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This index refers to the 230,251 individual jazz musicians (1,435,944 total entries) included in over 249,436 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Henry Abramson
Page A2 Leon Abramson to Woodrow Adams
Page A3 Yolanda Adams to Howard Agster
Page A4 Scott Agster to Kim Aksnes
Page A5 Yusuf Fuler Aksoz to Theodros Alemu
Page A6 Lula Alencar to Dave Allan
Page A7 Davie Allan to Enriqueta Almanza
Page A8 George Almanza to Masamichi Amano
Page A9 Shoko Amano to Bjorn Andersen
Page A10 Bo Bagge Andersen to Hans Andersson
Page A11 Hans Andersson to Robert "Bob-O" Angilello
Page A12 Tommaso Angileri to V. Apostel
Page A13 George Bandoek Apostolakis to Tosin Aribisala
Page A14 Nisamettin Aric to Jean-Luc Arramy
Page A15 Jeremie Arranger to Arthur Askey
Page A16 Gil Askey to Martin Auer
Page A17 Pepe Auer to Lotfi Ben Ayed
Page A18 Howard Ayee to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Choi Sun Bae
Page B2 Ik-Hwan Bae to David N. Baker
Page B3 Debbie Baker to Ralph Ball
Page B4 Ray Ball to Ken Banner
Page B5 Otto Banner-Jansen to Raun Baretto
Page B6 A.D. Barfield to Ysaye Maria Barnwell
Page B7 Alexis Baro to Gunter Bartel
Page B8 Jo Bartel to Miles Baster
Page B9 Klaus Bastert to Peter Bauman
Page B10 Steve Bauman to Jim Beaterman
Page B11 Nelson Beato to Bill Beecraft
Page B12 Homer Beecraft to Lisa Bell
Page B13 Lloyd Bell to Alceo Benedetti
Page B14 Alessandro Benedetti to Peter Benson
Page B15 Philip Benson to Mike Bergeron
Page B16 Norm Bergeron to Per-Olof Berndalen
Page B17 Petter Berndalen to Bryan Besse
Page B18 Jan Besselsen to Robert Bichon
Page B19 Peter Bichsal to Hector "Finito" Bingert
Page B20 Jorge Bingert to Johannes Bjerregaard
Page B21 Bent Bjerrum to Thomas Blake
Page B22 Tom Blake to Hans Bloemen
Page B23 Adele Bloemendaal to Peter Bockius
Page B24 Adrian Bockli to Nicolas Boissonnade
Page B25 Dan Boissy to Luciano Bonfiglioli
Page B26 Pietro Bonfilio to Pichu Borelli
Page B27 Ron Borelli to Jan Bostrom
Page B28 Rolf Bostrom to Frans Bouwmeester
Page B29 Geert-Arend Bouwmeester to S. Bozanic
Page B30 Lorenza Bozano to Cornelia Brand
Page B31 Daniel Brand to Earl Breckenridge
Page B32 Mark Breckenridge to Ivan Bridon
Page B33 Lionel Bridson to Gary Brocks
Page B34 Johnny Brocks to Reiner "Semmel" Brothuhn
Page B35 Charles Michael Brotman to Lavern Brown
Page B36 Lawrence Brown to Amelia Bruderer
Page B37 Daniel Bruderer to Larry Bryant
Page B38 Laura Bryant to Jo Budie
Page B39 Bernhard Budil to Chris Burbank
Page B40 Gregory Burbank to Herman Burnie
Page B41 Uncle Bud Burniece to Joe Bussard
Page B42 Olivier Bussbaum to Donna Byrne
Page B43 Ed Byrne to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Abel Calderon
Page C2 Anthony Calderon to Sally Cameron
Page C3 Tom Cameron to Larry Cangelosi
Page C4 Laurie Cangelosi to Luis Carbo
Page C5 Theo Carbo to Olof Carlsson
Page C6 Per Anders Carlsson to Altamiro Carrilho
Page C7 Mauricio Carrilho to Enrico Caruso
Page C8 Frank Caruso to Isabel Castellvi
Page C9 Laurent Castellvi to Jim Cavender
Page C10 Kay Cavendish to William Chabbey
