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This index refers to the 523,727 individual tune titles (1,572,664 total entries) included in over 241,692 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abes axe
Page A2 Abes blues to Abstract concrete
Page A3 Abstract depiction of a fish to Ach verzeihen sie meine Damen
Page A4 Ach was to Action up
Page A5 Action V to Adestes
Page A6 Adeu to Aegilium Island
Page A7 Aegir II to African groove
Page A8 African groovin to After a time
Page A9 After a walk to Afternoon counting
Page A10 Afternoon D to Agua dolce del bosque
Page A11 Agua dulce to Ainda bem que nao flauta falta
Page A12 Ainda lenbro to air is blue
Page A13 Air IV to Akta dej gosse
Page A14 Aktaklaks regime to Albert Mangelsdorff announcement
Page A15 Albert meets Nels to Algae
Page A16 Algaliar cateter to All ashore
Page A17 All ask for me to All nite long
Page A18 All nite rambler to All these nights alone
Page A19 All these people to Alley cat
Page A20 alley cat song to Alo
Page A21 Alo alo to Alta paz
Page A22 Alta sociedad to Always too soon
Page A23 Always true in my fashion to Ambiance au Gaity
Page A24 Ambiance bleue to Amirah
Page A25 Amirhas dance to An afternoon in BudapestHungarian rhapsody no 2
Page A26 An afternoon in Cameroon to An ounce of mothers wit
Page A27 An ounce of sense to Anclajes ciclajes y reciclajes
Page A28 Ancona to And the tints
Page A29 And the two will become one flesh to Andys song book
Page A30 Andys tune to Angry instances
Page A31 Angry jungle to Anninnia Part 2
Page A32 Anninnia Part 3 to Another page
Page A33 Another part of me to Anticipation of the coming of
Page A34 Anticipation ritual to Anyway its nothing
Page A35 Anyway was there ever nothing to apple in the dark
Page A36 Apple jack to Aquellas cartas
Page A37 Aquellas milongas to Archive projections
Page A38 Archives to Arianne
Page A39 Arias prance to Around the day in 80 worlds
Page A40 Around the day in eighty worlds to Artificial light
Page A41 Artificial official to As Rosie and Ellen dance
Page A42 As round and round we go to Asian journal
Page A43 Asian lullaby to Astral 3
Page A44 Astral address to At the Jenka show
Page A45 At the Jewish bakery to Atrocity
Page A46 atrocity exhibition to Audio_0135 multi
Page A47 Audio_0136 to Auringon laskun aikaan
Page A48 Auringonpalvoja to Autumn leaves winter arrives
Page A49 Autumn leavesStella by starlight to Avocadoes
Page A50 Avocadoesque to Ayy
Page A51 Ayyaya to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby cake
Page B2 Baby cakes to Babys got a hole in her head
Page B3 Babys got me crying to Back porch
Page B4 Back porch chill to Bacon butt fat
Page B5 Bacon fat to Baghdad bargain
Page B6 Baghdad blues to Bala boloum
Page B7 Bala com bala to Ballad for B
Page B8 Ballad for Babs to Ballad of the hot long night
Page B9 Ballad of the indifferent to Ballet photo rouge
Page B10 Ballet suite to Band presentation by Gigi Campi
Page B11 Band rat blues to Barbara tanner angell
Page B12 Barbara thru the mirror world to Barnyard scuffel shuffel
Page B13 Barnyard waltz to Basidiomycete
Page B14 Basie to Basspercussion T2
Page B15 Bassquerade to Bavarian bounce
Page B16 Bavarian calypso to Be my song
Page B17 Be my sunshine to Beat rondo
Page B18 Beat stone to Beauty must be loved
Page B19 Beauty n numbers to Beduin camp
Page B20 Beduinenwalzer to Before your ruddy necromancy I am a blank balladeer
Page B21 Before yourself to Bel amourHymne a lamour
Page B22 Bel ascoltare to Bells op 33 no 3
Page B23 bells rang in Novgorod to Bennys pennies from heaven
Page B24 Bennys song to Bert holds breast
Page B25 Bert is blunt to Better not roll those blues
Page B26 Better not to know to Beyond substance
Page B27 Beyond Sunday to Bifocal blues
Page B28 Biformis to Big fifty
Page B29 big fight to Big swell
Page B30 Big swifty to Billow
Page B31 Billow your pillow to Bird leaves
Page B32 Bird legs to Birthrebirth
Page B33 Birthright to Blabber and smoke
Page B34 Blabber mouth to Black man tripoverWomens takeover
Page B35 Black Manhattan to Blackout blues
Page B36 Blackout boogie to Blessed and cursed
Page B37 Blessed and sinful to Blood 2 the brain
Page B38 Blood and black lace to Bluaround
Page B39 Blubaiao to Blue Dizzy
Page B40 Blue Django to Blue lizard
Page B41 Blue llamas to Blue serge suit
Page B42 blue serge suit with a belt in the back to Bluen green
Page B43 Bluenaissance to Blues crescendo
Page B44 Blues crossover to Blues for blue eyes
Page B45 Blues for Bluto to Blues for Hanns Lind
Page B46 Blues for happy people to Blues for mother
Page B47 Blues for mother earth to Blues for TH
Page B48 Blues for Thad to Blues in 34
Page B49 Blues in 34 time to Blues n groove
Page B50 Blues n it to Blues to Veen
Page B51 Blues to you to BMG
Page B52 BMG No5 to Bodo
Page B53 bodo rock to Boll Weevil junction
Page B54 Bolla to Bonnie be good
Page B55 Bonnie Bell to Boogie rider
Page B56 Boogie rides to Yorke to Booquee
Page B57 Boorcet to Borjan
Page B58 Borjes blues to Bossa nova all the way
Page B59 Bossa nova and grits to Boulevards exterieurs
Page B60 Boulevinsky to Boxer diesel
Page B61 Boxer rebellion to Brand new gal
Page B62 brand new girl to Bread and goulach
Page B63 Bread and gravy to Breeding resistance
Page B64 breeeze to Brigas nunca mas
Page B65 Brigas nunchas mais to Brixton winter 1976
Page B66 Briyumba palo Congo to Brooklyn cake walk
Page B67 Brooklyn climate to Brown skin blues
Page B68 Brown skin butterball to Bubble chamber
Page B69 Bubble dance to Buejerk
Page B70 Buell St blues to Bulle i bussen
Page B71 Bulles to Burlesker swing
Page B72 Burlesque to Bust her in the mouth
Page B73 Bust in with the dawn to Butternut
Page B74 Butternut Street to Byebye baby
Page B75 Byebye blackbird to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadencias X VII
Page C2 Cadencias X XII to Calasetta
