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This index refers to the 229,514 individual jazz musicians (1,431,715 total entries) included in over 248,743 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of February, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Pamela Abramson
Page A2 Rochelle Abramson to Yussef Ernie Adams
Page A3 Yves Adams to Johan Agterkamp
Page A4 George van Agthoven to Harry Akst
Page A5 Leon Aktor to Aki Aleong
Page A6 Oscar Alern to Jonathan Allan
Page A7 Kathleen Allan to Eniko Almasi
Page A8 Istvan Almasi to Claudio Amaral
Page A9 Dave Amaral to Erik "Krolle" Andersen
Page A10 Erik F. Andersen to Lars Andersson
Page A11 Lars Andersson to Julien Anglio
Page A12 George Angonost to Stanley Appelbaum
Page A13 Andre Appeldoorn to Yuki Arimasa
Page A14 Jose Arimateia to The Arrival
Page A15 Pelayo F. Arrizabalaga to Ragnar Asly
Page A16 Mesele Asmamaw to Jocelyn Auger
Page A17 Karma Auger to Donald Ayler
Page A18 George Ayler to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Jangeun Bae
Page B2 Seijin Bae to Don Baker
Page B3 Donald Baker to Roger Ball
Page B4 Roger Ball to Louis Bannet
Page B5 Louis Bannet to Kristian Barfoed
Page B6 Niels Barfoed to Adam Baron
Page B7 Andy Baron to Walter Bartel
Page B8 Bill Bartell to Jan Bastiani
Page B9 Roberto Bastiani to Franz-David Baumann
Page B10 Franziska Baumann to Jane Beatty
Page B11 Jerry Joe Beatty to Tom Beek
Page B12 Wim van den Beek to Micha Bell
Page B13 Mufrida Bell to Howard Benedict
Page B14 Jeff Benedict to Pierre Bensusan
Page B15 Al Bent to Andy Berggreen
Page B16 Ole Berggreen to Florian Berner
Page B17 Paul Berner to Ahmed Best
Page B18 Albert Best to John Bicknell
Page B19 Bico to Jimmy Binkley's Jazz Quintet
Page B20 Lutz Binneboese to Alan Bjorklund
Page B21 Christer Bjorklund to Wellington Blakey
Page B22 Jahdan Blakkamoore to Ake Blomgren
Page B23 Anton Blomgren to Alain Bodenes
Page B24 Dave Bodenhouse to Leo van Bokhoven
Page B25 Peter van Bokhoven to Olivier Bonie
Page B26 Rob Boniface to Rob Borger
Page B27 Bertus Borgers to Gert Both
Page B28 Wim Both to Vince Bovil
Page B29 Hans Bovin to Jochem Julius Braat
Page B30 Kristian Braaten to Rene Brandenborg
Page B31 Bugsy Brandenburg to Larry Breedlove
Page B32 Lynn Breedlove to Coco Brieval
Page B33 Maris Briezkalns to Louise Brodie
Page B34 Lyman Brodie to George Broussard
Page B35 Jared Broussard to Marion Brown
Page B36 Marion Brown to Herman Bruggink
Page B37 Pascal Bruggiser to Rickie Bryars-Boger
Page B38 Binky Bryce to Israel Bueno de Almeida
Page B39 Izaias Bueno de Almeida to Aleksey Burdelev
Page B40 Chuck Burdelik to Dwayne Burns
Page B41 Eddie Burns to Roscoe Bustillos
Page B42 Jennifer Bustin to Vlady Bystrov
Page B43 Charles Byte to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Juan Carlos Calderon
Page C2 Juvenal Calderon to Camila
Page C3 Camille to Barbara Canham
Page C4 Barry Canham to Bill Carbone
Page C5 Dean Carbone to Percy Carlsson-Engblom
Page C6 Jeremy Carlstedt to Conwell Carrington
Page C7 Ebony Carrington to Vincent Caruso
Page C8 Bill Carusox to Angelo Castigliola
Page C9 Bobby Castigliola to Anne Cavillon
Page C10 Anne Cavin to Howard Chackowicz
Page C11 Alfredo Chacon to Leslie Chapman
