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This index refers to the 219,958 individual jazz musicians (1,374,297 total entries) included in over 238,908 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of November, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page A1 A Filetta to Bob Abruzese
Page A2 Mario Abruzzo to David Addes
Page A3 Ernie Addicott to Brian Ahern
Page A4 Bud Ahern to Joe Albany
Page A5 Alejandro "El Flecha" Albar to Norman Alexander
Page A6 Ora Alexander to Jenn Allen
Page A7 Jeremy Allen to Jan Wouter Alt
Page A8 Les Alt to Matthias Ammann
Page A9 Max Ammann to Jorn Anderson
Page A10 Joseph Anderson to Ron Andrews
Page A11 Rosetta Andrews to Margaretha Antonsson
Page A12 Torgerd Antonsson to Herman Arenas
Page A13 Lysandro Arenas to Paul Arnoux
Page A14 Viviane Arnoux to Martin Ashton
Page A15 Monica Ashton to Genevieve Audet
Page A16 Pierre Audetat to Cyrille Ayers
Page A17 Danny Ayers to a_dontigny


Page B1 Bobby B to Kurt Baer
Page B2 Max Baer to Joe Baker
Page B3 Joey Baker to Ann Ballester
Page B4 Biel Ballester to Harun Ghulam Barabbas
Page B5 Mauro Barabino to Ozzie Barker
Page B6 Peter Barker to Hugo Barre
Page B7 Kamlo Barre to Hal Barton
Page B8 Jeanie Barton to Pablo Batista, Jr.
Page B9 Samuel Batista to Ellen Bayens
Page B10 Frits Bayens to Leon Beck
Page B11 Lukas Beck to Cees de Bekker
Page B12 Chris Bekker to Jay Belrose
Page B13 Pat Belrose to Ian Bennett
Page B14 Ian Bennett to Shelly Berg
Page B15 Sisel Kjol Berg to Ken Berman
Page B16 Len Berman to Charlie Bertinin
Page B17 Dave Bertiz to Aparecido Bianchi
Page B18 Carlo Bianchi to Brynjar Schulerud Bilsbak
Page B19 Havard Schulerud Bilsbak to Veronique Bizet
Page B20 Emil Bizga to Naomi Blake
Page B21 Norman Blake to Erik Blok
Page B22 Jan Blok to Frank Bode
Page B23 Hans Bode to Sean Bolan
Page B24 Bill Boland to Michel Bonneau
Page B25 Thierry Bonneaux to Alexei Borisov
Page B26 Vladimir Borisov to Susan Botti
Page B27 Gianni Botticelli to Jerry Bowers
Page B28 Kenneth Bowers to Rafe Bradford
Page B29 Scott Bradford to Tom Brannon
Page B30 Ingrid Brannstrom to Nate Brenner
Page B31 Otto "Jimmie" Brenner to Theo van Brinkom
Page B32 Olof Brinning to Rob Brook
Page B33 Stuart Brook to De Castro Brown
Page B34 Dean Brown to Vernon Brown
Page B35 Vernon Brown to Oskar Brunschwiler
Page B36 Werner Brunschwiler to Jonathan Buck
Page B37 Julian Buck to Andy Bunapastore
Page B38 Ellis Bunard to Phillip Burkhead
Page B39 Alan Burki to Gregor Busch
Page B40 Hanno Busch to Rob Byers
Page B41 William Byers to Barry Bzweig


Page C1 Billy C to David D. Caldwell
Page C2 Doug Caldwell to Rene op den Camp
Page C3 Saartje van Camp to Mario Canonge
Page C4 Corrado Canonici to Sergio Cardona
Page C5 Tino Cardona to John Carney
Page C6 Julianne Carney to Gabe Carson
Page C7 Ham Carson to James Casey
Page C8 Jim Casey to Jack Cathcart
Page C9 James Cathcart to Anthony Cerabino
Page C10 Nick Ceraci to Danny Chan
Page C11 Dave Chan to Carol Chase
Page C12 Corrine Chase to Pierre-Alexandre Chevrolet
Page C13 Barrie Chew to Henry Christensen
Page C14 Ian Christensen to Akios Cimburek
Page C15 Hakan Cimenot to Ralph Clark
Page C16 Randy Clark to Rod Cless
Page C17 Hans Cleuver to Ben Coenraads
Page C18 M. Coestier to Emily Coleman
Page C19 Ernest (EC3) Coleman to Michael Colombier
Page C20 Michel Colombier to Mike Conner
Page C21 Jim Connerley to Master Vic Cooke
Page C22 Matthew Cooke to Vincent Cordelette
Page C23 Dan Cordell to Kina Cosper
Page C24 Steve Cosper to Pascal Couvreur
Page C25 Pierre Couzinier to Craig Crawford
Page C26 Da'dra Crawford to Dixie Lee Crosby
Page C27 Gary Crosby to Lennie Cuje
Page C28 Jurica Cukac to Peter Cusack
Page C29 Robert Cusamano to Roland Czyzyk


