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This index refers to the 216,681 individual jazz musicians (1,351,465 total entries) included in over 235,156 recording sessions detailed in The Jazz Discography Database as of January, 2018.

Important Notice for individuals searching for specific musicians:

Due to time and other constraints we are unable to respond to requests for discographical data or other information on individual musicians. Many libraries have copies of The Jazz Discography and should be consulted on questions regarding specific musicians. Alternatively you can purchase a three month subscription for $29.97 on this web site - see the $9.99 per month subscription price on our home page. Please do not email us as we regret we cannot answer questions about individual musicians.

Musician Listing Updates:

Musicians who wish to have their listings updated are asked to submit full discographical data as per the following list - Please submit this information for each release you wish to have added to the database:

  • Leader name and country
  • Album title
  • Musicians including instrument(s) played
  • Recording location(s) (city) and venue if a live recording
  • Recording date(s)
  • Tunes played (as listed on release)
  • Record label name and release number
  • Country of origin of Record label

If you are unable to send us this information, please send us scans or photocopies of the releases.


Page G23 - Christine Guter to John Gzowski

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Musician nameSessionsRecording YearsInstruments
Christine Guter12011vcl
Thomas Gutermann11998d
Tony Guterres11963g
Nick Gutersohn22009-2014tb
Bobby Gutesha11972cond,arr
Mladen Gutesha221955-1979cond,arr,tb,dir
Johannes Gutfeisch11997d
Christian Gutfleisch12016p
Johannes Gutfleisch42009d
Marcelo Gutfraind12013el-g
Dieter Gutfried11981ts
Adam Guth31993-1996d,perc
Fritz Guth21931-1933vln,as
John Guth11996g
Peter Guth11994vln
Rainer Guth21984-1986b
Roger Guth11985d
Steph Guth41950-1953d
Becky Guthart31973fl
Debbie Guthart31973fl
Jeff Guthery22013-2015d
Gary Guthman61978-1999tp,flhrn,arr
Thomas Guthoff11999p
Kathie Guthorn21988-2011vcl
Andy Guthrie31999-2008p,vcl
Bill Guthrie91972-1980tb
Bob Guthrie71957-2004d
Chris Guthrie12015d
Gwen Guthrie491976-1997vcl,backing-vcl,background vcl,backgorund vcl,voices
Keith Guthrie41974-1976bj
Will Guthrie81999-2010d,perc,amplified-perc
Yvonne Guthrie11976background vcl
Jimmy Guthro11947tp
Ferenc Guti11995cl,vcl
Kayra Guti12014corros
Ron Gutierre12008vcl
Augustin Gutierrez11925bgo
Bolivar Gutierrez11946cl
Catalina Gutierrez12012cl
Cesar Gutierrez11980p
Claudio Gutierrez12006viola
E. Gutierrez11960cga
Eduardo Gutierrez41948-1963as,reeds
Eduardo "Terry" Gutierrez11995p
Eli Gutierrez11965cga
Frank Gutierrez11967perc
Hector Gutierrez61958-1986p,as,bar,bassax,reeds
Javier Gutierrez12005saxes
Jose Gutierrez601938-1944tb
Jose Luis Gutierrez21997-2000as,sop,ts
Juan Gutierrez12008seguidor,backing-vcl
Julian Gutierrez12002vcl,keyboards
Julio Gutierrez21955co-ldr,p
Manuel Gutierrez12006p
Mariana Gutierrez12012vcl
Mark Gutierrez61990-1999g,2,p
Miguel Gutierrez12013d,perc
Mike Gutierrez31981-2007d,cga,timb
Pablo Gutierrez12012p
Peter Gutierrez11960perc
Raul Gutierrez121990-2012as,fl,bar,cl,ldr