Page C12 Lew Chapman to Jean Cheatham
Page C13 Jeannie Cheatham to William Childs
Page C14 Adam Chilenski to Bengt Christianson
Page C15 Caryn Christianson to Ray Circurel
Page C16 Gardy Circus to Chuck Clarke
Page C17 Claudelle Clarke to Bill Clifton
Page C18 Chris Clifton to Greg Cogan
Page C19 Racheal Cogan to Jimmy Coleman
Page C20 Joe Coleman to Joe Colombo
Page C21 Lou Colombo to Peggy Connelly
Page C22 Mike Connely to Bob Cooke
Page C23 Bob Cooke to Ryan Corbitt
Page C24 Tom Corboline to Valentino Corvino
Page C25 Christine Corvisier to Jean Couroyer
Page C26 Armel Courree to Dominic Cramp
Page C27 Roger Cramphorn to Bill Croft
Page C28 Darrel Croft to Jonas Cslovjescek
Page C29 Edi von Csoka to Simon Currie
Page C30 Andrew Currier to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Winnie Dahlgren
Page D2 Borje Dahlin to Phil Dando
Page D3 Sandro Dandria to Christian Darre
Page D4 Julio Darre to Lew Davies
Page D5 Litsa Davies to Thomas J. Davis
Page D6 Thulani Davis to Kevin Deas
Page D7 Adam Deascentis to Francois Deespres
Page D8 Ron Deeter to Mike DeLacuesta
Page D9 Renaud de Lacvivier to Al Del Simone
Page D10 Delta Rhythm Boys to Charlie Dennard
Page D11 Kenwood Dennard to Georges Dersy
Page D12 Joseph Derteano to Raphael Devert
Page D13 Eddie De Verteuil to Nelson Diaz
Page D14 Norbert Diaz to Vince Difiore
Page D15 Mark DiFlorio to Jonny Dippold
Page D16 Frank di Prima to Sasha Dobson
Page D17 Smith Dobson to Delroy Donaldson
Page D18 Denny Donaldson to Lucas dos Prezeres
Page D19 Elie dos Reis to Oleg Dr. Kobtsev
Page D20 Sean Drabbitt to Robert Drummond
Page D21 Tim Drummond to Marilyn Duke
Page D22 Michael Duke to Remy Duplouy
Page D23 Ann du Pont to Manfred Dworsky
Page D24 Rich Dworsky to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Emmanuel Ector
Page E2 Felicidad Ector to Jurgen Ege
Page E3 Marcel Ege to Christer Eklund
Page E4 Eva Annie Eklund to Ian Elliott
Page E5 Jack Elliott to Marc Emmermann
Page E6 Simon Emmerson to Isidor Epstein
Page E7 Jack Epstein to Jan van Esch
Page E8 Paul van Esch to Phillippe Euvrard
Page E9 Priscilla Eva to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to John Falloon
Page F2 Jose Fallot to Gearard Farrelly
Page F3 James Farrelly to Catherine Feeny
Page F4 Jalle Feest to Hutyra Ferenc
Page F5 Kisfalvy Ferenc to Jenny Ferris
Page F6 Kevin Ferris to Jeani Filip
Page F7 Klaus Filip to Joerg Fischer
Page F8 John Fischer to Bob Flannigan
Page F9 Mel Flanzman to Joachim J.J. Fluck
Page F10 John Fluck to Louis F.J. Ford
Page F11 Marcus Ford to Gary E. Foster
Page F12 Gene Foster to Jill Francescone
Page F13 Gerd Francesconi to Moussa Fraore
Page F14 Mattia Frapolli to Milt Freiberg
Page F15 Renato Freiberg to Henning Frimann
Page F16 Ole Frimer to Masaaki Fujita
Page F17 Otohiko Fujita to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Joe Galbraith
Page G2 Mike Galbraith to Allan Ganley
Page G3 Douglas Ganley to Renaud Garel
Page G4 Ross Garen to Louis Gaste
Page G5 Loulou Gaste to Oene van Geel
Page G6 Gust Geenen to Wayne George
Page G7 Whitney George to Naama Gheber
Page G8 Eddie Ghee to Paul Giger
Page G9 Peter Giger to Karel Giltay
Page G10 Jim Giltmier to Glandy
Page G11 Ira Glansbeek to Norbert Goddaer
