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This index refers to the 229,901 individual jazz musicians (1,433,743 total entries) included in over 249,094 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2021.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page O8 - Moni Ovadia to Marta Ozzetti

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Moni Ovadia11999vcl
Jonathan Ovalle32000-2001cga,perc,bgo
Alfredo Ovalles12017p
Gustavo Ovalles62001-2019perc,bata,maracas,claves,calabash,d
Janne Ovaskainen12001tp
P. Ovchinnikov12002tb
Pavel Ovchinnikov22009-2011tb
Mikhail Ovechkin12003tb
Carlos Ovejero11990tb
Erik Ovelian11996fl
Bob van Oven1791950-2004b
Denis Oven11985tp,flhrn
Harry van Oven11937tb
Adam Over11992b
Geoff Over511957-2012bj,g
Carlos Overall12020ts
Chris Paul Overall12012backing-vcl
Kassa Overall72009-2020d,perc,mc,dj,vcl
Danny Overbea21950vcl
Hein Overbeek31983-2006vln,g,bj
Don Overberg131955-1981g
Marcel Overberg11959b
Cel Overberghe71968-1977ts,saxes,d,b-cl,vcl,b,sop
Adri Overeem51963-1978cl,ts,sop
Siebe Overeem21965-1967tb
Sjoerd van Overeem101962-1983cl
Erik Overgaard31988-1999tp,vcl,flhrn
Jan Overgaard12000p
Peter Overgaard11957g
Svein Overgaard11938d,as
Wim Overgaauw911956-1992g,el-g,arr,b,bj
Michael Overhage41981cello
Mike Overhamm11979bj
Stuart John Overington12008vcl
Volkmar Overklus11985tb
Douglas Overland11996vln
Helene Overlie12008b-tb
Frank Overlund11977p
Bill Overman11982cl,as
Gerrit Overman11957tp
Rick Overman11973d
Willem Overmars11986d
Kirk Overmoe31980p
Kieran Overs901980-2018b,el-b
Kjell Oversand31973-1974tp,flhrn
Wim Oversier11962cnt
Rik van Overstraeten11986d
Benton Overstreet21927p
Bernard Overton41964-1977g,bj,p
Betty Overton11949b
Bill Overton121977-2018ts,cl,alto-fl,bar,as,fl,saxes,vcl,el-bar-g,ac-12-string-g
Christian Overton32003-2017tb,b-tb
Emmett Overton11980fhr
Greg Overton21986-1987b,el-b
Hall Overton241953-1963p,arr
Howard Overton31977-1978d
Jim Overton11996d
Mark Overton11993as
Mike Overton22008-2009b
Miles Overton11994snare-d,perc
Myles Overton21996-1999d,b-d,tamb,claves,kokorico,snare-d
Nancy Overton11954vcl
Richard Overton21946sax
Timothy Overton61949-1951ts
William Overton12003b-cl
Gregor Overtoom11991vla
Hans van Overveld131966-1977b
Tony Overwater271989-2014b,el-b,b-g
Evert Overweg341960-1981d,perc,bgo
Kieran Oves11999b
Are Ovesen72003-2013tp,flhrn
Ole Hommel Ovesen21969-1986cnt,tp,vcl
Ole Hummel Ovesen51971-1992tp,vcl
Soren Hoy Ovesen11996bar
Thomas Ovesen711987-2018b,el-b
Willy "Peter Post" Ovesen21996-1998tp,vcl
Ole Hummel Oveson21972tp,vcl
