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This index refers to the 502,533 individual tune titles (1,518,720 total entries) included in over 235,156 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2018.

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Page H16 - Her name to Heres a goodbye

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Tune nameSessions
Her name3
Her name is Barbara1
Her name is Lou1
Her name is Moon God1
Her name is Nancy1
Her name is Roz1
Her name was Rosita1
Her og nu2
Her old man was suspicious3
Her open covers1
Her own fields1
Her own world1
Her perfume1
Her piano1
Her piano piece1
Her point of view2
Her portrait2
Her powerful locs1
Her precious youth1
Her priorities1
Her quiet tears1
Her raincoat1
Her raven hair1
Her ritzy flat1
Her romance1
Her room1
Her Royal Highness1
Her sanctuary2
Her say1
Her season1
Her secret dance1
Her secret fantasy1
Her secret love1
Her silent smile1
Her singing1
Her smile4
Her smile will last a lifetime1
Her smile youll see1
Her solitary wish1
Her solitude1
Her song9
Her soul1
Her story4
Her suspicion1
Her tears1
Her tender countenance1
Her tillands er snart der tilvands1
Her tomato kiss2
Her touch2
Her ved aen1
Her vil ties her vil bies6
Her violin1
Her voice2
Her warm touch1
Her waves1
Her ways wander1
Her whisper a roar1
Her wild ways1
Her womb had a window1
Her yasin ayri guzelligi var1
Heraclitus suite1
Herald days1
Herald of zombies1
heraldic blazor of foss the cat1
Heraldic quadraphony1
Herb and Ictus1
Herb green1
Herb Robertson Hans Koch Raymond Strid Trevor Watts Evan Parker1
Herb Robertson Johannes Bauer PerAke Holmlander1
Herbaika yassowa1
Herbal blue1
Herbal Scent1
Herbal syndrome1
Herbal T1
Herbal turkey breast1
Herbe de loubli3
Herbe de loublie1
Herber Alptraum1
Herbert & Josef)1
Herbert Hutchinson1
Herbert Schnitzler2
Herbert von Karajan1
Herbert West1
Herberts coming1
Herberts jump1
Herberts song1
Herbes de provence1
Herbes luisantes1
Herbie and Pierre1
Herbie at sixty1
Herbie goes snobbing1
Herbie Honecker1
Herbie in the doghouse1
Herbie Miller1
Herbie Nichols6
Herbie rides again1
Herbie walks again1
Herbies bee rap1
Herbies blues2
Herbies buddy1
Herbies clarinet crash1
Herbies dance1
Herbies hand cocked1
Herbies hands1
Herbies here1
Herbies in1
Herbies invitation1
Herbies jive2
Herbies lament1
Herbies lunchbox1
Herbies mood2
Herbies spirit1
Herbies time1
Herbies tune3
Herbol scent1
Herbs & heights1
Herbs and roots1
Herbs blues5
Herbs here1
Herbs mood1
Herbs of healing1
Herbsman jive1
Herbst in Munchen1
Herbst zu fruh1
Herbstlied 11
Herbstlied 101
Herbstlied 111
Herbstlied 121
Herbstlied 131
Herbstlied 141
Herbstlied 151
Herbstlied 21
Herbstlied 31
Herbstlied 41
Herbstlied 51
Herbstlied 61
Herbstlied 71
Herbstlied 81
Herbstlied 91
Herbstzeitlose arbeitslose1
Herbys first blues1
Hercs boogie1
Hercule Poirot1
Hercules Jonssons Lat2
Hercules temple1
Hercules tune1
Herding song1
Herding tune1
Herds and hoards1
Herdsman pipe of Spain1
herdsmans view1
Herdutus on the Nile1
Here & here & here1
Here & now2
Here & there1
Here after1
Here again4
Here am I6
Here am I again1
Here am I Brokenhearted2
here and after1
Here and away1
Here and back1
Here and bow1
Here and gone4
Here and gone today and tomorrow1
Here and now48
Here and now and later1
Here and now and you forever1
Here and now then and gone1
Here and there13
Here and there and everywhere1
Here are the blues1
Here are the mountains1
Here are the samurai1
Here are the Scat Cats1
Here are you1
Here at2
Here at last2
Here at the bottom of the sky3
Here at the western world1
Here be change made1
Here be changes made1
Here be dragons1
Here by my side1
Here come da honey man1
Here come de honey man16
Here come de honeyman1
Here come some hot mongo dildos1
Here come that rainy day1
Here come the 7000 frogs1
Here come the Alcohotlicks1
Here come the blues1
Here come the British2
Here come the dreamers1
Here come the girls1
Here come the honey man2
Here come the jiis1
Here come the lions1
Here come the zillions1
Here come you do me like you do1
Here comes April1
Here comes Billy1
Here comes by blackbird1
Here comes Charlie3
Here comes Charlie now1
Here comes cow cow1
Here comes CT4
Here comes de honey man5
Here comes de honeyman3
Here comes Emaline5
Here comes Emily Brown8
Here comes everybody2
Here comes Fatima2
Here comes Freddy1
Here comes Funkenstein1
Here comes Heaven1
Here comes Heaven again2
Here comes Jane1
Here comes Julian1
Here comes Juliette1
Here comes Kai1
Here comes love1
Here comes love again1
Here comes Malinda5
Here comes Marjorie2
Here comes McBride1
Here comes Mikey1
Here comes Miki1
Here comes Mr Jordan1
Here comes Murley1
Here comes my baby1
Here comes my ball and chain10
Here comes my blackbird4