Page G12 Angela Goddard to Aaron Goldman
Page G13 Abe Goldman to Daniel Gonzalez
Page G14 Dave Gonzalez to Joe Gordon
Page G15 Joe Gordon to Steve Gould
Page G16 T. Gould to Katharina Gramss
Page G17 Sebastian Gramss to Geoffrey Gray
Page G18 George Gray to Marty Greenberg
Page G19 Reuben Greenberg to Clive Grey
Page G20 Dave Grey to Mariano "Pichon" Grisiglione
Page G21 Mariano Pichon Grisiglione to Thomas Grue
Page G22 Henry Gruen to Gregoire Guhl
Page G23 Lars Guhlcke to Debora Gurgel
Page G24 Fabio Gurian to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Steffen Hagelberg
Page H2 Dave Hagelganz to Adelaide Hall
Page H3 Agnes Hall to Erik Halvorsen
Page H4 Erik H. Halvorsen to Robert Hampton
Page H5 Rocky Hampton to Nicolai Land Hansen
Page H6 Niels Ricardo Hansen to Jim Hargreaves
Page H7 Peter Hargreaves to Eddie Harris
Page H8 Eddie Harris to Clyde Hart
Page H9 Dan Hart to Umar Bin Hassan
Page H10 John Hassane to Steven Hawkes
Page H11 Terry Hawkes to Stuff Hazel
Page H12 Eddie Hazell to Kurt Hegle
Page H13 Ryan Hegler to Lenora Helm
Page H14 Lenora Zenzalai Helm to Daniela Hennecke
Page H15 Don Henneman to Axel Herjo
Page H16 Sander van Herk to Clay Hervey
Page H17 Cley Hervey to Shane Hicks
Page H18 Shorty Hicks to Tomas Hillerbrant
Page H19 Eva Hillered to Erhard Hirt
Page H20 Gerald Hirt to Fred Hoepthner
Page H21 Fred Hoeptner to Frank Holder
Page H22 Henry Holder to Wayne Holmes
Page H23 Johnny Holmes Singers to Steve Hooks
Page H24 Warren Hookway to Dries van der Horst
Page H25 Gerhard "Marcel" Horst to Nzinga Howard
Page H26 Oscar Howard to Sabin Hudon
Page H27 Ben Hudson to Thierry Humbel
Page H28 Rolf Humbeli to Niklaus Hurny
Page H29 Bruce Huron to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Giovanna Imbesi
Page I2 Joyce Imbesi to Burak Irmak
Page I3 Ercan Irmak to Igor Ivanuskin
Page I4 Kaisa Ivars to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brian J to Renee Jacksy
Page J2 Pekka Jaclin to Robert Jakubiec
Page J3 Jaroslav Jakubovic to Bengan Janson
Page J4 Claes Janson to Denise Jeanrenaud
Page J5 Jean Jeanrenaud to Eddie Falck Jensen
Page J6 Eddie Falk Jensen to Eberhard Jirzik
Page J7 Murk Jiskoot to Bonnie Johnson
Page J8 Brad Johnson to Michelle Johnson
Page J9 Mike Johnson to Bill Jones
Page J10 Bill Jones to Russell Jones
Page J11 Rusty Jones to Bob Josefescu
Page J12 Josefine to Heiko Jung
Page J13 Jean-Yves Jung to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Karina Kallas
Page K2 Aruna Narayan Kalle to Nazier Kapdi
Page K3 Ivan Kapec to Mitch Kaschmar
Page K4 Erich Kaschubec to Koichi Kawabe
Page K5 Tomomi Kawabe to Miroslav Kefurt
Page K6 Marco Kegel to Terry Kelly
Page K7 Thad Kelly to Alex Kerbl
Page K8 Steve Kerch to Abhinav Khanna
Page K9 Ajay Khanna to Yulhee Kim
Page K10 Doron Kima to Wlodek Kiniorski
Page K11 Wlodimierz Kiniorski to Jean Kittrell
Page K12 Justin Kittrell to Greta Kline
Page K13 Janet Kline to Mark Knopfler
Page K14 Hermey Knopp to Chad Kohler
Page K15 Dick Kohler to Zbigniew Konopczynski
Page K16 Jacek Konopka to Nat Kosoloff
Page K17 Alvar Kosonen to Henning Kraggerud
Page K18 Erik Kragh to Dan Kreuter
Page K19 Hans-Peter Kreuter to Bent Kruse
Page K20 Bjorn Kruse to Cenek Kummer
