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This index refers to the 488,825 individual tune titles (1,475,931 total entries) included in over 230,065 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2016.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to ability to see in darkness or dim light
Page A2 Ability to swing to Absurdo natural
Page A3 absynth to Ackja
Page A4 Ackmet to Adagio and andante
Page A5 Adagio assai from concerto for piano and ochestra in G major to Adonas song prelude
Page A6 Adonde esta corazon to Aforisma no 12
Page A7 Aforisma no 13 to Afro Peruvian folk song
Page A8 Afro pling to After the lights go down low
Page A9 After the long drive home to Agitated
Page A10 Agitation to Aie aie aie
Page A11 Aie confiance to Air conditioned jungle
Page A12 Air conditioned nightmare to Aknuf
Page A13 Ako Male Deti to Alberts special boogie
Page A14 Alberts suitcase bules to Alguna vez
Page A15 Algunas to All dudes
Page A16 All ears to All right with you
Page A17 All riled up to All your love
Page A18 All your lover all day all night to Allysons room
Page A19 Alm to Aloysius do the dishes
Page A20 ALP to Alts far gelt
Page A21 Altsaxophon to Amarawati garden
Page A22 Amarchord to American tan
Page A23 American tango to Amsterdam Frascati A B 3051975
Page A24 Amsterdam jam to An ode to a vow
Page A25 An offering of love to Ancient science
Page A26 Ancient seagull to And the same to you
Page A27 And the ship sails on to Anema e core
Page A28 Anema e cuore to Anicca
Page A29 Anidina to Announcer Jimmy Lyons
Page A30 Announcer outro to Another try
Page A31 Another tune another place to Antrim
Page A32 Antroiama to Apes and peacocks
Page A33 Apes in capes to April gave me one more day
Page A34 April goodbyes to Arboreal
Page A35 Arboreal code to Arepolskan
Page A36 Arepticious to Arnaud birthday
Page A37 Arnauds house to Arte de voar
Page A38 Arte della commedia dell to As love does
Page A39 As lovely lovers do to Asi trabajamos
Page A40 Asia to Astral flakesAxis
Page A41 Astral flight to At the park
Page A42 At the party to Attend to your configuration
Page A43 Attende to Augury
Page A44 August to Autour de minuit
Page A45 Autour de Sammy to Avenue 64
Page A46 Avenue 9 to Ayciao
Page A47 Aycrigg to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby did you hear me
Page B2 Baby didnt I tell you to Bacca meets Calou
Page B3 Baccala to Back to being one
Page B4 Back to Berks to Bad feeling
Page B5 Bad feeling blues to Baiafro
Page B6 BaiafrockVolker to Balao do porao
Page B7 Balarm to Ballad for one peaceful world
Page B8 Ballad for orchestra to Ballade fur Bessere Zeiten
Page B9 Ballade fur Camill to Bambo
Page B10 Bambola to Bantam step
Page B11 Bantam tales to Bariolage
Page B12 Bariphonics to Basement
Page B13 Basement ape to Basses painters
Page B14 Basses profondes to Batunga train
Page B15 Batuque to Be my guest
Page B16 Be my host to Beat wind
Page B17 Beat wise to Beaver boogie
Page B18 Beaver bounce to Beeing sincere
Page B19 Beejive to beginning of love
Page B20 beginning of something new to Belindas last song
Page B21 Belisco to Bend me shape me
Page B22 Bend one to Berkeley campus blues
Page B23 Berkeley place 42 to BestorLewisDonovan
Page B24 bestwheels revenge to Between your heart and mine
Page B25 Betweenplay to Biciclo
Page B26 Bicinium to big deep
Page B27 Big delight to Big six
Page B28 Big skull to Billie boy
Page B29 Billie Doo to bird in Igors yard
Page B30 bird in me to Bisanz
Page B31 Bisca to Black and groove
Page B32 Black and Johnny to Black night is falling
Page B33 Black night is gone to Blamann
Page B34 Blamann blamann to Blind aber hungrig
Page B35 Blind and dumb mans blues to Bloosely
