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This index refers to the 519,473 individual tune titles (1,561,022 total entries) included in over 240,455 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2019.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Abeyance
Page A2 Abf to Abstract fall
Page A3 Abstract folk to Achem
Page A4 Achi ich fuls to Active 2
Page A5 Active imagination to Adfa
Page A6 Adgang F to Aeolian dance
Page A7 Aeolian drinkin song to African knights
Page A8 African lady to After all this time
Page A9 After all youre all Im after to Afternoon in Mombasa
Page A10 Afternoon in New York to Aguas de beber
Page A11 Aguas de Marco to Aint doin bad doing nothin
Page A12 Aint doin too bad to Air pockets
Page A13 Air pour les amantes to Al bear in a can
Page A14 Al bebbe guia to Albili
Page A15 Albim to Algonqin land
Page A16 Algonquin to All come to meet her
Page A17 All comes together to All out
Page A18 All out for swing to All thumbs
Page A19 All tied up to Alligatory Ray
Page A20 Alligatory rhumba to Alone in the bathtub
Page A21 Alone in the bush to Alternate cadenza A
Page A22 Alternate cadenza B to Am I making the same mistake again
Page A23 Am I passing fancy to Ambrosia 6
Page A24 Ambrosia mama to Among the living
Page A25 Among the monks to An April to be remembered
Page A26 An aries evening to Anaesthesia
Page A27 Anaesthesia stage one to And he loved his brother till the end
Page A28 And he never said a mumblin word to And this
Page A29 And this is my beloved to Angel Gabriel
Page A30 Angel girl to Animal love
Page A31 animal man to annoying song
Page A32 Anns ballade to Another summer
Page A33 Another summers day to Antoines dance
Page A34 Antoines dance song to Apamia
Page A35 Apanhei te cavaquinho to Aprendiz
Page A36 Apres to Arabian moods
Page A37 Arabian night to Are you burdened
Page A38 Are you busy to Arkansas traveller
Page A39 Arkansaw blues to Arrivals in 716
Page A40 Arrivalsalutations to Arytmi
Page A41 Arytmik to As we love
Page A42 As we mature to Asleep on the hay
Page A43 Asleep or awake to At Bart Boks place
Page A44 At Basies place to Atango
Page A45 Atanos to Attractive point
Page A46 Attractive theory to Auf der schaukel
Page A47 Auf der schnerr to Australian mood
Page A48 Australian opener to Avalokiteshvara
Page A49 Avalokitesvara to Away from the city
Page A50 Away from the crowd to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby cakes
Page B2 Baby call to Babys got the blues
Page B3 Babys heart to Back row hi jinx
Page B4 Back rub to Bactu Cuba
Page B5 Baculis to Bagoe
Page B6 Bagoola to Balada de Alfredo
Page B7 Balada de coimbra to Ballad for Bill Evans
Page B8 Ballad for Bill Green to Ballad of the west
Page B9 Ballad of the whale to Ballo a corte
Page B10 Ballo delle strege to Bandaged by dreams
Page B11 bandaid for your complex to Barbary Coast blues
Page B12 Barbary rag to barons busride
Page B13 Baronstone to Basies back in town
Page B14 Basies bag to Bastille day
Page B15 Bastimentos to Baya baya
Page B16 Bayahibe to Be still my heart
Page B17 Be still my soul to Beatiz
Page B18 Beatknit to beaver bump
Page B19 Beaver County line to Beef extender 3
Page B20 Beef extender 4 to Begin the begine
Page B21 Begin the beguin to Belgian ballad
Page B22 Belgian blues to Below the Azores
Page B23 Below the bassline to Beowulf blues
Page B24 Beowulf suite to Beside a moonlit stream
Page B25 Beside a sea to Betty Bossi bop
Page B26 Betty Brown to Beyond Vietnam
Page B27 Beyond which the blue trembles to big band wolf aint so bad after all
Page B28 Big bands of ancient temples to Big in
Page B29 Big in America to Bigardisc
Page B30 Bigaroon to Billys delight
Page B31 Billys dilemma to Birdies for Lulu
Page B32 Birdies from Bayside to bit nervous
Page B33 bit noisy to Black bordered letter blues
Page B34 Black bossa to Black perversion
Page B35 Black Peter to Blame it on you
Page B36 Blame it on your heart to Blimey
Page B37 Blimey Einstein to Bloom and wither
Page B38 Bloom for revox chilli peppers to Blue basement shuffle
Page B39 Blue bash to Blue frenzy
Page B40 Blue Friday to Blue movies
Page B41 Blue movies secret agents to Blue Swedish wildflower
Page B42 Blue sweets to Blues al fine
Page B43 Blues al la cirque to Blues espagnol
Page B44 Blues eternal turn on to Blues for Clyde
Page B45 Blues for CM to Blues for John Gilmore
Page B46 Blues for John Okada to Blues for Patrick
Page B47 Blues for Patty to Blues for Tito
Page B48 Blues for TJ to Blues in Nats flat
Page B49 Blues in new hues to Blues on the table
Page B50 Blues on the waterfront to Blueshum
Page B51 Bluesiana to Bob Newhart theme
Page B52 Bob on ah stob to Bohem rag
Page B53 Bohema rag to Bonbon chocolates and chewing gum
Page B54 Bonbonbacker asturiet to Boogaboo blues
Page B55 Boogado to Boogie woogie soul train
Page B56 Boogie woogie special to Bop mobile
Page B57 Bop mop flop to Borzak borzak alleluja
Page B58 Borzeguim to Botan no hana
Page B59 Botanic to Bourbon Street shuffle
Page B60 Bourbon Street skank to BP march
Page B61 BP shakedown to Brassreed quartet
Page B62 Brassreed quartet II to Breaking down the walls of heartache
Page B63 Breaking dub to Brich shme
Page B64 Bricho walls to Brincadeira
Page B65 Brincadera to Broken garden
Page B66 Broken glass to Brother of the light
Page B67 Brother of Zin to Brush strokes
Page B68 Brush taps to Bud Light for me
Page B69 Bud like to Buiksprekers buik
Page B70 Build to Bungalow bleu
Page B71 Bungalow blues to Burton
Page B72 Burton in New Jersey to But sometimes I am
Page B73 But sometimes I wonder to By surprise
Page B74 By the balcony to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadensia
Page C2 Cadenza to Calcados Feliz
Page C3 Calcanhar de aquiles to call to arms
Page C4 Call to attention to Cambio
