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This index refers to the 522,661 individual tune titles (1,569,621 total entries) included in over 241,375 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of June, 2019.

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Page L48 - Long ride to Look ma Im dancing

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Tune nameSessions
Long ride2
Long ride home1
long ride of Sancho Panza1
long riders1
Long river2
Long road16
Long road ahead2
long road back1
long road from Doha to Barsoom1
long road home10
long road that is short1
Long road to the White House1
Long road travelled1
Long row to hoe1
Long run3
Long Sam2
long seven1
Long shadows9
Long shadows on the afternoon1
Long Shorter1
Long shot2
Long shot sweetheart1
Long silence1
Long skirt baby blues2
long slow agonizing death of Jim Crow1
long slow agonizing descent into the depth of despair1
Long slow distance2
Long slow one1
Long sole sound1
Long song2
Long song baby1
long song blues1
long South1
Long space1
Long steel grass1
Long stems1
long step2
Long stories1
long story5
Long story short6
Long straight road1
Long street1
Long strides1
Long strong and consecutive4
Long summer dreams1
Long summer gone1
Long summer samba 691
Long swing dream1
Long tail on a ghost1
Long tale1
Long talks in the falling snow1
Long tall1
Long tall Dexter7
Long tall disconnected mama1
Long tall gal1
Long tall mama5
Long tall momma1
Long tall papa2
Long tall Sally3
Long Tall Shorty2
Long tall tan and terrific1
Long tall Texan1
Long tandem1
Long term1
Long term fool2
Long term memory1
Long term method1
Long the way1
Long time9
Long time ago19
Long time ago deep inside1
Long time ago it swang1
long time ago suite1
Long time baby5
Long time back1
Long time band1
Long time before you were born1
long time black1
Long time blues5
Long time comin2
long time coming4
Long time cominlong time gone1
Long time gone8
Long time in coming1
Long time in Togo1
Long time men1
Long time no C1
Long time no see17
Long time no see baby5
Long time now2
Long time on see1
Long time or Short time1
Long time service1
Long time since1
long time to go1
Long time travellin1
Long time waiting2
Long titles NO WAY1
Long to see the sun1
Long to win1
Long Tom1
long tomorrow1
Long tones3
long trail3
long train of memories1
Long train runnin2
Long train running1
long travel1
Long trip2
long trip by water1
Long trip home5
Long trip sailor1
Long trust and these jokes1
long twofour2
Long valley1
Long vamp1
Long vehicle1
Long vicious memories1
long view4
long view of Sibelius1
long wait4
long waiting3
long walk14
Long walk home5
Long walk home with Lee1
Long walk short pier1
long walk to freedom1
Long waltz to freedom1
long war1
Long wave goodbye1
long way11
long way around1
long way back2
Long way back part II Sound mind1
long way blues2
long way blues for Charlie1
long way down2
long way for simultaneous clarinet1
long way from Beacon Hill1
Long way from Brooklyn1
Long way from Gorky Park1
Long way from home24
Long way from St Louis2
Long way gone2
long way home28
Long way on a blues1
long way to go7
long way to Heaven1
Long way to the store1
Long way to Tipperary4
Long ways from home3
Long weekend1
Long wharf1
Long white cloud5
Long white nights1
Long wind1
long winding road2
long winter5
Long wolf1
Long years2
Long yellow road10
Longa agam1
Longa betse1
Longa farahfaza1
Longa Kismet1
Longa nahawand1
Longa nakris1
Longa nova1
Longago child1
Longbottom leaf1
Longdistance calls1
Longe de voce1
Longed by the sun1
Longer April1
Longer blue goes bone1
Longer inches1
Longer piece1
longer route1
Longer shorter2
Longer than fours1
Longer than you know1
longer that you linger in Virginia3
Longer the distance sweeter the sound1
longer the Lieber1
longer were apart1
longer you wait3
longest day12
Longest day in the dark1
longest day of the week2
longest day of the year2
longest kiss1
longest night4
Longest road1
longest summer1
longest time1
Longest walk6
Longetivity brings its own rewards1
Longhair mobile1
Longhair philosopher1
Longhairs rumba1
Longhairs tribute1
Longhorn blues1
Longineu Parsons III1
Longing & salvation journey1
Longing blues1
Longing crawfish and gumbo1
Longing drum impro1
Longing for3
Longing for Bahia4
Longing for Baia1
Longing for daddy blues1
Longing for despair1
Longing for happiness1
Longing for home2
Longing for longing1
Longing for love1
Longing for Martin1
Longing for Meirionnydd1
Longing for my love1
Longing for my sugar1
Longing for NY1
Longing for peace1
Longing for Shim Chong1
Longing for summer1
Longing for the future2