Page B36 Bloosey to Blue blue
Page B37 Blue blue blue to Blue guitar blues
Page B38 Blue guitar stomp to Blue on west side
Page B39 Blue once again to Blue van
Page B40 Blue variations to Blues at high noon
Page B41 Blues at Junction 36 to Blues for Alice in Wonderland
Page B42 Blues for Alices freight train to Blues for Erik
Page B43 Blues for Erin to Blues for Lucio
Page B44 Blues for Lucky Harris to Blues for Shirley
Page B45 Blues for Shorty Bill to blues from way back
Page B46 Blues FT to Blues left and right
Page B47 Blues legacy to Blues tango
Page B48 Blues Tell me the truth to Bluthgeld
Page B49 Blutig rhorblatt to Bodhisattva blues
Page B50 Bodhisattva wonderful sound to Bollywood jam
Page B51 Bolmortsblues to Bonsai Frans 5
Page B52 Bonsai Hans 4 to Boogie woogie camp meeting
Page B53 Boogie woogie caravan to Bop abyss
Page B54 Bop after hours Barney Kessel to Boroko dance
Page B55 Boromini to Boston shuffle
Page B56 Boston skuffle to Bourbon Street strut
Page B57 Bourbon Street waltz to Bracelet
Page B58 Bracelets of sound to Brawlex
Page B59 Brawling broads to Breath and heartbeat 7
Page B60 Breath and heartbeat 8 to Bridge to nowhere
Page B61 Bridge to ShangriLa to Briseglaces
Page B62 Briseide to Brook Green
Page B63 Brook in spring time to brown slouch hat
Page B64 Brown sneakers to Bucharest
Page B65 Bucharest part one to Buffet flat story
Page B66 Buffet philosophy to Bump crusing
Page B67 Bump de bump to Burning the candles at both ends
Page B68 Burning the midnight oil to But lost and forgotten
Page B69 But love to By many names
Page B70 By means of music to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadillac road
Page C2 Cadillac roundup to Caledonian flowers
Page C3 Caledonian road to Callejuela
Page C4 Calleon to camera never lies
Page C5 Camera obscura 1 to Canal
Page C6 Canal 1216 to Canon a trois trombones
Page C7 Canon at the 3rd in 34 to Cantina latina Korea 1952
Page C8 Cantina panorama to Capriccio Medvedgradskih coprnica
Page C9 Capriccio MUT to career of Dima Gorin
Page C10 Carefree to Carnival is in the air
Page C11 Carnival is over to Carumba
Page C12 Carumba swizzle to Cat Columbus
Page C13 Cat couch rag to Catus
Page C14 Catvento to Cecilia is love
Page C15 Cecilian parfait pianiste to Centerpeace
Page C16 Centerpiece to Cest ting
Page C17 Cest titanique to Chamber suite II Calgary
Page C18 Chamber suite III North Sea to Chanson dautomne
Page C19 Chanson de Delphina to Charanga en New York
Page C20 Charanga Italiano to Chasin chippies
Page C21 chasin game to Cheeks of sorry grain
Page C22 Cheeky to Chewin mama blues
Page C23 Chewing gum to Chicken stew
Page C24 Chicken strut to childs day
Page C25 childs dream to Chirato
Page C26 Chird to Chora brasileira
Page C27 Chora coracao to Christine senvoie
Page C28 Christines blues to Chunks and chairknobs
Page C29 Chunks of night to Cinderellas fella
Page C30 Cinderellas last waltz to Ciribiribin
Page C31 Ciribiribin boogie to Clamorous processions
Page C32 clamourous alphabet to Clean bowled
Page C33 clean break to clock that tells the time
Page C34 clock ticks to Clown boogie
Page C35 Clown boy to Cockatoo
Page C36 cockatoo on the clarinet to Col tema al basso
Page C37 Col tempavec le temps to Colomentality
Page C38 Colon to Come and love me
Page C39 Come and make your heaven in LA to Come to the well
Page C40 Come to your senses to Commodity
Page C41 Commodo to Composition 161
Page C42 Composition 162 Trillium R Shala fears for the poor to Composition VIII
Page C43 Composition with colour to Concerto in F
Page C44 Concerto in F 1 Allegro to Confusing the issue
Page C45 Confusing the spirits to Constrictor
Page C46 Constrictors instigation to Conversation 2
