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This index refers to the 535,170 individual tune titles (1,600,370 total entries) included in over 244,847 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2020.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific tunes:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual tunes. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific tunes. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual tunes.


Page A1 A to Aberjohn
Page A2 Abernathys boogie to Absschied vom hochbett
Page A3 Abstecher ins schangnau to Acetylene panorama
Page A4 Ach to Actaeons metamorphosis
Page A5 Actdrop to ADDUMMOFO
Page A6 Ade to adventures of Mr Pottercakes
Page A7 Adventures of Sally Sprite to African American Museum of Philadelphia
Page A8 African ancestrian piece to Afroharping
Page A9 Afroicicle to After tomorrow
Page A10 After tonight to Agitato sympatico
Page A11 Agitator to Ai moi moi
Page A12 Ai mouraria to Aint there something
Page A13 Aint there something money cant buy to Akagera II
Page A14 Akagruge to Alanda blus
Page A15 Alandalus to Aleph zero
Page A16 Aleppo to Alili
Page A17 Alima to All I wantGive peace a chance
Page A18 All ice blues to All the best rag
Page A19 All the birds to Alle cinque alla piazza
Page A20 Alle dinge to Alma triste
Page A21 Almacenista to ALP traum
Page A22 Alpa puyo to Alto Street
Page A23 Alto talk to Amalasunta
Page A24 Amalfi to America song
Page A25 America tableaux terrible to Amorada
Page A26 Amorado to An eleven months walk
Page A27 An elusive encounter to Anamaria
Page A28 Anamlor to And I dont mean if
Page A29 And I like your feathers to And we
Page A30 And we all believe to Angel in blue
Page A31 Angel in disguise to Animal picnic
Page A32 Animal planet to Annoyance
Page A33 Annoyed art to Another song about satan
Page A34 Another song about the moon to Antipode
Page A35 Antipoden to Aorta
Page A36 Aortic bruise blues to Appointment
Page A37 Appointment in Ghana to AR1
Page A38 AR2 to Arcosopranino
Page A39 Arcosoprano to Arietta
Page A40 Arietta lyrische stucke op 12 nr 1 to Around the world in 234
Page A41 Around the world in 34 to Artillerie lourde
Page A42 Artillery Billy to As sa nen lindovino
Page A43 AS salaam alikum to Asia train
Page A44 Asiacanese to Astoria Boulevard
Page A45 Astoria strut to At the farm
Page A46 At the fat mans to Atomium song
Page A47 Atomized to Audio hydraulic
Page A48 Audio images I to Aunt Jemina
Page A49 Aunt Lois was over to Autumn fughetta
Page A50 Autumn fugue to Average assumptions and misunderstandings
Page A51 average extreme to Ayana nneke
Page A52 Ayanamsa to Azzurro vecchio


Page B1 B to Baby Buhl
Page B2 Baby Bunny to Babys catwalkin
Page B3 Babys coming back to Back on the block
Page B4 Back on the bus to Backwoods sideman
Page B5 Backwoods song to Bagdad
Page B6 Bagdad bebop to Bakkra
Page B7 Bakkum to Ballad and waltz
Page B8 Ballad andante piu andante poco adagio piu andante maestoso to Ballad of Hathor
Page B9 ballad of Hix Blewitt to Ballamorando Brando
Page B10 Ballando to Bananas oas
Page B11 Bananas slide to Bar next to the Roxy
Page B12 Bar none to Barking dog blues
Page B13 Barking dogs to Basel
Page B14 Basel blues to Bass x 3
Page B15 Bass zone to battle of Mikatagahara
Page B16 Battle of Mine Creek to Be bop quick
Page B17 Be bop scat to Bear tracks
Page B18 Bear trap blues to Beautiful moon of Lao
Page B19 Beautiful moons ago to Because your baby is on your mind
Page B20 Because youre mine to Before church
Page B21 Before closing time to Behind the stars
Page B22 Behind the sun to Bella faccia
Page B23 Bella firenze to Beneath a leaf
Page B24 Beneath a silver moon to Berio
Page B25 Berita to Best of your heart
Page B26 best out of me to Between panic and desire
Page B27 Between poles to Bhavan ballade
Page B28 Bhavan rock to big blowout
Page B29 Big blue to Big Louie
Page B30 Big Louise to Biguine again
Page B31 Biguine des lavandieres to Bimhuis
Page B32 Bimillenaire blues to Birds and hopes
Page B33 Birds and rabbits to bit of heaven
Page B34 bit of latin to Black booty
Page B35 Black bordered letter blues to Black panther
Page B36 Black Panther stomp to Blaltz in B flat
Page B37 Blam to Bleu silence
Page B38 Bleu sketch to Blood secrets
Page B39 Blood shot to Blue and grey suite
Page B40 Blue and grey waltz to Blue eyed boy
Page B41 Blue eyed Sally to blue meets the moon
Page B42 Blue melody to Blue sky dreams
Page B43 Blue sky in my heart to Blues 3
Page B44 Blues 3 4 to Blues de limpasse
Page B45 Blues de Liz to Blues for Brad and Kolax
Page B46 Blues for Bradick to Blues for his majesty King Sobhuza of Swaziland
Page B47 Blues for HJ to Blues for Mr OP
Page B48 Blues for Mr P to Blues for the congo
Page B49 Blues for the count to Blues in Algiers
Page B50 Blues in Algot Major to Blues no 18
Page B51 Blues no 2 to Blues transfert
Page B52 Blues traveler to BMS
Page B53 BMSC to Bodongues
Page B54 Bodrivar to Bolivar blues
Page B55 Bolivia to Bonne nuit ma cherie
Page B56 Bonne nuit mon amour to Boogie on down
Page B57 Boogie on Lady be good to Boomerang
Page B58 Boomerang baby to Borderline Montuna
Page B59 Borderlines to Bossa for Miles
Page B60 Bossa for Pam to Boues rouges
Page B61 Bouffons du roi to Bowling green oh
Page B62 Bowling one to Brain trouble
Page B63 Brain tumor blues to Brazilian girls
Page B64 Brazilian green to Breath out four
Page B65 Breath out one to Bridge on the river Wye
Page B66 Bridge one Firth of forth to Bring on the raindrops
Page B67 Bring out the boogie in me to Broken things
Page B68 broken thought to Brothers
Page B69 Brothers & to Brute
Page B70 Brute facts to Budda
Page B71 Budda bop to Building stuff
Page B72 Building the better mousetrap to Bunker
Page B73 Bunker hill blues to Burundi pose
Page B74 Burundi romp to But still sofanatic
Page B75 But still were free to By night for ever
Page B76 By no means to BZoo


