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This index refers to the 509,968 individual tune titles (1,537,336 total entries) included in over 237,500 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of July, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abia yala
Page A2 Abian blues to Abstract stuff
Page A3 Abstract suite part 1 to Acht stucke
Page A4 Acht uhr ballade to Acts of time
Page A5 Actshow to Adinia
Page A6 Adinkra to Aeroelasticity Harmonies of impermanence
Page A7 Aeroflot to African sunrise
Page A8 African sunriseNocturne no 7 in C sharp minor op 271 to After hours suite 5 The good the bad and the ugly Rawhide
Page A9 After hours suite 6 Misty to Agadir
Page A10 Agadir Agadir to Ah ndiya
Page A11 Ah nett ah to Aint misbehavin NP
Page A12 Aint misbehaving to Airport titanic
Page A13 Airports to Ala nova
Page A14 Ala pinar to Alea I
Page A15 Alea iacta est to Alida
Page A16 Alien to All I had was 50 cents
Page A17 All I have to All that never will happen
Page A18 All that noise to Allbanee
Page A19 AllBlack to Almenrausch
Page A20 Almenrausch enzian edelweiss to Alpha blues
Page A21 Alpha centauri to Aluminium baby
Page A22 Aluminium scatter to Amara terra mia
Page A23 Amarante to American rock beauty
Page A24 American romance to Amplitude II
Page A25 Amplitude III to An intimate conversation 3
Page A26 An intimate detail to Ancient affection
Page A27 Ancient Africa to And suddenly in June
Page A28 And suddenly its Spring to Andrew
Page A29 Andrew got married to Angiogenesis
Page A30 Angiolina to Annet marina
Page A31 Annettchen to Another Moors Pavane
Page A32 Another more blues to Anti climax
Page A33 Anti hero to Anytime and day anywhere
Page A34 Anytime any day anywhere to Apple corpse
Page A35 apple dance to Aquellas pequenas cosas
Page A36 Aquelle esquina to Arco
Page A37 Arco & vocaltarogato to Aries apology
Page A38 Aries child to Around Viderunt Omnes
Page A39 Around we go to Artists imprint
Page A40 Artists life waltz to As the horse id hung
Page A41 As the intergalactic flax dag to Ask me bout the blues
Page A42 Ask me how to Astrorama
Page A43 Astructed to At the tip of the island
Page A44 At the tollbooth to Attica 71
Page A45 Attica blues to Audobon
Page A46 Audrey to Ausser ordentlich
Page A47 Ausser sich to Auyantepuy
Page A48 Auyuittuq sunrise to Awareness of life
Page A49 Awareness of trust to Azzure spade
Page A50 Azzuro to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby change your mind
Page B2 Baby child to Babys march
Page B3 Babys minor lope to Back side o town
Page B4 Back skin to Bad and blue
Page B5 Bad and evil woman to Bags of blue
Page B6 Bags of blues to Baladance
Page B7 Balade to ballad for five
Page B8 Ballad for Flavio to Ballad waltz
Page B9 Ballad wings to Balm in gilead
Page B10 Balm in Gilhead to Bang 4482345
Page B11 Bang band Lu Lu to Barca solaris
Page B12 Barcarin to Barrelhouse boogiewoogie
Page B13 Barrelhouse breakdown to Bass and sax duet
Page B14 Bass and space to Bathed in light
Page B15 Bathed in the blood of the lamb to BBCG
Page B16 BBDB to Beale St Serenade
Page B17 Beale Street to Beautiful brown eyes
Page B18 beautiful bunch of guys to Because I am abandoned
Page B19 Because I can to Beethovens moonlight sonata
Page B20 Beethovens piano sonata no 8 pathetique to Behind the notes
Page B21 Behind the oblivious to Bella note
Page B22 Bella notte to Beneath the wheel
Page B23 Beneath these clouds to Berlin love song
Page B24 Berlin melody to Bethena waltzes
Page B25 Bethenas waltz to Beverlys blues
Page B26 Beverlys march to Bicycle for two
Page B27 Bicycle groove to Big daddy swing
Page B28 Big daddys blues to Big rush
Page B29 Big Ruth to Bill Russell rag