Page C11 Nemil Chabebe to Don Chapman
Page C12 Don Chapman to Laurent Chavoit
Page C13 Benni Chawes to Children's Choir
Page C14 Audrey Childress to Errol Christiansen
Page C15 Finn Christiansen to Louis Ciotti
Page C16 Nicola Cipani to E. Clark-Kent
Page C17 A. Grayson Clarke to Dalia Cleverez
Page C18 George Clewer to Ken Coffee
Page C19 Joseph Coffernils to Ed Coleman, III
Page C20 Eddie Coleman to Bob Colmar
Page C21 Richard Colmar to Len Conn
Page C22 Mike Conn to Pierre Cook
Page C23 Richard Cook to Larry Corban
Page C24 Gilbert Corbaz to Cortez-Lamont, III
Page C25 Amanda Cortezzo to Walter Counts
Page C26 Brenda Countz to Jeanne Crain
Page C27 Malcolm Crain to Davy Crocker
Page C28 Dennis Crocker to Istvan Csarko
Page C29 Miklos Csathy to Alvin Curran
Page C30 Bill Curran to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Lars Dahlgren
Page D2 Peter Dahlgren to James Danderfer
Page D3 Pierre Dandin to Mario Darpino
Page D4 Alex Darqui to John R.T. Davies
Page D5 Johnny Davies to Stewart Davis
Page D6 Stinky Davis to Glen Deardorff
Page D7 Blossom Dearie to deeLinde
Page D8 John Deemer to Santi de la Rubia
Page D9 Christian de la Simone to Paco del Pozo
Page D10 Dolf Delprado to Kirill Denisov
Page D11 Yarimar Denisse to Frank Derrick
Page D12 Frank Derrick to Mat DeVeau
Page D13 Normand Deveault to Federico Diaz
Page D14 Felipe Diaz to Buddy Dietz
Page D15 Christian Dietz to Idrissa Diop
Page D16 Issa Diop to Thomas Dobler
Page D17 Gunther Doblies to Donny Donable
Page D18 Ernest Donable to Gail Dorsey
Page D19 Gail Ann Dorsey to Andy Doyle
Page D20 Aron Doyle to Bernard Droullett
Page D21 Alessandro Drovandi to Isabella Du Graf
Page D22 Ryan Dugre to Martin Dunsdon
Page D23 Jack Dunsmoor to Henk Duymelink
Page D24 Paul van Duyn to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Josh Economy
Page E2 Julien Ecrepont to Mikio Egawa
Page E3 Ryoko Egawa to Jim Eklof
Page E4 Mats Eklof to Doug Elliott
Page E5 Elizabeth Elliott to H. Emmelot
Page E6 Signe Emmeluth to Pascal Epron
Page E7 Fred van Eps to Hans Esbjerg
Page E8 Thierry Escaich to Dave Eure
Page E9 David Eure to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Larry Fallon
Page F2 Owen Fallon to Tim Farrell
Page F3 Tony Farrell to Laura Feeney
Page F4 Marla Feeney to Cliff Ferdon
Page F5 Lisa M. Ferebee to Gianni Ferrio
Page F6 Andy Ferris to Ken Filiano
Page F7 Denis Filiatreault to Irene Fischer
Page F8 Ivonne Fischer to Craig Flanagin
Page F9 Bill Flanders to Noble Floyd
Page F10 Reginald Floyd to Janice Ford
Page F11 Jason Ford to David Foster
Page F12 Dee Jay Foster to Adele Frances
Page F13 Maureen Frances to Hawkey Franzen
Page F14 Ingegard Franzen to Bea Frei
Page F15 Daniel Frei to Tony Frigo
Page F16 Borge Friis to Sueo Fujikawa
Page F17 Yoshiaki Fujikawa to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Jason Galbraith
Page G2 Joe Galbraith to Mala Ganguly
Page G3 Nat Gangursky to Zan Gardner
Page G4 Silvio Gardoni to Michael Gassmann
Page G5 Franz Gassner to Jack Geddes
Page G6 Jeanne Geddes to Mary Beth George
Page G7 Michael George to Gilles Gfeller