Longing for the past1
Longing for you7
Longing hearts1
Longing hoping longing1
longing hours1
Longing in my heart1
Longing just for you1
Longing live1
Longing longing longing1
Longing love1
longing museum interlude1
Longing so long1
Longing to be1
Longing to know1
Longing to praise Thee1
Longing to reflect1
Longing too1
longing winding road1
Longings and illusions1
Longings for a simpler time3
Longitude innee1
Longlegged baby1
Longnecks and the shah1
Longos boogie3
Longoza trip1
Longs peak1
Longshore drift1
Longshoremans blues4
Longshort long1
Longsight lagoon1
Longstreth blues1
Longterm memories1
Longtime lover1
Longtime no see1
Longtongueking funk 11
Longtongueking funk 21
Longue attente1
Longue distance3
Longue marche vers le songe1
Longue route1
Longue vie au sel marin1
Longuich Village1
Longway from Ohio1
Lonis tune1
Lonley do I love you1
LonLon gnin1
Lonly pircus1
Lonnie knows1
Lonnie logic1
Lonnie Smith intro1
Lonnies blues7
Lonnies commentary1
Lonnies got the blues1
Lonnies lament92
Lonnies legacy1
Lonnies song2
Lonnies traveling light1
Lonnies tune1
Lonnie’s lament1
Lonseome road1
Lonsesome road1
Lonta uyagula1
Lontananza E Sequenza1
Lontane campane1
Lontano d ate1
Lontano dagli occhi2
Lontano dagliocchi1
Lontano e vicino1
Lontano I1
Lontano II2
Lontano III1
Lontano lontano6
Lontano sea1
Lonuri di lascaluni2
Lony idyla1
Lonyay utca1
Loo ming loons1
Loo music1
Loogie blues1
Look & turn1
Look a like1
Look a little closer1
Look a star is following me2
Look a there look a there1
Look a way1
Look after me1
Look again2
Look ahead4
Look ahere Andy1
Look alive2
look and feel1
Look and listen3
Look and listen tag1
Look and reconcile1
Look and reflect1
Look and see5
Look another purple light1
Look around12
Look around you girl1
Look at a foot1
Look at em doing it3
Look at em doing it now2
Look at er1
Look at granny run run3
Look at her1
Look at her smiling1
Look at here1
Look at him go1
Look at im2
Look at it like this1
Look at me16
Look at me for what I truly am rather than what you believe me to be1
Look at me look at you1
Look at me now3
Look at my face2
Look at sky go1
Look at Teyonda1
Look at that1
Look at that face17
Look at that girl1
Look at the birdie2
Look at the bright side1
Look at the child1
Look at the fruits1
Look at the good things youve got1
Look at the man1
Look at the man with the alligator shirt1
Look at the moon1
Look at the pretty weeds theyre dead1
Look at the rain1
Look at the size of that sponge1
Look at the sky3
Look at the stars1
Look at the tars1
Look at the time1
Look at the world and smile2
Look at this1
Look at this beautiful girl1
look at two ends1
Look at us1
Look at us now1
Look at what we do to ourselves1
Look at what youve done for me1
Look at where you are1
Look at you5
Look at you look at me1
Look at you looking at me1
Look at your hand1
Look away5
Look away from me1
Look back3
Look back and laugh1
Look back in anger1
Look back tomorrow1
Look before you leap4
Look behind the mountain1
Look below2
Look beyond the rain1
Look book1
Look both ways5
Look but dont touch2
Look down1
Look down off a bridge2
Look down that lonesome road5
Look down the road7
Look east1
Look elsewhere1
Look for a sky of blue2
Look for an afternoon1
Look for her1
Look for me2
Look for me Ill be around1
Look for silver lining1
Look for something new1
Look for stars1
Look for the asteroid1
Look for the black star2
Look for the invisible1
Look for the love in your heart1
Look for the real thing1
Look for the red door1
Look for the signs1
Look for the silver1
Look for the silver lining156
Look for the silvery lining7
Look for the sun1
Look for you1
Look for your own way1
Look four hands1
Look Frodo theres beauty in you1
Look he is here1
Look here10
Look here my dear1
Look hot keep cool1
Look how Birks works Birks works1
Look how hard you tried1
Look how it snowed on yesterday1
Look in her eyes1
Look in his eyes1
Look in the glass1
Look in the Good Book brother2
Look in the looking glass3
Look in the lookingglass1
Look in the mirror4
Look in thy glass1
look in your eyes1
Look in your heart1
Look in your heart of hearts1
Look inside10
Look inside yourself1
Look into her eyes1
Look into his eyes1
Look into my eyes5
Look into my world1
Look into the abyss1
Look into the night1
Look into the sky1
Look into the sun1
Look it up1
Look its rainbow tuba1
Look left3
Look like kool1
Look like twins2
Look listen1
Look look3
Look look Its raining sunshine drops1
Look love away1
Look ma all hands1
Look ma Im crying1
Look ma Im dancing1

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