Page D1 Bubba D to Olle Dahlstrom
Page D2 Michael Dahlvid to Dave Danforth
Page D3 Doug Danforth to Roswitha Dash
Page D4 Bill Dashey to Bill Davis
Page D5 Bill Davis to Patrick Dawkins
Page D6 Skyle Dawkins to A. Debraiy
Page D7 Roberto De Brashov to Emmanuel de Gouvelle
Page D8 Emmanuel de Gouvello to Jean-Daniel Delevaux
Page D9 Pierre De Leye to Hans Demeurisse
Page D10 Guy Demey to Anna Depenbusch
Page D11 Edgard Depestre to Ubirajara de Souza
Page D12 Walter Gomes de Souza to Marian Dezaire
Page D13 Nico Dezaire to John Dieckman
Page D14 David Dieckmann to Mark Dinan
Page D15 Mike DiNapoli to Tanja Djorgovska
Page D16 Mikail Djouraev to Arthur Dominik
Page D17 Ivan Dominik to Dan Dorrance
Page D18 Daniel Dorrance to Brendan Doyle
Page D19 Buddy Doyle to A.C. Drummer
Page D20 Johnny Drummer to Washington Duke
Page D21 Yolanda Duke to Marc Dupras
Page D22 Didi Duprat to Charles Dye
Page D23 Elbert "Coots" Dye to Beth Dzwil


Page E1 Sheila E to Josias Eddens
Page E2 Brother Eddie to Christian Eggen
Page E3 Marcel Eggen to Anis El-Hawi
Page E4 Khamis El-Khouly to Greg Ellis
Page E5 Herb Ellis to Chick Endor
Page E6 Lars Endrerud to Mads Ole Rode Erhardsen
Page E7 Dieter Erhardt to Amber Esping
Page E8 Rodrigo Espiniza to Neal Evans
Page E9 Nell Evans to Dave Ezzy


Page F1 F to Sergio Faluotico
Page F2 Alfred Falusi to Lars Fasbender
Page F3 Andrea Fascetti to Mary Feinsinger
Page F4 Marvin Feinsmith to Robin Ferman
Page F5 Jon Fermandes to Dave Feusi
Page F6 Hugues Feuz to Grigori Fine
Page F7 Jack Fine to Glenn Fisher
Page F8 Greg Fisher to Van Fleming
Page F9 Walter Fleming to Damian Foley
Page F10 Dave Foley to Fred Forney
Page F11 Martina Forni to Vernel Fournier
Page F12 Vernell Fournier to Gabi Frank
Page F13 Hans Christian Frank to Aksel Frederiksen
Page F14 Arne Frederiksen to Thomas Fricker
Page F15 Gunnar Frid to Ted Fry
Page F16 Tristan Fry to John Furmasoli
Page F17 Sam Furnace to Aqi Fzono


Page G1 Juanito G to David Gale
Page G2 Deborah Gale to C.K. Ganyo
Page G3 Alfons Ganz to Paul Garment
Page G4 Michael Garn to Nino Gatti
Page G5 Pablo Gatti to Manfred Geiss
Page G6 Philippe Geiss to Philipp Gerger
Page G7 Tore Gerhamn to Jef Giansily
Page G8 Paul Giansily to Jerry Gilgore
Page G9 Bob Gilham to Maureen Girard
Page G10 Nick Girard to Lloyd Glenn, Jr.
Page G11 R. Glenn to Lincoln Goins
Page G12 Rocky Goins to Joaquim Gomez
Page G13 Johnny Gomez to Bob Goodwin
Page G14 Carl Goodwin to Takeshi Goto
Page G15 Teruo Goto to Aaron Graham
Page G16 Al Graham to Lucy Grauman
Page G17 Sacha Grauman to Lew Green
Page G18 Lew Green to Gordon Greimes
Page G19 Henri Greindl to Jim Grimes
Page G20 Jimmy Grimes to Steve Grove
Page G21 Wade Grove to Willy Guetch
Page G22 Adam Guettel to Gokce Gurcay
Page G23 Ted Gurch to John Gzowski


