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Page I14 - I will wait for love to Ible

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Tune nameSessions
I will wait for love2
I will wait for you185
I will walk like a crazy horse1
I will weather the storm1
I will wipe you off the face of this earth1
I will write a book1
I will write to you on the leaves of trees1
I willHere there and everywhere1
I wish43
I wish for you1
I wish I chould shimmy like my sister Kate1
I wish I could3
I wish I could be blue1
I wish I could believe your words1
I wish I could fish2
I wish I could forget1
I wish I could forget you3
I wish I could go travelling again1
I wish I could have known you better1
I wish I could have skipped today1
I wish I could make you cry1
I wish I could shimmy like me sister Kate1
I wish I could shimmy like my Sister Kate447
I wish I could stop loving you1
I wish I could tell you6
I wish I could walk away5
I wish I didnt know1
I wish I didnt love you1
I wish I didnt love you so28
I wish I didnt love you so much1
I wish I had a choice1
I wish I had a motorcycle1
I wish I had a name for this1
I wish I had a record1
I wish I had a snowman1
I wish I had a sweetheart2
I wish I had died in my cradle before I grew up1
I wish I had died in my cradle before I grew up to love you1
I wish I had listened to you1
I wish I had my time to spend again1
I wish I had never met sunshine1
I wish I had somebody1
I wish I had the blues again3
I wish I had wings1
I wish I had you5
I wish I had you now1
I wish I hadnt forgotten1
I wish I has a record1
I wish I knew292
I wish I knew her name1
I wish I knew how it feels to be free6
I wish I knew how it felt to be free4
I wish I knew how it would be to be free3
I wish I knew how it would feel to be free34
I wish I knew the name of the boy1
I wish I knew you1
I wish I lived in LA1
I wish I never met you2
I wish I new1
I wish I played guitar1
I wish I was1
I wish I was a bird1
I wish I was a punk rocker1
I wish I was back in my babys arms3
I wish I was in Dixie1
I wish I was in New Orleans5
I wish I was in Peoria15
I wish I was in Walla Walla1
I wish I was the willow1
I wish I were1
I wish I were a princess1
I wish I were a witch1
I wish I were a wombat1
I wish I were Aladdin4
I wish I were back in Peoria1
I wish I were in love again65
I wish I were single again1
I wish I were twins50
I wish I would1
I wish Id done it my way1
I wish Id known1
I wish Id met you10
I wish Id met you now1
I wish Id never loved you at all1
I wish Id never met you1
I wish Id never seen New Orleans1
I wish it so2
I wish it was1
I wish it was me1
I wish it werent spring1
I wish it would rain2
I wish mama could see me now1
I wish my baby2
I wish my heart could fly to you1
I wish my motherinlaw dont visit us this Christmas1
I wish my Uncle Toby had been a water drinker1
I wish right now would never end1
I wish somebody cared enough to cry1
I wish someone could care1
I wish that I could learn to fly1
I wish that I could shimmy like my sister Kate3
I wish that I knew magic1
I wish that I were twins3
I wish that I were young again1
I wish that love would last1
I wish that your picture was you1
I wish there was a nowhere1
I wish there was a radio1
I wish those days were back again1
I wish to be there1
I wish to weep1
I wish upon a star1
I wish we could do this live1
I wish we could try all over again1
I wish wed all been ready1
I wish you could see me now1
I wish you could stay2
I wish you hope1
I wish you knew1
I wish you love255
I wish you luck1
I wish you needed me1
I wish you peace2
I wish you sunshine1
I wish you well2
I wish you were here5
I wish you were here tonight1
I wish you were here with me1
I wish you were jealous of me3
I wish you were mine2
I wish you were near1
I wish you were waiting for me1