Page C3 Calatorul to Call the numbers
Page C4 Call the plumber to Cambia
Page C5 Cambiamenti del mondo to Can this McBee
Page C6 Can use it myself to Candy and cake
Page C7 Candy and milkshake to Cant stop thinkin about it
Page C8 Cant stop thinking about you to Canzone pr lachi
Page C9 Canzonet 1 2 & 3 to Captives
Page C10 Captives rejoice to Caricature
Page C11 Caricatures to Carols waltz
Page C12 Carolthree points to Casbah Song of the Medina
Page C13 Casca to Cat toyz
Page C14 Cat tracks to Caught in the red
Page C15 Caught in the web to Cecils groove
Page C16 Cecils house party blues to Censorship of the only explanation
Page C17 cent and a half to Cest la barque du reve
Page C18 Cest la biguine to Chairman of the board
Page C19 Chairman of the bored to Changes without changes within
Page C20 changes wrought by the recurring use of tools to Chaos in paradise
Page C21 Chaos lento to Charlies shorts
Page C22 Charlies shuffle to Chaussures complex
Page C23 Chauvanism to Chere amie
Page C24 Chere Sonia to Chicago flip
Page C25 Chicago flyer to Chilame
Page C26 Chilaquiles to Chilly Willie
Page C27 Chilly Willy to Chloris
Page C28 Chlorophyll to Chorando por dentro
Page C29 Chorango to Christmas dreaming
Page C30 Christmas dreams to Church house blues
Page C31 Church in blue to Cinderella Sue
Page C32 Cinderellas curfew to circus is coming to town
Page C33 circus is on parade to Cjant
Page C34 CJs ascent to Claudes Monet
Page C35 Claudes petite bicyclette to Clima suave
Page C36 Climacus to Clothes line ballet
Page C37 Clothes of inhabitants near or far away to Coal marker
Page C38 Coal miner to Coeur de loup
Page C39 Coeur de lune to Cole Porter flat
Page C40 Cole Porter medley to Colors of Collioure
Page C41 Colors of darkness to Come from deep
Page C42 Come from it to Comfort level
Page C43 Comfort me blue to Communion structures no 29
Page C44 Communion structures no 3 to Composition 236
Page C45 Composition 237 to Comprehension
Page C46 Comprehension feminine to Concerto in F 1st movement
Page C47 Concerto in F 2 Adagio Andante con moto to Conflit
Page C48 Confluence to Constant conversation
Page C49 constant correspondent to Contrasts II
Page C50 Contrasts in NY to Cool can blues
Page C51 Cool canary to Copy cat
Page C52 Copy machine to Corporation of stature
Page C53 Corporations are not people to Costa Borada
Page C54 Costa Brava to Country blue
Page C55 Country blues to Cowboys and Indians
Page C56 Cowboys cartoons and assorted candy to Crazy blues
Page C57 Crazy bone rag to Creole nocturne
Page C58 Creole peppa stew to Crooked halo
Page C59 Crooked heart to Crumble
Page C60 Crumbles to CT four
Page C61 CT JL to culspiracy man infests
Page C62 Cult to Cut to the chase
Page C63 Cut up to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Daddys lullaby
Page D2 Daddys music to dambusters march
Page D3 Dame to dance of Llanos
Page D4 Dance of love to Danced music
Page D5 dancefloor to Dancing with the foxes
Page D6 Dancing with the hatchet to Danse de loie sauvage
Page D7 Danse de Papou to Dark awakening
Page D8 dark backwards to Darktown strutters boogie
Page D9 darktown strutters bop to Datida differente
Page D10 Datiles to Day five
Page D11 Day fly to DC wall A war memorial for all times
Page D12 DC10 to De um modo geral
Page D13 De un pajaro las dos alas to Dear old south
Page D14 Dear old southland to December light
Page D15 December raga to Deep and warm
Page D16 Deep arabesques to Definicion de ritmo
Page D17 Defining edges to Delirium blue
Page D18 Delirium perhaps to Den store brummerfest
Page D19 Den store hvide flok vi se to Der herbst wind rot
Page D20 Der herr ist mein getreuer hirt to Des lacs des rivieres des ruisseaux
Page D21 Des larmes det des ondes to Desire and the comforter
Page D22 Desire as to Detroit rag
Page D23 Detroit rags to Dexters dance
Page D24 Dexters deck to Diary for one at night
Page D25 Diary I to Die dicke Dame
Page D26 Die diebe von bagdad to different kind of reality
Page D27 different kind of sleep to Dimitri in the yard
Page D28 Dimitri Ivan e Alioscia erano i nostri nomi to dirtman cometh
Page D29 Dirtsa to Dishrag blues
Page D30 Dishwasher to Diversion one
Page D31 Diversion two to Djangedi
Page D32 Djanger Bali to Do that thing
Page D33 Do that to me one more time to Docteur bottleneck
Page D34 Docteur foh gare montparnasse to Dogs on the run
Page D35 Dogs on tour to Domestic
Page D36 Domestic 1 to Dont answer that
Page D37 Dont answer the door to Dont forget your traffic code
Page D38 Dont forget your umbrella to Dont play with love
Page D39 Dont point that over here to Dont worry Lily
Page D40 Dont worry man to Doretha boogie
Page D41 Dorette to Double nature
Page D42 Double negative to Down evry street
Page D43 Down fell autumn to Downtown with you
Page D44 downtownest Don to Draguis mood
Page D45 Dragzilla to Dream song 14
Page D46 Dream stalker to Dred Scott 1857
Page D47 Dred Scott marker to Driving you
Page D48 Driwagwischt to Drum squad
Page D49 Drum stomp to Du bist so shon fur mich
Page D50 Du bist so Zauberhaft to Duende del norte
Page D51 Duende y ache to dumpess of Nyack
Page D52 Dumpie to Dust devil
Page D53 Dust devils to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early frost
Page E2 early generation to East dry river
Page E3 East East East London to Easy piece
Page E4 Easy prelude to Echoes from the past
Page E5 Echoes from the Snowball Club to Edh buser
Page E6 Edhladhleni to ego has landed
Page E7 Ego luego existen to Ein Stromstoss hatte sich verirrt
Page E8 Ein stuck Berlin to El boogie woogie de Artie Shaw
Page E9 El boogie woogie lo mas rapido del mundo to El marques
Page E10 El marquesito to El viento azul
Page E11 El viento caliente to Elegante
Page E12 Elegante canyenguito to Elf hits
Page E13 Elf hits coda to eloquent one
Page E14 Eloquent silence to Emi III Silent respiration