Page H1 Arthur H to Tom Hagen
Page H2 Tony Hagen to Darryl Hall
Page H3 Dave Hall to Jesse Hameen, II
Page H4 Eero Hameenniemi to John Handelsman
Page H5 Jon Handelsman to Ove Hanson
Page H6 Patrik Hanson to Beth Harmon
Page H7 Bob Harmon to Neil Harris
Page H8 Nickie Harris to Regis Hartman
Page H9 Robert Hartman to Ole Hattens
Page H10 The Hatter to Kevin Hayden
Page H11 Marion Hayden to Art Heatlie
Page H12 Jon Heaton to Uli Heinzler
Page H13 Matthias Heinzmann to George Henderson
Page H14 H.T. "Bud" Henderson to Ed Henson
Page H15 Harold Henson to Michel Herr
Page H16 Roberto Herrador to Cathy Heyden
Page H17 Alex Heydendaal to Freddi Hill
Page H18 Freddie Hill to Michael Hiralda
Page H19 David Hiram to Roger Hodge
Page H20 Vanessa Hodge to Dominic Hohle
Page H21 Michael Hohler to Anthony Holmes
Page H22 Arthur Holmes to David Hood
Page H23 Douglas Hood to Martin Horntveth
Page H24 Barthold Hornung to Fred Howard
Page H25 Gary Howard to Jeff Huddleston
Page H26 Matt Huddleston to Nicolas Humbert
Page H27 Pierre "Caniche" Humbert to John Hurst
Page H28 Kate Hurst to Markku Hyytia


Page I1 The I 94 Horn Section to E. Immler
Page I2 Pekka Immonen to Ray Irving
Page I3 Rex Irving to Akio Iwai
Page I4 Takao Iwaki to Virginia Izzo


Page J1 Brother J to Irene Jacob
Page J2 Jules Jacob to Maria Jameau
Page J3 Ivar Jameniz to Lars Jansson
Page J4 Lars-Hugo Jansson to Matt Jefferson
Page J5 Mike Jefferson to Rick Jensen
Page J6 Roger Jensen to Michael Johancsik
Page J7 Putte Johander to Doghouse Johnson
Page J8 Dominic Johnson to Stephen Johnson
Page J9 Steve Johnson to Earl Jones
Page J10 Ed Jones to Ake Jonsson
Page J11 Ake Jonsson to Lubi Jovanovic
Page J12 Mile Jovanovic to Jens Jyde


Page K1 Adrian K to Bo Kallstrom
Page K2 Bosse Kallstrom to Mike Kaplan
Page K3 Noah Kaplan to Julien Kasper
Page K4 Macky Kasper to Howard Kay
Page K5 Ira Kay to Poul Keldgard
Page K6 Denis Keldie to Mia Kempf
Page K7 Philip Kempf to Kenny Kersey
Page K8 Mark Kersey to Jos Kieft
Page K9 Karl Kiehlmann to Carlton King
Page K10 Carol King to Theophilus "Hurricane" Kirk
Page K11 Tom Kirk to Han Kleemans
Page K12 Ray Kleemeyer to Ernst Knauff
Page K13 Richard Knaupp to Georg Kochbeck
Page K14 George Kochbeck to Vladimir Komarev
Page K15 Miron Komarinicki to Julia Korodi
Page K16 Stefan Korodi to Mizuki Koyama
Page K17 Nobuo Koyama to Oscar Kreimer
Page K18 Kurt Kreimier to Carrie Krueger
Page K19 Fred Krueger to Lillemor Kullberg
Page K20 Maj Kullberg to Kees Kuypers
Page K21 Lee Kuypers to Laurent Kzrewina