Page B30 Bill Simons to Bird brain chick
Page B31 Bird brain rag to birth of the cool suite
Page B32 Birth of the Dov to BJC blues
Page B33 Bjeller to Black keys vs white keys
Page B34 black king to Blackhawk
Page B35 Blackhawk dance to Bless the rain again
Page B36 Bless the telephone to Blood and bone
Page B37 Blood and coffee to Bludawg
Page B38 Bludgeon to blue dove
Page B39 Blue down to my shoes to Blue malibu
Page B40 Blue Malou to Blue SirGO
Page B41 Blue six to Blues 13
Page B42 Blues 154 to Blues de Paris
Page B43 Blues de Profundis to Blues for Brody
Page B44 Blues for Brother Bill to Blues for India
Page B45 Blues for Indian Jim to Blues for myself
Page B46 Blues for N to Blues for the lady graduate
Page B47 Blues for the last punk to Blues in de kave
Page B48 Blues in Deauville to Blues of the whale
Page B49 blues of this to Blues with no reason
Page B50 Blues with stops to Boat on the sea
Page B51 Boat people to Bogaloo
Page B52 Bogaloosa blues to Bomp bomp
Page B53 Bomsu to Booboo joins the circus
Page B54 Booboo strikes again to Boogie woogie mess around
Page B55 Boogie woogie message to Bop city revisited
Page B56 Bop dance to Borrow love and go
Page B57 Borrow me time into we are related to Boston rocker
Page B58 Boston samba to Bourbon
Page B59 Bourbon and Coke to BP
Page B60 BP blues to Brasso theme
Page B61 Brassquartet to Breaking in the song
Page B62 Breaking light to Brick steps
Page B63 Brick top to Bring back the big bands
Page B64 Bring back the Burch to Broken Moment of truth Propel
Page B65 Broken music to Brother Veal
Page B66 Brother Wardo to Brute
Page B67 Brute facts to Buddha shakyamuni
Page B68 Buddha walk to Bukowina
Page B69 Bukowski blues to Buona sera
Page B70 Buona sera signorina to Buselik fantasy
Page B71 Busem po Sao Paulo to Butter my roll
Page B72 Butter of tin to Byakuyanights with the midnight sun
Page B73 Byard inspired to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadenza rare
Page C2 Cadenze to Calculated gestures
Page C3 Calculated risk to Call to the spirit
Page C4 Call to the stars to Camco
Page C5 Camden to Can you hear me tango leader
Page C6 Can you hear me thinking to Canela con bon bon
Page C7 Canephore to Cant you see I got the blues
Page C8 Cant you see it to Cape cuckoo
Page C9 Cape doctor to Caral blues
Page C10 Caramanteca to Carlos one night stand
Page C11 Carlos riff to Carrie my mother
Page C12 Carried along to Casino special
Page C13 Casino Square to Catch the wave
Page C14 Catch the wind to Cave sleepers
Page C15 Cave souvenir to Celestia
Page C16 Celestial to Cerasarda
Page C17 Cerauni ockensang to CH + HC
Page C18 Ch 69 Tells last shot to Champin
Page C19 champion to Chanson pour Louis de Funes
Page C20 Chanson pour Louise Brooks to Charity parity
Page C21 Charity rag to Chasing
Page C22 Chasing a buck to Cheerful & optimistic
Page C23 Cheerful blues to Chewing gum popcorn and Coke
Page C24 Chewing gum telegram to Chicken pie
Page C25 Chicken polo to Childrens song 2
Page C26 Childrens song 3 to Chipos song
Page C27 Chipotles adobados to Chopin prelude op28 no4
Page C28 Chopin prelude variations to Chris n Dizz
Page C29 Chris reveries to Chube Sue
Page C30 Chuberry jam to cigarette for company
Page C31 cigarette in Babylon to Circular birds
Page C32 Circular breathing blues to City strut
Page C33 City Suite to Classic case
Page C34 Classic coda to Clicking with the clique
Page C35 Clicks of life to Closing hour
Page C36 Closing hour blues to Co sie stalo w jazzie
Page C37 Co ste si mamicko za dum stavjat dali to Codification
Page C38 Codify to Cole burner
Page C39 Cole capers to Colors of Jupiter
Page C40 Colors of life to Come home Bill Bailey