Page C1 C to Cadence en forme dune baleine
Page C2 Cadence for Lester to Calamari
Page C3 Calamari notturni to Call of the loons
Page C4 Call of the Northwest to Calzada del cero
Page C5 Calzada del Cerro to Can I have slice
Page C6 Can I help it to Candle lights and Christmas trees
Page C7 candle maker to Cant make you love me
Page C8 Cant make you stay to Canvas in blue
Page C9 Canvas mvt I to Captain for dark mornings
Page C10 Captain Fortune to Carib blues
Page C11 Carib crib to Carol
Page C12 Carol Ann to Cary
Page C13 Cary Grant to casual romance
Page C14 Casual street boogie to Cats are stealing my shit
Page C15 cats are swingin to CD504
Page C16 CD51 Untitled to Cello theme
Page C17 cello twins to certain peace
Page C18 Certain people to Chacarera for Greg
Page C19 Chacarera para el Diego to Chandra
Page C20 Chandra Lowerys samba to Chant de plainte
Page C21 Chant de veille to Charles River
Page C22 Charles River bridge to Chasing in deep snow
Page C23 Chasing its tail to Cheer up Smile Nertz
Page C24 Cheerful to Chevere
Page C25 Chevereando to Chicken fat
Page C26 Chicken feather to Children on the meadow
Page C27 Children on the Nile to Chinese root letter
Page C28 Chinese rye to Choo choo oh boogie
Page C29 Choo choo rah rah to Choros vagabondo
Page C30 Chorosa blues to Chromatic darkness
Page C31 Chromatic dispersion to Ciceros air from orchestral suite no 3 in D BMV1068
Page C32 Ciceros Albinoni adagio to Ciranda de estrelas
Page C33 Ciranda de La to Citron vertigo
Page C34 Citronade to claps
Page C35 Clapton to Clean shaved and sober
Page C36 Clean slate to Cloak and dagger
Page C37 Cloak of silence to Clouds and water
Page C38 Clouds are crying to Cobalt purview
Page C39 Cobalto to Coffee music
Page C40 Coffee n scotch to Collage 41
Page C41 Collage 5 aus Der sechste sinn to colour red
Page C42 Colour spectrum to Come in spinner
Page C43 Come in the room to Comin baby
Page C44 Comin back to Como agradecer a Jesus
Page C45 Como Alguien enamorado to Composition 255
Page C46 Composition 256 to Comprovisation VI
Page C47 Comprovisation VII to Concerto movement 1 Westward expansion
Page C48 Concerto movement 3 Mardi Gras to Conforme a altura do sol
Page C49 Conforme o dia to Constant conversation
Page C50 constant correspondent to Contrary blues
Page C51 Contrary Mary to Cool and crazy
Page C52 Cool and easy to Copley Square
Page C53 Copley Terrace blues to Coro 2
Page C54 Coro a bocca chiusa to cosmofire
Page C55 Cosmogonie to Counterparts
Page C56 Counterparts are comparatively encountered to Cow
Page C57 Cow a can of cow and thou to craw
Page C58 Craw cut to Creek bank
Page C59 Creek haven blues to Critico cronico
Page C60 Critics to Crows in tuxedos
Page C61 Crows nest to Crystal images
Page C62 Crystal in the light to Cudelia brown
Page C63 Cudi Kazani to Curtain music
Page C64 Curtain of light to Cynthia
Page C65 Cynthia in love to C’etait un histoire d’amour


Page D1 D to Daddys gonna tell you no lie
Page D2 Daddys got a new girl now to Damaged love
Page D3 Damais to Dance of chaos
Page D4 Dance of Chara to Dance with me baby
Page D5 Dance with me Henry to Dancing vanity
Page D6 Dancing Vienna to Dans un fracas de plumes
Page D7 Dans un million dannees to Daresalam
Page D8 Dareyorimo to darkest hour
Page D9 Darkest night to Das wohitemperierte klavier I C sharp minor
Page D10 Das wohltemperierte klavier II F minor to Dawning dance
Page D11 Dawning of the sesame coma to Days of wine and roses
Page D12 Days of wine and Stephane to De partout et dailleurs
Page D13 De Paul to Dear Fatherland
Page D14 Dear Fats to Debrosses Street
Page D15 Debruhoe three to Dedicated to you but you werent listening
Page D16 Dedicated to you Joe to Deep vein thrombosis
Page D17 Deep virus to Dele Don
Page D18 Delea veche to Demons are after you
Page D19 Demons dance to Deposition des trompettes
Page D20 Depot depot to Der Wahre Vogel
Page D21 Der wal to Desert blue
Page D22 Desert blues to Det blir en dejlig dag
Page D23 Det blir regn to Devil race
Page D24 devil rides in Jericho to Dialectique
Page D25 Dialects to Did she ever cry
Page D26 Did she fall or was she pushed to Die Reblaus
Page D27 Die regenrose to Digger and Ed
Page D28 Digger music to Dini
Page D29 Diniel to disappearance of space and time
Page D30 disappeared to Dissidence
Page D31 Dissident harmony sisters camel call to Divisions
Page D32 Divito boogie to Djupa andetag
Page D33 Djupet to Do ya think Im sexy
Page D34 Do yall swinging to Document for Leo Smith
Page D35 Document for Toshinori Kondo to Doin the SuzieQ
Page D36 Doin the SuzyQ to Domo sunu
Page D37 Domoa to Dont be so serious
Page D38 Dont be so sure to Dont go now
Page D39 Dont go nowhere without me to Dont say youre sorry again
Page D40 Dont scare me none to Dont you lose it
Page D41 Dont you loud mouth me to Dorotea
Page D42 Dorotea la cautiva to Double time
Page D43 Double toe to Down home where the blowfish roam
Page D44 Down home with Homey to Dr Abraham
Page D45 Dr Affe to Dramatic quasi cadenza
Page D46 dramatic suite to Dream toon
Page D47 Dream toward the space to Drei gesange
Page D48 Drei Goschen Ober to Drogdensgade
Page D49 Droids to Drum tantrum
Page D50 Drum tatoo to Du bist so shon fur mich
Page D51 Du bist so Zauberhaft to Duellin banjos
Page D52 Duelling banjos to Dumeresq
Page D53 Dumini to Dusk meridian
Page D54 Dusk mystery memory community to DZZM


Page E1 E to Early exit
Page E2 Early fall to East coast blues
Page E3 East coast dancer to Easy mind
Page E4 Easy money to Echo of spring
Page E5 Echo of the spring to Edgars tune
Page E6 edge to Egentlig
Page E7 Egeo to Ein Germane in Madrid
Page E8 Ein Glas mehr to El amor en tiempos de crisis 4
Page E9 El amor en tiempos de crisis 5 to El hombre The man
Page E10 El hombre y la terra to El sponsor pasa
Page E11 El sponzo to Electric treasures
Page E12 Electric tuba solo to Elephants on wheels
Page E13 elephants revenge to Ellingtone poem
Page E14 Ellingtones to Embrace me
Page E15 Embrace me if you can to Empty bed blues
Page E16 Empty bedroom blues to En nosotros
Page E17 En ny en to End of autumn
Page E18 end of blossoms to English folk melodies
Page E19 English folk song suite to Entrances one
Page E20 Entrances two to Episode zero
Page E21 Episodes to Erinnyen
Page E22 Erins blues to Escape to happiness
Page E23 Escape to Hong Kong to Essential element
Page E24 Essential expressions to Etelaraaga
Page E25 Etemo ritomello to Etude in Gb major op 25 9
Page E26 Etude in Gb op25 no 9 to Evans eleven
Page E27 Evans essence to EverEddie
Page E28 Everessence to Everybodys got something to hide
Page E29 Everybodys got something to hide except me and my monkey to Eves garden
Page E30 Eves night to Excerpt from performance The Flies
Page E31 Excerpt from piano concerto 4 to Experiment trial
Page E32 Experiment XX to Eye due
Page E33 Eye ear nose to e_asonata02


