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This index refers to the 502,533 individual tune titles (1,518,720 total entries) included in over 235,156 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abide
Page A2 Abide with me to Abstraction
Page A3 Abstraction 1 to Acid raindrops keep falling on my head
Page A4 Acid reaction to Ad hoc
Page A5 Ad hoc blues to Adjusting to midnight
Page A6 Adjustment to Affari in grande
Page A7 Affe to Afrikaans
Page A8 Afrikaloo to After rapidly circling the plaza
Page A9 After reading ou yang hsiu with bass solo to Agathidium bushi
Page A10 Agathos daimon to Ahfra love
Page A11 Ahfufat to Aint nothing in the streets
Page A12 Aint nothing like the real thing to Ak er her ingen som inderlig lenges
Page A13 AK steps out to Alanech fia dii
Page A14 Alang to Alexander & Greenberg tribute
Page A15 Alexander Marschbefehl to Alkava kevat
Page A16 Alkebu lan to All men amen
Page A17 All men are heels to All the things we would like to be
Page A18 All the things witches are to Aller retour
Page A19 Aller tage abend to Almost too serious
Page A20 Almost touching it to Alt for deg
Page A21 Alt hvad jeg gor to Always will never be
Page A22 Always with a purpose to Ambient pressure thereby
Page A23 Ambiente to Amnesia dealer
Page A24 Amnesia vu to An angel in disguise
Page A25 An angel like that to Anabis
Page A26 Anabocca to And he never said a mumblin word
Page A27 And he shall reign to And we meet again
Page A28 And we out to Angel of music
Page A29 Angel of my heart to Animus
Page A30 Aning to Anos de soledad
Page A31 Anos de tu luz to Anselmo
Page A32 Anselmus & Serpentina to Anvil stomp
Page A33 Anwar to Apnee 3
Page A34 Apnee nuit to April light
Page A35 April love to Arbres argentes
Page A36 Arbuckle bounce to Arepticious
Page A37 Arere to Army rock
Page A38 Army rocks and Navy rolls to Art Pepper introduces the musicians
Page A39 Art piege to As long as I have you
Page A40 As long as I have your love to Ashfrah
Page A41 Ashiagetokage to Asteroidi
Page A42 Asteroids to At the feast
Page A43 At the feast of love to Atosha
Page A44 Atra to Audio_013 trio
Page A45 Audio_0130 trio to Auro
Page A46 Aurobindo to Autumn nocturne
Page A47 Autumn nostalgia to Avsked
Page A48 Avskjed to AZODT
Page A49 Azoff blues to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby come home
Page B2 Baby come on to Babysitter
Page B3 Babysitters playground to Back street theatre
Page B4 Back street woman to Bad books
Page B5 Bad boy to Bahama papa
Page B6 Bahama sound to Balanca
Page B7 Balanca meniha to Ballad for Jesper
Page B8 Ballad for Jesse James to Ballade a perdre le temps
Page B9 Ballade a rupture to Baltic trio
Page B10 Baltic wind to Banister River
Page B11 banister slide to bard lachrymose
Page B12 Bard primeval to Barry Island
Page B13 Barry K to Bass goin crazy
Page B14 Bass gone crazy to Bats blues
Page B15 bats in Belfry to Be anything be mine
Page B16 Be anything but be mine to Bear cat shuffle
Page B17 Bear dance to beautiful one
Page B18 beautiful ones to Beckys ballad
Page B19 Beckys bash to Before tears Moon
Page B20 Before ten oclock to Being cool
Page B21 Being dark is easy to Bells blues
Page B22 Bells blues and brotherhood to Bennys bop
Page B23 Bennys bounce to Bert
Page B24 Bert et moi to Better stop playing around
Page B25 Better sweet than never to Beyond the hard darkness
Page B26 Beyond the Hatfield Tunnel to Big baby
Page B27 Big baby blues to big giving
Page B28 big gliss to Big Walter
Page B29 Big Walters lement to Billy Rubin
Page B30 Billy Strayhorn to Birddoggin the chicks
Page B31 Birden bire to bit noisy
Page B32 Bit o sweets to Black boy blues
Page B33 Black boy shuffle to Black radio
