This index refers to the 221,908 individual jazz musicians (1,385,530 total entries) included in over 240,709 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of April, 2019.

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  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Abdelouab Abrit
Page A2 Joshua Abrmas to Jeanne Added
Page A3 Piet Addee to Ayke Agus
Page A4 Djemal Agusev to Frederic Alarie
Page A5 Michael Alas to Jean Alexander
Page A6 Jean-Marie Alexander to Eddie Allen
Page A7 Edward J. Allen to Ad Alshbrod
Page A8 Pia Alsin to Ken Ames
Page A9 Morgan Ames to Gary Anderson
Page A10 Gavin Anderson to ... Andrews
Page A11 Alec Andrews to Andrea Antognini
Page A12 Ivo Antognini to Jimmy Archey
Page A13 Michael V. Archey to Arni Arnold
Page A14 Baron Arnold to Kay Ashby
Page A15 Lucas Ashby to Mike Atterbury
Page A16 Sven Atterton to Dimitrios Avraam
Page A17 Lea Avraham to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Ole Baekhoj
Page B2 Kjell Baekklelund to Jason Baker
Page B3 Jeff Baker to Bianca Sans Ballart
Page B4 Bastien Ballaz to Cyro Baptiste Clari
Page B5 Mustapha Baqbou to Edward Barker
Page B6 Edwin Barker to Winslowe Barrajanos
Page B7 Rony Barrak to Massimo Bartoletti
Page B8 Roberta Bartoletti to Mr. Bates
Page B9 N.R. "Nat" Bates to Phil Baxter
Page B10 Quentin Baxter to Lynn Bechtold
Page B11 Lynne Bechtold to Roman Beilharz
Page B12 Pete Beilman to Sergio Bellotti
Page B13 Americo Bellotto to Ben Bennett
Page B14 Benny Bennett to Curt Berg
Page B15 Dan Berg to Willy Berking
Page B16 Berklee Jazz Choir to Bob Berteau
Page B17 Fabrice Berteaux to Jorge Bezerra, Jr.
Page B18 Luiz Bezerra to Ahmet K. Bilgic
Page B19 Tolga Bilgin to John Bisset
Page B20 Lee Bissette to Arnold Blair
Page B21 Barbara Blair to Joe Blifsplick
Page B22 Dora Bliggen to Greg Bobulinski
Page B23 Joachim "Bobby" Bobzien to Daniel Bohnenblust
Page B24 Hanspeter Bohnenblust to Matt Bonelli
Page B25 Rodrigo Bonelli to Francois Borel
Page B26 Freddy Borel to Harold Bostwick
Page B27 Aline Bosuma to David Bovee
Page B28 Mark Bovee to Rick Bozzo
Page B29 BPA Gospel Singers to Carolina Brandes
Page B30 Elena Brandes to Wald Breeuwer
Page B31 Franklin Breeveld to Froebel Brigham
Page B32 John Brighenti to Gerard Broere
Page B33 Nicole Broerse to Al Brown
Page B34 Alan Brown to Phil Brown
Page B35 Phil Brown to Pierre Brun
Page B36 Ursina Brun to Tony Buccelli
Page B37 Jean-Louis Bucchi to Michele Buirette
Page B38 Joost Buis to Steve Burgh
Page B39 Steve Burgh to Charlie Burse
Page B40 Robert Burse to Ron Buttacavoli
Page B41 Ronnie Buttacavoli to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to Buddy Caldwell
Page C2 Chris Caldwell to Chris Camozzi
Page C3 Alex Camp to Richard Cannon
Page C4 Steve Cannon to Vivi Cardinal
Page C5 Joseph Cardinale to Jim Carnelli
Page C6 Steve Carnelli to Steve Carryer
Page C7 Al Carsella to Russ Case
Page C8 Umberto Case to Tanar Catalpinar
Page C9 Tony Catalupa to Ahmet Cengizoglu
Page C10 David Ceniceros to Mark Chamness
Page C11 Bill Chamoni to Jack Charman
Page C12 Remi Charmasson to Brian Chester
Page C13 Charles Chester to Marion Chretien
Page C14 Philippe Chretien to Mike Cichowicz
Page C15 Jan Cichy to James Clark
Page C16 Jamie Clark to Papo Clemente
Page C17 Peter Clemente to Julian B. Coco
Page C18 Luke Coco to Sonny Cole
Page C19 Stacy Cole to Rigdzin Collins
Page C20 Rodger Collins to Andrew Conklin
Page C21 Brian Conklin to Jez Cook
Page C22 Jim Cook to Roberto Cora
Page C23 Tom Cora to Rafael Cortijo
Page C24 Vicent Cortina to Jerry Cournoyer
Page C25 Marc Courourx to Heinz Cramer ?
