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This index refers to the 530,380 individual tune titles (1,589,338 total entries) included in over 243,576 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Aberration
Page A2 Aberrations to Abstract 1
Page A3 Abstract 12 to Ach du lieber Augustin
Page A4 Ach Fraulein Gretchen to Acting up
Page A5 Action to Adeles dance
Page A6 Adelheid to Advice blues
Page A7 Advice for some young man in the year 2064 AD to African children
Page A8 African cocktail to Afrosano
Page A9 Afroscopic to After you have gone
Page A10 After you Jeru to Agonna Eegonna
Page A11 Agony to Aige blues
Page A12 Aigle noir shuffle to Air and gravity
Page A13 Air and money to Akhenatan
Page A14 Akhenaten to Alaska outdoor piano showroom
Page A15 Alaska rag to Alexanders Marschbefehl
Page A16 Alexanders playmobil to Alkaest
Page A17 Alkali Ike to All jazzed up
Page A18 All jazzy to All the names
Page A19 All the news to Allegro from sonata in Dmajor by Handel
Page A20 Allegro from sonata in F major opus 2 no 1 to Almost broke
Page A21 Almost but maybe to Alpine
Page A22 Alpine aspects of world music to Alvin Straight
Page A23 Alvin the terrible to Amarilis
Page A24 Amarilli onde massale to American romance
Page A25 American round to Amphibian
Page A26 Amphibian ardour to An imaginary girl
Page A27 An imbalance in our times to Anbar
Page A28 Anbrax to And off they went
Page A29 And on to Andantino
Page A30 Andantino from Tchaikovsky symphony no 4 to Angels and obelisks
Page A31 Angels and satellites I to Anlogo bung
Page A32 ANMC to Another cold front
Page A33 Another collage to answer is the blues
Page A34 answer is yes to Anvil of the lord
Page A35 Anvil stomp to Aphrodites
Page A36 Aphrodites child to April come she will
Page A37 April days in Frankfurt to Arara
Page A38 Ararat to Are you ready to go steady
Page A39 Are you ready to party to Armah
Page A40 Armame to Arryo
Page A41 Arrythmia to As auroras
Page A42 As Bach would say to As you said
Page A43 As you say to Asparagus rag
Page A44 Aspargus to At dawn
Page A45 At dawn a girl sings a lullaby to Ataraxia on my mind
Page A46 Ataraxie to Attraction
Page A47 Attraction and sudden solitude to Auf den offs
Page A48 Auf den strassen zu singen to Auster
Page A49 Austerbookless days to Auz
Page A50 Auzar to Awakenings
Page A51 Awakin to Azure for beginners
Page A52 Azure intention to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby butterfly
Page B2 Baby bye to Babys first words
Page B3 Babys gone to Back on the scene
Page B4 Back on the street to Backyard games
Page B5 Backyard groove to Bagel and lox
Page B6 Bagels for tea to Baku the dream eater
Page B7 Bakudo to Ballad for A
Page B8 Ballad for a bronze beauty to ballad of low sliding
Page B9 ballad of Lydia Pinkham to Ballata per Rimbaud
Page B10 Ballata per tre to Band beat
Page B11 band began to play to Baracoa
Page B12 Baracuda to barn thing
Page B13 Barn yard jam session to Basheer the snake and the mirror
Page B14 Basheers dream to Bassett sound
Page B15 Bassever to battlehunt
Page B16 BattleMidas verdict to Be fair with me
Page B17 Be fair with me baby to Beas theme
Page B18 beast to beautiful story of my own
Page B19 Beautiful stranger to Becoming partly cloudy
Page B20 Becoming streams to Before queen muscle interprets the migration over the north
Page B21 Before quick get ready to Beija flor
Page B22 Beijaeu to Belle qui tiens my vie
Page B23 Belle qui tient ma vie to Bengt in the basement
Page B24 Bengts blues to Berlin squeaking
Page B25 Berlin station to Bethan
Page B26 Bethana a concert waltz to Between you and that wall
Page B27 Between you and the devil to Bibi no aozora
Page B28 Bibi wangu to Big cheese
Page B29 Big chested woman to big open
Page B30 Big orange to BilheteComecar de novo
Page B31 Bilheteticket to Biography of a fictive woman
Page B32 Biography of a thought to Birdsong
Page B33 Birdsong one to Bitter suite
Page B34 Bitter sweet to black dress
Page B35 Black dust blues to Black spur
Page B36 Black squirrel to Blasten sopar sommaren
Page B37 Blaster to blinder
Page B38 Blinders to Blossom interlude 1
Page B39 Blossom interlude 2 to blue book
Page B40 Blue book 1920 to Blue grumble
Page B41 Blue guaguanco to Blue nuit
Page B42 Blue Nun to Blue tornado
Page B43 Blue tortilla waltz to Blues and roots
Page B44 Blues and sentimental to Blues for a beautiful brother
Page B45 Blues for a black girl to Blues for Davis Alexander
Page B46 Blues for Dawud to Blues for Karen
Page B47 Blues for Karsten to Blues for Pili
Page B48 Blues for Pim to Blues for Tsalal
Page B49 Blues for Tsofi to Blues in suburbia
Page B50 Blues in suspense to Blues oriental
Page B51 Blues original to Bluesin for John C
Page B52 Bluesin for Lennie Tristano to Bob Ross
Page B53 Bob Scoward to bogy man
Page B54 Bohaterowie codziennosci to Bona fortuna
Page B55 Bona jurnata to boodoo
Page B56 Boodschappen to Boogie woogie on the downbeat
Page B57 Boogie woogie on the Saint Louis blues to Bop de goose
Page B58 Bop do combo to Borough Hill
Page B59 Borough of kings to Boston baked boogie
Page B60 Boston ball game to boundary law
Page B61 Boundary line to Boyds solo flight
Page B62 Boyds swinging blues to Brasilian fantasy
Page B63 Brasilian folk song to Breakfast
Page B64 Breakfast @ Dennys to Brennschluss
Page B65 Breno Tfordo blues to Bright shadows
Page B66 Bright shine low light to Broadway rag
Page B67 Broadway ramble to Broschli II
Page B68 Broschli III to Browse all
Page B69 Browse of morning to Buchimish
Page B70 Buchini to Buffalo dance
Page B71 Buffalo gals to Bully beef
Page B72 Bully of the town to Burnin at the feet of my Lord
Page B73 Burnin Bennie to Busy being blue
Page B74 Busy being clever to Buy ya books
Page B75 Buy you to Bypass
Page B76 Bypass IV to BZoo


Page C1 C to cadence they create
Page C2 Cadence violette to Calamity Jane
Page C3 Calamity Joan to Call on Dolly
Page C4 Call on me to Camalot