Page F1 F to Factotum al bebop
Page F2 Factotum pole to Falando de amortema de amor
Page F3 Falando de Orlando to Family of the spirits
Page F4 Family patterns to Fantastic slim
Page F5 fantastic story to Farewell to Santo Domingo
Page F6 Farewell to Storeyville to Fat boy Chicago
Page F7 Fat boy rag to favorite Ragtime two step
Page F8 Favorite saints to Feel the crew
Page F9 Feel the fire to Felonious funk
Page F10 Felonious punk to Feuille man fond bois
Page F11 Feuille verte to Fifteen day affair
Page F12 Fifteen four to Film palast
Page F13 Film requiem to Fine root trap
Page F14 Fine shape to Firebug
Page F15 Fireburn to First one
Page F16 first one of 11th July 1997 to fishook and the eyeball
Page F17 Fishs Eddy to Five twenty five
Page F18 Five twenty one equals eight to Flat face
Page F19 Flat feet to Flight of the desperados
Page F20 Flight of the dodo to Flor do mato
Page F21 Flor do verao to Fluctuat nec mergitur
Page F22 Fluctuation of horizon to Flying backwards
Page F23 flying Bamontes to Folie a amphion
Page F24 Folie a deux to fool grows wise
Page F25 Fool hardy to For B
Page F26 For B and D to For Grant Green
Page F27 For granted to For my parents
Page F28 For my people to For the road
Page F29 For the rock artist to Forensic musicology
Page F30 Forensic mystics to Form letter to God
Page F31 Form of the future thought to Foulitude
Page F32 Found to Four towns in an unknown country parts IIV
Page F33 Four track to Fragment 92 & 93
Page F34 Fragment A to Frantic journey
Page F35 Frantic lover to Free ditty
Page F36 Free dive to Freedom in fragments
Page F37 Freedom in life to Freres de la cote
Page F38 Freres en marche to Friendship next of kin
Page F39 friendship of walnuts to From E to C
Page F40 From earth to moon to From Trio Sonata in E Major
Page F41 From Tullio to Gil to Fuego azul
Page F42 Fuego con llvia to Fuller love
Page F43 Fuller place to Funkaboo
Page F44 Funkaception to Funny isnt funny
Page F45 Funny jokes to Future children
Page F46 Future children future hope to FZ pour PB


Page G1 G to Gallant hearts
Page G2 Gallant men to Garbergsbrudens dodsmarsch
Page G3 Garberville to Gates of Hades
Page G4 gates of hell to Gee Im glad Im from Dixie
Page G5 Gee Im lonesome to Genius and emptiness
Page G6 Genius envy to Georgians blues
Page G7 Georgias always on my mind to Get lucky Bucky
Page G8 Get lucky manifesto to Getting sentimental
Page G9 Getting sentimental over you to Giant feet
Page G10 Giant flies to Ginaste ando
Page G11 Ginastera to girl with the insagrievous walk
Page G12 girl with the lazy eye to Give me the love
Page G13 Give me the man to Glassworks
Page G14 Glassy to Glowing waves
Page G15 Gloworm to Go tell my other man
Page G16 Go tenor to Godzilla sings the blues
Page G17 Godzilla soup to Gold fever
Page G18 Gold gold mamas to Gone away
Page G19 Gone away blues to Good hair day
Page G20 Good halfpenny blues to GoodBye 339
Page G21 Goodbye 522 to goose is loose
Page G22 Goose juice to Gotas de jasmine
Page G23 Gotas de luar to Grain
Page G24 grain belt blues to Graphite
Page G25 Graphtification to Great getting up
Page G26 great gig in the sky to Green Mill blues
Page G27 Green mill mambo to Grey men shark ballad
Page G28 Grey mirror to Groove your moves
Page G29 Groove zone to Grumpy grandpa
Page G30 grumpy hump to Guia
Page G31 Guia de cego to Gurras garage
Page G32 Gurtel eins to Gyz galasy
Page G33 Gzon to G’bye now


Page H1 H to Hail to the spirit of liberty
Page H2 Hail to thee Malthusia to Halleluja I love him so
Page H3 halleluja shuffle to Hamsters
Page H4 Hamsters hamsters to Hank Jones interview
Page H5 Hank miri to Happy Gabriel
Page H6 Happy gear to Hard groovin
Page H7 Hard habit to brake to Harlequin galaxy
Page H8 Harlequin meets Colombine to Has anyone seen my Corrine
Page H9 has anyone seen my gal to Have a merry Christmas
Page H10 Have a nice day to Haywain
Page H11 Haywain tryptych to head man
Page H12 Head nigger in charge to Heart of Paris
Page H13 Heart of quiet resignation to Heavy heavy
Page H14 Heavy Henry to Helen of Troyland
Page H15 Helen song to Hellza
Page H16 Hellzapoppin to Her quiet tears
Page H17 Her raincoat to Here you come today
Page H18 Here you come with love to Hes more than just
Page H19 Hes my baby to Hey madame
Page H20 Hey magic man to Hidden orchid
Page H21 Hidden park to High street steps
Page H22 High streetpart pedestrianised to Himmelblau
Page H23 Himmelgrunden to His honour and the vermin
Page H24 His knack to Ho un sassolino nella scapra
Page H25 Ho un sassolino nella scarpa to Hold up
Page H26 Hold up and hold on to Holystone
Page H27 Holywell hoedown to Homesick for the elevator
Page H28 Homesick in Paris to Hong Kong sad songmore coffee
Page H29 Hong Kong sentinel to Hope you were covered up
Page H30 Hope youll get it to Horse power
Page H31 Horse race to Hot rolls
Page H32 Hot room to House of lights
Page H33 House of Lords to How do yall know
Page H34 How do ye do to How to think like a millionaire
Page H35 How to transport weight in three movements lift carry drop to Hugos apple
Page H36 Hugos dessert to Hundreds and thousands
Page H37 Hundstage to Hut ab
Page H38 Hut ab Charly to Hymne au revoir
Page H39 Hymne au soleil to Hyvinkaa