Page C47 Conversation 26 to Cool please
Page C48 cool pool to Core of sound
Page C49 core of the apple to cosa pensi
Page C50 Cosa si puofare to Couldnt it be you
Page C51 Couldnt keep it to myself to Court of the ring
Page C52 court of two sisters to Cranberry stomp
Page C53 Cranberry sunshine to creator has a masterplan
Page C54 creator has other plans for me to Cristo redentor
Page C55 Cristo redentor calvary to Crude blues
Page C56 Crude mood to Crystals n sequence
Page C57 Crystals nick nack to Culoe puya pal mundo
Page C58 culspiracy man infests to Cutie Sue
Page C59 Cuties song to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Dados visit
Page D2 Dadra to Damn this groove
Page D3 Damn you eyes to Dance of the dervish
Page D4 Dance of the desert elves to Dancing balls
Page D5 Dancing bare to Danielles samba
Page D6 Danielles waltz to Danza delle lune
Page D7 Danza delle nuvole to Dark ruby
Page D8 Dark runs cold to Das lustige Muhlenrad
Page D9 Das madehen auf der mauer to Dawn opener
Page D10 Dawn over euroa to Days the weather sits
Page D11 Days to weeks to De See geiht hoch
Page D12 De Selbys earth to Dear Mr Walrus
Page D13 Dear music to Decentring
Page D14 Decepcion to Deep defect
Page D15 Deep delta to Deilig er jorden
Page D16 Deille to Demagomania
Page D17 Demai to Departed
Page D18 Departed hymn to Der vogel
Page D19 Der vogelfanger bin ich ja to Desert journey
Page D20 Desert lady to Det sjunger nagonting inom mej
Page D21 Det sjunger nagonting inom mig to Devotedly buoyant at Abos
Page D22 Devotee to Diamonds on the waves
Page D23 Diamonds without fire to Die blonde
Page D24 Die blues ist immer gut to Different paths same destination
Page D25 Different people to Din mane
Page D26 Din melodi to Dirty rag
Page D27 Dirty Red to Dissatisfied blues
Page D28 Disse alguem to Dixiana
Page D29 Dixie to Dnes Otivam Nakino
Page D30 Dnevnik 1 to Do you miss me
Page D31 Do you miss New York to Does your heat beat for me
Page D32 Does your mambo come from Ireland to Dollar bill
Page D33 Dollar bill blues to Done sold my soul to the devil
Page D34 Done throwed the key away to Dont drink on an empty head
Page D35 Dont drink that corner my life is in the bush to Dont make a fool out of me
Page D36 Dont make it hurt to Dont try
Page D37 Dont try and argue with me to Dopey Ted
Page D38 Dopjes to Double flavour suite
Page D39 Double flip to Down by the old swimming hole
Page D40 Down by the old well to Downtown strut
Page D41 downtown strutters ball to Dramatic imp
Page D42 Dramatic Interplay to Dreamboat rendezvous
Page D43 Dreambook to Dressoir
Page D44 Dressy bee to Drop the boy
Page D45 Drop the charge to Drums for Shompa Lodro
Page D46 Drums improvisation to Duanes blues
Page D47 Duas bolas e um quadrado to Duke Ellington monologue
Page D48 Duke Ellington presents Art Tatum to Dup dup
Page D49 Dupe to dynamite question
Page D50 Dynamite rag to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early meeting
Page E2 Early messenger to East of midnight
Page E3 East of Mintaka to Easy walking
Page E4 Easy waltz to Echos dOC
Page E5 Echos from then to Eeeyyeess
Page E6 Eeeyyess to Eigenheim
Page E7 Eigenheiten I to Either you do or else you dont
Page E8 Eitheror to El final es el comencament
Page E9 El firulete to El silencio de las cosas mundanas
Page E10 El silencio desplazador to Electric voodoo
Page E11 Electric walk to Eleven days and everythings lost
Page E12 Eleven dreams to Elmina
Page E13 Elmina blues to Emgirantvisa
Page E14 Emgungu Nkhlovu to En cadenas
Page E15 En cadence to Enchanted wall
Page E16 Enchanted wood to Endspace iii
Page E17 Endspace iv to Enter the fire
Page E18 Enter the goons to Epiphyllum
Page E19 Epiphyt to Erishta