Page C5 Camamele et cataplame to Can I walk you to your car
Page C6 Can I wash your clothes to Candles
Page C7 Candles ahead to Cant seem to shake this rock n roll
Page C8 Cant sell a secret to Canzone
Page C9 Canzone a due to Captain of her heart
Page C10 captain of her heart Steppin out to Caribbean magic
Page C11 Caribbean man with a plan to Carolina Christmas
Page C12 Carolina Diner to Casa Leopoldo
Page C13 Casa leule to Cat funeral
Page C14 cat gets fat to cats tenth life
Page C15 Cats the cat to Ce soir
Page C16 Ce soir a Bankoni to Celtic boop
Page C17 Celtic calypso to Cervione
Page C18 Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher to Chadwick rag
Page C19 Chadwicks beach house to Change of heart
Page C20 Change of heart blues to Chant of the swamp
Page C21 Chant of the tuxedo to Charlesville
Page C22 Charlette to Chasse a courre
Page C23 Chasse a La baute to Cheguel la e tal
Page C24 Chehalis and other voices to Chezmo
Page C25 Chezmoi to Chickle that bottom
Page C26 Chickless to Children’s song 1
Page C27 Childs to Chips blues
Page C28 Chips boogie woogie to Chopin prelude no 8 OP 28 in F sharp minor
Page C29 Chopin prelude no 9 OP 28 in E major to Chrach
Page C30 Chrampf to Chrysoprase
Page C31 Chrystal to Cieli azzuri
Page C32 Cieli di marzo to Circle the heart
Page C33 Circle the line to City mouse & country mouse
Page C34 City movement to Clarinet parmegian
Page C35 Clarinet piece to Clearly
Page C36 Clearly beloved to Close my eyes
Page C37 Close near to Club 88
Page C38 Club 880 to Cockroaches
Page C39 Cocks sing to Coke cans in yer garden
Page C40 Coke screw to Collinos waltz
Page C41 Collins to Comanchero
Page C42 Comandante to Come out and meet me tonight
Page C43 Come out and play to Commando opus
Page C44 Commando patrol to Competition blues
Page C45 Competitive challenge to Composition 43+
Page C46 Composition 44+ to Conceive a man
Page C47 Conceivilization to Concrete sky IV
Page C48 Concrete view to Conhecher
Page C49 Conic to Contemplacao
Page C50 Contemplate to Conversation love
Page C51 Conversation of orchids to cool rage
Page C52 Cool rain to Cordial drive
Page C53 Cordial gratin to Corsicana
Page C54 Corsicana tarantina to Cottonwood
Page C55 Cottonwood corners to Counts blues
Page C56 Counts counsel to Crab apples
Page C57 Crab cigar to Crazy little devil
Page C58 Crazy little thing called love to Crestfallen
Page C59 Cresting falling away to Cross the water
Page C60 Cross ties to Cry for freedom
Page C61 Cry for help to Cuba libre
Page C62 Cuba Linda to Cunado calienta el sol
Page C63 Cuneiform to Cutup
Page C64 cuTWOrm to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Daddys home
Page D2 Daddys little girl to Damascus
Page D3 Damask to Dance of fury
Page D4 Dance of Gaia to Dance with waves
Page D5 Dance with wine to Dancing with Esmeralda
Page D6 Dancing with Gable to Danse arabeenne
Page D7 Danse artique to dark age
Page D8 Dark alley to Darkness in the soul of time
Page D9 Darkness in white spots to Dat gal of mine
Page D10 Dat gebeurt in Vietnam to day after tomorrow
Page D11 day after when to Dazed and confused
Page D12 Dazello to De salde sinne hemman
Page D13 De samba to Dear Lord
Page D14 Dear Lord Alain to Decatur affair
Page D15 Decatur drive to Dedododo dedadada
Page D16 Dedonbedon to Deepskin
Page D17 Deer to delicate prey
Page D18 delicate touch to Den gamla eken
Page D19 Den gamla kommoden to Der bauer und die backerin
Page D20 Der bauer und seine kuh to Derivatives
Page D21 Derive to Desert spaces
Page D22 Desert star to Det skjulte
Page D23 Det snoar to devils waltz
Page D24 Devils wheel to Dialogue with the mirror
Page D25 dialogue with trombone to Didgerotics
Page D26 Didgi boa to Die wiederkehr des Gleichen
Page D27 Die wilde 13 to Dilar river
Page D28 Dilatation to Dionysus seeping through
Page D29 Dior to Disco sax
Page D30 Disco stone to distant voice
Page D31 Distant voices to Dixieland indulo
Page D32 Dixieland is happyland to Do I crazy
Page D33 Do I dare to Do you think Ive got the blues
Page D34 Do you think of me to Doet
Page D35 Doetinchem to Doll fee
Page D36 Doll house to Doncha go away mad
Page D37 Doncha go way mad to Dont cry Janneke
Page D38 Dont cry Joe to Dont let the bogeyman get you
Page D39 Dont let the deal go down to Dont talk where it is not allowed
Page D40 Dont tear my clothes no 2 to Dooji wooji
Page D41 Dook & Jac & me to dotty blues
Page D42 Dotty dimples to Dougs delight
Page D43 Dougs dessert to Down the line
Page D44 Down the locale to Dr Nick
Page D45 Dr Nick Riviera to Dream dram drum
Page D46 Dream dream dream to Dreaming to run
Page D47 Dreaming trees to Drifting white
Page D48 Drifting with the clouds to Drost nia
Page D49 Drottbom hus to Drums til Don
Page D50 Drums to the Max to Duality of opposites suite
Page D51 duality perspective to Duisburg monsters
Page D52 Duisen poot to Duo haiku
Page D53 Duo I to Dwarf n Tony
Page D54 Dwarf nebula processional march and dwarf nebula to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early flight
Page E2 Early flux to East Coast west side
Page E3 East coast winters to easy one
Page E4 Easy or not to Echoes and heroics
Page E5 Echoes and shadows to Edge of the world
Page E6 Edge of this earth to Eggbound
Page E7 Egge to Ein Knabe ist ein
Page E8 Ein kopf auf dem regal to El banilejo jazz
Page E9 El baquero numero cinco to El liberation
Page E10 El Liberator to El tigre
Page E11 El timbal to ElectroJazz
Page E12 Electrolux to Eleven electric elephants
Page E13 Eleven eleven to Ellsworth snyder
Page E14 Ellwood to EMCF blues
Page E15 EMD to Empty porches
Page E16 Empty promises to En soleure coulent le Gange & lAmazone
Page E17 En solidarisk sang to end of the rope
Page E18 End of the season to Enigmatic twilight
Page E19 Enigmatically decided to Entro nellantro
Page E20 Entroito to Eppur si muove
Page E21 Eppy to Eros sotiu
Page E22 Eros suite to Esha
Page E23 Esha kola keeyo to Estc que je te demande