Roger Gutierrez12017d
Ron Gutierrez11988timbales
Ronnie Gutierrez51998d
Ruben Gutierrez51993-2004keyboards,cl
Steve Gutierrez12011d
Tim Gutierrez11994bgo,cga
Timo Gutierrez12010perc
Enrique Gutierrez de Leon121958-1974b
Quique Gutierrez de Leon21977b
Mike Gutilla11996backing-vcl
Lisa Gutkin11995vln
Dominique Gutknecht11998tp,vcl
Hansruedi Gutknecht12005d
Kurt Gutknecht11956b
Nina Gutknecht12005vcl
Richard Gutknecht41982-2005tb
Nina Gutknect12011vcl
Dale Gutman12007tp
Didi Gutman31996-2015keyboards,p,synt
Steve Gutman11987tp
Pit Gutmann111982-2005d,perc,mar,sound objects
Wolfgang Gutmann141979-1996sax,tp
Robert Gutmayer21955-1956vib,vln
Tristan Gutner12007b
Elzbieta Gutowska11997poetry
Dale Gutridge21997-1998as,flhrn,tp
Uli Gutscher111979-2002tb,p,tp,el-p
John Gutten21978g,b
Werner Gutterer231951-1988tp
Derek Gutteridge21974-1990fl,saxes
H.G. Gutternigg121996-2001tu,ophikleide
Hans Georg Gutternigg12005tu,ophikleide
Hans-Georg Gutternigg12002tu
Rainer Gutternigg12002tp,flhrn
Jens Christian Guttesen11998cello
Maria Guttesen11994vcl
Steve Guttierez71975-1988d,timbales
Juan Guttierrez11998voice,perc
Giovanni Guttilla21989tp
Roger Guttinger11934dir
Wolfgang Guttler51970-1992b,pipe
Jim Guttman12010b
Romeu Guttman12000perc
Steve Guttman51975-1984tp,flhrn
Gummy Guttmann11974b
Jim Guttmann11986b
Max Guttmann131929-1930bj,g
Finn Guttormsen71994-2010b,vcl,el-b,tamb
Guttorm Guttormsen31975-1985fl,sop,as,cl
Bruce Guttridge31995-2001d
Derek Guttridge31974-1975reeds
Ketil Gutvik21998-1999g
Isaac Gutwilik12005perc
Benjamin von Gutzeit12009viola
Brent Gutzeit61997-2003computer,laptops,org,el-koto,CDs,p,electronics,g,v
Franz Gutzer41996-2008tb
Dieter Gutzkow41958-1986b
Ditschgy Gutzwiler21979-1981d
Ditschgi Gutzwiller11978d
Peter Gutzwiller31999-2005bj
Roger Gutzwiller11996ldr,ts
Zivai Guveya12000mbira
Alex Guy22013vln,viola
Antonio Guy11993tb
Barry Guy1951966-2016b,dir,electronics,pic-b,amplified-b,p,b-g,chamber-b,comp,cond,violone,electonics,perc,el-b,ldr,vcl
Ben Guy21988-1991b,vcl
Bob Guy21964-2000p
Bobby Guy271940-1956tp
Browley Guy11948vcl
Buddy Guy61964-1992g,rhythm-g,vcl
Chris Guy11976tb
Courtney Guy12000vcl
Dave Guy12006tp
David Guy22006-2015tp
Fred Guy4761925-1949g,bj
Freddie Guy41947g
Herb Guy21977b
Joe Guy491939-1946tp,vcl
Leonard Guy11927cl,as,ts,sop
Leroy Guy12000b
Martin Guy101980-2004d
Mickey Guy31925-1926tb,arr
Mike Guy22008-2015p,accor
Phil Guy11970rhythm-g
Raymond Guy11965fl
Robert Guy11950tp
Sandra Guy11981vln
Toine Guy11993bar-hrn
Vernon Guy11981background vcl
William R. Guy31952-1953tp
Browley Guy and the Skycrapers11947vcl
Mayelis Guyat12007vcl
Raoul Guyaz21957p
Francois Guye12000cello
Francoise Guyenon-Duchene11989fl
Bobby Guyer461941-1985tp
Pierre-Yves Guyet11991b
Terry Guynes21995-2002tp,flhrn
Toby Guynn51961-1970b,g
Alain Guyonnet121979-2004arr,p,comp,vcl,cond,dir
Pierre Guyonnet141942-1996ts,cl,as
Aurelien Guyot12007vln
Cyril Guyot61984-2015vcl,ts,as,sop,scat,guero,cl,saxes,sax
Didier Guyot11991bj
Jean-Francois Guyot41980-1989wbd
Jean-Philippe Guyot41977-1985d
Jeff Guyot11983wbd
Olivier Guyot12002tp
Paul Guyot21950p
Pierre Guyot221950-1962p,reeds,fl
Vincent Guyot11984cl
Yves Guyot21980-1983p
Jan Guyt11977tenor voice
Cleve Guyten11999reeds
Clark Guyton12009tb
Cleave Guyton211990-2013fl,as,cl,alto-fl,sax,reeds,hrn,saxes,pic,ts