Page C5 Cambio cidades por mapa to Can we find love again
Page C6 Can we got to that to Candy dance
Page C7 Candy dandy and the fat rat to Cant teach my old heart new tricks
Page C8 Cant tell to Caoruselski
Page C9 Caos to Capuccinia – Permetette signorina
Page C10 Capuchin swing to Carinito azucarado
Page C11 Carino to Carots
Page C12 Carotte de bique to Cascando
Page C13 Cascara to Catalina Eddy
Page C14 Catalina escapes to Cause and effect 1
Page C15 Cause and effect 2 to Cedars of Avalon
Page C16 Cedars of Lebanon to Center view
Page C17 Centered in gratitude to Cest parce que je vous aime
Page C18 Cest Paris to Chalk blue
Page C19 Chalk circle blue to Changing the bars
Page C20 Changing the game to Chaplin tango
Page C21 Chapliniad to charm of the dance
Page C22 charm of you to Che troval lorchestra
Page C23 Che t’ aggia di to Cherry bounce
Page C24 Cherry box to Chicago solo 5
Page C25 Chicago solo 6 to Child real eyes
Page C26 Child refugee to Chin music
Page C27 Chin San to Chocolate soap
Page C28 chocolate soldier to Chorinho pra Elie
Page C29 Chorinho pra hermeto to Christmas shopping
Page C30 Christmas ska to Chylgychyng yry
Page C31 Chymicla to Cinq minutes plus tard
Page C32 Cinq nocturnes to Cite du labyrinthe
Page C33 Cite engloutie to Clangs
Page C34 Clank to Clean dreamer
Page C35 Clean feat to Cloak
Page C36 Cloak and dagger to Clouds in the east
Page C37 Clouds in the mountain to Cobbs tune
Page C38 Cobbweb to Cogibi
Page C39 Cogitation to collective
Page C40 Collective 1 to Coltrane mix
Page C41 Coltrane my giant to Come on down to see my baby
Page C42 Come on everybody to Coming round again
Page C43 Coming second to Compared to what
Page C44 Compared to who to Composition 365 A
Page C45 Composition 365a to Con sensualita
Page C46 Con sentimiento Cubano to Concordat 9 Trachuris
Page C47 Concordat no 12 to Congo yambumba
Page C48 Congoba to Contango
Page C49 Contatti to Conversation piece 1
Page C50 Conversation pour leternite to cool side
Page C51 Cool simmering to Core of me
Page C52 Core of sound to Corto
Page C53 Corto maltese to Could be
Page C54 Could be a standard to Coupe 3
Page C55 Coupe Arlequin to Cracked mirrors for example or the long faded portrait of one of your friends
Page C56 Cracked out to Crazy sound
Page C57 Crazy Spain to Cried reasons
Page C58 Crieff melody to Crossing my bridge
Page C59 crossing of appearances to Crycrycry
Page C60 Cryin to Cuban vegetable conservatory
Page C61 Cuban verandah to curfew makers visit
Page C62 Curi curi to Cycle of the jimb
Page C63 Cycle of the third kind to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dadeahdeah
Page D2 Dadeedah blues to Dame Lombarde
Page D3 Dame Miel to Dance of Ran
Page D4 Dance of reanimation to Dancer in the light
Page D5 Dancer in the shark to dandelion clock
Page D6 Dandelion clocks to Danse dune heure
Page D7 Danse d’un seul pied to dark brown lady in the bright yellow dress
Page D8 Dark brows to Darling how can you forget so soon
Page D9 Darling how could you to Daughter of Rosie OGrady
Page D10 Daughter of Sister Kate to Day in Paname
Page D11 day in paradise to De artemisa para Nuevo York
Page D12 De Bach to deacon and the elder
Page D13 Deacon biteemintheback to Dear wonderful God
Page D14 Dear world to Decidete
Page D15 Decidido to Deep deep river
Page D16 Deep deep water to Degree absolute
Page D17 Degree in intuition to Dels patio
Page D18 Dels theme to Denizli
Page D19 Denizli bir yer to Der meister
Page D20 Der Mensch erscheint im Holozan to Descarga ahora
Page D21 Descarga al tambor to Desperate
Page D22 Desperate blues to Deux soleils
Page D23 Deux solitudes to Di legno
Page D24 Di mana to Dick Powell Show theme
Page D25 Dick Suave to Die kunst der fugue
Page D26 Die laufende Hase to Dig it to the end
Page D27 dig it variation to Ding dong bell
Page D28 Ding dong blues to Dis a ta mere
Page D29 Dis age to Disregard low blood pressure
Page D30 disrespectful summons to Diving into the curl
Page D31 Diving into the wreck to Djuke no go die
Page D32 Djungeljapp to Do you believe in dreams
Page D33 Do you believe in love to Doddlin
Page D34 Dodec to Doina & the circus
Page D35 Doina 2 to Don azimuth
Page D36 Don Banks boogie to Dont bother
Page D37 dont bother comin around to Dont jazz me rag
Page D38 Dont jive me to Dont speak too much
Page D39 Dont spit in my soup to Donut ask donut tell
Page D40 Donut holes to Dos dane
Page D41 Dos dies to Doubting Tomas
Page D42 Doubtless to Down my way
Page D43 Down n Adam to Dr Herbs herbs
Page D44 Dr Hofmann to Dream a little dream on me
Page D45 Dream a little longer to Dreaming bout my man
Page D46 Dreaming butterfly to Drift away
Page D47 Drift king to Dropbear boogaloo
Page D48 Drophead to Drums fantasy
Page D49 Drums feature to Dual 5 Ten
Page D50 Dual 6 Yawa to Duffs blues
Page D51 Duffs doonk to Duo di sax
Page D52 Duo dimension to Dwa serduszka
Page D53 Dwa serduszka cztery oczy to DZZM


Page E1 E to early generation
Page E2 Early global hearing to east from the west
Page E3 East gardens to easy riders dropout blues
Page E4 Easy riders gone to Echoes of a lonely sigh
Page E5 Echoes of a memory to Edison breakaway
Page E6 Edison invention to Egomegacoma
Page E7 Egon to Einbildung
Page E8 Einblick to El caballo
Page E9 El caballo viejo to El Miklos
Page E10 El minino to El zapalote
Page E11 El Zapatraca to Elegiac tag
Page E12 Elegiaco to Eli Eli
Page E13 Eli Greens cake walk to Elsa song
Page E14 Elsa T to Emily Jane
Page E15 Emily Jo to En ce tempsla
Page E16 En chans to enchanted forest
Page E17 Enchanted garden to Endless staircase
Page E18 Endless stairways to Ensemble MangelsdorffPhillipsGuldaHerrmann Zadlo
Page E19 Ensemble nous ne sommes pas seuls to Epic journey
Page E20 Epic man to Erecoes extintas
Page E21 Erectile dysfunction to Es tiempo
Page E22 Es tot fosc to Esprit fort