Page E24 Estce ainsi que les hommes vivent to Eternal triangle 5
Page E25 Eternal triangle 6 to Eu bemque disse
Page E26 Eu de marin ausenteime to Even silence stops when train comes
Page E27 Even silence will come undone to Every kind of people
Page E28 Every knock is a boost to Everyone is saying hello again
Page E29 Everyone knows to Evocation of the forefathers
Page E30 Evocation suite to Exegesis
Page E31 Exelsior rag to Express crossing
Page E32 Express from Boogieland to Eyes of Ibad
Page E33 Eyes of innocence to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Factotum pole
Page F2 Facts to Falb
Page F3 Falboye to Family thing
Page F4 Family ties to Fantasy exit
Page F5 Fantasy filter to Farfars vals
Page F6 Farfel to Fat Freddys cat
Page F7 Fat free to Faxing Stina
Page F8 Faxtime to Feelin drunk
Page F9 Feelin fancy to Feminin
Page F10 Feminin et au to few moments of mortal time
Page F11 few months later to fifth league
Page F12 fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet to Fimas sunrise
Page F13 Fimbriata to Finger Maxu
Page F14 Finger muscle to Fireside eyes
Page F15 Fireside fantasy to first set area 3
Page F16 first set area 4 to Fitz
Page F17 Fitz tune to Fizz gin
Page F18 Fizz harmonique to Flattermann
Page F19 Flattery to Flimflam Maam
Page F20 FlimFlam one to Florida straits
Page F21 Florida summer odyssey to Flurry
Page F22 Flurry with a singe on top to Flying out with SAS
Page F23 Flying over Neverland to Folkmost
Page F24 Folkmusic for JK nr4 to fools confidence
Page F25 Fools dance to For Carlos
Page F26 For Carmen to For JMZ
Page F27 For Jo Fell & Patrick Charlton to For Planck
Page F28 For players only to For vipers only
Page F29 For voters only to Forever burning
Page F30 Forever Carmen to Forspel
Page F31 Forspil to Four ears
Page F32 four edges to fourth lament Arjai ya alf Laila
Page F33 fourth lamentation to Framed love
Page F34 Frameless to Freaky beat
Page F35 Freaky blues to free loader
Page F36 Free love to Freeses blues
Page F37 Freesia to Friar Tucks railroad adventure
Page F38 Friars in the bathroom to Frog child
Page F39 Frog dance to From prom to prom
Page F40 From Prussia with love to Frozen feet
Page F41 Frozen fire to Fugue in D minor
Page F42 Fugue in D minor BWV 899 to Fundamental frequency
Page F43 Fundamental mind to Funky gibo
Page F44 Funky giora to Furano de tal
Page F45 Furbitten to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Galleria mente
Page G2 Gallerie St Hubert to Gardeby gagglat
Page G3 Gardeby ganglet to Gateway blues
Page G4 Gateway boogie to Gee up charleston
Page G5 Gee wee to Genoa to Pescara
Page G6 Genocide lament to Georgy Porgy
Page G7 Georgys to Get myself together
Page G8 Get naked to Getz omania
Page G9 Getz on board to Giants causeway
Page G10 giants garden to Ginger root
Page G11 Ginger sheep to girls back home
Page G12 Girls camp to Give thanks to ghosts
Page G13 Give that dog a bone to Glen feshie
Page G14 Glen Island hop to Glyvrar a natt
Page G15 GM blues to Goa yeye
Page G16 Goad to Goin back to Houston
Page G17 Goin back to Jamaica to Golden apples part III
Page G18 Golden arcs at TJs borders to Gone too far
Page G19 Gone too soon to Good luck George Washington & Kim Novak
Page G20 Good luck horror to Goodbye good luck good riddance
Page G21 Goodbye good luck my love to Gorilla
Page G22 gorilla and the centipede to Gotta get it on
Page G23 Gotta get it right to Grand bazar
Page G24 Grand bizarre to Grateful parting
Page G25 Grateful regret to Great Rainstreet blues
Page G26 great rationalization to Green stones
Page G27 Green street to Griffith special
Page G28 Griffith spiral to Groovin the blues
Page G29 Groovin the minor to GTB jump
Page G30 GTDS to Guitar amour
Page G31 Guitar banjo hero moon to Guten tag
Page G32 Guten Tag TeleWarzawa to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hailihaidihuhhuhi
Page H2 Hailing the steamboat to Hallelujah I just love him so
Page H3 Hallelujah I just lover her so to Han ole
Page H4 Han River to Hanks other soul
Page H5 Hanks other tune to Happy hippies
Page H6 Happy hokum to Hard lovin woman
Page H7 Hard loving mama to Harmlessly
Page H8 Harmo nica to hasheaters tale
Page H9 Hashed in to Have love will travel
Page H10 Have lunch now to Hazy Dawns
Page H11 Hazy days to Headbanging the piano
Page H12 Headbender to Heart still alive
Page H13 Heart storms to Heavy snow
Page H14 Heavy song to Helicon no 1
Page H15 Helicon no 2 to Help yourself to happiness
Page H16 Help yourself to my love to Herbert Schnitzler
Page H17 Herbert von Karajan to Heres to romance
Page H18 Heres to that to Hes yours hes mine
Page H19 Hesiquio where are you to Hey Pops
Page H20 Hey porter to Hideho swing
Page H21 Hidehoman to Higher power
Page H22 higher purpose to Hinos reggae
Page H23 Hinreichend arme wie baum to Histoire dIgor
Page H24 Histoire du cirque to Hochseil
Page H25 Hochste zeit to Holgers vuggevise
Page H26 Holi to Homage to Rudy Pace
Page H27 Homage to some strange Vassillian poetry to Hommage a Nino Rota
Page H28 Hommage a O to Honnor for Fats
Page H29 Hono swing to Hopping John
Page H30 Hopping sadness to Hospel
Page H31 Hospital blues to Hot weather
Page H32 Hot weather blues to houseless beggar
Page H33 Housemice to How I hate to see Xmas come around
Page H34 How I hoped for your love to Howlin winds
Page H35 Howlin Wolf to Hum hum blues
Page H36 hum inside my head to hunter and his game
Page H37 hunter and the hole to Hyakka soto
Page H38 Hyatt Ridge circle dance to Hypnotic pignose
Page H39 Hypnotic safari to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I believe you
Page I2 I believe youre trying to make a fool out of me to I cant stand it
Page I3 I cant stand losing you to I dont care
Page I4 I dont care any more to I familiaku siha
Page I5 I fancy it when they go a bit free to I got out of bed on the right side
Page I6 I got plenty to I hear music NP
Page I7 I hear my baby to I know what you did