Page G8 Kurt Gfeller to Gene Gifford
Page G9 Griz Gifford to Benoit Gilot
Page G10 Ron Gilotti to Donald Gladstone
Page G11 Jodi Gladstone to George Gobler
Page G12 Rodion Goborev to Judity Goldfinger
Page G13 Seymour Goldfinger to Victor Gonzales
Page G14 ... Gonzalez to George Gordon
Page G15 George Gordon, Jr. to Charles Gould
Page G16 Charlie Gould to Andre Gram
Page G17 Jeppe Gram to Chris Gray
Page G18 Christina Gray to Walt Greenawald
Page G19 Jon Greenawalt to Charlotte Greve
Page G20 Chuck Greve to Roman Grinev
Page G21 Patricia Grinfeld to Carl Grubbs
Page G22 David Grubbs to Willy Guetch
Page G23 Adam Guettel to Simon Gunton
Page G24 Jeff Guntren to Dieter "Bill" Gypser
Page G25 Gypsy Nina to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Gustav Hagelberg
Page H2 Steffen Hagelberg to A.J. Hall
Page H3 Ace Hall to Jim Halverson
Page H4 Berge-Are Halvorsen to Paula Hampton
Page H5 Percy Hampton to Marius Troan Hansen
Page H6 Markus Hansen to B. Hargis
Page H7 Fred Hargis to Donald Harris
Page H8 Doug Harris to Bill Hart
Page H9 Billy Hart to Gena Hassan
Page H10 Idrissa Hassan to Damian Hawker
Page H11 John Hawker to Matt Haze
Page H12 Guillaume Hazebrouck to Gjoril Heggelund
Page H13 Henry Heggen to Kjell Arne Hellum
Page H14 Roy Hellvin to Ronald Henley
Page H15 Stan Henley to Michel Herinck
Page H16 Bernhard Hering to Jack Hertzen
Page H17 Glenn Hertzer to Ken Hicks
Page H18 Kenneth Hicks to Jamie Hillbolt
Page H19 Nigel Hillbourne to Sebastian Hirsig
Page H20 Roland Hirsiger to Max Hoell
Page H21 Detlef Hoeller to Frank Holden
Page H22 Geoff Holden to Roger Holmes
Page H23 Ron FatKat Holmes, Jr. to Don Hooker
Page H24 Earl Hooker to Joe Horse
Page H25 Frank Horsecroft to John Howard
Page H26 Jon Howard to John Huckridge
Page H27 Roy Huckridge to Rolf Hult
Page H28 Henrik Hultberg to Clyde Hurley
Page H29 Dan Hurley to Vesa Hyrskykari
Page H30 Gunnar Hyrum to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Giovanna Imbesi
Page I2 Joyce Imbesi to Junior Irizarry
Page I3 Neff Irizarry to Srdan Ivanovic
Page I4 Srdjan Ivanovic to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Joe Jackson-Tucker
Page J2 Larry Jackstein to Christian Jaksjo
Page J3 Maja Jaku to Jilt Jansma
Page J4 Minze Jansma to Leo Jeannet
Page J5 Kenny Jeanney to Christine Jensen
Page J6 Clarice Jensen to Jiri Jirasek
Page J7 Michel Jirkoff to Billy "Shoes" Johnson
Page J8 Billy Friday Johnson to Maxene Johnson
Page J9 Maxine Johnson to Baskerville Jones
Page J10 Bemshi Jones to Roger Jones
Page J11 Roger Jones, II to Christian Jormin
Page J12 Henk Jornik to Pat Juna
Page J13 Florian Juncker to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Donatas Kalkus
Page K2 Alex Kallao to Abe Kaoru
Page K3 Nakabayashi Kaorutaira to Kimiko Kasai
Page K4 Yoshimasa Kasai to Al Kavich
Page K5 Arnost Kavka to Dale Keever
Page K6 Sam Keevers to Sam Kelly
Page K7 Sandy Kelly to Olivier Ker Ourio
Page K8 Olivier Ker-Ourio to Sultan Khan
Page K9 Taka Khan to Suk Chul Kim
Page K10 Sukyung Kim to David Kingsnorth
Page K11 Solve Kingstedt to Shigeri Kitsu
Page K12 Eartha Kitt to Preston Klik