Page B34 Black rag to Blank mask
Page B35 Blank mind to Blind spot
Page B36 Blind spots to Blossom friend
Page B37 Blossom in the water to Blue boppa
Page B38 Blue boppin at the Saint to Blue hat
Page B39 blue haven to Blue para el pianista desconocido
Page B40 Blue parade to Blue vibraphone blues
Page B41 Blue vibration to Blues at moonrise
Page B42 Blues at moorise to Blues for Alex
Page B43 Blues for Alexander to Blues for Ellis
Page B44 Blues for Elma Lewis to Blues for Lorraine
Page B45 Blues for Los Angeles to Blues for Satch
Page B46 Blues for Satchmo to Blues from Black Rock
Page B47 Blues from Blackrock to Blues is on the way
Page B48 Blues is only a ghost to blues singer from Alabam
Page B49 Blues sinistra to Bluminat
Page B50 Blunch to Bobs pink cadillac
Page B51 Bobs place to Bolero del sol
Page B52 Bolero der 5 sinne to Bonjour jolie Madame
Page B53 Bonjour Julie to Boogie my heart
Page B54 Boogie mysterioso to Boomstatz
Page B55 Boomtown to Boring days
Page B56 Boris to Bossa nova blues
Page B57 Bossa nova dance to Bounce back
Page B58 Bounce blues to boy from New York City
Page B59 boy from Panama to Brandywine strut
Page B60 Branedrane to Break the cups
Page B61 Break the dawn to Breno Tfordo blues
Page B62 Brens boogie to Bright world
Page B63 Brighten the corner where you are to Broke and hungry
Page B64 Broke blues to Brother Jason
Page B65 Brother Jay to brunt
Page B66 Brunzgen sud III to Bud bud bud
Page B67 Bud city to Build no sheds
Page B68 Build that railroad to Bunker is not banker
Page B69 Bunkers basement to Bus 23
Page B70 Bus 4 to Butane Elvin
Page B71 Butano to By the seashore
Page B72 By the Shalimar to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadilac Slim
Page C2 Cadilla to Calcuttas joy
Page C3 Calda taddea to Callaerobique
Page C4 Callahan tunnel to Camel hop
Page C5 Camel hump to Can you really hear me
Page C6 Can you recall to Cannabis
Page C7 Cannabis leaf rag 1 to Cantando no toro
Page C8 Cantando o amor to caper of commerce
Page C9 Caper of the golden bulls to Caravan of life
Page C10 Caravan of love to Carmen march
Page C11 Carmen medley to Carry on clarion
Page C12 Carry on no 1 to Cassoulet boogie
Page C13 Cassoulet stomp to Catfish Sammich
Page C14 Catflap to CBV
Page C15 CC to Cell Block F tis Nazi USA
Page C16 Cell bound blues to Certain logic
Page C17 certain love to Chacha unuh
Page C18 Chachablu to Change my heart
Page C19 Change my mind to Chant on D
Page C20 Chant one to Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Page C21 Charlie Brown theme to Chatelet chill
Page C22 Chatelet chill recap to chemist
Page C23 Chemistries to Chicago 1969
Page C24 Chicago 1987 to Chihei
Page C25 Chiheisen Between sky and land to Chillypompompee
Page C26 Chilpanicingo to Cho tofu
Page C27 Chobraty to Chorea mortis
Page C28 Chorea urbana to Christmas love song
Page C29 Christmas lullaby to Chutzpah
Page C30 Chutzpan to Cinq contre trois
Page C31 Cinq et treize to Citi movement
Page C32 Citia se hezky to Clappers
Page C33 Clappin rhythm to Cleaning up the mess
Page C34 Cleaning using stardust to Clog song
Page C35 Clogged again to Clown town
Page C36 Clown triste to Cockle chowder
Page C37 Cockle row to Col Rowans march
Page C38 Col tema al basso to Colombian dixie
Page C39 Colombian rhythm to Come along Mary
Page C40 Come along my Mandy to Come to me my true love
Page C41 Come to me Nina to Commercial 10
Page C42 Commercial 11 to Composition 110C
Page C43 Composition 110D to Composition no 361
Page C44 Composition no 367 to Concerto for new sounds
Page C45 Concerto for one to Confirmated
Page C46 Confirmation to Constant blue
Page C47 Constant Carnival to Contreaveaux