Page E23 Espritu FH to Et lille stykke forar
Page E24 Et lille tilfaeldight to Etude 11
Page E25 Etude 11 ascending to Eva
Page E26 Eva & Adolph to Ever more
Page E27 Ever more other to Everybodys cryin mercy
Page E28 Everybodys crying mercy to Everywhere you turn
Page E29 Everywhere youll be to Excerpt from the first movement of heavy metal
Page E30 Excerpt from the Messiah to Experiments with mice
Page E31 Experiments with rats to eye of the fly
Page E32 eye of the heart to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to FaddisBurgers plungerfahrt
Page F2 Fade to Fall apart
Page F3 Fall ascending to Fan fair
Page F4 Fan fare to Fantasy on an Armenian folk tune
Page F5 Fantasy on crystal silence to Farniente
Page F6 Farnsworth to Fata turchina
Page F7 Fatal to Fear of stone
Page F8 Fear of the south to Feeling minor
Page F9 feeling music brings me to Ferdinando
Page F10 Ferdinands blues to Ficou na saudade
Page F11 Ficou no meio to Fight of the spider
Page F12 Fight off the liver cancer to Final words
Page F13 Final words by Arnett Cobb to Finster Crumley
Page F14 Finsteraarhorn to First day of school
Page F15 First day of spring to First words dribble
Page F16 First words of love to Five impressions of color
Page F17 Five in to Flamencool
Page F18 Flamencophone to flew
Page F19 Flew the coop to Floating orange suite
Page F20 Floating pad to Flowers for Jenny
Page F21 Flowers for Juilli to Fly now
Page F22 Fly now pay later to Foglah
Page F23 Foglie to fonte secou
Page F24 Fontessa to For an Odeum
Page F25 For an unfinished woman to For Georgia OKeefe
Page F26 For Georgina to For my father
Page F27 For my friend to For the reason
Page F28 For the record to Foreplay four
Page F29 Foreplay one to Formante circular
Page F30 Formante circular 0 to Founding of the party
Page F31 foundlings to Fourehand
Page F32 Foureightfour to Fragments of a dream
Page F33 Fragments of a hidden treasure to Fraulein Doktor sie verstehen was
Page F34 Fraulein Einhauser to Free Ibiza early morning
Page F35 Free Ibiza night to Freehand
Page F36 Freehands to Frevo de orfea
Page F37 Frevo de orfeo to Fritz the cat
Page F38 Fritze blues to From Ottana to New York
Page F39 From our hearts to Frozen bananas
Page F40 Frozen beauty to Fugue in D minor
Page F41 Fugue in D minor BWV 899 to Fundementia
Page F42 Funderingar I Motljus to Funky hobbit
Page F43 Funky hotel blues to Furlongs dash
Page F44 Furlough blues to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallery of air
Page G2 Gallery showtime blues to Garden court blues
Page G3 Garden cress to Gather up
Page G4 Gather your dreams to Geezer Street
Page G5 Geezerhood to Gentle as sunrise
Page G6 Gentle autumn to Geremeas su grogghi
Page G7 Geremie aluminum to Get out get out
Page G8 Get out get under the moon to Ghandharva
Page G9 Ghandis candies to Giesing
Page G10 Giewont to Giorgia mood
Page G11 Giorgia namolada to Git it got it and gone
Page G12 Git on to Givre
Page G13 Giya to Glimpses
Page G14 Glimpses of a ninja part one to Gnossiennes 3
Page G15 Gnossiennes 4 to God dont never change
Page G16 God fearing boy to Goin upstream
Page G17 Goin uptown to Golden Oolong tea
Page G18 golden opium den to Gonna take a train
Page G19 Gonna take my time to Good night sweet prince
Page G20 Good night sweet princess to Goodbye to the past
Page G21 Goodbye to the smile to Got a hustle to survive
Page G22 Got a letter to Gpod
Page G23 Gpoint to Grandma
Page G24 Grandma and grandpa to Graziella
Page G25 Grazin in the grass to Green city
Page G26 Green coast to Greetings to EG
Page G27 Greetings to Idris to Groomed for the job
Page G28 grooms sister to Groups of vibrations
Page G29 grouse to Gudmunds Kalles polska
Page G30 Gudrun flittigmagers sidste time to Gummy worm
Page G31 Gumowy to Gypsy folk tales
Page G32 gypsy fortune teller to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hainty
Page H2 Haio haio to Hallelujah things look rosy now
Page H3 Hallelujah time to Hanalei sunset
Page H4 Hananiel to Hannahs dance
Page H5 Hannahs groove to Happy jazz
Page H6 happy jazz singer to Hard steps
Page H7 Hard stuff to harmonic veil
Page H8 Harmonic waltz to Hasta la vista baby
Page H9 Hasta luego to Have you ever seen the rain
Page H10 Have you ever watched love die to He brought joy to my soul
Page H11 He called me baby baby to headpeeper
Page H12 Headphase to Heartplants
Page H13 Hearts to Hedgehog waltz
Page H14 Hedgehogs puberty to Hellbound
Page H15 Hellbound highball to Hence the real reason
Page H16 Hence the reason to Here and now and later
Page H17 Here and now and you forever to Hermitage
Page H18 Hermitage of Xzeng Xzu to Hevel Havalim
Page H19 Hevhetia part I to Hi diddlediddle
Page H20 Hi dive to High cost of loving
Page H21 High cotton to Hijgen voor een ander
Page H22 Hijinks blues to Hipertension
Page H23 Hipertrunca to Hitsburg
Page H24 Hitskopf to Hoketus
Page H25 hokey cokey to Hollywood pastime
Page H26 Hollywood review of 1929 to Home to mamma
Page H27 Home to me to honey jump
Page H28 Honey just for you to hop hop skip and a jump
Page H29 Hop jazz variation on Polish folk melody to Hornette and the drums thing
Page H30 Hornettes to Hot java jump
Page H31 Hot jazz buiscuits to House built for two
Page H32 house built in paradise to How come u dont call me anymore
Page H33 How come you do like you do to How sweet I roamed from field to field
Page H34 How sweet is the ozone to Huey is left alone
Page H35 Huey sees a rainbow to Humppa snappa blues
Page H36 Humpty bump to Huskin time
Page H37 Husks with swine to Hymn to the mother of the world
Page H38 Hymn to the muse to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I bet you shut your big mouth
Page I2 I bet you tell that to all the girls to I cant stop lovin you
Page I3 I cant stop loving you to I dont care who knows it