Page I1 I to I believe the sun is gonna shine
Page I2 I believe theres gonna be a flood to I cant see your house from here
Page I3 I cant shake love to I dont believe in destiny
Page I4 I dont believe in love to I ever I should leave you
Page I5 I exist to I got my eyes on you
Page I6 I got my fingers crossed to I hear a bluebird
Page I7 I hear a dream to I know the problem
Page I8 I know the scenery by heart to I love Paris
Page I9 I love Paris cest magnifique to I need some lovin
Page I10 I need some loving to I remember Lester
Page I11 I remember Lisa to I still dont know
Page I12 I still dream to I wanna call you sweet mama
Page I13 I wanna chill with bear grylls to I was just one more for you
Page I14 I was just thinking about you to I wont stop and I wont slow down
Page I15 I wont stop my bubbles to Ich bin Heute ja so verliebt
Page I16 Ich bin in das Leben verliebt to Id trade my air castles for a love nest and you
Page I17 Id turn back if I were you to If I ever fall in love
Page I18 If I ever fall in love again to If spirals had corners
Page I19 If spring were only here to stay to If you see me comin
Page I20 If you see me coming to Iibs
Page I21 Iihi tabidachi to Il grido delluomo
Page I22 Il grillo parlante to Ill be comin home
Page I23 Ill be coming home to Ill say she does
Page I24 Ill say that again to Im a real man
Page I25 Im a red hot mama to Im going back to Dixie
Page I26 Im going back to Himazas to Im just a son of a bass player
Page I27 Im just a stowaway to Im savin all my lovin
Page I28 Im savin my love for you to Im your professor
Page I29 Im your puppet to Imperfections on the surface are occasionally apparent
Page I30 Imperial to Improv 3 Eddie Prevost
Page I31 Improv 3 part 111 to Improvisie
Page I32 Improvisiert stimmung mit barytone und schlagzeug to In a turquoise mood
Page I33 In a twilight zone to In great haste
Page I34 In grossen und kleinen zugen to In our midst
Page I35 In our name to In the company of strangers
Page I36 In the company of you to In the quiet moments
Page I37 In the racket to In your lonely room
Page I38 In your loving arms to Index of minerals
Page I39 Index times to Infermezzo
Page I40 Infernal to Inner account
Page I41 Inner agent to Inside again
Page I42 Inside air to Int a compartment in a Transylvanian railroad train night
Page I43 Int o rispiro to Interludio Ma che modi sono
Page I44 Interludio obscurio to Intimate pose nr 2
Page I45 Intimate pose nr 3 to Intro some chocolate drops
Page I46 Intro sommer 2012 to Introductions by Fred Grady
Page I47 Introductions by George Wein to Invisibles
Page I48 Invisibone to Iron light
Page I49 Iron man to Is you is
Page I50 Is you is or is you aint to Isolation I
Page I51 Isolation II to It has no name
Page I52 It has to be to It was worth it
Page I53 It was written in the stars to Its a strange but funky world
Page I54 Its a strange world to Its jungle out there
Page I55 Its just to Its talking to you
Page I56 Its tappening to Ive been floating down the old green river
Page I57 Ive been floating down the river to Ive never been a woman before
Page I58 Ive never been anything to I�m wild about that thing


Page J1 J to Jacksonii
Page J2 JacksonMississippi to Jakes dilemma
Page J3 Jakes lament to Jamon Andaluz
Page J4 Jamon con yuca to Jasper in my mind
Page J5 Jasper jaguar to Jazz goest to beat
Page J6 Jazz group to Jazziz
Page J7 Jazzjazz to Jealousie
Page J8 Jealousies among chickens to Jellys jazz
Page J9 Jellys quantum stomp to Jesus loves me this I know
Page J10 Jesus loves me yes I know to Jimis swing
Page J11 Jimis three words to Jo Jo blues
Page J12 Jo Jones personal contribution to Johdanto
Page J13 Johhacue to Jojk III
Page J14 Jojkrill to Josh and Bill blues
Page J15 Josh BGosh to Joyeux temps
Page J16 Joyeux univers sert to Jugglers escape in seven movements
Page J17 Jugglers etude to Jumped pulse
Page J18 Jumped up to Jungle drums fantasy 1
Page J19 Jungle drums fantasy 2 to Just a lazy old tune
Page J20 Just a little to Just fiends
Page J21 Just fine to Just playing boogie
Page J22 Just pretend to J’attendrai


Page K1 K to Kaleidophonic
Page K2 Kaleidoscoop to Kansas City Stride
Page K3 Kansas City style to Kashmir remembered
Page K4 Kashmir to heaven to KCs head
Page K5 KCs place to Keeper of the light
Page K6 keeper of the news to Keplers groove
Page K7 Keplership BlueRingers all the night to Kick down
Page K8 Kick down 2 to Kimchi
Page K9 Kimchi 2 to King of two fives
Page K10 king of Weasle is called Easle to Kiss my ass 1
Page K11 Kiss my ass 10 to Klatki
Page K12 Klatremusens vuggevise to Knock on the door
Page K13 Knock on the door look for happiness to Kolbassi calypso
Page K14 Kolbe war to Kooky spooks
Page K15 Kool to Kreftene
Page K16 Kreg to Kumoi
Page K17 Kump good to Kyuzo
Page K18 Kyy to KZ


Page L1 L to La carunabaru
Page L2 La casa to La danza di Zoe
Page L3 La danza die tamburi to La grande question
Page L4 La grande roue to La memoire du silence
Page L5 La memoire et la mer to la planete carree
Page L6 La plante verte to La soupe a ma grandmere
Page L7 La soupe aux cafards to La vita
Page L8 La vita agra to lady doesnt lie
Page L9 Lady dont cry to Lahadam
Page L10 Lahaina to Lament for Johnnys mama
Page L11 Lament for Kalief Browder to Landlady
Page L12 Landladys footsteps to large ends the way
Page L13 Large father to Last chance to groove
Page L14 Last chance to say goodbye to Last tango in NYC
Page L15 Last tango in Paris to Lateral climb
Page L16 Lateral line to Laughing stock
Page L17 Laughing stomp to Lazers theme
Page L18 Lazey dazey to Le chant du bugle
Page L19 Le chant du gardien to Le jardin
Page L20 Le jardin anglais to Le poeme bleu mysterieux
Page L21 Le poeme noir triste to Le tien
Page L22 Le tigre to leather on the hole
Page L23 Leather shadows to Leffacement des traces
Page L24 Leffacement des traces intro to Lemigrant
Page L25 Lemigre to Lepers & the dead
Page L26 Lepers rhapsody to Les grands espaces
Page L27 Les grelots to Les vieux
Page L28 Les vieux allemands to Let me give you lovin
Page L29 Let me go to Lets all go to Marys house
Page L30 Lets all live and give together to Lets ride with Bob
Page L31 Lets rock to Leventango
Page L32 Leventee to Libra Ahora
Page L33 Libra ascending to Life into a song
Page L34 Life is to Light blue frolic
Page L35 Light blue Pannonica to Like a fairytale
Page L36 Like a fairytale of magic to Lil hell bender
Page L37 Lil Italian special to Limprimante
Page L38 Limprobable scenario to Linternationale
Page L39 Linterrogatoire to Listening for the sedge warbler
Page L40 Listening knows the time to little busy
Page L41 Little busy body to Little jazz boogie
Page L42 Little jazz boogie witchcraft to Little proxy
Page L43 Little Puerto Rico to Little wonder
Page L44 Little wonder boogie to Living is A
Page L45 Living is a dangerous thing to Loading ramp
Page L46 Loading screen to Loire valley
Page L47 Lois to Lonely in New York
Page L48 Lonely in the rain to Long haul flight
Page L49 Long have I cherished to Lontano d ate
Page L50 Lontano dagli occhi to Looking for treble
Page L51 Looking for trouble to Lord revive us
Page L52 Lord Rothschild loses his cool to Lost ballad and antidote
Page L53 Lost bamboo to Lots of jazz
Page L54 Lots of kisses to Love and innocence
Page L55 Love and joy to Love is 5050
Page L56 Love is a ball to Love me tonight
Page L57 Love me true to Love thoughts
Page L58 Love thy father to Lovers eyes
Page L59 Lovers for a day to Low groovey
Page L60 Low groovin to Luck
Page L61 Luck around the corner to Lullaby for Art
Page L62 Lullaby for Atlantis to Luna de Oriente
Page L63 Luna de otono to Lux aeterna
Page L64 Lux beta to L’uomo di Miseno