Page E15 Emi IV The joy of living to En attendant la pluie
Page E16 En attendant la prophetie to Enabler
Page E17 Enabling to Endive
Page E18 Endland and Heyokas to Enough to be on your way
Page E19 Enough to know to Eoth theme
Page E20 Eotimaka to Eraikocha
Page E21 Eraldi to Es hangt ein pferdehalfter an der wand
Page E22 Es hat keinen Zweck mit der Liebe to Esperango
Page E23 Esperanto to Estudo misterioso
Page E24 Estudo no 1 to ETR500
Page E25 Etrain to EurobluesQuieck
Page E26 Eurohaus destroyer to Event 1
Page E27 Event 2 to Everybody loves everybody
Page E28 Everybody loves Louis to Everything you know about me
Page E29 Everything you need to Exactly how you feel
Page E30 Exactly like a blues to Exotic stranger
Page E31 Exotic theme to Extras
Page E32 Extrasensory perception to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fada verde
Page F2 fadd to Falken und Tauben
Page F3 Falkens maze to Famous guy
Page F4 famous Jacques to Fantasy island
Page F5 Fantasy junction to Farmers dance
Page F6 farmers daughter to Fat people
Page F7 Fat pigge to Fe neutra coluntat cega
Page F8 FE3 Lifedeath to Feeling di Tango
Page F9 Feeling dOctober to Fenjas dream
Page F10 Fenn OBerg theme to Fianchetto
Page F11 Fianchetto des blancs to Fifty up
Page F12 Fifty ways our love is here to stay Porgy to final hour
Page F13 Final hours to Finishing touches
Page F14 Finishing up a date to First breaths
Page F15 First bridge to first time I met you
Page F16 first time I missed you to Five fifty one
Page F17 Five figure people crossing paths to Flak
Page F18 Flakatakata to Flemming junker
Page F19 Flemmings on the bone to FLOARSS
Page F20 Float to Flower duet
Page F21 flower for a morning glory to Fluxion
Page F22 Fluxlux to Fob fobbing fobbed
Page F23 Fobbies game to Following the north star boogaloo
Page F24 Following the old man to For a moment of your love
Page F25 For a moment or 2 to For Eric Dolphy
Page F26 For Eric Garner to For Mary Lou
Page F27 For Matt and Kate to For the brothers be
Page F28 For the Buddah to Force field
Page F29 Force free motion to Forgotten friends
Page F30 Forgotten fruit to forward look
Page F31 Forward march to Four seasons in one day
Page F32 Four seasons medley to Fractions
Page F33 Fractious fingering to Franklins wager
Page F34 Franklioisms to Free bee
Page F35 Free beer to Freedom beach
Page F36 Freedom bells to Frenezy
Page F37 Frenico to Friends of mineHose beast
Page F38 Friends of Mrs S to From down there
Page F39 From down to planes to From Vienna with love
Page F40 From Washington to MontfordlAmaury to Fuen
Page F41 Fuenfe to Fulminating
Page F42 Fulmination to Funkier than a mosquitas tweeter
Page F43 Funkier than a mosquitos tweeter to Funny things happened
Page F44 Funny time to Future reflection
Page F45 Future retrospective to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallery 421
Page G2 Gallery cool to garden at night
Page G3 Garden beast to Gather and cast
Page G4 Gather good things to Geese
Page G5 Geese flying south to Gentilesse
Page G6 Gentileza to Gerard
Page G7 Gerard Doustraat 8b to Get on the soul ship
Page G8 Get on the train to Ggahmeshu
Page G9 ggk to Gidda
Page G10 Giddap mule to Gio Cervis blues
Page G11 Giocando to GIs prayer
Page G12 Gisa to Givin it up is givin up
Page G13 Givin me the blues to Glider
Page G14 Gliders to Gnome sane
Page G15 Gnomen to God aften
Page G16 God after the sends to Goin to Alabama
Page G17 Goin to California to Golden heartGuiding spirit
Page G18 Golden hearts remembrance a nur bakhshad to Gonna get through
Page G19 Gonna get you to Good morning rock
Page G20 Good morning Santa Cruz to Goodbye planet earth
Page G21 Goodbye pokeedile to Gospel truth
Page G22 Gospel walk to Gouttes de pluies sur un blues
Page G23 Gouttes deau dans la mer to grand Turk
Page G24 Grand ummi to Gray and visceral
Page G25 Gray angel to Greek wedding
Page G26 Greeks to Greensleeves in Vermont
Page G27 Greensleves to Grits beans and greens
Page G28 Grits beneath the tread to Grotto bay
Page G29 Grotto Rococo to Guard duty
Page G30 Guard the van to Gulf of Eden
Page G31 Gulf of Mexico to Gymel
Page G32 Gymjam to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Haines last tape
Page H2 haint to hallelujah shout
Page H3 Hallelujah the hills to Hanako
Page H4 Hanako cocoa to Hannah bear
Page H5 Hannah doll to Happy Im happy
Page H6 Happy in G to Hard ridin mama
Page H7 Hard ridin papa to Harmonic convergence
Page H8 Harmonic dance to Hasselblast
Page H9 Hasselbystappen to Have you changed
Page H10 Have you come to stay to HDH Jr
Page H11 HDMB to Heading south west
Page H12 Heading straight for the den to Heartbroken blues
Page H13 Heartbroken man to Hecht
Page H14 Heck of a howdoyoudo to Hell is a name for all sinners
Page H15 Hell is my home to Hemlock
Page H16 Hemlock for cordials to Herbstnebel
Page H17 Herbstnovelle to Herman ze German cassette redux
Page H18 Hermana Guapa to Hetiter
Page H19 Hetki to HeyfussGeyfus
Page H20 Heyheehiho to Higgy stomp
Page H21 Higgys blues to Highway 9
Page H22 Highway 95 to Hip hop to jail
Page H23 Hip hop zep to Hit me but dont quit me
Page H24 Hit me DM to Hogan song
Page H25 Hogans alley to Hollondaise
Page H26 Holloposz to Home is where love is
Page H27 Home is where my heart grows loud to Honest Jon
Page H28 Honest love to Hooligan
Page H29 Hooligans to Horizontal 2
Page H30 Horizontal appreciation to Hot cookies
Page H31 Hot corn to Hottentot woman
Page H32 Hotter than ell to How bout now
Page H33 How bout that to How many days
Page H34 How many hearts have been broken to Hubbub Honduras
Page H35 Hubcap narrative 1 to Humbolt
Page H36 humboo waltz to Hurry down sunshine
Page H37 Hurry down sunshine blues to Hymn for the hopeful
Page H38 Hymn for the insurrection to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I belong
Page I2 I belong in the USA to I cant stay away