Page C48 Contrechamp to Cool day in hell
Page C49 Cool days to Coracao leviano
Page C50 Coracao que sente to Corresponding features
Page C51 Corresponding to sand to Cotton blossom blues
Page C52 Cotton blossom dance to Country scuffle
Page C53 Country serenade to CQD
Page C54 CQFD to Crazy makers
Page C55 Crazy mama to Cri de coeur
Page C56 Cri de notes to Crosshatch
Page C57 Crosshatching to Cry wolf
Page C58 Cry you crazy heart to Cubana be
Page C59 Cubana be Cubana bop to Curious eyes
Page C60 Curious game to Cyclologie
Page C61 Cyclomenzyclompadie to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadlo
Page D2 Dadme creditos to Damigo demonstrates
Page D3 Damisela encantadora to Dance of the beast
Page D4 Dance of the bees to Dancin feet
Page D5 Dancin fool to Dangerous dancing
Page D6 Dangerous divertimento to Dansul Horbotei
Page D7 Dante to Dark knowledge
Page D8 Dark lady to Das frohliche
Page D9 Das fryderyk to Davis Street blues
Page D10 Davisamba to Daybreak express
Page D11 Daybreak in Alabama to De la tete au pied
Page D12 De lach to Deano deano
Page D13 Deans dream to Debonaire
Page D14 Deboned blues to Dedication 1
Page D15 Dedication 1 Harmonious prelude to Deeper in duet
Page D16 Deeper in love to Delicate poise
Page D17 delicate prey to Den komiska dansen
Page D18 Den korta fristen to Der freudenspender kommt
Page D19 Der frohliche Kakadu to Des fleurs pour Nefertiti
Page D20 Des Frl Lisa to Desire develops an edge
Page D21 Desire for nothing known to Deus ex machina
Page D22 Deus por favor nos ajude to Dharavi ballad
Page D23 Dharma to Dichterliebe
Page D24 Dichterliebe op 48 to Die kleine Stadt will schlafen gehn
Page D25 Die kleine Stadt will sclafen gehn to Dig me out
Page D26 Dig my girl to Dingaling
Page D27 Dingaling intermint to Disappear here
Page D28 disappearance to Distance of your smile
Page D29 Distance propitiate to Dixie drag
Page D30 Dixie dreams to Do a little busness on the side
Page D31 Do a little dirty work to Do you really need all this money
Page D32 Do you really think to Does your dog bite
Page D33 Does your father know to Doll face
Page D34 Doll fee to Donde estabas tu
Page D35 Donde estan mis zapatos to Dont die wondrin
Page D36 Dont dilly dally to Dont listen
Page D37 Dont lock the door to Dont thing twice
Page D38 Dont think to door opened
Page D39 door opens and closes to Double crossin papa
Page D40 Double crossing blues to Down among the sweltering palms
Page D41 Down amoung the sheltering palms to Downbeat award to Shelly Manne
Page D42 Downbeat award to Stan Kenton to Dragnet blues
Page D43 Dragnet mambo to Dream of the matador
Page D44 Dream of the mooneyed tarsier to Dreamtime visitor
Page D45 Dreamtyme to Driving home music
Page D46 Driving in F to Drum solo no 2
Page D47 Drum solo no 3 to Du bout du doigt
Page D48 Du brauchst von meinen Tranen nichts zu wissen to Duet 06
Page D49 Duet 07 to Duncan
Page D50 Duncans to Dusts
Page D51 Dusttongued bell to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early in the morning blues
Page E2 Early intro very early to East nightstorm
Page E3 East oak lane to Easy time
Page E4 Easy time lovin to Echoes of spleen
Page E5 Echoes of Sprankle MacDuff to Eds thetic
Page E6 Eds tune to Egzequsya Wersja koncowa
Page E7 Egzequsya Wersja na trabke z forteplanem to Einheitsfrontlied
Page E8 EinheitsFrontslied to El commandante
Page E9 El commendador to El pavo
Page E10 El payaso to EleccionCoaccion
Page E11 Elecentricity to Elements of the pack
Page E12 Elements one and two to Elle
Page E13 Elle A elle a pas to Emancipation of dissonance
Page E14 Emancipation proclamation to Empreintes
Page E15 Empreints to En naturlig forklaring
Page E16 En nem tudok nem Szabad to end of my journey
