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This index refers to the 217,318 individual jazz musicians (1,356,495 total entries) included in over 235,886 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of March, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page K6 - Jorden Kelldorf to Curtis Kendrick

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Jorden Kelldorf11961b
Jack Kelleher141941-1942b
James "Jay" Kelleher51943-1944tb
Jay Kelleher31945-1946tb
Jim Kelleher161925-1929as,cl,ldr
Michael G. Kelleher11991bgo,cga,timbalitos,perc
Butch Kellem241971-2004tb
Clif Kellem12001b
Cliff Kellem12009b
Kenny Kellem11978b
Buddy Kellenar11944tp
Peter Kellenbach11941p
A. Kellenberger11991g
Daniel Kellenberger21996-2000tb
Christian Kellens331951-1977tb,b-tb,bar-hrn,tu,hrn
Allen Keller11962vcl
Andrea Keller122000-2009p,accor,el-p
Andreas Keller31992-1996d,perc
Andrew Keller12006p
Armin Keller11997ts
Beat Keller32007-2013cond
Beni Keller11996tp
Benoit Keller32001-2006b
Bill Keller11982cello,bj
Blaise Keller11995d
Bob Keller151967-2013ts,fl,bar,cl,b-cl
Bobby Keller11978reeds
Brian Keller11999sousa
Cara Keller21994-1996b
Chris Keller21975-1998tb,p,vcl
Christoph Keller22004-2007turntables,electronics
Cindy M. Keller11988vcl
Cynthia Keller12011vcl
Daniel Keller11998p,g
Dave Keller12001p
Dean Keller51988-2005bar,cl,b-cl
Don Keller11981cond
Edi Keller11981d
Fabian Keller21998-2012as,tp,flhrn
Francesca Keller12005vcl
Franz Keller11988tb
Fred Keller141941-1944tb
Fritz Keller21998-2001ts
Gary Keller321977-2014ts,fl,sop,cl,as,reeds,saxes,woodwinds,sax
Geraldine Keller42002-2015vcl,voice,flutes,objects
Gerry Keller11980ts
Greta Keller101929-1938vcl
Hal Keller11956p
Hans Keller12005p
Harry Keller12002cl,ts,fl,sop
Hermann Keller41979-1986p,vcl
Igor Keller12006vln
J.A. Keller12000arr
Jack Keller221956-1988p,tb
Jacob Keller12006p
Jan Keller21995-2009b,b-g,cello
Jeremias Keller22010-2011b,el-b
Jeremy K. Keller21995-1996el-g
Joerg Achim Keller51997-2009arr,cond,dir
Jorg A. Keller61995-2008arr,cond
Jorg Achim Keller191991-2013arr,cond,4
Jorg-Achim Keller31994-2000arr,dir
Jurgen Keller31982-1983b,g
Justin Keller22008-2010ts,vcl
Karl Maria Keller21943ts,vln
Kevin Keller11997b
Lee Keller21930-1931d
Leroy Keller11928tp
Luke Keller12000tb
Lynn Keller11983b
Manuela Keller12009p
Marc Keller11978g,vcl
Marilyn Keller101992-2013vcl,voice,tamb
Mark Keller21995-1998ts
Markus Keller21982-1986tp
Martin Keller11993cl,sax
Mathis Keller21990-1992strings,cello
Mel Keller11984saxes
Melitta Keller11993vln
Michael Keller21989-1996d
Miroslav Keller11967vcl
Nelson Keller121923-1929tp
Nino Keller12010pc
Oliver Keller72000-2010g,el-g
Olivier Keller22001-2004el-g
Paul Keller691961-2014b,ldr,arr,vcl
Randy Keller21981-1986tu,b
