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This index refers to the 504,445 individual tune titles (1,523,837 total entries) included in over 235,886 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2018.

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Page C43 - Complicated love to Composition no 118A

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Tune nameSessions
Complicated love1
complicated scene1
Complicated shoes1
Complicated stories1
Complicated woman1
Complimentary opposites1
Compliments to the chef1
Complying with the man1
Compo 21
Components changes1
Components derive their value solely through their assigned context1
Comportement alimentaire1
Compos mentis3
Compose her1
Composed improvisation1
Composer in public1
composer promenading the keyboard in his boots1
Composers call1
composers conversation1
Composin at the Composer1
Composing and reading music1
composing process1
Composision 1401
Composita solvantur1
Composite 11
Composite 81
Composite drive1
Composite motion2
composite portrait1
Compositie met toonladders1
Composition 15
Composition 103
Composition 1002
Composition 1017
Composition 1021
Composition 105A3
Composition 105B2
Composition 106 A1
Composition 106 B1
Composition 106A quarter1
Composition 106C2
Composition 106C triadic spiral1
Composition 106D1
Composition 106D relationship1
Composition 106g1
Composition 106J1
Composition 106J pointillistic1
Composition 106N1
Composition 1074
Composition 108B1
Composition 108C11069Q1
Composition 110A4
Composition 110C1
Composition 110D1
Composition 1121
Composition 1131
Composition 1142
Composition 1152
Composition 1164
Composition 118 E1
Composition 118A1
Composition 118A intervallic1
Composition 118F2
Composition 118F buzz logic1
Composition 118g1
Composition 118m1
Composition 119 G1
Composition 119G multiphonic1
Composition 119I1
Composition 119J1
Composition 1211
Composition 1223
Composition 1242
Composition 124+1
Composition 126 Trillium dialogues M act 11
Composition 126 Trillium dialogues M act 21
Composition 129 +1
Composition 1312
Composition 1342
Composition 1352
Composition 1367
Composition 138A ballade1
Composition 138B african violets1
Composition 138C1
Composition 138C long1
Composition 138D ballade1
Composition 138E1
Composition 1392
Composition 1402
Composition 1411
Composition 1422
Composition 1441
Composition 1451
Composition 1471
Composition 1481
Composition 151
Composition 1511
Composition 1521
Composition 1531
Composition 1541
Composition 1551
Composition 1561
Composition 1571
Composition 1583
Composition 1592
Composition 159+1
Composition 163
Composition 1602
Composition 1613
Composition 162 Trillium R Shala fears for the poor1
Composition 1631
Composition 1641
Composition 1651
Composition 1671
Composition 1681
Composition 168+1
Composition 168+1031
Composition 169 +1
Composition 171
Composition 170A1
Composition 170C1
Composition 170F1
Composition 170G1
Composition 170H1
Composition 170I1
Composition 1711
Composition 1721
Composition 1733
Composition 1741
Composition 1751
Composition 1811
Composition 1821
Composition 1831
Composition 1841
Composition 1851
Composition 1862
Composition 1871
Composition 1881
Composition 188 A1
Composition 19 in silvergrey1
Composition 191 A1
Composition 191 B1
Composition 191 C1
Composition 191 D1
Composition 191 E1
Composition 191 F1
Composition 1921
Composition 1931
Composition 1951
Composition 1991
Composition 23
Composition 2 1946 graphite and colored crayon on1
Composition 202
Composition 20 + 861
Composition 2071
Composition 2081
Composition 212
Composition 2111
Composition 2121
Composition 222
Composition 2221
Composition 2231
Composition 23 C1
Composition 23 D1
Composition 23A1
Composition 23B3
Composition 23C4
Composition 23C+32+105B+301
Composition 23D3
Composition 23E3
Composition 23F1
Composition 23G4
Composition 23H1
Composition 23i1
Composition 23J5
Composition 23K1
Composition 23L1
Composition 23M3
Composition 23N2
Composition 23O1
Composition 23P1
Composition 2421
Composition 2431
Composition 2441
Composition 2451
Composition 2471
Composition 2491
Composition 251
Composition 2551
Composition 2571
Composition 26 F1
Composition 2611
Composition 2651
Composition 26A1
Composition 26B4
Composition 26C2
Composition 26D1
Composition 26E3
Composition 26F3
Composition 26F Kelvin1
Composition 26G1
Composition 26G + 99G1
Composition 26H1
Composition 26I1
Composition 26J1
Composition 2771
Composition 2781
Composition 281
Composition 2801
Composition 2811
Composition 2821
Composition 2831
Composition 2861
Composition 2871
Composition 2891
Composition 2931
Composition 2941
Composition 2951
Composition 2961
Composition 2971
Composition 2981
Composition 2991
Composition 29A1
Composition 33
Composition 302
Composition 3001
Composition 301 for solo piano1
Composition 3041
Composition 3051
Composition 307 A1