Page I8 I know what you do to I love the nightlife
Page I9 I love the queen to I need you tonight
Page I10 I need you too to I remember Ray
Page I11 I remember Renee to I still think of her
Page I12 I still wanna be with you to I wanna know
Page I13 I wanna know what love is to I was very tired and lonely
Page I14 I was wagling my magical wand to I wouldnt be crying now
Page I15 I wouldnt be surprised to Ich Grusse dich am kreuzesstamm
Page I16 Ich ha min papi gern to Ideal intro
Page I17 Ideal landscape to If I had Drew
Page I18 If I had faith to If theres a hell below
Page I19 If theres a next time to If you want to be my sugar papa
Page I20 If you want to boogie to III Secuancia
Page I21 III Shapeless dancer to Il mulino
Page I22 Il mulino sul fiume to Ill be there for you
Page I23 Ill be there when the time is right to Ill take Les
Page I24 Ill take Manhasset to Im alone without you
Page I25 Im alright to Im gonna change
Page I26 Im gonna charleston to Im living OK
Page I27 Im living on borrowed time to Im so in love
Page I28 Im so in love with you to Imagex
Page I29 Imagi to Imposture no 1
Page I30 Impotencia to Improvisation 111
Page I31 Improvisation 111188 to In 7 & 2
Page I32 In a Balinese bar to In between boogie
Page I33 In between chairs to In love and life
Page I34 In love and memory to In sa notta profunda
Page I35 In safe hands to In the garage
Page I36 In the garden to In the sweet embrace of life
Page I37 In the sweet embrace of life sermon Father Son Holy ghost to Incanus
Page I38 Incapable of caution to Indiana indian
Page I39 Indiana jam session to Influence peddler
Page I40 Influence peddling to Inner soul
Page I41 inner soul of H to Insight inside
Page I42 Insight pentatonic to Interfear
Page I43 Interference to Interplays flying dance potpourri
Page I44 Interpol to Into the sun
Page I45 Into the sunset to Introductie
Page I46 Introduction to Inventio 4
Page I47 Inventio 8 to Iowa City
Page I48 Iowa City jump to Is Heaven secret So is hell
Page I49 Is heaven with you to Island harvest
Page I50 Island holiday to It aint the spotlight
Page I51 It aint to play with to It must be wonderful
Page I52 It must be you to Ithem
Page I53 Ithi Gqi to Its blowing half a gale
Page I54 Its blue to Its not easy to say I love you
Page I55 Its not enough to Its written in the stars
Page I56 Its wrong to Ive got my captain working for me now
Page I57 Ive got my eye on you to Izljal e deljo
Page I58 Izlyal e delyo haidoutin to I�m wild about that thing


Page J1 J to Jacksons blues
Page J2 Jacksons boogie to Jakes tune
Page J3 Jakes weary blues to Jamtlandsk karleksmelodi
Page J4 Jamtpelle to Jassfriends
Page J5 Jassione Montana to Jazz hoot
Page J6 Jazz hotTu ne comprends pas to Jazzman
Page J7 Jazzman by Strauss to Jean Frederic
Page J8 Jean Gabin to Jenelle number four
Page J9 JenelleSong for my sons to Jesus walked this lonesome valley
Page J10 Jesus wept to Jimmy giuffre
Page J11 Jimmy Giuffre interviewed by Philippe Carles to Joana
Page J12 Joana Francesa to John Churchill chase street blues
Page J13 John Cleese song for Basil Fawlty to Joking lady
Page J14 Joking with Beethoven to Jota de Pontevedra
Page J15 Jota mora to Joyous absence of disco
Page J16 Joyous awakening to Juice head baby
Page J17 Juice head blues to Jumpin blue
Page J18 jumpin blues to Jungle mama
Page J19 Jungle man to Just a little while
Page J20 Just a little while to stay to Just for two
Page J21 Just for U to Just some more blues
Page J22 Just something to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kaleidoscope rag
Page K2 Kaleidoscope suite to Kansas jump
Page K3 Kansas Kitty to Kaspar himmelspjaet
Page K4 Kaspar komm raus to Kdyz se tancil Charleston
Page K5 Kdyz se usmivala to Keepin out of mischief nowTwo sleepy people
Page K6 Keepin score to Kerfuffle blues
Page K7 Kerhonkson The museical to Kickback
Page K8 Kickball to Kims song
Page K9 Kimse bilmez to King strut
Page K10 King swing to Kiss the earth
Page K11 Kiss the earth goodnight to Kleine ereignisse
Page K12 Kleine fabel to Knom
Page K13 Knomish to Kolobok
Page K14 Kolokol to Koprena
Page K15 Koprol to Krippen
Page K16 Kris to Kunuonavidi
Page K17 Kuoli herralta hevonen to KZ


Page L1 L to La casa del pueblo
Page L2 La casa delle api to La decousue
Page L3 La Decouverte du monde to La guarapachanga
Page L4 La guardia dAres to La mia vita
Page L5 La micra to La porta
Page L6 La porta della luna to La suite Quebecoise
Page L7 LA sunset to Laak
Page L8 Laamb to Lady H
Page L9 lady has a bomb to Lair de rien
Page L10 Lair du chien blanc to Lamentation for JJ
Page L11 Lamentation from the middle passage to Landschap met bleekgezicht
Page L12 Landshaft to Larks tongues in aspic part two
Page L13 Larks tongues in aspix 2 to Last famous words
Page L14 last fandango to Last tune of the year
Page L15 Last turn to Latin for travelers
Page L16 Latin for two to Laure
Page L17 Laurea to Lazy mama blues
Page L18 Lazy mambo to Le climb
Page L19 Le clit to Le loup garou en pantoufle cloutee
Page L20 Le loup la biche et le chevalier to Le retour
Page L21 Le retour de 89B4 to Le vilain petit vaurien
Page L22 Le vin to Leaves around the door
Page L23 leaves be green to Legacies
Page L24 Legacy to Lenda
Page L25 Lenda das amazonas to Les attracteurs etranges
Page L26 Les autoroutes to Les moutons de panurge
Page L27 Les moutonsolants to lesson earned
Page L28 Lesson five to Let some things go by
Page L29 Let sound be sound to Lets get em
Page L30 Lets get friendly to Lets you and I just say goodbye
Page L31 Letsa eata a banana witha Anna to Lheure tourne
Page L32 Lhibou et le noyeur to Liebesfilm
Page L33 Liebesfreud to life sprinter
Page L34 Life starts at twenty to Light the way
Page L35 light thereof to Like it like that
Page L36 Like it never happened to Lillian blues
Page L37 Lillian Gaspergou to Line ish part three
Page L38 Line ish part two to Liquor license
Page L39 Liquor nips to Little Bel
Page L40 Little Belgiums boogie to little fall of rain