Here comes Panama1
Here comes prelude sunny boy1
Here comes Ralph and Dick1
Here comes Rosie1
Here comes Samba Claus1
Here comes Sanata Claus1
Here comes Santa2
Here comes Santa Claus19
Here comes Sonia1
Here comes Sonny Man2
Here comes spider1
Here comes springtime1
Here comes summer again1
Here comes that blues again1
Here comes that feeling1
Here comes that hot tamale man2
Here comes that rainy day3
Here comes the bad boy2
Here comes the band22
Here comes the blues5
Here comes the bride3
Here comes the British1
Here comes the captain1
Here comes the child1
Here comes the family1
Here comes the flood2
Here comes the honey man2
Here comes the honeyman1
Here comes the hot tamale man27
Here comes the judge1
Here comes the king2
Here comes the light1
Here comes the lion1
Here comes the lonelies again1
Here comes the madwoman1
Here comes the man with the gin1
Here comes the man with the jive3
Here comes the Mocha man1
Here comes the moon1
Here comes the morning1
Here comes the night7
Here comes the rain1
Here comes the rain again5
Here comes the show boat5
Here comes the showboat2
Here comes the silent dusk1
Here comes the sphexes1
Here comes the sun47
Here comes the train1
Here comes the whistleman2
Here comes tomorrow1
Here comes trouble3
Here comes trouble again2
Here comes Willie1
Here comes winter1
Here comes your iceman1
Here comes your man1
Here comes your papa1
Here comes your pappy1
Here comes your pappy )nl vcl)1
Here comes your pappy with the wrong kind of load1
Here comes your papy with the wrong kind of load1
Here comes your ride1
Here doggie1
Here for her1
Here for now2
Here for the music1
Here for you2
Here from there1
Here gathers nameless energy1
Here goes3
Here goes a fool2
Here goes my heart1
Here goes the blues1
Here he comes3
Here hell stay1
Here I am20
Here I am alone again1
Here I am baby2
Here I am brokenhearted1
Here I am dreaming rainbows1
Here I am in love again14
Here I am Lord1
Here I am with my meager accomplishments1
Here I become1
Here I come5
Here I come with my dirty dirty duckins on1
Here I go1
Here I go again16
Here I go just dreamin away1
Here I go where the morning glories grow1
Here I stand8
Here I stand knocking at your door1
Here I stand with my heart in my hand4
Here Ill stay35
Here Ill staygo1
Here in America1
Here in July1
Here in my arms8
Here in my heart11
Here in paradise1
Here in the blue1
Here in the dark1
Here in the firelight2
Here in the land1
Here in the night1
Here in the sun1
Here in your arms2
Here is a letter1
Here is a secret sanctuary1
Here is all the love I have1
Here is everything2
Here is Kinderjazz1
Here is my Avalon1
Here is my heart3
Here is only moment2
Here is something for you2
Here is that rainy day6
Here is the blues1
Here is the love1
Here is the music that makes me dance1
Here is the third half1
Here is where your love belongs2
Here it comes5
Here it is8
Here it is again1
Here it is come and get it1
Here it is Monday and Ive still got a dollar2
Here it is tomorrow again1
Here I’ll stay1
Here Katy1
Here let my life1
Here lies love25
Here lies my love2
Here my dear1
Here no key heckles the lock1
Here nor there1
Here not here1
Here now1
Here now but forever1
Here now gone now1
Here now there1
Here on a hill1
Here on earth4
Here on this rock1
Here or there4
Here or there as long as Im with you1
Here pretty kitty1
Here pussy pussy1
Here right now2
Here say1
Here she comes1
Here she comes there she goes1
Here she goes with her eye out1
Here that rainy day1
Here the good wind comes2
Here the moon1
Here the sun does not enter1
Here there1
Here there & everywhere1
Here there and everywhere146
Here there down and up2
Here there everywhere3
Here they come there they go1
Here tis20
Here to burn1
Here to hear2
Here to help1
Here to resilience1
Here to stay14
Here to there3
Here today11
Here today and gone tomorrow1
Here today gone tomorrow7
Here today gone tomorrow love1
Here today gone yesterday1
Here today here tomorrow1
Here tomorrow1
Here tonight1
Here was no lack of innocent diversion1
Here we all are1
Here we are20
Here we are again2
Here we are now1
Here we come4
Here we come a caroling1
Here we come a wassailing2
Here we come acaroling1
Here we come again1
Here we divide the plunder1
Here we go12
Here we go again45
Here we go here we go1
Here we go round the mulberry bush1
Here we gong1
Here we is Beaver and the three1
Here we sit with misty eyes1
Here where Coltrane is1
Here with me4
Here with you3
Here without1
Here without you1
Here you are11
Here you come again2
Here you come today1
Here you come with love4
Heree hoping1
Hereillakin aamu jatkuu1
Herenboekje berenhoekje boerenhekje1
Herencia hindu1
Heres a goodbye1

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