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This index refers to the 216,681 individual jazz musicians (1,351,465 total entries) included in over 235,156 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page L8 - Carolyn Lechusza to Ted Lees

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Carolyn Lechusza12005electronics,cello
Hans Lecke51973-1978tb,b
Jurg Leckebush11996bar
Tim Leckin11998b
David Leclair12000tu
Jacqueline Leclair21999-2000oboe
Marie-Chantal Leclair12001as,sop
Mathieu Leclair12001ts
Guy LeClaire71986-2003g,el-g
Mark LeClaire71999-2004cello,b,vcl,homemade instruments,electronics
Shannon LeClaire51992-2013as,fl,cl,sax
Theo LeClaire12001hca
Bruno Leclerc21993-1994d
George Leclerc11961b
Georges Leclerc41944d
Guy Leclerc11949b
Hector Leclerc31954-1958banjo,bj
Philippe Leclerc51985-2003saxes,ts,sop,as
Remi Leclerc171989-2008d,perc,snare-pic,tamb,cymb felees,grosse caisse,vc
Remy Leclerc12008p
Fud Leclercq11947vcl,accor
Georges Leclercq11948b
Hector Leclercq51954-1957bj
Jasper le Clercq12012vln
M. Leclercq11932tp
Pierre Leclercq21943-1945ts
Georges Leclere11943b
Jean Leclere71950-1957vib
Lean Lecloux21991-1994Bb-cl
Armand Sebal Leco21994b-g
Dominique Le Coadec19999-0000comp
Maurice Lecoeur11959tu
Alain Lecointe81975-1983b,el-b,b-g,vcl
Francis Lecointe12015as,bar
Yann Lecollaire22003-2007cl,fl
Victor Le Comer11996synt
Jack LeCompt11994d
Aurele Lecompte21978p
Jack LeCompte351979-2012d,perc
Andre Lecomte81978-1998p,vcl
Benoit Lecomte12008b
Dominique Lecomte21991-1994bar-hrn
Fabrice Lecomte12015tp
Philippe Lecomte11978cl,sop
Pierre Lecomte61979-1991b
Pit Lecomte11998b
Samuel Lecomte11985d
William Lecomte101985-2008p,keyboards,comp,el-p,synt
William Leconte11996p,synt
Helene Lecoq12004vln
Henri Le Coq11993b
Irene Lecoq22003vln
Michael Lecoq12008keyboards
Archie Le Coque581956-1992tb,b-tb
Nick Lecotti21955ts
Lysander Le Coultre22008cello
Mads Le Cour12010tp
Benjamin Lecourt12007d
Ronald Le Court31971vib
Armelle Lecoz22001-2002vln
George LeCroy11980as,fl
Kevin LeCroy11974vcl
Ernesto LeCuona11975vcl
Roger Lecussant31950-1966p,org,harpsichord
Waldemar Leczkowski11986bar
Adia Ledbetter22002-2010vcl
Freeman Ledbetter42001-2010b
Huddie Ledbetter31946-1947vcl,g
Jeff Ledbetter21960tb
Jeremy Ledbetter21993-2010p,melodica
Ken Ledbetter11960fhr
Louie Ledbetter12000b
Matthew Ledbetter11970vcl
Vannessa Ledbetter11994background vcl
Oliver Ledbury51989-1990dir
Elena Ledda51984-2011vcl
Tommaso Leddi21976-1988ts,sound effects
Ed Leddy701953-1958tp
Tom Leddy11982d
Marshall Ledee11955g
Petr Leden11940accord
Charles Ledent21971tb
Jean Ledent11985bugle
Omar Ledenza, Jr.12015compana,bgo
Hanjorg Leder11987tp
Hansjorg Leder11983tp
Jan Leder51986-2005fl
Werner Lederbauer101994-2003b
Dan Lederer11995g
Erich Lederer141949-1956b,vcl
Hallie Lederer22004-2006vcl