Page I3 I cant stay behind to I dont care if the sun dont shine
Page I4 I dont care much to I feel alchemy
Page I5 I feel all alone to I got rhythm variations
Page I6 I got rid of them to I hear you call
Page I7 I hear you calling me to I know you are there
Page I8 I know you by heart to I love to go swimmin with women
Page I9 I love to go swimmin’ with wimmin’ to I never felt this before
Page I10 I never felt this way before to I remember Thelonious
Page I11 I remember this to I talk to my haircut
Page I12 I talk to the king to I wanna walk
Page I13 I wanna watch you to I will be done
Page I14 I will be fine to I2
Page I15 I20 blues to Ich liebe ein hasslisches madchen
Page I16 Ich liebe huhner to Ides of swing
Page I17 Ides side to If I let you have your way
Page I18 If I live to see the day to If we should never meet again
Page I19 If we stop to If youre a friend of mine
Page I20 If youre a viper to Ik zag twee beren Altijd is Kortjakje ziek
Page I21 Ik zie de zon to Il professore
Page I22 Il profumo del monde to Ill equilibri
Page I23 Ill est ne le divin enfant to Illes du vent
Page I24 illfated tourist to Im building up to an awful let down
Page I25 Im building up to an awful letdown to Im gonna park myself in your arms
Page I26 Im gonna party like its 1988 to Im never satisfied
Page I27 Im never sure to Im taking my own sweet time
Page I28 Im taking my time to Iman
Page I29 Iman Bayildi to Impressions on a caravan
Page I30 Impressions on a golden theme to Improvisation no 1 for AEOC
Page I31 Improvisation no 1073 excerpt 1 to In a landscape
Page I32 In a Latin mood to In deinen Augen
Page I33 In deiner nahe to In motion lucky loop
Page I34 In movement to In suspension
Page I35 In swamp lands to In the meadows
Page I36 In the mean time to In time to believe in love
Page I37 In Time was to Inconspicuous
Page I38 Inconstancy to Indoors
Page I39 Indoor_outdoor to Inici
Page I40 Iniciale to Inordinate
Page I41 Inorganic beings to Instant replay
Page I42 Instant samba to Interlude New York
Page I43 Interlude no 1 to Interview with Jim Bosa
Page I44 Interview with Jim Rockwell to Intro Ida
Page I45 Intro II to Introduction to Pragues ballet
Page I46 Introduction to prayer to Invisible pages
Page I47 Invisible path to Iron and solder
Page I48 Iron band dance to Is this the same place Im in
Page I49 Is this the thing to Isola pedonale
Page I50 Isolate to It has happened
Page I51 It has happened before to It wasnt Cmeant
Page I52 It wasnt easy to Its a womans prerogative
Page I53 Its a womans world to Its just about that time again
Page I54 Its just all right to Its the gold
Page I55 Its the good life to Ive been thinking
Page I56 Ive been thinking about my problems to Ive seen that face before
Page I57 Ive seen what youve done to I�m wild about that thing


Page J1 J to Jacksons love
Page J2 Jacksons nook to Jakis walk
Page J3 Jakis walk home to Jan Bang
Page J4 Jan De Wit to JATP mambo
Page J5 JATP strut to Jazz in D minor
Page J6 Jazz in D minor suite to Jazznocracy
Page J7 Jazznocrazy to Jean qui sait
Page J8 Jean S to Jennets
Page J9 Jennie to Jet lag mambo
Page J10 Jet out of town to Jimmy the kid
Page J11 Jimmy the knife to JoAnns tune
Page J12 Joans bones to John Handys boogie woogie
Page J13 John hanging to jolly
Page J14 Jolly and the ranson to Journee ordinaire dans la vie dun nuage
Page J15 Journey to JP island
Page J16 JP Morgan to juke box jump
Page J17 Juke box jumps the blues to Jumpin Jimmy
Page J18 Jumpin Jimmy Christmas to Jungle twilight
Page J19 Jungle USA to Just a simple song
Page J20 Just a simple toon to Just happy
Page J21 Just have fun to Just think about what happens
Page J22 Just think and feel to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to KaleidoscopeA delicate balance
Page K2 Kaleidoscopic to Kantermirs drag
Page K3 Kantine to Kasu
Page K4 Kasudi to Kebero part I
Page K5 Kebero part II to Keeping still
Page K6 Keeping still mountain to Kerry dancers
Page K7 Kerry dances to Kicks and sticks
Page K8 Kicks are for kids to Kind of flirtation
Page K9 Kind of Freddie to kings blues
Page K10 Kings boogie to Kissing goodbye
Page K11 Kissing in the snow to Kleren passen
Page K12 Klesa to Know your place
Page K13 Know your reality to Komet ihr hirten
Page K14 Kometengleich to Koroni Corp
Page K15 Koroni sunset to Krotka samba
Page K16 Krotoa to Kurzel
Page K17 Kurzer to KZ


Page L1 L to la Casa Loma
Page L2 La casa paterna to La delicate veilleuse
Page L3 La deluge to La gueuse
Page L4 La guiga nova to La moixeranga
Page L5 La moldava to La prima de Estela
Page L6 La prima palabra to La terra urla
Page L7 La Terrazza to Labios de flores
Page L8 Labios dulzes to Lady J blues
Page L9 Lady Jade to Lake Charles boogie
Page L10 Lake Charles waltz to Lami intro
Page L11 Lami Pierrot to Langos slogan
Page L12 Langrage to Larsson rag
Page L13 Lart daimer to Last letter from Cairo
Page L14 Last letter from Lithuania to Latakian smoke
Page L15 Latakja to Latin strain
Page L16 Latin streets to Lava lamp
Page L17 Lava lands to LD blues
Page L18 LD50 to Le culot de Pablo
Page L19 Le cure to Le Monk
Page L20 Le monstre to Le semeur vers louest
Page L21 Le sens du provisoire to Leakeys bag
Page L22 Leakin to LeBig song
Page L23 Leblon to Lehrstuck fur udo L
Page L24 Lei to Lento Blues for Ellington
Page L25 Lento for Carol to Les deux megots
Page L26 Les deux noms de Bud to Les rhododendrons naiment pas le rock
Page L27 Les ricochets to Let it be
Page L28 Let it be bop to Let your light from the lighthouse shine on me
Page L29 Let your linen hang low to Lets live it up
Page L30 Lets look to Leucocyte IV Ad infinitum
Page L31 Leucojum to Liberez les prisonniers politiques
Page L32 Liberez Michel Le Bris to Life happens that way
Page L33 Life has been good to me to Light after the dark
Page L34 Light airy valse to Like a breath