Page I4 I dont dance to I feel green
Page I5 I feel it to I got the blues
Page I6 I got the blues again to I heard a rich man sing the blues
Page I7 I heard about a thing in you to I know your mind
Page I8 I know your name to I love to sing for people when they talk
Page I9 I love to sing the words while were dancing to I never had the blues
Page I10 I never has seen snow to I return to the sea
Page I11 I Rhythm to I the living I
Page I12 I The Monster to I want a little hairy bat for lunch Mama
Page I13 I want a little some o that what you got to I will keep searching
Page I14 I will know to Ianinku
Page I15 Ianmanuel to Ich singe nur fur dich
Page I16 Ich spiel mit dir to idle class
Page I17 Idle dream to If I should find you
Page I18 If I should give my love to you to If you cant call dont come
Page I19 If you cant chew it you cant drink it to Ife
Page I20 Ife layo to Ikosa mura
Page I21 Ikosaeder to Il sogno di Giulia
Page I22 Il sogno di Hitchcock to Ill have to say I love you
Page I23 Ill have to say I love you in a song to illusion of commerce
Page I24 Illusion of delusion to Im cuckoo again
Page I25 Im curious to Im goona meet my sweetie now
Page I26 Im grateful to Im not pleasing you
Page I27 Im not ready to love to Im through good bye
Page I28 Im through goodbye to Immediately if not sooner
Page I29 Immediately pealed to Improbable impromptus
Page I30 Improbable v to Improvisation with Maggie no 1
Page I31 Improvisation with Maggie no 6 to In a place of distance
Page I32 In a place of peace to In FiftySecond Street
Page I33 In fight to In natura
Page I34 In naturalibus to In the box
Page I35 In the breath of memory to In the outfield
Page I36 In the outtake to In wood
Page I37 In wunderschonen monat mai to Indescribable
Page I38 Indestructible to Infedele
Page I39 Infedeli to Inner beauty outer struggle
Page I40 Inner beckoning to Inside innocence
Page I41 Inside inside to Intemission riff
Page I42 Intemperie to Intermezzo suite part 2
Page I43 Intermezzoforte to Into the 90s
Page I44 Into the abyss to Intro to Urban control
Page I45 Intro to US to Inuit
Page I46 Inuit party to Ioane Ioane
Page I47 Ioanes to Is anything still there
Page I48 Is April okay to Island carnival
Page I49 Island chain to It aint right
Page I50 It aint right to treat me wrong to It must be so
Page I51 It must be so easy to Ithomia Like metal mark
Page I52 Ithou to Its breaking my heart to keep away from you
Page I53 Its called the blues to Its not OK Mister D
Page I54 Its not over to Its you or else
Page I55 Its you or no one to Ive got rain in my eyes
Page I56 Ive got red and white radishes to I’ll be seeing you
Page I57 I’ll be your baby tonight to I�m wild about that thing


Page J1 J to Jacksonville
Page J2 Jacksonville blues to Jakoby Nic
Page J3 Jakos leci to Jan Lukas
Page J4 Jan Lundgren Talar to Jaui
Page J5 Jaula to Jazz in ti
Page J6 jazz in you to Jazzosaurus Rex
Page J7 Jazzova dobrodruzstvi ve Svedskem folkloru to Jeanies dance
Page J8 Jeanies romp to Jennine
Page J9 Jenny to Jethros tune
Page J10 Jeti and Rekku to Jimmys old funky blues
Page J11 Jimmys preserve to Job market blues
Page J12 Job mob to John Payne
Page J13 John Payne was here to Jolly Roger
Page J14 Jolly Roger A portrait of Roger Bell to Journey into Capricorn
Page J15 Journey into jazz to JS Bachs prelude No 2
Page J16 Js best day to Juli
Page J17 Juli 79 to Jumpin with Jay
Page J18 Jumpin with Jeep to Junior hop
Page J19 Junior is back to Just above the treeline
Page J20 Just accept to Just kidung
Page J21 Just kind of a third dream to Just turned
Page J22 Just turned two to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kaleidoscopic
Page K2 Kaleidoscopic arabesque to Kantus
Page K3 Kantuz to Kata
Page K4 Kata kata to Ked sa jano na vojnu bral
Page K5 Ked si had zahryzne do vlastneho chvosta to Keeping up with the Joneses
Page K6 Keeping up with the Joness to Kesayo
Page K7 Kesayu to Kid chocolat
Page K8 Kid Dynamite to kind of song
Page K9 kind of space to kings messenger
Page K10 Kings Mill suite to Kisui
Page K11 Kisumu to Kling
Page K12 Kling Glockchen to Knows how to kiss
Page K13 Knows one to take one to Kommentar zu Hamburger Idylle
Page K14 Kommer to Kosa
Page K15 Kosacken patrouille to Kryzeltanden
Page K16 Kryzoqr to Kuuma lelu
Page K17 Kuumba to KZ


Page L1 L to La casa sin luz
Page L2 La casa verde to La dernier cri
Page L3 La derniere alternative to La Harpe Street blues
Page L4 LA has happened to me to La mort
Page L5 La mort a ravage le village dAssa to La promenad des delices
Page L6 La promenade to La tin probleme
Page L7 La Tina Lee to LAbstraite anglaise
Page L8 Labt uns froh und munter sein to Lady Luck strikes again
Page L9 Lady Luna to Lake of the white owl
Page L10 Lake of the woods to Lamore mio non puo
Page L11 Lamore una agonia to Language of fish
Page L12 language of flowers to Las estrellas en tus ojos
Page L13 Las flores blancas to Last night 2
Page L14 Last night 2 am in the middle of the street to Late farewell
Page L15 Late February to Latino time
Page L16 LatinoItaliano suite Part I to law is comin fer yaPaw
Page L17 law of attachment to Le bateau fiction
Page L18 Le bateau ivre to Le donne cubane + dialogo
Page L19 Le doudou de Neo to Le parole dei Bambini
Page L20 Le partage des eaux to Le storie di ieri
Page L21 Le strade di notte to Leapin on Lenox
Page L22 Leapin with Max to Lee Konitzs solo on Lover man
Page L23 Lee meets Ray to Lekh Leka
Page L24 Lekh leke to Leons tune
Page L25 Leontine to Les forces progressistes
Page L26 Les forces reactionnaires to Les trucs du miroir
Page L27 Les twist to Let me forget
Page L28 Let me get back to you on that to Lets break the bars
Page L29 Lets break the good news to Lets sit right down
Page L30 Lets sit this one out to Lewis speaks to announcer