Page L41 little family to Little Miss Irish
Page L42 Little Miss Jump Up to Little stones
Page L43 little storm to Live rock
Page L44 Live score to LK 92
Page L45 lk hareket to Locomobile
Page L46 Locomonktion to London shout
Page L47 London skies to Lonesome Monday morning blues
Page L48 Lonesome mood to Long trip sailor
Page L49 Long trust and these jokes to Look what theyve done
Page L50 Look what theyve done to my song to Loose walk
Page L51 Loose weave to los nietos
Page L52 Los ninos to Lost motion
Page L53 lost museum to Louisiana red
Page L54 Louisiana Slim to Love fool
Page L55 Love for to Love is where the spirit lies
Page L56 Love is where you are to Love song I
Page L57 Love song II to Lovely and married
Page L58 Lovely and sweet to Lovin machine
Page L59 Lovin mama blues to lua girou
Page L60 Lua Joa to Luftpastejen
Page L61 LuftPolka to Lultima strega
Page L62 Lultime dance to lurch
Page L63 Lurch steps to Lyrical struggle
Page L64 Lyrical suite to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Mace and grenades
Page M2 Macedis round to maddin
Page M3 Maddox dedicated To Dave Maddox to Magic act
Page M4 Magic air to Mahakal
Page M5 Mahakala to Major bash
Page M6 Major Benjamin Huger to making of you
Page M7 Making our dreams come true to Mama aint cookin today
Page M8 Mama aint cooking to Mambo Lucia
Page M9 Mambo macoco to Man of God
Page M10 man of heart and mind to Mangetsu no yube
Page M11 Manggha to Mantide
Page M12 Mantillas blues to Marcari
Page M13 Marcassin en mocassins to MardelPlata
Page M14 Marder to Marimba arpeggios
Page M15 Marimba azucar to Marronage
Page M16 Marrow to Marzio
Page M17 Marzipan to Mateja sleeps
Page M18 Matekenha to Maxi song
Page M19 Maxie Jones to Mayores
Page M20 Mayors and miners to Me and the one I love
Page M21 Me and the tears to Mechanical arm
Page M22 Mechanical boy to Mee woos blues
Page M23 Meedjo and Freddy to Mekulela
Page M24 Mel to Melodie oubliee
Page M25 Melodie pentatonique to Memories of Louis
Page M26 Memories of Louis suite to Mental politician
Page M27 mental power of 13 children to Merrygoround rag
Page M28 merrygorunaround to Metal urge
Page M29 Metal winds to Mezzs blues
Page M30 Mezzs tune to Mickey Schroeders dream
Page M31 Mickey Shroeders dreams to Midnight montuno
Page M32 Midnight mood to Miguels fortune
Page M33 Miguels party to Mille arrivderci
Page M34 Mille et une galanteries to mind is the universe
Page M35 Mind journey to Minik Koosh
Page M36 Miniklangwelt to minor thing
Page M37 Minor things to Mirror 2
Page M38 mirror and the slapstick cadavers to Miss Laurence
Page M39 Miss leading lady to Missouri squabble
Page M40 Missouri tickler blues to Mit fluegel
Page M41 Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin to Mo Wasabi
Page M42 Mo wiser to Modicana Teatro Greco
Page M43 Modie to Molihua Jasmine flower
Page M44 Molika to Mon coeur est un violon
Page M45 Mon coeur nest a personne to Monk from Aral
Page M46 Monk from Harlem to Monotonous
Page M47 Monotony to Mood for a nanny goat
Page M48 mood for a quick Hello to Moon Ra
Page M49 Moon rain to moose is loose
Page M50 moose is out to More than two
Page M51 More than two its five to Morning shadow
Page M52 Morning shine to Mostly chromatic
Page M53 Mostly Dee to Mottled doe dance
Page M54 Motto to Move on it
Page M55 Move on over to Moving picture of eternity
Page M56 Moving pictures to Mr Dollar
Page M57 Mr Dolphins gig to Mr October
Page M58 Mr Octopus to Mrs Meier
Page M59 Mrs Menzel to Muistojen bulevardi
Page M60 Muit magique to Murders gonna be my crime
Page M61 Murdxas to Music from ColourDome 2
Page M62 Music from ColourDome 3 to Musique de rejouissance
Page M63 Musique desclavage to My babys arms
Page M64 My babys back to My downfall
Page M65 My drag to My heart is a helpless thing
Page M66 My heart is a hobo to My love for you comes and goes
Page M67 My love for you lingers on to My pal called Sal
Page M68 My pal Clive to My sweet tooth says I wanna but my wisdom tooth says no
Page M69 My sweet violin to Mysteris
Page M70 Mysterisoso to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nah nah guhnar
Page N2 Nah nah nah to Nanjang
Page N3 Nanke ala to Naste
Page N4 Nastia to Natures blues
Page N5 Natures child to nearness of myself
Page N6 nearness of you to Neka secanja
Page N7 Nekaezina to Nestor Patou
Page N8 Nestors groove to Never rain
Page N9 Never reach perfection to new duck
Page N10 New dues to New Orleans legends
Page N11 New Orleans Louisiana to New York 90s
Page N12 New York after dark to Next to nothing
Page N13 Next to nothing a non affair to Nickelsdorf fantasia
Page N14 Nickelsdorf suite 1 to Night for crying
Page N15 Night for day to Night to day
Page N16 Night to dream to Nile runs through us all
Page N17 Nile shadows to Nisses polska
Page N18 Nissespill og fans polska to No bother
Page N19 No bottom no top to No Knox blues
Page N20 No koma dei storset to No one ever lost more
Page N21 No one ever tells you to No surt og no sott
Page N22 No survivors to Nobody loves me
Page N23 Nobody loves me but my mother to Noh music ashirai pattern
Page N24 Noh three to NongQongQo
Page N25 Nongqonqo to North shore reflections
Page N26 North side blues to Not dead yet
Page N27 Not disappointed to Note resistant
Page N28 Note so high to Notos
Page N29 Notoswing to Now hang in there
Page N30 Now has no dimension to Nu er hann min
Page N31 Nu er jord og himmel stille to Nummer vierzehn
Page N32 Numoessence to Nyniannes rost
Page N33 Nynnes song to NZZ


Page O1 O to O sole mia
Page O2 O sole mio to Observare
Page O3 Observation to October 26th
Page O4 October 27 to Ode to Siddhartha
Page O5 Ode to Sister Diana Ortiz to Off Bradford Street
Page O6 Off breaker to Oh Fraulein Grete
Page O7 Oh freedom to Oh that girl
Page O8 Oh that Hamburg to Okay bug
Page O9 Okay for baby to Old folk song
Page O10 Old folkies to old spinning wheel in the corner
Page O11 Old spinning wheel in the parlor to Olobo