Jeff Lederer281995-2015ts,sop,cl,b-cl,as,fl,woodwinds,saxes,vcl,handbells,org,sax,slide-whistle,alto-fl,p,ankle bells,reeds
Maya Lederer22004-2006vcl
Stefan Lederer11983p
Steve Lederer291968-1989ts,saxes,reeds,sax
Martin Ledergerber11993perc,fl,vcl
Anne Lederman12003arr,vln
Beth Lederman12010keyboards,p
Norman Lederman31968-1969vln
Doug Ledesma12001sax
Douglas Ledesma41981ts
Fernando Ledesma12008perc
Linda LeDesma21976-1979handclaps,sighs,vcl
Nick Ledesma12000d
Nicolas Ledesma41996-2010p
Pablo Ledesma71991-2010sop,as
Rene Ledesma11992vcl
Roberto Ledesma21977tb
Dina Flyvbjerg Ledet12000vcl
Juan Manuel Ledezma12014reqinto,leona,vln
Omar Ledezma22000-2008timb,vcl,perc
Omar Ledezma, Jr.72011-2015timb,bgo,campana,segundo,perc,compana,cga,cuo,vcl
Mark Ledford631987-2007vcl,tp,voice,flhrn,keyboards,g,voices,backing-vcl,arr,keyboads,whistling,vcl-arr,pic-tp,backing vcl,perc,vln,synt,b-g,mar
Mark "Led" Ledford11995vcl
LeeAnn Ledgerwood121987-2016p,keyboard,synt
Hugh Ledigo521963-2001p,synt,keyboards,vcl
Tomas Ledin21972-1973vcl,g,perc
Lionel Ledissez11971vcl
Herman Ledl51963-1974vib
Marko Lednik11979cl
Paul Ledo12007g
Maurie Le Doeuf11994cl,as
Maurice Le Doeuff21959-1965cl,as
Maurie Le Doeuff391940-2000as,cl,reeds,bar,ldr
Jameison Ledonio41998-2015g,sampler
Cedric Le Donne12013pandeiro
Mike LeDonne981979-2017p,org,el-p,arr
Tony LeDonne11977d,perc
Tanguy Ledore41976-1979el-b,b
Timothy Ledoux11998vcl
William Ledoux31985-1989vcl
Bernard Le Dreau12006sax
Mickey Ledressay11978p,el-p
Stephane Le Dro12010ts
Dies Le Duc71980-1999sop,bagpipes
Gusta Le Duc11980euph
John Leduc21936as
M. LeDuc12003vcl
Margo LeDuc22008-2010vcl
Peter Le Duc11980tb
Philippe Leduc22011-2013b
Pierre Leduc101963-2014p
Jerome Le Duff11999perc
Jerry LeDuff41980-2010perc,berimbau
Jacques Ledui19999-0000cl,ts
Charles Ledvina41998-2003b
Wally Ledwidge51963-1975g,vcl
A.W. "Buddy" Lee31960-1963bj
Aaron Lee12002as
Ada Lee61960-1974vcl
Ada Beth Lee21955vcl
Al Lee11998ts,vcl,keyboards,fl
Alan Lee311959-2011vib,g,perc,cga,p,berimbau,dir,vcl
Albert Lee221973-1984g,org,el-g,vcl,el-p
Alexandra Lee12007cello
Alynda Lee12009bj
Amy Lee11999as,sop
Andrew Lee12013el-g
Andrew McKenna Lee12009g
Andy Lee11974vib,g
Annabelle Lee51953-1956vcl
Anthony Lee72004-2013d,perc
Anthony "T" Lee32004-2008d
Archie Lee31962-1967perc,d,cga
Arnold Lee32012-2013as,sop
Aron Lee12001as
Arthur Lee21936-2003vcl
Auchee Lee11963perc
Audra Lee12012vcl
Baby Lee21994backing-vcl
Baron Lee131932-1933dir
Barrie Lee11956tb
Barry Lee21957tb
Beau Lee11928d
Ben Lee22003-2015g
Ben B. Lee12005bj,g
Benny Lee71941-1945vcl
Bernie Lee11959cl,ts,vcl
Bill Lee671950-2001b,vcl,arr,p,comp,dir,el-b,background vcl
Bill Lee11975sop
Bill Lee21939tb
Bill S. Lee11974sop
Blair Lee11998perc
Bob Lee51943-2002vcl,d,b
Bob Lee11967bj
Bobby Lee91919-1922p,dir
Bobby Lee11971vcl