Page C26 Pieter Jan Cramer van den Boogaart to Monty Croft
Page C27 Cam Crofts to Tibor Csuhaj
Page C28 Tibor Csuhaj Barna to Mark Curry
Page C29 Martin Curry to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Jeff Dahlseng
Page D2 Ulf Dahlsgaard to Osieku Danell
Page D3 Dino Danelli to Aniruddha Das
Page D4 Arup Kanti Das to Albert Davis
Page D5 Alexander Davis to V. Davydov
Page D6 Jack Daw to Alois De Bock
Page D7 Gary DeBoeck to Tom de Gasperis
Page D8 Felice De Gaudio to Raymond Delcroix
Page D9 Hector del Curto to Raffaelia De Mattheis
Page D10 Massimo De Mattia to Jaider De Oliveira
Page D11 Jose Sant'anna de Oliveira to Ray deSio
Page D12 Roy DeSio to Benny de Weille
Page D13 Guy De Wever to Eric Dickley
Page D14 Bill Dickman to Michele Di Martino
Page D15 Mike DiMartino to Lawrence Dixon
Page D16 Lawrence Dixon to Max Dolsdorf
Page D17 Clarence Dolsey to Michall Dore
Page D18 Xavier Dore to Sandra Dowe
Page D19 Andre Dowell to Kirk Driscoll
Page D20 Lara Driscoll to Daniel Dufour
Page D21 Denis Dufour to Paul Dunn
Page D22 Richard Dunn to Harry DuVall
Page D23 Mary Duvall to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Vincent Ector
Page E2 Jeopardy Ed to Anton Eger
Page E3 Joseph Eger to Lenny Ekstrom
Page E4 Magnus Ekstrom to Bill Ellis
Page E5 Billy Ellis to Isabel Encinias
Page E6 Encores to Martin Erdmann
Page E7 Zoltan Erdo to Nichol Eskridge
Page E8 Petit Eslebenet to Jeremy Evans
Page E9 Jimmie Evans to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Falu
Page F2 Alfredo Falu to Ronny Farsund
Page F3 Paul Farus to Norman "Shorty" Feimster
Page F4 Donna Fein to Tommy Ferguson
Page F5 Tyler Ferguson to Ray Fetzer
Page F6 Jochen Feucht to Bob Findlay
Page F7 Claude Findlay to Bill Fisher
Page F8 Billy Fisher to Harry Fleming
Page F9 Herb Fleming to Svein Fogh
Page F10 Thomas Fogh to Hal Forman
Page F11 James Forman to The Four Kings
Page F12 The Four Kings of Rhythm to Ronny Francois
Page F13 Thibault Francois to Jean Freber
Page F14 Karin Frech to Fran Frey
Page F15 Gyorgy Frey to Lily Frost
Page F16 Mark Frost to Bas Funk
Page F17 Bob Funk to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to Chris Gale
Page G2 Cousin Gale to Christoph Gantert
Page G3 Nathalie Gantier to Larry Garland
Page G4 Moses Garland to Alexander Gatev
Page G5 Chulo Gatewood to Thomi Geiger
Page G6 Tomi Geiger to Miles Gerber
Page G7 Nicolas Gerber to G. Giangare
Page G8 Alessandro Giani to Zoe Gilby
Page G9 Adam Gilchrist to Anne-Marie Giortz
Page G10 Ole Henrik Giortz to Tom "Spike" Gleason
Page G11 Austin Gleave to Maurice Goffin
Page G12 Harry Gofin to Allison Gomer
Page G13 Nick Gomer to Erica Goodman
Page G14 Freddy Goodman to Dhruba Gosh
Page G15 Sylvester Goshay to Stef Graeff
Page G16 Louis Graeler to Roger Grasset
Page G17 Roger "Toto" Grasset to Galand Green
Page G18 Galen Green to Gustavo Gregorio
Page G19 Jose Gregorio to Igor Grigoriev
Page G20 Sergei Grigoriev to Adrienne Grossman
Page G21 Andy Grossman to Richie Guerin