Page M1 M to MacCrimmons lament
Page M2 Macdaddy to madcap laughs
Page M3 Madcap Molly to Maggy
Page M4 Magharibi to Magyar Lo
Page M5 Magyar nepdal to Majestic warriors
Page M6 majestic way to Making a comeback
Page M7 Making a hole for dynamic purposes to Malte Laurids Brigge
Page M8 Malted milk to Mambo for Roy
Page M9 Mambo for vibes to Man in the station
Page M10 Man in the street to Manel
Page M11 Manelyst to Mans epitaph
Page M12 Mans favorite sport to Marathonmanden
Page M13 Maratona to Marcia Lee
Page M14 Marcia lenta to Mariendorf totalisator
Page M15 Marienella to Marquee
Page M16 Marques song to Maryana
Page M17 Maryandra to Mat intro
Page M18 Mat line to Mavi gozlu dev
Page M19 Mavi mi kahverengi mi to Maybe younger
Page M20 Maybe your baby to Me & Ei
Page M21 Me & Kate to Meascikukke
Page M22 Measly blues to Medjumurski zdenci
Page M23 Medjunarodni nacin polka to Mein Leben ist voller Sehnsucht
Page M24 Mein lieber Flugel to Melnottika
Page M25 Melo to Memorias de Valparaiso
Page M26 Memorias del olvido to Menhir
Page M27 Meni devol to Merlinda
Page M28 Merlino to Mesto
Page M29 Mesto mladih to Mexican corn
Page M30 Mexican dance to Michael mas
Page M31 Michael my second son to midnight confession
Page M32 Midnight conversation to Mifune
Page M33 Mig to Miles of wire
Page M34 Miles out to Min Anna is en ros
Page M35 Min awl lamsa to minha vasa
Page M36 Minha vez to Minor intrusion
Page M37 Minor issue to miracle of you
Page M38 Miracle on Main Street to Miss beat
Page M39 Miss Bee to Missing you
Page M40 Missing you madeira to Misterioso ma non troppo
Page M41 Misterioso Rose to MJT
Page M42 MJTD blues to Model
Page M43 Model A to Moitie de truite
Page M44 Moito Mato Grosso to Momentos dificiles
Page M45 Momentos em sampa to Monet
Page M46 monetary system blues to Monks ghost
Page M47 Monks glimpse to Montegut shuffle
Page M48 Monteiro backhand to Moon dance suite
Page M49 Moon dancer to Moonlight on the campus
Page M50 Moonlight on the Colorado to more I go out with somebody else
Page M51 more I have you to Morning at the city
Page M52 Morning at the window to Mos blues
Page M53 Mos cowboys & shrieking hinges to Mothers blue velvet shoes
Page M54 Mothers blues to Mountains of fire
Page M55 Mountains of ice to Movement No 3
Page M56 Movement No 4 to Mr AT
Page M57 Mr AT revisited to Mr Jefferson
Page M58 Mr Jelly fingers to Mr Somethingelse
Page M59 Mr Son to Muchacho
Page M60 Muchacho Azul to Multiply then divide
Page M61 multipopix to Mushroom dance
Page M62 Mushroom music to Music to clean the garage by
Page M63 Music to dance to to Muti woman
Page M64 Mutilated grass to My brothers
Page M65 My brothers and sisters keeper to My flower your power
Page M66 My flowers to My kind of Christmas
Page M67 My kind of feeling to My memory book
Page M68 My memory had magnified to My season
Page M69 My second apple pie to My wish
Page M70 My wish for Cathy and my friends to Mystical
Page M71 Mystical adventures to Mzuri


Page N1 n to Naguines tears
Page N2 Nagwal to Nangape
Page N3 Nangarenes to Nassau nights
Page N4 Nassau swings to Nature prays
Page N5 Nature reaction to Nearly east
Page N6 Nearly everything happens to me to Neither bill nor axe would shorten its existence
Page N7 Neither fire nor place to Nessan
Page N8 Nessayons jamais de comprendre blues to Never mind our weather
Page N9 Never mind the noise in the market to New DB blues
Page N10 New deal to New Orleans beat
Page N11 New Orleans blues to New world order
Page N12 new world playing jazz to next phase
Page N13 next phrase to Nicin bende uzun pipo yok
Page N14 Nicis blues to Night critters
Page N15 Night crowd to night spent walking through mirrors
Page N16 Night spinner to Nijmegen B A 1521975
Page N17 Nijmegen hassen hunt to Nipigon
Page N18 Nipijo transfer to No baby
Page N19 No baby no to No heroes no shunting hour
Page N20 No hesitation to No news is good news
Page N21 No news is good news coming to No snow
Page N22 No snow in January to Nobody cares about the railroads anymore
Page N23 Nobody cares but me to nod in your direction
Page N24 nod or a wink to Non una parola che dicesse qualcosa
Page N25 Non vedo che te to Norsk dans
Page N26 Norsk fars to Nostaloptimist
Page N27 Nostematics to Not too old to rock and roll
Page N28 Not too serious to Nothing takes the place of you
Page N29 Nothing that meets the eye to November snow
Page N30 November sondag to Nozomi
Page N31 Nozzles tecalemit to Numb trudge
Page N32 number to NY midnight suite
Page N33 NY moment to NZZ