Page O12 Olodo to On a stamp
Page O13 On a standard to On the beach
Page O14 On the beach at Bali Bali to On the wings of love
Page O15 On the wings of panair to One and three cellos
Page O16 One and three plus nine to One for JT
Page O17 One for Juan to One leg standing
Page O18 One leg step to One phone call street scenes
Page O19 One phone callstreet scenes to Onetwo
Page O20 Onetwo button your shoe to Oo baby baby
Page O21 Oo bah bah rock to Open for grabs
Page O22 Open for suggestions to Opptur
Page O23 Oppvaskbenken to Oranges 3
Page O24 Oranges 4 to Oriental medley
Page O25 Oriental minor blues to Orys story
Page O26 Oryssa to other place
Page O27 Other places to Our family
Page O28 Our fantasies to Out of flinstone
Page O29 Out of focus to Outrenoir
Page O30 Outrider to Overnight success
Page O31 Overnight train to Ozzies ode
Page O32 OZZO to O’new


Page P1 P to Paella
Page P2 Paen to Paklenski stroj
Page P3 Pakonya to Panama Red
Page P4 Panama Reds Panama hat to Papa will be gone
Page P5 Papa Willy Rhumba to Parabole
Page P6 Parabrisas to Paregmenon
Page P7 Pareidolia to Parodixieland
Page P8 Parody to Part II Beneath the shell
Page P9 Part II CD II to Parts 4 6 Rain bluebird toy tune
Page P10 Parts 67 to Passage to freedom
Page P11 Passage to Hades to Pastime rag 2
Page P12 Pastime rag 3 to Patty links
Page P13 Patty melt to Pe de al pe la cornatel
Page P14 Pe de manaca to Pearly gates
Page P15 Pearly Mae to Pelicans stomp
Page P16 Pelicula to Penumbra for woodwind and bass 1 + 1
Page P17 Penumbra for woodwind and bass 3 + 3 to Percussionbass clarinet & guitar 12294
Page P18 Percussione to Pero como el amor
Page P19 Pero no para mi to Petchakucha
Page P20 Pete to Petticoat baby
Page P21 Petticoat high to Philippe Sleep
Page P22 Philippe under the green bridge to Piano blues in Alabama
Page P23 Piano blues no 2 to Pichuco
Page P24 Pici zongora to Piece part 2
Page P25 Piece pour Janice to Pillar of strength
Page P26 Pillar to heaven to PINY
Page P27 Pinyin to Pizz off funk up
Page P28 Pizz polka to Planned future
Page P29 Planned release to Players inn
Page P30 Players net to Please Mr Ogilvy
Page P31 Please Mr Organ player to Plus
Page P32 Plus 1 & liad fira madl to poem_005x+2
Page P33 poem_006x+1 to Polen
Page P34 Polenta brustulada to Pomponio
Page P35 Pompous circumstance to Popievki
Page P36 Popinavy brectan to Porters ball
Page P37 Porters dream to Positano
Page P38 Positano afternoon to Pots
Page P39 Pots a few to power of thought
Page P40 Power of three to Prayer for death song
Page P41 Prayer for deliverance to Prelude 7
Page P42 Prelude 7 in A major to Prelude to night
Page P43 Prelude to Nirvana to presidents nap
Page P44 presidents prelude to Pridetime
Page P45 Priere to Priority waltz
Page P46 priory to Profile indiansky
Page P47 Profile man to prophetic bird
Page P48 Prophetic blues to Pseudoafrocubanismo
Page P49 pseudocarp walks among us to Puleeze Mister Hemingway
Page P50 Pulgarcito en guanabara to Purgatory exit
Page P51 Purgatory of fiery vulvas to Put your hand in the hand of the Lord
Page P52 Put your hand in the hand of the man from Galilee to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to Quantum flute
Page Q2 Quantum foam to Que saisir sinon
Page Q3 Que salga la luna to Quetico
Page Q4 Quetsch to Quikflee
Page Q5 Quil fait bon vivre to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio exotique
Page R2 Radio experience to Ragtime all time
Page R3 Ragtime Annie to Rainbow reed
Page R4 Rainbow rhapsody to Rambunctious 2
Page R5 Rambunk shush to Rarefaction
Page R6 Rarefatto to Ray Browns bass
Page R7 Ray Browns in town to Real eyes realise real lies
Page R8 Real feeling to Recado
Page R9 Recado bossa to Red blows sax
Page R10 Red blue to Red sails
Page R11 Red sails in the sunset to Reflection at the threshold
Page R12 Reflection for piano to Regular pleasures
Page R13 Regular queens with three stray horns to remaining tale
Page R14 Remaining words to Renais sense
Page R15 Renaissance to Requiem for truth
Page R16 Requiem for two clarinets to Resurrection of Yarak
Page R17 Resurrection ritual to Reveling the beat
Page R18 Revelj to Rhinos
Page R19 Rhinos on tiptoes to Rhythmus revue 2 teil
Page R20 Rhythmus voc heute 2 to Ridin but walkin
Page R21 Ridin convertible to right somebody to love
Page R22 right spice to Rio salado
Page R23 Rio samba to Ritmos carnivalescos improvisatos
Page R24 Ritmos colores y sentidos to Riza
Page R25 Rize to Robin Irland struff
Page R26 Robin little child to Rockaway blues
Page R27 Rockaway rock to Rogue warrior
Page R28 Rogue wave to Romance for Eliane
Page R29 Romance for IG to Roof of sky
Page R30 Roof of the world to rose coloured angel
Page R31 Rose coloured glasses to Rots
Page R32 Rotsee to Rows and rows
Page R33 Rowtation to Rubys place
Page R34 Rubys red bag to Rumba connection
Page R35 Rumba d e scugnizze to Running between the raindrops
Page R36 running bird to Rvingtsix
Page R37 Rvirus to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to Sacred song
Page S2 Sacred sounds to saga of Bill Bailey
Page S3 saga of C and C to Sakhadougou
Page S4 Sakhato ho to Salt swing
Page S5 Salt tear blues to Samba da bunda
Page S6 Samba da estrela to Samba para endrigo
Page S7 Samba para Enrique to Samois
Page S8 Samois a moi to sandhouse
Page S9 Sandhyas to Santas funeral
Page S10 Santas little girl to Sasquatch elevator
Page S11 Sasquatch is falling in love to Saudade Bahia
Page S12 Saudade da bahia to Sax twins
Page S13 Sax zenith to Scagmore Green
Page S14 Scail Jale to Scent of a woman
Page S15 Scent of an apple redness of red to Schoener gigolo
Page S16 Schoenveters to ScoopsCarrysmerry
Page S17 Scoot to Scrum
Page S18 Scrummage to Sea they think they hear
Page S19 Sea train to Second Avenue
Page S20 Second Avenue jump to Secret lullaby
Page S21 secret Magritte to See you in the court
Page S22 See you in the dream to Sekiranum
Page S23 Sekitei to Senbos dreamwalk