Ole Ovesson12008tp,vcl
Ericka Ovette22001-2006vcl
Francois Ovide141984-2007g,national-duolian,bj,tb,mand,mandolin,national duolian,el-g
Calixto Oviedo61994-2015d,pailas,timb
Gustavo Oviedo12005perc
Julien Oviedo11995Latin-Amer-perc
Lazaro Oviedo12012tp
Lazaro Amauri Oviedo22016tp
Papi Oviedo12000g
Raul Oviedo21986perc,cga
Julienne Oviedoez11996timb
Cyril Ovinet12011tp
Sara Ovinge12013vln
Tony Ovio31947-1969g,rhythm-g
Jan Ovland11990g,vcl
John Ovnik12002sitar,el-b
Linda Ovrebo21990-1995vcl
Ark Ovrutski32010-2015b,el-b
Arkadi Ovrutski11995b-g
Vilko Ovsenik31968-1971as
Vardan Ovsepian132001-2017p,keyboards,arr
Vilko Ovserik11969as
Sergiy Ovsiannikov12000el-g
Freddy Ovzepian51976-1982tp
Mama Owandja11997vcl
Michael Owcharuk12007p
Paulina Owczarek42013-2019bar,as,cond
Alex Owen12012tp
Alisa Owen11998vcl
Barry Owen11991d
Bert Owen11979fl,cl,sax
Bill Owen81925-1927bj
Brian Owen32005-2013tp
Bruce Owen21999-2017viola
Cal Owen261973-1994bj,vcl,arr,tenor-bj,ldr
Cameron Owen12010g
Charlie Owen21989-1991d,el-g
Chuck Owen111978-2017dir,arr,p,comp,cond,accor,hammered-dulcimer,synt
David Owen12014oboe
Don Owen11977g
Don Edward Owen11977vcl
Father Robert Owen21959-1967p
Gerry Owen31981-2008as,cl,vcl
Harry Owen721924-1940tp,dir
Henry Owen21960d
Herb Owen11979cl
Herbert B. "Bert" Owen11980cl
Herbert B. Owen, Sr.11980cl
Hilford C. Owen11925cl,sop
Jay Owen12002arr
Jeff Owen21981-2006tb,tp
John Owen11985tu
Larry Owen111928-1931cl,as,vcl
Louise Owen22010-2019vln
Martin Owen12007fhr
Mary Owen11978perc
Maurice Owen111953-1955as
Mike Owen461989-2014tb,vcl,b,keyboards,g,bj,el-g,ts
Paula Owen81964-1995vcl
Phil Owen41936cl,sax
R. Owen11980arr
Reg Owen831945-1958as,cl,ldr,cond,tb
Rex Owen381928-1941ts,cl,as
Robert Owen22005hrn
Sandy Owen31983-1986p
Sid Owen21931cl,as
Steve Owen81980-2011arr,as,sop,saxes,comp,fl,sax
Ted Owen11986d,perc
Tim Owen12015sax
"Duke" Owens21927p
"Kwabena" Calvin Owens11974string arr
Andrew S. Owens11980tb
Antwon Owens22008d
Betty Owens101951-1979vcl
Bill Owens31947p
Brandon Owens131999-2017b,el-b
Brian Owens22015tp,vcl
Calvin Owens12006tp
Carl Owens11956p
Charles Owens801962-2017ts,fl,sop,cl,sax,reeds,as,woodwinds,bar,oboe,eng-hrn,arr,alto-fl,b-cl,saxes
Charles Owens121996-2017ts,sop,fl
Charles M. Owens11993fl
Clarence Owens21927ts
Craig Owens21993-1995g,synt,comp
Dave Owens31957-2009d,ts,reeds
David Owens111999-2000d,perc
Destan Owens11997vcl
Don Owens161945-1970p,tp
Don Owens11984cond
Doug Owens12010tp
Duane Owens11982d
Dudley Owens12011ts,sop
Ed Owens41999b
Emma Owens12012viola