Page O1 O to O silencio das estralas
Page O2 O sino to obscuring gaze
Page O3 Obscurio to Octette 1
Page O4 Octiminus to Ode to Oscar
Page O5 Ode to Pettiford to Ofe
Page O6 Ofek to Oh Doctor Jesus
Page O7 Oh Doctor Jesus oh de lawd shake de heavens to Oh Star of Eve
Page O8 Oh steal away to OK OK
Page O9 OK Persson to Old fashioned blues
Page O10 old fashioned bustle my mother wore to old shade tree
Page O11 Old shale to Olivia
Page O12 Olivia & Derek to On a Mardi Gras day
Page O13 On a midnight kick to On such short notice
Page O14 On suicide to On the trail to Kozatke
Page O15 On the train to Ondo ondo
Page O16 Ondonde fira to One for Hakim
Page O17 One for Hale 1) to One in the age of none
Page O18 One in the bush is worth two in the hand to One of my favorites
Page O19 One of my happiness to One year later
Page O20 One year under the sun to Onocological
Page O21 Onodig stress to Opelousas special
Page O22 Open to Opertune
Page O23 Opferung to Orange circus yellow circus
Page O24 Orange city to Organoreenie
Page O25 Organpraludium cmoll to Orovela
Page O26 Orphan to Otavalo
Page O27 Otay to Oui et non
Page O28 Oui free to Out dere
Page O29 out doors to Outeme
Page O30 Outer to Over the phone I got the message
Page O31 Over the rain forest to Oya
Page O32 Oya natureza to O’new


Page P1 P to Paean to Don Quixote
Page P2 Paean to the prince of hell to Pakke
Page P3 Pakkepapen to Panama Pacific rag
Page P4 Panama papers to Papa was a Rollin Stone
Page P5 Papa was a Rolling Stone to parable for Patrice
Page P6 Parablennius gattorugine to PardulOtto
Page P7 Pare a plonger to Parni valcik
Page P8 Parnu ballaad to Part I Nestors saga
Page P9 Part I Noir to Partitura de orquesta
Page P10 Partitures secretes to Passage 3
Page P11 Passage 4 to pasta parade
Page P12 Pasta touch to Pattern one
Page P13 Pattern rock to Paz en mi cancion
Page P14 Paz no coracao to pear tree
Page P15 Pearblossom heights to PeKa boogie
Page P16 PeKa rock to Pentatonic tune
Page P17 Pentatonica to Perceptions of time
Page P18 Perceptive to Perlie May
Page P19 Perlina blues to Peshwari
Page P20 PeskaraEmbalada to Petites mains
Page P21 Petites notes damour no 1 to Phenomenological dimensions
Page P22 Phenomenology to Physics
Page P23 Physics and other amputations of the self gone to Town to Picarib
Page P24 Picaro to Piece for mutes
Page P25 Piece for my dad to Pigskin
Page P26 Pigskin blues to Pink skates
Page P27 Pink skies over carnaby to Pits
Page P28 Pitseleh to Plane of the ecliptic
Page P29 Plane of the eliptic to Play station
Page P30 Play street to Please dont play number 6 tonight
Page P31 Please dont play number six tonight to Ploys bossa
Page P32 PlS to Poem for 15
Page P33 Poem for a dolphin to Poissons morts
Page P34 Poitiers to Poly wanna rhythm
Page P35 Poly whole to Poor Richard
Page P36 Poor Robinson Crusoe to Porridge experience
Page P37 Porro to Portrait of T
Page P38 Portrait of Tallulah to Postmodern pharoahs
Page P39 postmodern Prometheus to Pousse
Page P40 Pousse cafe to Praising the gods
Page P41 Prajna to precise kind of infinity a sliver of clarity nestled
Page P42 Precisely now to Prelude No 7 in A minor
Page P43 Prelude no 7Berceuse to Preparing to bloom
Page P44 Preparing to take the long view to Pretty place
Page P45 Pretty plaid skirt to prince of love
Page P46 Prince of Newark to process
Page P47 Process and passion to Promenade papale
Page P48 Promenade pour deux lions to Prum samba
Page P49 Prume to Public melody 1
Page P50 Public melody no 1 to PunkT Gdansk
Page P51 Punkt live remix to Pushing the beat
Page P52 Pushing the blues to PZZ


Page Q1 Q to Quante stelle
Page Q2 Quanti pensieri to Que resteil de nos amours
Page Q3 Que restetil to Questions questions
Page Q4 Questions the answer to Quietis
Page Q5 Quietland to Qye restetil de nos amours


Page R1 R to Radio Eriwan
Page R2 Radio excerpt from Marian McPartlands Piano Jazz to Ragsville
Page R3 Ragsy to rainbow over the bamboo forest
Page R4 Rainbow over the river to Rambling Rose
Page R5 Rambling round your city to Rare metal
Page R6 Rare moment to Raw way
Page R7 Rawalpindi blues to Real boogie woogie
Page R8 Real book My favorite songs to Rebop dance
Page R9 Rebop festival to Red bank blues
Page R10 Red Bank boogie to Red robin
Page R11 red robin march to Reference point
Page R12 Referencies to Regiuem for a broken swing
Page R13 Regla salvent to Religion
Page R14 Religion is something within you to Remords
Page R15 Remords du desert to Requiem for a song
Page R16 Requiem for a studio guitar player to Restless nights
Page R17 restless one to Revacom
Page R18 Revadim to Rhapsody in aflat
Page R19 Rhapsody in bass to Rhythm waltz
Page R20 Rhythm wild to ride part 1 introduction
Page R21 ride part 2 to right honorable MP
Page R22 right idea to Rio Branco
Page R23 Rio caramel to Ritas birthday
Page R24 Ritas blues to rivers flow
Page R25 Rivers for five bassoons and contrabassoon to Roba
Page R26 Roba da mallets to Rock pile
Page R27 Rock pile blues to Rodeo carousel
Page R28 Rodeo drive to Rollis tune
Page R29 Rollmambo to Rondo belmondo
Page R30 Rondo blues to Rosa de luxe
Page R31 Rosa de saudade to Rossetti
Page R32 Rossetto e cioccolato to Roundtable twist
Page R33 Roundtree to Rubbel die katz
Page R34 Rubber to Ruggusserli
Page R35 Rugh to Run that by me
Page R36 Run that rhythm to Russian village
Page R37 Russian vodka to Rzeczka