Page E17 end of my story to Enigma six
Page E18 Enigma solution to enTroPia
Page E19 Entropic to Equidistansie
Page E20 Equilateral to Erstes solo am see
Page E21 Erstes sonett to Especially
Page E22 Especially for you to Estrelle
Page E23 Estrelleta to ETP
Page E24 Etprim to European spassvogel
Page E25 European study with one half hat to Events XIV
Page E26 Eventual to Everybody wants to rule the world
Page E27 Everybody wants to see my black bottom to Everywhere to go but up nowhere to go but down
Page E28 Everywhere you go to Excerpts from noncognitive aspects of the city
Page E29 Excerpts from Porgy and Bess to Exploding note theory
Page E30 Exploding syndrome to Eyes and pearls
Page E31 Eyes and sky to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fade to frenzy
Page F2 Fade to gold to Fall line flow
Page F3 Fall medley to Fancy lady
Page F4 Fancy living to Far away from here long time ago
Page F5 Far away from home to Fascination bop
Page F6 fascination for the outside to Father oblivion
Page F7 Father OConnor comments to Feb 13th
Page F8 Feb 21st to Fehada
Page F9 Feher galamb to Festis believe in justice
Page F10 Festival to Fields of clubs
Page F11 fields of cologne to Filip Samonil
Page F12 Filipa to fine crystal
Page F13 fine day to Firebird jumps
Page F14 Firebird suite to First pitch swinging
Page F15 first place to fit of fifths
Page F16 Fit to be tied to Fizik kimya matematik
Page F17 Fizz to Flavios blues
Page F18 Flavios circle to flip flopper
Page F19 Flip floyd to flow into a poem
Page F20 Flow motian to Flutin
Page F21 Flutin and fluglin to FMW
Page F22 FND to Following in my footsteps
Page F23 Following in your footsteps to For a sleeping baby
Page F24 For a small fee to For everything you do
Page F25 For everytime to For Milt
Page F26 For Milton Suggs to For the love of Cindy
Page F27 For the love of God to Foreign ray
Page F28 Foreign realities to Formal invitation
Page F29 Formal night in Harlem to Fountain of temptation
Page F30 Fountain of the innocents to fourteen bar blues
Page F31 Fourteen by sidle to Fraktionalhymne
Page F32 Fralich in swing to Freaks for the festival
Page F33 Freaks of the festival to Free me from you
Page F34 Free men name themselves to freezing desert
Page F35 Freezing drizzle to Friday night special
Page F36 Friday night strut to Frogslegs and bourbon
Page F37 Frogtime stagger to From the empire of anemones and crabs
Page F38 From the ends to Frutos del Eden
Page F39 Frutti booty to Full metal drums
Page F40 Full metal quartet to Funk is its own reward
Page F41 Funk it to Funny bunny
Page F42 Funny but I still love you to future
Page F43 Future airs to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallops gallop
Page G2 gallows to Garden of Paradise
Page G3 garden of peace to Gators time
Page G4 Gatos to Gel gor beni ask neyledi
Page G5 Gela to gentle war
Page G6 Gentle warrior to Gershwinique dance
Page G7 Gershwins skyline to Get together with the Lord
Page G8 Get tough to Ghost of the blues
Page G9 Ghost of the dunes to Gilles Villenueve
Page G10 Gillespiana suite to Girl from southendonsea
Page G11 girl from St Eustache to Give ma an old fashioned swing in the evening
Page G12 Give me to Glasperle pa himmelbjerget
Page G13 Glasperlen to Glory children
Page G14 Glory cool to Go on home
Page G15 Go on home girl to Godsend
Page G16 Godson song to Gold in hand
Page G17 Gold in my ear to Gone in Manhattan
Page G18 Gone in the air to Good looking papa blues
Page G19 Good looking woman to Goodbye friend no 1
Page G20 Goodbye friend no 2 to Gork
Page G21 Gorka to Gotta have me go with you
Page G22 Gotta have new jackets to Grand loup
Page G23 Grand mal to Graviton the boson