Page L31 Lewis Worrell to Licking stick licking stick
Page L32 Licking the bullfrog to Life less
Page L33 Life lesson no 8 to Light of dawn
Page L34 Light of day to Like blue
Page L35 Like blues to Lill Lindfors mfl
Page L36 Lill Lisa to Line 6
Page L37 Line ahead to Liquid dance
Page L38 Liquid dancers to little at a time
Page L39 Little Auk to Little Eliots voice
Page L40 Little Elliot Lloyd to Little messenger
Page L41 Little Michael to Little step
Page L42 Little stepdance to Live performance video clip
Page L43 Live right now to Llages
Page L44 Llahngaelhyn to Locuras de siempre
Page L45 Locus to Lone Lee into free duet
Page L46 Lone live in Paris to Lonesome train blues
Page L47 Lonesome traveler to Long wolf
Page L48 Long years to Lookin fine
Page L49 Lookin for a change to lopsided robot
Page L50 Lopsidedcalm to Losaida
Page L51 Losang to Lost sunshine
Page L52 Lost tango to Lous lament
Page L53 Lous medley to love I cant forget
Page L54 Love I cant seem to find it to Love lost
Page L55 Love lost among cliches to Love the life
Page L56 Love the life I live to Lovemain scene
Page L57 LoveMatch point to Low bridge everyone down
Page L58 Low brow to Lucid dream suite
Page L59 lucid dreamer to Lullaby baby
Page L60 Lullaby bagatell to Lumuria
Page L61 Lun to Luviano
Page L62 Luvin Blume to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Macelo
Page M2 Maceo to Made in Hongkong
Page M3 Made in Japan to Magic clock machine
Page M4 Magic cup to Mahila
Page M5 Mahiladipa to Major walk
Page M6 Majoral to Mal pour un bien
Page M7 Mal que arroz to Mama goes where papa goes
Page M8 Mama guela to Mambo yo
Page M9 Mambob to man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo
Page M10 man who came to dinner to Manhattan flu dance
Page M11 Manhattan getaway to Many kochanas
Page M12 Many labors to March of the charcoal grays
Page M13 march of the charcoal greys to Margine rosso
Page M14 Margins of solitude to Marius
Page M15 Mariutch to Martial arts
Page M16 Martials to Masnavi The falcon and the owls
Page M17 Masochism tango to Matsuri no genzo
Page M18 Matsuribayashi to May the force be with you
Page M19 May the fourth be with you to McCabes trombone fantasy
Page M20 McCall all to Mean lil mama
Page M21 Mean little woman to Meditation no 15
Page M22 Meditation no 16 to Meetings in India
Page M23 Meets DB to Mellansong
Page M24 Mellenimumbojumbo to Melting spot
Page M25 Melting stone to Men in hats
Page M26 Men in rags to Merengue
Page M27 Merengue changa to Messed up
Page M28 Messed up blues to Meu lugar
Page M29 Meu menino to Mic feedback two
Page M30 Mic it up to midnight choo choo
Page M31 Midnight choo choo leaves for Alabam to Mifida
Page M32 Mifune to Miles smiles again
Page M33 Miles standish to Min nordiske bror
Page M34 Min nye bla dyne to Miniatur 15
Page M35 Miniatur 16 to Minor mutiny
Page M36 Minor mystery to Miras Mujer
Page M37 Mirasambolina to Miss Gulch
Page M38 Miss Hallelujah Brown to Mississippi rising
Page M39 Mississippi river to Misty roses
Page M40 Misty sea of love to Mo Diddley
Page M41 Mo do to Modes in contrast
Page M42 Modes pivoting to Molen
Page M43 Molenbeek to Mon coeur est rouge
Page M44 Mon coeur est un violon to Monk in Wonderland
Page M45 Monk is the man to Monsieur Armand
Page M46 Monsieur Astor to mood is mellow
Page M47 Mood island to Moon tension
Page M48 Moon tethered to Moppin
Page M49 Moppin and boppin to Moreneide
Page M50 Morenelys to Morningside
Page M51 Morningside heights to mother cries out for her lost child
Page M52 Mother crow to Mountain boogie
Page M53 Mountain breath to Movement 6
Page M54 Movement 6 Cried shouted then sung to Mozotown
Page M55 Mozys land to Mr Hamilton
Page M56 Mr Hancock to Mr Sax
Page M57 Mr Sax speaks to Mu no basho
Page M58 Mu Omi to Multidimensional I
Page M59 Multidimensional II to Museum of stones
Page M60 Museum of time to Music song
Page M61 Music southern style to Mutes
Page M62 Mutey to My brothers name
Page M63 My brothers the wind and sun 9 to My French roots
Page M64 My Frenz blues to My kind of woman
Page M65 My kind of world to My Missouri home
Page M66 My mistake to My serenade
Page M67 My sertao to My Za Zu girl
Page M68 Mya to myth science approach
Page M69 Myth versus beauty to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Nahe
Page N2 Nahe des geliebten to Nanny
Page N3 nanny named Fran to Nasty man
Page N4 Nasty man blues to Naughtie sweetie blues
Page N5 Naughting rag to Nebo goluboe
Page N6 Neboa to Nella casa della papere
Page N7 Nella notte danzo to Neuf
Page N8 Neuf de julio to Never too much
Page N9 Never too old to rock to New fruits
Page N10 new funeral march to new promise
Page N11 New promised land to New York nights
Page N12 New York no more to Nhema Musasa
Page N13 Nhemamusasa to Nido del aire
Page N14 Nidurlag to Night in Tunesia
Page N15 night in Tunisia to Nightime
Page N16 Nightime daytime requiem to Nine oclock swing
Page N17 Nine of eight of nine and five to NNNT
Page N18 NnoFemaumoos to No doughnuts in hand 22
Page N19 No doughnuts in hand 3 to No more and no less
Page N20 No more apartheid to No pyrrhula pyrrhula
Page N21 No quarter to No war dance
Page N22 No war in Russell Square to Nocturn
Page N23 Nocturn per a accordio to Nomor senterbress
Page N24 Nomos to Nordlicht
Page N25 Nordlicht melodie to Nosso canto
Page N26 Nosso mar to Not so strange
Page N27 Not so strange blues to Nothing lasts for ever
Page N28 Nothing lasts forever to November 30th
Page N29 November 3rd to Noword praise
Page N30 Nowrouz to Num
Page N31 Num pagode em planaltina to NY samba band
Page N32 NY shadow to NZZ


Page O1 O to O solow
Page O2 O som da floresta to Observations
Page O3 Observations & reflections to October medley
Page O4 October mind to Ode to the supa dupa moms
Page O5 Ode to the time our memories forgot to Off the caravan