Page K13 Pavel Klikar to Lukas Knofler
Page K14 Alexandra Knoll to Joe Kohanski
Page K15 Masakatsu Kohara to Nico Koning
Page K16 Pauline Koning to Tuure Koski
Page K17 Matti Koskiala to Benjamin Kraef
Page K18 Finn Kraefting to Judy Kreston
Page K19 Fredric Kret to Felix Krull
Page K20 Marianne Krull to Shin Kumada
Page K21 Hiroshi Kumagai to Simon Kuyper
Page K22 Harry Kuypers to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Gunnar Lagerholm
Page L2 Anders Lagerlof to unk. Lambiase
Page L3 Sam Lambie to Scott Lane
Page L4 Sean A. Lane to Adam Larabee
Page L5 Enrice Larabisch to Michel Lassalle
Page L6 Clas Lassbo to Raymond Lavik
Page L7 Raymond Storaunet Lavik to Jerry Leake
Page L8 John Leake to Frank Lee
Page L9 Frankie Lee to Peter Lehel
Page L10 Augustin Lehfub to Armand Lenchek
Page L11 Daniel Lencina to Emilie Lesbros
Page L12 Jason Lescalleet to Sam Levine
Page L13 Sam Levine to Willie Lewis
Page L14 Willie Lewis to Aulis Liljander
Page L15 Johnny Liljeberg to Manfred Lindner
Page L16 Robert Lindner to Antoine Lisolo
Page L17 Lisom to Billy Loch
Page L18 Hans Loch to Niels Lomer
Page L19 Chris Lomheim to Max Lorentz
Page L20 Michel Lorentz to Geir Lovold
Page L21 David Lovrien to Marcin Luczaj
Page L22 Matt Luczak to W. Lundy
Page L23 Walter Lundy to Erika Lyons
Page L24 Etric Lyons to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Little Mack
Page M2 Lonnie Mack to Baldo Maestri
Page M3 Harold "Katz" Maestri to Dom Maio
Page M4 Marcello Maio to Bob Mallach
Page M5 Dan Mallach to Jaydee Maness
Page M6 Jeanne Manet to Harry Manx
Page M7 Alex Many to Todd Margasak
Page M8 Chad Margate to Betty Marks
Page M9 Bob Marks to Joy Marshall
Page M10 Julian Marshall to Ron Martin
Page M11 Ronee Martin to Hans Marxer
Page M12 Karl Marxer to Mark Masters
Page M13 Marty Masters to Erika Matsuo
Page M14 Majumi Matsuo to Bill Maxey
Page M15 Jessica Martinez Maxey to Chuck Mazzeo
Page M16 Francesco Mazzeo to Andy McCloud, III
Page M17 Barbara McCloud to Martin McDonald
Page M18 Matt McDonald to Greg McGuirk
Page M19 Mark McGuirk to Connie McLean
Page M20 D'Arcy McLean to Reggie McTaw
Page M21 Blind Willie McTell to Aart Meijer
Page M22 Andre Meijer to Leandro L. Mendaro
Page M23 Bobby Mende to Gene Merlino
Page M24 John Merlitz to Bobby Meyer
Page M25 Brigitte Meyer to Mads Michelsen
Page M26 Morten Michelsen to Ron Miles
Page M27 Sam Miles to Sylvain Miller
Page M28 Taps Miller to Mark Minkler
Page M29 Wally Minko to Larry Mitchell
Page M30 Lawrence "Boo" Mitchell to Dag Akeson Moe
Page M31 Danny Moe to Ed "Moon" Mollins
Page M32 Brian Mollinson to Ada Montellanico
Page M33 Alfredo Costa Montelro to Peter Moore
Page M34 Phil Moore to Sandro Moreno
Page M35 Scott Moreno to Jim Morrell
Page M36 John Morrell to Elisa Moscatelli
Page M37 Marc Moscatelli to Roland Moussa
Page M38 Cynthia Moussas to Al Muller
Page M39 Alain Muller to Atzi Muramatsu
Page M40 Kunio Muramatsu to Melton R. Mustafa
Page M41 Yamin B. Mustafa to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Diane Nalini
Page N2 Tony Nalker to Daniel Navarro
Page N3 Enrique Navarro to Anthony E. Nelson, Jr.