Page G24 gravitron to Greek song
Page G25 Greek Street Soho to Greenwhich witch
Page G26 Greenwich to groggy valse
Page G27 Groid to Groundshaker
Page G28 Groundsurge to Gud han sjalv oss bjod
Page G29 Gud nuz bluz to Gumuz
Page G30 Gumyt me to Gypsy man blues
Page G31 Gypsy march to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hairache
Page H2 haircut to Hallo hallo Fraulein
Page H3 Hallo hallo ich suche eine Frau to Hand of man
Page H4 Hand on heart to Hanukkah bush
Page H5 Hanukkah waltz to happy one
Page H6 happy ones to Hardheaded woman blues
Page H7 Hardhearted Hannah to Harolds way out
Page H8 Harom arva to Hattie Rogers blues
Page H9 Hattie Wall to Having met
Page H10 Having met Ms Jones to He needs me
Page H11 He never mentioned love to Hear this whispering
Page H12 Hear we are here to Heaven no 27
Page H13 Heaven number seven to Heisenbergs fugue state
Page H14 Heiss und kalt to Hello suckers
Page H15 Hello Sunday Hello road to Her moondust shuffle
Page H16 Her name to Heres a goodbye
Page H17 Heres a hand to Hes round faced like the moon
Page H18 Hes so beautiful to Hey Nana
Page H19 Hey Nat to Hidehoman
Page H20 Hideko bushi to Highgate village
Page H21 Highhat ratation to Hip cruiser
Page H22 Hip cryptic Bob to History poetry mythology
Page H23 History repeating to Hog futures
Page H24 Hog head to Hollow horse hoedown
Page H25 Hollow life to Home of clouds
Page H26 home of easy credit to Honey Dijon
Page H27 Honey dip to Hooties ignnorant oil
Page H28 Hooties ignorant oil to Horn strings & sound
Page H29 Horn talk to Hot hut
Page H30 Hot i hot to House call
Page H31 House calls to How could I not love you
Page H32 How could I settle for less to How to be tool
Page H33 How to break a fever to Huggin the jug
Page H34 Huggin the keys to Hung out to dry
Page H35 Hung over easy to HV IIIwards
Page H36 Hva edderkoppkvinnen sa til Hopifolket to Hyper pathos
Page H37 Hyper space to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I better thank her
Page I2 I bid to I cant tell you why I love you but I do
Page I3 I cant think to I dont have to dream any more
Page I4 I dont have to hurt to I feel so alone
Page I5 I feel so bad to I got to get it somewhere
Page I6 I got to get me some ZZZ to I hob kan zins no dsoid
Page I7 I hold my breath to I let u
Page I8 I let you go away tonight to I love you just the same
Page I9 I love you just the way you are to I never was a cowboy
Page I10 I never was a young man to I say hello
Page I11 I say hello by myself to I thought you had forgotten heart
Page I12 I thought you had gone to I want to be like you
Page I13 I want to be lonesome I want to be blue to I wish Id never loved you at all
Page I14 I wish Id never met you to Ice cream for crow
Page I15 Ice cream fountain to Id dough wa pa
Page I16 Id est to If I can babababy you
Page I17 If I can believe to If my shoes hold out
Page I18 If my sweetie comes back to me to If you love me
Page I19 If you love me act like it to II Status seeking
Page I20 II Tango to Il Margine
Page I21 Il marrive parfois to Ill be smiling when youre crying
Page I22 Ill be so glad to Ill take New York
Page I23 Ill take ragtime to Im always too late
Page I24 Im always true to you in my fashion to Im gonna go fishing
Page I25 Im gonna go out fishing to Im losing again
Page I26 Im losing control to Im stepping out with a memory tonight
Page I27 Im stickin with you baby to Imagines
Page I28 Imaginez to Imprint eleven
Page I29 Imprint I to Improvisation on message in a bottle
Page I30 Improvisation on No1 to In a misty night
Page I31 In A mitrailleur to In every face
Page I32 In every lonely chamber to In my village
Page I33 In my wallet to In the broken fields where I lie