Page G22 Roger Guerin to Luigi Gungui
Page G23 Alex Gunia to Tommy Gwaltney
Page G24 Mosa Gwanga to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Loek Hagen
Page H2 Nicholas Hagen to Chuck Hall
Page H3 Clarence Hall to Lee Hamblin
Page H4 Stuart Hambly to Rebecca Hancock
Page H5 Stephanie Hancock to Jennifer Hanson
Page H6 Jerry Hanson to Ed Harlow
Page H7 Katie Harlow to Manzy Harris
Page H8 Manzy Harris to Keef Hartley
Page H9 Lanny Hartley to Donny Hathaway
Page H10 Eulalah Hathaway to Eiichi Hayashi
Page H11 Emiko Hayashi to Moira Heath
Page H12 Mtume Heath to Florian Heinl
Page H13 Harald Heinl to Bill Henderson
Page H14 Bill Henderson to Sonny Henry
Page H15 Stephanie Henry to Raymond Hernandez
Page H16 Rene Hernandez to Feng Hew
Page H17 John Heward to Alex Hill
Page H18 Alfred Hill to Billy Hinton
Page H19 Candy Hinton to Matt Hochmiller
Page H20 Matthias Hochmuth to Steve Hogan
Page H21 Wilbert Hogan to Erik Holm
Page H22 Frode Holm to Jim Honeyman
Page H23 John Honeyman to Horn Spectrum
Page H24 Paul Horn-Muller to Luc Houtkamp
Page H25 Hans Houtman to Hubi Huber
Page H26 Jack Huber to Jorg Huke
Page H27 Mark Hukezalie to Franz Hupez
Page H28 Pidi Hupfauer to Dick Hyman
Page H29 Earle Hyman to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to Karl Immel
Page I2 Jorg Immendorf to Gloria Irving
Page I3 Jane Irving to Henry "Hank" Ivory
Page I4 Jackie Ivory to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brother J to Julius Jacob
Page J2 Pierre Jacob to Zaven Jambazian
Page J3 Bob Jambe to Harri Jansson
Page J4 Harry Jansson to Hilton Jefferson
Page J5 Isaac Jefferson to Niels Jensen
Page J6 Olaf Jensen to David Joel
Page J7 Sloppy Joel to Dave Johnson
Page J8 Dave Johnson to Sam Johnson
Page J9 Sam Johnson, Jr. to De'Sean Jones
Page J10 Deacon Jones to Choi Jong-Shil
Page J11 Wim Jongbloed to Ray Joughin
Page J12 Fred Jouglas to Ingrid Juuso
Page J13 Aino Juutilainen to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Gunter Kallman
Page K2 Leif Kallman to Jeff Kaplan
Page K3 Jerry Kaplan to Matt Kaspar
Page K4 Olivier Kaspar to Brad Kay
Page K5 Brian Kay to Sundiatta Keith
Page K6 Thom Keith to Tondrae Kemp
Page K7 Tony Kemp to Victoria Kerr
Page K8 Walt Kerr to Mutsuki Kido
Page K9 Natsuki Kido to Alvin King
Page K10 Amanda King to Arkady Kirichenko
Page K11 Valeri Kirichenko to Hans Klaus
Page K12 Herbert Klaus to Henny Kluvers
Page K13 Kostyantin Klyashtorny to George Koch
Page K14 Glenn Koch to Frank Kollges
Page K15 Valdi Kolli to Phil Korman
Page K16 Sam Korman to Zsofi Kovendi
Page K17 Tommy Koverhult to Steve Krave
Page K18 Jean Jacques Kravetz to Kronos String Quartet
Page K19 Duke Kronovas to Ron Kuivila
Page K20 Sami Kuivinen to Jim Kuster
Page K21 Oliver Kuster to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Rino Lagona
Page L2 Charlie Lagond to Jim Lamica
Page L3 Pierre Lamidiaux to Jason Lang
Page L4 Jeanie Lang to Nicolas Larmignat
Page L5 Doug Larmor to Fred Lathan
Page L6 Jim Lathan to Arnie Lawrence