Page K21 Dirk Kummer to Sverre Kvam
Page K22 Ole Kristian Kvamme to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Anders Lagerlof
Page L2 Levi Lagerlof to Scott Lambie
Page L3 Adrien Lambinet to Sheri Sue Lane
Page L4 Skip Lane to Steve Larantz
Page L5 Dave Larby to Max Lasser
Page L6 Claudine Lassere to Harvey Lavine
Page L7 Walter Lavinsky to Frank Leal
Page L8 Hugh Leal to George "Buddy" Lee
Page L9 George E. Lee to Nancy Lehman
Page L10 Ross Lehman to Klemens Lendl
Page L11 Oksana Lenec to Vito Lesczak
Page L12 Vito "Genovese" Lesczak to Nikolay Levinovsky
Page L13 Niels Thorkild Levinsen to Karl Lewkowitch
Page L14 John Lews to Sveinung Lillebjerka
Page L15 Sylvi Lillegaard to Boris Lindqvist
Page L16 Gunnar Lindqvist to Kent Lister
Page L17 Marie Lister to Mike Lock
Page L18 Perry Lock to Ina Londahl
Page L19 Ina Londal to Christian Lorenzen
Page L20 Henning Lorenzen to Bill Lowden
Page L21 Bob Lowden to Nkululeko Ludonga
Page L22 Rudy Ludovar to Sakari Luoma
Page L23 Pentti Luomakangas to Tracey Lyons
Page L24 Harry Lyonss to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Lynn Mack
Page M2 Mary Mack to Antonia Maestro
Page M3 Mac Maestro to Gia Maione
Page M4 Laura Maione to Marcio Mallard
Page M5 Oett "Sax" Mallard to Mark Manetta
Page M6 Pierre Manetti to Phil Manzanera
Page M7 Armando Manzanero to Joe "Red" Margiotta
Page M8 Gil Margison to Johnny Marks
Page M9 Jon Marks to Lyndell Marshall
Page M10 Maithe Marshall to Sheryl Martin
Page M11 Skip Martin to A.J. Maryland
Page M12 Art Maryland to Gabriele Mastoianni
Page M13 Wendy Maston to Toshiki Matsutake
Page M14 Gary Matsuura to ... Maxine
Page M15 Richard Maxinoff to Marzia Mazzoccoli
Page M16 Mazzola to Kit McClure
Page M17 Mamie McClure to Stuart McDonald
Page M18 Wally McDonald to Dave McHugh
Page M19 Erik McHugh to Mack McLean
Page M20 Mark McLean to Joe McWilliams
Page M21 Larry McWilliams to Siegfried Meinecke
Page M22 Jenne Meinema to Dale Mendenhall
Page M23 Dave Mendenhall to Kathy Merrick
Page M24 Rich Merrick to Hans Meyer
Page M25 Harry Meyer to Jim Mick
Page M26 Lore'Beth Mick to Liudas Miliauskas
Page M27 David Miliband to Helene Millet
Page M28 Jean-Francois Millet to Jouck Minor
Page M29 Kent Minor to Ray Mitchell
Page M30 Red Mitchell to Jason Moen
Page M31 Oystein Moen to Oleg Molokoyedov
Page M32 Vincent Molomo to Jean Monteux
Page M33 Albert Monteyn to Stanton Moore
Page M34 Steve Moore to Roberto Moretti
Page M35 Steve Moretti to Edgar Morris
Page M36 Edith Morris to Bill Moser
Page M37 Daniel Moser to Owen J. Mowrey
Page M38 John Mowson to Gunther Muller
Page M39 Gunther Muller to Antonio "Tony" Murena
Page M40 Aleksander Murenko to The Mutineers
Page M41 Cem Mutlu to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Nate Nall
Page N2 Kim Nalley to Ermuelito Navarro
Page N3 Fats Navarro to Arnold Nelson
Page N4 B.J. Nelson to Peer Neumann
Page N5 Roger Neumann to Bert Nicholls
Page N6 Billy Nicholls to Bob Nieske
Page N7 David Nieske to Tsuyoshi Niwa
Page N8 Yasuo Niwa to Kristan Nordine
Page N9 Monik Nordine to Larry Novak
Page N10 Martin Novak to Vili Nyqvist
Page N11 Cliff Nyren to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Flip Oakes