Page I34 In the brush to In the port of Amsterdam
Page I35 In the port of missing dreams to In your own way street
Page I36 In your presence to Indian cafe
Page I37 Indian child to Infinite patience
Page I38 Infinite potential to Inner nebula
Page I39 Inner noise to insidious tortures of Brian Henderson
Page I40 Insieme to Interieur
Page I41 Interieur jour to Intersections
Page I42 Intersections 1 to Intrigas no boteco do Padilha
Page I43 Intrighinu to Introduction for Will you die
Page I44 Introduction from Schelomo to Invicible intentions
Page I45 Invidia to Irish tale
Page I46 Irish tea party to Is this how
Page I47 Is this it to Isolde
Page I48 Isolde the ladybird to It is affirmed that the evening and night are the seasons of most violence with incipient lunatics
Page I49 It is almost sacred to It wont hurt you
Page I50 It wont pay the way to Its all in your head
Page I51 Its all in your mind to Its love time
Page I52 Its lovelovelove to Its time for love
Page I53 Its time for me to Ive got a lovely bunch of cocoanuts
Page I54 Ive got a mama down in New Orleans to ivy walk
Page I55 Ivys lullabye to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackys haunt
Page J2 Jackys method to Jaljet
Page J3 Jalla to Jane guitar
Page J4 Jane Huck to Javierito
Page J5 Javigin boogaloo to Jazz lullaby
Page J6 Jazz madison to Jazzystically correct
Page J7 Jazzz to Jed and Elmer
Page J8 Jedan smer to Jern og jord
Page J9 Jernbanevise to jewels of the Madonna
Page J10 Jewels tempo to Jinrikisha
Page J11 Jinriksha to Joe in mind
Page J12 Joe is here to Johnny Pates blues
Page J13 Johnny Petite to Jook
Page J14 Jook it to Jovane mori jovane
Page J15 Jovano jovanke to JubulaniEaster joy
Page J16 Juca to Jump awhile
Page J17 Jump back to June Promenade
Page J18 June rain to Just a boogie
Page J19 Just a bossa to Just cause
Page J20 Just chill to Just one thing to say
Page J21 Just one thought and a half to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kali durga
Page K2 Kali Ipso to Kapo
Page K3 Kapodaschdr to Kater Carlo
Page K4 Kater in der ecke to Keep away from the fellow who owns an automobile
Page K5 Keep breathing to Keis garden
Page K6 Keis secret to Key hole blues
Page K7 Key in the heart to Kiej jo ide w pole
Page K8 Kiekbusch to Kinetsa
Page K9 Kinfolks corner to Kirill
Page K10 Kirisame to Kiwus
Page K11 Kix to Knickknacks on the mantel
Page K12 Knicks to Kohne mehellemiz
Page K13 Kohntark to Kontinenterna ror sig I natten
Page K14 Kontinentspiel to Krapnel
Page K15 Krapps last breath to Kumjong komushin
Page K16 Kummels traum oder die rheinische republik to KZ


Page L1 L to La chalana
Page L2 La chaloupee to La distinguee
Page L3 La distribution des jouets to La java sans culotte
Page L4 La java viennoise to La musique grisante
Page L5 La musique que jaime to La refarela
Page L6 La regamuse to La typesse
Page L7 La ultima to Lacme
Page L8 Laconia to lady said it
Page L9 lady said Yes to Lalene
Page L10 LAleph to Land of another
Page L11 Land of beginning again to Lappel dla pelle
Page L12 Lappel du Komintern to last bite
Page L13 last blade of grass to Last song for Gates
Page L14 Last song for Shelby Jean to Later that night that knight laid her
Page L15 Later that same day to laughter and the tears
Page L16 Laughter as you fall to Lazy by the lake
Page L17 Lazy canary to Le chien ecrase
Page L18 Le chien et la fille to Le lussier des champs
Page L19 Le luxe V to Le reve dEline
Page L20 Le reve des brigands to Lea honey
Page L21 Lea in Hollywood to Leaving Portland
Page L22 Leaving San Telmo to Legless in Garstang
Page L23 Leglise to Lentement
Page L24 Lentement mademoiselle to Les deux noms de Bud