Page C41 Come home blues to Comienza a girar
Page C42 Comienzo to Como en Bosnia
Page C43 Como en las peliculas to Composition 308 E
Page C44 Composition 308 F to Con arp
Page C45 Con Brasil adentro fuga X to Concierto para metales
Page C46 Concierto para quarteto to Congo joys
Page C47 Congo lament to Contagio atomico
Page C48 Contagion to Conversation piece 1
Page C49 Conversation pour leternite to Cool sparks
Page C50 Cool spell to Corean chic
Page C51 Corean chick to Cos Im in love
Page C52 Cos la machina to Could this be a polka
Page C53 Could this be love to Courage fuyons
Page C54 Courage in closeness to Cracovia
Page C55 Cracovian duck to Cream
Page C56 Cream cheese and jelly to Crimson and clover
Page C57 Crimson corridor to Crossstream roundtrip time
Page C58 Crosstalk to crying whip
Page C59 crying wind to Cuchara
Page C60 Cuchara chacha to Curry favour
Page C61 Curry in a hurry to cynic
Page C62 cynic clinic to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadi
Page D2 Dadideldido to Dameron stomp
Page D3 Dameronia to Dance of the adolescents
Page D4 Dance of the Aerophragytes to Dances introduction
Page D5 Dances no end to Danger 1
Page D6 Danger 2 to Dansen gar i Goteborg
Page D7 Dansen og valsen to Dark eyes of Floria Tosca
Page D8 dark eyes of Martha Hirsch to Darumadar utnak indulLakadalom van a mi utchankba
Page D9 DaruOnjo to Daves samba
Page D10 Daves shim sham to Day ride
Page D11 day Sandro Bondi stood still to De feu de flamme
Page D12 De flor em flor to Dead spot
Page D13 Dead time to Death of Jatayu
Page D14 death of jazz to Dedeambule a Sion
Page D15 Dedebupbup to Deep north blues
Page D16 Deep ocean to Del ghosto
Page D17 Del mar to Democratic fun
Page D18 Democratie to Depli
Page D19 Deploy those bases to Der Weg
Page D20 Der Weg ist das Ziel to Desert haze
Page D21 Desert heart to Det gar en kosack
Page D22 Det gar en vind to devils kiss
Page D23 Devils kitchen to Dialogue pro sopranovy saxofon a jazzovy orchestr
Page D24 Dialogue sonore to Didime
Page D25 Didis bounce to Diebstahl im basar
Page D26 Dieci to Dim after day
Page D27 Dim and blue to Dirac VI
Page D28 Diracs theory to Discovery Zone again
Page D29 Discreet to Dithyramb
Page D30 Dithyrambisch fur Markus Lupertz to Dizzy miss Lizzie
Page D31 Dizzy Miss Lizzy to Do nothing
Page D32 Do nothing til youre true to Docemente
Page D33 Doch da ein Hai 14 to Dogmental
Page D34 Dogno dance to Domani e domenica
Page D35 Domani heute yesterday to Dons song
Page D36 Dons theme to Dont forget when summer rolls around
Page D37 Dont forget who I am to Dont play with love
Page D38 Dont point that over here to Dont worry your head about it
Page D39 Dont worry Yuri to Dorian mood
Page D40 Dorian rock pile to Double roast
Page D41 Double rondo on the river to Down home dance
Page D42 Down home feeling to Dozens not Bakers
Page D43 Dozin to Drames dun instant
Page D44 Drammatico to Dream worlds
Page D45 Dream yaya to Dreizehn kleine Affen
Page D46 Drekung inform to Droolin
Page D47 Drooling possum to drummers playground
Page D48 Drummers remembered to Du Oh
Page D49 Du onkel to Duet now
Page D50 Duet number 2 to Duo
Page D51 Duo + one to Duway dialogue
Page D52 Duwomo to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early in the evening
Page E2 Early in the mornin to East is west
Page E3 East Kent goldings to Easy shaking
Page E4 Easy Sheik of Araby to Echoes of Eric Dolphy
Page E5 Echoes of Evans to Edmund Kemper lives next door
Page E6 Edmund Thigpens gospel to Egyptian beetle
Page E7 Egyptian blues to Eine Partie Tischtennis
Page E8 Eine permanente helle flache to El cerrito
Page E9 El cerrito PL to El origen del lenguaje
Page E10 El Oro to Elbows and armpits
Page E11 Elbus to Elektra