I wish you would2
I wish youd stay1
I wishd I was in Peoria3
I wished I knew1
I wished I was in Peoria1
I wished I were twins1
I wished on the moon152
I wisht I was in Peoria47
I wish’t I was in Peoria1
I with Thee would begin1
I witness news1
I wois it was I dozu sage soll1
I woke up1
I woke up cold in hand2
I woke up Dizzy1
I woke up in love this morning2
I woke up on Sunday1
I woke up one early morning1
I woke up this morning2
I woke up too soon1
I woke up with a teardrop in my eye6
I won her heart1
I wonder72
I wonder as I wander14
I wonder as I wonder1
I wonder blues3
I wonder boogie1
I wonder how I look when Im asleep2
I wonder how it feels3
I wonder how youre spending your evenings now2
I wonder I wonder2
I wonder I wonder I wonder2
I wonder if well ever meet again1
I wonder if you miss me tonight1
I wonder if you still care for me3
I wonder if you still remember me1
I wonder if youre real1
I wonder in whose arms you are tonight1
I wonder what became of me18
I wonder what became of Sally6
I wonder what happened to Jordan1
I wonder what hell say1
I wonder what I do is wrong1
I wonder what is really on his mind1
I wonder what it takes to make me happy1
I wonder what kind of guy youd be1
I wonder what kind of man1
I wonder what my gal is doin1
I wonder what my gal is doin now1
I wonder what shes doing right now1
I wonder what the king is doing tonight1
I wonder whats became of me1
I wonder whats become of Joe23
I wonder whats become of Sally22
I wonder whats become of your love1
I wonder whats the matter3
I wonder whats the matter now1
I wonder whats the matter with me4
I wonder when my babys coming home1
I wonder where Mary is tonight1
I wonder where my baby is tonight42
I wonder where my babys tonight1
I wonder where my brown skin daddys gone1
I wonder where my easy riders gone11
I wonder where my easy riders riding now1
I wonder where my old gal is tonight2
I wonder where my sweet daddys gone2
I wonder where my sweet mamas gone1
I wonder where my sweet sweet daddys gone1
I wonder where my sweetie can be2
I wonder where my sweetie could be1
I wonder where our love has gone32
I wonder where that fishy fish did go1
I wonder where the wind will blow1
I wonder where you are tonight1
I wonder whether Ive loved you all my life1
I wonder who8
I wonder who dancing with you tonight1
I wonder who made rhythm2
I wonder who my daddy is4
I wonder whos boogiein my woogie1
I wonder whos boogiein my woogie now1
I wonder whos boogin my woogie2
I wonder whos dancing with you tonight2
I wonder whos in love with me1
I wonder whos kissing her now75
I wonder why36
I wonder why I care2
I wonder why you made me cry2
I wonder wonder1
I wondered how Id know your face1
I wondered what I did wrong1
I wont act right1
I wont argue with you1
I wont ask for more1
I wont be around anymore1
I wont be back3
I wont be back till you change your ways1
I wont be hangin around1
I wont be hanging around1
I wont be here long3
I wont be long1
I wont be your fool no more1
I wont be your man1
I wont believe it4
I wont believe its raining1
I wont believe my eyes5
I wont believe you anymore2
I wont care1
I wont complain3
I wont cry6
I wont cry 4 U1
I wont cry anymore23
I wont cry no more1
I wont dance141
I wont end up1
I wont even tell you1
I wont ever forget you again1
I wont forget2
I wont forget it1
I wont fret if I dont get the blues anymore1
I wont give up1
I wont give you none1
I wont give you none of my jelly roll1
I wont go home til you kiss me1
I wont go home till you kiss me1
I wont grow old1
I wont grow up7
I wont have to dream on you2
I wont last a day without you17
I wont last the day without you2
I wont leave2
I wont leave you again1
I wont let her do it1
I wont let it bother me1
I wont let the sun go down1
I wont let you down1
I wont love you1