Page L25 Les deux plumes to Les samourais
Page L26 Les sanglots longs to Let it ring
Page L27 Let it rip Albert to Letkis Jenka
Page L28 Letkiss to Lets pour the rivers rainbow
Page L29 Lets pray against somebody to Leverhefboom
Page L30 Leverington 3cps to License to kill
Page L31 Licensed unoperators to Life is real only here
Page L32 Life is round to light of smile
Page L33 light of smiles to Like Erroll
Page L34 Like every other day to Lille ting
Page L35 Lille tjavs to Line seven
Page L36 Line six to Lisas privacy
Page L37 Lisas song to little bit more
Page L38 Little bit o butter to Little geech
Page L39 Little gem to Little O in the sky
Page L40 Little oasis to little too much
Page L41 little too shy to Living easy
Page L42 living end to Lo sceicco bianco Rosa acurata
Page L43 Lo scheletro to Loica
Page L44 Loie to Lonely isnt it
Page L45 lonely Jesus to Long John Brown and Little Mary Bell
Page L46 Long John C to Look at the fruits
Page L47 Look at the good things youve got to Looks like not
Page L48 Looks like rain to Lorraine Hansberry
Page L49 Lorraines Habanera to Lost in Madrid part II
Page L50 Lost in Madrid part IV to Louis blues
Page L51 Louis boogie to Love cry
Page L52 Love cry II to Love is real
Page L53 love is reborn to Love should not be so cold
Page L54 Love shouldnt cost a mind to Lovefest
Page L55 Lovefool to Lovin arms
Page L56 Lovin babe to Lua av for Kua
Page L57 Lua cheia sobre Lisboa to Lugar comun I
Page L58 Lugebat to Lumbered
Page L59 Lumbered at the Lotus to Lustigt
Page L60 Lustinseln to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mach 1
Page M2 Mach 2 to Made of sand
Page M3 Made of sound of joy to Magic jar
Page M4 magic kingdom to Mahte anda
Page M5 Mahu symphony part 4 to Make America great again
Page M6 Make anchor babies to Malapaga
Page M7 Malardrottningens krona to Mama too tight
Page M8 Mama treat your daughter mean to Mammy chasing blues
Page M9 Mammy daddy and son to Manacore
Page M10 Manadens erbjudande to Manic moments
Page M11 Manic musical depression to Mapparium
Page M12 Mappin to Marche des parachutistes
Page M13 Marche dheresie to Mariao
Page M14 Marias Avenue breakdown to Marnee birds
Page M15 Marney to Mary Michael Janette
Page M16 Mary Michaelen to Matador sketches
Page M17 Matadors massacre to Max mon amour
Page M18 Max Roach to Mayor of smoke
Page M19 Mayor of the Beach to Me fe tan pliji
Page M20 Me feeh to Med manen som modell
Page M21 Med matfickorna i jorden to Meet me when the stars come out
Page M22 Meet me where they play the blues to Melancolies dun soir
Page M23 Melancolique promenade to Melody of a dreamer
Page M24 melody of Ayn piece one to Memphis blues or Mister Crump
Page M25 Memphis boogie to Mercredi 3
Page M26 Mercredi 5 Avril 1984 to Message to Art
Page M27 message to Bahia to Metzgers missgeschicke
Page M28 Meu amanha to Miasme
Page M29 Miasmo to Midnight coffee
Page M30 midnight confession to Mightly like a nut
Page M31 mighty to Milhouse
Page M32 Mili Peter to Minas mist
Page M33 Minas mood to Miniatures for brass quartet
Page M34 Miniatures I to Minor tragedy
Page M35 Minor Trane to Mirror mirrow
Page M36 Mirror neurons to Miss Mitchell
Page M37 Miss Mona to Mister Bee
Page M38 Mister Beethovens blues to Mitt hjerte er ditt
Page M39 Mitt hus to Mobleyville
Page M40 Mobleyzation to Moes run
Page M41 Moeshoeshoe the first to Moment mal
Page M42 Moment musical to Mondblau und sonnengelb
Page M43 Mondd to Monks blues
Page M44 Monks bounce to Monterey blues
Page M45 Monterey jam to Moon fire
Page M46 Moon fish 1 to Moonlight serenade
Page M47 Moonlight shuffle to More neck
Page M48 More nightbird inventions to Morning hour
Page M49 Morning hour blues to Moss house