Page L35 Like a breath of spring to lil different
Page L36 Lil dilemma to Limprevue
Page L37 Limprobable scenario to Linuckea
Page L38 Linum from out of moon to Listening to reason
Page L39 Listening to Robin to Little cat dance
Page L40 Little cathedral to Little John little John
Page L41 Little John ordinary to little red fox
Page L42 Little red gown to Liturgy of sound
Page L43 Lituus to Living room romp
Page L44 Living soul to lobscur a la mort
Page L45 LObscure clarte qui tombait des etoiles to Lole
Page L46 Lolette to Lonely Robin
Page L47 Lonely room to Long loose sigh
Page L48 long lost blues to Look for me
Page L49 Look for me Ill be around to loon tune
Page L50 Looney to Lorry in the pond
Page L51 Lorso to Lost in Fargau
Page L52 Lost in Gunters Wald to Loueasyaniay
Page L53 LoueasyanIyay to Love can make you happy
Page L54 Love can see to Love is in your own backyard
Page L55 Love is inconvenient to Love Poem nr 22
Page L56 Love Poem nr 23 to Love won’t let you get away
Page L57 Love words to Loves made a fool of me
Page L58 Loves me like a rock to Loweville
Page L59 Lowfi to Lucrezia Borgia
Page L60 Lucs lantern to Lullaby of Birland
Page L61 Lullaby of Broadway to Lune 11
Page L62 Lune 9 to Lynbrooklyn
Page L63 Lynces B to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Macedonian candidate
Page M2 Macedonian fertility dance to Made in America
Page M3 Made in Bulgaria to Magic carpet
Page M4 Magic carpet ride to Mahat
Page M5 Mahatma to Major minorities
Page M6 Major minority to Makossa beat
Page M7 Makossa rock to Mama dont allow no jazz band
Page M8 Mama dont allow no loving in here to Mambo Rincon
Page M9 Mambo rock to Man running
Page M10 man say something to Manha de carnavalSamba de orfeu
Page M11 Manha de carneval to Manus song
Page M12 Manuscripts for father & sons to March from Rices ragtime opera
Page M13 March from The love for three oranges to Mareridtsland
Page M14 mares day to Marionett
Page M15 Marionetta to Marsupilami
Page M16 Marsvik to Mashas lullaby
Page M17 Mashavu to mating of urgency
Page M18 mating ritual to May every day be Christmas
Page M19 May eye to Mbabane
Page M20 Mbaki to Mea culpa
Page M21 Mead to Medicine missile
Page M22 Medicine song to Meet your maker
Page M23 Meet your mother at the rocket to Melanos
Page M24 Melassa to Melody on wood
Page M25 Melody rag to Memphis baby
Page M26 Memphis Belle to Merci Elvin
Page M27 Merci for the day to Message from Kenya
Page M28 Message from LA to Metric north
Page M29 Metric sheds to Mi place toto
Page M30 Mi pollo to Middle head
Page M31 Middle jazz to Midriff
Page M32 MidriffStomp for beginners to Mild steel rivets for PH
Page M33 Mild swing to Milque toast molto grosso
Page M34 Milt to Mingma
Page M35 Mingmen to Minor conundrum
Page M36 Minor conversation to Minutos para rio
Page M37 Minx to Misiwezi
Page M38 Misja to Missing geisha
Page M39 Missing here to Mister Stevie
Page M40 Mister Stiff fries a dozen to Mizu no naka
Page M41 Mizu no okurimono to Mode for Trane
Page M42 Mode for Versace to Moist desert
Page M43 Moist soil to Moments
Page M44 Moments 1 to Money is a thing of the past
Page M45 Money is getting cheaper to Monks rec room
Page M46 Monks ride to monthly house
Page M47 Months of a stone to Moon in my window
Page M48 Moon in pisces to Moonmouth
Page M49 Moonology to More of the clock
Page M50 More of the same to Morning haze
Page M51 Morning heavy song to Moskovskija okna
Page M52 Moskow nights to Motionless
Page M53 motionless blue of fallen skies to Mousing
Page M54 mousing minuets to Movin free
Page M55 Movin groovin to Mr Chesney
Page M56 Mr Chi and the golden tone to Mr McLean
Page M57 Mr McT to Mr Yosso
Page M58 Mr You to mug like mine
Page M59 mug of ale to Muntwachs II
Page M60 Muntwachs III to Music for pieces of wood
Page M61 Music for president to MusicTexture BC
Page M62 MusicTexture CD to My baby cares for me
Page M63 My baby comes first with me to My dearest darling
Page M64 My dearest dear to My haunted house
Page M65 My HawaiiA song of old Hawaii to My little writeoff
Page M66 My little yellow dress to My only love
Page M67 My only lover to My sweet darlin man
Page M68 My sweet Eleonore to Mysterious Mosde
Page M69 Mysterious Mose to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nahat babam
Page N2 Nahawand to Nannao
Page N3 Nannas lied to Nasty bit
Page N4 Nasty blues to Naturgeschichte
Page N5 Naturistenboogie to Neath the weeping willow tree
Page N6 Neath the willow tree to Nel duemila
Page N7 Nel fuoco to Netter alter mann
Page N8 Nettes cept to Never so easy
Page N9 Never speak your name to New falling rain blues
Page N10 New fantasy to New outer hoof
Page N11 New outline to New York girl
Page N12 New York glide to NGC 2276 inspektion
Page N13 NGC 2276 Introspektion to Nicolas et Laura
Page N14 Nicolas et les femmes to Night in Gaza
Page N15 Night in Granada to Night wind
Page N16 Night winds to Ninas birthday song
Page N17 Ninas blues to Nivesana
Page N18 Nivia to No Count blues
Page N19 No count woman to No matter what they say
Page N20 No matter what you say to No passport
Page N21 No past tense to No title no 3
Page N22 No title yet to Noce chimique
Page N23 Noce chimique 2 to Nokendu
Page N24 Nokh a glezl vayn to Noonthirty
Page N25 noonward race to Norwegian fox trot
Page N26 Norwegian gypsy dance to Not my girl
Page N27 Not my kind of love to Nothing but a party
Page N28 Nothing but a rat to Nouveau you know
Page N29 Nouveaux oiseaux to Now that youre mine
Page N30 Now that youve gone to Nuestro balance
Page N31 Nuestro blues to Nuthinduan waltz
Page N32 Nutimaverk to NZZ


Page O1 O to O solo mio
Page O2 O solo mio on the lone prairie to Observation 7
Page O3 Observation 8 to October in Kiev
Page O4 October in November to Ode to the living tree
Page O5 Ode to the master drummers of Harmolodia to Off rhyme
Page O6 Off right to Oh heavenly salvation