Page L7 Austin Lawrence to Jeff Lebeque
Page L8 Eric Leber to Randy Lee
Page L9 Ranee Lee to Harvey Leidy
Page L10 Ben Leifer to Luis Leon
Page L11 Magali Leon to Paul Leu
Page L12 Chris Leuba to Curtis Lewis
Page L13 Cynthia Lewis to Eirik Lie
Page L14 Jan Lie to Per Lindberg
Page L15 Roger Lindberg to Kirmo Lintinen
Page L16 Charles Linton to Ture Ljunggren
Page L17 Knut Ljungh to Masha Logofet
Page L18 Alexa Logothetis to Nate Lopez
Page L19 Nick Lopez to Lennie Love
Page L20 Lindsley Love to Kim Luce
Page L21 Warren Luce to Nils Lundh
Page L22 William Lundigan to Tom Lynn
Page L23 Tommy Lynn to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Carol Mackay
Page M2 Dave Mackay to Eduardo Magallanes
Page M3 Phil Magallanes to Kamalesh Maitra
Page M4 Shyamal Maitra to Robert Malmberg
Page M5 Sven Malmberg to B.C. Manjunath
Page M6 BC Manjunath to Buster Marbury
Page M7 Jim Marbury to Patou Marie-Magdelaine
Page M8 Audra Mariel to Mike Marotta
Page M9 Rachel Marotta to Michel Marthe
Page M10 Mukund Marthe to Lucia Martinez
Page M11 Luis Martinez to Geoff Mason
Page M12 George Mason to Conrad Mathieu
Page M13 Jean-Francois Mathieu to Gustaf Mattsson
Page M14 Lars-Goran Mattsson to Ginger Maylen
Page M15 Yacov Mayman to Darrin McCann
Page M16 Denise McCann to William "Willie" McCumber
Page M17 --- McCune to Una McGlone
Page M18 Scotty McGlory to Andrew McKinney
Page M19 Andy McKinney to George McNiece
Page M20 McNile to Marc Meggido
Page M21 Vanessa Meggiolaro to The Melody Three
Page M22 Claude Melon to Andres Merenguito
Page M23 Enrique Merente to Giovanni "Antonio" Meucci
Page M24 Pieter Meujers to Horst Michelke
Page M25 Claude Michell to Liza Miles
Page M26 Lizzie Miles to Timothy Lee Miller
Page M27 Todd Miller to Pete Minns
Page M28 Haruki Mino to Paul Mitchell
Page M29 Perri Mitchell to Jean Moeremans
Page M30 Robert Moerenhout to Yvon Momboisse
Page M31 Petar Momchev to Roberto Monti
Page M32 Claudia Montiel to Francisco Mora
Page M33 Henry Mora to Gayla Morgan
Page M34 Gene Morgan to Wilber Morris
Page M35 Winston Morris to Taki Mosoko
Page M36 Gianluca Mosole to Sergej Muchin
Page M37 Dan Muchoney to Peter Mullins
Page M38 Ralph Mullins to Bill Murray
Page M39 Billy Murray to Raymond Myles
Page M40 Raymond Myles to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Martin Namaro
Page N2 Ted Namba to Frantisek Navratil
Page N3 Jaroslav Navratil to Ford Nelson
Page N4 Frank Nelson to Eric Nevedoff
Page N5 Jim Neveira to Red Nichols
Page N6 Rich Nichols to Terry Nigrelli
Page N7 Dan Nigro to Adi Nobis
Page N8 Al Noble to Bill Norine
Page N9 Maeda Norio to Frank Noya
Page N10 Nippy Noya to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Dewayne Oakley
Page O2 Dick Oakley to Johnny Oglesby
Page O3 Vince Oglesby to Dariusz Oleszkiewicz
Page O4 Erik Olevik to Diane Olverton
Page O5 Roberto Olzer to Even Ormestad
Page O6 Tony Ormisher to Per Olof Ostergren
Page O7 Thomas Ostergren to Bill Owen