Endea Owens42015-2019b
Ephraim Owens81999-2013tp
Ephram Owens21998-2004tp,flhrn
Ephriam Owens12003tp
Fitz Owens11965vib,org,p
Frank Owens391966-2005p,keyboards,org,arr,el-p,ldr,cond
Fritz Owens11970p
Greg Owens11974vcl
Gwen Owens11980backing-vcl
Henry Owens21945-1946p
Jack Owens91938tp
Jay Owens12006g
Jim Owens102002-2011tb,p,org,keyboards,b-tb
Jimmy Owens1791957-2012tp,flhrn,arr,d,tamb,hrn,cond,horns
Joe Owens12016tp,flhrn
John Owens471935-2019tp,g,tb
Jon Owens261992-2018tp,flhrn,whistler
Jonathan Owens22007-2013tp,vcl
Juicy Owens11943d
Kelly Owens601950-1959p,arr,dir,ldr
Ken Owens31948-1949cnt
Kenny Owens21953p
Kevin Owens131982-2007vcl,backing-vcl
Maceo Owens11952p
Mark Owens11986flhrn
Matt Owens22002-2008b,tp
Matthew Owens12016tp
Melvin "Miki" Owens21972d
Nancy Owens12017vln
Paul Owens11986ts,bar,vcl
Rae Owens51991-2006b,vcl
Ray Owens21950-1997keyboards,dir,p
Rev. Ben Owens11968vcl
Richard Owens41980-2010tb
Rodger Owens21980-1982flhrn,tp
Sam Owens12009ts
Shady Owens31980-1982vcl
Skid Owens191924-1926tp
Thomas Owens11929g
Tim Owens41986-2000cl,tenor vcl,as,backing-vcl,b-cl,vcl,fl
Tom Owens31997-2016p,MC
Tony Owens11990background vcl
Tony Owens11996as
Ulysses Owens52013-2017d
Ulysses "Bim" Owens12006d
Ulysses Owens, Jr.412006-2019d,perc,vcl
Vic Owens41995g
Vinny Owens21945d
Walter Owens, III12005vcl
Warren Owens21951b
Willie Owens11979b
Charles Owensrd11995bar,b-cl
Tim Ower32010-2017saxes,meowing,sax
Michael Owers152006-2018tb,b-tb,brass,sousa
Anam Owili-Eger12010p
Bryan Owings12010d
Jon Owns12004tp
John Owny12007b
Ayodele Owolabi22016vcl
Jura Owsiannikow12020saxes
Nick Owsik22017-2018tp
Bill Owsley41936-1938ts,cl
James Owston22018-2019b
Else Oxbol31960-1997vcl
Preben Oxbol101953-1997d,b,p,keyboards
Torben Oxbol221977-2014b
Evan Oxenhandler12012g
Poul Oxenholt11999tp,vcl,flhrn
Peter Oxer41970-2000vln
Matais Oxidine21980-1997ts,fl
Colin Oxley511994-2019g,el-g,arr,d
Dan Oxley11990flhrn,tp
Dave Oxley61964-1971d,vcl
Eddie Oxley221949-1994as,reeds,cl,bar
Frank Oxley111985-2014d,bass-d,cowbell,tamb,b-drum,b-d,snare-d
J. Leonard Oxley21980-1997p,cond
Johnny Oxley41953-1955b
Peter Oxley121990-2018g,el-g,synt-g,nylon-string-g,g-synt,slide,synt,nylon string-g,steel-string-g
Terry Oxley11967d
Tony Oxley1301965-2019d,perc,electronics,vln,lv electronics,amplified-perc,el-perc,tape,synt,comp,octave splitter,cond,audio perc,gong,amplified perc,ring modulator,ldr,live,compressor
Keith Oxman411977-2018ts,fl,bar
Ralph Oxman11969cello
Hans Oxmond31991-1992g
Dick Oxtot181954-1980bj,vcl,ldr,cl
Dick Oxtot41950-1965tp,cnt