Page S24 Senbu to Sentimental train
Page S25 Sentimental trombone to Serafina del caribe
Page S26 Seraglio to Serpentine
Page S27 Serpentine attack on Shaolin to Seven days seven nights
Page S28 Seven days til spring to Sex education
Page S29 Sex education Ghetto style to Shadow of the sun suite
Page S30 Shadow of the sunset to Shalakho
Page S31 Shalala to Shave em dry
Page S32 Shave em dry blues to Shebuah
Page S33 Sheburn castle to Shes from Missouri
Page S34 Shes from Wales to Shining winds
Page S35 Shinjite itai to Shoot the eighty
Page S36 Shoot the evil dog to Shotgun boogie
Page S37 Shotgun bouquet to Shuffle up
Page S38 Shuffle walk to Sicherheitszundwaren
Page S39 Sicherlich to Sig det
Page S40 Sig du er min to Silent edge
Page S41 silent essence to Silver maze
Page S42 Silver meter to Simplicity of the soul
Page S43 Simplicius to Sing my tongue sing
Page S44 Sing Nachtigall sing to Sippiana midnight
Page S45 Sippin to Sittin alone
Page S46 Sittin alone countin my tears to Sixteen waltzes in seventeen seconds
Page S47 Sixteen weeks to Sketches of Miles
Page S48 Sketches of Munch to Skunk meat
Page S49 Skunk punchers to Slave of nothing
Page S50 Slave of passion to Slide and the Family Bone
Page S51 Slide away to Sloppy drunk
Page S52 Sloppy drunk blues to Slowvisor
Page S53 Slowworms little heart to Smell the smoke
Page S54 Smell the summersun to Smooth ascend & bumpy descend
Page S55 Smooth attitudes to Sneaking part III
Page S56 Sneaking Sally through the alley to Snup
Page S57 Snupavy tabacek to So para ti
Page S58 So peace to Sock monkey
Page S59 Sock puppeteer to Soho Poly part 3
Page S60 Soho rag to Solid as an age
Page S61 Solid as Stonewall Jackson to Solone
Page S62 Solongo to Some other things
Page S63 Some other things you are to Someone just like you
Page S64 Someone killed the swan to Something to pat your foot to
Page S65 Something to play on to Somnanbulance
Page S66 Somnanbum to Song 7
Page S67 Song 7 Pure love to Song for Hermeto
Page S68 Song for Hilary to Song for Sherry
Page S69 Song for Shizino to Song of joy for the predestined
Page S70 song of joys to Song tong
Page S71 Song tread lightly to Sonorities
Page S72 Sonorities for orchestra to Sorrows of Sonny Liston
Page S73 Sorrows of the moon to Soul meets body
Page S74 Soul melange to Sound interlude
Page S75 Sound into light to Sous le ciel
Page S76 Sous le ciel de Paris to Souvenir de docteur
Page S77 Souvenir de la Nouvelle Orleans to Spacetalk
Page S78 Spacetime to Spastic
Page S79 Spastic heart to Speedy boy
Page S80 Speedy child to Spins so free
Page S81 Spinster to spix
Page S82 Spix & Chaco to spraunce
Page S83 Sprauncy to Spruce
Page S84 Spruce goose to St Brendans Isle
Page S85 St Brian I to stairs of the orangerie
Page S86 Stairs to somewhere to Star dust mambo
Page S87 Star dust splatter to Startin from scratch
Page S88 Startin the blues en clave to Steal the string
Page S89 Steal your heart away to Step three
Page S90 Step to it to Sticky fingers blues
Page S91 Sticky fly caught to Stink thumb
Page S92 Stinkende vinke to Stone hearted woman
Page S93 stone heated distance to Storm at sunup
Page S94 Storm before calm to Straight upwards
Page S95 Straight8 boogie to Stratosphere boogie
Page S96 Stratosphere inspiration to Stress with a smile
Page S97 Stressed out to Strolling in the moonlight
Page S98 Strolling in the Savannah to Study 51
Page S99 Study 52 to Submission to the process
Page S100 Submissive dominants to Sueno de gatos
Page S101 Sueno de juguete to Suite del mino
Page S102 Suite desvanecimento to Sukiaki
Page S103 Sukikanna to Summer where
Page S104 Summer will end to Sun watchers
Page S105 sun went down to Sunny road trip
Page S106 Sunny ROM rise to Super carburant
Page S107 Super Carl to Surf song
Page S108 Surf walk to Sutton
Page S109 Sutton mutton to Swear to tell the truth
Page S110 Swearing in to Sweet Georgina
Page S111 Sweet Gerogia Brown to Sweet sixteen and never been kissed
Page S112 Sweet sixteen bars to Swing 2012
Page S113 Swing 21 to Swingin at Mr Bs
Page S114 Swingin at Newport to Swingtango
Page S115 Swingthing to Symphony kid
Page S116 Symphony no 1 to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to Tag team
Page T2 Tag too to Take double
Page T3 Take E 4 to Stockholm to Takeela
Page T4 Takeer down a tone to Talk about moanin
Page T5 Talk about rain to Tambourines
Page T6 Tambourines and oranges to Tango libre
Page T7 Tango Little child where have you gone to Tap dance
Page T8 Tap dance blues to taste of you
Page T9 taste of your lips to Te koop te huur
Page T10 Te kor stand og te kor alder to Techando una casa zen azul
Page T11 Teche to Telepode 2
Page T12 Teleport to Tema proluiz eca
Page T13 Tema psicologico to Ten studies from the book of heads 8
Page T14 Ten suns to Tenue de soiree
Page T15 Tenuous connection to Tessan mulan
Page T16 Tessas blues to Thank you early bird
Page T17 Thank you falletin me be mice elf again to That little boy is mine
Page T18 That little door to Thats fall
Page T19 Thats fat Jack to THE blues
Page T20 The days we were smiling to Theme for TomoSan
Page T21 Theme for Torill to Theme of the pink panther
Page T22 Theme of the star gazers to There is no moon
Page T23 There is no moon at all to Theres more to makin love
Page T24 Theres more where that came from to They go in under archways
Page T25 They go to San Diego to Things turn out that way
Page T26 Things unseen to third stream
Page T27 Third stream boogaloo to This is my theme
Page T28 This is my time to This time it will last forever
Page T29 This time its love to Thoughts of you
Page T30 Thoughts of your smile to Three for PV
Page T31 Three for Rhonda to Three short stories of a great politician
Page T32 Three sided to Through the blues
Page T33 Through the bottomlands to tiber twist
Page T34 Tiberius to Tight like that
Page T35 Tight like this to Time and the infinite
Page T36 Time and the migration of whales to Time to grow