Page O2 Rodney Oakes to Gusti Oggenfuss
Page O3 Oliver Oggenfuss to Glauco Oleandri
Page O4 Alon Oleartchik to Lars-Goran Olsson
Page O5 Linnea Olsson to Phil Ori
Page O6 Mike Oria to Jelloul Osman
Page O7 John Osman to Gustavo Ovalles
Page O8 Janne Ovaskainen to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Jack Paines
Page P2 Greg Painter to Spiros Panagiotopoulos
Page P3 Spyros Panagiotopoulos to Philippe Pares
Page P4 Brian Pareschi to Mark Parnell
Page P5 Paul Parnell to Rosario Patania
Page P6 Rosario "Tyson" Patania to Pauline and her Perils
Page P7 Paulinho to Lisle Pearse
Page P8 Nikki Pearse to Petra Pela
Page P9 Carlos Pelaez to Floy Pepper
Page P10 Fred Pepper to Deva Gadot Permana
Page P11 Herbert Permillion to Jan Pet
Page P12 Roberto Petaccia to Sergio Petravich
Page P13 Nicu Petrea to Kenny Phelps
Page P14 Lee Phelps to Willie Pickens
Page P15 Pickens Sisters to Robert Pilyakalnis
Page P16 Michel Pilz to Keith Pitman
Page P17 Keith Pitner to Bill Plummer
Page P18 Gene Plummer to Al Pollin
Page P19 Andrea Pollini to Greg Poree
Page P20 Justin "El Nino" Poree to Tonni With Poulsen
Page P21 Norman Poulshock to Guy Preckler
Page P22 Markus Preckwinkel to Mark Prince
Page P23 Michael Prince to Dave Pudney
Page P24 David Pudney to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Jeff Ragless
Page R2 Junior Raglin to Claussi Ramos
Page R3 Daniel Ramos to Totu Rares
Page R4 Michael Rareshide to Glen Ray
Page R5 Guy Ray to Ken Redmond
Page R6 Layne Redmond to Claus Reichstaller
Page R7 Erik Reichstein to Don Remine
Page R8 Dave Remington to George Reyes
Page R9 Gerardo Reyes to Jim Rice
Page R10 Johnnie Mae Rice to Per Rick
Page R11 Ray Rick to Bob Riley
Page R12 Carlton Riley to Augie Rivera
Page R13 Bob Rivera to Jim Roberts
Page R14 Jim Roberts to Paul Robinson
Page R15 Paul Robinson to Alfredo Rodriguez
Page R16 Alicia Rodriguez to Brian Rogerson
Page R17 Tom Rogerson to Pernille Romer
Page R18 Rainer Romer to Jay Rose
Page R19 Jeremy Rose to Marty Ross
Page R20 Marv Ross to Tom Roulett
Page R21 Freddie Roulette to Saul Rubin
Page R22 Sid Rubin to Ossi Runne
Page R23 Pete Runnelis to Silvia Ruttimann
Page R24 Rex Ruttley to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Werner Sahm
Page S2 Aziz Sahmaoui to Donny Salmon
Page S3 Dorrel "Fish" Salmon to Marta Sanchez
Page S4 Maxime Sanchez to Nazou Sanou
Page S5 Souleyname Sanou to Julia Sarr
Page S6 Pape Sarr to Matt Savage
Page S7 Matthew Savage to Andrew A. Sceau
Page S8 Walter Scebran to Beau Schenck
Page S9 Ben Schenck to Harry Schlutz
Page S10 Chris Schmack to Trina Schneider
Page S11 Ubald Schneider to Nicky Schrire
Page S12 Niels Schriver to Lynne Schwam
Page S13 Carol Schwamberger to Jacky Scott
Page S14 James Scott to Mai-oll Sedip
Page S15 Joe Sedita to Kina Sellergren
Page S16 Olivia Sellerio to Nicolas Serret
Page S17 Francis Serrier to The Shangri-Las
Page S18 Robert Shangrow to Michael Shea
Page S19 Peter Shea to Andy Sherwood
Page S20 Bobby Sherwood to Jack Shook
Page S21 Pat Shook to Mischo Siegel
Page S22 Naomi Siegel to Martin Silverton
Page S23 Silvertone Band to James Simpson
Page S24 Jeff Simpson to Eric Siu
Page S25 Alberto Siufi to John Skuse
Page S26 Johnny Skuse to Gunnar Smedberg