Page E20 Eriskay love lilt to Escravos de jo
Page E21 Escrock rock to Estepona
Page E22 Ester to Ethereal plane
Page E23 Ethereal spheres to Eullalia
Page E24 Eulogia to Evening skys dance
Page E25 Evening slide to Everybody loves me baby
Page E26 Everybody loves my baby to Everythings hotsy totsy now
Page E27 Everythings Jake to Excentric blues
Page E28 Except February which has 28 to Expini
Page E29 Expino to Eyeless in movement
Page E30 Eyelet to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Faded roses
Page F2 faded summer love to Fall winds
Page F3 Fall with a vengeance to Fanesca
Page F4 Fanette to Far from the home I love
Page F5 Far from the maddening crowd to Fast confession
Page F6 Fast corners to Fats delight
Page F7 Fats Duke and the Monk to Feed me good
Page F8 Feed me Jesus to Felicity rag Joplin Hayden
Page F9 Felidae to Feuervogel
Page F10 Feuerwehr to Fifth column
Page F11 Fifth corner to Fin skit over havet
Page F12 Fin tragique Flottent les petits morceaux to Fingrarim
Page F13 Fingster to First came a woman
Page F14 First car I see tonight to First up
Page F15 First valve blues to Five in front
Page F16 Five in green to Flamingo blues
Page F17 Flamingo sky to Flicks
Page F18 Flicksnack to flooding
Page F19 Floodlit iron tracery to Floz variations VIII
Page F20 Flozirkus to Flying disc
Page F21 Flying do to Folk study
Page F22 folk swinger to Fools dance
Page F23 Fools dream to For Claus
Page F24 For Clayoquot to For lack of a better word
Page F25 For Lacy to For souls past
Page F26 For South Africa to Forbidden feelings
Page F27 Forbidden flags to Forgotten fruit
Page F28 Forgotten future to Fossil fool
Page F29 Fossil footprints to Four times
Page F30 Four times round to Fragmente
Page F31 Fragmente schwanensee to Fraulein pardon
Page F32 Fraulein Rosemarie to Free jam 4
Page F33 Free jam 5 to Freeway comin thru
Page F34 Freeway driver to Friday night
Page F35 Friday night again to Frogs legs
Page F36 frogs of Gabbiano to From the fell repast
Page F37 From the files of agent 22 to Frying home
Page F38 Frying Pan to Full of life
Page F39 Full of me to Funk underneath
Page F40 Funk up to Funny ride
Page F41 Funny rolls to Future state
Page F42 Future stomp to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Galop
Page G2 Galop cz A to gardener from Red Bank
Page G3 Gardener in the graveyard to GautesMargjit
Page G4 Gauwah to Gemini 1
Page G5 Gemini baby to Genuflections
Page G6 Genug genug to Gesti III
Page G7 Gesti IV to Getaway Joe
Page G8 getaway man to Ghostsongs
Page G9 Ghosttheme to Gin house
Page G10 Gin house blues to girl with the net
Page G11 girl with the pigtails in her hair to Give my heart a break
Page G12 Give my heart another break to Glenn Miller is missing
Page G13 Glenn Miller medley to Gnogghs blues
Page G14 Gnoissienne 2 to God bless this child
Page G15 God bless us everyone to Goin with Carmen
Page G16 Going to Golden silver
Page G17 Golden skies to Good at goodbyes
Page G18 Good B to Good question
Page G19 Good question too to Goodnight sweethearts
Page G20 Goodnight to the stars to Got the moon in my pocket
Page G21 Got the railroad blues to graduate
Page G22 Graduate medley to Grapevyne
Page G23 Graph to great lie
Page G24 Great life to Green spleen
Page G25 Green St groove to Grillplausch
Page G26 Grim to Groovy soul
Page G27 Groovy sounds to Guantanamo cell block no 34
Page G28 Guantanmera to Gullharpan
Page G29 Gullhonesommar to Gypsie
Page G30 Gypsie ears to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hairy
Page H2 Hairy bones to Hallo Perry
Page H3 Hallo Ray to Handelbars
Page H4 Handelscenter to Happier in the morning sun
Page H5 Happier side of life to Happy the man
Page H6 Happy theme song to Hariwariu Mr Imano