Raul Keller12008g,mixing board,electronics
Rebecca Keller11999vcl
Rich Keller31994rhythm-g,d-programming
Rick Keller171987-2010as,sop,ts,sax,fl,saxes,reeds,fl+ts
Ricky Keller31979-2002b,el-b
Ricky Wells Keller11980b
Robert Keller71990-1991sax,fl
Robi Keller51983-1994wbd
Roman Keller12003tp
Ron Keller71963-1982tp,flhrn
Sheldon Keller31981-2000b,vcl
Stefan Keller31965-1967cl,ts
Stephan Keller12000tb
Steve Keller31975-1981as,fl,sop,reeds
Sue Keller41992-1994p,vcl
Tico Keller21999-2003b
Tom Keller11989d,perc
Urs Peter Keller31963-1964d
Werner Keller561956-2007cl,vcl
William Keller11982vln
Yvan Keller12012d
The Keller Sisters101926-1927vcl
Keller Sisters & Lynch301926-1927vcl,vcl group
Keller Sisters and Lynch11926vcl
Iben Kellerman12006vcl
Lone Kellerman11976vcl
Sally Kellerman61971-2009vcl
Wouter Kellerman12015fl
Lone Kellermann31974-1986vcl
Willi Kellers151980-2015d,voice,perc,vib,sound sculptures,synt
Lorne Kellet11999p
Tim Kellet11986keyboards,backing-vcl
Ken Kellett41983-1996b
Lorne Kellett12003arr,p
Aaron Kelley31994-2009g
Adrian Kelley21993-1997ts
Carolyn Kelley11996vcl
Chuck Kelley21980-1981tb
Dan Kelley32005-2006fhr
Daniel Kelley31995-2010fhr
Earl Kelley11946unknown inst.
Emorise Kelley19999-0000vcl
Eph Kelley41949-1968cl
Francie Kelley11994background vcl
Greg Kelley301996-2008tp,vcl,perc
Jack Kelley11978tb
Jan Kelley81970-1993cello
John Kelley11980reeds
Joyce Kelley11992fl
Laura Kelley11982vcl
Mark Kelley52006-2010b,el-b
Michael Kelley11996as,tp
Norgenia Kelley11991cl
Pat Kelley661978-2017g,el-g,vcl,keyboards,rainstick,synth bells,wind perc,rhythm-g
Peck Kelley31951-1957p
R.J. Kelley22008fhr
Randy Kelley11980g
Ray Kelley271970-1996cello,strings
Raymond Kelley31976-1998cello
Red Kelley11954b
Rickey Kelley12002vib
RJ Kelley32008-2012fhr,horn
Robert Kelley11990comp,g
Shawn Kelley42004-2014d,b
Skip Kelley11959tb
Tim Kelley12001b-tb
Toby Kelley21940g
Wendell Kelley12009tb
William "Hike" Kelley21959-1960normaphone,euphonium
William D. Kelley, Jr.41990el-perc,p,vcl
Joyce Kelley-Clark11995oboe
Lorenz Kellhuber42010-2015p
Maria Kelli11983vcl
Jay Kelliher521940-1942tb
Orange Kellin1211962-2014cl,ldr,ts
Thom Kelling11965cabassa
Henry Kellis11937vln
Noah Kellman12012el-p
Reg Kelln81963-1973d
Clemens Kellner11946d
Jean-Francois Kellner31988-1995g,el-g
Jill Kellner31982-1983windchimes
Leon Kellner61951-1965p,celeste
Murray Kellner1121925-1970vln
Peter Kellner11970perc
Pierre Kellner41981-1989p
Brian Kellock341980-2013p,keyboards,el-p,d
John Kellock11976b
Tom Kellock111983-1994keyboards,p,synt
Ray Kellog61949vcl
Edna Kellogg11929soprano voice
Jennifer Kellogg12005tb
Jenny Kellogg22008-2015tb
Lenny Kellogg11980bass voice
Mark Kellogg91985-2005tb,euphonium
Ray Kellogg251941-1949vcl
Zachary Kellogg12012C-fl,pic