Page O7 Oh Heinrich to Oh wat een band
Page O8 Oh wat een tijd to Okjod
Page O9 Okkar to Old green river
Page O10 Old grey bonnet to Old time
Page O11 Old time baby to Oly jol csuszik ez a bananhej
Page O12 Oly jol csuszik ez a bannanhej banantanc to On barren earth
Page O13 On Bashamichi Avenue to On the cusp of cancer
Page O14 On the cutting edge to On walked Beep
Page O15 On walking to One clarinet solo
Page O16 One cocktail to One for Monterey
Page O17 One for Morgans to One man section
Page O18 One man show to One small cup of water
Page O19 One small day to Only a heart
Page O20 Only a heartbeat away to Ooh pa pa dah
Page O21 Ooh poo pah doo to Open shore
Page O22 Open side to Opus 55
Page O23 Opus 57 to orchid room
Page O24 Orchid smile to Original jump no 2
Page O25 Original key to Oshara
Page O26 Oshehan drum to Otme bulbul otme
Page O27 Oto to Our melodies
Page O28 Our melody to Out of the madness
Page O29 Out of the mirrored garden to Ouverture de la victoire sur le soleil
Page O30 Ouverture De vuyle wasch to Ovus
Page O31 Ovwa to O’new


Page P1 P to Paert
Page P2 Paesaggi to Pal Karl polskan
Page P3 Pal o mine to Paname
Page P4 Panamerica to Papagenos longing for misses and woman
Page P5 Papagenos sleepless night to Parade of the bands
Page P6 parade of the blues to Pari passeu
Page P7 Pari passu to Parry party
Page P8 Pars to Part III Vals presto
Page P9 Part III wahnfried to Party started
Page P10 party suite to Passerby
Page P11 Passereau Il est bel et bon to Patak nyoma
Page P12 Patak sedges to Paulinchen
Page P13 Pauline to Peace from the lonely soul
Page P14 Peace fugue to Peculiar
Page P15 Peculiar air to Pendulaire
Page P16 Pendule to People sho act funny
Page P17 People should take more naps to Perfect finish
Page P18 perfect fit to Pershing Ballroom jump
Page P19 Pershing Square to Petes bits
Page P20 Petes blues to PGC blues
Page P21 PGD blues to Phoena intro
Page P22 Phoena reprise to Piano poker
Page P23 Piano possible to Picnic in the oaks
Page P24 Picnic in the park to Pierrot fanfare
Page P25 Pierrot la tendresse to Pine Tops sober now
Page P26 Pine tree to Pirates routine
Page P27 Pirates take the felucca to place to start
Page P28 Place Vella to Platypus dancing
Page P29 Platypus happy to Plaza raga
Page P30 Plaza real to Plenitudes lyric
Page P31 plenty to Pocket ace
Page P32 Pocket aces to Point of presence
Page P33 Point of reference to Polly wolly doodle
Page P34 Polly wolly doodle all the day to Poor beautiful girls
Page P35 poor blind man to Pores of the ocean
Page P36 Porfa to portrait of Hank Williams
Page P37 portrait of Hank Williams Jr to Postcards
Page P38 Postcards and messages to Pour trois pas
Page P39 Pour trombone solo to Prairie music
Page P40 Prairie night to Precious lullaby
Page P41 Precious memories to Prelude no 20 in C minor
Page P42 Prelude No 20 in C minor opus 28 to Preparation Fminus day
Page P43 Preparation for a descent into hell to Pretty Miss Virginia
Page P44 Pretty morning to Prince of darkness
Page P45 prince of darkness is a gentleman to process
Page P46 Process and passion to PromenadenDixie
Page P47 Promenadenmischung to Przemoptak
Page P48 Przenikanie Diffusion to Pudah
Page P49 Puddentane to Puntos place
Page P50 Puntuation to Put a lid on it
Page P51 Put a light on me to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to Quantum leap
Page Q2 Quantum leaps to Que sensacion
Page Q3 Que sera to Qui a dit ca
Page Q4 Qui a tort to Quin and sonic
Page Q5 Quin ce ca to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio free America
Page R2 Radio free Europa to Ragtime Cinematograph
Page R3 ragtime classic to Rainbow sailing down the Chesapeake Bay
Page R4 Rainbow samba to Rami
Page R5 Rami al Dorra to Ras la trompe
Page R6 Ras Mohammad to Ray nay
Page R7 Ray Noble medley to Real good
Page R8 Real good feeling to Recapture
Page R9 Recardo to Red canyon a Native American improvisation
Page R10 Red cap to Red snapper
Page R11 Red snow to Reflections number 3
Page R12 Reflections of a city asleep to Reign of primordial tenure on the ice shelf
Page R13 Reignorance to Remember Dr George
Page R14 Remember Duke to Rendezvous dautomne
Page R15 Rendezvous dixieland to Resas blues
Page R16 REscatter to Retrato en blanco y negro
Page R17 Retrato tanguero to Reverie in the rain
Page R18 Reverie minineure to Rhumba theme
Page R19 Rhumba tumba to Rice fields
Page R20 Rice head to Ridotto
Page R21 Ridracoli to Riletto
Page R22 Riley to Rippin it off
Page R23 Rippin n runnin to Rivalry
Page R24 Rivals to road that reminds
Page R25 road the sky the moon to Rock a conga
Page R26 Rock a doodle reveille to Rockin Ronnies
Page R27 Rockin round the North Pole to Roll on jelly
Page R28 Roll on Jordan to romantic warrior
Page R29 Romantic woman to Rooney and Vinski
Page R30 Rooney groove to Rosemary
Page R31 Rosemary blue to Round about Weill II
Page R32 Round about yesterdays to rozsa neve
Page R33 Rozsa rozsa bazsarozsa to Rue du depart
Page R34 Rue du marche to Rumours of time
Page R35 rump to Ruskins retreat
Page R36 Ruskitoonies McAroonies to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to Sacred trees
Page S2 Sacred universe to saga of my life
Page S3 saga of Rita Joe to Sakte
Page S4 Sakte vi gar gjennom byen to Saltfish refried
Page S5 Salthorse to Samba de Bach
Page S6 Samba de bamba to Samba ray
Page S7 Samba Regina to Sams blues
Page S8 Sams boogie to Sandrines dance
Page S9 Sandrines garden to Santuary mine
Page S10 Santuerio to Satan of Chatan
Page S11 Satan oscillate my metallic sonatas to Sauls samba
Page S12 Sault nocturn to Saxomove
Page S13 Saxon to Scandale dans la famille
Page S14 Scandale emotionale to Schatten auf den hugeln
Page S15 Schattenfrei to School of love
Page S16 school of mysteries to Scotch break
Page S17 Scotch carotte to SDDS
Page S18 SDF to Sean Wayland