Borahm Lee12007clavinet
Brahmajyoti Lee31976-1977vcl,handclaps,hand-perc,lead vcl,perc
Brandon Lee152005-2017tp,flhrn
Brian Lee31935-1996vln,g,vcl
Brian Lee21973p
Brock Lee11995b
Bryan Lee21983-1996vcl,g
Buddy Lee21926vcl
Canada Lee91940-1947narrator,mc,narration,vcl
Carl Lee11952b
Carol Lee51962vcl
Carroll Lee21949-1970p
Cecil Lee11948as
Charles Lee21946-2016as,tp
Charles Lee11949ts
Charlie Lee11986tb
Charmaine Lee12012vcl
Chauncey C. Lee11925bj
Cheryl Lee12004backing-vcl
Chris Lee211982-2014d,perc,vib,melodica,narration
Chris Lee31920-1923d
Chris Lee21998-2011tp,steel-pans
Chris Lee22007-2015p,arr
Christopher Lee11998strings
Christopher Collins Lee12009vln
Chuck Lee51955-1990d,p
Cicero Lee12011b
Clarence Lee31927-1928vcl,vln
Clarence Lee11928vln
Cliff Lee51973-1998flhrn,tp
Cliff Lee21973tu
Cliff Lee11956cl
Consuela Lee12000p
Craig Lee11998b
D.C. Lee11993vcl
Dale "Big Daddy" Lee11999as,bar,vcl,backing vcl
Daleton Lee42010-2017d
Darron Lee11961vcl
Dave Lee561954-2006p,arr,org,celeste
Dave Lee31958-2006cl,b-cl,as
David Lee411969-1989d,perc,voice,arr,comp,cymb,org,chimes,vib,p,cow bell,gong,orchestral bell,tamb,beads,hand bells,shaker plunk,cga,tymp
David Lee81976-1987b,cello
David Lee31975-2001tp,cga,effects
David Lee11995p
David Lee21997-2007fhr
David R. Lee11976p
Denis Lee12005cl,b-cl
Diana Lee31972-1990vcl,background vcl
Dick Lee101989-2013cl,as,sop,b-cl,sax,saxes
Dixie Lee11935vcl
Dmitry Lee12007b
Dohee Lee32008-2009vcl,taepyunso,perc
Don Lee11969recitation
E.J. Lee12003vln
Ed Lee51991-2005tp
Eddie Lee51926-1940vcl,as
Eddie Lee151928-1929vln
Eddie Lee11930d
Eddie Lee11958vib,p
Edgy Lee21985vcl
Edmund Lee11999b
Edward Lee21946-1947g
Eliza Christmas Lee11921vcl
Elizabeth S. Lee12011cello
Emma Lee22001-2012backing-vcl,vcl
Eun Sun Lee11992vln
Everett Lee11970cond
Ford Lee11934p
Frank Lee21953g
Frankie Lee12001vcl
Fred Lee21956-1958ts
Freeman Lee51952-1958tp,vcl
Freida Lee11986vcl
Frieda Lee41992-2008vcl
Garry Lee161988-2001vib,g,mar,perc,d
Gary Lee22002-2014g,vib
Gee Hye Lee22010-2012p
Geoff Lee71981-1994p
George Lee21974-1976ts,background vcl
George "Buddy" Lee101930-1931cnt
George E. Lee31927-1929vcl,dir,ldr,bar
Georgia Lee141948-1962vcl
Gerald Lee31975arr
Ginger Lee11978vcl
Glen Lee241980-1987keyboards,p,b,synt,synt-b,razor,mel,org,g,vcl,el-b
Gordon Lee181981-2014p,comp,arr,gong,cond
Grace Lee11992vln
Greg Lee21991-1999vcl,b
Gregg Lee211982-2006el-b,b
Gregory Lee11998backing-vcl
Hal Lee11983perc
Harriet Lee11930vcl
Harry Lee21959-1960vcl
Helen Lee61947-1950vcl
Henry Lee42011-2017viola,vln
Herbert Lee21932d
Ingrid Lee42012comp,p,amplified snare-d
Ivory Lee11967d
Jack Lee301942-2009g,d programming,nylon-el-g,g-synt,el-g,keyboards,G
Jack Lee11953tp
James "Hawk" Lee31970-1974b,el-b
Jane Lee41948-1949vcl
Jeamel Lee11973vcl
Jeanie Lee32007-2012tb,viola