Kris Kellow21984-1986synt program,synt,keyboard-b
Tom Kells131926-1929tp
Jon Erik Kellso12011cnt
Jon-Erik Kellso1591991-2016tp,cnt,arr,puje,tp ,puje hrn,vcl
Jon=Erik Kellso12001tp
Alphonso Kellum451965-1969g,el-b
Trevor Kellum12009as
Adrian Kelly31998-2007tp,cnt,flhrn
Al Kelly41926d
Alan Kelly191991-2011bj,g,vcl
Alex Kelly92000-2016cello,igil,digeridoo,bouzouki
Andy Kelly51936-1946ts,cl,vcl
Anna Kelly41942-1946vcl
Annia Kelly21943vcl
Bev Kelly131956-2001vcl
Bob Kelly111957-2006p,vcl,keyboards
Bobbie Kelly11976vcl
Brendan Kelly11999as
Brian Kelly81952-1999tb,ldr,d,tp
Bridget Kelly11998ts
Bryan Kelly71956-2003d
Bryan "Doc" Kelly11950maracas,reso-reso
Buck Kelly11973bj
Bud Kelly31967-1975d,perc
Charles Kelly21970vcl
Cheryl Kelly11986vcl
Chris Kelly12001g,d,programming
Chris Kelly12011ts
Chuck Kelly61950-1964vcl,tb
Cindy Kelly31980-1986vcl
Craig Kelly12008perc
D'Arcy Kelly41987-1989g
Daniel Kelly251997-2012p,keyboards,org,el-p,samplers,sampler
Daniel Kelly22002fhr
Dave Kelly21979-2001g,backing-vcl,vcl
Day Kelly71969-1972tp
Dennis Kelly21970-1971b-g,p,b
Devin Kelly12008d
Doffie Kelly11972el-b
Don Kelly331945-1956b-tb,tb
Donald Kelly21972d
Donna Kelly12000d
Doreen Kelly11949vcl
Dorian Kelly11988tp
Doug Kelly21997-2001d,perc
Earl Kelly91925-1926tb
Ed Kelly211960-2008p,org,b,el-p
Ed Kelly81920-1960ts
Eddie Kelly11937kazoo,vcl
Edison Lowell Kelly12001p
Eoghan Kelly12008tb
Eoughan Kelly12013tb
Eph Kelly11949cl
Ernest Kelly11928tb
Faye Kelly31972-1978vcl
Francis Kelly11982
Frankye Kelly31996-2005vcl
Fred Kelly331965-1978tp,flhrn
Fred Kelly41974-1982fl,pic,bar,sop
Fred Kelly11986background vcl
Gary Kelly51989b
Gene Kelly21942-1951vcl,tap dancing
George Kelly631934-1997ts,vcl,arr,p,as,reeds,celeste
George Kelly11923ldr
Georgia Kelly11979harp
Gilbert Kelly21939tb
Gina Kelly11997vcl
Grace Kelly112004-2016as,vcl,sop,keyboards,synt,ts
Graham Kelly11986p
Greg Kelly12002tp
Guy Kelly61928-1936tp,cnt,vcl
Hal Kelly11980cnt,vcl
Helen Kelly11979vcl
Jack Kelly81940-1960p,dir,ldr
Jack "Peacock" Kelly71924-1926d
James Kelly21942mand
Jean Kelly11991p
Jim Kelly511929-2007g,d,el-g,vcl
Jim Kelly21929d
Jo Ann Kelly11977vcl
Joe Kelly31939-1973tp
Joe "Red" Kelly101945-1956tp
John Kelly61955-1994tp,d,vcl
John Kelly19999-0000d
John Kelly21976tb,b-tb
John "Red" Kelly41946-1947tp
Josh Kelly12000d,shaker
Joyce Kelly11969bassoon
Juanita Kelly11957vcl
Julie Kelly61985-2000vcl
Juliet Kelly52003-2015vcl,backing-vcl
Kate Kelly12013vcl
Kathy Kelly71988-2008vib
Keith Kelly12015fl,saxes
Ken Kelly21962-1964tp,mello
Kerilynn Kelly21977-1978vcl
Kim Kelly11980g
Kirby Kelly11992lap-steel-g
Lance Kelly141984-2014tp,flhrn
Laoise Kelly11995Irish harp
Lew Kelly11948b
Lisa Kelly31995-2001vcl
Lisa Barnard Kelly12008voice
Maria Kelly11987vcl