Page S27 Johnny Smedberg to Hank Diamond Smith
Page S28 Hap Smith to Tony "Thunder" Smith
Page S29 Travis Smith to Stig Soderberg
Page S30 Sune Soderberg to Shawn Sommer
Page S31 Steven Sommer to DJ Soul Sister
Page S32 The Soul Sisters to Stewie Speers
Page S33 Tom Speers to Ken Sprang
Page S34 J. Sprangers to Sandy Staley
Page S35 Victor Staley to Brendan Statom
Page S36 Ali Staton to Evelyn Steinbock
Page S37 Andy Steinborn to David Stettner
Page S38 Richard Steuart to Paul Stiller
Page S39 Ted Stilles to Gaute Storaas
Page S40 Vigleik Storaas to Roland Streiner
Page S41 Barbra Streisand to Sandra Studer
Page S42 Werner Studer to Dennis Sullivan
Page S43 Drew Sullivan to Bernhard Suter
Page S44 Christian Suter to Richard Swanker
Page S45 Andrew Swann to Pawel Szamburski
Page S46 Winifried Szameitat to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Adam Talbot
Page T2 Alice Talbot to Vincenzo Taroni
Page T3 Hadra Des Femmes Dde Taroudant to Joan Taylor
Page T4 Joani Taylor to Matthew Tembo
Page T5 Tamer Temel to Lars Tetens
Page T6 Jack Teter to Benny Thomas
Page T7 Bernard "Grumpy" Thomas to Chas Thompson
Page T8 Ches Thompson to Art Thorsen
Page T9 Liv Thorsen to Bennie Timmer
Page T10 Herman Timmer to Vlad Tohanean
Page T11 Dave Tohir to Svenne Topgaard
Page T12 Hugh Topham to Basil Towell
Page T13 Gordon Towell to Patrick Treol
Page T14 Treorchy Male Choir to Judd Truax
Page T15 Volkmar Trub to Benny Tune
Page T16 The Tune Tellers to Per Tvaergard
Page T17 Thomas Tvedt to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Werner Unterlercher
Page U2 Beat Unternahrer to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Terry Vallarella
Page V2 Giovanni Vallarino to Marcia Van Dyke
Page V3 Maria Van Dyke to Eduardo Vargas
Page V4 Gadwin Vargas to Karel Vejvoda
Page V5 Vahidin Vejzovic to Marion Vermandel
Page V6 Bruce Vermazen to Evan Vidar
Page V7 Sigfrido Vidaurreta to Ashton B. Vines
Page V8 Ashton Bryce Vines to Allen Vogel
Page V9 Bill Vogel to Marcel Vos
Page V10 Marieke de Vos to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Heinz Walchli
Page W2 Gunther "James" Walchshofer to Suzanne Wallach
Page W3 Ulf Wallander to Richard Wanders
Page W4 Roger Wanderscheid to Cornelia Wartenweiler
Page W5 Joel Wartenweiler to Chris Watling
Page W6 Colin Watling to Nathan Webb
Page W7 Nick Webb to Ilse Weinberger
Page W8 Manfred Weinberger to Baley Wells
Page W9 Ben Wells to Donnie West
Page W10 Dottie West to Todd Wheeler
Page W11 Tom Wheeler to Debbie Whitfield
Page W12 George Whitfield to Greg Wiesman
Page W13 David Wiesner to Ed Wilkinson
Page W14 Gary Wilkinson to Jack Williams
Page W15 Jack Williams to Ron Williamson
Page W16 Royce Williamson to Peter Niklas Wilson
Page W17 Phil Wilson to Horst Winter
Page W18 Hubert Winter to Mike Wofford
Page W19 Peter Wofford to Mark Wood
Page W20 Marshall Wood to Radek Wosko
Page W21 Alain Wosniak to Matt Wyatt
Page W22 Maxine Wyatt to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Billy Yeager
Page Y2 Bonnie Yeager to Daniel Young
Page Y3 Dante Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Angie Z to Eda Zari
Page Z2 Pookie Zari to Bruno Ziarelli
Page Z3 Theo Ziarkas to Robert Zollitsch
Page Z4 Bob Zollman to Doc Zywan