Page O8 Brian Owen to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Fernando Paiva
Page P2 John Paiva to Balazs Pandi
Page P3 Franco Pandini to Jacques Paris
Page P4 Jim Paris to John Parricelli
Page P5 Herbert Parrillo to Sachi Patitucci
Page P6 Thomas Patitucci to ... Pavel
Page P7 Roxana Pavel to Gary Peck
Page P8 Helder Peck to Dave Pellow
Page P9 Michael Peloquin to Sascha Peres
Page P10 Tony Peres to Chris Perry
Page P11 Clarence Perry to Jess Bach Petersen
Page P12 Jess Buch Petersen to Olle Pettersson
Page P13 Ragne Pettersson to Russ Phillips
Page P14 Russ Phillips, Sr. to Richard Pierson
Page P15 Rodney Pierson to Stanislaw Piotrowski
Page P16 Storro Piotto to Sy Platt
Page P17 Sye Platt to Alberto Polese
Page P18 Michel Polet to Liviu Pop
Page P19 Irina Popa to El Potito
Page P20 Frank Potjer to Andreas Pranzl
Page P21 Andy Pranzl to Mike Pride
Page P22 Norman Pride to David Pruyn
Page P23 Dave Pruyn Singers to Erkki Puttonen
Page P24 Mattias Puttonen to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Jonathon Ragonese
Page R2 Pepe Ragonese to Monica Ramos
Page R3 Paulo Ramos to David Raskin
Page R4 John Raskin to Armando Raymact
Page R5 Andre Raymaekers to Jane Reed
Page R6 Jeff Reed to David Reider
Page R7 Edward Reider to Otis Rene
Page R8 Sheryl Rene to Suzi Reynolds
Page R9 Teddy Reynolds to Danny Richards
Page R10 Darryl Richards to Nigel Ridgeway
Page R11 Spider Ridgeway to Pete Ringrose
Page R12 Jean Rings to Robert Rizzo
Page R13 Roberto Rizzo to Zue Robertson
Page R14 Niklas Robertsson to Jimmy Roche
Page R15 Jon Roche to Mick Rodwell
Page R16 Nick Rodwell to Gaye Rolley
Page R17 Gianpaolo Rolli to Ananta Roosens
Page R18 Pieter Roosenschoon to Phil Rosenthal
Page R19 Rich Rosenthal to Don Roth
Page R20 Eric Roth to The Royals vcl group-1
Page R21 Damien Royannais to Roland Ruhm
Page R22 Peter Ruhmkorf to Sandy Russo
Page R23 Sandy Russo to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Mika Saily
Page S2 Sammy Saimbert to Art Salt
Page S3 Jeremy Salt to Markus Sandberg
Page S4 Mathias Sandberg to Domenico Santaniello
Page S5 Luca Santaniello to Giorgio Sasso
Page S6 Sandy Sasso to Marcol Savoy
Page S7 Philippe Savoy to Jeff Schafer
Page S8 Karen Schafer to Martina Schibler
Page S9 Becco Schibli to Lucien Schmidt
Page S10 Lucky Schmidt to Carter Scholz
Page S11 Gunter Scholz to Dave Schultz
Page S12 Dr. Paul Schultz to Dylan van der Schyff
Page S13 Stefan Schyga to Thad Seabrook
Page S14 Art Seaburg to Ken Seiffert
Page S15 Kenny Seiffert to Esteban Sepulveda
Page S16 Jorge Sepulveda to Richard Shade
Page S17 Will Shade to Jacqueline Shave
Page S18 Katherine Shave to Leo Sheppard
Page S19 Martha Sheppard to Harry Shirinian
Page S20 Elchin Shirinov to Jeffrey Sick
Page S21 Todd Sickafoose to Marcelo Silva
Page S22 Marcos Silva to Richard Simoneau
Page S23 Bob Simonelli to Richard Sirleaf
Page S24 Andrea Sirna to Nikolas Skordas
Page S25 Anita Skorgan to C. Smalley
Page S26 Ike Smalley to Fraser Smith
Page S27 Fred Smith to Stephanie Smith