Page L1 Kader L'Aktivist to Bernardo Lagos
Page L2 Jorge Lagos to Eddy Lammerding
Page L3 Werner Lammerhirt to Phil Lang
Page L4 Pia Lang to Frankie LaRocka
Page L5 Tony Larokko to Leonardo Latini
Page L6 Sophia Latjuba to Linda Lawrence
Page L7 Loris "Bily" Lawrence to Rene Le Borgne
Page L8 Albin Lebosse to William Lee
Page L9 William Lee to K. Leimkuhler
Page L10 Gunther Leimstoll to Pat Leonard
Page L11 Pat Leonard to Christophe Le Van
Page L12 Danny Levan to J.T. Lewis
Page L13 J.T. Lewis, Jr. to Quentin Liegois
Page L14 Arend Liekens to Vincent Linden
Page L15 Wolfgang Lindenau to Jerad Lippi
Page L16 Riccardo Lippi to Andrey Lobanov
Page L17 Victor Lobanov to Judy Loman
Page L18 Lillian Loman to Stan Lord
Page L19 Steve Lord to Les Lovitt
Page L20 Lester Lovitt to Nanna Luders
Page L21 Peter Ludes to Francine Lupien-Bang
Page L22 Ben Lupinacci to Eero Lyttinen
Page L23 Gosta Lyttkens to Arnold Lz


Page M1 M to Don MacKay
Page M2 Duncan Mackay to Gaetano Magarelli
Page M3 Olivier Magarotto to Tomas Majcherski
Page M4 Dave Majchrzak to Matty Malneck
Page M5 Gilbert Malnory to Bob Mann
Page M6 Bosco Mann to Francois Marcaurelle
Page M7 Sabine Marceau to Fernand Marin
Page M8 George Marin to Pee Wee Marquette
Page M9 Steve Marquette to Andrea Martin
Page M10 Andrew Martin to Ruben Martinez
Page M11 Sabu Martinez to Ralph Mason
Page M12 Ray Mason to Jean-Louis Matinier
Page M13 Pippo Matino to Jocelyne Maubre
Page M14 Thierry Maucci to Barbara Mayr
Page M15 Georg Mayr to Carol McCartney
Page M16 David McCartney to Susan McDaniels
Page M17 Willie McDaniels to Roy McGrath
Page M18 Terry McGrath to Bill McKrell
Page M19 Rod McKuen to Dennis McQuell
Page M20 Alicia McQuerrey to Gunter Meier
Page M21 Hans Meier to Stefano Menato
Page M22 Daniele Mencarelli to Peppe Merolla
Page M23 Daniel Meron to Jan Meyer
Page M24 Jann Meyer to Aldo Middleton
Page M25 Andy Middleton to Alex Miller
Page M26 Allan Miller to Dickie Mills
Page M27 Don Mills to Claudio Miranda
Page M28 Daniel Miranda to Kelly Mittleman
Page M29 E. Mittmann to Andreas Mohring
Page M30 Marnix Mohring to Rickie Monie
Page M31 Eldis La Rosa Monier to The Moonmisters
Page M32 Jos Moons to Leon Moraweck
Page M33 Lucien Moraweck to Yasuhito Mori
Page M34 Yoshinori Mori to Al Morse
Page M35 Bill Morse to T.A.M. Mott
Page M36 Tam Mott to Michael Mulcahy
Page M37 Patrick Mulcahy to Mario Munoz
Page M38 Michel Munoz to Musicians of
Page M39 Ellen Musick to Sipo Mzimela


Page N1 Philippe N'Bess to Valentina Namdykova
Page N2 Virgil Nameless to Yoshihiko Naya
Page N3 Al Naylor to Jimmy Nelson
Page N4 Jimmy "T-99" Nelson to Art Neville
Page N5 Charles Neville to Peter Nicholson
Page N6 R.Albert Nicholson to Nika
Page N7 Lelo Nika to Nakane Nobuhiro
Page N8 Lisa Nobumoto to John Norman
Page N9 L. Norman to Dino Nugent
Page N10 Drew Nugent to Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya


Page O1 Charlie O to Joey Oakley
Page O2 Leon Oakley to Mikhail Ogorodov
Page O3 Tellef Ogrim to Can Olgun
Page O4 Kaja Olgun to Johnny Ombach
Page O5 Sven-Eric Omberg to Stein Ornhaug
Page O6 Gerhard Ornig to Arthur Osterwall
Page O7 Irmgaard Osterwall to Ted Owen
Page O8 Tim Owen to Marta Ozzetti