Page S1 S to Sacred silence
Page S2 Sacred silent prayer to Sag mir wo die Blumen sind
Page S3 Sag nur einmal mir to Sakatas dream
Page S4 Sakatumi to salt mines
Page S5 Salt n ice to Samba Claro
Page S6 Samba Claudine to Samba Noel
Page S7 Samba noir to Sammy sings the blues
Page S8 Sammy slick to Sandalia dela
Page S9 Sandals and seashells to Santa Monica
Page S10 Santa Monica blues to Sasa
Page S11 Sasa no ha to Satyagraha suite
Page S12 Satyagrahi to Sax can moo
Page S13 Sax chase to Sbarcando nellaltra del parte del mondo
Page S14 SBass to Scene two
Page S15 Scene unseen to Schneck it out
Page S16 Schnecke to Scisi ta
Page S17 Scissione to Screenplay
Page S18 Screentest to Sea of lead part V
Page S19 Sea of lead part VI to Seau dair
Page S20 Seaview to Secret 5
Page S21 Secret 6 to See more
Page S22 See more glass to Sei mal verliebt
Page S23 Sei mein freund to Semigymnopedia
Page S24 Semilunaire to Sensuendo
Page S25 Sensuous to Sequence 73
Page S26 Sequence 8 to Serial mood
Page S27 Serial mother blues to Settling of a racing mind
Page S28 Setu itk to Seventh ray
Page S29 Seventh ray overture to Shades of McBride
Page S30 Shades of McSoul to Shake your body
Page S31 Shake your body down to the ground to Shares of the blues
Page S32 Sharese to She said she was a painter
Page S33 She said she was from Sarajevo to Sheridan Square
Page S34 Sheridan Square boogie to Shijo no ai
Page S35 Shika shika to Shockhand
Page S36 Shockin to Short straw
Page S37 Short stuff to Shreveport farewell
Page S38 Shreveport shuffle to Si si puede
Page S39 Si si Safronia to Sidriel
Page S40 Sids ahead to Sihouette
Page S41 Sihsah to Silkworm
Page S42 Silkworm society to Simone uffen
Page S43 Simonero to Since you went away from me
Page S44 Since you were away to single tear of remembrance
Page S45 single thought to Sistah girls lament
Page S46 Sistah sistah to Six foot two blues
Page S47 Six foot under n smilin to skares
Page S48 Skarga to Skipping along the rainbow
Page S49 Skipping double dutch to Skyshifter II
Page S50 Skyshifter III to Sleeping time
Page S51 Sleeping town to slinker
Page S52 Slinkin to Slow it down
Page S53 Slow jam to Small hour fantasy
Page S54 small hours to Smith plays ts
Page S55 Smith walk to Snake hips dance
Page S56 Snake hips shake hips to Snow drift
Page S57 Snow drop to So I am in New Orleans
Page S58 So I can live again to So whats old
Page S59 So whats up to Soft impressions
Page S60 Soft in the middle to Solar patrol
Page S61 Solar plexis to Solo and ballad for four clarinets
Page S62 Solo and duo in blue to Some autumn snow
Page S63 Some baby my gal to Somebody in love
Page S64 Somebody in my closet to Something easy
Page S65 Something else to Sometimes it just happens
Page S66 Sometimes it rains to Sonando las horas que pasan
Page S67 Sonando Puerto Rico to Song for angels
Page S68 song for Ani to Song for Loly
Page S69 Song for Lorraine to Song for Thomas
Page S70 Song for Tina to Song of the earth
Page S71 Song of the elder brother after he had created the spirits of men to Sonho de natal
Page S72 Sonho de um sonho to Sop City
Page S73 Sop song to Sosia
Page S74 Sosiego to Soul Sunday
Page S75 Soul support to Sound sketches
Page S76 Sound sleep to South indian line
Page S77 South Indian marriage rhythm to Soyons deux
Page S78 Soyons fou to Spanish chill out
Page S79 Spanish clone to Speaker
Page S80 Speakerphone shuffle to Spesh
Page S81 Spessi to spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
Page S82 Spirit James to Split rock
Page S83 Split screen to Spring colors
Page S84 Spring colours to Spydody
Page S85 Spyfly to St Louis blues
Page S86 St Louis blues boogie to Stampa
Page S87 Stampash to Star time
Page S88 star to my father to State of the heart
Page S89 State of the nation to Steamin in Cleveland
Page S90 Steamin up the road to Steppin high
Page S91 Steppin high for Pierre Boulez to Still cool
Page S92 Still crazy to stob
Page S93 Stocco to Stones
Page S94 Stones across the water to Stormy crossing
Page S95 Stormy Daniels to Strange angel with his trumpet
Page S96 Strange animal to Strawberry sunset
Page S97 Strawberry terrace to Strictly from Dixie
Page S98 Strictly from hunger to Strong winds
Page S99 Strong woman to Stuff and nonsense
Page S100 Stuff and Sonny to Subterranean sweetie
Page S101 Subterranean traintravelin to Suffering man blues
Page S102 Suffering of the city to Suite for a windmill
Page S103 Suite for accordion to Sulkin
Page S104 Sulkyhoola to Summers going
Page S105 Summers gone to sunbonnet blueDont worry bout me
Page S106 Sunbonnet Sue to Sunnymoon for two
Page S107 Sunnys bounce to Super jedi
Page S108 Super jet to Surfacing
Page S109 Surfaren to Suynday
Page S110 Suynomi lettre to Sweat the grub
Page S111 Sweater and glasses part 1 to Sweet Grorgia Bright
Page S112 Sweet gypsy rose to Sweet smells
Page S113 Sweet smile to Swing 42
Page S114 Swing 43 to Swingin at Sammys
Page S115 Swingin at Savoy to Swingtime blues
Page S116 Swingtime for Sylvia to Symphony in riffs
Page S117 Symphony in riifs to S’wonderful