Page S19 Seana marena to Second hour
Page S20 Second house to Secret thoughts
Page S21 Secret to come to Seeker of the nest
Page S22 Seeker of the way to Self preservation
Page S23 Self reverts back to principle to Sennoi
Page S24 Senoi to Sept
Page S25 Sept 16th 2005 to Serenade to a lonesome railroad station
Page S26 Serenade to a lousy backhand to Set 2 quintet
Page S27 Set 2 track 1 to Seven seeds
Page S28 Seven servants to Sguardi
Page S29 Sguardo to Shag it
Page S30 Shag little gloworm to Shanks pranks
Page S31 Shanna to She is the great great girl
Page S32 She is the passion to Sheltered
Page S33 Sheltered by stars cradled by the moon to Shibboleth
Page S34 Shibolet basade to Shivanandana
Page S35 Shivaree to Short or hairy
Page S36 Short order to shower of sunbeams
Page S37 Shower sequence to Si jtaime dexploitation
Page S38 Si kuku ni ta kuja to Sideways glance
Page S39 Sideways glances to Signs and signtures
Page S40 Signs and symbols to Silk slick
Page S41 Silk stockings to Simon Smith and his amazing dancing bear
Page S42 Simon Smith and the amazing dancing bear to Since your love died
Page S43 Since youre asked to Single whip
Page S44 single woman to Sister Bea
Page S45 Sister bop to Six guns
Page S46 Six hands to Skaters waltz
Page S47 Skates to Skit rhesus
Page S48 Skitchs boogie to Slalom 4
Page S49 Slalom chauffard to Sleepy girl
Page S50 Sleepy hand to Slippery rock
Page S51 Slippery Sam to Slow rumpel blues
Page S52 Slow run to Small town boy
Page S53 Small town episode to Smoken blues
Page S54 smoker to Snap snap
Page S55 Snap step to Snowdeer rag
Page S56 Snowdonia sail the sky to So long Sally
Page S57 So long samba to Sober joy
Page S58 Sober sailor to Soften
Page S59 Soften the blow to Soledad
Page S60 Soledad brothers to Solo piano watch
Page S61 Solo piece to Some more blues
Page S62 Some more for HT to Someday youll call my name
Page S63 Someday youll know to Something of all
Page S64 Something of yours to Sommar i midnattsolens land
Page S65 Sommar som vilar i graset to Sondades
Page S66 Sondag i sangen to song for Ethan
Page S67 Song for Ettore to Song for Ray
Page S68 Song for RC to Song of Brindavan
Page S69 Song of Busoga to song that I sing
Page S70 song that is always there to Sonnys tiit
Page S71 Sonnys tune to Sorpresas
Page S72 Sorprese della zucca to Soul jazz
Page S73 soul jazz blues to Sound dances
Page S74 Sound dissolving sound to Sources of such to Sten Sandell
Page S75 Sources say to Southtown USA
Page S76 Southwall to spaces between
Page S77 Spaces embraces to Sparus auratus
Page S78 Sparven to Speedway
Page S79 Speedway blues to Spinoff polarity
Page S80 Spinous process to spix
Page S81 Spix & Chaco to Spread a little happiness
Page S82 Spread a little joy to Sprung time
Page S83 Sprunkled it to St Drezery blues
Page S84 St Edburga to Stakladens waltz
Page S85 Staktunhellbing to Star kissed
Page S86 Star LA to Starving anorexic
Page S87 Starward to Steam engine
Page S88 Steam engine love letter to Stephen
Page S89 Stephen Foster medley to Still a thrill
Page S90 Still alive to Stjerneskaer
Page S91 Stjerneskud to Stonemason
Page S92 Stonemasons blues to Stormy evening blues
Page S93 Stormy hearts to Strange behavior
Page S94 Strange behaviour to Stray dates
Page S95 Stray dog to Stride la vampa
Page S96 Stride logic to Structure 7
Page S97 Structure 777 to Stumblin along
Page S98 Stumblin around to Suburban Street
Page S99 Suburban tango to Sugar dont you know
Page S100 Sugar doo to Suite for RLH IV
Page S101 Suite for saxophone quartet 1 to Sumeru
Page S102 Sumi to Sumpin else
Page S103 Sumpin goner happing to Sunday morning boogaloo
Page S104 Sunday morning ceremony to Sunset beyond the safety
Page S105 Sunset bird to Supersonic
Page S106 Supersonic hawk to Surry hills
Page S107 surry with the fringe on top to Svjete tihij
Page S108 Svletana to Sweet and sentimental
Page S109 Sweet and short to Sweet magnolia blues
Page S110 Sweet magnolia rose to Sweeten
Page S111 sweetener to Swing it Mr B
Page S112 Swing it Mr Kreutzer to Swingin the Madison
Page S113 Swingin the mambo to Sybase
Page S114 Sybella to Synphony no 5 andante cantavile
Page S115 Synposis suite to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to Tag zone
Page T2 Taga to Take five
Page T3 Take five and more to Taken to heart
Page T4 Taken to the cleaners to Talk in blues
Page T5 Talk in play people on mercy to Tamiami trail
Page T6 Tamiko to Tango no 1
Page T7 Tango no 2 to Tapati poi poi
Page T8 Tapausten alku to Tata
Page T9 Tata daddy to Tea & sympathy
Page T10 Tea 4 Joey to Ted Nicholas
Page T11 Ted se vam predstavime to Tell her I said hello
Page T12 Tell her in springtime to Temperance
Page T13 Temperance march to Tendenze
Page T14 Tendenziale to Tercjan
Page T15 Terco to Testtube babyshootm down
Page T16 Tesz to Thank you pretty baby
Page T17 Thank you Red to That note costs a dollar
Page T18 That nutty grind to Thats killer Joe
Page T19 Thats life to Them belly full
Page T20 Them blues to Theme from Clara
Page T21 Theme from Clockwork Orange to Then & now
Page T22 Then 80 to There was a girl in 69
Page T23 There was a hole to Theres one little girl who loves me
Page T24 Theres one thing remains to They wont go
Page T25 They wont go til I go to Think on these things
Page T26 Think one & think two to Thirtyfive minutes
Page T27 Thirtyfourth Street to This is what we do
Page T28 This is what we do to our enemies to Thoidy thoid and thoid
Page T29 Thojaja to Three Afro Cuban jazz moods
Page T30 Three AfroCuban jazz moods to Three legs
Page T31 Three legs for two birds to Three waves
Page T32 Three way mirror to Thrush
Page T33 Thrush song to Tiddy boom
Page T34 Tide to Til we blow the blues away
Page T35 Til we meet again to Time in place
Page T36 Time in September to Times change
Page T37 Times change and things change to Tip cat