Page O6 Off the clock to Oh how I miss you tonight
Page O7 Oh How I miss you tonighyt to Oh what a lovely rag
Page O8 Oh what a memory we made to Okom er eens kijken
Page O9 Okonkojo concertante to Old Henry
Page O10 old Herborn University blues to Old timey
Page O11 Old tired and torn to OM blues
Page O12 Om Bonanza om to On children
Page O13 On chor to On the footpath
Page O14 On the fourth to Onan
Page O15 Onanie to One day never
Page O16 One day one hour to One for Peter
Page O17 One for Petru to One Moe time
Page O18 One moire blues to One sty bone
Page O19 One succeeds to Only friends
Page O20 Only game in town to Oompa loompa
Page O21 Oompahpah to Open up the door Ill get it myself
Page O22 Open up the gates to Opus in plastic
Page O23 Opus in scat to Oree
Page O24 Oree me to Oristano
Page O25 Oristano sojourn to Osso varoun la sidhera
Page O26 Osso varun to Ottowa bash
Page O27 Ottowa on to Our time is coming
Page O28 Our time is numbered to Out south
Page O29 Out station to Over here Lord
Page O30 Over here pretty baby to Oxford blues
Page O31 Oxford call to O’new


Page P1 P to Paesaggi dal cielo
Page P2 Paesaggi interiori to Pal sine honer
Page P3 Pal solar to Panarea
Page P4 Panarea teo ciavarella to Papao
Page P5 Papaoel to Parade of the wooden soldiers
Page P6 Parade on Mars to Paris 75001
Page P7 Paris 89 to Parson Folds
Page P8 Parsons green to Part IV triolerhut
Page P9 Part IV What the thunder said to Pas daccord
Page P10 Pas daffolement to Passing giant
Page P11 Passing giants to Pateiros
Page P12 Patelin to Pauls walk
Page P13 Paulskirche to Peace of the stars
Page P14 Peace of the world to Pedestrian tales
Page P15 Pedestrian walk to Penisnight
Page P16 Penitas de amor to Pepino beach
Page P17 Pepis dance to Perfekt
Page P18 Perfekt nostalgia to Personal conversation
Page P19 Personal cornucopia to Petit mambo
Page P20 Petit marche to Phantomas
Page P21 Phantomesque to Photograph of you
Page P22 Photograph song to Pianohubcap duet 7
Page P23 Pianola to Pictures of motion
Page P24 Pictures of personalities to pigeon and the pie
Page P25 Pigeon house blues to Pink coats
Page P26 pink cocktail for a blue lady to pitch
Page P27 Pitch a boogie to Plaintive native
Page P28 Plaintive rumba to Play nice
Page P29 Play nicely together to Please dont forget about La Paz
Page P30 Please dont freeze to Plovi barka duboko je more
Page P31 Plow to Poem for Cachao
Page P32 Poem for Emmett Till to poker game
Page P33 Poker playing baby to Polymelons man
Page P34 Polymeric to Pop fucked up the rock
Page P35 Pop goes the drunkard to Porta dei leoni
Page P36 Porta del sud to Portugese impressions
Page P37 Portugese paper boys to Pothy o sis
Page P38 Potion to power of feeling
Page P39 power of four to Prayer for a jitterbug
Page P40 Prayer for a lost soul to Prelude 3 Gershwin
Page P41 Prelude 4 to Prelude to Onkel Boksopp
Page P42 Prelude to Onkel Boskopp to Presquile
Page P43 Presquisles to Priestly plan
Page P44 priests garden to Prism suite III
Page P45 Prism V to Profundo hispanico
Page P46 Profundus to Props for Pops
Page P47 Propters nicodemus pills to Psychic dancer
Page P48 Psychic elephant to Pulp part II
Page P49 Pulp wood to Purple heartbeat
Page P50 Purple hours to Putty that trouble part 6
Page P51 Putukate kogujate ekskursioon to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to Quantum mechanics
Page Q2 Quantum physics of love to Que seria la vida
Page Q3 Que so voce to Qui est fou de qui
Page Q4 Qui est homo to Quincy and the Count
Page Q5 Quincy boogie to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio ghost
Page R2 Radio gnome to Ragtime discussion
Page R3 ragtime dream to Rainbow shadow excellent ending
Page R4 Rainbow shadows to Ramlosa
Page R5 Ramming speed to Rascal moon
Page R6 Rascal roofplan to Raymonds blues
Page R7 Raymonds rag to Real knowing
Page R8 Real laid back to Recent events
Page R9 Recent grey noise to Red coat lane
Page R10 Red coda soft to Red suede blues
Page R11 Red suede shoes to Reflections of you
Page R12 Reflections of your love to Reine des cimes
Page R13 Reinecke gefettet to Remember our romance
Page R14 Remember Pasha to Renegade man
Page R15 Renegade spirits to Resignacao
Page R16 Resignacao nao pra nos to Rett venstre
Page R17 Rette sich wer kann to Reves sporadiques
Page R18 Revibal meeting to Rhythm bout town
Page R19 Rhythm box to Richard gets hitched
Page R20 Richard Greene campaign songs to Riff it
Page R21 Riff medley to Rind
Page R22 Rinde to Rise and set
Page R23 Rise and shine to River lights
Page R24 River line to Road to the river
Page R25 road to the sky to Rock em
Page R26 Rock em back to Rockport
Page R27 Rockport moon to Rollin down the river
Page R28 Rollin down the water gap to Rompin at the Reno
Page R29 Rompin at the Rex to Roots of blue
Page R30 roots of coincidence to Rosie Norma and Hugh
Page R31 Rosie OGrady to round turn
Page R32 Round twelve to Rub mud in his face
Page R33 Rub my root to rugged cross
Page R34 Rugged individual to Run through the fields
Page R35 Run through the jungle to Rust a closer walk with thee
Page R36 Rust belt to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to sacred wood
Page S2 Sacred world to Saga stage strut
Page S3 Saga unknown to Sakura waltz
Page S4 Sakuradori sen to Salto mortale op 8
Page S5 Salto nel vuoto to Samba de Ed
Page S6 Samba de Elencia to Samba si trabajo no
Page S7 Samba Sid to Sams tuning slide
Page S8 Sams walk to Sandsmog
Page S9 Sandsteps II to Sao paulo express
Page S10 Sao Paulo lights to Satari
Page S11 Satarumbarengue to Saute croche
Page S12 saute mouton to saxophone symphony
Page S13 Saxophone valley to Scapegoat
Page S14 Scapegoat blues to Schemes and dreams
Page S15 Schemes of mad September to Schroeder meets Basie
Page S16 Schroeders samba to Scottish boogie