Page P1 Sarah P to Paavo Paivarinta
Page P2 Thorolf Paivarinta to Nebojsa Pandurovic
Page P3 Igor Pandurski to Tony Paris
Page P4 William R. Paris to Gil Parris
Page P5 Jim Parris to John Paton
Page P6 Matt Paton to Gary Pavlica
Page P7 Jiri Pavlica to Carlo Pecori
Page P8 Franco Pecori to Sid Peltyn
Page P9 Herbert Peltzer to Armando Seina Perez
Page P10 B.J. Perez to Jeff Perry
Page P11 Jesse Perry to Rick Petersen
Page P12 Robert Petersen to Royce Pettis
Page P13 Vastine "Wink" Pettis to Colin Philpott
Page P14 John Philpott to Piotr Pietrzak
Page P15 Anna Pietsch to Francesco Piretti
Page P16 Bela Piri to Jack Pleis
Page P17 Dolf Pleiter to Alva Polk
Page P18 Charles Polk to Alexander Popov
Page P19 German Popov to Roxanne Potvin
Page P20 Veronique Potvin to Pat Pratta
Page P21 Tuomo Prattaka to Earres Prince
Page P22 Frank Prince to Ron Puckett
Page P23 Shirley Puckett to Cankut Pzgul


Page Q1 Apt. Q-258 to Morten Qvenild


Page R1 Bob R. to Vladimir Ragostin
Page R2 Jerry Ragovoy to Teresita Ramos
Page R3 Tomas Ramos to Zoran Raskovic
Page R4 Tom Rasky to Danielle Raymond
Page R5 Don Raymond to Leslie Reed
Page R6 Lou Reed to Teddy Reig
Page R7 Denise Reig-Turner to Bob Renino
Page R8 Herb Renke to Jorge G. Rezende
Page R9 Nico Rezende to Lynn Richards
Page R10 Lynne Richards to Ingrid Rieber
Page R11 Nathan Riebli to Jean-Pierre Rio
Page R12 Marc Rio to Bob Roadwell
Page R13 Tom Roady to Andy Robins
Page R14 Bruce Robins to Rocket J
Page R15 The Rockets to Darryl Roenicke
Page R16 Werner Roennfeldt to Joe Roma
Page R17 Sam Roma to Eddie Rosa
Page R18 Enrico Rosa to Marek Rosner
Page R19 Sharon Rosner to Patrick Rothenberger
Page R20 Francis Rothenbuehler to Anny Rozsa
Page R21 Oskar Rozsa to Andrew Ruiz-Palma
Page R22 Wim Rujgrok to Hartmut "Hako" Ruther
Page R23 Jonas Ruther to Krzysztof Rzucidlo


Page S1 Akosh S to Hubert Saini
Page S2 Clemens Sainitzer to Dave Saltman
Page S3 Henry Saltman to Juliusz Sandecki
Page S4 Kaare Sandegren to Antonio Santiago
Page S5 Ariel Santiago to Sokak Saticisi
Page S6 Erik Satie to Mitsuru Sawamura
Page S7 Bernard Saward to Dani Schaffner
Page S8 Daniel Schaffner to Stefan Schiesser
Page S9 Josef G. Schiessl to Terry Schmidt
Page S10 Tom Schmidt to Gordon Schoneberg
Page S11 Joachim Schonecker to Harry Schulz
Page S12 Helmuth Schulz to Stefano Scodanibbio
Page S13 Tony Scodwell to Phil Seamen
Page S14 Phil Seamen? to Sonny Seivert
Page S15 Olof Seiving to Sam Sergent
Page S16 Slava Sergeyev to Bill Shakespeare
Page S17 Daddy Shakespeare to Lonnie Shaw
Page S18 Lucy Shaw to Jay Sherman
Page S19 Jeff Sherman to James Shoe
Page S20 Harry Shoebridge to Larry Sieberth
Page S21 Laura Sieberth to Ken Silverman
Page S22 Marc Silverman to Don Simpson
Page S23 Drew Simpson to Tage Siven
Page S24 Eric Siverson to Mike Slack
Page S25 Phil Slack to Luk Smets
Page S26 Ivan Smeulders to Jabbo Smith
Page S27 Jack Smith to Wright Smith
Page S28 Wynn Smith to Kristian Sogaard
Page S29 Hisako Sogawa to Harold Sonn
Page S30 Larry Sonn to Valter Souza da Cruz
Page S31 Dave Sova to Tommy Spencer
Page S32 Will Spencer to Harbans Srih
Page S33 Poovalur Sriji to Dragoslav Stanislavljevich
Page S34 ... Stanjovic to Shayna Steele
Page S35 Skye Steele to Danielle Stephan
Page S36 Dietrich Stephan to Dennis Stewart
Page S37 Derrick Stewart to Colin Stokes
Page S38 Frank Stokes to Catriona Strang
Page S39 Harry Strang to Georg Struber
Page S40 Edgar Struble to Al Sudhalter
Page S41 Carol Sudhalter to Andreas Suntrop
Page S42 Michel Sunyer to Borje Svensson
Page S43 Carl Svensson to Sylvio
Page S44 Katja Symannek to Eugeniusz Szymecki