Composition 307 B1
Composition 307 C1
Composition 307 D1
Composition 307 E1
Composition 307 F1
Composition 307 G1
Composition 307 H1
Composition 308 A1
Composition 308 B1
Composition 308 C1
Composition 308 D1
Composition 308 E1
Composition 308 F1
Composition 308 G1
Composition 308 H1
Composition 308 I1
Composition 308 J1
Composition 308 K1
Composition 308 L1
Composition 309 A1
Composition 309 B1
Composition 309 C1
Composition 309 D1
Composition 309 E1
Composition 309 F1
Composition 309 G1
Composition 311
Composition 3131
Composition 322
Composition 323a2
Composition 323B1
Composition 331
Composition 341
Composition 3431
Composition 34A1
Composition 351
Composition 3501
Composition 3511
Composition 3521
Composition 3531
Composition 3541
Composition 3551
Composition 3562
Composition 3571
Composition 3581
Composition 361
Composition 363B+1
Composition 367B1
Composition 371
Composition 38A1
Composition 43
Composition 403
Composition 40 B3
Composition 40 M1
Composition 40 Q2
Composition 400 + Collage form structure1
Composition 40A3
Composition 40B4
Composition 40D1
Composition 40D + percussion solo1
Composition 40F3
Composition 40G2
Composition 40I2
Composition 40J1
Composition 40K1
Composition 40M4
Composition 40N3
Composition 40N40B1
Composition 40O2
Composition 40P1
Composition 40Q1
Composition 431
Composition 43+1
Composition 44+1
Composition 452
Composition 461
Composition 482
Composition 53
Composition 501
Composition 512
Composition 523
Composition 552
Composition 561
Composition 56 in 4th place and still looking1
Composition 572
Composition 584
Composition 593
Composition 62
Composition 6 I1
Composition 603
Composition 60 B1
Composition 623
Composition 631
Composition 642
Composition 653
Composition 661
Composition 671
Composition 691
Composition 69 G1
Composition 69 J1
Composition 69 L1
Composition 69 M1
Composition 69 NG1
Composition 69A1
Composition 69B4
Composition 69C2
Composition 69E1
Composition 69F2
Composition 69G1
Composition 69H3
Composition 69J1
Composition 69K1
Composition 69M4
Composition 69N1
Composition 69O2
Composition 69P1
Composition 69Q1
Composition 6A4
Composition 6C2
Composition 6D1
Composition 6E1
Composition 6F5
Composition 6G1
Composition 6H1
Composition 6I1
Composition 6J1
Composition 6K1
Composition 6L1
Composition 6M1
Composition 6N2
Composition 6O2
Composition 6P1
Composition 71
Composition 701
Composition 711
Composition 72A1
Composition 72C1
Composition 72F1
Composition 72H1
Composition 74 A1
Composition 74 B1
Composition 74A1
Composition 74B1
Composition 74C1
Composition 74D + 72E1
Composition 74E1
Composition 763
Composition 77 C1
Composition 77 D1
Composition 77A1
Composition 77B2
Composition 77C1
Composition 77C triplet diatonic1
Composition 77D3
Composition 77E4
Composition 77F1
Composition 77g2
Composition 77G whole1
Composition 77H1
Composition 82
Composition 8 H1
Composition 821
Composition 852
Composition 862
Composition 874
Composition 883
Composition 8A1
Composition 8AB1
Composition 8B1
Composition 8C2
Composition 8D1
Composition 8E1
Composition 8F1
Composition 8G3
Composition 8H2
Composition 8I2
Composition 8J1
Composition 8K1
Composition 91
Composition 911
Composition 931
Composition 941
Composition 951
Composition 962
Composition 97 E1
Composition 982
Composition 99 E1
Composition 99b2
Composition 99B line1
Composition 99C1
Composition 99I1
Composition <>30EGMKGM781
Composition as explanation1
Composition B1
Composition bleu1
Composition by V Ganelin1
Composition en re b1
Composition for creative orchestra no I2
Composition for creative orchestra no21
Composition for creative orchestra no31
Composition for David Murray1
Composition for four pieces1
Composition for strings and multiple tempi1
Composition for variable ensemble no 11
Composition for variable ensemble no 21
Composition fragment1
Composition I3
Composition I for simultaneous clarinet1
Composition II3
Composition II for simultaneous clarinet1
Composition III3
Composition in dependent gravity I1
Composition in gravity I1
Composition in gravity II1
Composition in Raga Rageshri1
Composition in the form of blues1
Composition in three parts1
Composition IV2
Composition n 1011
Composition N 2271
Composition N 2281
Composition n 364a1
Composition n 364f1
Composition n 366b1
Composition n 366d1
Composition n11
Composition N363f1
Composition N363h1
Composition N364e1
Composition N365a1
Composition N366a1
Composition N366b1
Composition N366d1
Composition N366f1
Composition N366g1
Composition N367c1
Composition N367d1
Composition N367f1
Composition no 12
Composition no 101
Composition no 106A1
Composition no 106C1
Composition no 106d1
Composition no 106f1
Composition no 106J1
Composition no 106m2
Composition no 106P1
Composition no 1071
Composition no 1161
Composition no 116 and no 40O1
Composition no 118A1

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