Page S17 Scottish brave to Se jag gor allting nytt
Page S18 Se kon sa to search of greatness
Page S19 Search party to second no 2
Page S20 Second nose to Section 15
Page S21 Section 16 to Seesaw rock
Page S22 Seeshine for Karl to Sella wia
Page S23 Sellanden to Sensatez
Page S24 Sensation to September reflection
Page S25 September reverie to Serene exhaustion
Page S26 Serene funk to Sete passos
Page S27 Sete petalas to Sevens second edition
Page S28 Sevensix to Shades of Angola
Page S29 Shades of autumn to Shake rattle and roll
Page S30 Shake rattle n roll to Share your life
Page S31 Share your love around to She said the same things to me
Page S32 She said yeah to Sherman at the Copthorne
Page S33 Sherman hairpin to Shim sham shimmy
Page S34 Shim sham shimmy dance to Shoeless in Heaven
Page S35 Shoeless Joe to Shorter days
Page S36 shorter distance to Shtik
Page S37 Shtoliner nign to Si vous voulez valser grandemere
Page S38 Si you supiese to Siempre me va bien
Page S39 Siempre mi amor to Silence of the poets
Page S40 silence of the snowed city to Silver blue
Page S41 Silver blue siggy to Simple soul song
Page S42 Simple sound 1 to Sing Halleluia
Page S43 Sing hallelujah to Sinus roris
Page S44 Sinus suite A Chickering to Sit right on it
Page S45 Sit sofort to Sixnixpixflix
Page S46 Sixnixquixflix to Sketches from the other side for AI
Page S47 Sketches in dark blue to Skumpy
Page S48 Skumring to Slave of nothing
Page S49 Slave of passion to Slide Hampton talks
Page S50 Slide Harris blues to Slottune
Page S51 slouch to Slukefter boogie
Page S52 Slum to Smierc Starsza pani
Page S53 Smieszne boogie to Smoothin
Page S54 Smoothin for Lester to Snickers lament
Page S55 Snide remark to So close to love
Page S56 So close to me blues to So soft your goodbye
Page S57 So solid to Sofar
Page S58 Sofar & Stillaway to Soko
Page S59 Soko ban to Solista que base
Page S60 Solistenparade to Solweig
Page S61 Solwind to Some towns
Page S62 Some trees to Somethin warm
Page S63 Somethin we did to Sometime yesterday
Page S64 Sometime youll know to Son of the beach
Page S65 Son of the piano player to Song for Alberte
Page S66 Song for ale to Song for Leah
Page S67 Song for Lee to Song for the twins
Page S68 Song for the underdog to Song of the drum
Page S69 Song of the earth to Sonhos internacionais
Page S70 Sonhos verdadeiros to Sophie RoseRosalee
Page S71 Sophie said to Soto wa ii tenki
Page S72 Sotron to Soul waltz
Page S73 Soul watcher to Soundly
Page S74 Soundparticles to South side Eddie
Page S75 South side habit to Space fantasy
Page S76 Space finding time to Spanish Sahara
Page S77 Spanish samba to Special someone
Page S78 Special spot to Spiderman theme
Page S79 Spidermansong to Spirit within
Page S80 Spirit within us to Spontaneous percussion
Page S81 Spontaneous point to Spring standard
Page S82 Spring step to Squeeze toy
Page S83 Squeezebox samba to Stack attack
Page S84 Stack mile to Standing under happiness
Page S85 Standing up to Stars in the night
Page S86 Stars in the sky to Stay stay Valentines day
Page S87 Stay still to Stems
Page S88 Stemwinder to Stewball
Page S89 Stewballs to Stillness of the night
Page S90 Stillness on the river to Stomping at the Rex
Page S91 Stomping at the Savoy to Stoptime fantasy
Page S92 Stoptime rag to Straight no bounce
Page S93 Straight no changes to Straszliwa przygoda w wegierskiej gorce
Page S94 Straszna franka to Streghe
Page S95 Streichen und fallen to Strollin with Pam
Page S96 Strollin with Sidney to Study 51
Page S97 Study 52 to Subramati
Page S98 Subsculpture to Suenos
Page S99 Suenos da vida colonial to Suite Eveils
Page S100 Suite exotique to Suliman
Page S101 Suling to Summers of my life
Page S102 Summers on its way to Sundance at night
Page S103 sundance began to Sunrise for Laura
Page S104 Sunrise gospel to Super tiger rag
Page S105 Super treat to Surima
Page S106 Surimono Louise Wade to Svanir
Page S107 Svanshornet to Sweep
Page S108 Sweep and shake to Sweet liberation
Page S109 sweet life to Sweet taste
Page S110 Sweet taste of love to Swing etude
Page S111 Swing express to Swingin mood
Page S112 Swingin Mr J to Switzerland
Page S113 Switzerland boogie woogie to Syndrome
Page S114 Syndrome of Babylon to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to Taga
Page T2 Tagada to Take good care of my baby
Page T3 Take good care of my heart to Takes courage to be happy
Page T4 Takes my breath away to talk of the town
Page T5 Talk of time to Tamma song
Page T6 Tammany medley to Tango para Rosalba
Page T7 Tango parade to Tapete azul
Page T8 Tapete magico to Tates a jumpin
Page T9 Tates blues to tea in China
Page T10 Tea in the coffee to Teds stomp
Page T11 Teds tempo to Tell me are you really mine
Page T12 Tell me at midnight to Temple at Dendera
Page T13 Temple bar mambo to Tender souled
Page T14 tender storm to Terminal moraine of technology
Page T15 Terminal rag to Tetterettet
Page T16 Tetterettet IX to Thanks for nothing freakbeast
Page T17 Thanks for nothingness to That raggedy rag
Page T18 That ragtime feeling to Thats phat
Page T19 Thats plenty to Theme 7612
Page T20 Theme 8 & 12 to Theme from Lumpy Gravy
Page T21 Theme from Lupin III to Then three
Page T22 Then was the time to Therell be a great day in the mornin
Page T23 Therell be a greater day to Therianthropy II
Page T24 Therianthropy III to Thief breaks into an empty house
Page T25 Thief in the night to Thinking of somewhere else
Page T26 Thinking of Stella to This cup
Page T27 This dance is for Steve McCall to This masquerade is over
Page T28 This matrix to Those eyes were meant for laughter
Page T29 Those Folish things to Three cheers for Smeagol
Page T30 Three Chicago boys to Three movements for solo clarinet and ensemble
Page T31 Three movements for violin solo to Threetwoone blues
Page T32 Threevolution to Thunp