Page E12 Elektric to Eliza Clare
Page E13 Eliza in ascot to Elvira
Page E14 Elvira Madigan to Emotional weather report
Page E15 Emotionally to En kvall i alsten
Page E16 En kvall pa liseberg to Encuentro
Page E17 Encuentro de animales to Engenue
Page E18 Engfuhrung to Entrada sind wir der Meinung dass sie doch schon recht gut dokumentiert sind
Page E19 Entrada to equator to Epistemologies of rule
Page E20 Epistemologogo to Ernests delight
Page E21 Ernests tune to Ese terciopelo
Page E22 Esecuzione magistrale to Este son
Page E23 Esteban to eternity clause
Page E24 Eternity in the moment to Eubies classical rag
Page E25 Eucalypso to Evening date
Page E26 Evening dreams to Every time I close my eyes
Page E27 Every time I dream to Everything is for you
Page E28 Everything is forgiven to Evs mad
Page E29 Evviva Calvero to Exit to the west
Page E30 Exit tunnel roaring to Extraball
Page E31 Extract to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Fade infade out
Page F2 Fade out to Fall guy
Page F3 Fall has arrived to Fancie yancy
Page F4 Fancies to Fantogrammes
Page F5 Fantolina to farther star
Page F6 Farther than Betelgeuse to Fated
Page F7 Fatelet to Feather comfort
Page F8 Feather dance to Feelings of love
Page F9 Feelings of the heart to Ferrari Testosterossa
Page F10 Ferrell to Fidgety faj
Page F11 Fidgety feet to Figure of speed
Page F12 Figure on the rocks to Find out whats happening
Page F13 Find out yourself to Fire in my heart will burn away these blues
Page F14 Fire in my soul to First jump
Page F15 First keep quiet to Fishermans
Page F16 Fishermans blues to Five six and seven
Page F17 Five six seven to Flasko
Page F18 Flaskpost to Flight of the fly
Page F19 Flight of the foo bird to Florence
Page F20 Florence an explosion of light within your eyes to Fluidium
Page F21 Fluidum to Flying into the horizon
Page F22 Flying into the space to Folkmusic for JK nr4
Page F23 Folkmusic kurpia to Fools rush in
Page F24 Fools trek to For Cindy
Page F25 For Clara to For Kelly
Page F26 For Kenny to For sent
Page F27 For sentimental reasons to For you to stay
Page F28 For you too to Forget me nots in your eyes
Page F29 Forget New York to Fortunes smile
Page F30 Fortuneteller to Four over forties
Page F31 Four over six to Foyifoyi
Page F32 Foz de iguacu to Frankie bear
Page F33 Frankie blues to Free as a child
Page F34 Free as a penguincool as an ostrich to Freedom 7
Page F35 Freedom and dance to Frenisi
Page F36 Frente a la chimenea to Friendship
Page F37 Friendship and love to From Ernie to Erroll
Page F38 From Esbiorns point of view to Fromundah cheese
Page F39 Frond to Fuga XXI
Page F40 Fuga y misterio to Fun city swinger
Page F41 fun club to Funky Broad Street
Page F42 Funky Broadway to Fur Esther
Page F43 Fur etwas liebe to FWR
Page F44 FxCx to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallis swing
Page G2 Gallium to garden of chewmanchew
Page G3 Garden of childhood to Gatien dance
Page G4 Gatineau to Geht ois vorbei
Page G5 Gehts nicht daneben to Gentle mood
Page G6 Gentle morning song to Gernika eta bermeo
Page G7 gerny to Get some cash for your trash
Page G8 Get some more to Ghost butter
Page G9 ghost called M to Gigglin blues
Page G10 Gigglin oysters to Girandola
Page G11 Girasol to Give a little bit to me
Page G12 Give a little get a little to Gladiator glamour
Page G13 gladiator march to Gloire a Dieu
Page G14 Gloire au seigneur to Go find time
Page G15 Go first class to Goddamn you ice cream truck
Page G16 goddamned specific unbalance to Going to DC
Page G17 Going to Detroit to Golfers blues
Page G18 Golfgames to Good enough
Page G19 Good enough for granddad to Good times bad times
Page G20 Good times blues to Goofy stuff