Page H7 Harjedalspolka to Harry Carney
Page H8 Harry danger to Haute couture
Page H9 Haute couture 1906 to Hawks nest
Page H10 hawks of Judah should have their wings clipped to He who is acquainted with sorrow
Page H11 He who knows to Heart of dixieland
Page H12 Heart of fire to Heavy metal IIII
Page H13 Heavy metal kids to Heliotrop bouquet
Page H14 Heliotrope to Hemisphere
Page H15 Hemisphere jam to Here am I
Page H16 Here am I again to Hernia
Page H17 Hernia Joe to Hey Am I blue
Page H18 Hey America to Hi low fast hi
Page H19 Hi Mister Jack to High low
Page H20 High luminent silver patterns to Hills of north rejoice
Page H21 hills of old Wyomin to His divine grace
Page H22 His dreams to Hoagys help
Page H23 Hoagys Indiana to Holding my saviors hand
Page H24 Holding my Saviours hand to Homage to Jobim
Page H25 Homage to John Cage to Hommage a Thomas Fats Waller
Page H26 Hommage a Woody to Hoochee coochee man
Page H27 Hoochee Miss Lou to Horatru no hikari
Page H28 Horch to Hot chocolate
Page H29 Hot chocolate boogie to Hottentot
Page H30 Hottentot potentate to How can I love somebody else
Page H31 How can I love you to How my heart sobs
Page H32 How my mothers embroidered apron unfolds in my life 1944 oil on canvas to Huehuet pt 4
Page H33 Huele a peligro to Hums the April breeze
Page H34 Humsah to Hustlin and bustlin for a baby
Page H35 Hustlin and bustlin for baby to Hymne van het bevrijdingsfront
Page H36 Hymnen to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I bid you goodnight
Page I2 I bin a froh to I cant wait
Page I3 I cant wait for Brooklyn to I dont know and I dont care blues
Page I4 I dont know any better to I feel very queer
Page I5 I feel you to I got you under my skin
Page I6 I got your Bach to I hope you care
Page I7 I hope you got the message to I like cookies
Page I8 I like dat to I love you too
Page I9 I love you too much to I only miss her when shes gone
Page I10 I only miss him when I think of him to I see you in my dreams
Page I11 I see you jumping to I try to smile
Page I12 I try to swing to I want to see you
Page I13 I want to see you every day of your life to I wonder whats become of your love
Page I14 I wonder whats the matter to Icedrop
Page I15 iceelephant to Id tell the world
Page I16 Id trade my air castles for a love nest and you to If I give up the saxophone
Page I17 If I give you everything to If theres a next time
Page I18 If theres a sky above to If you weep Ill cry
Page I19 If you went away to Ike Mike and Spike
Page I20 Ikebana to Il sentiero degli amanti
Page I21 Il serpente innamorato to Ill keep loving you
Page I22 Ill keep on loving you to Illya just walked in
Page I23 Illyria to Im encouraged
Page I24 Im entitled to you to Im hotel zur hochzeitsnacht
Page I25 Im hummin Im whistlin Im singin to Im on the road again
Page I26 Im on to her to Im walking that lonesome road
Page I27 Im walking through clover to Imperfections
Page I28 Imperfections on the surface are occasionally apparent to Improvisatio II
Page I29 Improvisatio III to In a Balinese garden
Page I30 In a balladesque mood to In blues
Page I31 In bocca al lupe to In memoriam Frankie Newton
Page I32 In memoriam George Gershwin to In Smokey Joes joint
Page I33 In so far to In the light of tomorrow
Page I34 In the limelight to In tongues
Page I35 In too deep to Incruste
Page I36 Incubation to Inegalite transbionique a ressort
Page I37 Ineinander to Inn for trouble
Page I38 Inn the pit to Inside love
Page I39 Inside lover to Inter semper et numquam
Page I40 Interaction to Internet
Page I41 Internet mambo to Intone
Page I42 Intoning to Introduction by Ranald Macdonald
Page I43 Introduction by Rashied Ali to Inverted images