Page N4 Anthony Nelson, Jr. to Mikael Neumann
Page N5 Olaf Neumann to Matthew Nicholl
Page N6 Al Nicholls to Joker Nies
Page N7 Angelika Niescier to Jack Nitzsche
Page N8 Chris Nitzschke to Piet Nordijk
Page N9 Adam Nordin to Carli Novak
Page N10 Charley Novak to Nalle Nyman
Page N11 Olle Nyman to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Oak Ridge Boys
Page O2 Barbara Oakes to Geoffrey Ogdon-Browne (Embleton)
Page O3 Jacques Oger to Thierry Ole
Page O4 Oleaders Quartet to Jan Olsson
Page O5 Jenny Olsson to Hans-Roland Orgenius
Page O6 Ed Orgill to Igor Oskolkov
Page O7 Tanya Oskolkov to Rudy Ouwehand
Page O8 Ruud Ouwehand to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Jack Paines
Page P2 Greg Painter to Mary Panacci
Page P3 Natalie Panacci to Dan Parentti
Page P4 Carlos Parera to Charles Parnell
Page P5 Colin Parnell to Laszlo Pataki
Page P6 Mat Pataki to Roderick Paulin
Page P7 Rodrick Paulin to Paul Pearsall
Page P8 Tony Pearsall to Mark Pekarsky
Page P9 Salih Nazim Peker to Harry Pepl
Page P10 Cecily Pepler to Steven Perlman
Page P11 Ted Perlman to Kai Pesonius
Page P12 Emanuel Pessanha to Adrian Petlevanny
Page P13 John Petley to Randall Pharr
Page P14 Coco Pharr-Thomas to E.J. "Bud" Pickard
Page P15 Gary Pickard to Philippe Pilon
Page P16 Pierre Pilon to Tim Pitchford
Page P17 David Pitchfork to Henning Munk Plum
Page P18 Henrik Munk Plum to Eric Pollard
Page P19 Felix Pollard to Jeff Porcaro
Page P20 Joe Porcaro to Anker Poulsen
Page P21 Bardur Reinert Poulsen to Daniel Pratzlich
Page P22 Charlie Prawdzick to Albert Prince
Page P23 Alexander Prince to Josef Pticek
Page P24 Endre Publik to Ralph Pyle
Page P25 Bill Pyles to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Melvin "Wah wah" Ragin
Page R2 Julie Ragins to Pierre Ramonet
Page R3 Alberto Ramos to Antonello Rapuano
Page R4 Susan Rapunzl Findlay to Carline Ray
Page R5 Cecilia Ray to Craig Redmond
Page R6 Darryl Redmond to Janelle Reichman
Page R7 Joe Reichman to Tanga Rema
Page R8 Claude Remache to Ben Reyers
Page R9 Nils Uwe Reyers to Debralynn Rice
Page R10 Dick Rice to Rene Richter
Page R11 Siegfried Richter to Victor Rikker
Page R12 Vladimir Rikker to Andres Rivas
Page R13 Aristides Rivas to Gilbert Roberts
Page R14 Glen Roberts to Marvin Robinson
Page R15 Matt Robinson to Marius Rodrigues
Page R16 Mauro Rodrigues to Reuben Rogers
Page R17 Richard Rogers to Maurice Rombouts
Page R18 Nicolas Rombouts to Copland Rose
Page R19 D. Rose to Jack Ross
Page R20 James Ross to Hans Roty
Page R21 Ray von Rotz to Yvan Rubensyn
Page R22 Len Ruberry to Harry Rumpler
Page R23 Philipp Rumsch to Jakub Rutkowski
Page R24 Ken Rutkowski to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Olle Sahlin
Page S2 Salmo Sahlin to Claude Salmieri
Page S3 Eeva Salminen to Jimmy Sanchez
Page S4 Joe Sanchez to Ark Sano
Page S5 Hiromi Sano to Pedro Sarmiento
Page S6 Lorand Sarna to Darrius Savage
Page S7 David Savage to Patrizia Scascitelli
Page S8 Daniele Scassapicca to Shel Schellekens
Page S9 Shell Schellekens to Ladd Schloss
Page S10 Lee Schloss to Max Schneider
Page S11 Michael Schneider to Nete Schreiner
Page S12 Tony Schreiner to John Schuursma
Page S13 Kent Schuyler to Freddie Scott
Page S14 Gary Scott to Sara Louise Seck
Page S15 Sega Seck to Louis Selig
Page S16 Brian Seligman to A. Serra
Page S17 Aldo Serra to Uri Shamir
Page S18 Fjodor Shampal to Stephen Shaw
Page S19 Steve Shaw to Brad Shermock
Page S20 Bradley Shermock to Dub Shoffner