Mark Kelly31997-2012mand,bj,p,as,org
Martin "Van" Kelly11994bar,cl
Mathew Kelly12004org,keyboards
Matthew Kelly21969hca
May Kelly21928vcl
Mei Kelly12006tb
Meirion Kelly22002tb
Michelle Kelly61997-2003vln
Mike Kelly11994keyboards
Monty Kelly51942-1949tp,arr
Monty Kelly11968cond,arr
Nancy Kelly51987-2012vcl
Pat Kelly81996-2014g,b,el-g
Pat Kelly31927as,cl
Pat Kelly11979p
Pat Kelly11983tp
Patrick Kelly51993-1999p,dir,keyboards
Paul Kelly131965-1970vcl,tp
Paul Kelly11960tp
Paula Kelly761938-1969vcl
Pete Kelly12010keyboards,p
Peter Kelly11982tp
Peter Campbell Kelly12006vln
Phil Kelly321968-2014p,arr,keyboard,keyboards,cond,org
Prentiss Kelly11994sousa
Ray J. Kelly21978strings
Raymond Kelly11993cello
Red Kelly1011948-1997b,vcl
Rich Kelly11995tp
Rick Kelly31977-1987d programming,synt,p,vcl,keyboards,el-b
Rickey Kelly171978-1995vib,mar,mfecane
Rickey Kelly21969el-b
Robert Kelly21980-1984vcl,synt,p,b,keyboards
Robert C. Kelly12009d
Rod Kelly32007-2015p,vcl
Ronald Kelly11991d
Ryland Kelly12005b
Sam Kelly41977-1992perc
Sandy Kelly41978-1980tp,flhrn
Sarah Kelly11999as,fl
Shaun Kelly11999d
Stan Kelly11957vcl
Stephen Kelly11994chorus
Steve Kelly11987g
Susan Kelly11991cello
Taylor Kelly12012tp,vcl
Ted Kelly281944-1968tb
Teri Kelly11975viola
Terrance Kelly21977-1978vcl
Terry Kelly21936-2013tb,reeds
Thad Kelly81991-2011b,el-b
Thaddeus Kelly12014b
Theodore Kelly21950tb
Thomas Kelly21997cl
Tim Kelly81992-2009tb,b,caterwauling,b-tb
Todd Kelly31989-2015tp
Tom Kelly31957b
Tom Kelly11984vcl
Tricia Kelly12005vcl
Van Kelly21948-1991bar,cl,as
Vicki Kelly11966vcl
Vickie Kelly11984vcl
Walter Kelly11968tp
Wayne Kelly12017p
Wells Kelly31970-1983d,b,perc
Wendell Kelly181983-2016tb,b-tb,alto-tb,tenor-tb,ts
Will Kelly12011b
William V.P. Kelly11994bar-hrn
Willis Kelly261928-1950tp
Winston Kelly11993p
Wynton Kelly2631948-1970p,b,org,p & org,celeste,vcl
Ziggy Kelly21944-1945tp
Lauren Kelly-Washington12000voice
Dave Kelm21976tb
Ico Kelmer11970tb
Jeff Kelner21997g
Yury Kelnor11973s
Dale Kelps41988-1995as,alto-fl,b-cl,fl
Anita Kelsey11993vcl
Barry Kelsey11969saxes
Bill Kelsey21962ts,bar
Chris Kelsey141992-2014sop
Chris Kelsey41999-2006cl
Joel Kelsey22005-2015b
Mike Kelsey11971ts
Rune Kelsgaard12002d
Tricia-Lee Kelshall11997vcl
Finis Kelso22005-2008b
Jack Kelso12008as
Jackie Kelso1161946-2000as,ts,cl,saxes,bar,reeds,fl,alto-fl,woodwinds,sax,hrn,oboe
John Kelso11997as,fl
John "Jackie" Kelso11999as
Jon-Erik Kelso12015tp
Kyle Kelso21997shouts,d-programming
Mark Kelso491988-2014d,perc,tamb,bgo
Millard Kelso91946-1947p
Randall Kelso12009as,sop
Wayne Kelso11994p
Jackie Kelson31985-1998ts,woodwinds,cl
John Kelson101975-2005sax,cl,as,ts,fl,bar,b-cl
Mark Kelson41999-2010d,perc
Ralf Kelter21993-1995g
Ralph Kelter11992g
Don Keltman11994ts