Page I44 Inverted pan to Irish girls tears
Page I45 Irish invention to Is this rhythm
Page I46 Is this seat taken to Isosceles
Page I47 Isospin to It is peculiar
Page I48 It is political to Italian comedy
Page I49 Italian concert to Its Alvin again
Page I50 Its always 4 AM to Its my turn now
Page I51 Its name is secret road to Its up to you
Page I52 Its up to you and me to Ive got love on my mind
Page I53 Ive got love on the line to Izzy and Lambchop
Page I54 Izzy whizzy to I�ll remember you


Page J1 J to Jaco time
Page J2 Jacob to Jam box
Page J3 Jam buleria to Janets lullaby
Page J4 Janets mood to Jay walk
Page J5 Jay walker to Jazz nocturne
Page J6 Jazz noir episode one to JCT
Page J7 JD to Jefferson county blues
Page J8 Jefferson jump to Jes fine
Page J9 Jes grew to Jigen
Page J10 Jiger twirls a flower to Jivin the Missouri waltz
Page J11 Jivin the rhythm to Jofa
Page J12 Jog to Joia de amor
Page J13 Joie to Josephine Baker meets Albert Einstein
Page J14 Josephine Baker She need never regret to Joyful expectations
Page J15 joyful feeling to Jugs moon
Page J16 Jugsville to Jumpin for Pete
Page J17 Jumpin for Savoy to Jungle travel
Page J18 Jungle trek to Just a taste
Page J19 Just a temporary thang to Just in time to leave
Page J20 Just in time to see the sun to Just too marvelous for words
Page J21 Just too much to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kalif from Baghdad
Page K2 Kalifornia kondor keselyu to Kar krilase
Page K3 Kar som en tok to Kathy of course
Page K4 Kathy walk to Keep it in the groove
Page K5 Keep it in your mind to Kelleys line
Page K6 Kelleysickle to Keys & screws
Page K7 Keys found to Kill the Philharmonic
Page K8 Kill the pig to King Kong reggae
Page K9 King Kong stomp to kiss for you
Page K10 Kiss from a rose to Klarinetop
Page K11 Klarinette to Knocking at your door
Page K12 Knocking dust to Kolophonium time
Page K13 Kolorowe lato to Korfez
Page K14 Korg & Buescher to Kroumir
Page K15 Kroz prozor to Kutoya
Page K16 Kutrall fra Eikesdal to KZ


Page L1 L to La chanson de lhomme
Page L2 La chanson de lource to La dynamique amoreuse
Page L3 La dynamique des grands to La ladra di cuori
Page L4 La laguna to La notte degli angeli
Page L5 La notte dell addio to La route de lombre
Page L6 La route de Paris to La veeda
Page L7 La vela to Lado B
Page L8 Lado leste to Lago
Page L9 Lago alumine to Lament for an unplayed venue
Page L10 Lament for Arnold to Landscape gardening
Page L11 Landscape harmony to Larry & Emily
Page L12 Larry Coryell solosuite to Last layer
Page L13 last leaf to Late at home
Page L14 Late at night to Latino canino
Page L15 Latino funk to Lawdy Miss Claudy
Page L16 Lawdy Miss Clawdy to Le blues de Londres
Page L17 Le blues de lorchidee to Le grand bon route magnifique
Page L18 Le grand brigand to Le poinconneur des Llilas
Page L19 Le pointe aux oies to Le vampire
Page L20 Le Van Sy to Leaves changing
Page L21 Leaves do not have meaning to legend of P1
Page L22 Legend of Pele to Lennies pennies
Page L23 Lennies place to Les decors
Page L24 Les delices de la mer to Les salines 1
Page L25 Les salines 2 to Let it snow let it snow let is snow
Page L26 Let it snow let it snow let it snow to Letranger de poulet
Page L27 Letre le nonetre to Lets run around
Page L28 Lets run away to Lewisada blues
Page L29 Lewisasa blues to Lidee dEddy
Page L30 Lidee du dialecte to Life on the wicked stage
Page L31 Life on the wire to Light valley
Page L32 Light verse to Like no one else can
Page L33 Like no other to Limbe
Page L34 Limbecile to Lingo
Page L35 Lingo lingo to Listen to the music
Page L36 Listen to the night to Little brown boy
Page L37 Little brown gal to Little Jesus sweetly sleep
Page L38 little jig to little red fox