Page T1 t to tag in f
Page T2 Tag och skriv to Take care of you for me
Page T3 Take care of your baby to Take your tomorrow
Page T4 Take your tomorrows to Talk 6
Page T5 Talk 7 to Tambora
Page T6 Tambores africanos to Tango in D major
Page T7 Tango in D Major No2 from Espana Op165 to Tao 8
Page T8 Tao 9 to Taste and see
Page T9 Taste by taste to TD stomp
Page T10 TD vibe intro to Tease me but please dont squeeze me even if I got it bad
Page T11 Tease my shoes to Telegraph from Gunther
Page T12 Telegraph Hill to Tema di Lara
Page T13 Tema di Luna to Ten little piggies
Page T14 Ten little sleepy sheep to Tension & release
Page T15 Tension and release to Tersek
Page T16 Tershate to Thaks lunch
Page T17 Thalange to That girl from New Orleans
Page T18 That girl I love to Thats a Puente
Page T19 Thats a serious thing to Thats when my time will come
Page T20 Thats when rhythm was born to Theme for Jon
Page T21 Theme for Josie to Theme from the Three Penny Opera
Page T22 theme from The Threepenny Opera to There goes the neighbourhood
Page T23 There goes the rainbow to Theres a small hotel
Page T24 Theres a space for me to They all axed for you
Page T25 They all change to Things as they are
Page T26 Things behind the sun to Third kind of blue
Page T27 Third Klass to This is Africa
Page T28 This is all to This ones for you
Page T29 This ones for you Bud to Thou tune of my mourning
Page T30 Though dreamers die to Three degrees
Page T31 Three degrees of freedom to Three parts of a name
Page T32 Three pastels to thrill of real love
Page T33 thrill of the chase to Thursday the 14th
Page T34 Thursday the seventeenth to Tierra del sol
Page T35 Tierra del soul to Till you
Page T36 Till you come to Time of the season
Page T37 time of the sun to Timmys song
Page T38 Timmys tune to Tipsy Joe
Page T39 Tiptaptoe to To a dream pursuit
Page T40 To a fallen friend to To keep you here beside me
Page T41 To kill a brick to To the ones I love
Page T42 To the operating room to Todo dia
Page T43 Todo el dia sambando to Tom Turpin
Page T44 Tom Turpins rag to Tongas screams of joy
Page T45 Tongatabu to Too much apple pie
Page T46 Too much at once to Toque del alba
Page T47 Toque madera to Touch it lightly
Page T48 Touch light samba to Tovarishi
Page T49 Tovaritch to Trad 2
Page T50 Trad a la swing to Trance 5
Page T51 Trance 6 to TranSpire
Page T52 transplant to traves del silencio
Page T53 Travesia to Trenne dabruzzo
Page T54 Trennung to Tribute to Johnny Hodges
Page T55 Tribute to Johnny shines to Trio ACW
Page T56 Trio amok to Trisala
Page T57 Triscaidecafobia to Trombonissimo
Page T58 Trombonitus to Trubbel for Gnore
Page T59 Trube Gedanken to Try a little bit
Page T60 Try a little harder to Tu palabra
Page T61 Tu palabra de amor to Tumblin tumbleweed
Page T62 Tumblin tumbleweeds to Turkish mambo Lennies pennies
Page T63 Turkish mamboLeave me to Tutrasai
Page T64 Tutrusai to Twenty something
Page T65 Twenty Swedes ran through the weeds to Two Abbeys
Page T66 Two about geography to Two lakes
Page T67 Two lambs to Two trains runnin
Page T68 Two trees to T’ain’t no sin


Page U1 U to Ujamma
Page U2 Ujd to Un air doctobre
Page U3 Un air plutot mineur to Un sentier dalliance
Page U4 Un seour de charite to Uncle Jimmy
Page U5 Uncle Jimmys to Under the surface I
Page U6 Under the surface II to Unentitled
Page U7 Unentwegt to Unity theatre
Page U8 Unity variations 1 to Unrigging November
Page U9 Unrise to Untitled solo
Page U10 Untitled solo improvisation to Upbeat feeling
Page U11 Upbeats to Urban nature
Page U12 Urban nights to Utiemp
Page U13 Utile to Uzziel


Page V1 V to Valettas dream
Page V2 Valeu to Valse noble et sentimentales
Page V3 Valse noire to Vaporbabe
Page V4 Vaporetto to Variations on Harriet
Page V5 Variations on I got rhythm to Ved veis ende
Page V6 Veda to Ventidue e trenta
Page V7 Ventilar to Versils
Page V8 Versine degli angeli to Vi siger det ikke til nogen vel
Page V9 Vi sitter pa bussen och forsoker komma pa en lattitel to Video games
Page V10 video in red and green to Vilja lied
Page V11 Vilja o vilja to Violets for Pia
Page V12 Violets for Tuesday to Visit by onkel time
Page V13 visit from home to Vlinders
Page V14 Vline to Volapykisten
Page V15 Volar to Vous aimez lancien
Page V16 Vous allez jouer du bop to Vztek


Page W1 W to Waitemata blues & greens
Page W2 Waitent wantant to Wake up my friend
Page W3 Wake up my love to Walkin death
Page W4 Walkin down to Walkman lady
Page W5 Walkmen I to Waltz for Geraldus
Page W6 Waltz for Gerdine to Waltz of another color
Page W7 Waltz of destiny to Want to coast
Page W8 Want to get to know my boiling point to Warum kam ich Reich zur Welt
Page W9 Warum kleine Lou to Watcha gonna lose
Page W10 Watcha got for country to Wating for Paul
Page W11 Watita to way you make me feel
Page W12 way you make me feel Kristina to We end in a dream
Page W13 We engage the monstrous with our mirrors to We will meetor the sadness of losing a brother
Page W14 We will miss you Wanda to Weekend a Toulouse
Page W15 weekend alone to Well be the same
Page W16 Well be there in the evening to Were bluesin
Page W17 Were born to Western yew
Page W18 Westerpark to What are the rules
Page W19 What are the signs to What I saw in Arkansas
Page W20 What I say to What the Lord has done for me
Page W21 What the Lord means to me to Whats it like in Paris
Page W22 Whats it like in your dreams to When did you leave heaven
Page W23 When did you leave heaven angel to When its night time in little Italy
Page W24 When its over to When the little red roses
Page W25 When the little red roses get the blues for you to When you get there you gotta be on Main Street
Page W26 When you get through to Where flamingoes fly
Page W27 Where flamingos fly to Where you are
Page W28 Where you at to Whirlalicks
Page W29 Whirlaway to White gravel
Page W30 White groundmaroon in orange to Who knows 8
Page W31 Who knows about tomorrow to Whos for Edward
Page W32 Whos free to Why doubt my love
Page W33 Why dream to Wiedehopf
Page W34 Wieder alles gut to Wilder Mann
Page W35 Wilder years to Willys zoo
Page W36 WillyWebern to Winds of Sahara
Page W37 Winds of silence to Winter nights
Page W38 Winter now your end is near to Wishing tree
Page W39 wishing waltz to With you
Page W40 With you all the way to Wolafunts lament
Page W41 Wolands polka to Wonderful triangles
Page W42 wonderful widow of eighteen springs to Wop stomp
Page W43 Woran denkst du to World of the myth I
Page W44 World of thought to Wrap your troubles in dremas
Page W45 Wrap your troubles in drums to Wyllia
Page W46 WymboNgoma to Wzdluz ulicy


Page X1 X to XZU


Page Y1 Y to Yankee stay home
Page Y2 Yankee swamp to Yellow and red jackets
Page Y3 Yellow and some dark green to Yesterday fragmentsIntegrated feelings
Page Y4 Yesterday going to a green heaven to Yolla aurinko
Page Y5 Yollar to You believed
Page Y6 You belong to her to You checked out
Page Y7 You choose to You got we got
Page Y8 You got what to You missed the sunflowers at their height
Page Y9 You mother to You took my heart
Page Y10 You took my love to Young folks
Page Y11 Young folks should get married to Your promise
Page Y12 Your pure self to Youre my best poker hand
Page Y13 Youre my blues machine to Youve got the feeln
Page Y14 Youve got the fever to Yzzo


Page Z1 Z to Zazou rythm
Page Z2 Zazueira to Zig zagriyen
Page Z3 Zigaboo to Zones for Elvin
Page Z4 Zones of convergence to Zwei Minuten in Harlem
Page Z5 Zwei Minuten serenade to Zzzzzip