Page S21 Odell C. Shoffner, II to Dieter Siebert
Page S22 Kim Russell Siebert to Ricardo Silveria
Page S23 Dieter Silverkrup to Pete Simonson
Page S24 Christer Simonsson to Yakhouba Sissokho
Page S25 Baba Sissoko to Finn Skov
Page S26 Jorgen Skov to Robert Smalls
Page S27 Alan Smallwood to Fred Smith
Page S28 Fred Smith to Sonny Smith
Page S29 Sophia Smith to Maxim Sobolewsky
Page S30 Mark Sobolik to Jean-Pierre Solves
Page S31 Mark Solveson to Paul Sotille
Page S32 Filio Sotiraki to Quinten "Q" Spears
Page S33 Ras Bongo Spears to George Sponhaltz
Page S34 Daniel Sponiar to Anders Stahl
Page S35 Arthur Stahl to V. Starostin
Page S36 Alexander Staroverov to Ingrid Noemi Stein
Page S37 Ira Stein to Ethan Stern
Page S38 Fred Stern to Matthias Stich
Page S39 Ernst Sticher to Joss Stone
Page S40 Judy Stone to Frank Strazzeri
Page S41 Jo Ann Strazzeri to Stein Stubberud
Page S42 Ben Stubblefield to Daisuke Sugiyama
Page S43 Jun Sugiyama to Ales Susa
Page S44 Peter Susag to Branislav Svitek
Page S45 Daniel Svoboda to Yrjo Syrjala
Page S46 Panu Syrjanen to Jakub Szynal


Page T1 Billy T to M. Talbi
Page T2 Pieter Talboom to Vera Tarnowsky
Page T3 Anders Tarnstrom to Jeffrey Taylor
Page T4 Jeremiah Taylor to Nadim Telmoori
Page T5 Pauline Telouw to Werner Tester
Page T6 Giulio Testi to Anne Thomas
Page T7 Archie Thomas to Burt Thompson
Page T8 Butch Thompson to April Thorpe
Page T9 Bill Thorpe to Time Five
Page T10 Timeless Choir to Yuhichi Togashiki
Page T11 Yuichi Togashiki to Alan Tooraen
Page T12 Wim van den Toorn to Mari Toussaint
Page T13 Oscar Toussaint to Cliff Trenier
Page T14 Milt Trenier to Bob Trowers
Page T15 Robert Trowers to Terry Tullos
Page T16 Aaron Tully to Ayse Tutuncu
Page T17 Jim Tutunjian to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Ernst Unterlechner
Page U2 Werner Unterlercher to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Katie Vallar
Page V2 Teresa Vallarella to Earl Van Dyke
Page V3 Forest VanDyke to Zoltan Varga
Page V4 Javier Vargara to Michaelina Veith
Page V5 Paul Veith to Geert Verlinde
Page V6 Martin Verlinden to Jean Vidal
Page V7 Jean-Philippe Vidal to Lionel Vine
Page V8 Milt Vine to Yvette Voelker-Cuccia
Page V9 Regula Voerkel to Jack Vorvis
Page V10 Heather Vorwerck to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Thomas Walchi
Page W2 Heinz Walchli to Wallace Trio
Page W3 Suzanne Wallach to Richard Wanders
Page W4 Roger Wanderscheid to Jonny Wartel
Page W5 Anke Wartenberg to Cleveland Watkiss
Page W6 Per Einar Watle to Mark Webb
Page W7 Melvin Webb to Sid Weinberg
Page W8 Sidney Weinberg to Doug Wellmon
Page W9 Jack Wellnitz to Danny Quebec West
Page W10 Dave West to Tyrone Wheeler
Page W11 Walter Wheeler to John Whitfield
Page W12 Lisa Whitfield to Dietmar Wiesner
Page W13 Finn Wiesner to Gary Wilkinson
Page W14 Geoff Wilkinson to Jack Williams
Page W15 Jack Williams to Richard Rafik Williamson
Page W16 Rick Williamson to Perry Wilson
Page W17 Perry A. Wilson to Edgar Winter
Page W18 Eric Winter to Jared Wofford
Page W19 Leroy Wofford to Margie Wood
Page W20 Mark Wood to Peter Wortmann
Page W21 Frank Wosika to Ken Wyatt
Page W22 Kevin Wyatt to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Bill Yeager
Page Y2 Billy Yeager to Clifford Young
Page Y3 Craig Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Angie Z to Mark Zaret
Page Z2 Eddie Zaretsky to Vladimir Zhurkin
Page Z3 Zhong Zhuyue to James Zollar
Page Z4 Attila Zoller to Doc Zywan