I wont plead no more1
I wont promise1
I wont regret a moment1
I wont run away1
I wont say1
I wont say anything1
I wont say I will2
I wont say I will but I wont1
I wont scat1
I wont see yesterday1
I wont see you any more my dear1
I wont sell my love3
I wont send roses5
I wont stand in your way1
I wont stand no leavin now1
I wont stay with you1
I wont stop and I wont slow down1
I wont stop my bubbles1
I wont take no for an answer1
I wont tell1
I wont tell a soul9
I wont tell a soul I love you1
I wont wait1
I wont wash for three days1
I wont worry1
I won’t be blue1
I wor kuen1
I work alone1
I worry bout you8
I worship the ground you walk on1
I worship you1
I would2
I would also like to mention aluminium1
I would ask1
I would be singing consolation1
I would do anything2
I would do anything but you1
I would do anything for you225
I would do it for you3
I would do most anything1
I would do most anything for you16
I would do most anything for your love1
I would fly with you1
I would give all my love1
I would give anything2
I would go1
I would I would1
I would if I could3
I would if I could but I cant9
I would like to2
I would like to buy a solo1
I would like to know why3
I would like to sing a song3
I would like too1
I would not drink no whiskey1
I would prefer not to1
I would rather be alone in the South1
I would shit1
I would talk with my dad1
I would understand1
I would whisper little secrets in the moonlight1
I would would you1
I wouldnt1
I wouldnt be a man1
I wouldnt be crying now3
I wouldnt be surprised1
I wouldnt be where I am2
I wouldnt be where I am if you hadnt gone away1
I wouldnt be without you1
I wouldnt change a thing1
I wouldnt change you for the world7
I wouldnt dream of leaving you1
I wouldnt give a cripple crab a crutch1
I wouldnt give that for love1
I wouldnt have known it1
I wouldnt have you any other way2
I wouldnt know1
I wouldnt know what to do1
I wouldnt know where to begin1
I wouldnt leave my little wooden hut1
I wouldnt make a world like this1
I wouldnt mind2
I wouldnt say1
I wouldnt take a million6
I wouldnt take nothin for my journey now1
I wouldnt trade you1
I wouldnt trade you for half a mango1
I wouldnt walk across the street1
I wouldve called her Sam1
I wound it up2
I wrap my dreams in troubles1
I write1
I write a song1
I write the song1
I write the songs8
I write you a love poem1
I wrote a ballad1
I wrote a letter1
I wrote a poem1
I wrote a song last night1
I wrote it for Jo2
I wrote it for Joe3
I wrote it for Ziare1
I wrote my song1
I wrote the part1
I wrote this for the kid1
I wrote this song1
I wrote you a song2
I yi yi1
I yi yi amigo1
I yi yi yi1
I yi yi yi yi4
I yi yi yi yi yi1
I you knew Susie2
I you knew what it does to my heart1
I you love me1
I you were only mine1
I Your body is your prison1
I youve never had a gal mistreat you1
i) 0331
I1 tempo suono1
I10 AIFGRbt11
I20 blues1
I5 blues1
I70 West1
I72 bound1
I75 bossa nova1
I75 south1
I95 drive1
IA blues1
Ia ia1
Iago whispered1
Iagos credo1
Iagos web1
Iah que linda1
Iambic pentameter1
Iambic search1
Iamor iasor1
Ian Keith1
Ian leaps out3
Ian W Coel1
Iana has been surprised in the night1
Ians boogie woogie1
Ians bossa1
Ians flat in December1
Ians flat in July1
Ians move1
Ians shuffle1
Ians song a tribute to my son1
Iarna iarna3
Iasor iamor1
Iata vin colindatori1
Iati mireasa ziua buna1
Ib & Jan1
IB Fugue1
Iba die stapflan1
Ibakish tarekigne1
Ibala lam1
Iberia nova1
Iberia rag1
Iberia suite1
Iberian echoes1
Iberian glimmers2
Iberian interlude1
Iberian lament1
Iberian meditation1
Iberian melancholia1
Iberian sunrise2
Iberian sunset2
Iberian waltz2
Iberique peninsulaire1
Iberville and Franklin blues1
Ibis flight1
Ibiza conversations1
Ibiza flight1
Ibiza nites1
Iblant en rasling1

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