Page T1 Billy T to Sam Tall
Page T2 Angelina Tallaj to Mustafa Taspinar
Page T3 Christine Tassan to Paul Taylor
Page T4 Paul Taylor to David Tennant
Page T5 John Tennant to Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Page T6 Joakim Thastrom to Jack Thomas
Page T7 Jackie Thomas to Nichol Thompson
Page T8 Nick Thompson to Ethan Thyssen
Page T9 Jack Thyssen to Steve Tirpak
Page T10 S. Tulug Tirpan to Randy Tomasello
Page T11 Ron Tomasello to Gilberto Torres
Page T12 Gilberto Ortega Torres to Dave Tranchina
Page T13 David Tranchina to Heimo Trixner
Page T14 Helmo Trixner to Marcus "Markee" Tsutakawa
Page T15 Nakayama Tsutomu to Ken Turner
Page T16 Kenny Turner to Michail Tzurichenko


Page U1 Jimi U to Rob Updegraff
Page U2 Tom Upjohn to Imani Uzuri


Page V1 Frankie V to Orlando Maraca Valle
Page V2 Ramon Valle to Johnny Van Eps
Page V3 William Van Eps to Enrique Lazara Varona
Page V4 Jorge Varona to Angel Ballester Veliz
Page V5 Ron Veliz to Lele Veronesi
Page V6 Veronica to Michele Vignali
Page V7 Roger Vignand to Gianni Virone
Page V8 Giuseppe Virone to Ivan Volkov
Page V9 Leonid Volkov to Rob Vulic
Page V10 Charles Vullo to Pascale Vyvere


Page W1 W to Jeff Wald
Page W2 Jerry Wald to Cristophe Wallemme
Page W3 Byron Wallen to Jakubu M. Wangi Griffin, Jr.
Page W4 Dominik Wania to Alex Washington
Page W5 Alfredo Washington to Ernest Watson
Page W6 Ernie Watson to Hajo Weber
Page W7 Heinz Weber to Billy Weir
Page W8 Bob Weir to Henk Weltevreden
Page W9 Arthur Welti to Huub Westerhout
Page W10 Gerrit Westerhuis to Chris White
Page W11 Chris White to Mike Whitty
Page W12 Paul Whitty to Eddie Wilcox
Page W13 Edwin Wilcox to Billy Williams
Page W14 Billy Dee Williams to Norman Williams
Page W15 Norman Williams to Andy Wilson
Page W16 Annabelle Wilson to Brooke Windsor
Page W17 Des Windsor to Lukasz Wisnia Wisniewski
Page W18 Miroslaw Wisniewski to Will Wollenhaupt
Page W19 Chris Woller to margaret Woolen
Page W20 George Wooler to Selwyn Wright
Page W21 Seymour Wright to Michael Wzrson


Page X1 Andreas X to XZV3


Page Y1 Y to Juri Yegorov
Page Y2 Annie Yeh to Jacob Young
Page Y3 Jacqueline Young to Frederic Yzerman


Page Z1 Bojan Z to Fred Zaugg
Page Z2 Rolf Zaugg to Ricky Zielinski
Page Z3 Warren Zielinski to Robert Zschaler
Page Z4 Zacharias Zschenderlein to Doc Zywan