Page T33 Thurayya railways to Tiepo de amar
Page T34 Tierblatot to Till we got there
Page T35 Till we meet to Time our time
Page T36 Time out to Tims schizophrenia
Page T37 Tims shrimps to Tire tire laiguille
Page T38 Tired to To and from
Page T39 To and from the core to To love you more
Page T40 To Lucasta on going to the wars to To wait
Page T41 To wait for love to Together and against each other
Page T42 Together and moving to Tommy Seven
Page T43 Tommy Smith Trio to Tonis carnival II
Page T44 Tonis delight to Too suite
Page T45 Too sweet to Torok indulo
Page T46 Toronado to Touching inside
Page T47 Touching man to Toxic you love
Page T48 Toxicology to Trahutten
Page T49 Traicion to Transatlantic transitions
Page T50 Transatlantic tunnel to Traumend
Page T51 Traumender Mond to Tree frog
Page T52 tree frog tonality to Triba
Page T53 Tribal to Trigger Slim blues
Page T54 Trigger time to Trip to your town
Page T55 Trip trap to Trois pour quatre
Page T56 Trois pour un to trouble is
Page T57 Trouble is a girl to Truri and Klapaucius
Page T58 Truss joint to TT rider
Page T59 TT walk to Tulilem blem blum
Page T60 Tulinesangala to Turbulence
Page T61 Turbulences to Turtle song
Page T62 Turtle soup to Twelve tone tales I
Page T63 Twelve tone tales II to Twistin splish splash
Page T64 Twistin the blues to Two if by sea
Page T65 Two images of technologies to two times I loved you most in a car
Page T66 two times I loved you the most in a car to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to Ukelele blues
Page U2 Ukelele lady to Un amore svogliato
Page U3 Un amour blanc dete to Un sueno de la noche
Page U4 Un sueno distante to Uncle Santos
Page U5 Uncle Satchmos lullaby to Underground drainage
Page U6 Underground dreams to unfinished chordless tango
Page U7 Unfinished column to UNK
Page U8 Unka funka to Unstet
Page U9 Unstill life to Unwrapping the body buried centuries ago
Page U10 Unwritten law to upper room
Page U11 upper run to Uromkvaed
Page U12 Urotel zinom to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valiha del
Page V2 Valiha ny dada to Valse pour Chico
Page V3 Valse pour Christian to Var no 21
Page V4 Var no 22 to Variations pour violoncelle contrebasse sopranino et piano
Page V5 Variations Q to Veil nebula
Page V6 Veil of Benlah to Venus noodles
Page V7 Venus of Avenue D to Vertigo scene damourMadeline
Page V8 Vertigo shadow to Viaggio in Sicilia
Page V9 Viaggio in Treno viaggio sereno to Viento de cambio
Page V10 Viento de meseta to Villelongue
Page V11 Villemann og Magnhild to Virgo red
Page V12 Virgo rising to Vitos melody
Page V13 Vitos Vito to voi doiseau
Page V14 Voi veikkonen to Von der verganglichkeit
Page V15 Von dir hab ich immer getraumt to Vrijeme gospodar
Page V16 Vrijloop to Vztek


Page W1 W to Waiter the check
Page W2 Waiter the cheque to Wake up the place
Page W3 Wake up this morning to Walkin in the park
Page W4 Walkin in the rain to Wallace
Page W5 Wallace shawn to Waltz for JV
Page W6 Waltz for K to Waltz R
Page W7 Waltz Ralph to War of religion
Page W8 war of the bands to Was muss eine Frau von der Liebe wissen
Page W9 Was my face red to water bearer
Page W10 Water beats rock to Waving body parts
Page W11 Waving clouds to WBJ
Page W12 WBNI 891 FM to We live in two different worlds
Page W13 We live on to Weaving patterns
Page W14 Weaving the inside out to Weird of Hermingston
Page W15 Weird of hermiston to WELS Concert Part 3
Page W16 Welsh chapel to West by south west
Page W17 West Coast to Whar now are alle her childer say
Page W18 Whar you dont know wont hurt you to What do you want that Ive got pretty baby
Page W19 What do you want the girl to do to What makes my baby cry
Page W20 What makes papa hate mama so to Whatever became of me
Page W21 Whatever blows up yr skirt to wheels of the wagon
Page W22 Wheels on the bus to When I was a river
Page W23 When I was a young girl to When summer turns to snow
Page W24 When summers end is nighing to When we were young and we were freaks
Page W25 When were alone to Where deep calls to deep
Page W26 Where did all the girls come from to Where the sweet forgetmenots remember
Page W27 Where the tracks end to While you danced danced danced
Page W28 While you think to White caps
Page W29 White caravan to Who got you mama
Page W30 Who gots tha whats it to whopper
Page W31 Whopper stopper to Why dont you break it
Page W32 Why dont you come back to Louisiana to Wie gehts mein Fraulein
Page W33 Wie gut wars to Wildcard
Page W34 Wildcat to Wilma Ann
Page W35 Wilma Anne to Windsor
Page W36 Windsor blues to Winter stalk
Page W37 Winter star to Witch doctor no1
Page W38 Witch doctors son to Within the shadow
Page W39 Within the widening gyre to Wolkenregen
Page W40 Wolkenstein to Wont you come over to my house
Page W41 Wont you come over to my house baby to Words unspoken
Page W42 Words upon our feet to Worried
Page W43 Worried about my baby to Writing a letter to you
Page W44 Writing blind to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yanna
Page Y2 Yanni mou to Yellow box
Page Y3 Yellow brain to Yesterdays blues tomorrow today
Page Y4 Yesterdays bottle to Yonz gonz galookis
Page Y5 Yoo go jopo to You big ham
Page Y6 You bit the hand that fed you to You didnt know me from Adam
Page Y7 You didnt know me when to You hardly know me
Page Y8 You haunt me to You never miss your water
Page Y9 You never remember my birthday to You were my love
Page Y10 You were my teacher to Younger dryas
Page Y11 Younger every day to Your wake up call
Page Y12 Your warm embrace to Youre right I dont
Page Y13 Youre right Im wrong to You’re a lucky guy
Page Y14 You’re a real sweetheart to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to Zbigi
Page Z2 Zbigy to Zigozago
Page Z3 Zigs mambo to Zoo train
Page Z4 Zoo zoo to Zwischenzeitstuck
Page Z5 Zwischenzeitstuck im sausewind to Zzzzzip