Page S28 Stephen Smith to Frank Socolow
Page S29 Paul Socolow to Dirk Sommer
Page S30 Filip Sommer to Brother Soul
Page S31 Fred Soul to Maurice Speilleux
Page S32 Fraser Speirs to Deuce Spriggins
Page S33 Andy Spriggs to Arjan Stam
Page S34 Jan Stam to Estelle Ste-Croix
Page S35 Richard Steacker to Demetrius Steinmetz
Page S36 Hugh Steinmetz to Morty Stevens
Page S37 Oakley Stevens to Eleanor Stlatkin
Page S38 Kathy Stobart to Ron Stout
Page S39 Russ Stout to Matevz Strlic
Page S40 Vlado Strmsek to Steffen Stutz
Page S41 Marc Stutz-Boukouya to Darrius Summers
Page S42 Dijon Summers to Arata Suzukame
Page S43 Akio Suzuki to Waldemar Swiergiel
Page S44 Leszek Swierszcz to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Chris Talio
Page T2 Marja Talka to Netta Tascano
Page T3 Kurt Tasche to Mike Taylor
Page T4 Mike Taylor to Leslaw Tenczar
Page T5 Leslaw "Leschek" Tenczar to Georg Thallmayer
Page T6 Zarris Thally to Gladstone Thomas
Page T7 Glen Thomas to Lloyd Thompson
Page T8 Loretta Thompson to Berndt Thurner
Page T9 Gerd Thurner to Seth Tippin
Page T10 Steve Tippin to Janet Tolliver
Page T11 T.C. Tolliver to Albert Torrance
Page T12 Tim Torrance to Cason Trager
Page T13 Richard Trager to Ton Trip
Page T14 Carine Tripet to Hiroshi Tsuboi
Page T15 Mitsuru Tsubota to Danny Turner
Page T16 Dave Turner to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Philip Upchurch
Page U2 William Upchurch to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Marcos Valle
Page V2 Miran Valle to Dick Van Eps
Page V3 Fred Van Eps to Christofer Varner
Page V4 Ernie Varner to Juan Torres Velez
Page V5 Juancito Torres Velez to Luke Vernon
Page V6 Lyn Vernon to Fred Vigdor
Page V7 Fred Vigeant to Joe Viola
Page V8 John Viola to Jerome Voisin
Page V9 Tony Voisin to Paul Vrooman
Page V10 Hans Vroomans to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Michal Walczak
Page W2 Marek Walczewski to Sven-Olof Walldorf
Page W3 Francoise Walle to Xiaojing Wang
Page W4 Yngvar Wang to Joe Washek
Page W5 Bill Washer to Derek Watson
Page W6 Derico Watson to Daniel Weber
Page W7 Daniel "D-Flat" Weber to Randy Weinstein
Page W8 Ron Weinstein to Freddy Welsh
Page W9 Joe "Guido" Welsh to Joe Westerberg
Page W10 Stig Westerberg to Bob White
Page W11 Bob White to Arstella Whittier
Page W12 Les Whitting Lahman to Jim Wilbur
Page W13 Joe Wilbur to Annabel Williams
Page W14 Anne Williams to Mary Jane Williams
Page W15 Mary Lou Williams to Bobby Wilmore
Page W16 Gerry Wilmot to Flemming Windekilde
Page W17 Mattias Windemo to Laurie Wise
Page W18 Marcus Wise to Ceciel Wolfkamp
Page W19 Jan Wolfkamp to Tabreeca Woodside
Page W20 Ali Ollie Woodson to Martha Wright
Page W21 Marvin Wright to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Otto Yedla
Page Y2 Tim Yedoutschnig to George Young, Jr.
Page Y3 Gerald Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Nick Zatolochniy
Page Z2 Nickolai Zatolochnyi to Zoe Ziegler
Page Z3 Ed Ziegman to Mohamed Zourhba
Page Z4 Vaclav Zousal to Doc Zywan