Page G21 Goofy the cat to Got to wear you off my weary mind
Page G22 Got to work to Graham Ewan
Page G23 Graham shows his teeth to Grappellys swing
Page G24 Grapple with the apple to Great is your love
Page G25 great islands to green point
Page G26 Green power to Griegomania
Page G27 Griegs boogie to Groovin jones
Page G28 Groovin late to GTs theme
Page G29 Gu yun to Guitar improv
Page G30 Guitar improvisation to Guy solo
Page G31 guy three chicks and a big snake Part 1 The viper to G’bye now


Page H1 H to hair of the god that bit him
Page H2 Hair on my pillow to Hallmark
Page H3 Hallmark of love to Hand in hand with another man
Page H4 Hand in hand with the blues to Hans & Ginta
Page H5 Hans & Henk to Happy memories from Russia
Page H6 Happy mice to Hard work blues
Page H7 Hard workill man to Harmony in blue and gold
Page H8 Harmony in Harlem to Hate mail
Page H9 Hate mororse to Have yourself a merry merry Christmas
Page H10 Have yourself a mouldy little Christmas to He is real
Page H11 He is that kind of friend to Healing the nations
Page H12 Healing the wounds to Heated point
Page H13 Heated think thank to Heigh ho
Page H14 Heigh ho evrybody to Hello horn
Page H15 Hello how ya doin to hep hippo
Page H16 Hep hollow blues to Here I am in love again
Page H17 Here I am Lord to Hes a colonel from Kentucky
Page H18 Hes a cousin of mine to Hey hey boogie
Page H19 Hey hey daddy blues to Hidden angel
Page H20 Hidden answers to High school cadets
Page H21 High school cadets march to Himlafaste
Page H22 Himlajord to His latest flame
Page H23 His life for all its waywardness to Hob nail boogie
Page H24 Hob nail special to Holding on to my Saviours hand
Page H25 Holding on to what counts to Homage to Don Cherry
Page H26 Homage to Doris Wishman to Hommage a Krupa
Page H27 Hommage a Kurtag to Honnete morose et a sec
Page H28 Honning to Hopscotch
Page H29 Hopscotch Star on Cicely to Hostgildet
Page H30 Hostglimtar to Hotel AlyssaSousse Tunisia
Page H31 Hotel Anatol to HOV lane
Page H32 Hovdingens sang to How it was then
Page H33 How its done to Hraeleo wheenst
Page H34 Hraeleowheenst to human torch
Page H35 human touch to Hurrah for the suffragettes
Page H36 Hurray for Herbie to hymn for him
Page H37 Hymn for Jane to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I bet you want blood
Page I2 I bet you wonder to I cant talk to a wall
Page I3 I cant teach my old heart new tricks to I dont give a damn blues
Page I4 I dont go for that to I feel lonely
Page I5 I feel love for you to I got the world on a string
Page I6 I got this bridge I want you to buy to I heard you had the blues
Page I7 I heard you moved to Pahrump Nevada to I left my heart in Texas
Page I8 I left my heart in your hand to I love you Canada
Page I9 I love you cause you live next door to me to I never met a stranger
Page I10 I never mind the rain to I saw me
Page I11 I saw Mingus the other day to I think youre a honey
Page I12 I think youre absolutely wonderful to I want some lovin blues
Page I13 I want some loving blues to I wish I didnt love you so much
Page I14 I wish I had a choice to IC root no 4
Page I15 IC root no 5 to Iconoclasm
Page I16 iconoclast to If Bird can fly
Page I17 If Bird could see me now to If it were me
Page I18 If it were only you to If you give them more than you can
Page I19 If you go to Ihmisten ja lintujen iltapaiva
Page I20 Ihola to Il faut boire
Page I21 Il faut des bonds to Ill always be there
Page I22 Ill always be true to Ill remember Murph
Page I23 Ill remember Olga to Im a queen
Page I24 Im a ramblin man to Im going but Ill be back
Page I25 Im going crazy to Im just going with the feeling
Page I26 Im just in the mood tonight to Im shootin high
