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This index refers to the 501,492 individual tune titles (1,515,357 total entries) included in over 234,733 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of December, 2017.

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Page R9 - Reconstruction to Red Jill rag

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Tune nameSessions
Recontre formidable1
Reconversion blues4
record ban blues2
Record book1
record collector2
Record collectors blues1
Record company blues2
Record de ilum groga1
Record delivery blues1
Record duna fuga de Bach1
Record hop4
Record session2
Record shop on Anderson street1
Record shop suey1
Record skip hop1
Recorda a papa1
Recorda me34
Recordadndo aquellos tiempos1
Recordando a aldemaro1
Recordando a arcano1
Recordando a Castillo1
Recordando a Tchaikovsky1
Recordando a tila1
Recordando a Tschaikowsky1
Recordando a un amigo1
Recordando me futuro1
Recordando mi futuro1
Recordando tristezas1
Recordar e viver1
Recordare from Requiem1
Recordare tu mirada1
Recorded interview by Barry Martin1
recorded message1
Recorded near Tienhoven1
Recorded shape1
Recorded solo number one1
Recorder me1
Recorder piece2
Recording angel1
Recording from1
Recording techniques1
Recording with Roger1
Recordings clarinet dates1
Recordland pt 21
Records new and old1
Records room1
Recourse to unison1
Recovered residence1
recovered road to AlSham1
Recovering from a smile1
Recovery position1
Recreated by fire1
recreated man1
Recreation ballad1
Recreation danges1
Recreation exuberante de position stationnaire1
Recreation of syntax1
Recreation of the Gods1
Recreation song1
Recreo blanco1
Recreo negro1
Recriando a criacao1
recruited collier1
Recta and I1
Rectal parasites1
Rectangle man2
Rectangles 1a1
Rectangles 1b1
Rectangles 21
Rectangles 3a1
Rectangles 3b1
Rectangles 3c1
Rectify the means1
Recto verso2
Recuerdo 21
Recuerdo ChiChi 11
Recuerdo ChiChi 21
Recuerdo ChiChi 31
Recuerdo de alzaga1
Recuerdo de Ipacarai1
Recuerdo muerte1
Recuerdos de caoba1
Recuerdos de gottschalk1
Recuerdos de humacao1
Recuerdos de la alhambra8
Recuerdos de la luna1
Recuerdos de las memorias perdidas1
Recuerdos de mi 11
Recuerdos de pollensa2
Recuerdos de un amor perdido1
Recuerdos decembrinos1
Recuerdos del pasado1
Reculeur pour mieuz sauter1
Recurrent dreamscape1
Recurring doppelganger phenomena1
Recurring dream9
Recurring dreams3
Recursion my ass1
Recursive structure for bass1
Recursive structure for orchestra1
Recurvate plaint1
Recyclable energy1
Recycle 11
Recycle 21
Recycle 31
Recycle 41
Recycle or die1
Recycled blues1
Recycled introspection1
Recycled night theme1
Recycling lilas1
Recycling saga2
Red & black1
Red & black light1
Red & grey1
Red & orange & blue1
Red & yellow cabriolet2
Red 11
Red 22
Red 5 shimey1
Red 7th1
Red accident1
Red Adair1
Red afternoon1
Red alert8
Red algae1
Red Allens bounce1
Red and black3
Red and black shifts1
Red and blue6
red and blue blues2
Red and blue days1
Red and blues2
Red and butter1
Red and green3
Red and green alternatives1
Red and hot express line1
Red and Lee1
Red and orange6
red and the black1
red and the brown1
Red and white blew1
Red and yellow1
Red and yellow flowers1
Red angel1
Red ant1
Red apple6
Red apple jam1
Red arrow2
Red arrow 881
Red Arrow blues2
Red as a lotusRed drum1
Red ash1
Red autumn trees1
Red B1
Red bag1
Red baggage1
Red ball2
Red ballad1
red balloon6
Red balloons1
Red bank blues1
Red Bank boogie20
Red bank bounce1
Red bank march1
Red bank romp1
Red bank shuffle1
red bar1
Red Baron15
Red barrel blues2
Red barrell1
Red beach1
Red bean2
Red bean stomp1
Red beans6
Red beans and rice20
Red beans and ricely yours1
Red beans blues1
Red beans parade1
Red beans stomp1
Red before orange1
Red beret yellow beret1
Red Bird3
Red black & blue1
Red black and green5
Red black and green blues3
Red black gold1
Red black n blue1
Red black orange yellow on yellow1
Red blazer2
Red blazer boogie woogie1
Red blazer rag1
Red blew1
Red blossom1
red blouse5
Red blows sax1
Red blue6
Red blue and green1
Red blues11
Red blues little boy1
