Annick Saint Ceron
Page S2 Alexander Saint Charles to Pierluigi Salvadeo
Page S3 Salvador to Bruce Sanders
Page S4 Carl Sanders to Eugene Santini
Page S5 Felix Santini to Tetsuo Satoh
Page S6 Toshitsugu Satoh to Bill Saxton
Page S7 Bruce Saxton to Frank Scharbo
Page S8 Kathrin Scharer to Edwin Schimschimer
Page S9 Art Schindelbeck to Marc Schmolling
Page S10 Erich Schmolz to Jan Schotgerrits
Page S11 John Schott to Lars Schuster
Page S12 Martin Schuster to Don Scott
Page S13 Donna E. Scott to Klaus Seck
Page S14 Mamour Seck to Gerhard Selle
Page S15 Francis Selleger to Ilhan Sesen
Page S16 Nels Seserson to Mark Shannon
Page S17 Mickey Shannon to Steve Sheehan
Page S18 Paul Sheehy to Jason Shifflet
Page S19 Jim Shifflett to Bob Shreves
Page S20 Caleb Shreves to Per Sigmond
Page S21 Steve Sigmund to Huey Simmons
Page S22 Jack Simmons to Jim Singer
Page S23 Joe Singer to Sam Skelton
Page S24 Lordan Skenderovic to Alan Sloan
Page S25 Andrew Sloan to Chester E. Smith
Page S26 Chet Smith to Nate Smith
Page S27 Nathan Smith to Okey Snozes
Page S28 Steven Snuffer to Clare Solomon
Page S29 Clifford Solomon to Shamsi Sorumi
Page S30 Kari Sorvali to Smokin' Sam Spear
Page S31 Spearhead to Vincent Spolidoro
Page S32 Pete Spomer to Bernardo Stahlman
Page S33 Jorg Stahlmann to Mark Staton
Page S34 Clyde Stats to Robert Steiner
Page S35 William Steiner to Keith Stevens
Page S36 Keni Stevens to Lionel Stivenard
Page S37 Alberto Stivens to Ed Stoute
Page S38 Jack Stouten to Ernst Stroer
Page S39 Hans-Peter Stroer to Beth Styverson
Page S40 Nat Su to Istar Sundance
Page S41 Jahi Sundance to Yoshio Suzuki
Page S42 Yoshio "Chin" Suzuki to Jan Switz
Page S43 Andy Switzer to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Harry Tallas
Page T2 Eric Tallet to Fred van Tassell
Page T3 Michel Tasseroul to Rich Taylor
Page T4 Richard Taylor to Nimar Tenreyro
Page T5 Don Tenuto to The Bubbadinos
Page T6 The Chimes : to Joe Thomas
Page T7 Joe Thomas to Sonny Thompson
Page T8 Stan Thompson to Trebor Jay Tichenor
Page T9 Vadim Tichisan to Greg Tittlebaugh
Page T10 Reginald Tittman to Jane Tomkiewicz
Page T11 Philip Tomkin to Dr. Roger Torrey
Page T12 Sandro Torriani to Happy Traum
Page T13 Johnny Trauma to Herman Trompetter
Page T14 Tron to Rick Tucker
Page T15 Robert Tucker to Joann Turovsky
Page T16 Matt Turowski to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Peter Uppman
Page U2 Siphan Upravan to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Raul Vallejo
Page V2 Rebeca Vallejo to Bob van Vanetie
Page V3 Bobby VanEvera to Olga Varshavskaya
Page V4 Tibor Varszegi to Altay Veloso
Page V5 Antonio Jose Veloso to Ignacio Verrotti
Page V6 Joe Verrusio to Jean-Marie Viguier
Page V7 Jorge Viguier to Anton Vishnyakov
Page V8 Giulio Visibelle to Tim Volpicella
Page V9 Daniel Volpini to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Dick Waldberger
Page W2 Mike Waldbridge to Parre Wallenius
Page W3 Nils Wallenrud to Christoph Wansleben
Page W4 Magidu Wansola to Denzel Washington
Page W5 Derek Washington to Kevin Watson
Page W6 Laura Watson to Peter Weber
Page W7 Rafael Weber to Francis Weisc
Page W8 Andreas Weise to Chris Wendle
Page W9 Jens Wendleboe to Douglas Westlund
Page W10 Oscar Westlund to Hal White
Page W11 Hank White to Dave Wickens
Page W12 Derek Wickens to John Wilder
Page W13 Johnny Wilder to Cornell Williams
Page W14 Cornell "C" Williams to Roy Williams
Page W15 Rubber Legs Williams to Elizabeth Wilson
Page W16 Ellwood Wilson to Gerhard E. Winkler
Page W17 Gustav Winkler to Andreas "Andy" Witte
Page W18 Hans Maite Witte to Andy Wood
Page W19 Anja Wood to Lawrence Wormack
Page W20 Hainer Wormann to Kristina Wurminghausen
Page W21 V. Wurmser to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Lev Yelisavetsky
Page Y2 Bob Yelk to Jim Young
Page Y3 Jim Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Jimmy Z Zavala
Page Z2 Luis "Horson" Zavala to Max Zigerli
Page Z3 Aaron Zigman to Jesse Zubot
Page Z4 Josh Zubot to Doc Zywan