Page I27 Im shooting high to Image III In den sumpfen von nippes
Page I28 Image in and atom to Imposter pot belly
Page I29 Imposters to Improvisation 27376
Page I30 Improvisation 28 to In a city blues
Page I31 In a city of ships to In case you hadnt heard Mrs Smith is here
Page I32 In case you havent heard to in memoriam Take Toriyama
Page I33 In memoriam Timo Fleig to In so many words
Page I34 In so many worlds to In the land of the Blacks
Page I35 In the land of the BooBam to In this town
Page I36 In this vernacular to Inconsekwenta
Page I37 Inconsequence to Indoor_outdoor
Page I38 Indorframe to Initial motion 1
Page I39 Initial motion 2 to Inroad
Page I40 Inroads to Instrinsic structure I
Page I41 Instropomorphize to Interlude When I look I see you
Page I42 Interlude Whistling Rufus to Intimate shrinkage of my body and the castration of my life
Page I43 Intimate strangers to Intro to Driftin man
Page I44 Intro to Ebony moonlight to Introspective plankton
Page I45 Introspectracular to Inyo
Page I46 Inyo moon to Irvikissa
Page I47 Irvin turn it up to Isla Marietas
Page I48 Isla Mujeres to It aint no jazz
Page I49 It aint no secret to It must be right
Page I50 It must be so to Itimad
Page I51 Itineraire bis to Its cold out
Page I52 Its cold out there to Its not the years its the miles
Page I53 Its not tomorrow the day before to Its your turn
Page I54 Its your world to Ive got the blues in my mind
Page I55 Ive got the blues in the morning to I’m in the seventh heaven
Page I56 I’m just a lucky so and so to I’ve never been in love before


Page J1 J to Jackys blues
Page J2 Jackys boogie to Jalapena Lena
Page J3 Jalapeno to Jancys ballad
Page J4 Jancys tune to Java junkie
Page J5 Java man to Jazz karkurd
Page J6 Jazz killed itself to Jazzwaltzsalad
Page J7 Jazzwave to JeanPaul & Joachim boogie
Page J8 JeanPaul blues to Jeremiah speaks
Page J9 Jeremiah speaks again to Jeux de loblivion
Page J10 Jeux de mains to Jingle jangle
Page J11 Jingle jangle boogie to jody grind
Page J12 Jody pot to Johnny Ellis
Page J13 Johnny Farmers rag to Jones stomp
Page J14 Jones Street to Journey to the border
Page J15 Journey to the bottom to JUApin
Page J16 Juarana to Jullundur
Page J17 Julonica to Jumpman
Page J18 Jumpn shoutn dance to Jupiters child
Page J19 Jupiters future to Just because Im past sixty
Page J20 Just because its jazz to Just might be that way
Page J21 Just milling around to Jutas walk
Page J22 Jutes oot to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kalenda Maya
Page K2 Kalendersang to Kaos
Page K3 Kaos begets kosmos to Katatura
Page K4 Katawa to keep
Page K5 Keep a dollar in your pocket to Keili in three
Page K6 Kein Aber aber to Kettle
Page K7 Kettle blues to Kiddush
Page K8 Kiddys rag to Kinderprogramm
Page K9 Kinders van die wind to Kinshio
Page K10 Kinship to Kithara mu
Page K11 Kitharaulos to KMAQB
Page K12 KMD to Kobis boogie
Page K13 Kobiye to Kongolela
Page K14 Kongossa to Kozjatek
Page K15 Kozmic blues to Kukluxklan
Page K16 Kukonn pesson to Kybele
Page K17 Kydee to KZ


Page L1 L to La catedral Prelude
Page L2 La catedral y el toro to La despedida
Page L3 La di da to La inconclusa
Page L4 La indecisa to La muerte del alcaraban
Page L5 La muerte del angel to La ragazza di Ipanema
Page L6 La rage to La trapeziste
Page L7 La trappe to Laceys girl
Page L8 Lach doch mal to Lady of silence
Page L9 Lady of Spain to Lakota
Page L10 Lakota song to Lampshade girls
Page L11 Lampshade time to Lanzamientos del verde
Page L12 Lanzarote to Laskowsky by nature
Page L13 Lasos to Last piece
Page L14 last pint to Late one night
Page L15 Late poets to Laugh out loud
Page L16 Laugh over me to Lay your sleeping head my love