Red boa1
Red bones1
Red boogie2
Red boogie woogie1
Red boots1
Red bottle green cap1
Red box1
Red boy at the Mardi Gras1
Red boy blues1
Red boy is back1
red brick houses1
Red bricks and drum heads1
red bride1
red bridge1
red broom1
Red bud2
Red Buddha1
Red bug slough2
Red bull1
Red bull funk1
red button1
Red Buttons remembers Joe1
Red cab to Manhattan1
Red cabbage1
Red Cadillac1
Red Cadillac boogaloo1
Red cage1
Red candle1
Red canyon a Native American improvisation1
Red cap6
Red cap porter1
Red cap porter blues1
Red cap shuffle1
Red car17
Red car blues1
Red caravan1
Red card1
Red cardinal1
red carpet15
Red carpet fantasy1
Red carpet rag1
red castle1
Red castle society1
red cat2
Red cavalry march3
Red cedar1
Red chair1
Red channels1
Red cheese boom1
Red China blues2
Red Chinese lanterns1
Red cider1
red circle1
Red circle enchantress1
Red circle jump1
Red city1
Red clay34
Red cloud5
Red coal1
Red coat lane1
Red coda soft1
Red cold earth1
Red coral1
Red corner1
Red couch1
Red cow flying1
Red crack and blue1
Red creek1
Red cresc1
Red cross32
Red cross 1101
Red cross blues1
Red cross special1
Red Cross store1
Red daffodil1
Red dance1
Red dawn2
Red days1
Red daze1
Red Deer1
red demon1
Red departure1
Red departure west of the moon1
Red desert4
Red devil5
Red devil blues1
Red devil lounge1
Red devils1
Red devils boogie1
Red dhal1
Red dirt2
Red disc1
Red dispersion1
Red Dodge1
Red dog6
Red dog play1
red dog strays1
Red dogs licks1
red door44
Red door number 111
red dot1
red dragon3
Red Dragon blues1
Red dragon fly3
Red dragonfly10
Red dress4
Red dress gal1
Red dressed baby1
Red drum1
Red drum blues1
Red dust3
Red duster rag1
Red dwarf2
Red earth1
Red earth nonet1
Red earth quartet1
Red earth trio11
Red earth trio21
Red earth trio31
Red elephant rag2
Red Ellen1
Red Emma1
Red enchantment1
Red envelope rag1
Red exit1
Red eye17
Red eye blues2
Red eye express1
Red eye special2
Red eyed blues1
Red eyed Vireos variations1
Red eyes4
Red feast1
Red fever2
Red fingers1
red flag4
Red flags1
Red flannel flag1
Red flannel hash1
Red flannel rag4
Red flash1
Red flower2
Red flowers1
Red fog1
Red for go1
Red for Piccadilly3
Red fox blues1
Red Gahna traffic1
Red gardenia1
Red garter5
Red garter rag1
Red garters1
Red gator1
Red giant6
Red glasses green eyes1
Red goddess1
Red gold1
Red goose1
Red gradations1
Red gray white on yellow1
Red green and black blues1
Red green and blue1
Red green and you blue1
Red green blues1
Red green gold & blue1
Red ground2
Red grow the roses1
Red guitar2
Red Hackle1
Red hail1
Red hair and freckles3
Red hair granny1
Red haired boogie1
Red haired boy3
red haired man1
Red halo1
Red hand rock1
Red handed1
Red hands1
Red harvest2
red hat2
Red haze1
Red head4
Red head blues3
Red headed baby1
Red headed girl1
Red headed music maker1
Red headed romp1
red headed woman10
red headed woman remains with the merchant1
Red headphones2
Red heat1
red heifer1
Red herring1
Red Hey1
Red high heels1
Red hill1
Red hills2
Red hills and green barns1
Red hills and green barnstablero1
Red hook7
Red hook blues1
Red hook calm1
Red hook cook book1
Red Hook nights1
Red hook railroad1
Red hook stoop1
Red horn2
Red horse boogie1
Red Hot13
Red hot and blue2
Red hot and blues1
Red hot band14
Red hot blues1
Red hot boogie woogie1
Red Hot Brass Bands street parade1
Red hot Chicago5
Red hot chilli peppered1
Red hot dan1
Red hot dirty dame1
Red hot feeling1
Red hot Flo from Kokomo4
Red hot go1
Red hot hand1
Red hot Henry Brown15
Red hot hottentot9
Red hot ice1
Red hot mama31
Red hot mamma3
Red hot n new1
Red hot pepper6
Red hot pepper rag1
Red hot pepper stomp6
Red hot peppers stomp1
Red hot poker2
Red hot river valley5
Red hot starters1
Red house9
Red house blues1
Red house in NOLA2
Red how many miles1
Red I1
Red ice1
Red in black1
Red in gray1
Red in Irish1
Red Indian chase1
Red indian rag1
Red instead1
Red interlude1
Red is blue1
Red is my blood1
Red is the color in JeanMichel Basquiats silk blue1
Red is the rose1
Red Island blues1
Red jacket1
Red jacket blues1
Red jets1
Red Jill rag1

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