Jeanne Lee931961-2000vcl,voice,perc,tamb,bells,backing vcl
Jeff Lee31974-1997g,guitars
Jeffey Lee22005vln
Jennifer Lee32003-2008vcl,p,g
Jerry Lee11972cl,bar,b-cl
Jessica Lee41997-2012vcl
Ji Young Lee12004p
Jim Lee51988-1996tb,vcl,dir
Jimmy Lee21952-2003d,vcl
Jimmy Lee11960g
Joan Lee11940vcl
Joe Lee12002g
Joey Lee11986b-tb
Jof Lee22003-2010p
John Lee1051956-2012b,el-b,perc,d,cl,b-g,g,sax,vcl,ts,hrn-arr,cond,8-string-b,el-g,4-string-b,p,as,acoustic b-g,clavinet,synt,fretless-b
John Lee12015d
John Lee11929vcl
John Lee11995cl,ts
Johnny Lee11956d
Jonathan Lee11992el-perc
Jonathon Lee31984-1987d,vcl
Joon Lee22007-2014vcl
Joseph M. Lee101996d,perc
Josephine Lee12010vcl
Joy Lee11974vcl
Julia Lee261923-1957vcl,p,arr,org
Julian Lee391946-2014p,arr,cond,as,synt,fhr,keyboards,el-p,org,dir,(dir),flhrn,tp,vcl,ts
Kaz Lee11988vcl
Keiko Lee231995-2010vcl,p
Kenny Lee11980b
Khari Allen Lee32014-2017as,sop
Knobby Lee491949-1957tp,v-tb,tb
Konstantin Lee11982g
Kristin Lee22014-2016vln
Kyunggu Lee12012ts
Lady Lee12004vcl
Lance Lee41985-2014d,voice,perc
Laura Lee21958-1961vcl group
Laurie Lee11963reading,talks
Len Lee111929-1930d,vcl
Linda Lee41936-1998vcl,backing-vcl
Liza Lee12012vcl
Loet van der Lee61995-2011tp,flhrn,arr
Loretta Lee12011vcl
Lorne Lee22003-2004tp,flhrm,flhrn,arr,comp
Lurie Lee11993vln
Mabel Lee41943-1975vcl
Mandy Lee141923-1927vcl
Manfredo Lee21965guiro
Marc Lee12008d
Marci Lee61957-1958vcl
Marguerite Lee11927vcl
Mark Lee22000-2001d
Mary Lee121936-1947vcl
Matthew Lee11996as
Maude Lee21947-1948vcl
Mel Lee231963-2009d,vcl
Mela Lee12009vcl
Melvin Lee21980-1981el-b
Mendy Lee11989background vcl
Mike Lee171987-2014ts,sop,b,sax,fl,cl,saxes
Mike Lee11984vcl
Min Lee31994cl
Mindy Lee11999alto-cl
Nam Sook Lee12000vln
Nappy Lee41917-1918tb,euph
Nashua Lee32004-2010g
Nathanel Nat Lee11976p
Neil Hyunil Lee12016el-g
Nelly Lee11986p
Nelson Lee11991background vcl,keyboards
Nick Lee12004org,p,keyboards
Norman Lee101945-1953saxes,vcl,sax
Okkyung Lee152001-2014cello
Pan Hon Lee11997vln
Parker Lee71939-1940g
Paul Lee191949-1952tb
Pauline Lee12001vln
Peggy Lee2561941-1995vcl,gong,bells,pl
Peggy Lee501994-2016cello
Peggy Lee11947d
Perri Lee31960-1965org,vcl
Peter Lee11991cga
Phil Lee651967-2009g,el-g
Ping Lee12007g
Pip Lee11988d
Ralph Lee211943-1946ts,bassoon,cl
Randy Lee281969-2013ts,fl,as,saxes,reeds,woodwinds,cl,vln,string-arr,p
Ranee Lee311983-2013vcl
Rasmus Lee31992-1996ts
Raymond Lee21999-2004perc,fhr,cga,bata
Regina Lee11986alto vcl
Richard Lee32009-2014b-tb
Rick Lee11995ts
Riley Lee21999-2009shakuhachi
Rita Lee11983vcl
Rob Lee12011d
Robbie Lee12013p,vcl
Robert Lee11958vcl
Roberta Lee61943-1952vcl
Roderick Lee11968tp
Rodney Lee81983-2008org,p,keyboards,synt,el-p
Roger Lee12003d
Ron Lee11986d
Russell Lee11955d
Ruth Lee21922-1935vcl
Ryan Lee62008-2015d
Ryan J. Lee12013d
Sam Lee161944-1988ts,vcl,cl,as
