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Everything you need to know about virtually any jazz record ever released.

The Jazz Discography gives you accurate, detailed information on over 100 years of recorded jazz in all genres.

".. a treasure trove full of surprises that will fascinate any student of American music eager to know the most recorded songs, the most recorded musicians, and the nature of jazz itself" - The Wall Street Journal

Looking for a specific jazz record or CD? Want to find everything recorded by a particular bandleader or musician? Want to know who played with whom, and when? Want to find who recorded a particular tune? You'll find all this and much, much more in the world's largest, most complete catalog of recorded jazz...now on-line, on CD-ROM or in printed form.

As a subscriber to The Jazz Discography Online you have access to the ultimate version of the database with advanced search and many other features, plus options including easy cataloging of your own collection of jazz records and CDs. TJD Online comes in single-user and multi-user versions.

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The Jazz

Latest Version
CD-ROM 15.0

The Jazz Discography CD-ROM offers access to detailed information on over 400,000 jazz releases on 78, 45, LP and CD... from 1896 to today. Version 15.0 (The 2014 Edition) carries the equivalent of over 24,000 printed pages, presented in an easy-to-use and searchable format.

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The Jazz Discography Books

The Jazz Discography Books now occupy over 21,000 pages and 34 volumes, including Musician and Tune indexes. It now includes 3 update volumes.

For information on printed volumes of The Jazz Discography, click on the book graphic at left.

All That's Jazz

Ragtime, Traditional, Dixieland, Mainstream, Bop, Free Jazz, Avant-Garde, Vocals, Swing, New Music, Big Band, and much more. From all over the world.


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