Page L17 Lay your troubles down to Le canard enchante
Page L18 Le canari to Le hex
Page L19 Le hibou to Le pont des r^^eves
Page L20 Le pont du diable to Le triangle et les trois allumettes
Page L21 Le triste to Leave no stone unturned
Page L22 Leave of absinth to Left waltz
Page L23 Left with the blues to Lenbe
Page L24 Lenchainee damour to Les avions
Page L25 Les ayantsdroits to Les oies des neiges
Page L26 Les oies sauvages to Lester jumps
Page L27 Lester jumps in to Let the music take your mind
Page L28 Let the nature sing to Lets go somewhere
Page L29 Lets go steady to Letter to Virginia
Page L30 Letter to Vololonirina to Liat dreams of walking
Page L31 Liaveu to Life and times
Page L32 Life and times of S Misterka to Lift off
Page L33 Lift off and journey home to Ligne
Page L34 Ligne A to Likewise neighbours
Page L35 Likgiltigheten ar en form to Limping chairleg
Page L36 Limping days to Lintervista
Page L37 Lintoccabile Mr Cliff to Listening together 4
Page L38 Listening together 5 to Little chicken conga
Page L39 Little chickie wahwah to Little jumping Joan
Page L40 Little K to Little Ricky
Page L41 Little Ricos theme to Live and youll learn
Page L42 Live as one to Liz & Latermore
Page L43 Liz and Ralph and Calvin to Lochberg
Page L44 Lochness to Lon lon
Page L45 Lona to Lonesome cat
Page L46 Lonesome child to Long tall momma
Page L47 Long tall papa to Look to the lion
Page L48 Look to the neutrino to Loose surface II
Page L49 Loose surface III to Los ojos alegres
Page L50 Los ojos de Claudia to lost ones
Page L51 Lost opportunities to LoullaMondarbours III
Page L52 Loulou to Love happened to me
Page L53 Love happy to Love light
Page L54 Love light in flight to Love tastes like strawberries
Page L55 Love tears to Lovely to look at
Page L56 Lovely train to Low and inside
Page L57 Low and light to Lucias happy heart
Page L58 Lucid to lullaby dear monk
Page L59 Lullaby east to Luna de Barcelona
Page L60 Luna de Hortaleza to Luxuriate
Page L61 Luxurium to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to MacGuffin
Page M2 Mach to Made in Switserland
Page M3 Made in Switzerland to Magic gem
Page M4 magic gift to Mahogany blues
Page M5 Mahogany Hall to Makambira
Page M6 Makana to Malady in F minor
Page M7 Malady in green to Mama marimba
Page M8 Mama may I have black to Mamiwata
Page M9 Mamiwater to Man with the copper fingers
Page M10 man with the cucumber to Manhattan sunrise
Page M11 Manhattan sunset to Maori A Samoan dance
Page M12 Maori blues to March of the wild turkey hens
Page M13 March of the wind potatoes to Maria LaO
Page M14 Maria lover to Markowitz 3
Page M15 Markowitz 4 to Marus dreams
Page M16 Marusan to Masta luego mi amiga
Page M17 Mastachollie rag to Maui girl
Page M18 Maui Hawaii to Maybe shell write me maybe shell phone me
Page M19 Maybe so to Mdina
Page M20 Mdina experience to Meaple leaf rag
Page M21 Mearsyshmearsy to Medley of Dorsey hits
Page M22 Medley of Ellington tunes to Meiser from Westport
Page M23 Meisje to Melodie en soussol
Page M24 Melodie in A to Memories of Mingus
Page M25 Memories of moments to Mentirosa
Page M26 Mentiroso to Mes trois fils
Page M27 Mesa to Metapenthes
Page M28 Metaphilia to Mi cumbia
Page M29 Mi da wu asi to Mid off
Page M30 Mid riff to Midnights clearing
Page M31 Midnights measure to Milagros lagrimas y el destino
Page M32 Milaj to Milonga villera
Page M33 Milonga violada to Ming and short cart
Page M34 Ming blue to Minor consolation
Page M35 Minor contemplation to Minz und Kunzboogie
Page M36 Minzart to Misnomer
Page M37 Miso to Missing object
Page M38 Missing one to Mister youve gone and got the blues
Page M39 Mister Zee to MK blues
Page M40 MK speak of the nation to Moderato in re minore