Page T38 Tip easy blues to Tizita and Zerafewa
Page T39 Tizi’s business to To gora
Page T40 To Gorge to To the city
Page T41 To the clouds to Today will die tomorrow
Page T42 Today yesterday and tomorrow to Tom Arthurs dinner
Page T43 Tom ArthursGail BrandDominic LashAlex Ward to Tone soul
Page T44 tone the whole tone and nothing but the tone to Too many frontlines
Page T45 Too many gittars to Topographies
Page T46 Topography of my heart to Toubida
Page T47 Toubidou to Toutes les choses
Page T48 Toutes les clarinettes en France to Tracys waltz
Page T49 Traczir to Trance hypothesis
Page T50 Trance in my pants to Transrepente
Page T51 Transsiberian Express to Tre
Page T52 Tre abandonati to Tres coisas
Page T53 Tres Corazones to tribute to Stan
Page T54 Tribute to Stan Kenton to Trio improvisation
Page T55 Trio improvisation 1 to Tristezas do amor
Page T56 Tristezza to Tropic breeze
Page T57 Tropic city to true meaning of determination
Page T58 True men true to Trying the piano
Page T59 Trying time to Tubby cat walk
Page T60 Tubbys blues to Tune for unlucky people
Page T61 Tune four to Turn the corner
Page T62 Turn the hands of time to Tva solroda segel
Page T63 Tva stjarnor ar ditt orgonpar to Twilight on the trail
Page T64 Twilight prelude to Two disagreeable pigeons
Page T65 Two distinguished lovers to Two part invention no 4
Page T66 Two part pier to Tycker inte om dig
Page T67 Tycoon to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to Uke
Page U2 Ukelele baby to Un amore a Roma
Page U3 Un amore inventato to Un sourire en chantant
Page U4 Un souvenir to Uncle Sam
Page U5 Uncle Sam aint a woman to underdog rising
Page U6 Underdogs to Unfaithful ant
Page U7 Unfaithful blues to universe of absence
Page U8 Universe of two to Unspoken oath
Page U9 Unspoken requests to Unutmayin
Page U10 Unutterable to Upper and outest
Page U11 Upper arm to Urgent ballad
Page U12 Urgent identity to Uzes
Page U13 Uzes waltz to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valid thought blues
Page V2 Validation to Valse perdue
Page V3 Valse petit to Var Jocuri Poporale Romanesti Op 337
Page V4 Var kan jag finna denna man to Variations on the blues
Page V5 Variations on the Duke to Vegetarian blues
Page V6 Vegetarian cyber 1 to Venus and Eve
Page V7 Venus and Mars to Vertical clearance
Page V8 Vertical clouds to Via S Rosalia 5
Page V9 Via san remo to Vienna nightline
Page V10 Vienna one to Village square
Page V11 Village stone to Virgin maze
Page V12 Virgin mojito to Vital signs
Page V13 Vital transformation to Vodododeoblue
Page V14 Vodododeoblues to Volver a los 17
Page V15 Volver a los diecisiete to voyez plutot
Page V16 Voz to Vztek


Page W1 W to Waiter oh waiter
Page W2 Waiter the check to Wake up the fish
Page W3 Wake up the place to Walkin in Harlem
Page W4 Walkin in music to Wall ums rot
Page W5 Wall view to Waltz for Joanna
Page W6 Waltz for Joanne to Waltz of the water puppets
Page W7 Waltz of the wild flowers to War Discord
Page W8 War for peace to Was it a dream
Page W9 Was it a lie to Watchman tell us of the night
Page W10 watchmans caroll to Waves and particles
Page W11 Waves and radiations to ways of the wind
Page W12 ways of trains to We interrupt this broadcast
Page W13 We interrupt this channel to Weather sky 1
Page W14 Weather sky 2 to Weighted down by fate
Page W15 Weighted nodes to well wisher
Page W16 Well wishes to Wesleyan girl
Page W17 Wesleyan University to Whacked in the head
Page W18 Whacky to What do people mean when they say He played cricket
Page W19 What do the simple folk do to What it takes to bring you back
Page W20 What it takes to get a dime from me to What you gonna do when the worlds on fire
Page W21 What you gonna say to What’s new
Page W22 What’s “pho” lunch to When I miss you
Page W23 When I most needed you to When saints go marching
Page W24 When Sambo goes to France to When to the sessions of sweet silent thought
Page W25 When Tokyo to Where a river meets the sea
Page W26 Where a stream leads to Where the blue of the night
Page W27 Where the blue of the night meets the gold of the day to While blueberries
Page W28 While by my sheep to Whistlin Rufus
Page W29 Whistlin the blues to Who are you thinking of
Page W30 Who are you waiting for to Whole trees in motion
Page W31 whole truth to Why did you fool me
Page W32 Why did you get so high shorty to Wicked walk
Page W33 Wicked walrus to Wild lands
Page W34 Wild Leo to Willies blues II
Page W35 Willies boogie woogie to Windmond
Page W36 Windmuhle to Winter December 3
Page W37 Winter December 4 to Wish I were in love again
Page W38 Wish I were somebody else to with Teme inside
Page W39 With ten thousand shields and spears to Wodden horse
Page W40 Wodji to Wonder why I am leaving
Page W41 Wonder woman to Woojamacooja
Page W42 Woojus delight to World of my dreams
Page W43 world of my own to Wrap you up for Christmas
Page W44 Wrap your cares in rhythm and dance to Wynola
Page W45 Wynonies blues to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yann the boogieman
Page Y2 Yanna to Yellow bell
Page Y3 Yellow bird to Yesterday when I was young
Page Y4 Yesterday you and I to Yonge Street boogie
Page Y5 Yonge Street traveller to You better play ball with me
Page Y6 You better quit it to You did it
Page Y7 You did it to me to You gotta talk me into it baby
Page Y8 You gotta taste all the fruit to You never done it like that
Page Y9 You never ever miss away to You wear your hair too long
Page Y10 You went away to Young rabbits 7172
Page Y11 Young Roy to Your thoughts about it
Page Y12 Your three letters to Youre off the beat
Page Y13 Youre OK to Youve lost the lovin feelin
Page Y14 Youve made a dreamer out of me to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to Zbiggy
Page Z2 Zbiggytism to Zigin and zagin
Page Z3 Zigiunshor to Zoo market
Page Z4 Zoo month to Zwilingsfiguren
Page Z5 Zwillinge to Zzzzzip