Sam J.C. Lee72010b
Sam Jun Chul Lee12009b
Sammy Lee51937-1978ts,d,cl,vcl
Samuel Lee31946as
Sangmin Lee22011-2013d
Sara Lee11997cl,glockenspiel
Scott Lee491975-2016b,el-b
Seth Lee32004-2012b
Shivia Lee12011vcl
Simon Lee11992clapping,perc
Sindi Lee11999vcl
Sommy Lee11937tb
Songa Lee32008-2010vln
Sonny Lee1941925-1946tb
Soren Lee111990-2000g
Stephen Lee41988-2008p
Su-a Lee12008cello
Suzanne Lee11994vcl
Teddy Lee1081949-1964bar,as,ts,cl,b-cl,reeds
Teddy Lee91946-1952d
Thomas Ball "Sonny" Lee21936tb
Thomas Oboe Lee11984fl
Tim Lee11994b
Tom Lee91988-2013b
Tony Lee191968-2007p
Trisha Lee11994vcl
Vicki Lee11955vcl
Vivian Lee51996-2012vcl,cello
Vivienne Lee22004vln
Will Lee3861971-2015b,el-b,vcl,b-g,backing-vcl,perc,backgrnd vcl,el-fretless-b,pic-b,4-string-b,5-string-b,synt,fretless-b,8-st-fretless-b,fretless-pic-b,hca,shaker,quack,synt-programs,backing vcl,el-b fills,vox,vcl f/x,d-programming,d,synt-b-programs,4-st-fretless-b,tamb,choir,rhythm-arr,chorus,snap
William Lee11951vcl
William Lee21980sop
Willie Lee31973-1978b
Yehlin Lee12004digital processing
Yetty Lee71944-1957vcl
Yogi Lee51984-1988background vcl,vcl
Yolanda Lee21988-1990background vcl,backing vcl
Young Lee11984vcl
Yetty Lee & The Four Tops11955vcl
Perry Lee Blackwell11958org
The Lee Boys11954vcl duet
Alarza Lee Collins11971b
Ernest Lee Williams21946g
Len Lee(s)11930as,vln
Harold Lee-Cheang Yen11993cond
Cavana Lee-Hampel12011vcl
Root Leeb12011text,voice
Bobbie Leecan81926-1932g,vcl imitatng tu
Andy Leech31998-2000tp
Dave Leech81976-1981reeds,arr
David Leech11951d
Kent Leech11998d
Mike Leech61967-1969b,el-b,arr,g
Eric Leed61995sax
Melveen Leed12012vcl
Kaye Leedham12007ts,fl
Charlie Leeds71947-1948b
Eric Leeds61986-1998sax,ts,bar,keyboard,fl
Steve Leeds21980-1981reeds
Wendy Leeds21988-1999vcl
Het Leedy Trio11961vcl
Barry Leef11995backing-vcl
Fred Leeflang251973-1990ts,sop,as,b-cl,fl,cl,reeds,pic,bar
Henk Leeftink101973-2005tp,cnt,vcl,accor,as,tb
Cliff Leegard21928cl,as
Bob Leeman311943-1947tb
Bob Leeman11968p
Cliff Leeman3671937-1981d,perc,b
Karla Leeman11983d
Ton Leeman11980d
Albert Leemann61965-2007b
Albert Guggel Leemann21994b
Marcel Leemann22000-2007tp
Jo Leemans11962vcl
Tonis Leemets31995-2008g,E bow,tape,e-bow,toy-synt,sampler
Paul Leenaerts31936-1938tb,tp
Kevin Leenan11956tp
Marjoleine Leene12008vcl
Willy Leener61951-1956hca
Andreas Leep11995b-g
Jeff Leep11998fl
Cathie Leer11973cello
Simon Leer11979cl,sop
Thijs van Leer141969-2011fl,org,synt,vcl,keyboards
Charley Lees11936g
Charlie Lees31936-1940g
Doug Lees91934-1938b
Duggle Lees11948b
Eric Lees21966-1967org,p,g
Gene Lees31970-1995vcl
Ian Lees21998-2004b
Joe Lees11956cl
Judd Lees11987g
Justin Lees32001-2007g
Len Lees61928-1930vln
Matt Lees11998tb
Susan Lees11971vcl
Ted Lees11937tp

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