Page M41 Moderato lento to Mojo woman
Page M42 Mojo working to Mommas groove
Page M43 Mommas love to Monica a labandon
Page M44 Monica and Cigar to Monologue 2
Page M45 Monologue 2010 to mood 002t
Page M46 mood 003t to Moon over sand II
Page M47 Moon over Scorpio to Moose knuckle
Page M48 Moose knuckles to More time papa
Page M49 More to come to Morning sunshine
Page M50 Morning sunshower to Motettu de Tristura
Page M51 Moteur to Mount Wellington
Page M52 Mount Wyche to Movement 4
Page M53 Movement 4 Barnard to Mozongo
Page M54 Mozote to Mr Hans island
Page M55 Mr Hans J to Mr Scofield
Page M56 Mr Scoots to Much ado about nothing
Page M57 Much as I love to Multiple personalities
Page M58 Multiple personality to Mushroomshuffle
Page M59 Mushs blues to Music tribe call
Page M60 Music until midnight to Mutual recognition
Page M61 Mutual respect to My chicken man
Page M62 My child to My futures in the air
Page M63 My gal to My life is full of yearning
Page M64 My life is hell to My Nancy
Page M65 My nasty blues to My songbird
Page M66 My songs hold me to Myrtle Lee
Page M67 Myrtle shinney to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nahnou houm
Page N2 Nahuel to Nantoka Kantoka
Page N3 Nantones to Nat Hentoff announces Lee Wiley engagement
Page N4 Nat Hentoff close Lyons busy to Nautic
Page N5 Nautical to Nechodi bird
Page N6 Neck to Nem jarok en sehova se
Page N7 Nem la nem ca to Neustadt Nord
Page N8 Neustadt Stradivrarius to Nevoa seca
Page N9 Nevsky prospekt to New how long blues
Page N10 New how long how long blues pt 2 to New Siam
Page N11 New sidewalks of New York to Newcomer
Page N12 Newcomer seven years later to Nice cat
Page N13 Nice catch to Nigerian prayer
Page N14 Nigerian sad waters to night of summer stars
Page N15 Night of surrender to Nights of Skopje
Page N16 Nights of splendor to Ninna nanna a sette e venti
Page N17 Ninna nanna da levante to No 5 My tiny butterfly
Page N18 No 5 Piazza di luna to No gravity
Page N19 No great river to No name struggle
Page N20 No name theme to No snow
Page N21 No snow in January to Nobody else will do
Page N22 Nobody ever wants me to Noel a Dixie
Page N23 Noel a Paris to None other
Page N24 None other lamb to North rim
Page N25 North River to Not even in Brazil
Page N26 Not even the rain to Notes for Eddie
Page N27 Notes for nature to Notten
Page N28 Nottes to Now is the needy time
Page N29 Now is the next time to Nuannaavippunga
Page N30 Nuba to Nur in Sebastopol
Page N31 Nur in Texas to NZZ


Page O1 O to O sonho acabou
Page O2 O sonho et o sorriso to Obsessed
Page O3 Obsession to Octobers bright blue abortion
Page O4 Octobers child to Odeon Tango Brasileiro
Page O5 Odeons dropout piece to Off topic
Page O6 Off we go to Oh Joe
Page O7 Oh Joe play that trombone to Oh you crazy moon
Page O8 Oh you dear little night to Ol kaunis keskilta
Page O9 Ol King Cole to Old lozenge
Page O10 Old MacDonald to Older days
Page O11 Older leaner to Ombo
Page O12 Ombra to On it
Page O13 On itsuki lullaby to On the Oregon trail
Page O14 On the other hand to Once it was alright now
Page O15 Once it was the colour of saying to One for Anders
Page O16 One for Andino to One for Walton
Page O17 One for Wayne to One night in Bandis
Page O18 One night in Havana to One way
Page O19 One way ahead to only way out is up
Page O20 only way there to Opalescence
Page O21 Opalescent angles to Operation table
Page O22 Operation tango to Orange diamond
Page O23 orange dove to Oriens & occidens
Page O24 Orient to Orthodox fool
Page O25 Orthodox hymn from Asia Minor to Other nights better days
Page O26 other notes to Our favorite rag
Page O27 Our feelings to Out of mind
Page O28 Out of my box to Outside blues
Page O29 Outside burn to