Page M50 Moss mansion sandstorm to Motocross
Page M51 Motodrum to Mouvements changeables
Page M52 Mouvements naturels to Moving shadows
Page M53 moving sidewalk at best to Mr Elevator
Page M54 Mr Eli to Mr Peter allkey
Page M55 Mr Petrucciani to Ms Morrisine
Page M56 Ms NC to Mulen
Page M57 Mulence to Musashi
Page M58 Musashino to Music of amrka
Page M59 Music of anxiety to Mutation
Page M60 Mutation station to My broadsward
Page M61 My broken heart to My four reasons
Page M62 My fox trot girl to My kitchen man
Page M63 My Kokomo to My most favorite thing
Page M64 My mother to My sisters garden
Page M65 My sisters my brothers and all you others to MYOB
Page M66 myoclonic jerk to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Naiade
Page N2 Naiads to Nao bate coracao
Page N3 Nao bate o coracao to Nat King Cole
Page N4 Nat King Cole interview by Lance Tschannen to Naverbiten
Page N5 Navi to Nede pa stasjonen
Page N6 Nedelja to Nengueleru
Page N7 Nenhum to Never been to Alabama
Page N8 Never been to Brazil to new awakening
Page N9 New awlins to new kind of love
Page N10 New kind of loving to New sunglasses
Page N11 New Suntory 5 blues to News life
Page N12 News nightclub to Nice to be back in Stockholm
Page N13 Nice to be home to Night blood
Page N14 Night bloomin trashman to Night sea journey
Page N15 Night search to Niitty on harmaa
Page N16 Nijculela es una historia to Nirshana
Page N17 Niru to No blues in Bethlehem
Page N18 No blues is good blues to No laughing matter
Page N19 No lax here to No one knows which is which
Page N20 No one like you to No there aint no news today
Page N21 No therell never be someone so sweet as you to Nobodys got the blues like me
Page N22 Nobodys heart to noite do meu bem
Page N23 noite e minha to Noor Iqbal
Page N24 Noorbeek to Norwood you either
Page N25 Norys kick to Not quite right
Page N26 Not quite so early to Nothing gonna change my love for you
Page N27 Nothing grows in the shade to November 1
Page N28 November 12 set 1 to Nowhere to be found
Page N29 Nowhere to be seen to Num pagode em planaltina
Page N30 numa to NY time
Page N31 NY trio to NZZ


Page O1 O to O space heater My space heater
Page O2 O species of nosegay to Obsidian flow
Page O3 Obsidian mirrors to Octoroon
Page O4 Octothorpe to Odile meets Kipper
Page O5 Odile Odila to Offertorium
Page O6 Offertory to Oh look at me nowBut now look at me
Page O7 Oh look at that baby to Ohio river blues
Page O8 Ohio serenade to Old & new blues
Page O9 Old 100th to Old mans darlin
Page O10 Old mans fight to Ole Santa
Page O11 Ole soleil to Ommekeer
Page O12 Ommpahpah to On ne sais jamais
Page O13 On ne sait jamais to On the seventh floor
Page O14 On the shady side of forty to Once were here
Page O15 Once when I fell in love to One for Ernie
Page O16 One for Evan to One in ten
Page O17 One in the bush is worth two in the hand to One of two
Page O18 One of two places to Oneonta
Page O19 Oneoone to Oo how I love to be loved by you
Page O20 Oo na to ye to Open jaw
Page O21 Open land to option
Page O22 Option 8 to Orblidile
Page O23 Orbly pesting to Original dixielandjass band onestep
Page O24 Original drum and bass to Oshima
Page O25 Oshirike to Otorio porteno
Page O26 Otown blues to Our private world
Page O27 Our promise to Out on the edge
Page O28 Out on the farm to Over Birkerot
Page O29 Over black & grey to Oxdragarsangen
Page O30 oxen to O’new


Page P1 P to Pagala
Page P2 Pagamoyo to Palais
Page P3 Palais de cristal to Pandango
Page P4 Pandas dream to paper and the dog
Page P5 Paper angel to Paradise station
Page P6 Paradise stroll to Paris nights
Page P7 Paris nights and cognac haze to Part 2 Mourning becomes the rain
Page P8 Part 2 New era to Part VII Freddy C<