Page T37 time to heal to Tingle tangle
Page T38 Tingle tangle road to Tisdag morning blas
Page T39 Tish mish ish ish to To be yet again
Page T40 To be young to To my mammy
Page T41 To my mom with love to toad with colours rare through every side was piercd
Page T42 Toada to Toi ou degun
Page T43 Toi que jaimais to Tomorrow is now
Page T44 Tomorrow is Saint Valentines day to Tony Bennett
Page T45 Tony BevanJohn EdwardsDominic Lash to Tooi anata
Page T46 TOOK to Torrentials
Page T47 Torrents to Tough love
Page T48 Tough lover to Toy planet
Page T49 Toy roads to Trailer park heaven
Page T50 Trailer park trash to Transcend & triumph
Page T51 Transcendance to Traumerle
Page T52 Traumfanger to Tree ferns
Page T53 Tree for mat to triangle pose
Page T54 triangle pt 2 to Trifakkvise
Page T55 Trifecta to Trip to Bahia
Page T56 trip to Belfast to Trois exercises pour trombone a coulisse
Page T57 Trois femmes dans ma tete to Troubaduren
Page T58 Troubadurens laerling to Trumpet solo 3
Page T59 Trumpet solo 4 to Tsirya
Page T60 Tsitikas family to Tuesdays in Chinatown
Page T61 Tuesdays on the ridge to Tunisian festival
Page T62 Tunisian trail to Turning turning
Page T63 Turning turning back to Twelfth Street rag
Page T64 Twelfth Street rag for Bill to Twins effect
Page T65 Twins in Dixieland to Two for the blues
Page T66 Two for the blueseveryday to Two sides
Page T67 Two sides of a coin to Tyst som natten
Page T68 Tystnaden to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to Ujjayi
Page U2 UK to Un altro gin
Page U3 Un altro giorno senza te to Un soir chez mano
Page U4 Un soir de carnaval to Uncle Lloyds blues
Page U5 Uncle Lucius interlude to Under thunder
Page U6 Under traden to Unexpected error
Page U7 Unexpected event 1 to Universal freedom
Page U8 Universal funeral to Unseen sounds
Page U9 Unseen universe to Untitled tune
Page U10 Untitled tune 1 to Uphatherly and downhatherly
Page U11 Upheaval to Urban squad
Page U12 Urban suburban to Utsu
Page U13 Utsubo to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valgast volgaga
Page V2 Valhalla to Valse Op 64 n 2 en do diese mineur
Page V3 Valse op 64 no 1 the minute waltz to Var ar storken
Page V4 Var blev ni av to Variations on my fathers footsteps
Page V5 Variations on my prayer to Vee vee
Page V6 Veel mooier to Ventos do sertao
Page V7 Ventre to Verso sud
Page V8 Versoehmung to Via con me
Page V9 Via da questavventura to Vieille Europe
Page V10 Vieille France to Villa rides
Page V11 Villa rowboats to Violinology
Page V12 Violins to Visitors never come alone
Page V13 Visits to Vocal doxology
Page V14 Vocal drum to Volkslied
Page V15 Volkslied 1 to Voy hacia vos
Page V16 Voy y vuelvo to Vztek


Page W1 W to waiter and the porter and the upstairs maid
Page W2 Waiter ask the man to play the blues to Wake up smell the coffee
Page W3 Wake up smell the Sumatra to Walkin funny
Page W4 Walkin guitar blues to Wall hitting floor
Page W5 Wall of flowers to Waltz for Hu
Page W6 Waltz for Igor to Waltz of the groupies
Page W7 waltz of the happy Buddhas to Wanzentanz
Page W8 Wao to Was da ist part 3
Page W9 Was da ist part 4 to Watching my dreams go by
Page W10 Watching my life go by to Waukazoo 212
Page W11 Waukee hello naima to Wayne S
Page W12 Wayne Shorter to We got more soul
Page W13 We got Noh rhythm to Wear your love like heaven
Page W14 Weariest river to Weeping and crying
Page W15 Weeping and wailing to Well its complicated
Page W16 Well keep a welcome in the hillside to Were only in it for the food
Page W17 Were out of humour to Wet paint
Page W18 wet phaze to What can I say in a love song
Page W19 What can I tell my heart to What is left
Page W20 What is life to What we do
Page W21 What we do for fun to Whats the name of it
Page W22 Whats the name of that song to When I am alone with you
Page W23 When I am dead my dearest to When love knocks at your heart
Page W24 When love lingers on to When the ship went down
Page W25 When the shuffle party begins to When you were young
Page W26 When you wish upon a star to Where is my daddy now blues
Page W27 Where is my funny Ballantines to Wheres the horn
Page W28 Wheres the love to Whisper that you love me
Page W29 Whisper to me to White samba
Page W30 White sand to Who too
Page W31 Who took me home last night to Whose chicken
Page W32 Whose darling are you gonna be to Why should I cry over you
Page W33 Why should I dream to Wigmore jump
Page W34 Wigs blues to Will success spoil rock and roll
Page W35 Will success spoil rockn roll to Wind flute chromatics
Page W36 Wind flutes urban to Wingin
Page W37 Wingin it to Wintersun
Page W38 Wintersweet to With a turkey in the country
Page W39 With a twist to Without name without number
Page W40 Without one more look at me to Woman in the dunes
Page W41 Woman in the night to Wood song one
Page W42 Wood song three to Work songs medley
Page W43 Work station to Worry bird
Page W44 Worry blues to wrong bus
Page W45 Wrong copy to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yankie invasion
Page Y2 Yankiels lid to Yellow basket blues
Page Y3 Yellow bass & silver cornet II part 1 to Yesterday is crowding my world
Page Y4 Yesterday is here to Yon a ho
Page Y5 Yon banks to You better build loves fire
Page Y6 You better change to You could break my heart
Page Y7 You could de Fred to You gotta get yourself a job girl
Page Y8 You gotta give credit for love to You must go
Page Y9 You must go through a winter to You turned the tables on me
Page Y10 You turned the tables on you to young ladys vision
Page Y11 Young leaders to Your silence
Page Y12 Your silence will not protect you to Youre my reason why
Page Y13 Youre my silver lining of love to Youve got to have power
Page Y14 Youve got to have the blues sometime to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to ZB2
Page Z2 Zbabele blues to Zigeuner romanze
Page Z3 Zigeuner romanze emoll to Zoni musi gotowac
Page Z4 Zonian mode to Zweiklang 2
Page Z5 Zweins to Zzzzzip