Page L39 Little red gown to Live a wishper
Page L40 Live Africa to Liza blues
Page L41 Liza is her name to Locked in amber
Page L42 Locked out to London lullaby
Page L43 London melodies to Lonesome road
Page L44 Lonesome road blues to Longa farahfaza
Page L45 Longa nahawand to Looking at Dutch stars
Page L46 Looking at flees with Henry Geldzahler to Lord I cant sit down
Page L47 Lord I come to you to Lost 96
Page L48 Lost after found to Lotta sax appeal
Page L49 Lotta trouble to Love at first glance
Page L50 Love at first sight to Love is always
Page L51 Love is always sentimental to Love on the Sudan
Page L52 Love once for all to Love will keep us alive
Page L53 Love will keep us together to Loves long journey
Page L54 Loves longing to Loxodonta Africana
Page L55 Loxodrom to LudiLudi Il padre
Page L56 Ludine to Lully lullay
Page L57 Lulos samba to Lush life
Page L58 Lush life variations to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to Macha
Page M2 Machaca to Mademoiselle Blackman
Page M3 Mademoiselle Butterfly to magic of JuJu
Page M4 Magic of life to Maiden voyage farewell mentor
Page M5 Maidens blush to Make love to me baby
Page M6 Make love to me baby blues to Malembe
Page M7 Malemood to Mamas getting younger papaa getting older each Day
Page M8 Mamas gone to man called Trinity Deliverance
Page M9 man called Von to Mandela Freed
Page M10 Mandela Madiba we honor you to Mannish boy
Page M11 Mannish girl to Maras dance
Page M12 Maras garden of false delights to Marcus M
Page M13 Marcus mates to Marimbala
Page M14 Marimbariboba to Marsh tainstvennikh negodyaev
Page M15 Marsh tides to Maseru
Page M16 Mases theme to Matrice
Page M17 Matrice 2 to May storm
Page M18 May Street to McCoys mood
Page M19 McCoys nightmare to Mean old world blues
Page M20 Mean ole Frisco to Meditativ humor
Page M21 Meditative to Mein Gorilla hat ne Villa im Zoo
Page M22 Mein Habentaucher dag wie soll das jetzt weitergehen to Melodia del rio
Page M23 Melodia del viento to Memories of childhood
Page M24 Memories of Chile to Mental politician
Page M25 mental power of 13 children to Mes roses
Page M26 Mes roses introduction to metaphysics of selfdeception
Page M27 Metaphyzzix to Mi kuba na
Page M28 Mi la re sol to Middle earth
Page M29 Middle earth herd to Midsommarblumater
Page M30 Midsommarvaka from Swedish rhapsody no 1 to Milen
Page M31 Milena to Mimas dream
Page M32 Mimasorange to Mini mama
Page M33 Mini me to Minor move
Page M34 Minor muse to Miriam doll
Page M35 Miriam Edwards New York accent to Miss kissed
Page M36 Miss Kitha to Mist nat
Page M37 mist of reason to Mito
Page M38 Mitochondria to Mobile waltz
Page M39 Mobiles to Moer or Les
Page M40 Moer or less to Moment in memory
Page M41 moment in Montreux to Monde froid
Page M42 Mondello to Monks dreams
Page M43 Monks drum dream to Montgomarley
Page M44 Montgomery to Moon intro
Page M45 moon is a harsh mistress to Moons falling down
Page M46 Moons going down to More sweet avocados
Page M47 More sweets darling to morning of you
Page M48 Morning on Carmine Street to Mostly skulls
Page M49 Mostly you to Mound City walk around
Page M50 Moundele to Movement 3 Las dos Fridas
Page M51 Movement 3 poetry of links to Mr & Mrs Scrooples lament
Page M52 Mr & Mrs used to be to Mr Idrees
Page M53 MR II to Mr Souvlaki
Page M54 Mr SP to mud bug
Page M55 Mud flats to Munasterio a Santa Chiara
Page M56 Munasterio e Santa Chiara to Music for Bill Mercers reading of Robert Scheers A night in Santa Rita
Page M57 Music for bowed diaphragms to musical salute to Iceland
Page M58 Musical selfsufficient to My apple pie guy
Page M59 My April heart to My dear Ruby
Page M60 My dear sweet flower to My heart belongs to the girl who belongs to somebody else