Emi Oya21992-1996vcl
Yutaka Oya12007p
Daigoro Oyama11993cga,perc
Hideo Oyama41997-2003reeds,fl,cl,as,saxes
Shuichi Oyama11997ts,bar,sop
Zeal Oyan11981tp
Maurice Oyanadel12012p
Tormod Oye11989as
Ganiat T. Oyegbola12016bar
Muraina Oyelami11985dun dun d,vcl
Tunji Oyelana31968-1969d or perc,d,g,vcl
Mike van Oyen11998el-blues-g
Christian Oyens41999d
Abiodun Oyewole41993-2014voice,perc,poet,vcl
Dave Oyler31969-1976tp
Kyoko Oyobe32009-2013p
Cansu Oyzurek12019vln
Daniel Oz22004-2005tu,b-g,perc
Yuko Oz12019p
Jinshi Ozaki101997-2002g
Kenji Ozaki21978-1980cl,ts,reeds
Nobu Ozaki52001-2015b
Takuya Ozaki12011p
Yoshiyasu Ozaki751978-1999p,org
Yoshiyazu Ozaki11985p
Ilker Ozalp61999-2005el-b,b-g
Kurt Ozan22012-2015g,dobro
Mehmet Ozan151976-1996perc,g,saz,d,unknown inst.,cga,vcl
Aydin Ozari11996tp
Meltem Ozari12004fl
R. Yigit Ozatalay12004p
Machiko Ozawa32007-2013vln
Satoru Ozawa12002as
Seiji Ozawa11962dir
Takeshi Ozawa12005rhythm-g
Yasushi Ozawa31977-1999b,g,small perc
Y. Ece Ozbayli12004vcl
Ayse Ozbekligil12011keman
Ruben Ozben11993keyboards
Rusen Ozben11993keyboards
Fehmi Ozbilek11996tp
Sarpay Ozcagatay12016fl
Berke Can Ozcan42004-2015d,el-d,perc,log-d,vib
Huseyin Ozcan11986sax
Manoel Ozcas11984laugh
Julide Ozcelik22006-2011vcl
Melih Ozcelik11999ney,vcl,keyboards
Cengiz Ozdemir21992-2010p,synt
Erkan Ozdemir12009b
Gengiz Ozdemir21988-1989synt
Atilla Ozdemiroglu11975synt
Ahmet Ozden41994-2014zurna
Nevbarhar Ozel12009kemence (tirnak kemanesi)
Nevcivan Sevindik Ozel12009tar
Barlas Tan Ozemek62010-2016el-b,synt,g,el-g
Haulk Ozgen11995g
Ihsan Ozgen11995Turkish kemence
Neva Ozgen12002kemence
Cankut Ozgul31981-1995d
Berke Ozgumus12015d
Berkay Ozides12015vcl
Tammy "Omi Ade" Ozier11994backing-vcl
Will Ozier11982g
Yavuz Ozizik11986d-synt,keyboards
Gurkan Ozkan22008-2010tablas,tabla
Talip Ozkan11985cura
Ergin Ozler11998d
Kamil Ozler61996-2014g,arr,el-g
Fritz Ozmec151971-1994d,perc
Jon Ozment201991-2013p,keyboards,org,electronics,synt
Emir Ozoglu31998-2005d
Gokhan Ozoguz22006-2014vcl
Victor Ozoi11986g
Frank Ozol12003vcl
Oskars Ozolins12020tp
Edvins Ozols22015-2020b,el-b
Rene Ozona12006ts
Makoto Ozone471981-2018p,keyboards,org,arr,synt,keyboard,el-p
Yil Ozpay11993as,sop
Ulkem Ozsezen22008-2010p,el-p
Yalcin Ozsoy11975kabak kemane
Evrim Ozsuca12006vcl
Keith Ozsvath11994tb
Metin Oztan11996vln
Ayhan Oztoplu12009d
Murat Ozturk32009-2019p,el-p
Omer Oztuyen12013perc
Masahiko Ozu141970-1995d,cga
Rene Ozuma11987ts,fl
Serkan Ozyilmaz72005-2012p,keyboards,el-p
Marta Ozzetti11994fl

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