Jim Keltner451963-2014d,perc,vib
Dave Kelton11976tp
Maurice Kelton11950d
Maurie Kelton21949-1950d
Johnny Kelvin21994-1996vcl
Rosemary Kelvin11945vcl
Randy Kem22003as,sop
Aina Kemanis141979-2003vcl,voice,bells
Jamie Kember12015tb
Grover Kembie12002vcl
Grover Kemble11984g,vcl
Jan van Kemenade121963-1991d,wbd
Paul van Kemenade481979-2015as,reeds,comp,b-cl,saxes
Egon Kemeny11932arr
Cicilia Kemezys21994-1999fl,vcl
Mathias Kemmer61973-1985tb
Ray "Gabe" Kemmerer21939ts
Gordy Kemmeter11954p
Bill Kemp11994d
Bradley Kemp12005backing-vcl
Brian Kemp51961-2003tb,d,vcl,b-tb
Chris Kemp12001tp
Chubby Kemp61950vcl
Dave Kemp12004as,ts
David Kemp12006perc
Dennie Kemp21975-1976tp
Emma Kemp11964vcl
Emme Kemp31975-2004p,vcl
Fred Kemp141985-1998ts,sax
Frederick Kemp11992ts
Fredric "Fred" Kemp131985-1995ts,sop,as
Geoff Kemp11967b
Gibson Kemp11965d
Grethe Kemp41960-1978vcl,background vcl
Hal Kemp841924-1940cl,as,vcl,dir,ldr,saxes,ts
Johnny Kemp71992-1997background vcl,vcl,voice
Josh Kemp22012-2015ts
Kathy Kemp21982-1985cello
Kjeld Kemp11973vcl,perc
Lamar Kemp21984cl
Mike Kemp81964-1998p,synt
Nicky Kemp11999vcl
Rick Kemp11973el-b
Scott Kemp32005-2010b
Tondrae Kemp12008vcl
Tony Kemp22011-2013g
John Kempannin11995vln
Good Rockin' Kempas21985-1986hca,vcl
Ingegerd Kempe11994vcl
Rene Kempe11992tp
Larry Kempel41997b
Henny van Kempen11979tp
Jaap van Kempen391964-1995g,bj
Pat Kempen12001tb
Ulrich Kempendorff52002-2004ts
David Kemper21976d
Norbert Kemper71975-1997p
Ralf Kemper12009arr,dir
Ronnie Kemper11939vcl
Rudolf Kemper21996-1998g,bj
Rudolf "Pluto" Kemper12004g
Rudolph "Pluto" Kemper12003g
David Kempers11990vln
Gerrit Kempers11975perc
Gene Kempf491940-1956b,vln
Mia Kempf11999vcl
Philip Kempf11992bar
R. Kempf21943as
Sune Kempf11994keyboards
Vladi Kempf21997-2010perc,d,g
Hans-Georg Kempfert31967-1969cnt
George Kempink31971-1975arr,cl,ldr,as,cond
Jerzy Kempinski21969fhr
Khris-Raymond Kempis12014b
Jeff Kemps11979tb
Lisa Kempskie12002viola
Pete Kempster11954tp
Stewart Kempster31985-1986tb
Ueli Kempter12008p
Jeremy Kempton12001b-tb
Dan Ken11979vib
Kaneko Ken12010b
Saito Ken-Ichi11988g
Pete Kenagy12003flhrn,tp
Peter Kenagy32001-2010tp,flhrn
Kenny Kenard11993tb
Julie Kench42005-2008vcl
David Kendall12003b-g
Fahir Kendall31992-2002b
Gary Kendall12005b
Paul Kendall201998-2007ts,as,fl,bar,b-cl,sop
Peter Kendall31975-1977tb,vcl
Steve Kendall21983-1985g
Paul Kendell21992-1994bar
Gabi Kenderesi32000-2003vln,vcl
Gary Kendig11991d,tp,perc
Al Kendis41938-1939d
Wolfgang Kendl22003-2005d
Ford "Tudy" Kendle11924cl,as
Jack Kendle11924tb
Eran Kendler11999g,el-g
Adrian Kendon31978-1982b
Brian Kendrick31994-2012perc,d
Burt Kendrick11954p
Corey Kendrick12016p
Curtis Kendrick41984-1992d,synt,vcl

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