Howard Guyton11960vcl
Lawrence Guyton21976-1977b
Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky271985-2012tp,vcl,fl,reed,alto-hrn
Yildiran Guz12003ud
Sendur Guzelel12003vln
meral Guzide12006vln
Anna Guzikova11997vcl
Alan B. Guzinski51955-1957vib
Gary Guzio71982-2014tp,vcl,flhrn
Al Guzman12015perc,d
Alberto Guzman11996cajon,bgo,cowbell,guiro
Edward Guzman11973perc
Efren Guzman11991perc
Ernesto Rodriquez Guzman11991tumbas
Guillermo Guzman61989-2005b,perc,el-b
Joel Guzman22008-2011keyboards,p,accor
Nathan Guzman12010d
Pedro Guzman21994-2013cautro,el-midi-cautro,perc
Rafael "Ray" Guzman71987-1989perc
Roque Guzman31997-2002bar,as
Rosita Guzman12014guapeo,vcl
Victor Hugo Guzman11991d,perc
Viviana Guzman21997wood-fl,gold-fl
Adam Guzowski12010g
Kazimierz Guzowski11962saxes,cl
Ralph Guzzi71989-2008tp,flhrn,pic-tp,arr
Andrea Guzzoletti81998-2003tp
Ivica Gvozdenovic11961d
Paddy Gwada11999g
Rocky Gwada11999el-b
Tom Gwaltney41957-1974cl,vib
Tommy Gwaltney781957-1982cl,vib,vcl,as,2,xyl
Mosa Gwanga11983tb
Jonas Gwangwa351956-2002tb,vcl,arr,cow bell,b,perc,org,finger snap,shekere
Mosa Jonas Gwangwa51978tb,vcl
Walt Gwardyak32003-2011p,dir
Walter Gwardyak31994-1997p
Booyse Gwele21953-1955p,ldr
Markus Gwerder31991-2001tb,hca,vcl
David Gwilliam11985tp
Kevin Gwilliam11980bar
Jim Gwin341988-2014d
Tomasz Gwincinski151992-2006d,g,p,comp,bj,synt
Tamba Gwindi11993perc
Jim Gwinn22001-2002d,perc
Scott Gwinnell61994-2008tb,p,arr
Alessandro Gwis62002-2015p,keyboards,electronics,sampler
Alex Gwis11996vcl,keyboards
Janek Gwizdala121986-2014b,keyboards,programming,el-b,arr,rhythm-arr,b-g
Henry Gwlazda11981el-g
Anna Gwozclz12008viola
Przemyslaw Gwozdziowski11977ts
James Gwyn12010d,vcl
Mike Gwynn11975d
Bill Gwynne12002tb
Bob Gwynne11979b
Madoda Gxabeka21989-1992p,keyboards,keyboard
Madoda Gxubeka11991p
Balint Gyamant12009g
Kwabena Gyanifi11974el-g,el-b
Andrea Gyarfas21999vln
Attila Gyarfas32006-2016d,perc
Istvan Gyarfas141989-2016g,ac-g,el-g
istvan Gyarmathy21987-1992cl
Roland Gyarmati11982g
Zoltan Gyarmati41969-1992ldr,as,ts,arr,sop
Bela Gyenes21986-1988cl
Lajos Gyenge81992-2001d,perc,cymbals
Karoly Gyetvai11961tp
Bill Gyford11988kazoo,g,bj,vcl
Otto Gygax21992-1997cga,shekere,perc
Peter Gygax11981perc
Casper Gyldensoe22011g
Dick Gyllander111974-1986g
Elon Gyllander11946d
Gymkhana12007sound manipulator
Sankt Annae Gymnasium's choir11994vcl
Zoltan Gyongyossy22000-2002fl
Akos Gyorgy121987-1997p,synt,keyboards
Attila Gyorgy12012b
Jeszenszky Gyorgy12003d
Gabor Gyori31983-1986cl
Istvan Gyori11971as
Janos Gyori31983-1986arr,tp,vcl
Chris Gyoury21962-1963d
Dieter "Bill" Gypser31962-1993tp,flhrn
Gypsy Nina21935vcl
D.J. Gypsyman12005scretch
Walter Gyr31996-2011as,ts
Theo Gysbertsen31949tp
Alisa Gyse11981vcl
Lander Gyselinck22012-2015d
Tony Gyselinck81983-1994d,perc
Wadi Gysi101986-1997g,vcl,effects
Brion Gysin31960-1981vcl,tapes
Heniz Gysin32004g,bj
Pops Gysin11977cl
Reynold "Pops" Gysin221961-1993cl,vcl
Carwin Gysing11985p
Cedric Gysler22004-2008b
Andre Gyssens41946-1971saxes,as,bar,reeds
Marianne Gythfeldt12007cl
Csaba Gyulai131991-2000perc,gadulka,vln,kalimba,viola,ghatam,zither,el-vl
Janos Gyulai-Gaal11977cond
Henrik Gyzander12002tu
John Gzowski161987-2010g,el-g,oud,g synt,ukelin,temperament g,re-tuned si

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