Page M61 My heart belongs to you to My love grows stronger
Page M62 My love has butterfly wings to My personal cupid
Page M63 My personal friend to My time to cry
Page M64 My time will come to Mystic chant
Page M65 Mystic circle of the young girls to M’selle Laurence


Page N1 n to Nail that turkey
Page N2 Nailbite to Nao quero nem saber
Page N3 Nao sabemos to Natashas theme II
Page N4 Natashas waltz to Nawlins greens
Page N5 Nawuasa to needles
Page N6 Needles and pins to Neophonic impressions 65
Page N7 Neophonic portrait to Never go wrong blues
Page N8 Never going back again to New Charleston
Page N9 new chatter box to New New Orleans
Page N10 New New York to New world street samba
Page N11 New world symphony to Next to nothing
Page N12 Next to nothing a non affair to Nicks fit
Page N13 Nicks kick to night in Bergen
Page N14 night in Bilbao pt 13 to night with Anisia
Page N15 night with Bach in Tunisia to Nine fifteen
Page N16 Nine fingers to NME
Page N17 NMevsian afternoon to No drones
Page N18 No drum boogie to No more heartache no more pain
Page N19 No more heartaches to No roof over your head
Page N20 No room to Nobel cruise
Page N21 Nobels first price to Nocturne vulgaire
Page N22 Nocturned left to None doomy
Page N23 None e vero to North side boogie
Page N24 North side shuffle king to Not for strangers
Page N25 Not forever to Nothin but the truth
Page N26 Nothin but time to Nous sommes metis
Page N27 Nous sommes seules to Now the day is gone
Page N28 Now the day is over to Nuevos horizontes
Page N29 Nuff guff to Nuvens de saudade
Page N30 Nuvens Douradas to NZZ


Page O1 O to O TannenbaumO Christmas tree
Page O2 O tavros to Obtuse
Page O3 Obtuse angles to Odd games
Page O4 odd get even to Odvato vetrem
Page O5 Odwalla to Ogenle
Page O6 Ogenschijnlijk to Oh Mr trombone aint you ashamed
Page O7 Oh muki muki oh to Oil Yo ankles
Page O8 Oilando to Old clothes
Page O9 Old codger to Old poison
Page O10 Old polska to Olivers puppe
Page O11 Olivers song to On a sentimental flute
Page O12 On a short path to On the boulevard
Page O13 On the boulevard of dreams to On train
Page O14 On treasure island to One cymbole
Page O15 One damned thing to One for Phil
Page O16 One for Philippe to One more Christmas
Page O17 One more circle to One thing thats changed
Page O18 One thought at a time to only one Ill miss
Page O19 Only one life to Op 119 No3
Page O20 Op 130 to Opening to the sun
Page O21 Opening tomorrow 2 to Orange bowl
Page O22 Orange Bowl bounce to Ori sintem golani ori nu mai sintem
Page O23 Oria to Orubuschga
Page O24 Orujo to Other seasons
Page O25 other self to Our kinda blues
Page O26 Our knob to Out of the box
Page O27 Out of the bushes to Outtro of a prime moving
Page O28 Outubro to Ow baby
Page O29 Ow shet to O’new


Page P1 P to Paganini
Page P2 Paganini blues to Palatsch I schut
Page P3 Palaver to Panel 5
Page P4 Panel discussions to Paper robot
Page P5 Paper roses to Paragon rag
Page P6 Paragraffiti to Parisian breeze
Page P7 Parisian cocotier to Part 34
Page P8 Part 34 12 to Partie IV Exsistere
Page P9 Partie sachu to Passacaglia in C minor
Page P10 Passacaglia in C Minor BWV582 to Pastel sea
Page P11 Pastel shades to Patuscada de Ghandi
Page P12 Patutu to Peace and quiet
Page P13 Peace and quiet time to Peck n paw
Page P14 Peck time to Pendulum case
Page P15 Pendulum sketch to Peoples Parties
Page P16 peoples republic to Perfectly still this solstice morning
Page P17 Perfedia to personal statement
Page P18 personal story to Petite Bel
Page P19 Petite belle to Phase two
Page P20 Phase two further in the drum to physicist transformed
Page P21 Physics to piccolino
Page P22 Piccolino spiele uns dein kleines Lied to Piece one
Page P23 Pi